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Jesse stillwater Apr 2018
The woman in the window
  Looks out beyond the glass
Beyond the reach of her whispers
  Befogged upon windowpanes glance

Farther  than  the  bounds
  Her own breathe imbues
Out of reach her long fingered touch
  Tracing her murmurs on looking glass dew
Grasping for the shadowed artifacts
  Only time does nonchalantly drift past

Perched alone upon a cloud of silence
  Her thoughts eddy in soundless swirl
Spinning like dizzying shadows
  Swallowed by a thirst for light

The other side of window beckons
  Only she knows she’s looking out through a sigh;
Seeing no one familiar looking back ―  
  For what hidden jewels within abide

She dreams of dancing leafless by daylight
  Twirling beneath the whispering willows sway
Just a step away from being free
  Just a step away from feeling alive

With first step beyond imprisoning hesitation
  Crossing over the threshold of a dream
Through a liberating portal outside the glass
  Just on the other side of the windowsill ...

                  Jesse e Stillwater
13th  April  2018
A palpable sensation of dizzying insignificance
usually associated with gazing into the sky.
A judgement of the mathematical sublime.
trf Jul 2018
sleeping tears awoke to crimson crust & apple red veins,
eyes peering through the dizzying fog to find a faucet
& drizzle rain like nectar down the peach pit's core,
along rugged edges & oval pores,

imperfect patterns & lightning blinks
remind the second sadness to cry once again.

My swipe of crust is rusting
like a smoker's yellowing finger tips gathering paint on callouses
& cracked lips

mirrored reflections shadow gaze,
squinting to locate bronze crow's feet of a man, mid thirties,
lying for what-to die
dying to wait-for what
I wrote this poem on the back of my most recent 36x48 painting. Abstract-fully Delicious, yet sad and viscous
Samantha Cunha Nov 2018
    into a

& eclectic

to reach

Plight of
the artist
Michael Briefs Jul 2017
Journeys rendered dateless,
Wayward and extending out,
Round the compass points --
Dizzying aspiration to cease this race,
To slow my sprinting soul,
This pace splintering, in exhaustion.

Expiring breath of hope or of home
Evaporated in a distance
Vanishing and
On trackless tides, across
Labyrinthine depths,
Within the vast heart
Of the world
I cannot run from.

Yet, I moved to and between
The center or its peripherals, in
Singular or collectives,
Seeking pattern and
Drawing connectives –-
Brushing by and
Bustling among
Entranced In their own

I watched their movements
And their exchanges,
I heard their rituals and
In all these transitions,
They have no inkling
That their seemingly trite
Lives merely manifest
The epic motifs of the heavens!

Our imaginations mirror
The vitality of the gods!
We are as immortal as they!
Our simple, sensual stories
Are also enduring legends
As our pages turn,
Our flags are unfurling!

Just as our fellow
Olympians of old
Engaged in a marathon of
Endeavor to heights
From those mystic days
Since Orpheus’ ardent lyre
Sang notes
Of Nature’s divinity, Her
Eternal sweetness.

We need only sense that
It is in Nature’s essence
We are sharing.
With her, we are joined in
An undying marriage,
A unified pairing –
Our human heritage,
Our dignified bearing.

We share in that song,  
We share in that sweetness,
We share in that race,
We share in Her immanence.

This journey is our own.

It goes on, unending!
I keep replaying the day you left.

A normal, almost pleasant morning until you tore that final rift.
Cool summer air mixing with despair upon finding your

And my sudden flow of tears blurred most of what you wrote but,
It doesn't take much to know I don't make your cut.

And I've yet to address all of the stress or how much I have shrunk.
Most nights spent drunk, I've found the best listeners to be stars.

I tell them of gashes fading into scars.
Tip-toeing around the most painful parts has become a form of art.

What a fool to think I could trick the moon
with this broken heart.

No amount of alcohol can take me from these dizzying heights so,
I guess you were right.
Blue filled up my heart
with a grieving sea,
and flooding my body
with salt and sand.

Blue dragged me down
and brought me to an underwater
                                   leaving me

in the clear depths
of a deep sea cathedral.

Blue sent my soul tumbling
                                 tumbling into a deep abyss,
                              only to be brought back
                           by the force of those crashing waves
                        unceasing and unrelenting.
                     But Blue keeps me under,
                  unable to resist the frigid tug
               of its dizzying torrent.

Blue left my heart
into millions of shards of glass
and sc
               d  them
into the ocean
floating on waves of relief.

Blue left behind a cold emptiness,
dulled by the flames of its absence.
But Blue can never be replaced,
nor can it be un
Anonymous Freak Oct 2018
The flowers were a dizzying kaleidoscope
Of orange,
And purple,
The wine glasses glittered in the lowlight
Easily distracting my eye,
Tempting my mind into a past memory with candlelight and soft touches.

My father commanded the room.
His voice still makes me feel sick
When I hear the beginning of frustration in it.
I begin to cower inside
Whenever his tone is stressed,
I think of him hitting my mother.
It disgusts me that he prayed a blessing over a brand new marriage.

As we bowed our heads in polite resignation,
And I felt alone again...
Cast away by a father who terrifies me,
And again,
By a lover
Who found me too overwhelming.
I listened to the nightmare of my childhood’s voice drone on,
Addressing God,
And the beautiful flowers and gowns faded away
To lonely darkness.

Pulling me from a fearful stupor,
My little sister’s hand
Held my own,
we laced our fingers together
Under the pure white table cloth,
Squeezing gently.
The words coming from the lips
Of the man who induced my first trauma,
And the memory of the man I missed so much,
Were cleared from my mind;
And all that remained
Were the words of my sister,
“What do I always say? I love you more than any boy ever could.”
Micaela Mar 12
when you said
i love you
it was a dizzying accident—

a crashing wave—
leaving bubbles of a nervous laugh
and a glimmering embrace.

your gaze rapidly flashed
down, and i hid
my wonder-flooded face—

in the surge of one moment,

we were too
dazed to dive into the surf
of that torrential magnificent.
Iska Sep 2018
You asked me why I love you
And here’s a couple of reasons why:

You hold me like you can feel the
World, twirling on its axis
And if you let go we will both start spinning in an unending dance
And as we drift and glide among the stars we will slip and slid in the affections of the heart.
So instead you hold me
And I hold you, as if I never want to let you go, because while the stars are breathtaking, they lack the warmth of home. And while the dance is dizzying it’s hard to breathe without you.

Your eyes.
I could go on for days about your eyes. They entice me in their depths. The way the sunlight hits them in a wave of golden sparkles and then, you smile and I feel like i have a sunset for blood and a stardust heart. The way they light up as you behold the world.
The way your pupils dialate when they behold me. As if I am a star bright enough to burn away the world until it is just a breath, and a blur of color between our heart beats.

Your voice.
The way it rises and falls with the crisendo of your emotions. The way your breathing breaks up the beat of a steady sentence. The way it caresses my name like the breeze caresses a lilac blossom on a spring morn. The way it lulls me into a dreamy trance from which I have no desire to escape.

Your heart.
The way it’s song shifts, and tempo picks up, just a bit as I run my fingers over the smooth surface of your skin. The comforting rhythm beneath my ear as we match breathing before falling into dreams grasp. The way your heart strings tug and tangle when you fall in front of someone in need. How it pangs for those who have more misfortune then you. The way it’s song floats around me like wishes on the wind and tangled with my own until my own beat seems infinitely more beautiful and alien at the same time.

I have this irrational fear
That you will leave me
To chase after a brighter star.
And I don’t know how to react
But I do know, that if you did..
        I would let you.
And every night I would look up at the moon and we would agree
that you and the sun are alike.
Both so pretty and both just out of reach. And I would find solace amoung the moonbeams as I watch you spin dazzlingly amoung the sun as you dance between the stars.
Ari Apr 2018
it feels like my mind is being stretched out
like taffy
it sticks to one's fingers
sickly sweet
swallowed whole, no chewing

it's also akin to a TV set
a dizzying tizzy of static
colorbars across the screen
only seen in black/white to me

my every thought is a grain of sand
once neatly nestled together caressed by calm waves
a hurricane came through
and now
their scattered
*they're scattered.
and *****!
oh, how they are *****.
but then again, sand is always ***** isn't it?

i don't know where i'm going with this
i lost the way to 'metaphor' or 'inspiration'
so i'm just going where the wind takes me
and hoping i'm not chaining myself to a tornado
sophie mechaune Oct 2018
you told me you loved me
and I still believe you told the truth
but when I couldn't stand under
what had used to be our solid roof
you retreated from our bond
like what we had built was
simply and solely
meant for our youth

now I know your love was one kind
when mine was faintly another
in essence they did appear alike
only one pulled back and the other
clenched harder

but never will I devalue
the very fabric of your being
nor your heart, nor your experience
nor the most dizzying of your feelings

you made the choice to push me away
so your mind could have enough
time to relay
healing over heartbreak,
leaving me awake
to blindly find how to be okay
when I expected to see you today
in a different way, but I hoped
it would somehow be the same

eventually okay is what I became
and our mismatched loves
breathe on anyway
and I will continue to say
I am thankful for our story
with all its dips and sways
it is our intricate, impassioned play
and I promise, I pray
your place,
your space
in my heart will

maybe we'll build again one day
for jnd
Melody W Aug 19
The distance became immeasurable;
I've grown too accustomed to the flux -
flitting from one while longing for the other

Mother - the first separation of many as the evening comes -
refuses the word 'goodbye', so unwelcome in her native tongue
and yet she has tasted grief unspoken more times than not.

She stands in her garden, beckoning for me to stay an hour
Unabashed in her dizzying eagerness for me to wait and see
night-blooming cereus - their blooms as rare as
dwindling shows of affection
and already my eyes are on the far gate,
scornfully expressing my desire to come home to you

She shrinks, and I leave without a backward glance.

When I arrive home, a familiar silence greets me;
you've already completed your day and don't look up as I walk in,
so entranced are you by the alluring stimulation of the screen

I retreat to empty rooms, finding solace in the cold.
Cherished, I had not realized what I'd lost
by hastily choosing what ought to have been my joy complete.

Cast aside now, broken by expectations yet again,
my mind wanders to my lost family,
who cling to the precious moments, always present

And allow myself to recall my mother's puffy eyelids,
another anniversary the next day that won't be celebrated,
another somber witness to the night-blooming cereus - alone again.
sparklysnowflake May 2018
hair in luxurious brown ringlets
            stiff with hairspray
arm bent down my back
            elbow in my face
            fingers contort
                        jump and spin
grab the zipper and
zip up my dress in front of
                        the mirror
            bejeweled bodice weighs me down
                        bright blue drowns
                                    me out
let the reflection of my own
            two hazel brown eyes
                        hypnotize me
            fingers absentmindedly re-twist my curls
                              ­      snap
            out of it
plop onto the floor and strap
on my heels
            practice walking
            calves and ankles clench to
                        keep from falling over

picture-perfect makeup
            dates in pressed tuxedoes
find your friends
elegant silver jewelry
            sequins sparkles and flowing colors
                        blur together
hold hands
            pose here
you have an eyelash
            fix that one button there
careful don't trip
            you look beautiful
                        quick one more
bass pounding
            pulsing in the walls
                        and behind my eyes
dizzying rainbow lights
crowd jumping
                                    blind and deaf
            curls fall out
                        makeup melts
            fists make dents in the humid air
                        ties loosen
            heels ripped off sore feet

stumble outside
            soft cool twilight
bass still rattling the floor
but someone's prom date
            is a poet too
pure thoughts about
            art and
                        constellations and
            silence the mob inside
hours fly
            sky darkens
            reflect like glowing freckles
            onto smiling cheeks

put your shoes back on
            "get his number!"
because you think I won't
            be satisfied until I
                        kiss him?
we spent a night
            under the stars
our minds together
            crafted thoughts that
                        penetrated the cosmos
            and will float among the stars for
we were in each other's lives
            for as long as we needed to be
                        created infinity together
            now –
carry out
our life sentences
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