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Robdejong Nov 2013
cheap beats by dre uk It would be nice to have the Ipod to hand or to be able to control it remotely and the simplest is an Ipod dock with remote control functionality. This is a step up on the simple Ipod lineout dock though the audio functionality is the same as a lineout dock. Time for a course alteration. Your mastication should be as elegant as an evening gown and as silent as the grave. In search of a dr dre beats headphone that truly reveals what's in the mix Dre joined forces with the audio experts at Monster. Together they've built a beats headphone for the ultimate high definition listening experience.

I now see why the brown color was especially panned. Ugly and big looking. [Philips has two portable DVD players due out imminently that have integrated iPod docks. This is a big deal since the company excels at consumer electronics; the DCP750 and DCP850 aren't in the Philip's PET line and have smaller screens but they're worth keeping an eye on. Sony PS3 Bluetooth: This headset comes with a dual microphone personalized screen a USB connection can team it with PS3 and it's adaptable with most of the blue tooth enabled gadgets and PS3. It has been voted as the best PS3 bluetooth headset and a lot of gamers consider it as the best PS3 wireless headset.

Don't Miss:Journalist David Frost diesCup trophy's wild historyBauer: Michael Mina reviewRediscovering meadMarin's King MountainThe good: A topnotch player offering sleek design and a 10inch screen with excellent image quality. Also plays MPEG4 and DivX video files and MP3 and JPEG CDRs. Mike Stoehr is dialing in from our New York office.Before we begin I'd like to quickly remind everyone that except for historical information contained herein statements made on today's call and in today's webcast that would constitute forwardlooking statements may involve certain risks and uncertainties. All forwardlooking statements made are based on currently available information and the company assumes no responsibility to update any such forwardlooking statements.

(,Find your favorite beats by dre products) Ethernet port mic two SD card reader beats by dre headphone ports. Using the rear jack we did a number of test clips at various recording quality choices ranging from 2channel 16 bit 44100 Hz up to 2channel 24 bit 96000 Hz. No matter what recording rate we chose the results were very clear and noiseless sound clips of singing and dictation every time.

The Ultimedia family offers uncompromising quality through an array of services and support unrivaled in the industry. In addition to toll free numbers for information on the products applications and technical issues IBM Multimedia specialists are located in nearly 50 sites across the country. You can spend a bit more and actually buy them from iTunes but you can also capture the DVD and convert it. I can store quite many of them on the device and play them on demand.

The fact that people like me can make a movie on consumergrade equipment and software is really revolutionaryblood running in the streets revolutionary as far as the art form is concerned. And then there are the video artists like Bill Viola and Pipilotti Rist who are doing something radically different but so exciting and inventive and pleasuregiving.. The back panel is fixed so you don't have to bother taking out the battery to put in your SIM. However this also means that the battery is difficult to replace..

Simply plug in the beats headphones and run the cord up your arm under your shirt and you'll be running handsfree with your favorite tunes amping you up. Changing playlists adjusting the volume on the run and getting workout data feedback (via shoes enhanced with the Nike+ platform) is a breeze midstride. Hear every note every beat and every detail just as it was intended! The DT 990 features an openback circumaural (overtheear) design for rich audio performance that's designed for critical listening. The open design of the beats by dre headphones allows increased fidelity to the original recording and a more natural sound stage.
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Mateuš Conrad Dec 2015
i hate technology, its automated typo system, i write one thing and then it starts playing hide & seek with me... i rarely make mistakes, but this a.i. automated typo system makes me look stupid, or neurotic in the least, i hate this automatic typo signification as if i am teaching someone!*

i love that drinking wins over writing sometimes,
like this strange neo-left asking me to top it all off
with my communist grandfather living under stalin
completely in agreement with them girlies weeping
when he stank the dog off the grave in terms of bio-tech
completion; he wouldn't be dear to the left epitaph,
he'd be like voltaire & the priest: given the devil
in the sickbed there was not time to choose enemies...
he'd be branded a ****... worded... the worst kind...
a pseudo pacifist of some sort... couple economy
and atheism and you get a darwinian exclusion
where the ants aren't oblivious to lions but exclude them
for their species so well organised, god can take
the hangover route and make the "self" less sellable;...
(economy of a species and darwinism
demands communism - exclusive economisation;
not inclusive economisation...
that's some sort of theological branch
of personification where man minds spider above
another man, etc.)...
there's no self included, esp. a (")self(") worth selling...
which means exactly that (the opposite of now)...
god this culture is barren, and to think i dressed up
in uniform for school listening to jethro tull once...
this ain't the same country...
it sold out to the arabs... charles iii
is a ******* traitor!
charless the iii is john ii... character assasination
you like you did with diana...
diana's revenge... yeah i believe you
were wearing silk straps of safety and the
driver survived and the parapazzi blinded the driver:
one thing about jealousy... it has dwarf legs.
they pass into the political realm they do....
easier come easier to take on in politics...
economic migrants (we'll see about that,
your philanthrophy just took to faking flight
via an invisible magic carpet flapping its trims)...
i told you once that democracy is like inverse voyeurism...
mark the x on paper, ***** an ****** into jugs for
pale ale... excess carbonation... it turns all fizzy...
the geese marched into winter...
the swans marched right into a royal edict...
the neo carta was never crafted...
but i got the hang of the diacritic marks...
i was walking drinking a belgian cider...
C DER.... in belgian french there's an accent,
stress the c, makes the vowel missing...
cídre - not really acute i, but an acute c...
c         dr. dre, i.e. dre, c dre...
it's the acute stressor of c that makes the vowel
disappear... not that a vowel can actually
become acute... vowels like women wear
mascarra to look pretty, the consonants are
serviced for a complexity... via hebrew original...
c                        dre
               si                        ahem...               dre.
in passes on the pompom for expected pomp -
i can't believe it took a bottle of belgian cider
to get that across.
oh sure they can hang me... by the snout...
for i won't be able to march into a field of truffles...
but hey... big snout worthy... never mind
trying to wear leather shoes given the hannibal
treatment for tacky snakeshoe leather.
most say that difficult literature is literature unread...
there's no other difficulty in literature...
difficult literature is simply unread, that's why
it's difficult... simple literature trickles down as easy as water...
and that's why it's easily managed by what
the chinese done already, having no hollywood and
damning india's bollywood... their phoneticism
is lodged in ideograms... pictograms...
european phoneticism is lodged in a skin to number,
B akin to 8, e.g., we get rich owning ovens
televisisions and satellites... but we also own
watiers and cooks who are mechanised...
and have no richness of thought...
who cares if beijing is clouded in smog?
we have 15 more years of carbon emission to wait for
before our idealism is profitable!
ah but the arab girls will migrate to london every year
between may and august... i should be so lucky lucky
australian girl pop lucky with them shopping
in only one hot spot, a grieving egyptian's legoland
of tacky known as harrods!
Odysseus needs a job he calls pima community college art department chairperson sends her his resume she does not respond after a week he catches her on phone she says he lacks proper credentials laughs to himself his whole life never worked lucrative or reputable position gets job working at thrift store wacky group of coworkers customers store frequently smells like public latrine job expires after 7 weeks he gets better paying job working at record exchange Odysseus always loved music everyday he learns new artist or band his coworkers are at least half his age they pester him about being slow on keyboard he never learned to type neither he nor his generation could have foreseen future would revolve around keyboard he plods on register keys people smile politely kids he works with fly fast making many keyboard mistakes November 29 2001 george harrison dies of cancer he is 58 years old Odysseus recognizes he is from past world different era of contrasting standards ‘80’s behavior is totally unbefitting let alone ‘60’s beliefs it is 2002 and one badly chosen word is sure to send someone flying off the handle he watches his language carefully co-workers mostly born in 1980’s grew up in 1990’s they live indifferent to hopelessness he struggles to bear none of them believe in higher power music is their religion he wonders what their visions concerns for humanity are? they seem addicted to consumption as if it is end in itself he questions what is hidden at root of their absorption? loneliness? despair? apathy? absence of vision? where is their rage against social conversion current administration? he warns them about homeland security act privacy infringement increased government secrecy power they shrug their shoulders why aren’t they looking for answers? why don’t they dissent? do they care where world is going? he realizes they will have to learn for themselves few coworkers read literature or know painters philosophy their passions are video games marijuana “star wars” most of them are extremely bright more informed than he often Odysseus needs to ask questions they know answers to right off the bat he is like winsome uncle who puts up with their unremitting teasing “hey you old hippie punk rocker get you fiber in today? stools looking a little loose! peace out old man” in peculiar way he finds enough belonging he so desperately needs they tell him stories about their friends *** addictions eating disorders futile deaths he is bowled over by how young they are to know such stuff job includes health insurance which is something he has not had since Dad was alive having some cash flowing in he buys laptop computer with high-speed connection cell phone trades in toyota for truck opens crate of writings he abandoned in ‘80’s begins to rewrite story sits blurry eyed in front of computer screen his motivation has always been to tell truth as he knows it he wonders what ramifications his labor will bring positive or negative results? he guesses his story will sound like children’s fable in stark brutality of distant future october 2002 3 week ****** spree terrorizes maryland virginia  district of columbia 10 people killed 3 critically wounded police believe white van responsible october 24 man and 17-year-old boy arrested in blue chevy caprice juvenile is shooter assailants linked to string of random murders including unsolved shooting of man at golf course in tucson Odysseus mentions incident at work speaks of prevailing terror madness in america co-workers kid tell him he is crazy “did you see a white van parked outside the store Odys?” they seem desensitized to increasing national atmosphere of anger panic or perhaps they are overwhelmed by weight trauma of modern life lie after lie prevailing  havoc slaughter make for dull numbness in world they know suicide is compelling option december 22nd 2002 joe strummer dies from heart failure at age 50 Odysseus’s eyes wet he adored the clash everything they stood for loved joe strummer and mescaleros he plays “global a go-go” over and over listens sings along with first track “johnny appleseed” march 2003 president bush launches attack against iraq united states seems drunk with “shock and awe” zealous blind patriotism many people politicians countries around globe question unproven line of reasoning saddam hussein possesses “weapons of mass destruction” Odysseus gripes “not another **** vietnam” record company allows employees to check out take home used product Odysseus stopped watching movies in 1980’s he has lots of catching up to do particularly likes “natural born killers” “american history x” “american ******” “fight club” “way of the gun” “******” “king of new york” “basquiat” “frida” “*******” “before night falls” “quills” “requiem for a dream” “vanilla sky” “boys don’t cry” “being john malkovich” “adaptation” “kids” “lost in translation” “25th hour” “28 days later” “monster” “city of god” “gangs of new york” “**** bill” list goes on perfect circle becomes his favorite band followed by tool lacuna coil my morning jacket brian jonestown massacre flaming lips dredg drive-by truckers dropkick murphys flogging mollies nofx stereophonics eels weakerthans centro-matic califone godspeed you black emperor magnetic fields fiery furnaces dresden dolls smog granddaddy calexico howie gelb sufjan stevens warren haynes dax riggs john vanderslice alejandro escovedo sean paul elephant man bjork p. j. harvey ani difranco aimee mann cat power sophie b. hawkins kathleen edwards mia doi todd kimya dawson regina spektor carina round neko case fiona apple nina nastasia beth gibbons mirah rasputina dr. dre talib kweli immortal technique murs slug atmosphere trick daddy eazy-e tricky list goes on october 21 2003 elliott smith commits suicide stabbing 2 wounds into his chest Odysseus thinks about music when jimi hendrix stood up at woodstock deconstructing national anthem on guitar it took courage when punk emerged with ugly screechy sounds attempting to divorce itself from melodious harmonies of 1970s complacent crosby stills nash  the dead kennedys and *** pistol did not pander to conventional commercial success what they performed were desperate gutsy songs trying to reclaim music rock’n’roll is no longer about inventing instead it imitates its glorious past hip-hop and rap come nearest to risking rebellion but are caught in gangsterism infantile self-adulation no longer does music offer vision of what is or could be instead it conjures looping escapism from hopelessness of modern life he continues working at record shop for several years store contains every genre of music cinema he grows weary of retail sales weary of higher-ups constantly changing rules dictating what to do head manager is manipulative drama queen thrives on crisis once in private admits stealing from company Odysseus nods not knowing what to say head manager works Odysseus hard keeps him down atmosphere of conspiracy betrayal hang at start of each day assistant manager routinely taunts berates bullies teases regularly calls Odysseus “dumb-****” or “****-up” other times laughs after goading Odysseus to flinch eventually bully backs off and they become friends retail pushes Odysseus to brink of misanthropy corporation requires all employees to exercise overt courteousness while serving a public of disrespectful gang bangers demanding “show me black market brotha lynch mac dre why ya godda keep dat **** behind da counter? dat’s ****** up hey old man i ain’t got all day” it always amazes him when shoplifter is caught with product stuffed down his pants thief blatantly states “i didn’t do it i don’t know how that got there” thanksgiving through christmas to new years is most swarming stressful he feels like automaton greeting customer scanning product looking at screen to see if price agrees with product typing money amount counting money into drawer counting money out handing change to customer handing customer product receipt next customer cockroach capitalism packs of masses line up in endless stream of needs stupid remarks job also involves trade appraising condition value resale probability of cds dvds video games tapes vhs vinyl news of  iraq war gets dismal mounting civilian casualties suicide bombers hostages beheadings beginning of 2004 reports of torture ****** psychological abuse **** ****** ****** of prisoners at abu ghraib prison guantanamo bay white house cover-ups denials growing insurgency increasing u.s. body count other costs he thinks about men and women who are so much braver than him then comes re-election and lavish republican parties parades cheney rumsfeld tom delay and whole regime smirk portentously on tv none of it makes sense anymore “we the people of the united states” what does it mean? the dreams and aspirations of his generation have long since faded away he is citizen of forgotten past current world is barbaric place he barely recognizes there are real pirates with machetes rocket launchers on the seas big drug corporations hiding harmful findings kidnapped children abandoned children crooked politicians corruption at every level of society horrifying stories daily ******* priests slave markets extreme heinous cruelties abruptly everyone is acknowledging society is worsening life is not the same he does not understand people and certainly does not understand america or the world he remembers when all could be so good modern existence has turned everything into madness what happened to lessons of history? it is as if Odysseus fell asleep and when he woke everything is changed he is mistaken about what he thinks he knows feels pity for people america pity disgust sorrow he misses his dog
...about to do FORTY YEARS...

how much
more do
you need
to see
that you
are in
a tyranny?

This is akin to handing Socrates a poisoned vial

in his new documentary on HBO...

he says,
if it doesn't feel right

Does THIS feel right?

a million+white kids feel yah,
a million plus




If I were a White Judge,

what i would give to
have gone to law school
and been a White Judge

Right Now

A Black Capitalist acts like J.P. Morgan

"Off the chain I leave CONGRESS soft in the brain cause SCUMBAGS still want the fame,
off the name, First of all, you ain't STOLE long enough to be fu ckin with me
and you, you ain't strong enough
So whatever it is you puffin on that got you think that you
Superman I got the Kryptonite, should I smack him with my **** and the mic?"
-DMX (sic)
don't it?
a Black Life matters here..
Azaria Jul 2018
smitten with
like close-fitted
and oranges and
dangling in between
our midnight banter
summing you up
the quirky half
step of your knees
9 mile walks
through the desert
like god existing
between the ridges
of your hands
on my body
your lips and
my laughter
like peanut butter
crackers and
the taste of
Classy J Nov 2018
Intro: You know, I don’t care what you’re saying about me.
For I’m not an insecure ***** like you but I do got to thank thee.
For if it weren’t for thy vile venom spitting I wouldn’t have a reason to enact my lyrical terrorism!
So, you only have yourself to blame for this ****, so don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Verse 1
Uh, yeah let’s talk about it!
Can’t contemplate, the vicious state that contrary to popular belief I’m not a basket case!
Can’t misuse the time I got so here I go to vanquish these fraudulent thots!
Started an unfocused freight train that charged towards the lucid dream because I couldn’t assimilate!
In that time, I was so focused on changing everyone’s snot ridden hypocrisy about reality being Camelot.
I know I’ve also ****** up a lot but that’s something I had to face!
It’s not any of your business so stop ripping off my skin then rubbing in the salt!
I still have a goal in mind to destroy discrimination that incriminates my people,
by putting em on the hot seat.
So now that every one is up in arms I got my chance to aim at the sweet spot!
Everyone is hungry to be the fittest but not everyone has time to think how to be the smartest.
To strike will the fire’s hot or wait for the embers to spark and settle is the true test for an artist.
Who cares about the lines when it was never rightfully drawn in the first place?
Who cares about what spot or space is for you when it’s all been delegated to the privilege of a certain race?
I can only undergo so much disgrace So, sorry but I’m not willing to have my people’s history erased!
Free speech is going to be a ***** for some and a tool for others, I guess it all depends on that person’s poker face.
Inequality is frequent not just in Canada or The United States but every country, province, and common place.

Verse 2
You want the real, raw, unfiltered Classy J well here you go!
Uh, Tell Trudeau to kiss my *** and stop ******* Trump’s ****!
While you’re at it can you tell your father that he’s a ******* stupid *****!
Also, totally forgot but can you tell Kim Jon un when he’s shafting you that he’s a ******* Buffoon!
But’s that’s enough about ******* politics let’s talk about ******* rap artist’s who think they’re hot but really, they so tacky and obsolete like the Zune.
To mister bi-racial we get it you’re into being superficial but’s honestly with you being so focused on being a ****** your delivery showcases the truth that you’re really a cringy ******.
Just face the fact dude that people will only see ya as a juggaloed Dolph Ziggler.
Uh, Now on to the next!
Dear mister Young moolah imma be front, you look like diseased uvula with the lyrical skill comparative to that of an elementary grade schooler.
Now to address the biggest flacky ***** in the game the not so slim shady.  
Here’s the matter Mr. Mather’s you look like a hobo who ***** guys off around the corner,
maybe that’s why you always diss homos.
Because youse a **** trapped in your mommas’ closet,
and if wasn’t for Dre’s hand up so far up your *** you wouldn’t be as popular of a puppet.
Oh ****, Shady you so focused on Doctor Dre and acclaim to fame that you forgot about Hallie.
****, and speaking of Hallie, I feel for you girl because just like you I also didn’t have a dad there for me.
I’m a man of war so every rapper got to get their **** together and better be prepared to me seriously.
For Imma slit their throats and turn em inside out rigorously, and I make sure those tardy cats will rule the day they ever had curiosity.

Verse 3
Just remember my people were here before you, and will be here after you!
And I’ll be here to destroy any of you who dare to pursue native issues!
Or if I’m just bored and feeling like killing you!
However, if I forget about dealing with you, I’m just to busy to properly give a **** about you!
It’s not just revenge, I see it as using justice by retorting with my wordplay to cleanse ya like shampoo!
But I’ve spent enough time dissing freeloaders, for it gives their ego’s too must **** exposure!
I won’t coaster to these composers, for a chauffeur can’t gain an advantage over a soldier!
I wont lower myself to these grouchy Oscar’s, who hunt for Grammy’s;
or as I refer to these events as pedantic half ***’d statements for excepting grandiose toasters.
Why bother, for it’s so annoyingly stupid that I would rather waste my time watching a movie featuring Adam *******.
So, **** this glass ceiling that defines and dictates what makes up a talented rapper.
I may not be a ******* goat but at least I’m confident enough to go out in my birthday suit and retain my composure for being dapper.
That’s the synopsis of my classy brain, and though it may be insane I’m willing to ride this hurricane!
To make sure you know my name, but yet not let myself get engulfed in the flames.
tread Jan 2013
Cracking my thumb with headphones on, I can just picture the eye of diagonal lady flitting in my direction curiously and gone, that's all. Kid with Red-Wing hat and Beats by Dr. Dre sits across from me *** there's nowhere left to sit, poor kid. Doesn't know me. Manifests that social anxiety for age-the-sames-or-similars. He's texting, avoids eye contact, not that I'm looking, nope nu uh not that I'm looking. Lady with flashing visi-light walks on bus as half-hedge is lit half-hedge is dark silhouette, bus lights. It's dark and rainy. Windows pretty fogged and bogged in dirt and smog and oh my God I feel the song it's verses on it's verses long it's words so vertical!
Redwing looks a little nerved, blanked, searching for saliva salvation in his Beats by Dr. Dre
texts again, I looked uh huh I looked I did this time I looked.

Bus bumps corner cruuuisin', aren't we a speedy bunch?
Cracked my thumb again old man diagonal looks I'm sorry. I'm sorry too. Girl with blonde streaks could be years old could be decades, probably a decade .7, getting off bus behind former diagonal lady, she'll forget my thumb you'll see. Miss her. No sir. Redwing sees me see him turns to look to stop request, uh he didn't look he didn't he's gone, sitting in seat ahead now, Redwing hat cooped in Beats by Dr. Dre, red Van shoes poking out till friend apparitions seat next to him, hi! Redwing takes off Redwing hat and chats apparition, turns hat back wards, forwards, nerved I bet, nerved I can tell don't pretend oh you're fine!

Stops coming so bye I'll talk to you later

special thanks to my parents for making all this possible.
******* ain't **** but hoes and tricks
Dr. Dre,
I feel yo pain
But isn't that a little bit sexist?
Joseph Childress Sep 2010
The root
Of ambition
Is ambivalent

There's no “one cause”
No one causes
A man
To make life decisions
In a day

It takes
Much more
A man to be successful
And real
With his inner-self
The cards dealt
With the stamina
To play through
Exercising his will
With the feel
Lingering in every pore

Of obstacles ahead
Through barricades
Bearing the bruises
Over your own
Seen in battle
But the war’s on

And the war zone
Isn’t limited
To a few
Like ages 19-22
Whose to do
Who has more

And hoes

And whose vision
Is so small
To tack them
with success
All in all

And attack those
Who lack the
To move forward
And ignorantly
Attach it
With a phenomena
Your unknowing

Root of ambition
Can spread
Like weeds

And weeds
Can **** ambition
Or spread
Like seeds

How many men
Head first under the influence
Or rise above
From the same drug

Barack Obama
Michael Phelps
William Shakespeare
Bill Clinton
Lebron James
Pablo Picasso
The Beatles
Bob Marley
Conan O’Brien
Dr Francis Crick. (Nobel Prize Winner)
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Salvador Dali
Victor Hugo
Kareem Abdul-Jabar
Snoop Dogg
Dr. Dre
Stephen King

Just to name a few
Just maybe
It has nothing to do
With success

Or you.
Mark Sep 2019
Bling Bang Boom
Tight little itty-bitty *****
If it don't fit, don't force it
You can lubricate it, so you can appreciate it

Oops, did I say that out loud?
Wearing Dr Dre is a *****, when you make a glitch

**** this gun like a real cool chick
It's barrels aren’t that hot or that ******* thick
And when it comes, blow your brains, while you’re still in cuffs
Elvis offended nerds, while doing those pelvic thrusts
But, he was merely having fun and just being ******* futuristic
While your parents were secretly playing with ***** vibrating plastic

I used to call myself at that time, ‘The Magnificent One’
Hell, I don't call myself that now, but I still believe it to be true
At the time, the frigid white kids would only spectate from the lower balcony
While some ***** white kinds, were leaping over with jealousy, to get downstairs
Because, that's where the black dudes would occasionally perform, their ****** affairs

Bling Bang Boom
Tight little itty-bitty *****
Protect yourself with a little soap bubble
If you want help, I can go pop, without getting into too much trouble

Oops, did I say that out loud?
Wearing Dr Dre can mean defeat when others hear your beat

How can I put the creeps down, when I've been creeping from afar?
I'm another mother ******' world wide pop star
They called me, ‘A Hip-Hop Bipolar Southpaw’
Always left swinging up and down like a friggin outlaw
They warned you that, I would drive all the the kiddies insane
So don't blame me for the way your kids now truly reign

Bling Bang Boom
Tight little itty-bitty *****
Thank you for being so sweet and ever so cute
Next time remind me, to always switch the ****** to mute

Oops, did I say that out loud?
NeroameeAlucard Jan 2015
In a city full of fake thugs and now record beef they just settle it with 8 slugs
There rose a kid from out of Rogers parkway who kicks slow flows containing dopamine in the bars I slay like Dre Day I'm celebrating out the melon insane like dry water the sheep I'll slaughter like a psychopathic ******* with a daughter
Allow me to introduce Nero The Damphir psychotic and I kick knowledge like a field goal my pen is spinning the rumpelillest gold causing static with the lyrical automatic I splatter brains on the floor it's a nasty habit to endure.

I'm Chicago's poet I spit knowledge and split spines with the rhymes so solid no one will notice I roll this ***** up like the best cest and smoke it unless you take it off the wax and into the turf I'll make you taste the salt of the earth and after you're in the dirt I'll bear you like Paul you have no chance at all against me the pen is all I need to destroy then employ my victims my rhymes stay within them like That dude they net in juvenile detention center I'm centric on hip-hop that is I got love for cold crush sugarhill grandmaster flash and whodini Wu-Tang naughty by nature and Cypress Hill
A song I'm working on, how is it?
Joann Rolleston Jun 2014
Snuggled up
Warm and comfy
Sweet slumber
Under the covers
Best place ever
Dreaming ....
dream ...
drea ..
dre .
*** !!
.. almost fell off my seat
Cause I'm on the train
Not in my bed
Asleep ...
busy day, clock watching by the hour lastnight .. grrrh, roll on bedtime ..
Damian Acosta Apr 2010
On my way home from work-- as I stared at the random stranger with the shy eyes but eager smile across from me on the G train-- it happened. It was almost hallucinatory. I rubbed my eyes, stared up at the lights and moved on to another equally random stranger sitting on the other end of the train. He wore his headphones with pride, and the smile beaming from his face was in constant motion-- lip syncing to some unheard voice-- when it happened again... I had an "Out of Life" experience.

You know those dreams where you find yourself standing over your body? Those dreams where you just lift away from your fleshy home, and glide? They're called "Out of Body" experiences and what happened to me on the G, was similar in sensation. Except instead of shedding my body, I shed my life.

Staring at these "strangers" and seeing their idiosyncrasies-- the girl with shy eyes, the guy with the proud smile, the uncomfortable woman next to me-- I suddenly disappeared. My life, my experiences, my families, my thoughts and worries, just silenced.... as if someone had taken my soul and removed everything that was Me from it and placed it inside a trophy case outside of Me. Inside it I could see the memories of my life moving and shifting. Some frozen in place-- the only memory of my grandmother was a black and white picture-- while some were vividly alive, like my first time on stage. But there I was standing, looking inside this memory trophy case wondering what this could mean.

SNAP! Suddenly I'm back on the G train. The girl is now shyly talking to the woman next to her, "The first time I saw you at work I thought you kind of looked like Loretta, from Family Guy, and I've just been wanting to tell you that for the longest!" she giggled self-consciously. The woman did look like Loretta, I thought. "Loretta" then distorts her face into confusion and mutters "Thanks?" and off they went into a conversation about work. The guy with the Dre headphones is swiping through his iPhone. And I am suddenly back outside of my life, on some distant fringe of the shores of my mind.

Is it dark? Is there sound? Where's the trophy case? Where am I? Just blankness. Then with an odd inaudible pop, the Dre headphones guy and shy girl appear in front of me. However not in their body form. Instead they're appearance is rather shapeless, more like glowing wisps with observant eyes. From within each of them I can hear the echos of their conversations of the physical world and the soft muffled singing of the headphones, yet all I see are these two energy globes staring at me; Not menacingly, not anxiously, but peacefully.

The crackled and static laden "Next stop Classon. Stand clear of the closing doors please." brings me back into my body, my life, my experiences, my pain, my insecurities, my job, my dreams, my hunger, my existence. I look at the two strangers... and wait. I must have seemed so intensely crazy, but it felt like it needed to be done. So I waited for them to just look at my eyes... and they did.

In that instant it all made sense. I no longer saw the shy stranger or the headphones stranger or Loretta. I saw beyond their experiences, beyond their lives, beyond their dreams, beyond their strategies of how to move through this world as a man/woman. For that split millisecond, when we made eye contact, I felt and saw the Me in them....That raw uninhibited self that has no country, no religion, no political party-- that part of ourselves that has been observing existence. That part of us that has no physical shape, that observer that has no gender, that part of you that you hide oh so well... I saw.

As I gather up my things, I can't help but smile at the simplicity of it and yet how hard it was to see... The doors open and I now find myself having an "Inner Body and Life" experience as I step off the G train.
Andrew T Apr 2016
Washingtonians, this Wednesday afternoon, come to the Starbucks on 1600 K Street to become acquainted with some young, interesting, average income level Asian American guys and gals. Instead of meeting Asian American doctors, lawyers, and consultants, you’ll meet Dr. Dre copycats, alcoholic paralegals, and T-Mobile wireless salespeople.

These guys and gals are looking to meet new friends that include: white, black, Hispanic, or any other race of people, just as long as you aren’t a F.O.B. Because after all, they don’t want to perpetuate the stereotype that Asians only hang out with other Asians. Just kidding, we love our F.O.B brothers and sisters! But **** stereotypes.

If you are a Washingtonian who likes drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana, stop by and make a new Asian American friend who will provide mixers and match you on a blunt. Please, do not ask these guys and gals for college study notes for Math or Bio, because all of them have dropped out of college to pursue their artistic passions, like: writing a novel about having a white group of friends and being the token who reads Tolkien and likes Toking; playing electric guitar in a grunge, punk, post-emo garage band with your black buddies who like Fugazi and bad brains but ******* hate Green day for selling out; and drawing sketches and painting portraits of the half-Asian girl you’re dating on a wide canvass, but really you’re secretly into selfies and taking photos of breakfast on Instagram.

We don’t discriminate against the kind of alcohol you drink, whether it be wine, beer, or liquor—within reason please don’t bring Franzia or Rolling rock, this isn’t college anymore. Yes, we get it, you’re highly considering attending this group because you’re a huge Haruki Murakami fan and you’re wondering two questions: are our Japanese American patrons also huge fans of the author, and do our patrons behave in a similar fashion to Murakami’s characters like Toru Watanabe and Toru Okada?

First, our Japanese American patrons are huge fans of Murakami and they own books like Sputnik Sweetheart and The Windup Bird Chronicle, but they also think the author often is obsessed with Western culture, in a way that possibly, and seriously possibly transforms him into a Brett Easton Ellis derivative based on Ellis’s American ****** and Glamorama.

Second, no these particular patrons do not behave like Murakami’s characters, because they’re real, living, breathing human beings, and not some fantasy figure or made-up person! But enough of the rant, please come though and let’s have conversations about jazz and talking cats.

While we respect Asian American actors like Ken Jeong and Randall Park, we really aren’t interested in having a lengthy dialogue about The Hangover’s Asian **** scene, or how Park was kinda offensively funny in The Interview. Although Park is awesome in Fresh Off The boat! All we really want is to just drink jack and cokes and smoke Marlboro lights and have conversations about the latest trends in indie rock and Hip Hop culture, and whether Citizen Kane was better than Casablanca, or vice versa.

At the meeting, we will have our guest speaker Jeremy Lin’s college roommate George Park answer questions about Lin, as well as a special appearance by Steve Yuen’s ex-girlfriend Marcy Abernathy who will give us an inside scoop to Yuen’s fetishes as well as his quirky habits. We will also be providing free snacks like LSD Pho noodle soup and Marijuana Mochi ice-cream. On a serious note, we’ll be giving out guilt-free Twinkies.

Before you arrive at the Starbucks, you’ll be getting a name tag and a free A.A.A T-shirt that wasn’t made by little children from China; instead, the shirts are made by Ronald Mai, our aspiring fashion designer whose twitter handle is @thatsmyshirtwhiteman! If you’re interested in coming out to the group our first meeting is this Wednesday at 6 p.m.

Leave your apprehension at the door and walk in with a warm smile, as you’re greeted by an expressionless face. And phoreal if your car is messed up and you require a ride, please call A.A.A’s number at (202) 576-2AAA (we know we’re phunny). Hope to see you there, and if you don’t come, you’re a ******* racist! But seriously come out and meet some cool *** people.
Hanson Yang Sep 2018
Dre and the chronic came out like how'd I want it;
The g funk gangster now hollywood Prankster with a little of that, you know B funk wankster probably jests was safer
claiming when everything hinted in song was stealth cuz it all was health, like if i moved to compton to expose the stealth

my friends like my friend Toney too aboriginal to expose himself
nuff said
and Peter getting **** from all innocence to all claimed are really enemies before the stealth cuz now he's stand
bred aboriginal relate like his gained was stand claiming he's green eggs and ham when all i fed him was the green eggs and spam
I'll knock first before I was wack as strength to knock confusion the **** out like you in **** dirt; the patience actually was the equal in lengths,
**** it all, like i ever needed was precision-aim-range like they all needed me to prove each women given to birth precision like it was deranged strength
when i hid from the aim range, all gained in gay haste, to what i as game take: i'll expose the ******* like actual gained raise to ever touch, that how fast it was that when the game takes at *** grabs at tag match when at back when at me..... Strength Triumph Pain
Mateuš Conrad Aug 2018
. tiky torches, and not football hooligan red flares?! i want gnashing teeth.... the red worm... i want the crude.... waiting feud!

you, don't, make,
dictum, in, this,
part, of, the world!
   you, can, have,
your women!
but, not, the, ego,
of males!
*******, and your
colonialist past
dr. dre, ******!
so no, what becomes
     ****** ****** yo **?!
  ******* term
gets... owned?!
       like vomito *****,
making reference
to the black plague?!
   you do your ****** bit,
i do mine...
and we meet in the middle...
and then...
we crash and burn...
   for whatever it's worth...
now catch me petting
heavy headed
   ready to bullwhip
a gnash of a raiding bullish
cranium head-****...
  just, gagging,
to perform,
the jaw-swapping gnash!
sure... big, bogus,
jaw dropping crude...
of a count of teeth...
    i'm itching...
itching to fasten onto a feast
    of a fist;
not in eastern europe, ******...
    you come here...
you play by our rules...
the whole
the whole
       hip hop scene of Warsaw...
   no, not really...
i'm not exactly
part of either, "scene"...
  i haven't even allowed myself
to use edgy words...
    girl worth a *****...
but to succumb to motherhood?
i'm a heavy drinker,
i'm not exactly the moralizer;
wrap up, clean the ****-show...
and forget i even
managed to circumstance
a narrative.
Kewayne Wadley Aug 2018
And I have this strange feeling.
Memories of us,
Margaritas sipped slow.
Comcast commercials played on repeat.
The weather mild.
First in line.
Patiently waiting to board a flight
Without need for debit card.
Inspired by the look in each other's eyes.
Beats by Dre sponsored by the throb of hearts.
Wandering the gap between songs.
We sip, no longer the ones that got away.
Our silent trips planned moments in advance.
This strange feeling soaring over patio tables, beaches.
Flying away with you in mind body soul.
The many oceans to come.
Highlighting the glare that reflects off our window.
This strange feeling
Becoming more and more familiar
Harry J Baxter Jan 2014
No you absolutely can not go to the store to buy some beer
you! you are too young
just stay inside and watch some TV
beer is for losers
no go and make your dad another G&T;
during the commercial break"

Feeling thirsty?
Want to be liked and respected?
want to be fun?
life of the party?
want to be swarmed by a slew of half naked vaginas with legs?
then get yourself a Bud

"Why can't you be happy with what you have?
you know we never had much growing up
and look at us now
a pair of reasonably comfortable adults
don't you want to be reasonably comfortable?
can't you just be yourself?"

Hey you! Yeah you!
what the hell are you just sitting there for?
It's a Friday night why aren't you out partying?
no invitation. ****. Wait I know why -
What's that you are wearing?
you don't know!?
you need some Polo
and some Nike, just do it
throw in some brooks brothers
don't you want people to think better of you
don't be THAT guy in cargo shorts
unless you like ******* alone at night
and here's some Beats by Dre headphones
so you can hear us better
Now I no it's pricey, but don't you want to be happy?
we've got your happiness right here
and it will only cost you
your parents' credit card

"We just don't know what's wrong with you
why are you in such a rut?
get out of bed, go and do something
we got you what you asked for
why can't you be satisfied?
a lenovo 2 in 1?
what the hell is a Lenovo 2 in 1?
A laptop and a tablet?
Oh, you just have to have one
well I'm sorry, but money has been tight
maybe you should get a job
your birthday is right around the corner..."

Look at this cool guy
Look at how great his life is
you want this. We know you do
what you'll need is some more swag
just a little bit
and some cough syrup, expensive liquor and some ***
plus you'll want some *******
how else can you party this hard?
Maybe get a gun, or a knife
no. Definitely get a gun. A big one
that way nobody will say anything to **** your buzz
carry that big stick and walk tall cool dude
oh yeah, here's a secret for you
keep it to yourself alright?
women really like being treated like ****
we told them to

"What's that?
a gun? For what?
oh so now you're going to **** yourself?
well I'm sorry but we don't do that in this family
you'll just have to be ground into submission like everybody else
what makes you so special, huh?
why do you get to punch out early
shut up, keep your head down, do your job, buy some ****, have a family
then get your kids started with all the **** you buy.
brand name baby clothes and such.
now be a good boy
and pay your taxes
but shush, the TV is on"
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
As I take
A walk in the park
With a friend
I here the familiar
Sounds of dr dre
And his album
I look up at
The source of the music
A chickadee
With a boom box.
Bunhead17 Nov 2013
[Hook: Rihanna]
I'm friends with the monster that's under my bed
Get along with the voices inside of my head
You're trying to save me, stop holdin' your breath
And you think I'm crazy, yeah you think I'm crazy

[Verse 1: Eminem]
I wanted the fame, but not the cover of Newsweek
Oh well, guess beggars can't be choosey
Wanted to receive attention for my music
Wanted to be left alone in public excuse me
For wanting my cake, and eat it too, and wanting it both ways
Fame made me a balloon cause my ego inflated
When I blew see, but it was confusing
Cause all I wanted to do is be the Bruce Lee of loose leaf
Abused ink, used it as a tool when I blew steam
Hit the lottery, oh wee
But with what I gave up to get was bittersweet
It was like winning a used mink
Ironic cause I think I'm getting so huge I need a shrink
I'm beginning to lose sleep: one sheep, two sheep
Going cuckoo and cooky as Kool Keith
But I'm actually weirder than you think cause I'm...


[Bridge: Rihanna]
Well, that's nothing

[Verse 2: Eminem]
Now, I ain't much of a poet but I know somebody
Once told me to seize the moment and don't squander it
Cause you never know when it all could be over tomorrow
So I keep conjuring, sometimes I wonder
Where these thoughts spawn from
(Yeah, pondering'll do you wonders
No wonder you're losing your mind, the way it wanders)
I think you've been wandering off down yonder
And stumbled onto Jeff VanVonderen
Cause I need an interventionist to intervene between me and this monster
And save me from myself and all this conflict
Cause the very thing that I love's killing me and I can't conquer it
My OCD is conking me in the head
Keep knocking, nobody's home, I'm sleepwalking
I'm just relaying what the voice in my head is saying
Don't shoot the messenger, I'm just friends with the...

[Hook + Bridge]

[Verse 3: Eminem]
Call me crazy, but I have this vision
One day that I walk amongst you a regular civilian
But until then drums get killed
And I'm coming straight at MCs, blood get spilled
And I take it back to the days that I get on a Dre track
Give every kid who got played at, pumped up feeling
And **** to say back to the kids who play 'em
I ain't here to save the ******* children
But if one kid out of a hundred million
Who are going through a struggle feels and then relates, that's great
It's payback, Russell Wilson falling way back in the draft
Turn nothing into something, still can make that, straw into gold chump
I will spin Rumpelstiltskin in a haystack
Maybe I need a straight jacket face facts, I am nuts for real
But I'm okay with that, it's nothing, I'm still friends with the...
i like this song! "The Monsters by Eminem Ft Rihanna ****. Frequency
Mateuš Conrad Nov 2018
you fed me, therefore you armed me...
now show me the snowflake
      i'll invite the vermin...
to keep them company...
aren't all Polacks vermin?!
            oh... really?
             i heard otherwise...
eat your ******* ***** numb!
i am fury...
i am gorge...
i am everything but thought!
i! i... i debate with
the hive...
                        you start calling
one vermin,
you start calling all, vermin...
see how the hive reacts...
thank **** the ****** migrants
of the generation that joined
the European Union have
decided to move back...
  ******* applause!
who the **** would even be sane enough
to stay on these isles?!
what... like a Britney can't
get no Pakistani?!
  last time i inquired about
that wasn't a problem...
        you didn't take to examine the words
mind you...
          rats have transcendent value,
well equipped with:
eating you;
the English north Pakistanis could
have called me anything else...
now i have a ******* ringing
in my head...
like... eating out a **** could become
much more than a vegan enterprise
of oral...
         the prodigy & tom morello...
or pearl jam's rats...
only the northern ****...
your want your... "little" culture war?!
have it...
               Jew harbourers...
       us: Herr ****...
   we... vermin...
   people of neither book: but the sewers...
and whatever Palestine looks
like in the House of the Saudi...
they don't eat, don't sleep
they don't feed, they don't seethe
bare their gums when they moan and squeak
lick the dirt off a larger one's feet...
and the Lebanese wonder,
literally, "wonder"...
why aren't these vermin integrating?
who the **** said i wanted to
continue eating falafel?!
you want prejudice?!
what's up with your accent?!
where you from?!
  you want to hear that sort of *******
from immigrants?
esp. those who decided to settle...
what's wrong with the answer:
from 'ere... why?
i'm ******* praying for more Polacks
to leave these isles...
i don't pray... but the insinuation
is there... **** them...
**** these David Attenborough masochistic
        your women, your fate,
just like in the Victorian era
concerning the children...
     please... ****** is as much a racial
slur as Dr. Dre... is...
what? Mozart?!
have it, delete me...
                i've learned one thing from
an innocent private conversation
on Wattpad in 2015...
           have it all...
               you die by the hand
that also feeds you...
        have it...
                          have it all...
              once upon a time,
once upon a space...
  once upon upon a once neither
space or time....
ended with:
  forever... what was always
what came prior, but never the after;
happy was never
a necessitated outcome...
to begin or end with...
      it was...
               a gambler's luck...
and since so many didn't gamble...
it was never supposed to resonate
as an opportunity of outcome,
or expectation...
happy is what people achieve...
when the angry do not resonate
within the inhibiting construct of fear...
happy is what people achieve...
when they learn to fail...
  fear? fear is coupled with anger...
  that ******* is coupled with failure.
Mateuš Conrad Nov 2018
.just search Polish, England, vermin... there clearly is a difference between a racial slur, and a dehumanizing slur... well... it's good that i have a soundtrack, Pearl Jam's rats from the album Vs., and Ghost's rats from the album prequelle...

i get it, the English are sometimes lazy, when speaking... but... there's a difference between a racist slur and a term that dehumanizes a people... i say ******, i say Dr. Dre, i write ****- i forget the suffix... but... you know... being deemed vermin, by ethnicity... that's not called a racial slur, that's called a dehumanizing term... vermin is not a racial slur, it's a dehumanizing precursor of radicalizing an impetus for genocide... so? ****** ****** ****** ****** ******... **** **** **** **** ****... just like greg focker in meet the parents on a plane: bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb... just look up the story, in England... when a bunch of leaflets were posted through the doors of Polak families, calling them vermin... what?! racial slurs are one thing, dehumanizing slurs are another; ******* ******* and their serf pakis.

oh i'm not in England to play
along to whittle Oreo,
whittle Choccie...
  or some uncle Tom...
         i'm about to parade my
Pontius Pilate closure...
i'm here for the cider,
for the ale,
and for ms. amber...
and... for...
   kasabians': club foot...
i can't be a friend to a fellow
European who's embroiled
with his commonwealth...
Rotherham vassal-postcriptum...
see the V?
see the V?
                          here's an I
to clarify...
      dictate your kleinscheißetirade
  (little **** tirade)
on some other continent,
bring back a curry recipe from
India, or something...
but don't expect
me to bow down to non-Europeans....
you... inselvolk
  (island people)...
            i am frothing at
the mouth, and restraining myself
from biting your ***... taub...
i can respect other cultures...
by your, "standards", of, "respect"...
but i will never be you...
this... this...
this was was the hardest aspect
of me integrating:
i will never be one of you...
Zeppelins are hanging
over the skies,
and i'm, itching for a blitzkrieg...
this, this... is what
precisely makes a man
enroll in supposition the status
of the enemy...
the commonwealth came
before the European stature...
  i've learned the language,
but i didn't relieve myself
of the mutterzunge... ergo?
i'm not fully integrated...
i'm not fully integrated?
integrate the following *****-slap
from Europe...
see how you like your
****- sauce then!
oh i'm praying for no-deal or
a hard-deal.. scenario...
i hate deserters...
and the "British"...
are, in my mind... ethnic-deserters...
punish the *******...
like that song,
a post-colonial power
attacking a post-colonial power...
   something much finer than
watching the t.v.....
billy joel... we didn't start
the fire...
lyric in particular?
Belgians in the Congo...
      Brussels in the U.K.
although i speak the natives' tongue...
i should care about their
fate... because?
                 my ethnicity gets called
   and i'm like...
hula hoop around this *******...
because the hope entrusted
to the progressive ontology of humanity
always undermines
the sarcastic undermining in
the current in situ...

   but i don't care...
next thing i'll hear is that i'll
only be "properly" integrated
if i paint my skin copper,
grow my hair into a turban's
worth bundle...
then... i'll be the protected caste.

thank god England is an island...
makes the whole boarders debate...
an island entertains
a boarders debate?
an island?
an island can have authentic,
serious debates about boarders?!
you're joking, right?
you want to have a, "boarders" debate...
being strapped to an island?
i "said"... are you... ******* joking?
Bunhead17 Nov 2013
[Hook: Ester Dean]
Voices in the air
I hear them loud and clear
Telling me to listen
Whispers in my ear
Nothing can compare
I just wanna listen

[Verse 1: MGK]
As my, world turns
The heart beats
Not only in my chest
But the heart in these streets
So when they feel this, they feel me
But I can't feel nothin', outside these dre beats
I am from the city of evil, came from the bottom
Standing on top of what was supposed to be my coffin, whats up?
Inception shows me as a dead man walkin', but reflections shows this kid's still got it
Let it be known I got the throne like I don't know that there's a king
Never grew up around a family because I'm not a human being
And anyone under my level that’s coming at my spot for the top
Let them have it, cause when I leave, the whole world drops
Lace up Kells

I hear voices in the air
I hear em’ loud and clear
Telling me to listen
Whispers in my ear
Nothing can compare
I just want to listen
Telling me I am Invincible (3x) - oh oh
Telling me I am Invincible (3x) - oh oh I am

[Verse 2]
Waking up sweatin from the stress of being caged down
Everything I write is played out like what is this ?
Tear the whole page out
Man I come from holes in the wall but they don’t know the path
Even if I told them it all, they wouldn't know the half
So maybe I fill up my luggage with all of these dreams and put on my black coat and my black chucks and nothing in my jeans
And just run, till the day comes like Rocky’s movie scene
And I’m on top of the world, look up and scream like this is me, this is Kells
Crucified by the public without the nails
Do or die in my city but clearly I never failed
Lost myself in the game when I found myself in a cell
Then I found myself in the fame when I lost myself in the pills
And you cannot mess with me still , seen them boys and they winnin
Underdogs of the year Cleveland boys in the buildin'
What the **** is a ceiling I’m taking this to the top, and when I leave the whole world drops Lace Up Kells

I hear voices in the air
I hear em’ loud and clear
Telling me to listen
Whispers in my ear nothing can compare
I just want to listen
Telling me I am Invincible (3x) - oh oh
Telling me I am Invincible (3x) - oh oh I am…..
lyrics to  "invicible" by Machine Gun Kelly ft. Ester Dean
Seb Tha Guru Jan 2016
Driving north, going to the city.
Looked and did a double take because I saw something pretty.
Almost got into a wreck now thinking where am I in the first place.
But caught the girl's attention now I'm at first base.
Hearing from all of my friends I got the juice.
They say I should write a book on how I get these girls loose.
They should call me Dre two stacks, it's like I preach and they admire.
But if I can pull this girl,
I'll retire.
Now I be thinking every day, just to save us both, I will need to put up some baracades.
Paranoid, every time a girl walks past me.
Because I got the juice and every girl's thirsty.
But te problem's never that I'm driving,
The problem's that I be texting,
When I said in my last poem I got a girl that's a blessing.
Texting and driving down love highway,
But I rather take I-85, and sit stuck in traffic in my disguise.
Driving all alone so stretch all my limbs.
So instead, I'll speed in my eclipse in my all black timbs.
Thank God for the sun.
Thank God for me.
The word man is in sun woman but hard to see.
So when the juice god gets her, it turns to night time.
And that's when, we play slow songs and bring out wine.
And every one is uninvited.
Kicking everyone out.
The party's in here, and I don't need to go out.
Now I'm sitting all alone judt watching the sun set.
Thinking to myself, being a juice god will do that.
Send her to the moon and back.
Good wood will do that.
The juice injection to the sun is way to deep.
That's why the sun goes down, it gets dark, we all sleep.
These type of people are hard to find, that's why we all keep.
If you can't afford to find one then your standards too cheap.
Sun Woman.
A Segway to sun woman. Basically the guy has the cliche' story of getting all the girls. He has "the juice" the sun woman changed his way but at times he is still a male and is feeling himself, fall Into temptation feeling cocky because he has a good girl eeryone wants at home and by his side changing his life but pushing his luck to the max by messing with other females still.
Yvette Sep 2014
We speak in peaks of color. Vibrations that **** near tilt the rainbow spilling colors that only we can name. Hues shade eyes and tuck into the periphery of our souls. You pull the strings of my heart forcing contractions that walk me to you. I meet you in the blue green seas of April. Its sensational. We end at the edges of color where white divides, and only here we find peace.
Aaron LaLux Mar 2017
We’re Gonna Need Some Sunglasses For This Mushroom Cloud

Gonna need some sunglasses for this one,
it’s 6AM I’m in LA it’s been a long night for sure,
just gotta get into that cafe get that cappuccino,
then get safely unnoticed and back to the idling car,

of Flies,
sorry I’m not sorry,
that’s a bad reference to 1995,

bad because Jar of Flies was a different year,
different year different name,
’95 was self-titled,
‘Alice In Chains’,

remind me again,
what the heck we’re talking about,
this poem has no parameters,
it’s off course but still going along,

gonna need some sunglasses for this one,
like my glasses like I like my roast,
with my Valentino’s and dark cappuccino,
and you with your mimosa my dear Yoda let us toast,

“To the Next Episode!” let’s go,

No Dre though it’s more of a Good Day,
not to be rude to Ice Cube but I got ice cubes in my flute,
in perpetual motion from chronic transitions of change,
and when I say Change I’m not talking about Rock The Vote,

because we all see where voting got us,
now we got ‘ Donald Duck Mr. Talk A lot of Nonsense’,
we got that stone cold soviet ****** Kim Jong-un launching stunner missiles like Steve Austin,
dropping finishing moves ’Cold Stunning’ but instead of a drop kick he’s bomb launching,

we can’t even stop him as in Kim Jong-un with bad movies and meetings with Dennis Rodman,

Oh My God Son!

We’re really gonna need some sunglasses for this one,
have you ever seen the magnificence of an Atom Bomb,
a mushroom clouds of the most beautiful hues,
a moment of infinite Light just before the moment we’re all eternally gone…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆
Oh Fck...
Mateuš Conrad Oct 2015
only because northern ireland was originally liverpool.*

yeah... i’m an anglo-slav,
he’s an afro-saxon and that guy is a fairy
with clover petals for wings -
watch him fluster and flatter cheeks turning green into pink!
well, nothing really educational in essex,
just a barge of the usual escapees from middle class opinions,
esp. escaping opinions as if onion tears
of the integrating migrants who flawed the first rule:
your father purposively forgot your mother’s tongue
(but your mother kept it for the earth
and her hope for you to till it),
you’re ******* with a body and no soul:
the irish fairy countered interrupting me -
i kept my gaelic in speaking english drunk, *******!
that’s a trinity that i see.
and i saw it, spoken across new england and washington state
(hey, price up the ***** liquor of thieving a sympathy,
i wasn’t going to be nice writing poetry,
still me, the remnant of the masculine root liking rugby
and the diminishing psychologies of the players
of the losing team - watch them applaud loss
rather than sing victory prior without listening to
a wwe fake warrior entry music they boggled up with dr. dre’s venture
into # therearenomotivationalspeakersinthenationalanthem).
i kept my masculinity watchings the sports
just so i could write poetry and not womanise -
now the escorts and arias i hear you claim?
no... finding nemo, frozen, brave,
no arias and escorts, just enough morals for enough of
horn inches and cartoon coloured shoes.
Daniel Magner May 2013
It started as a joke we all laughed at the thought
of slanging coke
or passing cops with a whole bag of thizz
cheesing out ya window, just like Andre and Mac Dre in the Bay and Valley Joe
But now the game got real
I'm broke and choked for skrill (skreel) and this sandwich place can't even contend with the dough I'd make if I dealed
But who could I trust and who would squeal, make me have to peel out in my whip as I dipped
moved cribs and changed homies
Do I have a soul of a drug dealer or one for slapping on pepperoni to a sandwich for another zombie
Do I have the soul of a drug dealer?
© Daniel Magner 2013
A short rap inspired by Andre Nickatina's "Soul of a Coke Dealer"
Daniel Magner May 2013
It's been awhile since I've dropped
some truth in this booth.
I've been flip flopping between
hopping up on schemes or popping out
on dreams.
My car gleams as I hit the streets, bass up,
glasses on, cranking to a Dre song.
I can barely bite my tongue with my teeth
to keep my feelings deep.
My amigo's girl is slowly becoming my world
and truth be told I don't mind but I feel I'm
in a hole with the hands of my friend
waiting to strangle me lifeless,
but his woman is priceless.
I can't fight this, and I feel like a cheat
losing pals like water from a can that sprung a leak.
Wetting down the ground around my feet making mud,
trapping me morally like an ethical
© Daniel Magner 2013
Daniel Sep 2013
Flat-brimmed hat, Dre's Beats,
Long board, rap music, smokes ****.
"Swag?" No. More like, "***."
Pencasso Feb 2019
I knew this kid named Jason who spent his afternoons locked in the basement
no father present & his mom an alcoholic, afraid of the light & hell feeling adjacent
been attached to many individuals but always ending up as a backup to a replacement
with death calling his name every day & he’s so eager to chase it
The only time his moms shows em attention is when she wants to beat him
because she’s still scarred from an abusive father so like trash is how she treats him
& numb her pain, she either fills her body with substance or brings hell to her seed
locked in this hell we call life, Jason just wants to be free
What his mom doesn’t know is that Jason gets bullied at school
for being gay & a nerd, the punishment he takes is just cruel
alone he sits in the corner with the music blasting in his ears
watching the world spend around him as he exist in fears
not knowing when someone will push him around or throw his books in the trash
or the next time he’s made of in front of the class
especially when the teachers see this horrific events play out but they don’t intervene
to help him & I’m there looking from across the room in disbelief of what I’m seeing
One day we walk in class before everyone else & I notice something different
that caught my eye without even paying attention
I see scars on his arms & a bruise located on his neck
so I approach him to question the damage he’s trying to hide
“I was jumped at home & my mom abused me last night” he replied
He begins to cry right before me & I break down as I hear the pain in the voice
so I walked him to the restroom as I’m left without a choice
I asked him “Why do you get bullied so much? What’s the reason you’re being targeted”
he tells me that it’s because he’s gay & the abuse is pain he mother feels from what his father did
he used to beat her whenever she came home late from work or if he felt like she was cheating.
And he **** near killed her on her 45th birthday after hearing she was leaving.”
So I asked how she managed to escape that experience & his response brought tears
He said “She shot him while he was trying to **** her, she finally got tired of the fears
but something inside of her hasn’t healed yet so she gets drunk every day
to numb the pain but every day I pray that she finds herself & escape
the prisoner within herself that still haunts her since that night
then I looked at him & told him, I’m about to change your life
He then looks at me & says “What do you mean?”
I said, “Just stick with me from now on & I promise you’ll be safe while you’re here”
I hate bullies & as long as you’re with me, you have nothing to fear
Why do you even care about me? What makes you any different
I said “We’re in a bathroom alone & you’re not screaming help within the distance”
“So you don’t see me as a “******” or just some nerd with cuts his skin?”
No, I see you as a gift from God with a bright future who’s trying to win
Someone trapped in the wrong world with no friends nearby
An angel flying solo but terrified while sorrowing thru a dark thundering sky
So a month goes by, my phone rings, & I hear Jason crying
I’m calling his name but he’s not replying
crying Jason crying Jason pill bottle drops JASON as I yell out
Whatever you do, just relax & put the pill bottle down
Dre …. I can’t do this anymore, I don’t wanna live anymore … I’m sorry
He gasps for air with 15 pills swimming in his body
I rushed to his house, kicked open the door, & sprint downstairs to the basement
JASON … JASON … JASON … dead silence as I make my way through the room
& there I find him, passed out & bleeding from his arm in a pool of blood in the bathroom
“911 … yes, I’d like to report an emergency. My friend isn’t breathing”
I give them the address then Jason opens his eyes … Dre don’t go, “I ain’t leaving”
5 mins later, the paramedics show up, Jason overdosed on sleeping pills
“Was he suicidal?” they asked, “Yea, he’s going through a lot & you know depression tries to ****
us with the mind tricks it plays on us trying to convince us that we’re better off dead
And there I am, crying & praying as I sit next to his hospital bed
Jason wakes up at 8:15 pm, “Dre, what happened to me?”
I blacked out & all I remember is seeing my dad molesting me
“You tried to **** yourself”, I said. “You called me crying & I rushed over to your house”
Raced down to the basement to see all over the walls, the floor, & your couch
“You know when I took those pills, I wasn’t expecting you to save me”
“Why would you think that?” I replied. “Because I thought you’d leave after seeing my darkside
& the thought of you doing the opposite, I thought I was crazy”
With your back against the wall & the whole world against you, I’ll be there to have your back
& I don’t call you my brother cause it sounds cool or because I want something back
You’re a good kid Jason, you’re just mixed up in a cold world trying to survive
but as long as I’m alive, I’ll make sure you never need a reason to be revived
As the Lord is my witness, you’ll always have a brother in me
& I have so much faith in you because you remind me of a younger me
At war with yourself trying to be better & inspire others to be great
so I’ll always love you for having a massive heart regardless of suffering from the hate
- Poetic Venom
This is the 1st ever short story that I wrote about someone that's very dear to me. Although Jason isn't a person, the events & the story is based on an actual person & actual events.
My mind is adrift

Waves of 3 am Lap at the shore of an isthmus called psyche

There between the seas of reality and dreams

Three shots deep and diving,

I drown my better judgement in a pool of fireball

Music blares, but the words melt as I listen

White noise in a black night,

One more drink,

One more drink

The fire in my throat is burning

Like the fire that purifies the gold

The old verses ring in my head,

And the pastor spits a sermon over dr dre’s beats,

A prayer in the dark murmurs through drunken lips,

And then at last track ends, the priest descends from the pulpit

In the deafening silence, I leave my drink on the desk, still not empty

I stumble my way to my oblivion

And pull the covers up to my neck.

Now I lay me down to sleep

And languid waves wash me out to sea without a shore

The nightly giliad of a lonely druckard

Sipping steel in an empty room,

And talking to the voices in my head

Lost on a road with no lines

Lost hold of the iron rod and see no signs

To guide me on my way

And so I float away on a magic carpet

Seeks the genie in that bottle with only one wish

The only one it can grant me.
Lucas Oct 2018
Trees always have to go out with a bang, don't they
explosions of bursting color
freeze-framed fireworks of fall
bursting and cascading,
leaving ashes and hot coals to cool in soft grass

...I used bursting twice, didn't I?
alright, let me go open up my thesaurus...
blast? pop? rupture?
just replace it with one of those and call it good.
Back to the poem:

my popped-collar peacoat straightens my back
gotta match my posture to the pompous portrait
black wool on an over-scratched scratch paper
might as well just pick it all off
allow the color some room to expand
(I don't even own a peacoat, I just like the metaphor and imagery)

you could set the sentinel alight for the same effect
a more smokey atmosphere, sure,
but the color would be a little brighter
and I'd have the mushroom of smoke to match my coat

I've substituted my earbuds with the crunch crunch crunch
of leaves
crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch ––––
shoot that one looked good but it just flattened
crunch crunch crunch
invariable sound
back to my Beats by Dr. Dre

The arrow of geese points south
that's really all I have to say about that
some sort of metaphor about flapping my arms and following them?
I like jacket weather though
better stay grounded
hands in pockets; arms in long sleeves

insert some connection to death to match nature's descent into winter

Gosh, this season is too good to stand for something so sad
let's go jump off the roof into a pile of leaves
drink hot soup and get cuffed
watch steam and frost paint picturesque mornings
read in a dogpile of blankets
Winter may be coming
but so is spring ya goof
get off your melancholic horsey
I don't even own a peacoat :/
feeling irreverent but poetic...
blast off
high as a kite
unsure of how the words are being put here as I speak
fungi gots my fingers tapping on the keys
puffing green
keeps away the demons in me
while I listen to some Beats Antiques
through some Dr. Dre Beats
am I awake
or am i asleep?
keep egging me
and back to reality
I'll creep
Dougie Simps Feb 2014
Probability hit me so my chances have shorten as I play life's game
It's all about taken each and every hit! Stop searching for a innocent person to blame
As I sit back and stare at the reflection of my potential.
I realized all life's situations are half pain half mental
Dre beats with the silent instrumentals
To ensure the heavy facts as I script the poetic verse
Maybe god gives sin? Maybe he enhances a potent curse.
Maybe I need to stop for a second and learn to appreciate...
It's easy to rush to the front, it's hard to understand how to patiently wait
As I follow my guardians faith
And block out envy and greed
Lord, I'm trying to get the difference of a want, to a need!
Can you finally hear my pleas?
Why must I scream for you to hear me!?
Why must I need to drink a couple shots, hop in the whip for you to help steer me!
Taking every bit of risk
While swallowing my pride and lowering my fist
I've been the star in every game
Stopped, and learned how to humbly miss.
I've taken poison out of a snake's kiss
Taken hatred out of a heart full of anger and turned it into bliss!
I've giving EVERY ******* THING! Whats the point of all this?
How you perfect? You put drugs on the land with the bites of a made blacks forced servants, placed diseases that have no've killed over a million and never had to give a reason! You rarely give help to the sick, crying! Internally bleeding!
You continue to stuff the obese, the skinny aren't feeding.
You tell us to pray for goodness! Ain't that ish so misleading.
I don't wanna say you misleading cause you our lord and savior
I'm just sayin look at yourself before you judge my behavior!*
You're issue Bland is you never been honest with yourself
You pray for the benefits of wealth and forget to be thankful for your health
I've brought you to this gate cause your mind has lied about your "learned" and understanding lessons
My son, I'm making you struggle for you to one day understand every bit of your life, make good on your bad lessons
I've given you gifts that you can unwrap and released you out of the devils grasps, I remember giving you more chances when you dropped on your knees, thinking it was your last.
Why is it I you bash?
Ironic how you preach "in life stop looking for others to blame"
This the same man who looks at his father for the reason he slashes his God given name
You and him arent the same.
You need to release every bit of this aggression
You need to come back to my house, Close your eyes and count your blessings.
I lead by example, I teach forgiveness
Your entry now, Bland, Cannot be guaranteed, not when live with envy, hatred, greed.
Stop cutting ya morality only for pity to gush out and bleed
Stop looking for the weak to prey on, and feed.
Next time we meet I want you to be a better man
Realize I'm not your punisher
I'm your guidance...I'm your support system...your biggest fan
Know every test I send you is all apart of your plan. So when I see you'll be a better man. Follow what you believe, guide your heart with an honest hand.
Last poem. Lord...I'm coming
st64 Apr 2013
In this public park, sits he
Quietly: eternal at solo play.
Gnarled hand moves the pieces, so regal
As he plans fortuitous moves ahead.

No wonder how Time sits and waits
Patient: twisted branches overhead.

Reaching: draping its coolness
Unmoving design, just to offer and give
Wanting nothing in return
Wanting noth-thing in return.

Almost unseen in the park
A broken butterfly of dre-eams.

I join the solitary player
So undeterred: he opens the window
Such a clear, blue sky over me
And pierces right through the heart of me.

Three more pieces fall and leave the board
Wondering: I have grown cold, in a warp.

Blunt words, how they close the door!

Are you alive?
Are you alive?
Are you alive?
He said: Are you alive?

Time rises tall, unleashes Truth wrapped
Are you alive?
Are you alive?

Dashing too quickly through the Now
His green pupils fall into my lap....

And in the cloud-light, a tempest rages
Changing: galloping queen high on the southern wind
And lifts the dying breeze beyond.

Some steps cannot be undone
Choose: the path of the solitary player
Who chases not, yet moves at the speed of night.

Are you alive? ONE of not.

In this public park, sits he
Quietly: eternal at solo play.....

Star Toucher, 01 April 2013
Somewhat (erstwhile) drop-tuned sound, this one....inspired by song, "One of us is dead" by the Earlies.
Fabulous number...may sound a tad avant-garde for many, what with song title and

And yet....... 'tis life for ya!
Are we alive...or merely existing?
Snoop dogg, snoop lion
Through the fogg we see hes cryin
we ask him why he will not tell
He broke his favorite reggae bell
It sounded smooth and made him feel good
Just like his kush that he burned in the hood
Dre gives his condolences but it is no use
Snoops bell has already tied its nuse
So for his bell we mourn, for his bell we pray
Light one for the bell, it died to day
Rip Ja feel?

— The End —