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Suzy Berlinsky Nov 2020
These highlights do not include all the information needed to us e
M-M-R II safely and effectively. See full prescribing information
for M-M-R II.
M-M-R® II (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Virus Vaccine Live)
Suspension for subcutaneous injection
Initial U.S. Approv al: 1978
-------------------------------INDICATIONS AND USAGE-------------------------------
M-M-R II is a vaccine indicated for active immunization for the
prevention of measles, mumps, and rubella in individuals 12 months of
age and older. (1)
-------------------------- DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION--------------------------
Administer a 0.5-mL dose of M-M-R II subcutaneously. (2.1)
• The first dose is administered at 12 to 15 months of age. (2.1)
• The second dose is administered at 4 to 6 years of age. (2.1)
------------------------DOSAGE FORMS AND STRENGTHS -----------------------
Suspension for injection (0.5-mL dose) supplied as a lyophilized
vaccine to be reconstituted using accompanying sterile diluent. (3)
---------------------------------- CONTRAINDICATIONS ----------------------------------
• Hypersensitivity to any componentof the vaccine. (4.1)
• Immunosuppression. (4.2)
• Moderate or severe febrile illness. (4.3)
• Active untreated tuberculosis. (4.4)
• Pregnancy. (4.5, 8.1)
-------------------------- WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS --------------------------
• Use caution when administering M-M-R II to individuals with a
history of febrile seizures. (5.1)
• Use caution when administering M-M-R II to individuals with
anaphylaxis or immediate hypersensitivity following egg ingestion.
• Use caution when administering M-M-R II to individuals with a
history of thrombocytopenia. (5.3)
• Immune Globulins (IG) and other blood products should not be
given concurrently with M-M-R II. (5.4, 7.2)
----------------------------------ADVERSE REACTIONS----------------------------------
See full prescribing information for adverse reactions occurring duri ng
clinical trialsor the post-marketing period. (6)
Sharp & Dohme Corp., a subsidiary of Merck & Co., Inc., at 1-8 7 7 -
888-4231 or VAERS at 1-800-822-7967 or
-----------------------------------DRUG INTERACTIONS----------------------------------
• Administration of immune globulins and other blood products
concurrently with M-M-R II vaccine may interfere with the
expected immune response. (7.2)
• M-M-R II vaccination may result in a temporary depression of
purified protein derivative (PPD) tuberculin skin sensitivity. (7.3)
-------------------------- USE IN SPECIFIC POPULATIONS--------------------------
• Pregnancy: Do not administer M-M-R II to females who are
pregnant. Pregnancy should be avoided for 1 month following
vaccination with M-M-R II. (4.5, 8.1, 17)
approv ed patient labeling.
Rev ised: 06/2020
2.1 Dose and Schedule
2.2 Preparation andAdministration
4.1 Hypersensitivity
4.2 Immunosuppression
4.3 Moderate or Severe Febrile Illness
4.4 Active Untreated Tuberculosis
4.5 Pregnancy
5.1 Febrile Seizure
5.2 Hypersensitivity to Eggs
5.3 Thrombocytopenia
5.4 Immune Globulins and Transfusions
7.1 Corticosteroids and Immunosuppressive Drugs
7.2 Immune Globulinsand Transfusions
7.3 Tuberculin Skin Testing
7.4 Use with Other Live Viral Vaccines
8.1 Pregnancy
8.2 Lactation
8.4 Pediatric Use
8.5 Geriatric Use
12.1 Mechanism of Action
12.6 Persistence of Antibody Responses After Vaccination
13.1 Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, Impairment of Fertility
14.1 Clinical Efficacy
14.2 Immunogenicity
Sections or subsections omitted from the full prescribing info rma tion
are not listed.
M-M-R® II is a vaccine indicated for active immunization for the prevention of measles, mumps, and
rubella in individuals 12 months of age and older.
For subcutaneous use only.
2.1 Dose and Schedule
Each 0.5 mL dose is administered subcutaneously.
The first dose is administered at 12 to 15 months of age. A second dose is administered at 4 to 6
years of age.
The second dose may be administered prior to 4 years of age, provided that there is a minimum
interval of one month between the doses of measles, mumps and rubella virus vaccine, live {1-2}.
Children who received an initial dose of measles, mumps and rubella vaccine prior to their first
birthday should receive additional doses of vaccine at 12-15 months of age and at 4-6 years of age to
complete the vaccination series [see Clinical Studies (14.2)].
For post-exposure prophylaxis for measles, administer a dose of M-M-R II vaccine within 72 hours
after exposure.
2.2 Preparation and Administration
Use a sterile syringe free of preservatives, antiseptics, and detergents for each injection and/or
reconstitution of the vaccine because these substances may inactivate the live virus vaccine. To
reconstitute, use only the diluent supplied with the vaccine since it is free of preservatives or other
antiviral substances which might inactivate the vaccine.
Withdraw the entire volume of the supplied diluent from its vial and inject into lyophilized vaccine vial.
Agitate to dissolve completely. Discard if the lyophilized vaccine cannot be dissolved.
Withdraw the entire volume of the reconstituted vaccine and inject subcutaneously into the outer
aspect of the upper arm (deltoid region) or into the higher anterolateral area of the thigh.
Parenteral drug products should be inspected visually for particulate matter and discoloration prior to
administration, whenever solution and container permit. Visually inspect the vaccine before and after
reconstitution prior to administration. Before reconstitution, the lyophilized vaccine is a light yellow
compact crystalline plug, when reconstituted, is a clear yellow liquid. Discard if particulate matter or
discoloration are observed in the reconstituted vaccine.
To minimize loss of potency, administer M-M-R II as soon as possible after reconstitution. If not used
immediately, the reconstituted vaccine may be stored between 36°F to 46°F (2°C to 8°C), protected from
light, for up to 8 hours. Discard reconstituted vaccine if it is not used within 8 hours.
M-M-R II vaccine is a suspension for injection supplied as a single dose vial of lyophilized vaccine to
be reconstituted using the accompanying sterile diluent [see Dosage and Administration (2.2) and How
Supplied/Storage and Handling (16)]. A single dose after reconstitution is 0.5 mL.
4.1 Hypersensitivity
Do not administer M-M-R II vaccine to individuals with a history of hypersensitivity to any component
of the vaccine (including gelatin) {3} or who have experienced a hypersensitivity reaction following
administration of a previous dose of M-M-R II vaccine or any other measles, mumps and rubellacontaining vaccine. Do not administer M-M-R II vaccine to individuals with a history of anaphylaxis to
neomycin [see Description (11)].
4.2 Immunosuppression
Do not administer M-M-R II vaccine to individuals who are immunodeficient or immunosuppressed due
to disease or medical therapy. Measles inclusion body encephalitis {4} (MIBE), pneumonitis {5} and death
as a direct consequence of disseminated measles vaccine virus infection have been reported in
immunocompromised individuals inadvertently vaccinated with measles-containing vaccine. In this
population, disseminated mumps and rubella vaccine virus infection have also been reported.
Do not administer M-M-R II to individuals with a family history of congenital or hereditary
immunodeficiency, until the immune competence of the potential vaccine recipient is demonstrated.
4.3 Moderate or Severe Febrile Illness
Do not administer M-M-R II vaccine to individuals with an active febrile illness with fever >101.3F
4.4 Active Untreated Tuberculosis
Do not administer M-M-R II vaccine to individuals with active untreated tuberculosis (TB).
4.5 Pregnancy
Do not administer M-M-R II to individuals who are pregnant or who are planning on becoming
pregnant within the next month [see Use in Specific Populations (8.1) and Patient Counseling Information
5.1 Febrile Seizure
There is a risk of fever and associated febrile seizure in the first 2 weeks following immunization with
M-M-R II vaccine. For children who have experienced a previous febrile seizure (from any cause) and
those with a family history of febrile seizures there is a small increase in risk of febrile seizure following
receipt of M-M-R II vaccine [see Adverse Reactions (6)].
5.2 Hypersensitivity to Eggs
Individuals with a history of anaphylactic, anaphylactoid, or other immediate reactions (e.g., hives,
swelling of the mouth and throat, difficulty breathing, hypotension, or shock) subsequent to egg ingestion
may be at an enhanced risk of immediate-type hypersensitivity reactions after receiving M-M-R II vaccine
.The potential risks and known benefits should be evaluated before considering vaccination in these
5.3 Thrombocytopenia
Transient thrombocytopenia has been reported within 4-6 weeks following vaccination with measles,
mumps and rubella vaccine. Carefully evaluate the potential risk and benefit of vaccination in children
with thrombocytopenia or in those who experienced thrombocytopenia after vaccination with a previous
dose of measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine {6-8} [see Adverse Reactions (6)].
5.4 Immune Globulins and Transfusions
Immune Globulins (IG) and other blood products should not be given concurrently with M-M-R II [see
Drug Interactions (7.2)]. These products may contain antibodies that interfere with vaccine virus
replication and decrease the expected immune response.
The ACIP has specific recommendations for intervals between administration of antibody containing
products and live virus vaccines.
The following adverse reactions include those identified during clinical trials or reported during postapproval use of M-M-R II vaccine or its individual components.
Body as a Whole
Panniculitis; atypical measles; fever; syncope; headache; dizziness; malaise; irritability.
Cardiovascular System
Digestive System
Pancreatitis; diarrhea; vomiting; parotitis; nausea.
Hematologic and Lymphatic Systems
Thrombocytopenia; purpura; regional lymphadenopathy; leukocytosis.
Immune System
Anaphylaxis, anaphylactoid reactions, angioedema (including peripheral or ****** edema) and
bronchial spasm.
Musculoskeletal System
Arthritis; arthralgia; myalgia.
Nervous System
Encephalitis; encephalopathy; measles inclusion body encephalitis (MIBE) subacute sclerosing
panencephalitis (SSPE); Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS); acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM);
transverse myelitis; febrile convulsions; afebrile convulsions or seizures; ataxia; polyneuritis;
polyneuropathy; ocular palsies; paresthesia.
Respiratory System
Pneumonia; pneumonitis; sore throat; cough; rhinitis.
Stevens-Johnson syndrome; acute hemorrhagic edema of infancy; Henoch-Schönlein purpura;
erythema multiforme; urticaria; rash; measles-like rash; pruritus; injection site reactions (pain, erythema,
swelling and vesiculation).
Special Senses — Ear
Nerve deafness; otitis media.
Special Senses — Eye
Retinitis; optic neuritis; papillitis; conjunctivitis.
Urogenital System
Epididymitis; orchitis.
7.1 Corticosteroids and Immunosuppressive Drugs
M-M-R II vaccine should not be administered to individuals receiving immunosuppressive therapy,
including high dose corticosteroids. Vaccination with M-M-R II vaccine can result in disseminated disease
due to measles vaccine in individuals on immunosuppressive drugs [see Contraindications (4.2)].
7.2 Immune Globulinsand Transfusions
Administration of immune globulins and other blood products concurrently with M-M-R II vaccine may
interfere with the expected immune response {9-11} [see Warnings and Precautions (5.4)]. The ACIP has
specific recommendations for intervals between administration of antibody containing products and live
virus vaccines.
7.3 Tuberculin Skin Testing
It has been reported that live attenuated measles, mumps and rubella virus vaccines given individually
may result in a temporary depression of tuberculin skin sensitivity. Therefore, if a tuberculin skin test with
tuberculin purified protein derivative (PPD) is to be done, it should be administered before, simultaneously
with, or at least 4 to 6 weeks after vaccination with M-M-R II vaccine.
7.4 Use with Other Live Viral Vaccines
M-M-R II vaccine can be administered concurrently with other live viral vaccines. If not given
concurrently, M-M-R II vaccine should be given one month before or one month after administration of
other live viral vaccines to avoid potential for immune interference.
8.1 Pregnancy
Risk Summary
M-M-R II vaccine is contraindicated for use in pregnant women because infection during pregnancy
with the wild-type viruses has been associated with maternal and fetal adverse outcomes.
Increased rates of spontaneous abortion, stillbirth, premature delivery and congenital defects have
been observed following infection with wild-type measles during pregnancy. {12,13} Wild-type mumps
infection during the first trimester of pregnancy may increase the rate of spontaneous abortion.
Infection with wild-type rubella during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage or stillbirth. If rubella infection
occurs during the first trimester of pregnancy, it can result in severe congenital defects, Congenital
Rubella Syndrome (CRS). Congenital rubella syndrome in the infant includes but is not limited to eye
manifestations (cataracts, glaucoma, retinitis), congenital heart defects, hearing loss, microcephaly, and
intellectual disabilities. M-M-R II vaccine contains live attenuated measles, mumps and rubella viruses. It
is not known whether M-M-R II vaccine can cause fetal harm when administered to pregnant woman.
There are no adequate and well-controlled studies of M-M-R II vaccine administration to pregnant
All pregnancies have a risk of birth defect, loss or other adverse outcomes. In the US general
population, the estimated background risk of major birth defects and miscarriage in clinically recognized
pregnancies is 2% to 4% and 15% to 20%, respectively.
Available data suggest the rates of major birth defects and miscarriage in women who received
M-M-R II vaccine within 30 days prior to pregnancy or during pregnancy are consistent with estimated
background rates (see Data).
Human Data
A cumulative assessment of post-marketing reports for M-M-R II vaccine from licensure 01 April 1978
through 31 December 2018, identified 796 reports of inadvertent administration of M-M-R II vaccine
occurring 30 days before or at any time during pregnancy with known pregnancy outcomes. Of the
prospectively followed pregnancies for whom the timing of M-M-R II vaccination was known, 425 women
received M-M-R II vaccine during the 30 days prior to conception through the second trimester. The
outcomes for these 425 prospectively followed pregnancies included 16 infants with major birth defects, 4
cases of fetal death and 50 cases of miscarriage. No abnormalities compatible with congenital rubella
syndrome have been identified in patients who received M-M-R II vaccine. Rubella vaccine viruses can
cross the placenta, leading to asymptomatic infection of the fetus. Mumps vaccine virus has also been
shown to infect the placenta {14}, but there is no evidence that it causes congenital malformations or
disease in the fetus or infant .
The CDC established the Vaccine in Pregnancy registry (1971-1989) of women who had received
rubella vaccines within 3 months before or after conception. Data on 1221 inadvertently vaccinated
pregnant women demonstrated no evidence of an increase in fetal abnormalities or cases of Congenital
Rubella Syndrome (CRS) in the enrolled women {15}.
8.2 Lactation
Risk Summary
It is not known whether measles or mumps vaccine virus is secreted in human milk. Studies have
shown that lactatingpostpartum women vaccinated with live attenuated rubella vaccine may secrete the
virus in breast milk and transmit it to breast-fed infants.{16,17} In the breast-fed infants with serological
evidence of rubella virus vaccine strain antibodies, none exhibited severe disease; however, one
exhibited mild clinical illness typical of acquired rubella.{18,19}
The developmental and health benefits of breastfeeding should be considered along with the mother’s
clinical need for M-M-R II, and any potential adverse effects on the breastfed child from M-M-R II or from
the underlying maternal condition. For preventive vaccines, the underlying maternal condition is
susceptibility to disease prevented by the vaccine.
8.4 Pediatric Use
M-M-R II vaccine is not approved for individuals less than 12 months of age. Safety and effectiveness
of measles vaccine in infants below the age of 6 months have not been established [see Clinical Studies
(14)]. Safety and effectiveness of mumps and rubella vaccine in infants less than 12 months of age have
not been established.
8.5 Geriatric Use
Clinical studies of M-M-R II did not include sufficient numbers of seronegative subjects aged 65 and
over to determine whether they respond differently from younger subjects.
11 Description
M-M-R II vaccine is a sterile lyophilized preparation of (1) Measles Virus Vaccine Live, an attenuated
line of measles virus, derived from Enders' attenuated Edmonston strain and propagated in chick embryo
cell culture; (2) Mumps Virus Vaccine Live, the Jeryl Lynn™ (B level) strain of mumps virus propagated in
chick embryo cell culture; and (3) Rubella Virus Vaccine Live, the Wistar RA 27/3 strain of live attenuated
rubella virus propagated in WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblasts. {20,21} The cells, virus pools,
recombinant human serum albumin and fetal bovine serum used in manufacturing are tested and
determined to be free of adventitious agents.
After reconstitution, each 0.5 mL dose contains not less than 3.0 log10 TCID50 (tissue culture infectious
doses) of measles virus; 4.1 log10 TCID50 of mumps virus; and 3.0 log10 TCID50 of rubella virus.
Each dose is calculated to contain sorbitol (14.5 mg), sucrose(1.9 mg), hydrolyzed gelatin (14.5 mg),
recombinant human albumin (≤0.3 mg), fetal bovine serum (<1 ppm), approximately 25 mcg of neomycin
and other buffer and media ingredients. The product contains no preservative.
12.1 Mechanism of Action
M-M-R II vaccination induces antibodies to measles, mumps, and rubella associated with protection
which can be measured by neutralization assays, hemagglutination-inhibition (HI) assays, or enzyme
linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) tests. Results from efficacy studies or effectivenes s studies that
were previously conducted for the component vaccines of M-M-R II were used to define levels of serum
antibodies that correlated with protection against measles, mumps, and rubella [see Clinical Studies (14)].
12.6 Persistence of Antibody Responses After Vaccination
Neutralizing and ELISA antibodies to measles, mumps, and rubella viruses are still detectable in 95-
100%, 74-91%, and 90-100% of individuals respectively, 11 to 13 years after primary vaccination. {22-28}
13.1 Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, Impairment of Fertility
M-M-R II vaccine has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential or impairment of
14.1 Clinical Efficacy
Efficacy of measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines was established in a series of double-blind
controlled trials. {29-34} These studies also established that seroconversion in response to vaccination
against measles, mumps and rubella paralleled protection. {35-38}
14.2 Immunogenicity
Clinical studies enrolling 284 triple seronegative children, 11 months to 7 years of age, demonstrated
that M-M-R II vaccine is immunogenic. In these studies, a single injection of the vaccine induced measles
HI antibodies in 95%, mumps neutralizing antibodies in 96%, and rubella HI antibodies in 99% of
susceptible individuals.
A study of 6-month-old and 15-month-old infants born to mothers vaccinated with a measles vaccine in
childhood, demonstrated that, following infant and toddler vaccination with Measles Virus Vaccine, Live
(previously US-licensed, manufactured by Merck), 74% of the 6-month-old infants developed detectable
neutralizing antibody titers while 100% of the 15-month-old infants vaccinated with Measles Virus
Vaccine, Live or M-M-R II vaccine developed neutralizing antibodies {39}. When the 6-month-old infants
of immunized mothers were revaccinated at 15 months with M-M-R II vaccine, they developed antibody
titers similar to those of toddlers who were vaccinated previously at 15-months of age.
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No. 4681 ⎯ M-M-R II vaccine is supplied as follows:
(1) a box of 10 single-dose vials of lyophilized vaccine (package A), NDC 0006-4681-00
(2) a box of 10 vials of diluent (package B)
Exposure to light may inactivate the vaccine viruses.
Before reconstitution, refrigerate the lyophilized vaccine at 36°F to 46°F, (2°C to 8°C).
Store accompanying diluent in the refrigerator with the lyophilized vaccine or separately at room
temperature (68° to 77°F, 20° to 25°C). Do not freeze the diluent.
Administer M-M-R II vaccine as soon as possible after reconstitution. If not administered immediately,
reconstituted vaccine may be stored between 36°F to 46°F (2°C to 8°C), protected from light, for up to 8
hours. Discard reconstituted vaccine if it is not used within 8 hours.
For information regarding the product or questions regarding storage conditions, call 1-800-
MERCK-90 (1-800-637-2590).
Advise the patient to read the FDA-approved patient labeling (Patient Package Insert).
Discuss the following with the patient:
• Provide the required vaccine information to the patient, parent, or guardian.
• Inform the patient, parent, or guardian of the benefits and risks associated with vaccination.
• Question the patient, parent, or guardian about reactions to a previous dose of M-M-R II vaccine
or other measles-, mumps-, or rubella-containing vaccines.
• Question females of reproductive potential regarding the possibility of pregnancy. Inform female
patients to avoid pregnancy for 1 month following vaccination [see Contraindications (4.5) and
Use in Specific Populations (8.1)].
• Inform the patient, parent, or guardian that vaccination with M-M-R II may not offer 100%
protection from measles, mumps, and rubella infection.
• Instruct patients, parents, or guardians to report any adverse reactions to their health-care
provider. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has established a Vaccine
Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) to accept all reports of suspected adverse events
after the administration of any vaccine, including but not limited to the reporting of events required
by the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986. For information or a copy of the vaccine
reporting form, call the VAERS toll-free number at 1-800-822-7967, or report online at
For patent information:
Copyright © 1978-2020 Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp., a subsidiary of Merck & Co., Inc.
All rights reserved.
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My emotions just seemed to disappear.

I started a new medication.
The doctor said it would help my panic disorder, and it did.
I took that pill, like my mother talks to God (every morning).

When I went back to the doctor she said we had to up the dosage because apparently having 2 panic attacks a week still isn't okay.
I told her that when I woke up this morning I got out of bed without crying, but she didn't consider that as much of a victory as I did.

When I was put on a higher dosage, my emotions shut down.
After a few weeks I stopped crying, my OCD got better, my panic attacks were gone, and I could even go into the student union of my college campus without my heart trying to win a race against my thoughts.

I could breathe.

But, I also stopped having fun.
I felt like a stranger in my own body.
My emotions found the exit on the plane and jumped, never to be found again.

Since when did being able to breathe require me to feel like this?
Frank Ruland Dec 2014
your* hate your
your disease y-
bad blood
your apathy y-
lack of fin-
your sick-
your con-
your sh-
your nothin-
your traged-
your devas-
your li-
your cancer your g-
denial y-
**dosage of death
My second attempt at concrete poetry. I think this was significantly better
Earl Jane Feb 2016

My king's smiles and laughs,
Are my daily dosage of beatitude.

with love <3

© Earl Jane
♥ E.J.C.S.
For Brandon <3 <3

i love you so much my king,, your happiness is my happiness, i can't lose you ever, i cherish you lot !! I only love you!!!!! I love you more than i can ever scream, shout, say, do, by all means of showing my love is never enough... coz i love you ssoooo ssooo much and i do see all you do for me !! I can't thank you enough for all you do, you are just amazinggg , genius, sweetest, most romantic, PERFECT for me !! I love you a lot !! I know we will meet soon. God is already preparing bigger plans for you and me, i am NEVER giving up on you!! You are my love, my peace, comfort, refuge, my happiness, my inspirer, motivator, the one that draw me closer to God , my king, my soulmate, my preordained one, MY ALL !!! You are my all and i am sooo overly attracted to you and i never get bored of you, that's so nuts !! Coz I am so NUTS of YOU!!! you have no idea !!! I love you sooo much!!!
I thought it right to assess some antidepressants, which philosophers are more inclined to call mood enhancers.
(This was during my foray into human enhancement, substances intended to enhance physicality, cognition or mood. Nootropic compounds concern the latter two categories.)

The most commonly prescribed mood enhancers are serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SRIs), but it takes over a week for these compounds reach their peak effect. I therefore approached them with the notion that a limited dosage might point to their character which would further manifest in the long-term. (In addition, side-effect were less likely to manifest.) These considerations in mind, I set about acquiring a few miscellaneous anti-D's.

Fluoxetine was the first successful selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), better known by its original brand-name Prozac. Fluoxetine has an acute biological half-life of between 1-3 days. Presence of a trifluoromethyl group on the compound deserves note, I wonder what the presence of electronegative fluorine atoms add to the psychoactive flavour of a compound (subjective effects).
I administered a single dose by mouth, there was some indication of subjective character. Light serotonergic sensations and seemingly benign mood-dampening, there is a ****** towards the positive. Waking headspace relatively uninteresting. Observed hints of oneirogenesis, did not manifest in enough character to be detailed - a sort of vivid, 'pulsive wandering, more pronounced in contrast to its waking character.
Good experiment, intresting results.
Ligand     Ki (nM)   Ki (nM)
Target      Flx            Nflx
SERT        1               19
NET         660           2700
DAT         4180         420
5-HT2A   200           300
5-HT2B    5000         5100
5-HT2C    72.6          91.2
α1             3000         3900
M1            870           1200
M2            2700         4600
M3            1000         760
M4            2900         2600
M5            2700         2200
H1            3250         10000

Escitalopram is an SSRI commonly prescribed for major depression and generalised anxiety. It is the (S)-stereoisomer of citalopram. The biological half-life is of escitalopram is between 27-32 hours.
I administered a dose and thought the phenomenal serotonergicity less apparent than fluoxetine but then gastro-intestinal disturbance was noted, I correctly surmised it has a high affinity for 5-HT2C but was also surprised to find it is is quite adrenergic.
Any oneiric qualities were not readily apparent after a single dose, relatively little visual imagery which is understandable given its lack of affinity for 5-HT2A. I found this to be philosophically intresting. Mood elevation observed in bursts of conversation and as odd sensations, possible mental discomfort.
Recptr     Ki (nM)
SERT       2.5
NET        6,514
5-HT2C   2,531
α1            3,870
M1           1,242
H1           1,973

Venlafaxine is a selective serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SNRI). Venlafaxine and its metabolites are active for about 11 hours.
Initial subjective effects similar to a very light empathogenic stimulant. Perception of altered attention-span/increased reflexive response; energising yet paradoxically much yawning.
Ligand,  Vnfx      Dvnfx
Recptr    Ki(nM)  Ki(nM)
SERT  ­    82           40.2
NET       2480        558.4

Tianeptine is a tricyclic antidepressant (TCA) with an unusual mechanism of action. It is an atypical agonist of the μ-opioid receptor and has been described as a (selective) serotonin reuptake enhancer (SRE). It has a short duration as sodium salts [prescribed form] of between 2-4 hours but as sulfate this can be notably extended, some of its metabolites are active for longer than tianeptine itself.
Definitely anxiolytic, quite artificial; possible aphrodisiac. I find its opioid activity dissuading, requires utmost caution.

Moclobemide is a reversible inhibitor of monoamine oxidase A (RIMA), its monoamine oxidase inhibition lasts about 8–10 hours and wears off completely by 24 hours. Inhibiting the decomposition of monoamines (e.g. serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine) increases their accumulation at an extracellular level. It tends to suppress REM sleep and so it lacks oneirogenic properties.
Feeling of well-being, less constrained by the usual anxieties; openness. Relatively unnoticeable side-effects when diet is carefully managed. Made the mistake of eating a cheese and turkey sandwich (i.e. foodstuff rich in tryptophan), indications of a mild serotonin syndrome later became apparent. Symptoms included feelings of overheating and flushing, slight sweating, racing thoughts and anxious discomfort. A stark reminder of Shulgin's old adage: "there is no casual experiment".
Combination with a select few tryptamines (not 5-MeO-xxT) should be safe, and synergistic (perfect for pharmahuasca); reputed to potentiate GHB. However, generally it is extremely dangerous to combine with serotonergic drugs.
luci Jan 2018
Assisted suicide?
Physician Assisted Suicide is the process of a doctor providing the necessary sleeping pills/lethal dose to allow a terminally ill patient to perform the life ending act. In the United States, all but four states have made physician assisted suicide (PAS) illegal.When in a situation a terminally ill patient is in, they should have the right to commit a physician-assisted suicide.
In 1994, the state of Oregon enabled the Death With Dignity Act (DWDA). With 51% voting in favor of the act, it gives terminally ill patients access to PAS. Attorney General John Ashcroft challenged the act by saying it was not “real” and that allowing doctors to do perform that, violates the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). CSA protects the regulation of doctors from performing unauthorized distributions of drugs and drug abuse. If doctors are able to assist suicides, through Ashcroft’s claim, they would be using drugs as an abuse. In the Supreme Court, petitioner Paul D. Clement argued in the case about the violation of CSA, with 6-3, “we conclude the rule is not authorized by the CSA, and we affirm the judgment of the Court of Appeals” (Gonzales V Oregon).
Patients of irreversible illnesses often develop disorders that go underdiagnosed causing them to live a life that isn’t happy for them or their family members. According to Dr. Fine of the Office of Clinical Ethics, terminally ill patients usually get depressed when dealing with intense suffering. When the patient is depressed, they may not respond to treatment as expected. If the patient is not responding to treatment well, the doctor may up the dosage of medication or consider adding antidepressants, causing the patient to be reliant on medication for the rest of their life.
Patients who receive a terminal diagnosis usually experience high levels of anxiety.  According to Dr. Fine, anxiety can cause problems such as, agitation, insomnia, restlessness, sweating, tachycardia, hyperventilation, panic disorder, worry, or tension. Sleep deprivation plays a huge part in the anxiety the patients feel. The patient’s sleep is often interrupted many nights and several times to get their blood pressure checked, blood withdrawals, checkings of veins, etc. Because these medical requirements can not be withheld, many doctors may feel the need to heavily sedate the patient to make them feel lucid during the day time.
Studies have shown that patients of terminal illnesses fear that they’d burden their families. The patients feel, “grief and fear not only for their own future but also for their families’ future” (Johnson), researchers say. The feelings of being in the way can cause emotional, physical, social, and financial problems. In  doctors Johnson, Nolan, and Sulmasy’s research, they found that feelings of burden are most likely to affect emotional symptoms, quality of life, and patient satisfaction. Wanting to feel like they aren’t a burden to their families and society was most important to patients seen by the doctors. The research the doctors conducted found that out of a list of 28 qualities, the wish to not be a physical or emotional burden on family, 93% of respondents said that this was very or extremely important to them. The doctors made three categories of experiences that were related to “self-perceived burden” (Johnson). The first one being “concerns for other” (Johnson), then “implications for self” (Johnson), and last being “minimizing the burden” (Johnson). Feeling like a burden can cause “empathic concern engendered from the impact on others of one’s illness and care needs, resulting in guilt, distress, feelings of responsibility, and diminished sense of self” (Johnson).
To let a patient commit an assisted suicide means, they’re freed from pain. To force someone who knows that their time's coming to an end quickly when they do not wish to be in pain anymore should be a crime. In Epidemics, Book 1, it states, “practice two things in your dealings with disease: either help or do not harm the patient”, by allowing the patient to continue their life is harming them, all physically, mentally, and spiritually. Doctors take an oath, the Hippocratic Oath when practicing medicine. In the oath, there is a phrase that says “Also I will, according to my ability and judgment, prescribe a regimen for the health of the sick; but I will utterly reject harm and mischief”, if the patient has considered an assisted suicide, they’ve been in too much pain and wish for it to end. Refusing them the help causes them more physical and emotional pain; physical being the illness itself and emotional being the feeling of being a burden.
Patients with terminal illnesses have the right to commit assisted suicides because it allows them to end their life from something no drug would be able to fix. With the illness being irreversible, dragging it out will cause both suffering and financial problems. Terminally ill patients have the right to die with dignity. Dying by choice will let their loved ones know that they are ready and have accepted their fate, easing weight off their families shoulders. Having the ability to die will portray the patients as human beings who want to make one last decision before going rather than people who are laying in a hospital bed waiting to die. A patient knows that the doctor’s job is to relieve pain, with a doctor refusing their wish, only cause distrust in their relationship. Letting assisted suicide would allow their families to begin healing. By refusing the patient their right to die, forces them to live a poor quality of life no one would ever wish upon anybody. It is in everyone’s interest to let them go. Doctors have a responsibility to make the patient happy and to relieve them of any kind of pain, letting them go is relieving them of the pain they wish to no longer feel. PAS gives them the ability to go happily and contently.
Nicole Corea Sep 2015
My heart bleeds blue at midnight. I heard owls hooting in my despair. Alone ,I lay naked underneath the beaming moonlight. I touch slowly my neck and close my eyes. Thinking of a predator I been waiting for a lifetime slowly slithering its warmth on my thighs.So preciously antagonizing my soul with its piercing eyes.It's breath is an intimidating musical hiss. I crave it's injection. Hiss between every piercing kiss.I touched myself harder as the owls hooted into the moonlight. I needed you. Imagining my predator teasing my heated skin with its cold fangs. Immensely waiting for its long hollow teeth to pierce me. While wishing, it instantly became the predator of my heart as it slither around my skin.The music began to start.Predator started to taunt, looking for the sweetest fatal bite.My soul began gasping harder, My predator, oh please prey on me harder.Slither uncontrollably, slither harder as my breaths change heavily. Predator inject itself slowly through every bite.Oh I am in love.It was perfect dosage. This is love. Intoxicating every blood vessel of my body.Every bite,I felt more yours. I instantly became weaker, your bite was the perfect dosage for the ****. It was perfect dosage.The perfect poison. This was love. The perfect *******. Underneath the moonlight , vivaciously sweating naked I screamed. Longing more for your touch.The owl hooted once more, morning has come.
I awake , I was loved for the first time.

With its injection ,
**The predator righteously own my crimson heart
This poem is about ******* with the right person . I know not a lot of people dare to write about *** so enjoy.
Ceida Uilyc Jul 2015
I could tell you,
But you’d laugh at me.
Because it is bare, raw and pure.
You gloat on the preservatives.
You discard the genuine.
Listen to me, my friend, there is a part of the world, where even a bulb is never, ever, witnessed in real, but reel of the sanskrit Cartoon slots. The peppy  and ‘lone B-grade Cartoons .
Filled with Flesh.
The stories of tantric mantras, with a sliver of diminishing hearth,
on the
Dimensions and depth of the Yoni in the resin of shellac
on the Immaculate ceremony,
In a woodpecker hole just underneath the sealed power of the Yakshini who truly screws it up if you have taste of her once.
the one who harbingers drunk loners of Kavadiyattom alley after 3:20 am.
She takes them to the crown chakra of palm trees.
Shows them the world.
she pushes them off the crown and the falcon falls in endless spirals of a inhuman push that pushes the concrete innards to a danlgling mass of amoebic copulation.
Breath comes back.
It is a big nauseating gag of Kumbhakarnan's long sadya that lasted for half a decade.
Of the soma saras that made the entire India go, ga-ga and believe they've seen the god.
But not one nor any saw the same face, colour, shape or even vibe of the god they had seen alone.
They agreed in unison that all their hallucinations of beautiful humans in Flower UFO s and high-tech cloning, were a vital hair in the nostril of the cosmos.
They made, each a god out of their genuine mix of memories.
Or in the, priest's ways,
Hence, the 2.3 Billion populous of the country had the same, well, odd Spiritual benefactors.

Keeping it all aside, lemme be honest, I'd follow many a fairy god-mother but give my milkey teeny tooth to the special one.
Hinduism tells you God is omnipresent.
Hinduism tells you God is within you.
It also says, there is no God.
The clipper to snap off the confusion of this, lies in the same cheap stained-yellow cliche of love. It entails everything. You, me, animals, plants, cosmos, vibes, thoughts, dreams and the universe.
It tells you to live with your body mind and soul.
From Kamasutras that teaches sense.
The excitement, control and breakthrough of it.
Like tao did under his exposed roof without the sacred dung of from Hindu Land.
This is the secret of a rumoured Mohini,
Of her 1000 per hour ******* during the her/ his/ its 352 incarnations.
which was the reason for Big bang.  
Amidst the sultry scant of the voluptuous *******,
Their skin,
a vernacular reflection of a dusk on the Japanese gold beaches, And the mounts,
firm and glowing with the rusty shade of pharaoh’s Gold anklet.
The gooey glaze of yesterday’s glamour in the wink of a gay galore.
Paulo Ceolho’s Holy Communion with God,
Or like the Japanese Tengaman says,
Or rather screams,
That all it it takes is a little *******.
So, yes.
That precise art of attaining a consciousness, from where your mind was
By yourself
You’ve just consumed the essence of you
Your Ojhas
And the tiny matter that teaches the universe
Of a Shunya.
That, momentary sense of lapse of your body mass,
Or the breakthrough into your eye of the crown.
Only to join the mundane bustle of the 10,00 speakers on all four
JBLs, Boses and Pioneers live looping the zillions of sanskrit mantras under one roof.
In your Ear drum.
A synechdoche of the Gods and their jacuzzi of amphetamine bubbles.
Splashed from a white Elephant's bejewelled Snout, which has the
crowned ring in your pineals.
Secret lies under
the rotten bone chip of Hussain Sagar
deep under the ***** green lake,  
drowning the rainbow Buddha in the city of slimy immortal maggots on ham.
Open your eyes.
For the Gods will
Cut your eyelids off
to show you that
the city's shardminds await you.
Playing close to the fire demons of Redland
A nail close to your wide open lid-less
White flowing eye.
Hear the city scream.
The deafening chaos,
In unison,
Intoxicating their venomous fruits
of the delirious worlds
Or simply put, divine prayer and offering
the Omnipotent,
And the
Or the cyclic abyss of meaninglessness.
Like, the wilted azures
that seduced those flies,
From a far far away,
To come the praise the combs of their bellies,
Filled with the red from the omnipotent, dead, weak and evil
In one little fly belly.
They came from the
land called Lullaby.
To go there
from here,
But, first,
bear the Weasleys' infamous extendable ears and heed me now, for I say twice and See him Come.
The snake, the tangy smell of goated black rub and blueness.
Siva shouldn't come?
Not yet. A little DMT more in the brain and perhaps the spark will happen.
Better than the potions of those gigantic forest priests.
No, Heed me, now.

3 Dodos Walk-afar,
And, take the lone left-laden log
the one that is,
limitless Long
loyal and  let alone
By those
languors which
Lord Leopard Loot'.
Lord's Lass
Lays lolled lambs,
Lolled ‘long le ******,
Leech on the laiden log,
leading to Lord Lava,
The bridge of Casilii Po.

Of the Lord.
By these bubbling bellies with a drop of the world's make.
the Fly, flies.

retain the scarification of theolden curse,
Older than the rocks underneath this gurgling lava,
On which reincarnation steams.

As destiny should have it,
the astrologers had seen,
3 centuries back
That at a Sphinx’s Wedding,
a war of Vision,
will break.
It will
Bring the Stars
Out of those melting blue nightsky of Neruda's wails;
And the diabolic estrangement inflicting Eagle,
From Meena’s vibes,
that rubbed of a distinct scent of Malabar embedding a little of everybody in the village,
on its Kasavu lines posing
at the focus
of Sahib's Ferguson or Baker.

The gold turned white.
A liquid white, like that of the sap,
For that,
***** on a parrot green rubber plant
And work your fun with the white gluey milk,
fragrant than the sap
Like the  Ylang Ylang buds freshly kissed by the drooly dew,
sealed away
elegantly in a crystal Indigo bottle by the pen stand.

One that glitters if you look at its surface, but smells of naphthalene ***** in the sink
creepy trailer in
mid salem night of the tut.
This is colorblind.

White is motile.
White is wriggling.
White is life.
With a **** of Eve’s fabric-less
White is divinity
feeding you excess of everything,
With an tenfold over dosage injected intravenous, by a silver-haired-glow-in-the-dark-dodo-cupid;

She is divine.
**** Her.
**** her on a Pyre.
**** her innards on a fire.
inflame the bubble
of her her oily effluent you found on the toilet seat
Instil in her, the seed of your sodomic occult,
Not by compassion, but through a hiss and sting
of the
flawless venom of the diabolic.  
Then. Disinfect your fruit that you flicked off the paradise.
And bellow to the blowing gurgling below.  
A reign of ****  nihilism,
moaning the mood-swings-of-a-98-year-old-menopausing-Bhairavi of the Indian Aghora Tales;
And Shelly, fueled in his undiminished hearth with the help of his impetous West Wind,
dreaming lucid,
on a flight in the sky for one week,
with Lucy’s sewing  sequined buttocks,
Stinging their luminescent, lactating, lustrous skin,
Like a tatto machine, lifting rays into the epidermis
So that it roasts, burns a soot and neonifies the only colour
A shade of
The rave, rainbow-red karmas of human existence,
Its little greedy quantas waltzing around the matter
And of its unleashed illuminations
That fuel the same vessel in the universe,
infamously known as,
black hole.
All characters and plots are fictitious.
Your nightmares are yours, not Caesar's.
This is truly the fruit of my insomnia. I have been awake 52 hours now. Had to rant the wakefulness out.
It is unedited. All those offended, I didn't mean it, you did.
Lady K Milla Sep 2017
Relief has an odd way of treating you
It brings itself in small dosage
It is like a medicine you must drink every
few hours, with or without a meal
And even then,
Its comfort may not be enough
I looked for the full dosage of relief
but I never found it
So I looked to forget
And forgetting has a way of treating your
symptoms altogether
But it is not a medicine
It is a poison you are required
to drink only once
And only then
will its comfort be enough.
Are you okay?
Are the medications helping?
Do they work the way they should?
Are you happy?
Do you still have emotions?*
Here let me fix that,
Just up the dosage now.*
Are you still depressed?
Do you ever smile?

Can't let that happen.
Oh come on, it's helping right?
You said you didn't want to feel that way,
We upped the dosage.
We have new medications,
Come on sweetie just let it go.

No need to be emotional,
Oh you feel like a shell?

Here lets fix that,
No need to feel anymore.

Just be happy,
Want some more pills?
Oh you want to die?

We'll up the dosage.
Oh you think your addicted?
Did you try to quit?

Don't be silly now,
Depression calls for this medication.
Anxiety does too.

**Everyone's on these pills,
Of course they work.
No, I'm not on medications, but I have so many friends who are. They constantly have their prescriptions upped and given more and more different pills. It's quite sad to watch them go from being these happy people to something that I'm not used to. Shells, that's what I refer to them as, and I know that's not right of me to do, but that's what they seem like. The world of medication and therapy, just diagnosing so many teenagers with depression and anxiety. Of course we're depressed, our hormones constantly change and our brain is still developing. Yes I realize there are cases where the medication is necessary, but there are ones where it isn't too.
Luna Craft Mar 2016
My relationship with life was as unhealthy as mine with death
I took them like pills, small doses each time
Never at once, I've always been told not to mix alcohol with antidepressants
Me and life lived like Romeo and Juliet
We only met in secret
Quiet smiles at stupid stuff, subtle and unsound
Death always took me away though
It carved my skin and tied me in red
Little red ribbons
Carved deep into my thighs, the wrist was too predictable
Again i'd try to be taken, my dearest start crossed lover
They'd bubble smiles across my lips
I wonder when they started to feel fake
Lianna Walters May 2015
Where I was, was bad,
But where I am is worse.
I feel like they’re taking away who I am,
Filling my bloodstream with anti-depressants,
Forcing me to become someone I’m not
Someone I don’t want to be.
The fact remains that my sadness defined me
Struggling against the medication
Desperately attempting to hold onto the part of me that’s me
Wanting so badly for my days to mean something
Instead of the same bland depressing schedule I face everyday
The pills do nothing but supress my suicidal thoughts to my subconcious
So I'm forced to fake a smile, one unlike any other.
This one is to keep them from increasing my dosage,
And I'm scared.
I've never felt so alone
This is what I get
For asking for help
Cedric Dec 2018
A heart cold as ice,
Melts when treated nice.
A few drops of ******,
Put on your lip balm,
Risk and roll the dice!
Let’s not care about your vice!
A few **** of nicotine,
Needles filled with morphine,
Drink your codeine,
Destroy your veins with ******.
Maybe twice,
Maybe thrice.
Forget all your worries,
Burn your autum leaves,
Forget how to live,
Like breath’s stolen by thieves.
A poem about drugs. I’m just an 18 year old boy that hasn’t tasted drugs, or even alcohol and tobacco. It’s just a product of my endless self-control I guess. Except for caffeine, I’m addicted to that.
When you think of a drug addict, what do you see?
Someone who’s messed up, depressed, or on the street.
Sadly, there are quite a few of those freaks
They need their daily dosage or their days incomplete.
But what if I told you users aren’t the real drug addict?
It’s the government…. They’re the real drug addicts

But wait isn’t that a little dramatic?
That cant be true! Show me some facts, I demand it!

Alright, alright…. Hold on… if you demand it, here’s some facts then
In 2011 the war on drugs cost 23 billion dollars
But, that’s just the federal budget, you just wait, the states can replicate.
Over 30 billion dollars were put on their plate
That’s 53 billion total, 1716 of every second of every day… isn’t that insane!?

Well yeah, you could say that’s insane, but I’m still not impressed, can you step up your game?

Of course I can do that! I have much more to say!

Okay then, I’m all ears, amaze my brain!

From 1987 to 1995, the corrections budget increased 30% because more and more people were being thrown in the pent
Meanwhile, spending on higher education was on the decent--- 18% to be correct

Ah, that makes sense, but what I don’t get, is how that’s relevant?

Just a sec, I have more to vent
In 2010 21% of those in the pent were in for a drug related offense
And what percent of people do you think had a malicious intent?

Well… I guess you could say slim to none

Right! While educations lacking the proper funds to teach kids what they need to know

Okay, okay, I get what you’re saying now, but I still don’t get why you think the government is the drug addict?
I mean, don’t users spend more on drugs than the government does?
Drugs are expensive, and they take an abundance of money from a users pocket.

Yes, that’s true, they spend more spend more money than the government does
There are 20 million plus who reported using drugs in 2011, they spent around 70 billion dollars to support their love
That’s 3500 dollars spent per user
Meanwhile, just over 7 million people are employed by the gov
You know what that means? Our gov spends 7300 dollars per person employed for the war on drugs.

Wow… I never thought of it like that, those are quite the facts
You know what, that actually makes me mad
Obviously it makes our government a mockery, a living joke of a democracy
I can see why you say the government is a drug addict now
They’re addicted to a war that’s bringing us down
They can’t go a day without spending money on it
And look how successful it has been… pretty prominent their habit is chronic
I even recently heard that more people die from drugs they’re prescribed than drugs that are despised

Yes! I almost forgot that! It’s actually 10 times more people! Isn’t that unbelievable!?

Now, we’re not trying to say we should end the war on drugs
But don’t you think its time the government rethinks their strategy?
Because its obvious the one they have now is a tragedy.
A slam poem of mine about the government as a drug addict. Conversational, did it with a partner. Also, this is one I had to do some research on, I was looking to do something new.
Renae Nov 2013
Stubborn in stature & determined by untamed will, she is unable to stop herself. Like that tornado that blew through Kansas, yes that tornado, it swept Dorothy away to a world nobody and everybody knows of. Maybe there she can find a prescription to fix her. Find her a brain, courage? Maybe even take her home...
Without control she rebels instinctively out of pure spite.
Her words are uttered in a childish fashion as if there were a need for defense.
Health escapes her thoughts, she feels there is no need for care. No need to pay attention to her body, no need for a responsible mind....she'll let the pills take care of that.....or maybe therapy. But that can spin out of control too. Just fill the bottles up like clockwork. If she doesn't smile, perhaps it was the dosage. There is no need to dwell on the questions in her mind, they come and go so quickly.
"How could they not take me seriously?"
"Why don't they listen to me?"
Tears flow as she falls apart then laughs at the funny parts, because so much of it is......funny. But wait!!!! The madness has only just begun! Anger is the horror of it all, adrenaline and a blackness like a veil covers what is true, she appears possessed in a horrid-dark-angry cloud of violence. Hide the knives!!!! Do not give her access to the pills... this is her torment. And alas the depression reigns. No showers today or maybe all week. She does not want to do anything but sleep. Until the dosage is doubled and finally she feels alive once again.
Dustin Wills Sep 2012
Let me tell you about highschool
Let me tell you about the girls with hair higher then they can reach
The boys with the careless hair
The love intre-


Let me tell you about MY highschool
With the nerd shirts and phrases that most don’t understand
With the football games and the blue and white face paint
The girls talking to me with another pair of lips rather than the ones plastered on their face


Let me tell you about life
About the dew drops in the morning
The smile hidden in a stranger as he orders his double mocha triple shot dosage of love


Let me tell you about me
Let me tell you about my mom and her thin lips that orchestrate fat lies
Let me tell you about my dad who treats the bottle like the daughter he never wanted
Let me tell you about my school life and the way I get treated


Let me tell you a story
A story about ups and downs
Pills and coke and *****
With books and love interests
I cant fit my life into a poem

I can tell you my love life in a poem
My scars in a poem
My hate in a poem
My fears in a poem
I can’t tell you my life

I can tell you about my surroundings
How I always try to be strong
But you can only stick your head near ***** for so long
Before you start smelling what they're saying.

I can tell you about homophobia
About the men who flinch at the very word ******
Or the girls who are so uncomfortable with themselves they starve
I can tell you about the parents childless because of bullying

So tell me
What do you want to hear today?
Bob Henry Sep 2012
I woke up to find my padded bed, upon a padded floor,
Walked outside to find myself between some padded walls

I stood in the pill line adjacent to the kitchen sink,
And took my daily dosage, so that I wouldn’t think.

I drove along the padded streets to meet someone who’d say,
That nothing here is padded, you simply think that way.

Along the padded sidewalks, I saw my protected peers
Hobble along in straight jackets, to protect them from their fears.

I took my third pill today, then lay in my padded gloom,
I thought not to inflict myself, for how would I in this room?

The only thought that met my mind was that tomorrow, like today,
Would protect me from my sadist acts, to which I am enslaved.

I decided that before I sleep, I’d take a little stroll,
But take dosage before such action, to keep me in control.

In the park I sat myself, upon a padded seat,
And watched my jacketed friends try to make their lives complete.

And before I left that painless park, I saw a man beside,
Who wore no such straight jacket, and stood not in the pill line.

I asked him “How have you such freedom? Do you not fear what you could do,
If you found something sadistic, although they come in few?”

He said to me “Now listen, I know that you can see,
All the pads and pills they give to keep us from our humanity.”

I looked at him and wondered, then asked “But what’s too do?
We’re all tight in our straight jackets, all of us, but you.”

He told me we must fight it, and I let release a grin,
And said, “If you cannot see the army, however will you win?”

He cleared his throat and smiled with me, then said with careless ease,
“There’ll be riots in the asylum, when we discover that we share the same disease.”
Elizabeth Jun 2012
Anticipation is a powerful drug. It heals suffering
Looking forward to something, such a fantastic feeling
Everyone should experience Anticipation in their lifetime
Everyone will experience Anticipation in their lifetime
Anticipation kills fear and births happiness
It creates smiles and destroys frowns
And that moment
When you finally feel the ******, the result of all built up Anticipation
Truly jaw dropping
Eye opening

Anticipation is not for everyone, especially people who let it consume themselves too much
And of those with Anxiety
Some find it easy to confuse the feeling of Anxiety with the feeling of Anticipation
A silly mistake, easily fixed with a simple dosage of Realization

Warning, side effects of Anticipation may include
Wanting to sleep the day away to make the thing you are anticipating come faster
Loss of appetite

This does not effect everyone with Anticipation, however,
One side effect that does inflict all is the satisfaction
The satisfaction of the event behind all of this Anticipation
"MINUS, (-)
On the quantitative potency scale (-, ±, +, ++, +++), there were no effects observed.

The level of effectiveness of a drug that indicates a threshold action. If a higher dosage produces a greater response, then the plus/minus (±) was valid. If a higher dosage produces nothing, then this was a false positive.

The drug is quite certainly active. The chronology can be determined with some accuracy, but the nature of the drug's effects are not yet apparent.

PLUS TWO, (++)
Both the chronology and the nature of the action of a drug are unmistakably apparent. But you still have some choice as to whether you will accept the adventure, or rather just continue with your ordinary day's plans (if you are an experienced researcher, that is). The effects can be allowed a predominant role, or they may be repressible and made secondary to other chosen activities.

Not only are the chronology and the nature of a drug's action quite clear, but ignoring its action is no longer an option. The subject is totally engaged in the experience, for better or worse.

PLUS FOUR, (++++)
A rare and precious transcendental state, which has been called a "peak experience," a "religious experience," "divine transformation," a "state of Samadhi" and many other names in other cultures. It is not connected to the +1, +2, and +3 of the measuring of a drug's intensity. It is a state of bliss, a participation mystique, a connectedness with both the interior and exterior universes, which has come about after the ingestion of a psychedelic drug, but which is not necessarily repeatable with a subsequent ingestion of that same drug. If a drug (or technique or process) were ever to be discovered which would consistently produce a plus four experience in all human beings, it is conceivable that it would signal the ultimate evolution, and perhaps the end, of the human experiment."
From PiHKAL by Alexander T. Shulgin, pp. 963–965
Mateuš Conrad Jan 2017
i once loved, and it's a shame to
agree to: better have loved and lost,
than to have not loved at all.
and as i browse the pages of
a saturday newspaper article
i like to think about virology applied
to mental illness...
and how they: life is ****
   story could really be a viral infection...
i don't know, it's not exactly
                oh i can contain my own
*******, i'm writing it on the flag
of colour white,
next time you get a brain haemorrhage
and then get diagnoses as schizophrenic:
i'll take you the crucifix on golgotha:
and imbed your head into
the cross... silent anger, contained:
and all the more concern for inhibited
humour... because as Borat said: jak sie mash:
i like. so please, don't tell me
you weren't gagging for the new golgotha...
because i wasn't...
         and i know, most of the time i have
my mouth attached to a head of a struś
gagging himself in a pit of sand...
yes an ostrich, the grand inspiration for
francis bacon attempts to redefine geometry...
oh coming out of communism and into
capitalism, for a kid?, can be a rough ride...
you don't know what ideology to appease
and what ideology to dictate...
         but i'm wondering whether or not
mental illness can have the potency to
        become virus-like...
     and drain,
and i mean: drain the soul out of you...
or whether man as mammal ever did exist...
or whether this new fashion of
feline existentialism can ever take off,
narratives about spending time with your
bonsai tiger... you'd really think japan was
a bit freakish... but it just has a large
ageing population and no one thinks
that euthanasia is a standard of humanism,
unlike ******* ***** into a face of
a woman... because right there, no
one died... if had any of those anemic
tadpoles actually lived...
    which brings this about to concern me:
so... we live for nine months, in, let's
basically say: in an environment without
oxygen, you got gills stashed in there
with that umbilical chord...
how can it ever be a miracle of birth...
that's what a god might say...
a human would look at it and say:
huh? you joking? i'm part of this horror?
     but not until you have a brain
haemorrhage and get diagnosed as schizoid
and then you think: so what was the point
of forgiving your enemies come into this?
      i can't believe it has become so, so personal,
to actually have this nagging, decapitated
doll-head on your shoulder telling you to:
repeat! repeat!
       i could literally be writing this in
Auschwitz and be like: Neddy needs a jumper
and a diaper... cos like that really needs
you to fathom the logic of assembling an
Ikea chair...
                          i mean, talking in the west
is a bit like farting into a hippotamous' nostril
for a ******* jackuzi effect...
  jack! i said ***! what's with this jacuzzi?
English, mein gott... confusion everywhere
you pigeon **** onto a top-hat.
by the way: everyone becomes
dyslexic on the word hippopotamus -
there's a reason why hippos exist...
        you want acronyms, you get shortening...
and yes, since english society has abolished
asylums, the society has become a breeding
ground for asylum instigators,
rich russians, bewildered chienese...
it's en masse, one, massive, cesspit...
   i mean the part where you don't get the brown
steamturd floating about like some
  celebrity you'd love to slap with much
more than mere paparazzi epilepsy...
because violence matters, esp into language games...
i was just asking, because there i was,
working on a roof on some construction site,
and she calls me up and says that
she hears voices...
          that's what i mean certain mental
delinquents and their choice of Samaritan...
  what does a roofer know about "voices"
if it doesn't equate to a bad conscience?
    that's why i'm wondering whether certain mental
illnesses have a virus-like profanity attached to them...
oh yes yes, the unison: bob marley: we're one
type of ******* to boot, like i'm supposed to get
a hardy and a 'ard on about it...
               ******* spoof of a light-bulb moment: PING!
and there... ain't that just dazzling?
phantasmagorical blurp at the feet of
Eros at Piccadilly Circus... my ego is a canon
that just simply shoots out viagras! and questions.
and yes... that's what we call being part
of the clown...
    and if there's a lord of flies...
what's the guy mentioned by beelzebub drunk
doing about the mosquitos?
           ah... boundless at the crucix, once more!
i'm just wondering where
does mental illness become solipsism,
  and when in fact it becomes a sort of virology...
   i can romanticise mental illness as a type
of solipsism, that it has a cage, that it can be contained...
but when mental illness goes outside of the novel,
strolls outside its cage and becomes
something akin to kissing a *****,
     i want to know.... because i swear i have been
affected by someone's mental illness being
hidden in the shadow of taboo...
   look... i'm ******* exfoliating with vocab!
        how can you become normal after someone
exposes you the symptom of "voices"...
that's demeaning given the past history of
having relationships with angels and demons,
that's like a neuter noun.... voices brings up
more concern for a pronoun-****-up than
a clear, noun association... angels, sure,
i could start looking more closely at pigeons...
demons, doubly sure, i could start
chasing bats...
              but i need to know whether mental
illness is worthy of taboo, i.e. it's worth
the category of being physical, in that it can be
contagious... whether it can act like a virus....
whether it can become an epidemic...
    and to be honest, i think it can,
but that seems pointless, since western society
has exchanged asylums for taboo...
                  look at me now,
a once budding roofer, reduced to writing poetry,
i might as well be an ******...
            safe-guarding king Solomon's harem...
oh sure, eunuchs were able to **** his *** slaves...
they were slaves themselves,
what they weren't allowed is to usurp
    the ******* crown of the king passing his
d.n.a., mind the frivolity, never the seriousness
of geneticist, yawning when their genesis was to come...
    i'd love to see hans andersen on the trail of
dolly... the sheep... and dolly really does become
a trinity of animal prior to human in the out-reaches...
what with laika (man's best friend)
and later fiztgerald... oh wait (man's worst enemy,
the money) Baker....
   thanks to de Sade and baron Sacher-Masoch
we could truly begin the orthodox occult of science...
   how the two patron "saints"
interpolate... it really is a dualism worthy of
dangling a crucifix... shame the first monkey in
space wasn't called Brian...
    i don't know, then, perhaps, the Caesars at
the coliseum wouldn't boast so much about
   the: lacking the ambidable thumb
(yes!) googlewhack no. 4 / 5 -
mandible thumb you idiot! d'uh...
but still, a googlewhack at the end of it...
type in: lacking the ambidable thumb
and, yes = 1 result in the google algorithm...,
i call this the alternative version of, or rather,
the digital version of fishing...
     a tail like a thumb, the grip baron...
   but my peacocking the tongue shouldn't
be deemed as: straitjacket panic button prone...
  why would it?
****! he used the colour azure in his blue period,
that picasso did! chain him! gag him!
stash him in a kitchen stove!
i mean the inspection of genuine viriology
dynamic concerning mental illness,
the anti-thesis of solipsism, as the proper counter...
or should i say: membrane / barrier?
    can mental illness make ranks, i.e. spread?
like a virus can?
            well, if you take to explaining a zeitgeist...
ideology akin to communism and ****** can
become virus-akin... so i guess... yes...
it had to become a self-serving question easily
answered... mental illness can be very much
akin to a common cold... it's not really a case of taboo
being the lock-and-key to contain it...
nor the asylum... i suppose the best prescription
is the idea of solipsism...
              but isn't this grand,
i'm actually lethargic, coinciding with
    a tax on robots... and the French slashing
their 35 hour working weeks to 32 hours...
    and the Finns paying their unemployed
    (2K, placebo dosage for the actual
   237,000 unemployed) - a random €560 a month...
such are the times...
           it really has become a sort of
year 0 orientation lesson... because it's just
gagging for a guillotine to snap it awake,
so a decapitated head of Charles I at Whitehall might
say it's final farewell...
              and is mental illness capable of
being akin to a viral infection...
     it probably can... you probe the waters in an
environment of poets... they're good enough
to succumb to a white rabbit experiment...
              question is: do you apply the rule
of solipsism or an actual asylum? in a post-asylum
society, i don't think there's an option
whether solipsism should, or shouldn't be used
to counter the more serious form of the flu...
   but, as ever, it comes down to the age-old
cartesian model of dualism... or as any siamese twin
might attest: i'm not that further away from
my sister as you might think...
  the dualism that served so well for so many years
to appear "peaceful" became a real dichotomy...
  the ergo suddenly failed... when people realised
that the fact "i think" didn't necessarily
precipiate into "i am"... given what the media is
interested in, and how many people become missing
and all that... the numbers were too much
for player uno to simply give up the canvas
of newspapers and t.v. to some poor schmuck
trying to impregnate his canvas on which he worked
his paint-brush (power) and paint (wealth) onto...
   the cartesian ergo simply failed...
    oh sure, the other two facts worked... but they
didn't necessarily congregate universally
in the crux of ergo,
        i was told it would be a monsoon of thought
established on earth... instead i got a light-shower
   and the Gobi desert.
in the same way the subconscious exists
as a fake of the trinity...
           to me it has no need for a chisel...
as a realm... treat the conscious as a realm
akin to Hades, and it becomes wholly
de-personalised... there's not individual in it
that might require it... it's a covert mechanism
of subterfuge... but if we're talking
making rabbit heads with our hands
   in the shadow form... we're talking
nothing but puppeteering...
   or like saying, let's create an evolved
version of the definite (the) and the indefinite (a)
                      well... there must be
a direct and an indirect article...
                well there is...
con                                 and sub-con,
       un-con is an indiscriminate article...
meaning: what are the evolutionary gains
of dreaming, given the cinema?
NV Sep 2016
Tallulah Nov 2012
My edges have no border
I seep & blotch the air
My thoughts a chaotic disorder
Laughing in silent despair

Who am I?

I’m the colorful mix
Of the pills I take at night
Grappling at the latest “fix”
But I never get the dosage right
So broken I shall stay
To listen but not to obey

I’m the perfect daughter
I know I ought to be
Smiling sequined next to my father
A beautiful sight to see
Painted fingertips, quiet lips
But I’m slipping from sexist grips

I’m the crash of atoms & molecules
The patterned DNA that labels our culture
Theorems, functions, evolutionary tools
Poe knew: Science is a “vulture
Whose wings are dull realities”
Fact blinds what my mind sees

Forgive me I’m singing
Of what I am & cannot be
& My ears are still ringing
With who society has asked me to be
Edgar Allan Poe quote from Sonnet-To Science
Mateuš Conrad Sep 2018
here's an opinion that
   requires a dialectical
no, really, it does...
the following statement
an echo chamber,
a boiler room...
i walked the night streets
by the full moon
and the moonlit kitchen
later at home,
covered in quicksilver
as if watching silver
armor that became my
    sometimes it happens
towing a beer...

does English existentialism
even exist?
the 20th century
dogma akin to the French,
genesis with
the Danes and the Germans...

oh, i'm pretty sure it does,
English existentialism
does exist...
   but... i hope it isn't there
in the first place...

it's so placid,
so... materialistic in its
scientific uni-dimensionality...
English existentialism is
primarily, and only,
a version of Darwinism...

it's not that "philosophy"
is undermined...
          come along history,
and physics...
i can't be no stretch-Armstrong
working my way around
a posit-approximate of a date,
and date zero of the big bang...

i'm bored of English existentialism,
and we're only 18 years
into the 21st century...

**** me, watching eggs get fried
is more interesting...
the fixed rules,
   the whole Darwinism overhaul
of continental existentialism -
that... bugging...
  of human psychology...
the analogue argument,
the replica, the mimic...
there are various names for
the starting block...

      i'm literally done reading
English philosophy,
never started to read it in the first place,
to begin with...
and i'm sure i never will...

i reread my own attempts and
the best i can ascribe is an embarrassing
limp **** of prudence
prescribed with a dosage of power...

poetry and music...
philosophy isn't exactly an English "thing"...
it's not a national trait to
make conversation over dinner...
unless it's a family dinner shared
before the altar of a t.v.
or the children before a screen
of a smartphone...

   ******* can rhyme, sure as ****...
but can they entertain
a cogitans per se:
i.e. a thinking thing in itself -
a complex variant of solipsism?
don't think so...

as ever... too much biological
  which bores the **** out of me,
considering it: overstates
the ****** obvious...

   i hate hearing the obvious...
it's like: well... d'uh! no **** Sherlock!
why don't you shove your
whittle observations into a little
suitcase, throw it onto the train
heading into the unconscious
and stop gloating about the self-evident?!


i don't get how we can even achieve
pub- / cafe-existentialism's worth
of conversation when Darwin is
         everywhere i look: Darwin...
everywhere i chose
to **** in an abandoned alley:

                         these rigid structures
of scientific certainty are
bugging me, when those who adhere
to them, have no basic
"knowledge" of the sometimes
pseudo-scientific nature of philosophy...

after all: philosophy is both
a "science", and a "humanism"...
     it's... "gender"-fluid...
       but the English do not think so...
philosophers are not
polymaths, having contradictory
             and a (as according to the 20th
century French existentialists)
   "self" interest of given artifacts...

English existentialism can exist,
in the 21st century...
but, said affairs be made given light:
it can't backtrack
and fall back on a unison source
of a genesis to craft an exodus from
the 20th century...
after all...
   what happened when the Germans
applied a branch of Darwinism?
   so... what am i look at now?
   if not the purity of ethnicity...
then a "purity" of thought...

            but enlighten me...
what narrative exists outside the basic
cognitive Theta-Q?
        you know: (th)ought?
        consolidated moral questioning
the end of ethical inquiring...
            there's the moral (th)ought -
and then there's the freedom of thought...

and who said what, precisely?
****, man...
i'm hearing is the clicking
of a supposed centipede on
a keyboard and e nomine's song

    i expect this to be a freedom of speech,
as i expect finding a penny on
the street...
              should you care to look
at your feet...

i said ****...
      but i wrote this, instead...
which implies?
a higher category of a freedom of speech:
like Kierkegaard originally said:

people much fuss about their freedom
of speech,
   rarely their freedom of thought...

but i guess posting this in a public
space is a direction transliteration
of thought = speech...

       i don't think so...
i said ****...
                      this... this?
  this is res extensa -
     the extension of res cogitans -
the thinking...
     sure... i could write the same thing,
20x over, and shove it into my puny desk...
but then...
   i could also write this
on a piece of paper, and, by accident...
drop it in the Romford Market Sq.
on a busy Friday, fine fine afternoon.
Victor Thorn May 2011
i'll admit it

i'm just trying to score some prozac;
something to supplement the steroids
that never seemed to ease the pain.
my body never
anything they gave me:
all their alcohol distraction,
all their **** carelessness,
all their acid lifestyle,
none of it.

as for ecstasy,
i never got the dosage right:

i've been offered ersatz masterpieces
and turned them all down,
so they sacrificed their snatches to other gods,
who happily and hungrily partook in the
appetizing, dangerous bounty for which there is no cure.

i was once appeased for my lust
and committed love crimes,
so i learned not take ecstasy
until i tried the steroids.

i'll admit it

i'm just a pair of eyes
in a white ocean
Copyright May 3rd, 2011 by Victor Thorn
Remy Aug 2014
Your jagged smile struck my heart,
Took sweet thoughts and turned them ****.
Your smoky brown eyes chilled me to the bone,
You took away my frigidity that made me alone.

You dug your virtue underneath my skin,
I tried to get away but the uprightness already leaked in.
It turned my soul new and rebuilt my mind,
Happiness and hope was soon all I could find.

Drown me in your sublime toxicity.
Drinking in your fresh authenticity.
Eeverything you do, truthfully
In a world full of lies you're the truth to me.

You're lips touched mine, such a bittersweet taste,
Covering my mouth in a toxic paste,
The poison rushed in, like rain from above,
*I was injected with a dose of murky love.
Sharina Saad Jan 2014
Cheeks been complaining
That old chick keeps on whining
Collagen doses she's been consuming
useless... obviously not working
sagging, deteriorating and contaminating....
Robert Purvis Aug 2011
If you ain't got perspective
And you ain't reactive
Then you aren't proactive

These words only have meaning
If you make them meaningful

should be a vice
Get your daily dosage
So in your old age
You can be part of the new age
The thoughts of many
Has wisdom uncanny
If you ain't ready
And you aren't steady
Then you lose yourself
To the crowd
Needles and syringes;
Heroine, my beautiful medication.
White robe, blue belt,
I was loving my profession of alcohol and drug indulgence.

Pipe ready,
my growing shadow, aided by the lighting from the burning flame below,
silently watching on;
“One hit and I will be perfect,” begs my ****** soul.

I have watched the moon every night.
Witnessed as she comes and goes.
Atimes, she is full and bright;
at others, she is nothing but a waning dull curve,
travelling leisurely across the sky;
Her face, a dire one,
filled with laughter and mockery
as she wonders what went wrong with me.
30 nights and 12months of 11years,
I too, an answer I have failed to find.

Last night, there was this darkness,
and all I can remember is the music that accompanied it.
Dark themed and suicidal,
Yet, it is the closest I have come to solitude in so many years.
Tonight I am back again, bent over my last dosage for the night.
“Dosage.” Indeed!
The moon is not in sight.
I wonder if my friend, if she is one,
Has forgotten about me tonight.
But there she is again.
Maybe she isn’t taunting me;
Maybe she is as confused as I am,
Or is she also lost?
Why can’t she seem to find her way home?
Oh the ramblings of a somber mind.
Dedicated to all those struggling with an addiction and trying to make something of their lives, you are not alone. You will be fine. Be strong for the world needs you. God bless.
As far back as the middle age,
then, Europe planted for our good;
directed wisely by the sage,
that all the places these trees stood,
would be for pleasure and for food,
for friendship, love and loyalty,
that we be not misunderstood.
Come stand beneath the Linden tree.

The others, one tree would upstage;
brought Slovenia nationhood.
All meetings there they would engage
beneath its branches, when they could,
to benefit the neighborhood
and people came from far to see
the rulers of the public good.
Come stand beneath the Linden tree.

The Linden tree, it will assuage
with blossom, root and bark basswood.
Cure you with a proper dosage
so take the tea just as you should.
You'll be filled with such gratitude-
drunk on flower scent heavenly.
Come circle round this fine softwood.
Come stand beneath the Linden tree.

O prince let joy be understood:
Come see the way we live so free.
Come to our homes, come to our wood
Come stand beneath the Linden tree.
Jeremy Duff Feb 2013
I was offered the chance to buy
two 40 mg Adderall pills.
At first I though,
"Eh, a nice dime bag sounds better to me"
But then I remembered my school's mandatory drug testing,
and then I remembered this horrible writer's block that has been plaguing me.

I had heard from friends in the past that the amphetamine-salt combo worked wonders for students.
I had heard that the wonder drug made you do stuff. Any stuff. Anything.
You can not sit still after popping over the dosage of Adderall.
You clean your room, you read a book, you write an essay and for me, hopefully, write.

Enough with the *******.
It's been about forty minutes since I swallowed one and half pills and ground up and snorted another half of one. Okay.

I feel as though I maybe breathing louder than normal.
Also, I'm not writing one line and then switching over to tumblr as I usually do.
Also, my room is really *****.
Also, I've drunk two sprites and ate some leftover Chinese food.
Also, it's really ******* quiet. It's eery.
Also, yesterday in my English class this really nice openly gay kid named Connor walked across the class and as he did so this other kid sitting next to me whispered quite loudly "******" and I did nothing but sit there and angrily stare at my desk.
Also, it's been eating me up inside ever since.
Also, about an hour ago my mom took my (half) baby sister so see her (**** of a) father. She said she'd be home around seven thirty and it's seven twenty eight but she's usually late.
Also, I wish she would buy me cigarettes.
Also, it's Thursday and I have a D- in Biology.


Also, I might hangout with my friend Ryley tomorrow.
Also, I might become a methamphetamine addict.
Also, I spelled that without using spell check.
Tash Carter Jul 2014
she became submissive to the burning of her throat , that left her on cloud 9
Inhaling the illegal substance to ease her mind of her imperfections and exhaling her biggest fears of morality
She started to lose her morals as time went on
The only thing that left her mouth was smoke that clouded her vision

Wanting to be accepted by everyone she lost her dignity in the big cup of liquor that she managed to down in one gulp  
Closing her eyes trying to block out the images of her old life
Fighting the urge to not drink anymore one more cup turned into three , three turned into six ,
Why her?
Adding more ruby red lipstick to her now numb lips to make sure her lips shine through the glossy vision of ***** shadows

she painted a picture of perfectionist in her mind as she applied ruby red lipstick amongst her lips and added a clear coat of lip gloss to seal the secrets
Using massacre to hide every tear drop that left her big brown eyes
As if she was going to war with herself
Her dignity
Her pride
Eye shadow
Lip stick
Massacre to seal the battle wounds
Was her daily dosage of forgiveness
Trying to forgive herself for allowing her secrets to smudge as she opened up something that was so pure
Her heart

Looking down at her body she started to feel insecure so she added more blush to her now covered face but she was a makeup artist
Adding more blush to hide the hand prints from the other night
Massacre to hide the tear drops that she managed to squeeze out when her submissive ways battered like a beaten woman that lived in the projects
Eye shadow , that covered the darkness around her eyes because she hasn't slept in days
And finally her favorite ...
Ruby red lipstick to make her stand out even when the lights were off
She wanted everyone to notice her but only covered enough so her imperfect life wouldn't smudge
I am a makeup artist ..
Jason Cirkovic Feb 2014
I tap my pen on the desk like my teacher extracting my freedoms
and plastering it on the whiteboard.
He preaches and preaches about how he lost a game of golf last week
I need to take a dosage of education,
But whenever I take it I forget to check the side affects.

-Faeries pulling down on your eye lids making you fall into the pit of sleep.
-Drifting in a car called imagination across this classroom.
-Hands are under mind control as you draw twisters in your notebook .
-NOTE: when you flip back to your notes when you are studying for a test,
they will be useless

Useless like "excuse me sir but is your love for the Broncos going to be on the test?"
I feel like this teacher is testing me not on the subject,
but how long it takes until one of the students in this class to go postal.

Too soon?
Sorry I should ship off my mouth to my mother
cuz mommas got the magic of Clorox Bleach
momma oh momma, use your powers to clean out my filthy mouth

yet he is still talking,
why is he still talking?
I'm still writing this poem,
Should I be writing notes on his college days
Or should I wait until his head lands on this landing strip
So he get his head can leave the clouds
TinaMarie Feb 2012

Everything injected
Identity constricted
Breaths restricted
Fights enlisted
Words explicit
Pain inflicted


Withdrawing addiction
Half of me missing
Shaking commencing
Cold sweats kick in
Heartbeats lessening
Death's threatening


Suffocation retired
Individuality aspired
Stimulation inspired
Culmination transpired
Life long love desired
Exact dosage is required


© Tina Thompson
Logan Robertson Sep 2018
He turns the page
Of old age
For what was once the rage
Now sits in his cage
It's been a war to wage
This, life's final stage
The pressure gauge
Ticking on so outrage
Ticking by in ménage
For his book's cleavage
Untouched and derange
Year's wasted and disengaged
If only there was no leakage
Or ever such seepage
Life on his barren range
With no panacea to assuage
No wife ever, no cat, no life to engage
Nothing but red read rage
Now in his final chapter, this cage
This cage, death does he part this rampage
A life perched without marriage
For he married to himself backstage
Where his curtain veiled fruitage
In lieu of looking at the skies for dosage
He fell hostage to his hermitage
Yet this, his bottled pilgrimage
Sinking now in raging montage
He does sit beseeched in his passage
And hopes someday to bid bon voyage
With direr hopes of  turning a better page

Logan Robertson

It's been Hell for him. Life was never easy. A solo crossing,
that yearned for a duet but that was not meant to be.
Note-Wow. Read this poem over and over, like looking into a mirror, truly sad.
Anna Lo Aug 2012
We hardly trust anyone
No matter how genuine that person may be.
We go on pairs throughout our lives because
we believe that we are not satisfied as one.
We sometimes believe that there is a solution
by finding other halves
in people, in stimulators, in distractions
in roles.
We have trouble finding ourselves
and prefer to believe that people stronger than us
or people who appear stronger than us
can help us
and make us better.
We come from bad places
but we are not bad people
despite what we believe.
But we keep a strong face
and solider through
blame and shame
through self-hatred.
We call ourselves names all the times
when no one else does so
so we get our usual dosage of misery.
In the worst cases,
we never believe anything or anyone
and let our hearts die on the pavement
while the sky falls.
And the funniest thing of all?
It's our fault.
Earl Jane Feb 2016

The devils situate me in the dungeon,
In this pitch-dark  place,
Chains locked to my hands and feet,
I clamor at the top of my lungs,
But only my voice echoed,
And penetrated deep, deep within my soul,
A voice with dejection,
Tears gushed out from my eyes,
All swollen for hours and hours of crying,
My hopes almost diminish,
My prayers weaken,
This little faith lifted my chin up,
But my body is so worn out i can't hold it any longer,
Oh God please help me,
Please save me from here,
Then suddenly,
I passed out,
After awhile i feel two hands holding my face,
I opened my eyes,
But the light is too bright,
I can't see anything,
I close my eyes and listened to the wonderful voice talking marvelously to me,
It's a man's voice!
I open my eyes again and i see a man,
With all white clothes,
And a huge wings behind his back,
I was dumbfounded,
An angel!
Exhiliration enfold me,
And I started weeping silently,
My God answered me! He answered me!
He is my angel,
I slapped my face with my two hands,
I might be dreaming,
But no i am not,
This is totally true!
He stand me up,
I stand up with no troubles,
I was astounded,
No more chains, no more chains !!
I am free, i am free!
In my happiness i hugged him.

One second i was hugging an angel,
Another second I am hugging a man.

Oh, Wow!
That man is him,
The man who did all for me,
The man who saved me from my darkest place,
He took me out of that ghastly place,
And now I am in paradise with him,
He makes me happy all the time,
All the time,
He is always there for me,
Whether I am happy, sad or depress,
He is always there,
He inspires me,
He is my angel,
He help me overcome my demons,
He is my light here on earth,
His radiance shines brightly on me,
And I am beyond happy,
He comforts me,
He is my refuge,
I always have this hope to wake up each day 'cause I know, I know i am gonna see him,
He is my happiness,
My best friend,
The one I can always lean on to,
The one I can always trust,
His smiles are my daily dosage,
His laughs, his jokes are my daily medication.
His love is my supplication,
He is my all, my all,
I learn to extend my patience,
I learn how to be selfless,
He showed me a geniune love,
A love so  recherché,
He guides me to the right tract,
And hold my hand so tight and walk with me,
He protects me from bad,
He is my other half,
My preordained one,
My strong king,
What's the best thing in him is,
He pulls me closer to God,
I can't thank him enough for all he do,
He is so amazing to me,
How can i even deserve this?
God had been so good to me,
I am way so blessed,
I am so blessed,
I am gonna show him my love daily,
I am gonna be by his side always,
I am here waiting for him alone,
I am here to love him always,
I won't leave thee,
For you are preordained for me,
My love, my soulmate,
Ohhh goodness Lord,
I praise you oh Lord for all you do,
I thank you for all you have done for me,
I am so blessed Lord,
I am so blessed!

with love <3

© Earl Jane
♥ E.J.C.S.
For Brandon <3 <3

i love you so much my king!!! Happy hsppy 6 months!!! You are an amazining person!! I seriously wanna thank u for all you do,, for loving me, fpr being there for me, for your love & care thanm you for everything my king!!! Thank you a lot!! I love you most

— The End —