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faith Sep 2017
waste of time,
i hear my phone chime,
my time is gone,
working until dawn,
time to say hi,
when I really want to say bye,
it's now bedtime,
but for me that doesn't mean downtime,
yea, it's a waste of time.
I hate school sometimes *cough cough* like all the time
Steve Page Feb 17
I'm pottering and napping
with no space for snap chatting
I'm reading and snoozing
with no online browsing
I'm just taking downtime
some space for just me time
I'll see you tomorrow
when I emerge from my burrow
A friend inspired this with that first line.
Fourscore downtime rhymes
We've heard this **** 10,000 times
A word worth saying for once, lost perception
Of the chambers of the heart correction
Hot peppers on tongue connections, still puddle reflections
The drip-drip-drop staccato beat, of heart of rain
Insane template premeditate the tempo of pierced cortex
The reflex action, muscle contraction, fight
Right overcoming light like eclipse of the sun, one & done
Then plunging into night, moths circling, sun holes
The way a nail goes head deep, pour & seep through the
pores that define the metaphors you apply
the way a nail, crushed by a hammer, pulls free
Free, like I can be, if I simply believe, in self, selfless
the hammer pulls, I have felt less
over this inebriation
But why, why, why this hesitation?
I talk in twisted rhyme, above my station
a reclamation of who I used to be
Be, and I see the exclamation point, peculiar & parallel
Folding space and my perception, to anoint
Lines spit like whole milk, the cut of pine is rougher than snake wood  
Eloquence unravels like old silk, spits cinders and
The sand in our hands counts counter clockwise
We're down the river, deep and twisting,
swatting Horseflies
A toad in his abode snacking on HORSEFLIES, unblinking
predator eyes affixed to the crossed crucifix of
called on cobwebs to untangle thought, lost
a spider with his silk cut, hollow gut
nothing caught today, arachnid love
Thanks Mike

— The End —