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Amoy Feb 2018
By Amoy

Hiding behind the mask of shame and pain
I pick on you just so I can build my confidence and look cool
Who will help me to unmask my pain and show my true self to the world?
I hide in the hole of my mind waiting for someone to care enough to see through my game.
I hurt people because I’m hurt; I pick on you because I was picked on
I suffer in silence only to spew the nastiest thing that my ego dispels from my soul
Can’t you see that my venom masks my pain?
Help me too; I am the victim who only knows pain and anxiety
Everyone helps the victim; can’t you see that I am a victim too?
Can’t you see that my hurt takes shape and camouflages what lies beneath?
Can’t you see I hurt too?
Tell me who helps the bully?
Is it you? Do u have time to help me?
No one will
I guess u think that I’m a lost cause as well?
I’m not a lost cause I am a worthy cause
Who will help the Bully?

If you can get me to admit that I that I need love too then you have done your job
Help me see that I am worthy, that I can be confident without causing pain
Help me to love myself, that's where most of my pain lies.
Help me; forgive me so that I can forgive myself.
Who will help the bully; is it you? We are victims too
Who will help me see that my future can be bright too?
Who will help the bully is it you?
Touch me where no other has.
Fill me till i can't take it any more.
Mark me with your breath.
Let your love bites live on me.
Dominate my mind.
Let me be your art, submisive to you
In this domain:
We can go anywhere,
We can be anyone,
We can know anything.
We are demigods of cyberspace.

On internet frequencies we chant: Hack the planet!

We write the scripts
and our code runs deep,
We dominate and emancipate.
You can't hide from us,
We are anonymous, we are legion.
But even gods have weakness;
Ego is our sole concession to pride,
Hubris is one flaw of five,
Ignorance are the other four.
Know this if you want to survive,
Join us if you want to be alive.
We have names, real names,
Not the ones you assigned to us,
The ones we chose.
The names we earned.
Our handles. Our hacker names.
freedom was invented to control us
implemented to dominate and cajole us
into doing as they say so they can rule us
in the only way they know
making fools of us
freedom as a tool of oppression is diabolical genius
Pagan Paul Feb 10
Do you remember when time stood still
skipping naked, happy, upon Spring Hill?
Warm westerlies, do rebirth dominate,
brushing the flowers, each one to pollinate.

Do you remember when time stood still
running naked, joyful, upon Summer Hill?
Hot south wind, sun growth it gifts,
providing life, as Nature's head it lifts.

Do you remember when time stood still
walking naked, tired, upon Autumn Hill?
Cool easterlies, the harvest to reap,
just preparing, waiting, for the annual sleep.

Do you remember when time stood still
laying naked, spent, upon Winter Hill?
Chill north wind, the snows to bring,
patient listening, to the universe sing.

Do you remember when time stood still
exposed and naked upon Season's Hill?
No rain, no sun, no wind nor breeze,
could disturb the silence of the Trees.

© Pagan Paul (2019)
Andrew Rueter Aug 2017
Freedom flings
Tyrant kings
Into their rightful place
A head on a plate
Democracy inflates
The morale of the people
Oligarchy deflates
The idea that we're equal

Spiteful dictators make their way through the system
And dominate the world while nobody listens
Distracting people with things that glisten
Disseminating hatred as their vision
Engendering fear is their mission
To buy or sell weapons
For more money or more power
Dropping bombs from their ivory tower
From extreme explosions we cower
Explosions of hatred then violence
Explosions hastened by silence
Explosions of fire we ferment
To burn the faces off our enemy
To avoid exercising our empathy
Creating a world filled by entropy
People say ******* like freedom isn't free
When the currency we pay for freedom
Is restriction
We dampen our fiery feelings
With prescriptions

Freedom is free
It's inherent
It can only be taken or given away
It is not a proper excuse to slay
Those that rightly disagree
With what you're imposing

Freedom is fleeing far far away
When people are molded by clay
Of those with the power to shape civilians
Of those with the power to bring billions
Of people to their knees
When freedom is our fee
To live in timid apathy
I loved her.

Before I even gazed upon her

I loved her

Before I was even dazed by her words of splendour

I loved her

Not for her ability to
charm others
as even though she just as often harmed others

Not for her straightforward intelligence
for she shared a forward thinking

And not for her beauty & majesty did I love her

Because not far from often, did she bring cruelty and calamity too others that I did love

And when I loved her, it wasn’t because of her bountiful spirit

For when one drove responsibility towards her
she was both accountable and idyllic
her innate strength insurmountable & prolific

And my love did not come from her humble yet dominating origins

Hunters and gatherers roaming in forests

Nor her families evolution, amongst changing nations
into cultural irrigation, harvesting & cultivation

Yet my love was neither superficial

wrought by a feverish desire for atypical minerals

As it is evident she grew up to live lavishly, as if she were a daughter of kings and pharaohs, emperors and regents

Far from superficial
it went beyond my own existence
‘tis was it deep

And watching her grow up
yet older and slowly darker
it flooded me with a sense of grief

For that was the only side she showed me, and allowed others to see

But beyond the seas and ravines, ridges & fjords, she beamed

And that is how it felt for a time
her happiness distant and far gone

Looking back it’s blatant she was far from dormant

But I believe during that time she was merely misled

It took time to connect her heart with her head

And for a time it seemed she was finally ready to proceed

And that was all but my dream
for her

But in my heart, I knew she would waver and ultimately capitulate towards the darker times

I think, even though she was mature and grown

not enough time separated her from her home

a family always wanting to dominate and roam

The precedence was set
The credulous to fret

And even though it’s in her nature to align with basic instincts

I awaited,
like those in scriptures
for a sign
that leads her to brighter precincts.

Of this hope

it was something I dreamt about
until I was left awoke

It was a scathing cycle, hopes festered
with a heart broke

And in the depth of my despair
I was still convinced,
that behind her “politics” & warring nature with others,

that the woman I loved & dreamt, was still there

And you know what?

She convinced me

Not deceitfully nor schemingly
but seemingly
through action

She was on a phase of exploration
visiting foreign nations
and establishing relations

Truth was
All of it was a ruse
corrupting & enslaving
it was just another way of experssing her roots

Since then, I’ve never been lead astray, I knew it was just one big game

Even though I never believed that’s who she wholly
was and is

I can’t help but fell this is the way it is

Her being at an unbeknownst
war with herself

One that expresses all she can be
charming, beautiful, full of majesty

That she is the most complex & admiring existence in this universe

And another of opposite birth

One that can be harming, full of cruelty and calamity

And of this side I fear brings the other to her knees

And it ladens me with tears

But of this side of her
I fail to recognise,
as the woman I loved,
and it’s the only failure
I won’t rectify

The woman I loved,
the beautiful glimpses of allure,
that sparks through the impure and demeaning

Is the only meaning I can find within myself to breathe

But I’m lost
Lost in her mystery
Lost in the past

Because, I don’t see her anymore
giving rise to my love in the past tense

For I don’t know where she lives or with whom she spend her time

But of the worst fear I hold within my heart
is that the woman I loved never existed to begin with

That the idea of her was just a figment
of my idealistic mind

That all these years,
I conjured a fallacy of this supposed
side of her
so I could forgive what she had

And that I believed & fought so fervently  
in her
because in hope
it would bring life to her

Whatever the reality
I will never put cease
to my belief
that I will see her


Because the person
of whom I am talking about


And she is the most beautiful thing I’ve known, regardless of her flaws
My take on personifying history X
Dan Filcek Apr 2015
the largest: massive.
The young surface smooth,
viewed as an analogy
was inspired by discovery,
fell into the habit of position
that ruled during the days and hours.
It is inclined to eccentricity.
A slow and smooth evolution
ejected bodies too close
this was an overestimation
which extends above and increases
differentiated into several layers
Evidence was uncovered by the probe
so they may be decoupled
the shell substantially rigid.
a process formed
the young overwhelmingly dominate and possesses
a formation disrupted by collisions.
Such a violent beginning would explain
haze that blocks light
features obscure.
impossible to acquire
remaining  composed
There are traces of others
resulting from the breakup
complex compared to the age
replenished by a reservoir
studies simulating detection
fill a mysterious gap
via the recombination of radicals
significantly colder than observed
One hypothesis asserts uplift
which governs motion,
revealing a diverse origin,
Examination has shown
The convoluted chasms.
crisscrossed by dark sinuous features
sunlight reflected off their surface,
but no one observed.
This year for Poetry Month, I decided to post a "found poem" every day. If writing a poem is like painting, a "found poem" is like sculpting. source -
Vierra Feb 2017
There is a chaos theory that is dominate in my mind,
one of proper thought that has gone array,
visions of violations to our fellow man,
and whispers amongst the thieves.

If there is no honor,
then the point will be to survive in anarchy,
groveling and scrounging in the night,
to feed the pains in our bellies,

In my eyes, I will **** to feed,
but there is others who will not allow it,
and the storyline will be "I will need to be fulfilled before you'
maybe I will commit another act of treason.

After the rapture, those who live will be wasted,
like it was since ever since,
there will be title fights for structure and hierarchy
but it will still be life after Armageddon.

What will hope do to mankind?

its remains to be seen.
thoughts of anarchy and rapture.
Conjunctory synapsations dominate this space of mine.
Illogictorious messengers flutter across the grey matter.

Ellaborations swim down my being.
Painfulnesses take wing through the nervousness I call anxiety.

It is reading words that can be said, but that you cannot understand.
This is me,
My time,
My ramblings in thought,
I am,
Stranded in my mind.
I want to
every spec
of your gathered

unkept are
around my

Sweet love
let it
all on
#*** #intimacy #crave #passion #yearning #touch
T J W Nov 2018
a stare to get what you want
a gaze that manipulates
a seduction that will always leave you wanting more
a demon dressed as a daydream
evil disguised as elegance
Red will win everytime
it will entice you
play with you
control you
pierce your soul
you will never understand red
it will dominate you
a fire you can't help but fall into
Red bites your lips with only the eyes
a confidence you wish you had
Red will get you everytime
Jasmin Joy Aug 2018
I met you at the church
with bright eyes and smile
at the corner of your lips...
You stood up like a lion
who is coming out of the jungle.
Like the moon that dominate
over the stars in the sky

I felt a heavenly presence
when you come close to me...
I saw your burning eyes
filled with the fire of love..
I suddenly turned pale and weak
when I felt your breath

Love is a magic that
disappears within a moment..
It comes in like a lightening
and flashes into my lonely heart;
like a lamp struggling to glow...
Oh! My love! Why did you
flash into my wandering heart?

You are a thief; you
stole half of my heart !..
You filled it with your
love, like a heavenly fountain...
Now I could realise that
you are the only one
who loved me most...

My lines for you will never end.
It will continue forever and ever
Coz your love haunts me behind.....
Love is like snowfall.. It cools our heart♡♡
☆☆Love is a feeling that I can't explain with these 26 letters.. It is beyond everything...☆☆
Gods1son Feb 26
Gone are the days
When Mother Nature was a close neighbor
And a loved one
But we've forced her out to build roads, rails, buildings and whatnot

It makes me wonder...
Like, did we dominate to contaminate?
She meant no evil, can't we reciprocate?
Further and further, we've push her away

I remember
I used to look at her from my windows
And appreciate her beauty
Now, I have to take time off
To find her and hope that she's intact

We pollute her waters,
fully aware of the negative impacts
When we can easily choose to do right
But we'll fix it later, right?

We pollute the air
And fell the trees that make us breathe
In exchange for the medium of exchange; we call it money
I think it's quite a fair exchange right?

Polluting Mother Nature is like
Poisoning your own food before eating it
Who is going to face the heat?
Of course, you and your loved ones

What's an environment without
Trees spreading their arms
Butterflies spreading their wings
Birds singing their songs
Cool breeze saying hello
We need to protect our dear friend;
Mother nature
Jordan Hudson Dec 2018
(Yeah, low as go, yeah, low as can go, stance)
Low as can go, so low to the ground
Ace this ride at the show in the town
Windows up and the windows down
Depends on who be hangin' around
Pass by quickly, make some cash
While they pass and while I crash
They roll off the curbside and
I roll off by exit signs
Empty tank while they keep going
Bumps and holes, my stance keeps mewing
Hitting every one that I see
Cringing every time its too clean
Making a living and making stacks
Living at home and living at the track
I can go and yes I am back
You all gonna see what you lack
Sitting at the back side you all gonna see
What I can do and what I have for me
Place down at the table, make the bet
I got this and I ain't gonna let
All you dominate and take the crown
I gonna take this town and take down
The throne while you sit aside
I gonna sit down ain't gonna let this slide
Watch me as I take over this night
Watch ahead at the lit up tail lights
You are sad and trash I can drive
Can't go no where don't you lie
Take the backseat while I drive
Enjoy this sweet and fast ride
The others slowly follow behind
I just watch my mirrors all the time
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, ja
They all gonna drift and turn
What they gonna see is my flames burn
Listen to that bass and that exhaust
The sounds of the others getting lost
Way back there I'm up here
Where did they go can they not steer
They cannot even race
They just can't keep up with my pace
While I get ahead they behind
I'm up here can they find
Flash the lights and drive away
Get up there and we can stay
I love this one, got stance?
mark Aug 2018
*** is one of the sillier of human behaviors
along with bowel movements
and sometimes eating
trees are so  much more civilized
orderly mating
quietly courting
producing and sharing
their efforts with all around them

their singing, dancing ,and laughing
is choreographed
not a frenetic jazz interpretation
but ballads
sweetly put
no *** crimes
no need to dominate

I know we are not trees
but we are related
they're the branch of the family
that plays instruments
reads long novels
discreetly meeting their needs
without high heels
MarieAnna Jun 17
Hand in hand you lead me down your path,
Floral vintage dress flowing
Loose curls falling
Average beauty
Unique features
Not high maintenance
Quirky aura
Well rounded
Summer breeze
Scented daisies lining

Lets start the start of this cliche excuse of as story.

Boy meets girl
Mediocre everything, life and story.

Quoting the likes Shakespeare to you philosophically
Whilst listening to some obscure tune.
That leads you to secretly tap into nostalgic themes of your childhood.

In the midst of this you talk about, your lacklustre life, the same friends you've had since school and your mother.

My name doesn't matter,
Wherever we go, I am yours.
Trust me...this story is yours every question I am asked is about you.
Or if it is about me I say something kindly in your favour.
Everything that people know will be through your perception.
Not solid blocks of information.

Thus I refrain from talking too much.
I am just the ethereal dream...

Your hand tightens mine for reassurance
That we both will be led to the "real you"
Gambling every strand of integrity left
They all sense a change in your demeanour
By the end of our "love story"
An epiphany will conclude the chapter between us..
Vanish, I go.

However, I don't want to be just that girl,
Although you are just a boy.
Yearning to become just another man
Yearning to accomplish your dreams,

I am the one whose sole purpose is, is to just encourage you to take that leap.
I float around waiting for you to do so.

Into the unknown abyss we walk

Dark chapters of your life come reeling...
You drown in feeling
Your friends begin to question my influence
Your mother says I'm impulsive
Your mundane job becomes a burden
In the box you pencilled yourself in
Alone you erase the walls
Part of me clears away as you are almost there..

This story is nearly complete


Past angst causes you to collapse
In my clasp you keep walking
Further breaking down the walls you built
Since my lack of presence is "getting under your skin"

I give you innovative ways to begin the art of living
Which doesn't include me anymore, dear.
It’s a fear of mine
Always has been
Since you’ve known me anyway
The very idea of
Being there
Being there… For what?

I laugh hatefully at your lack of comprehension and your surplus of *******

I shiver at the thought of such reality
Being there for you,
Around you,
Near you.
Underneath your breath to kiss you
Dominate my current existence by word, mouth and word of mouth
Or what’s left of it really
In other words, How am I supposed to complete you?
When you’re perpetually at a loss
How a string of pearls adds the final touch.

Or the icing on the cake.
Cherry on top.
Broken promises and placentas
Too much? Not enough
Welcome to my world
I am the girlfriend tightly held by the waist.
I am the spouse with tears streaming for everything
Everything that’s you
Nowadays I’m the widow who never knew the meaning to ‘80s love ballads

And that can’t do for an 80-something shrew
Temporary fragments,
I hope will wither away after a lifetime
Your cheap catchphrases pay me no mind
This may be why I never found you?
I love you

Or maybe I loved the fear of you
As you loved the idea of me..
Co-write daniel archila
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