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I have dreamt of dreams that make you smile.I have dreamt of dreams that dream for themselves.I have dreamt of dreams that brings peace.I have dreamt of dreams that brings hope to a divided world.I have dreamt of dreams that make you think.I have dreamt of dreams of the soldiers in Iraq.I have dreamt of dreams that can bring tears to your eyes.I have dreamt of dreams that have an everlasting impression.I have dreamt of dreams of soaring through the endless sky.I have dreamt of dreams that show what will happen in the future.I have dreamt of dreams that dreamt of my dreams of my past life would have came true.I have dreamt of the dreams that Martin Luther King has once dreamt.I have dreamt of a dream that can only be dreamt by me,for this dream I have never dreamt,but only dreamt this dream once,it was a dream that showed me what it would be like with two parents.
copyright Randy Wiafe 2010
Jellyfish Jun 2012
I dreamt that I'd tell you,
  I dreamt I'd convince you.
I dreamt you would love me
and I too would love you.
I dreamt of perfection,
a dream so romantic.
I dreamt you would smile
and carefully panic.
I dreamt you would hug me.
  I dreamt we would both see,
together we're better -
  I dreamt you weren't choosy.
I dreamt up the ways
of how I could tell you.
I dreamt up bouquets
and a time and place too.
I dreamt that I told you.
  I dreamt that I could do.
I dreamt that it happened.
  I dreamt of a breakthrough.

instead i told you
at 3am   drunk   on facebook
*and i took it back the next morning
The pain hurts less than regret.
I dreamt of love in the time of vast journeys
I dreamt of death in an aura of secrecy
I dreamt that the miscarriage of justice would be uncovered
I dreamt that every line I wrote would ascend heavenward

I dreamt of partisan politics defeating the world order
I dreamt Cameron, Osborne and Johnson
were in court for crimes against humanity

I dreamt that dreaming was banned under a new set of laws
I dreamt I carved a turkey and couldn't recall Christmas’s name

I dreamt I was on Safari in the Kalahari Desert
I dreamt people realised that they did not control the future
and love held sway

I dreamt the reality of the weather was beyond us
I dreamt that we meant something
I dreamt lying in bed was comforting
I dreamt that film Riot Club was altogether fiction

I dreamt the next sunset would be my last
and enjoyed my last day as no other.
Kelsey Sep 2014
Last night I dreamt of thunder storms
Lightning, hail, and rain.
I dreamt of people screaming and
The somber rattling of chains
In my dream I saw my death
The absence of ever breathing life
I saw hardship and simplicity
In my never ending strife.
I dreamt of un-measurable beauty
And the evils of this earth
I never longed for anything.
Nothing I valued had worth
I dreamt of life long journeys
But never took a step
I dreamt of rainy Sundays
And floors that needed swept
Last night I dreamt of crying
And death before a chance
Last night I dreamt of laughter
And young love’s silent glance.
I dreamt of what could be,
And what I’d never see again.
I fraternized with enemies,
And hated all of my friends.
I ran into the woods
Bare feet and solemn eyes
Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! I screamed,
With my eyes trained on the sky
Last night I dreamt of blood
And death and beauty and pain
Last night I dreamt of summer.
Last night I dreamt of rain.
Krusty Aranda Dec 2013
I dreamt that you came back, looking as gorgeous as ever, asking for my forgiveness.

I dreamt you followed me around, as I confusingly convinced myself I hated you.

I dreamt that you came back, hunting my weakened, fragile heart into falling for you again.

I dreamt that you caught me with your charm, and little by little I was your fool.

I dreamt I was trapped in your big blue eyes, your long blonde hair, your blood red lips.

I dreamt I traded my soul for a night of so called love and a morning of regret and self loathing.

I dreamt I ran away in circles, always coming back to the same spider web with the same black widow.

I dreamt I was awake, when in reality I had never even fallen asleep.
When love sat neatly on the stove
Bubbling with content.
I never dreamt a fuse would blow
And leave such discontent.

When all my cakes were browning well
And soufflé neatly risen.
I never dreamt the heat would cool
And leave me in derision.

For many years my cooker worked
I was proud of all I made.
I never dreamt the power would fail
And leave me so dismayed.

But when the hotplate starts to cool
And pots refuse to simmer
I never dreamt your love would die
And leave without a glimmer.

My thermostat no longer clicks
My tiny red lights gone.
I never dreamt I’d miss them so
And depend so much upon.

The food of love that fed my heart
Is suddenly all-cold.
I never dreamt I’d lose it
Until I grew quite old.

Now I’ll starve and grow quite weak
I’m living on stale crumbs.
I never dreamt we’d come to this
No longer are we chums.

I cannot find the right fuse wire
My circuit breakers stuck
I never dreamt my torch would go
I’ve run right out of luck.

Oh God! Send someone to fix it
Before I’m without light
I never dreamt a love like that
Could leave us over night.
honey Jun 2017
i have
the strangest dreams.

i've dreamt of skeletons,
walking on their hands.
i've dreamt of sleeping,
& having nightmares,
a dream within a dream.
i've dreamt of a huge storm,
with a tornado,
whipping a car at my house.
i've dreamt of seeing my ex,
asking about his daughter
& talking as friends.
i've dreamt of seeing another ex,
arguing with him again about,
who's to blame for the breakup.
i've dreamt about friends
i used to have
suddenly asking me out.
i've dreamt about my body
morphing into a skeleton,
then dissolving into ash.
i've dreamt of gum stuck
in my teeth but every time i pull,
there's still more gum stuck.
i've dreamt about my love,
suddenly having enough of me,
just as everyone has.

i've dreamt of so much.
dreams are said to have meaning.
but when i search for a meaning
i'm left more confused than before.
but still,
i have the strangest dreams.
mk Dec 2017
i dreamt of you
standing on top of a building
so far up, staring down at me

i dreamt of you
standing on top of a building
so far up, a hero in the sky

i dreamt of you
standing on top of a building
and i wonder if this means
that no matter how many
crimes you commit
somewhere deep inside
you are still my savior
standing so tall, so far
always untouchable
i wonder if this means
that in my heart
you still hold a position
stories higher than anyone else
i keep looking for a savior
but that place remains unreplaced
because the safety after the fear
that you gave me is irreplaceable
and i wonder if that means
no matter how far i run
i'll still search for you
in my skies and sun

i dreamt of you
laying on top of my body
your skin buzzing with electricity

i dreamt of you
laying on top of my body
your touch caressing my skin

i dreamt of you
laying on top of my body
and i wonder if that means
no matter how many times
i try to escape
your weight is still somewhere
on my chest
holding me down like a brand
claiming me as yours
your skin is heavy
with hunger and mine
craves you in ways i never
craved anyone else
and after all these months
i wonder if this means
you are still somewhere
on my body
in my body
i wonder if you still
live somewhere in my heart
and under my layers
and i wonder
if this means no matter how many
times i try to wash you away
you are still
always there.
i dream of you every night and i am both afraid and deeply, deeply lonely. there are distortions in my mind and i fear for my sanity. this is a game i cannot win.
ale wagner Mar 2018
I dreamt that you loved me
I had a dream of perfection
I dreamt of your smile
A dream where you hugged me

I dreamt that I told you
I dreamt I’d convinced you
I dreamt all the ways
Of how I could tell you
“I love you”

I dreamt of waking up and
See you by my side
I dreamt that it happened
I dreamt I was happy

I had a dream so romantic
I dreamt that I confronted you
I dreamt that you kissed me

I dreamt that you were the one who woke me
And said to me
“I’ve missed you”
Simpleton Mar 2016
I dreamt a pheonix was rising out of the ashes
I dreamt no smile was too big for your face
I dreamt of being held so tight I couldn't feel my heartbreak
I dreamt of barren trees beneath a hard grey sky
I dreamt that everything I ever lost came back to me
I dreamt of one day missing everything I have right now
I dreamt of all the things I want to be when I give up
I dreamt a dream
Of better days
Filled with you and me
And the way we played

I dreamt a dream
Of brighter skies
Of entwined bodies
Of moans and sighs

I dreamt a dream
Of warmer nights
Of grassy cuddles
And starry sights

I dreamt a dream
A dream of you
Of Exotic places
Of things anew

I dreamt a dream
Of future times
A dream of a dream
A dream in rhymes

I dreamt a dream
Of infinite terror
A dream of loss
I dreamt in error
The Flipped Word Nov 2013
I dreamt and I saw the sky,
The sky above the trees
I saw the truth among the stars
The truth about you and me

I dreamt and I saw the world,
The world for what it was
I found you there in everything
The happiness and the chaos.

I dreamt and I saw from height,
A bird eye view of all
I saw you, higher, stronger and better
Than every brazen wall.

I dreamt and I saw a flower sweet,
A simple beauty alone
I felt you there, nurturing it.
Beautifying every ugly seed sown.

I dreamt and I saw a story,
A story yet untold
It was a beautiful myth, full of colors
About us, audacious and bold.

And thus I dreamt on and on,
Floating perfunctorily
I felt you there in my heart
Dreaming along with me.
Sanika Singh Oct 2019
She never dreamt of making her husband happy,           but her father proud.
She never dreamt of sitting in a small house,                   but travelling the world around.
She never dreamt of covering her face under a veil,      but show it.
She never dreamt of doubting her potential,                    but prove it.
She never dreamt of building a family,                             but a legacy.
She never dreamt of being someone’s property,                but fantasy.
She never dreamt of being judged,                                              but respected.
She never dreamt of being left out,                                                  but supported.
She had dreams and ideologies to change the world,               but the society forced her to cut her wings.
Her ambitions were hurled, because they forgot she was a human being.
                                     -Sanika Singh
This is my first poem. I hope you like it..
Et cetera Apr 2014
I stop to think a while
And then I realize…
Running away never helps
We humans, we
Like to complicate everything
If something disturbs me
I should just admit it
And deal with it

So I went back to sleep
I dreamt again
I dreamt of the past, the present, and future
I dreamt of monsters, dead and alive
I dreamt of birds, and kites and hives
I dreamt of people
Ones I knew and know
And even those I have yet to meet

I dreamt of dreams and reality
I dreamt, and dreamt
I knew now that
It was okay to dream
It was okay to feel
It was okay to want
It was okay to be

I learned to stop
Stop being so harsh
On my own self
I learned to accept
My own reality
And that it was okay to just be
The way I am…
Written on 28th October 2013.
Please allow me to bestow upon you a nocturne
  The music of the night...
Just listen to it...
  ...the reverence...

Why must I sit here in grey silence,
  Listening to the hard rain on the window sill?
I dreamt of you.
  Your smile.

Every arpeggiated chord.
  Every melodic line.
Every soft passage.
  I dreamt of you.

I awake and read your words
  And fall deeper into enigma.
Where am I?
  I dreamt of you.

I heard a voice in my right hand.
  Trying to escape, it led into an appoggiatura of trust,
A suspension of sympathy.
  I dreamt of you.

All of these crazed non-harmonic tones
  Clashing high above my flashpoint.
The dissonance carries.
  I dreamt of you.

Am I just so lost in the music I see in you?
  Or am I once again over-analyzing?
It's you! It's you!
  I dreamt of you.

Where am I?
  Why am I not near you?
This entrancement is becoming indefinite.
  I dreamt of you.

Please come closer.
  Beyond this shadow of thought,
Lies the key to a locked door.
  I dreamt of you.

Your words pierce my heart like a dagger,
  Making the soft nocturne glow as bright as you.
While I breathe, I hope.
  I hope we meet in our dreams tonight.
Madds Aug 2012
i dreamt of leaving last night
i dreamt of running as far away
as my chubby legs would take me,
I followed winter across the planet
wiping snow flakes off my cheek
and dancing just before dawn
in the **** in the top end of France.
I dreamt of chasing rabbit dreams
down their holes and stumbling.
I dreamt of drowning in smoke
and playing guitar with a cigarette
in my mouth on a street in New York.
I dreamt of taking flowers from a garden
just outside of London,
mischief, i dreamt of that too.
Singing til my lungs were burnt,
and only sleeping when I'd pass out.
I dreamt of all these things,
and everytime I close my damp eyes
you are always there
And I dreamt we chased winter
around the world together.
"all i need is disposable cameras and you. we'll travel the world one day, singing to everyone. and we'll be the happiest."
poesuer Nov 2018
a word doesn't have to be real for it to have meaning
nothing has to be real for it to grip your stomach and throat and force butterflies into every part of your anatomy
the emotion crawls under your skin and all you can do is feel it

a woman rises in the dawn with her fiery red hair, eating men like air
you become that smiling woman, only 17 and not even a lady
dying becomes your art, and you are indeed very good at it

a man frowned like thunder and went away, the stars not needed today
you begin to pack up your very own sky, melancholy filling your entire world until it all comes to a standstill
wind does not blow and not even streetlights shine
your very own lover is still in tact, a phone call away even
but he frowned like thunder and went away

a raven, a remorse, a rapping at the chamber door
a madness, a mania, a man whose mind is gripped by loss
a horror that now belongs to you, the pigeons on the street start to quoth "nevermore,"
every crow is an omen, every bird is wandering through purgatory just to torment you,
and you have no loss to speak of

I dreamt I wrote that feeling, I dreamt I put it into words
I dreamt I transcended humanity, I dreamt I became the art
I dreamt about the feeling, I dreamt you felt it too
I've been reading a lot to get out of my writers block and this is the result. three of my favourite poems, lady lazarus by Sylvia Plath, funeral blues by WH Auden, and the raven by Edgar Allen Poe served as main inspo. I tried to make them into something new, about poetry itself and how much of an amazing art form it is. about how you don't have to empathise to be able to feel the intense emotion and power behind them. also, I know 'dreamt' isn't a word. I just like how it looks/sounds more than 'dreamed'.
Akira Chinen Oct 2016
Her dreams had the soft edges of  insanity
With her eyes painted by the
true colors of madness
Her heart only bleed in
the secret shades and hues of love
She stole the music from the
wings of hummingbirds
Her smile had a hairline crack
That held the promise of a
tragic romance novel
She somehow always found herself
at the scene of a crime
Of a murdered love
With a smoking gun in her hand
And an arrow through her chest
Never knowing how she got there
Or who shot first
Her only alibi was that
She was just a dream
Dreamt in the wrong place
Dreamt at the wrong time
Her only crime
Was that she dreamt of beauty
Before beauty dreamt of her
She was the mother of love
And the daughter of death
You can only find her
By getting lost
In the waves of sleep
and a song of Singapore
Don't forget to bring a bow
Or you won't find your way back
And you'll die at the bottom
of a dream
of the scene of a crime
And your only witness
Will be a hummingbird
That can't speak
or make a sound
You'll have no alibi
For why your hands
Are covered with the blood
of love and death
And she'll walk away free
From the dream
Dreamt in the wrong place
Dreamt at the wrong time
Jacqueline Anne Feb 2015
I dreamt about you last night
tripping in eyelid flutters,
drifting in bizarre slumbers
entranced by illusions of you.

If only our dreams were true.
Wishes, dreams, at night with you.
Dreaming wishes to come true.
Just so that I can see you.

I dreamt about you last night
in my woozy sleeping arms held
you tight. In reverie we
left heartache behind to live.

If only our dreams were true.
Wishes, dreams, at night with you.
Dreaming wishes to come true.
Just so that I can see you.

I dreamt about you last night.
Imaginary laughter,
chimerical and hazy
fantasies enchanting us.

If only our dreams were true.
Wishes, dreams, at night with you.
Dreaming wishes to come true.
Just so that I can see you.

I dreamt about you last night,
told you everything will be
alright. Moments together
we will treasure forever.

If only our dreams were true.
Wishes, dreams, at night with you.
Dreaming wishes to come true.
Just so that I can see you.

I dreamt about you last night,
and awoke in a gloomy dawn.
Wonder if you dreamt of me
knowing you do you love me.

If only our dreams were true.
Wishes, dreams, at night with you.
Dreaming wishes to come true.
Just so that I can see you.

I dreamt about you last night
eternally keeping you in
my sight. Our eyes will meet one
day, embracing our faces love.

If only our dreams were true.
Wishes, dreams, at night with you.
Dreaming wishes to come true.
Just so that I can see you.

Wishing to see you,
dreaming of you.
Loving you forever.

©Jacqui Slade
Zell Feb 2018
Last month, i dreamt of you.
You painted me into a bright yellow when i was completely colored in blue.

Last week, i dreamt of you.
You made me smile and suddenly it was you who i always wanted to talk to.

Last night, i dreamt of you.
We walked hand in hand under the pink skies of a nearby avenue.

Tonight, I might dream of you.
Will you dream of me too?
© 2018 D.A. Barreras
MKF Jan 2014
Last night I dreamt I married you,
Our wedding was all white.
Last night I dreamt I married you,
And we danced all through the night.
Last night I dreamt I married you,
Our house had a picket fence.
Last night I dreamt I married you,
Last night my life made sense.
Last night I dreamt I married you,
We spent our honeymoon in bed.
Last night I dreamt I married you,
But it was only in my head.
For Trevor
Silence Screamz Sep 2014
I dreamt I was lying,
forever dying.

Death is a question,
Life's but a mention.

I dreamt I was sitting,
forever believing.

Sadness is pure fear,
Happiness is but sheer.

I dreamt I was standing,
forever pandering.

Sight is not seeing,
blindness is but believing.

I dreamt I was writing,
forever sighing.

Hearing has no sound,
Listening is to bound.

I dreamt I was fed,
forever I was dead.
After we die, do we think we really listened?
jpl Jul 2013
last night I dreamt of a world with no money,
100,000 sunsets passing without a clash of a coin,
and the ghastly humans with copper under their nails
who spend all day dreaming of having gold there instead,
were nowhere to be found. Lurking near the oak trees
(which always stand, perpetual and insistent)
are aliens with smiles (perpetual and insistent)
who only feel happiness (that strange, absent feel)
and have free time to do free things with free minds
and don't have mankind's titanic burden of worry.
in my dream state I dreamt of states with no war,
poverty or famine, and I dreamt of leaders leading
and people peopling, and indeed the leaders lead
with no other incentive than purely to lead.
no money built walls between homes and lands,
no barriers put up between the wild untamed landscapes
nothing stopped people from traveling their world
that their ancestors created for them and seeing the
sights before they pass to the next stage, all of life
being free of charge, if that were a thing.
money never happened and no man laid awake at night
(or in a deep calm dreaming state) wishing of a world
with money. what would we offer the dreaming man?
a world of misery pain greed and men who dream of
the world the first dreaming man is in? no. it is
ludicrous and ridiculous.
last night I dreamt of a world with no money,
and I turned my head on my pillow and tried to dream
of a lonelier world.
Shannen Bremner Oct 2012
A kiss from a firefly can cure a cynic of their cynicism, make the nonbelievers believe, help the hopeless grasp the illusions of hope, and even reveal the marvelous maps of the mind; because a kiss from a firefly (and what a brilliant buss it is!) steers one into a sloshy slumber that smears the line between deepest desires and fanciful fairytales:

                                     The feisty fairy fights nymphs, trolls, goblins, terrible ogres, nasty pirates, talking elephants, one gypsy (mainly because she stole some pixie dust in attempt to fly away to her next destination), and two silver cats, who could read her mind and she did not like that; but the plucky pixie never did steer clear from the twinkling glitter-bugs who held the key to Wonderland:

                                                    ­        She drifted off into a slumber and she dreamt of owning all the knowledge that could possibly be held and she dreamt about flying on the back of a dragon and she dreamt about walking on water and tumbling down the rabbit hole and she dreamt of sincere sorcerers and mischievous mermaids and pink penguins who could speak perfect Portuguese and she dreamt about falling in love and being a child again and she dreamt that her father could walk her down the aisle.

Oh, the wonderful whimsical kiss of fireflies killing the beliefs of nonbelievers who dare not dream of dreams, it’s a slippery ***** for those who can’t dilute delusions—a glorious path of the glowing!—leaving them to wake with hopeless hope.
Jacobo Raymundo Jan 2014
I dreamt of a field of flowers
Where white crosses are planted
Families still together
Content with life
Genuine grins covering faces

I dreamt of full bellies
On the dark continent
Soccer ***** rolling between feet
Of children who also dream
Of lives as happy as theirs

I dreamt of fresh air
And clean water and growing forests
The cleanliness of nature unrivaled
As animals mingled around the watering hole
Roaming freely with homes

But I awoke and saw war
Fires melting the lives of millions
Dropping bombshells of grief
Destroying homes from within
And children dead or weeping

I awoke and saw despair
Fat bellied greed hogs
Rollin in muddy money pits
While babies died without food
And an entire land stripped and sold

I awoke amd saw nothing
But smoke stacks emitting poison
And the homes of the forest creatures
Being carried into lumber mills
And brown water filling drinking glasses
goatgirl Aug 2013
i dreamt about a bridge that
swayed ominously over a broken dam and
i dreamt about me standing in its center and
i dreamt about it bending under my weight like a trampoline with too many kids on it and
i dreamt about it snapping back into place like a slingshot right before
the wood even had a chance to skim the rushing waters

and i know that the water is You
*The Dream Dictionary interprets a bridge over water as a symbol for getting over an emotional obstacle.  The bridge breaking indicates your inability to get over it.*
Ekaterina Oct 2015
Yesterday I fell asleep in class
There was a soft humming
Coming from the heater
A girl was chewing gum
And the professor kept talking
And clicking on the PowerPoint

I dreamt of Greenland
How funny was it
That the Vikings fibbed
But if they were here today
It wouldn't matter

I dreamt of my feet
Walking on rusted earth
Warm and arid
Comforting and challenging
Leaving silt on my soles
As the sun beat down
Bleaching my hair

I dreamt of bazaars and crowds within them
Bartering, staring, leaning
Turmeric coloring hands
Cinnamon choking the streets
Fathers teaching their sons
How to run the business

I dreamt of cold fogs
In San Francisco
Sticking under my eyes
And under my clothes
Towering green
On top of steep cliffs
Still yet ready to evolve
Reminders of my hometown
Of loud sirens and higher ground
Prayers for the parking break

I dreamt of snowfall in the city
In the dank steam rising
From the manholes and the sewers
The palms all frozen and weeping
The sea softly still
The beach deserted
The crowds piled into cafes
Rubbing their hands
Fiddling with Chapstick

I dreamt of the broken White House fences
Of small eyes turned downward
Of everyone screaming
Of my conscience ringing
A bell
It was too late for us from the beginning

I awoke
The professor kept clicking
The girl had spit out her gum
You’re Not The One I Dreamt Of

You’re not the one I dreamt of,
The secretly sinister
Mysterious character
Who was laughing at my love.

You’re not the one I dreamt of,
Your face was so different,
Pretentious while diffident,
Toying with falling in love.

You’re not the one I dreamt of,
Inviting my hidden needs
Promising the basest deeds
Manipulating my love.

You’re not the one I dreamt of,
With the lips of a temptress
And eyes of a seductress
Who live in dreams not in love.
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copperots Jan 2014
last night;
in an awfully profound night's sleep
i dreamt of dismantling barren roads
that hurriedly flowed down
like rapid moonlit rivers
streaming down yawning mountains

the pint-sized diamonds in the stream
reminded me of sparkling headlights
parallel to busy streets on late fridays
where youngsters in shiny cars
are seen racing for their lives
daringly pacing through bright city lights
looking for parties to crash and burn
for their own delight

the road i assembled from these broken pipes
led me into a bank of crystalline water
brilliant with intense enchantment
i drunk from the lucid spirals on the surface

illusions bewildered my owl eyes
as a spectrum of colors propagated outwards
expanding like a thousand burning suns
when i dipped curious fingers in
the surreal mixture of flourescent light

briefly for a moment
all life shined through with purpose
the serene sounds of the humming river
crashed towards me and enveloped me in kisses
they lifted my head from under the ground
and over the clouds i rose

i think it meant a second chance
was within my fragile reach
somehow i could finally
take fate into my own hands
to rebuild my walls with these feeble joints

my own path to guide me out
this state of repulsion
towards myself
it was a reset button
to start all over
one morning to wake
unbroken and aspiring to believe

maybe your presence made that possible
a four leafed clover
i had miraculously found by the roadside
during those lonely trips taken out of town

you were a starfish dying on the shore
i hoped was waiting for me hold
the one i picked and couldnt decide
whether the sky or my palms
were it's home
and so i kept something
i should have given back
'Oh magnificent Sea, please do forgive me'

but you gave me something
i never thought i had the right to feel
such promise your words resonate
          and emotions
i never dreamt could be mine

though shamelessly stolen from mother nature
regret has lost it's match
claimed and planted deep
you are a budding seed
growing it's own eden in my heart

this inelastic collision of you and i
must have sprung out for a greater cause
that you must have birthed from a shooting star
a conscious meteor of rupturing destiny
purposely aim towards me by the heavens
and i thank them for once

though much of my dream
has spilled out of context
and the seams have frayed out of order
giving up isnt an option anymore
because to know why
you stand here with me
is a buried treasure somewhere
along this map im still plotting the points on for
Last night I dreamt for 20 years,
and life unraveled, picked into bare threads
before me. I'm still crying.
The beauty and love and trust
is so fragile, and betrayal
wins so easily. A small deed
or its absence will fester and ****.

Last night I dreamt for 20 years.
Believe me, hold your loved ones
with every hug you can spare,
and never forget the kindnesses
each day bestows. For tomorrow
breeds doubt and amnesia, and
believe me, karma will bite you
in the ***. Maybe not in this life,
but you will taste the bitterness.
And, oh, how its acrid decay
burns holes in the tongue.

Last night I dreamt for 20 years.
Even if you deny yourself
salvation, at least spare
the Others you (once) love(d).
Do this, and protect the
Dreamers, like me, from our
raining bleeding hearts.
Akira Chinen Feb 2018
He dreamt of mice
and he dreamt of gods
and he dreamt of mice
that were gods
and gods that feared mice
and he dreamt of secrets
that he could not tell
and of memories
that were not his
and he dreamt of days
that wished they could see nights
and nights that ignored mornings
and he dreamt
that the planets were fish
and that the ocean
was let loose to swim in the sky
and through the emptiness of space
and that man was never made
of flesh or bone
and that men where children of mice
mice that knew too many secrets
and they would not share
any of those secrets with man
but they would share
their milk and their cookies
and tell men how to avoid cats
when cats dream
because when cats dream
they become bigger than mice
and become more loved than gods
and in their purring
is the death song
of the kingdom of mice
and without mice
and their kingdom safe
that man would be lost children
that looked like worms
to the planets that swam like fish
in the ocean that floated
in the emptiness of space
and then he woke
and did not remember
what he had dreamt
and scurried across the floor
and ate some cookies
and scanned the darkness
for any cats that might
dare to sleep
and in sleeping dream
and dream the beginning
of the end of everything
Akira Chinen Jan 2017
I dreamt of a dream of a dream  and no matter how many times i dreamt I fell in love with you but you did not fall in love with me so i dreamt and dreamt until I died and then dreamed myself alive and tried in vain again and failed then dreamt of death and dreamt of birth and then dreamt and dreamed of you and love knowing some time and  somewhere in some dream I would fall in love with you and you would fall in love with me and we would be be dreaming the same dream of a dream of finding and falling
and being in love
Guden Oct 2017
I fell for a fairy,
She was flower
Daughter of the sun.
I worship the moon,
I live among fungi.
A fairy that was fire
I am a rat,
Soaked by the moon's tears.
I don't know why,
But she kissed me,
I dreamt of being a creature like she was,
I dreamt of living in the sun
Among the flowers of her back,
Her wings,
I dreamt.
She didn't like my sadness,
My insecurity,
The spores growing on my skin.
I've dreamt of a day and night I'll meet thee again;
By th' immortal moon and his starry friends;
Sweet like t'ese very days of our loving youth;
Shy like th' songs of thy Eolian lute;

I've dreamt of a day and night by a far bridge;
A place just for th' pious, serious and th' rich;
A place where my heart shalt but love again;
A place where all t'ese dreams may make sense;

I've dreamt of a day and night by thy side;
A dream t'at sees through me bare and wide;
T'at a poet like me should go craft and write;
By my fiercest sense, through th' day and night.

I've dreamt of a day where there'll be rain;
T'at a touch of thine shalt make me insane;
T'at walking away shalt but seem too insidious;
Within a curious dream so fast and luminous.

I've dreamt of a night where all is fantasy;
T'at reality shan't again make us come back;
T'at all sadness' dead as it should be;
T'at tears of joys are all t'ere is to take;

I've dreamt of a day thou shalt stand by me;
Seeing me through words, poems, and memory;
T'at thy hands shall be th' only I long to hold;
So far God canst see; so far eyes canst behold.

— The End —