ic Sep 2014
and the way
he looked at her
was undoubtedly divine.
Mike Essig Oct 2015
god made stars
for starving poets

when they look up
they forget
how hungry they are

F l o w e r s   a r e   t h e   m o s t   B e a u t i f u l
I n  f o r m s,  c o l o u r s  and   E s s e n c e s
Galaxies Even rarer
Fleur of cosmic Space
Threads of our  dreamy  dust
    Embraced in  no time  we drift
      E         n           d           l          e           s           s            l                y
                  Intimate       ­     Polarities             Sacred             Pollienation
                                        W o m e n    are   Rare  Flowers
                                  ­                M e n   Create~d:   for *Us
Imagined by
Impeccable Space
Poetic beauty
'      '       '     '
Cunt Muffin Sep 2011
I feel your breath

Rolling down my skin,

Like ripples in the pond.

I feel as if I'm floating

And the entire world is gone.

I feel the shivers

Racing up my spine.

Your touch is electric;

I feel divine.
What's pure & divine?
An early morning sunrise,
Sun peeking through the trees,
Darkness giving way to the bright,
Observing the sky turn yellow from gray,
Birds singing welcome to the new day,
Listening what these early hours say.
A poem that came to my mind at 4 AM.
My HP Poem #626
©Atul Kaushal
O Beloved.
Wound me with tenderness
as I embrace Your living flame of love.

Burn away my fears and self-pity
that holds me back from being
consumed by the flames of Your love.

Ignite the hearth of my own heart,
so I may share Your living flame
with tenderness to spread the flame of divine life.

Melt away my insecurities and dishonesty, so
I can stand before You as a living flame burning
wildly to embrace everything as a gift from You.
Daisy Fields Nov 2014
So alive.
So infinite.
So free.
She sees the beauty, the love, the chaos, the mystery of life.
She sees it clearly
& she reflects it in herself.
She is the beauty, the love, the chaos, the mystery of life.
She sees the earth for all its worth and she reflects that in herself.
She is a divine creator.
She ten folds everything she touches.
She was made from love.
She was made to love.
She is a vast & ever-changing sea of emotions, thoughts, & energies.
She has the universe inside of her.
She has the earth all ways to guide her.
She is golden.
She is light.
She is all.
She is I.
Margaret Apr 2014
Polo number one
Ralph Lauren: a divine scent
Classy anyway
Oh my favorite perfume is the Ralph Lauren big pony collection, I like no.1 and no.3 the best. Such a classy fragrance.
NYC Feb 2015
Souls are divine.
Anna Krijger Jun 2015
She is a wounded goddess
who loves so deeply
that she was rejected
time and time again
What could make her see
The light that she holds?
This wounded goddess,
she is a Master of the Divine
Shaping this world
and many others
When you meet her,
look deep into her eyes and
awaken her soul
Your reward will be substantial
Anshuman sharma Feb 2015
Come Sincerity
Come aspiration
Come illumine my soul in ineffable ways.
Be receptive to the light my coy soul ere you sway,
For Ruffled respulsive is the vital
Guarding the hallway.

Come sincerity
Come aspiration
Come illumine my soul in ineffable ways
For I must serve the divine
Pure resolute,myriad ways.
The vital mentioned here  is the lowest of all the forces present in us. From the vital comes the lower forces of nature like greed anger jealousy and so on.
Crystal diamonds
beautifully displayed

Dancing darlings
dissolves with touch

Delicate details
Gracefully descend

Divine diamonds
Dazzilingly fall
Harry J Baxter Apr 2014
I am up at night
sending my prayers to anonymous strangers
because maybe they have the answers
maybe not the ones I want, but the ones I need
there is something beautiful about them
human blank canvases
potential for beauty
comedy or interest
their nameless faces
playing on the projector of my mind’s eye
the closest I have come to finding God
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