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Stephen Leacock Aug 2018
Feels like slavery
With weight our shoulders
Havent We endured enough?
From One Bolder To The Next?
Like needles draining  our blood for energy
The White Gold of  Saturn
Using Led from congress
Our Spring Streams Have Run Dried
Directed into a Different lines and Process
Guarded by Projects With Capitalism at its finest
Racism and favoritism.
The Collective Body Shivers .
With stretch lines on her skin with her magnitude of her tears.
The stages of legions unleashed.
Souls in battle using a leash.
Things have been disowned and blown.
The Headdress will take its throne.
The Shield Into El-dorado that is known.
Grids awaken from the Amerindian parts of the jaguars tradition.
Collective religious cultures unleashed from its disposition.
The beauty that brings a new position.
Ayo Nov 2018
In the silence of the cold night,
loneliness lurks.

I crave for your friendly touch.
I ***** for your warm embrace.
I long for a kiss of life.

Through the unsmiling darkness
And under the mourning stars in the gloomy sky;
I find my way to El Dorado.
The bloom in boom
The petals of glory in glory
All leaves turning flowers
On our way to El-Dorado
Heaven is with us here
And darkness evaporated
Till light overflows in glory.
Brandon Conway Aug 2018
You're laid out with a blank stare
with dreams of becoming a millionaire
on the couch where you're ensnared
stuck in what you call a nightmare

Sorry I have no sympathy
to your muscle atrophy
while you lay in envy
I just can not pity
so I invite you to the city
to come experience poetry
its what helps me feel less ******

No thanks, just let me wallow
while my soul feels so hollow
I will not, can not, follow
I have lost my bravado
go on you wild desperado
to your El Dorado

At least one of us has found gold.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
Time, kindness and knowledge
are above the price of
That is where true gold lies.
Thanks so much for the comments on my 'Pandora's Box' poem! ^-^
I saw that it was trending! Man, I love this page and you guys!  
Lyn ***

— The End —