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Anton Mar 13
Jamie keeps a middle aged white man imprisoned below his house as an involuntary *** slave.
Jamie also donates a few hundred dollars each month to human rights organisations around the world.
Sam spends a few hours most weeks attempting to draw people’s
attention to both local, and international slavery.
Sam neither donates money to human rights organisations, nor keeps slaves himself.
Whilst most people who are concerned about human rights issues have a problem with slavery, there is some disagreement as to the most effective way to address it.
Some are of the view that Jamie, despite his direct participation in slavery, is doing more for human rights than is Sam. The theory is that by donating money to human rights organisations, one can offset the harm associated with keeping a slave, and in Jamie’s case, since the donations are significant, Jamie has accrued a human rights violation credit.
-Frightening thinking
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james m nordlund Aug 2018
As they broke their bread for Lent, TrumputiN's team, hellbent,
Contrived a way to derive from the ripping apart of 3000 Latino
Families, an unending flow of your tax dolla's to predominently
Republican manned anti-immigration agencies, it should make you
Wanna holla, they called it 'zero tolerance', just to throw
All off the scent, and muddy the term's use hence, the white
Supremacy for the Black, in ebony and ivory's working together
In perfect harmony, to do away with 'zero tolerance' in schools,
To increase the amount of crime delinquent kids get done before
They're justifiably kicked out, same old, same old, tragically.

RumputiN got donations from one private prison corp, that got
A 200 million $ contract to house the kids, the involved Fed
Agencies then discriminated against families with kids by
Targeting them for family ripping on our South Western border.
These kids were caged, continually shuttled around at early
Morning hours so they'd be noticed less, were given no way
To contact relatives, their parents almost no way to contact
Them, the 'tender age' kids, 8 months old and up, not given
Humane necessary professsional care, etc., which will dictate
Lifelong traumatic effects, and deep psychological problems.

The courts continually order deadlines by which "these families
Must be reunited", but the altright universe invaders working
For trumpler continually miss them, and project genocidal lies
Like, "hundreds of these kids are ineligible to be reunited
With their parents", most parents having been deported already,
Even though a large % were legally asking for asylum at our
Border, this is genocidal and illegal internationally, there
Are no "ineligible" to be together innocent kids and parents,
When will prumptutin's genocide of Latinos, escalation of the
Oligarchy's class war against lower-middle-class to poor, end?

The gov't criminally dictated that "if they want to see their
Kids again they have to sign away their rights and leave", etc.,
Atrocities against these poor souls and groups like the ACLU,
While doing their best to remedy the abuses against them, our
Compadres, they, while not funded by the gov't, are mocked by
RumputiN, and he projects that "they should reunite families",
Instead of the gov't agencies who ripped them apart.  At least
The judges are deligently expressing the entirety of the fault
For these atrocities lies with the **** crime family's flocks
Of felons, and they must rectify it now, when will they?!?!?
When will the prosecutions of them use the REICO Statute,
And thereby, stop being elaborate cover-ups, giving out immunity

To dozens of organized criminals, while only incarcerating
A few.  Who is dense enough to not see through the smoke, mirrors,
Song, dance of the show that must go on's politic theatre macabre
Of the global oligarchy's cover up of itself?  Who is not knowing
That Mueller, who was part of the elite of the repub conspiracy
That purposely didn't prevent attacks on 9-11-01, during king
George and his ****, cheney's reign on the American way of life,
Is part of the intelligence industrial complex's 2016 invisible
Coup during, and hacking of, the presidential election, resulting
In RumputiN's installation in the Blackhouse ('cause once you go
Black you never go back), as well as the continual cover-up?  

Who, that comey, alone, could have been responsible for non-repubs
Loss of the Presidency, and now the supremacy court, especially if
The dems don't stop a kavanaugh vote before the midterms that are
Near?  Who ..., that most of the supposed "school shootings", acts
Of terror, targeting future non-repub leaders, are engineered, timed
And executed by the crimnal repub conspiracy that must be prosecuted
Using the REICO Statute also, who ..., that ebony and ivory, the
Black and white supremacies, working together in perfect harmony,
As are all 21 flavors of our baskin + robbins of supremacies, are
Struggling to mass-****** a million Americans, liquidating the ases
And assets of the masses, and calling it legislation, like ****** did
Before his "final solution", who, that the American daymare must end?
When's Mueller going to be done with his elaborate cover-up (he's purposely not using the REICO Statute that should be, and is necessary), he's giving immunity to a dozen republican criminal conspiracy felons while only prosecuting, convicting, pleading out a few, before or after RumputiN's visible coup steals the midterms?  If you didn't vote for Hillary, you voted for RumputiN.  "...We(e),..." must protect the vote, vote early, GOTV, and protect the results more than ever, before the country gets used to being drunk on democracy's backslider's wine.  Also: All threads in the fabric of life are needed; "..we(e),...", can't allow it to be torn asunder.  Mothers are that which society builds on, their needs are all of ours; and necessary to meet.  "...Suffer the children...", from the Bible, didn't mean cause the kids suffering; when will remocrats, and even some dempublicans (dinos and DinoS), stop doing most everything asbackwards?   reality
Haunter 7d
I'm still perplexed at why you need donations.
You have all this wealth, yet you hoard it away.
And beg for donations like a ***** on facebook.

Greed is a powerful conduit for big busines.
Jesus, was just an unmedicated schizophrenic.
With inflated self purpose.

You can spend your time sending thoughts and ******* prayers.
When they're just as useless as your shiny God in the sky.
Emily Nov 2018
Dear friends met through HP,
Not to be confused with antlered ones,
Despite the graceful beauty seen throughout your poems,
Or the fleetness of your fingers when messaging me.

I’ve appreciated everyone’s praise and comments on my poems,
But I especially want to thank the ones who’ve privately written,
Seeking to encourage me,
While knowing your kindness would be hidden.

It’s impossible to say if I would still be writing poetry today,
If it weren’t for your kindness.
While I wouldn’t know what was missing,
I’d likely be an emotional mess.

I’m very grateful for:
Your quickness to respond—the words often brighten my day and countenance!
Willingness to discuss anything—you’ve quickly reached confidant status.
Unique perspective on life, which I would likely never have encountered otherwise.
Genuine care for me as a person, not just a poet.

Truly, it would take more words than I have to do you justice, so I won’t attempt that Sisyphean task.
Instead, I’ll be forever grateful for what you’ve done for me, and try to pay it forward.
Perhaps others will also be inspired by your example, and welcome new poets as warmly into our community that is HP.

[Thanks, HP, for making everything from poem posting to private messaging available for free and free will donations—I might have never tried my hand at poetry if I’d had to pay to join!]
I have dreams
Dreams to invent for a brighter humanity

The lack of ways to my destination
have lead to my insanity.

A man wants his own family
A man wants his realistic dreams to become reality
why cannot other's aid in those Nobile creativity?

Thousands try to emulate the same idea
however, yours always stands out, jealousy.

Those you are close to are too busy to help
such is life you understand and support

Such is , sadly, they fail to have time to stand back and to see
Could this be the end of the future for me?

I sit stagnant and plan out idea after idea to make my creations a reality

Donations of my creations are all  I wish to do is brighten the world
Money takes time even to volunteer for such, overseas.

What do I have to do for the "charge" appointees to see
such breaches in communication is causing my hope to cease?

I stay hopeful and strong and fight to spread my messages
Not for fame, money, however investment helps one gain needed tools....

In this conflictive would, how must one become less than one of the dark and given in fools?

— The End —