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Rafael Melendez Nov 2015
Rigid, ****, painful intervals of burning in the pores of my skin.
A rough sensation in my heart, I missed her more than I cared for my own life.
  At what point in time did my ancestors devolve me, when did my DNA first form this biological gap?

My instincts were supposed to protect me.
Kevin J Taylor Jul 2017
Flowers: Gift of Higher Reason!
Spring again in step and season!

Deoxyribonucleic* data? No! Much more—
Painted petals trimmed with theta!
*Deoxyribonucleic Acid is more commonly known as DNA

**Theta means spirit, soul, the spiritual essence of each of us, each living thing, and the qualities associated with it (goodness, purity, excellence, beauty, understanding, love etc etc)

Not all poems survive. I've lost a few and let others go. My current collection of poems is available on Kindle. It is called "3201 e's" (that is approximately how many e's are in the manuscript which is a very unpoetic title but a reflection on the creation of poetry with common things.)
Kleigh Feb 18
I meet a star on earth
And we met like constellations
Can't describe his worth
It's hard to explain like mathematical equations
No one can be measure
'Cos he's like a galaxies' most precious

I love you all through eternity
To have infinity
To prove everlasting
In the end, I am just a dust and feel nothing

'Cos I fall too fast
That's why I crashed that harsh
Like a shooting stars
In a galaxy of broken hearts
To the man I gave my whole universe
v V v Oct 2018
Evidently it was meant to be.
Long before I was born my DNA
sat on a shelf in God's laboratory,
a sticky note attached,
name, date of birth, perhaps
a tiny alarm to notify the lab
of inception.

God doesn't lose things
and God doesn’t forget.
It must be for a reason and
it must be meant to be.

A critical piece of who I am.

I should show a little pride because
as they say God don't make no junk(ie)..

But I’m a little late to the party..

The party that celebrates those who choose to be identified
by a gender other than the one they were born with,
but shames anyone who struggles with substance abuse.

I'm having trouble understanding the difference.

If I were to gather my drug addled friends
and march down the street with banners and signs
demanding the right to openly inject mind altering
substances into my veins I would be seen as
a criminal and a derelict even though my constant struggle
came right off the shelf of God’s laboratory where

my sticky noted DNA sat right next to yours.

I guess I shouldn't care what people think..
I know my rights, and I demand to be accepted,
NO, praised for coming out so bravely,
carrying a new flag, flaunting in the streets,
paving the way for future generations of addicts.

I will take my God given DNA out of the dark
and go out into light,

light so bright you'll be forced to accept it.

accept my sickness!
embrace it!
this is in my DNA,
God made me this way
so it must be ok.
I feel better now.
I no longer feel guilty,
or depressed,
or weak,
or wrong,
or immoral,

No longer do I need to contain it.

no longer do I need to be shamed.

I am an addict and I am beautiful.

Just like you.
I have been clean a long time yet the stigma of addiction is as strong as ever. I apologize to my LGBTQ friends for any offense taken to this poem. No offense is intended rather food for thought. I have often wondered why society dictates what is politically correct and what is not... and where good old fashioned morals fit in, and how something that at one time was so right can now be so wrong,    and vice versa.
I have never met my future self, but
I bet she still has dreams. I bet she won't
hold them in a plastic bag or treat them like some
concealed weapon.

My future self-wont be a childless human since
I have already birth galaxies of my own.
She will probably never be a vegan but will think that cantaloupe and olives will go great together.

(She will have a sense of humor.)

I don't know my future self, but I do
know she will still be half human and half
star and her DNA will still be all angelic.
She will most likely still be her own bandwagon.
Momin Apr 2018
my shoes scuff against the pavement
my head's in the basement
i need to learn to have patience
hiding in my safe haven
i get the news clearer
she's not the one for you

i look in the mirror
and hold my pills nearer
i get the news clearer
i'm not the one for you

recalling my ex-girl
written these songs full of acidity
when i lost her bitterly, no
oh no i see these feelings twisting up inside me
like a double helix
i'm a realist
but my dreams are poetic
i might've made mistakes but sometimes you gotta let it
hanging with slum kids
illusionary magic
i'm an addict
eyes red
cooped up in the hotel
i'm that dude
that's passion, obsession
my gift
my curse and my blessing
different's infinite,
living in open emotions and poems
my life is filled with
"i used to know her and know him"
but now i'm that kid
thinking that i'll just
fall off the wrong side of the sky
but after all, all i wanna do hold you tight
Leanna, I hope you recover quickly and feel better
Johannah Jeanty Nov 2018
1, 2, 4, 8...
Chromosomes and cells of mine,
They duplicate.

My personality divides
Any and every time.

Meiosis -
My rapid mutations,
I find that they
Fuel my psychosis

High expectations
I let me rip me apart
I divide and split
Over and over again

This is the alien
That I've become
I'm never enough
It's never the same
Gaps of DNA through

Meiosis -
I know this,
I know that I'm not good enough
As a single, a one,
Tear myself in half to
Give them two
When I'm done.
Was doing biology in school and learnt what meiosis is... so I did the most 'Asominate' thing to do... write a poem about it.
duane hall Jul 29
DNA, exploding in rapturous sin
It's the place where we all must begin
It determines  our next of kin
It helps explain the shape were in
We really have nothing to say
About who's involved in this grandiose play
We are all victims of fate
When  two people decide to replicate
We all must eat what's on our plate
It's beyond our control, there is no debate
It's all comes down to a  roll of the dice
Sometimes it's sevens, sometimes its snake eyes
The results vary in every shape and size
It can be a curse or a blessing in disguise
The fortunate felines that have it made
The not so fortunate who would gladly trade
One thing about physical beauty, it's bound to fade
It's the inner beauty that's here to stay.
The engineers they tweak the DNA,
fostering changes to the RNA,
the plants becoming something else,
immunevolution modify man’s health.
And never will they accept the blame,
for their arrogance and dangerous game;
and when the food cannot be eaten?

History recall of the viral cretins.
The evolutionary end of humanity is the recombination of animal and plant DNA.
Elioinai Oct 2018
All day
it’s been like this since Friday night
Like little pinpricks
short stabs of adrenaline
giving me an increasing amount of jitters and pain
with no beautiful passion or art to show for all the hormone fireworks
I’m not depressed
I’m not anxious
but I’m suffering directionless excitement
My journey of healing has brought me to this mountain and commanded that I climb
So I climb
I have no choice but to rise
Reaching up with bruised and blistered fingers
it’s the only way to leave my ruined body behind
Keiya Tasire Jan 11
No matter what country
No matter what race.
No matter what religion
No matter what ****** orientation.
No matter what peoples we identify with.
We are all born of the elements of the same earth.
We breathe the same air.
We all are warmed by the same sun.
We stand in awe of the same moon.
We each look up into the night sky from the land of earth.
Within each of our DNA
We hold the same markers as all of humanity.
With our roots reaching back
To the same ancestral first man
To the same ancestral first woman
To ever walk up on our beloved Earth Mother
Under sky of our Beloved Father.
Remembering a very, very old story
About the Dance of Creation.
In this dance Yah was alone.
Yah desired to share love
Yah desired to have joy.
Within a dream to share joy
Yah looked within and fell in love
with the two eyes looking back.
Yah stepping in the within
Eye to eye and arm in arm
In a whirl they turned and danced
Spinning in love with ecstasy and joy.
Two together within the embrace of love.
So so speaks the ancient story
Of the creation of the Spirits of Man.
Long before we were each
Born of the elements of the same earth.
No matter what peoples we identify with.
No matter what ****** orientation
No matter what religion
No matter what race.
No matter what universe, galaxy,
Solar system, planet, continent or place we hail from
We are all related in Love.
Dedicated to a warrior, Mo Byrne.
OpenWorldView Jan 30
                     ­                            A
      Y                                            R
          ­   O                                    T
                        U ­                   S
                            R              N
                  ­E                              D
          M                     ­                 M
    E                                         ­    E
    S                                        B
      H         ­                    E
            W              C
         M                  R
    I                                    K
 ­   N                                          S
       ­        O
Our hearts are meshworks.
You and me becoming one.
Äŧül Sep 13

Just what science required,
Enticed by bioengineering,
Nucleotides it concerned,
Nucleosides it can fix,
Increasing the methods,
For editing genome,
Errors in the genes it fixes,
Righting some wrongs of mother nature.

Decoded by a wonderful lady,
On a day of helplessness,
Utilizing this tool we are now,
Debted by science and technology,
Neat-handed through practice we become,
Always we shall utilize CRISPR-Cas9 for good.

Few people notice that DNA is the suffix of her name.
A poem about something I am working on right now.

Jennifer Anne Doudna and Emmanuelle Marie Charpentier innovated CRISPR-Cas9.

My HP Poem #1770
©Atul Kaushal
NewCaleBoy Aug 2018
the extermination of the straight white male

soon we will be gone and the remainder carried over into zoos for
“safekeeping,” our DNA and ***** harvested for science purposes

you will be pitched advertisements

send $ to San Diego Zoo so they can save the few remaining
white rhinos (which they neglect to mention are in preserves in Kenya and the Sudan, but send $$ a way)
and the last three straight white guys
(surfer, techie, and an aborigine)
to preserve the species so the world can modify their cells
to stop sexism, racism and other male diseases
gonna maybe mate them with the rhinos,
which will be expensive cause of all the rhinoplasty,

so send me some
money, money, money

Tommy Randell Sep 2017
I've caught the virus,
the virus of You
Your DNA has become mine too
And like viruses do
Through all of history
I've become a carrier
Of your elegant mystery

My symptoms are smiling
And being distracted
A little naïve and overly romantic
The world knows I've got you
And I'm contagious
In every poem I breathe
Over hundreds of pages ...

It was a one time thing
In a room of silence
A point in time that is now time-less
A nervous smile
A single tap of your foot
Being there as you played
Was all it took.
Sally G** is an immensely talented Flute Player from Sheffield, England. Falling in love with her was as simple as this poem suggests and as long lasting - I was in a pub over 25 years ago participating in a Trad Irish tunes session ... and she played.
D Awanis Apr 2017
We were born in different shapes, colors, and size
Not a single embryo was able to decide their DNA or blood type
But that shouldn't make us less humans than the others
It's the diversity that makes us exquisite and beautiful

Break down the stereotype that beauty is fair skin,
that beauty is a skinny and blonde-haired lady
that beauty is wearing clothes with branded labels
that beauty is applying tons of foundation and mascara

Who are we to determine the standard of beauty, anyway?
While each of us is God's creativity,
authentically made by His hands

Who are we to judge God's taste in art, anyway?
While each of us is uniquely magnificent,
as His creations are never less than a masterpiece

Keep in mind that the real beauty lies within ourselves,
beneath our skin, between our thoughts, and inside our soul
Embrace your inner beauty
Muted Jun 2018
on a crisp, clean morning in the fall of 2008,  i was happy.
i walked to class, textbooks in hand.
I could almost feel the earth shifting underneath my doc marten's.
I was ready to showcase my new haircut,
reaveal my new and improved self to the world.
I'll never forget when the handsome, bright eyed boy who sat behind me in first period told me that
my hair wasn't supposed to be short. After all, I am a girl.
You see, from the very beginning, I was taught that having a ****** made me "just a girl".
Made me just a maid.
just a cook.
just a someday wife and mother.
just a dainty, pink ribbon.
just a punchline.
just an orifice,
is an ode to the parts of me
that no soul has ever truly desired to understand.
this is working just as hard as a man.
this is ******* with the lights on,
assuming my position,
stepping away from the kitchen.
this is burning my "big girl *******" and going commando, instead.
this is scrubbing his DNA off of my body and reclaiming it.
this is creating and birthing new life,
a generation of girls who aren't
just girls.
When you exist in a world
where you are instructed to keep your mouth shut,
your strongest desire is to open it,
as wide as a cavern.
Here, where we are told that we
think too much,
feel too much,
love too much,
we long to be enough.
this is being enough.
this is learning to love myself.
this is finding comfort in my body,
despite all of the glass shards
i find myself plucking from it.
this is loving myself into
an ******, so heavy,
that it makes me feel
like a ******
is the most profound thing
a person can have.
duncanwrite Jun 2015
Bluto, the world’s strongest man, could tear bread loaf-sized pieces off a steel-belted tractor tire with his bare hands.

But he could not lift a single smithereen of his sensitive Piscean heart when Lily, the luscious, leggy Leo trapeze artist, left him for steely-eyed Arien Karl, the literate and literary lion tamer.

Horoscopic Circus, Act II

She was a Cancer Dragon. Like catnip to the Piscean Tiger, whose feline DNA was his Achilles heel. Especially when she wore heels. And nylons. The end is nylon, he thought. I love you she said. I love you more he affirmed. And firm he soon became. Then being the ringmaster, she opened her mouth and incinerated him -- as only dragons can….
Emeka Mokeme Jul 2018
You are not average,
or mediocre placed.
Your fingerprints
are different
from anyone else's
on this earth.
You are a unique
combination of DNA
that has never been,
and will never be seen
again in the world.
While you're here,
i want you to find out
what you love to do most,
and do it.
If you do that,
it will literally shower
you in prosperity.
If you don't know
what that is yet, 
You will never happen again.
Let's make the most of it.
That thing about showering
you in prosperity?
It's true.
But it's also true that
if you don't do what you're
meant to be doing here on earth,
you're going to mysteriously
find it very tough going.
So what are you going to do about it.
You are created to live a glorious life
of abundance.
Arise now today like an eagle,
and fly higher beyond the limits,
beyond the ordinary,
soar with grace in the world of actuality
and your reality will manifest.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
KiraLili Aug 2016
It's her way learn
Believing in her convictions
When yours are discovered they must be questioned
Her face you see the struggle
" how can you have no faith?"
Passionate about her beliefs
There ingrained in her DNA
When pressed on her ways she says its acceptance
All your points on science she gets
But says they co exhist with belief
The dogma of her convictions she holds tight like a dog with a bone
But you see the struggle
" what if he's right?"
She answers...
"Science can be questioned and proven. Faith is unquestioned acceptance. "
That comes from deep down
She's realized the difference
And chooses faith
How many struggle so?
Ongoing Debate on Creation and Faith over 30 years.
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