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Bison May 2016
Truth bids, "Fall."
And my shoulders balk

Failure sets my heart
Aware of the blue parts

Carry me home
Buried in hope

Open my eyes
And heal me tonight

I am burdened
With my own hurting

My legs are numb
My lungs succumb

Open my mouth
No voice pours out

I am wasting
Again and again away

Lonely in this house
Of friends, of doubts
Lot May 2017
Every queen must have a throne,
but mine is cheap and flimsy.
A plastic chair made in China,
worth less than a dollar,
swaying under my weight.
To stay from falling,
whenever I sit,
I keep myself light and fit.
I stay perched in reticence,
balancing the paper crown
upon my jaded head.
As tendrils of brown hair,
fall to the floor in plain.
Hands and feet crossed,
bound in leather and chains.
Try not to be your own worst enemy.
Tabitha Lee Feb 25
They do start from one thing
A question, a word, a misunderstanding
At first they go over your head
Compressed so no one tears shed
  They grow bigger and bigger
   It seems they will not grow smaller
    Fears start to arise
     They are for sure not on your side
      But I'm not a enslaved to fear
       A doubt won't make me shed a tear
         I know one who made this be
          You know his name maybe
            I might not be ok inside
             But he walks by my side
               So I'm not a enslaved to this fear, this doubt, this age
                 Their words cannot put me in a cage
                    They cannot make me thing bad about myself
                       I only believe one person's opinion and
                          its is myselfs
Sorry for not posting in awhile
ohellobeautiful Aug 2018
if i am the ocean
than you are the sea
caressing the sand
where my waves
become free

i may hold onto
depths of what
we could be
but i know now
you’re willing to
hold space for me

in ways we are different
but much more, the same
to see us as separate
would be such a shame

for so long
i thought my waves
couldn’t be claimed
but then we collided
and still, you remained

through all of the storms
you washed pain off of me
and each of my tears
brought you closer to me

and now i don’t drown
in the rain of my doubts
as we dance to our love
we no longer renounce
Draining life to fill it with
watered-down pain, can he feel now? If my teeth make
an appearance, you'll be given your fix of my 'happiness,'
injected through your cranium. I wish I could navigate my
naive wishes, as I'm sinking in my pillows, and the light on
the ceiling is winking at me as I'm patched up, written in 'unhappy'
My uncanny doubts are fancying a feathery gift of sleep,
unlike this fascination with
falling feet to my death of dreams-
It's like I like sadness. I hate it, but I want to cry. I can't anymore. I'm so confused right now with everything in my life, just like this confusing writing.
MeanAileen Mar 2017
I'm in love with a man I know not to love
his heart will never be free.
I waste my days
a slave to his ways-
knowing he will never love me.

He is the secret I can never reveal
the best lover I ever have known.
I've nothing to give
but my's his-
fresh dirt for him to bury his bone.

Hopelessly hooked on him like a drug
wanting him day and night.
I play his ***** game
I have no shame-
taking it all, knuckles white.

Dead is the conscience I knew so well
and morals.....they ran far away.
Clarity now blurry
in a love-drunk slurry-
the 'good me' has gone astray.

To lay with him is playing with fire,
the flames, they burn me alive.
Leaving me marred,
hurting and scarred-
the pain on which I thrive.

A fool for punishment, I beg for more
even if all I am worthy of is ****.
Loving him breaks me...
it overtakes me-
but I'm not willing to quit.

I die a little more each passing day
until again, I get lost in those eyes....
All doubts go away,
so for now I'll stay
living this life of lies.
You can't always help who you fall in love with...
Uncrowned King Jul 2018
She's not made for this world
She deserves nothing but love
But she's already full of it—
She's gold-flowing!
Too soft to be touched,
Too fragile to be held,
And too transparent to be seen.
Her self-love is doubtful
Though she's overflowing with love,
She care too much
For the wrong people
Only if she could see
What she's made of
Only if I could make her see
What her worth is
She could devour her remorse and escape,
Runaway and save herself from this unworthy world
Even if it means not being with me
Maaz Feb 23
What do we say
unto those who doubt us?
To those who tell us
what we have shall fray.
To those who believe
our sky will turn grey,
our moods shall no longer be ***,
our lives no longer tethered,
like a boat at bay.
Unto those people
What do we say?

the people's thoughts have
been led astray,
they no longer understand what's at play,
they fail to see that after night comes day,
that we are here, together, here to stay,
that soon our darkness will be pierced by the sun's ray.
They don't understand.
So unto those people
what do we say?

Do we sit in silence
as they rip us apart?
As they tear the strings from our hearts?
As we bleed & cry
and blood & tears become one.
Until finally we declare they have won.

No, we don't.
We let their words come at us
like stones at an impregnable wall,
what we have is a castle that shall not fall,
What they don't understand is this is a war we have already won,
for long ago,
we became one.
Not of how we came to be but rather how we're made to stay
jl Nov 2018
I never thought I'd be important
I never thought I'd matter
I never thought I'd be cared for
I never thought the latter

I never thought I'd be important
Until you came along
And changed my whole perspective
My feelings for you are so strong

I never thought I'd be important
You make everything alright
I'm grateful for you everyday
You make the world seem bright

I never thought I'd be important
Perhaps it's all a lie
There is only one for me
Please don't make me cry
I never thought I'd be important
You're not even mine
Maybe i'm just stupid
Putting my heart on the line

~ j.l.
I wasn't sure about this one, any feedback would be welcome and appreciated!
Zack Ripley Mar 23
They're swinging left and swinging right.
They hide in the shadows just out of sight.
But how can I fight what I cannot see?
How can I stop them from breaking every piece of me?
If you're out there and feeling all alone,
you don't have to fight all on your own.
Because the more you ask for help, the more you take control.
And when you take control and feel it in your soul,
the doubts will start to disappear.
Doubts! The bullies of the mind.
Doubts! Leave no trace of them behind.
Now that you know how to fight back, it's time to put it to the test. Take it one step, one day at a time, and we'll figure out the rest.
Tommy Randell Dec 2014
To loosen with my bare hands
the wide air between us
in explaining something of meaning
I almost feel
I am pulling flesh
from the living and moving moments
possible here.

It is somehow breaking
the natural order of things
to use words alone
of all viable means
in setting out the wind-waves and rivulets
of ideas internally flowing -
but I must try and get something out for once.

I circle in bad phrases
prickling with the itchiness of sharing,
I send out a few vague words
horrified and perplexed
at their translation now they are naked
knowing you too listen
and they are at last unalterable.

Deep in the brain, far back
this is my bad time
but I know where the roots go
down into me
and from the storm’s heart
perpetual agitation pumps hand in hand
with calm acceptance.
The self *****, alternately
to fan and to freeze
whatever doubts or unease are burning.
Talk travels the spaces between us
through the clear air
in the kind of silence
surviving bones may know swinging in a wind.

But I know stillness can become alive
when living mouths bring their hearts to bear -
ears can well hear
what the breath has to say,
as the eye sees
the body’s smallest noises -
face to face we are a field of listening.

The warm comes without sound.
This is only the edge of a becoming.
We are not trapped in the lips -
already we lean inward
to know of each other and to give
not words for the wind
but a dance at ease with all that flows.
Zell Sep 2017
I sauntered towards the alley of my ambitious hopes;
And trusted my instincts in the course of my venture.
But as i carried my way out through the distant slopes,
I found myself wounded by a string of doubts in the fear of failure.
© 2017 D.A. Barreras
RedD Sep 2018
You got me drunk
You got me ******
Invaded my weakest moments
So desperate to please
To feel something
I had my doubts

I told you what I liked
Hoping you liked the same
We tested the waters
Pushed the boundaries
Learning together
I had my doubts

You punished me
Took my breath momentarily
Hurt me, made me want more
I came to you for all of this
You made sure
But I had my doubts

I got me drunk
I got me ******
Feeling everything but nothing
I had my doubts

From the haze I awoke
Standing on the filthy kitchen floor
No longer in doubt

I didn't want to hurt
Didn't want to get drunk
Didn't want to get ******
Just to feel something

I had to let you go
To get on with your life
Of getting drunk
Of getting ******
I like to think you've changed
But I have my doubts
One of the hardest points in my life recently, at my most vulnerable. Luckily I woke up
Fie Tarp Mar 1
I thought it was a thing
I thought it was special

Now this happened and it’s all crumbling
My mind goes crazy
Is it me or is it you?
I said stop, but you didn’t listened
The pain, the feeling
Can I forgive you?

It’s all coming back, again and again
My heart is broken
I can’t find the pieces
Do you really know, what you’ve done
Or is it all just for fun?

The word from your mouth
It feels like it’s on repeat every time I see you
One word, five letters, that’s all
But it’s not enough for me
I can’t forgive without the time and a remarkable reason

I thought it was a thing
I thought it was special
Can I heal?
Traveler Feb 2015
To open the mind
I light a candle
To bring about change
I open my heart
To resolve my doubts
I examine my own
Judgmental contradictions
Then and only then
Does peace and tranquility
Have a place to dwell...
re to 12-18
Yenson Apr 13
They said you wanted a maid
That you were born with a silver spoon
that you have a sense of Entitlement
and every had come easy to you
so I must be as difficult as possible
that I should treat you mean
told me you'll come and cling on to me
they said you were broke and would soon start borrowing
they said you were violent and a Dictator
that you will start dominating me
cause you're a Chauvinist Pig
They said your style was
Treat them mean to keep them keen
Those ******* liars were so convincing
Now I see what their aims were
but I can't let them know I see their evil machinations
I just played along because I was overwhelmed by them
You said their game was 'divide and rule
you said they just wanted to isolate you
with smears and character assassination
You were right all along
these are evil people
I thought I knew that all along
But the Devil tells the best story
they say.........
those sick lying *******
even call themselves
The Red Devils
Now I can see how
they really hate
a successful
Yenson 3d
The Gamers on their consoles
sporty juveniles and adolescent matures
The Liars are as per usual giving it the burn
The warped Politicians always in the murky throes
The sheep will always be baa baa baaing all day and night
that's all they do except when they gambol hopping and skipping
To the twisted obsessives its become their raison d'être what else here
The realist, truth-seeker and grounded sages know
the rules of the game is there are no rules to chase
what bars honest fellowship but dishonesty
what stops genuine acts but dis-ingenuity
Truths never know fear to reach out
A real angel knows the numbers
of all the stars in the sky
and can touch the crown
If its real, if its real, if its real
slay Aug 2018
Braids in her hair with the beads
So I can always hear her walk away from me
Shorty is a dog like me
No telling when I’ll ever sweep her off her feet

She said, “say less” I was silent
I Guess I had to be reminded
She fell off when my doubts hit
Cause I ain’t never really loved a woman
Until I met you
If I have to confess to you
You’re the only one who got me feelings the feels
Ain’t no other woman
No man I’ve been with
Now I’m asking you to patiently

Hear me cry
Girl, it’s almost over gotta get this out of my system
Say goodnight, girl not so long till youre by my side girl , oh girl

I got this feeling for you
You so unique and you cool
My baby Neek, I’m her fool
She so dramatic, I’m coolin on the way
To her crib, two more lights and bang a left
Like I be banging on the door
Like I be banging on that ***
You so **** precious when you smile
And your nose ring catch the light
From the hallway got the door cracked
You the light of my **** life

Girl, cryyyy
it’s almost over gotta get this out of my system
Say goodnight, girl not so long till youre by my side girl , oh girl

I hit the blunt not to think about you
I wasn’t playing when I said he changed you
***** drop to my knees barstool
And back that *** up let you see it full moon

Gimme some ******* warnin’
You gon’ have me jump out of my skin
Fingers up and down my spine when
You unlatching the clasp of my necklace

Girl, cryyyy
Cause it’s been so long since you were by my side say good niiggghhtttt but truth be told it’s a lie

I’m lying naked in this bed
Thinking of how you look undressed like when them lashes off no ******* on
I taste your name in every breath
Surely, though our story is to be found amongst the rooms and walls and shelves  within the library of Babel...

Each letter perfectly paired to the next, and every space in its rightful place.
Periods and commas punctuating every moment exactly as they should.

...That room has yet to be illuminated, The walls therein unseen, It’s shelves have been left unenumerated.
And the book is yet unnamed...

Lost is the certainty,
the written account,
existing within the infinite possibilities of algorithmic and mathematical clout.

...Leaving us to marvel and worry only armed with faith and good reason, through all of life’s seasons and its many unmeasurable miserable doubts.
Kinda at a crossroads with relationships and work... I found a website called the library of Babel where a guy basically came up with a way to get every possible combination of the 26 letters in the English language, plus periods, commas and space. Making it possible to find a perfect written account of your birth/life/death and everything in between... if you just knew the location within its infinite volumes of seemingly endless babble.
GreenTrees Aug 2017
Throw your stones into the sea
Casting away your fears and doubts merrily

Let the sky be your canvas of tranquility
While you spirit flies with the grace of divinity

Pile up your cares and worries and let them crash to the floor
Bury your fears and speak of them never more

Scale the insurmountable with just your thoughts
Toss away your coffers of regret, when you spend time, what is it that you 've  bought?

Pat away your tears and turn them into poetry
Let down your hair and fill your lungs with new life

Kiss your passion and hug your soul
Tread not the same place twice

Step outside and lift your gaze
Let love carry you into the golden days

Toil no more over broken glass
Fill your cup, not to be your last

© Karl V. (2017)
gather and collect
and then offer your sympathy
feelings deflect our sorrow and antipathy
life is brimming with good deeds
i remain steadfast in all that i seek
sweet love is among us now
her eyes and hands
feed the mouths of two rivers
i chase winter into her bed
our eyelids lift as we drift south
and lots of people desperately
cling to their doubts like old lovers
Paul Hansford Jan 2016
there is a distance
between us
more than distance


not a wall
not impenetrable
a fence

a security fence
easy enough for our words
our thoughts
to pass through  
easy enough to breach
from time to time  
to allow access
to our innermost feelings

but so easy
to reinforce

too easy
when things get tough
when doubts arise

when protection
seems more important
than communication
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