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zebra Oct 2018
stranded in
the beauty of her throat shunted

her preference
a short drop
in a bulwark twisting knot
a hanged ghastly pendent

her feet arching desperately in search of a floor
they will never find


her face
a hideous insubordination
she dissolves like tropical butter
a screaming silence
a falling prayer
with downward sloping limbs

eyes wobbled
bulging to break into paradise
like a dizzied cyclops
as numb lipped jutting howls
turn cement

always willing to help
he scums
for her
in pulsing heaves
of beatific gush
dark eroticism
****** horror
jane taylor Apr 2016
shadows casting forward
pastel edges
of water colored nebulous scenes
once known

i fuse with deja vu
in its feather-like fringe
i beg for the meaning
of history reliving

perhaps it’s a maze
tho’ previously scripted
funhouse mirrors silently mock
our own carnival

or is it a wink?
the north star is nodding
a slight innuendo
we’re not lost at sea

perchance it’s a hint
it is all an illusion
a glitch in the matrix
the black cat walks by

i grasp for the answer
and peer at the ghostly
parchment paper dream
as it dissolves to thin air

Tommy Randell Nov 2014

Not one particle of me
Dissolves readily
I am so immune to Love
These days.
My outstretched hand
Stirs but does not *******
Enacts but does not generate
Indeed Un-differentiates.

I have made
From deeper word-clays
Superior thoughts of you
And have thrown
Better pots upon the wheel
But daily life these days
Must take what it can get
The potter must ***.

This is not mere wrestling
With images
This talk of alchemy
And artifice
In the absence of you
I am forced to ply other clays
Toward lesser ideals
On my stage of words

That is to say
You were for me
Something seen into
More than friendship's patina
More than the creation of space
Something seen of imagination
More than the clay itself.
Alyse M King Feb 2012
I hope pain rattles you clean
And silence burns your soul.
May anger shake your bones
And anxiety startle your breath,
While guilt tears your gut
And sorrow eats your mind.
When obligation dissolves your desire
And despair sinks into your core,
Then you might know the depths of this torture.
For your heart does not believe what it cannot see
And it is blind to me
Pagan Paul Feb 17
I have one hand on the handle of the mad sane door,
the other is scraping shards on the missing floor,
my mind dissolves away into a hurricane squall,
and my face is the mirror on a stark ***** wall.

My life is a fluid flowing through images weird,
dripping through the cracks, tactile and veneered,
pouring dark thoughts into a head once cleared,
the door whispers promises of nothing to be feared.

© Pagan Paul (14/12/17)
Not Lauren Jan 2016
From the time the heart first knew how to feel, and the eyes distinguished rain from tears, few have hidden behind the walls within me. Whether they found it a safe place or a jail cell - well, I guess we'll leave that to the imagination. No matter if it was a cell or heaven, the space within always felt alive. Even at my deadest times, the heat within coursed like it knew something more valuable was in store.

Somehow, some way, a wanderer found a pathway in. Had he known better, perhaps he would not have been in the hands of the girl with wisps of flame at her angered fingertips. The burns don't sustain, but the more that's lost, the more it dissolves all other slivers of hope left to grasp.

Fear is the real culprit, you must see. The fear I must face by harboring a false love; a fear of committing my own sins; of breaking my own promises.

I've never understood a "true understanding." Anger can be cooled by the calm, as does the rainbow after the storm. With the storm blown over, his eyes shone bright and revealed his intentions clearly - you can still love with a straight face and a frigid heart.
Ashley Chapman Sep 2018
Past our past,
Yours and mine,
My soul yearns,
As I walk by silver clad trees; 
A favourite parked orange vintage Saab;
And memories newly raw, too.


Then quite extraordinarily,
The Cosmic Whale,
Stirs in my solar-plexus,
And my objectivity dissolves,
As conscious consciously hears:
The song of my inner Gypsy,
And look!
My Narwhal,
Up among the stars,
Beyond days and nights,
Roaming free,
Scything milky ways in half,
Fireballs disrupting,
In infinite timelessness,
Beyond the pull of gravity,
Where no vortex holds:
The 'othering' whirlpool,
That keeps us compressed
- as a collapsed star -
At last my Cosmic Leviathan blows
- ALL is released and falls away.


Such is my Cosmic Behemoth:
The funnel *****
And inside out,
Is turned.
As at last on course;
Whoo! Whoo! Whoo?
But no-one replies!
The navigation station is empty:
This is motion without traction,
And no acceleration,
Slipping atoms would only slow!
The flow,
No windows either on the view,
As even visual truths are but fleeting,
And words muddy the clear unconscious streaming,
As the journey beyond mind begins.


The worldly maze recedes,
A bird's-eye vision steers the empty ship;
No harbours are plotted,
From here on
- endless flight in night,
Without end,
Wings blaze occasionally nearby,
A host of fireflies pattern the cosmic pool,
A whole immensity in which to dance.
Expanding outward,
Not as we would have it, but as it is beyond our eyes.
Where space is born,
Again and again,
And so!
Exults in nothing,
A self beyond understanding,
In silence thrives,
Where sense logic makes no waves.


The Cosmic Whale is off,
All attachments gone,
Like a flake of skin,
A fold in time -
Falls off.
The anchor dropped,
Is not retrieved,
What use is I -
When the clock's monotony no longer counts!


The surface disappears,
The ocean depth submerges,
In the cabin
The lights are dimmed to monochrome,
As navigators know,
Blind sees the furthest.
Charts are soon forgotten,
The imagination leads:
Ueah, the Cosmic Mind,
Vast and free
In all directions!
No need to plot a line,
Instead like the humble earthworm,
Who in darkness fertilises:
Beauty, how unimaginable, how unknowingly,
Is by all that envelopes guided,
As from the cracked ***!
Which in Reality was suffocated,
The source is nourished.


As my Cosmic Whale plunges the deeps,
Look to the expanse:

     The eternal behemoth whose flight
     Everywhere provides,
     Guileless and unobjectified.
     A subjectivity that knows no
     Is unto itself unknowable.

In brushstrokes.
The universe,
Is as it rolls Created.
Where logic has little to do,
As all,
Already simply is.
This poem is actually about the ego's death. How I will mourne it, and how the fight to let it go will be immense as it is for us all. Death in life comes in many shapes, not ultimate death, but our relationships, *le petite mort*. Of course, there is life beyond relationship death. Beyond a sense of end; and yes, ultimately all is good preparation for that all consuming final death. This poem was inspired by untenable love for another; by the paintings in bold, almost lurid, but zen-like brushstrokes of a fellow Tunnel member, Genevieve Leavold; and by my mate Chris Godber who alluded to whales. It also has to do with my Gypsy heart and Celine's Salon, in Soho at Troy 22, where we celebrated the traveller's soul. Finally, a YouTube clip of a talk given by Guru Mooji in which awareness is being conscious of conscious.

Bon Voyage!
A slender white cloud,
tells wind its tale, dissolves!
The sky's smile vanishes.
zebra Apr 2017
kisses on your warm sweet mouth
tender lips caressed
exploring your ******* and raised ******* ..
belly and thighs enveloped
those eager dark delicious places that i covet so
your musk erogenous
the path to your hungry soul
eater of the poison apple
your eyes widen bright with delight
a strange synesthesia you say
your smile a hypnotic alter
you prone
back arched
belly willing
as i drag a curved blade slowly across your winsome flesh
worshiping you
breathing your warm breath into my mouth and nostrils
come now
you coo
i am sheildless

then little strangles that excite
to see how you do
will you love it
adorations twisted mind
she demon
a wizened dizzy Venus

please yes
her **** drenches the bed
a warm viscosity
legs widen
feet piqued
exotic delicatessen

i enter with long sweet butter strokes
the sabbath of desire
I swear
i wont let you suffer...
never !
why you say?
because i love you
lovely scythe you call
as if lulled to sleep
whispering dreadful incantations   .
i ache to close the curtain
to lifes scalding chatter
wrap me
in a raggy shawl
impale the throat
like ive alway dreamed
a last exhalation
flood gates pour forth
as deaths dark fold
dissolves all

i rock you drugged
absinthe and wormwood
a last ***** of candles flame
white gauze cinched
lips on a lost mouth
eyes a static pyre

i linger
wishing you still plush
an animated glow
so that i could feel your arms,
now milky white relics
only to take you all over again and again and again
dreamer of the abyss
yet you stand
aberrations, smoke ghost
sacrificially swaying your hips
calling from Hades
dancer of ritual copulation
i melt like wax in the sun
and die myself
marriage Italian style
dead bells in love
blotted out by the Sirens of Mara
Mara ..Greek Damon of deception and distorted thinking
Chris Neilson May 2018
In my kitchen cupboard
sits a chipped mug
'tis no ordinary mug
'tis a big white builder's mug
in green lettering it states
"you, me and a cuppa PG"
a well known brand of tea
it's been there years
the mug's other side
sees a woollen puppet monkey
sporting a purple dressing gown
that's all well and good
in the grand scheme of things
but this scheme has a twist
once the boiling water
leaves a boiling kettle
to hit the bag of leaves
a magic monkey miracle unfolds
as our cheeky simian friend
dissolves his gown of dressing
to reveal an unexpected sight;
you sit and ponder
life's meaning and why
a woollen monkey would discard
his dignity to your chin
but at least he's wearing underwear
all's well that ends well
as the mug cools
so the gown reappears
we can all breathe easy again
as magic monkey mug lives on.
a bit of tea supping fun
Data Feb 2018
Brambles tangled in long, wet grass,
skeletal yarrow flowers dip and sway
tossed about the blustered meadow
like slender manes come to play…

Up on a hill,
through pane-less window,
wind sweeps inward
filling dark space with
internal breath,
expansive shudders inflating
the blackened hollow – a crepitus
of unlocked door swinging
to and fro to a slow waltz,
An invisible thread, tied
from lost key to lonely kite,
summons the final elemental.

Peeled wallpaper falling,
shreds of wildflower faded,
seasons dangling at frayed edge
whence endless summer called
a girl to play in the shade
of a rickety porch, who
caught her knee on a loosened
nail, who cried while holding tight
to apron strings, who
failed to notice that time is not

day’s end sleeps in nighttimes’
dreamed illusions, but she
does not return…

If, from behind cloud,
Moon fingers a way through tree branch,
through empty doorframe,
through weathered ***** or windowless hole,
she may illuminate
what is left behind on rotting floor:
A shattered plate – slithers white as bone,
twisted wires, a headless doll,
scattered coins corroding slowly –
those low denominations depreciating
in a sludge streaked with verdigris,
a smashed bottle… rusting cans…

Each fabrication comes undone:
A red coat dissolves in damp and dust,
the residue of a broke-down-home rendered,
as all our garments must,
to earth, Yet

beyond the reach of that clouded night
and the sardonic taunt of its slivered light,
she is sat at her window writing.

Her red coat wrapped up tight
but worn at the elbows,
As a far-off siren startles attention,
a raised gaze to the window’s reflection
reveals age softened in half-light
– she sees a child looking back,
her fountain pen poised
before a full stop…

She has writ
on clean white page:

The day father left
he bought me a bright-red coat
– beloved colour!


By Data © Jan, 2014
The story of a woman remembering her childhood & the day her father left.
I posted a spoken version of this poem, if you care to listen, copy & paste the following link:
Ilia Talalai Apr 2016
Let me meet you in a marbled
                                                 field of
you bewitch me with clifftops hooded in emerald grass ...
your sheep bleat loudly the marvel of your serenity...
you wait patiently beyond your lonely precipice,

             I cannot endure the eons
                                         raging against the cliffs of your security.

passing year, the thunder of my broken waves
gouges deeper into your wounded coastline.
rock torn from your embrace, resounds the pain of our growing rift
crumbling cliffs edge dissolves the beauty I held in reverie...

                      I wound us in this way.

Let me meet you in a secluded
                                                          ­      cove...

    upon quieted sands, my waves will softly ****** your skin.
    the lions will laugh in cacophonous delight at our simple joy.
    our worlds will dance as pebbles tumble into diamond crystals.

There, a child will listen woefully,
                                 the sea song of our love.

With eyes in contented darkness,
         With a soul filled, overflowing
                     With the power of bearing witness
                                                         ­      to this daily wonder.

     breath brings her deeper into the burning core of her mind,
     thought sparks the flame brighter
     billowing blaze will enliven her roots, and
                                                             ­                     she will bloom.
her eyes will open to a shimmering world,
glistening through tears of quiet understanding.
breath will guide the salt of our dance into her veins
         she will dance to the song of our world.

With arms wide as eyes,
               she will embrace
                      this treasured moment  
                                 With the divinity of her mortality.

When the moment calms, she will walk solemnly through our shallows.
When my waves pull home at her ankles,
When the crystalline pebble shines brightly in her visage

she will reach with focused surrender through my water for a memento
of the love she feels so presently.

In our slow dance,
of Land and Sea,
               our love bears its fruits in tiny treasures.
In her little pocket,
                             the diamond of our love
will travel further into your heart than my waves ever could.

In this way...
                  you and I grow fonder
                                                             with every passing day.
Cunning Linguist Sep 2018
Is this electricity real
Or just in our heads?
Your touch is magnetic
But still you're lonely in bed

You take me to places,
I'd never dare tread
When push comes to shove
I'm stuck on the edge

You tell me to jump
So I relent, then mid-descent
your silhouette dissolves
and blows away in the wind ~

Memories haunt me
& I cannot pretend;
Tell me when exactly
did forever after end?

Though I wax poetic
I feign to comprehend
How to be your everything
and not just something I dreamt

You swept me off my feet
And into my grave
In the shadows I’ll lay and wait
And long for your deceased embrace

While someone else crept into place
And a ghost I remain, maybe someday
you’ll come around again
And I’ll see your face

Reanimate my corpse
I'm par for the course
Just paint our perfect life
In my mental frame of sorts

I subject myself to this cycle
Time after time
Soaking in emotion
Hung out to dry

In that moment,
I know you feel the same
But you're so open-minded
Your brain short-circuited in the rain

Am I your personal perverse circus
What's the endgame
You drive me wild and untamed
Toxic and vile, yet I cannot refrain

The signs I ignored
You always wanted more
I split open my soul
and spilled out on the floor

Mythic, this endless bliss
Your poison is venomous
“I taste it and spit in your kiss”
My mistress

Stay forever young my favorite drug
Got me punch drunk
From Jonestown with love,
Why can I only write poetry when my heart is broken
Hello sorrow my old friend
It seems the time has come again
Because the one thing I've been needing
Always appears in moments fleeting
In a vision that I find is frequently
Leading me
Into the heart of sadness

In every dream I'm walking toward
The very thing I'm longing for
With the warmth of burning passion
It leads me straight into the brilliant sun
When the light dissolves to reveal a darkness that
Pulls me back
Toward the heart of sadness

And it's this darkness I have known
Throughout these years I walked alone
Years I've wandered without knowing
Where it is I should be going
People try to help, but they don't understand
This cursed land
Deep in the heart of sadness

Even though the light is near
Darkness fills my heart with fear
Tainted thoughts that my mind creates
Plague me every time that I'm awake
And I wish my silent plight would cease
To save me
From the heart of sadness

But I know that there's no hope
Now that my heart has gone cold
From the pain that I have suffered
And the hateful words that I have heard
Everything that I held dear and the feelings that I kept inside
Have long since died
And withered in the heart of sadness
Chicken Mar 1
I let go and
I reclaim
My sunniest disposition.

All dissolves and
They move on
Chicken, return to mission.

I forgive you
All of you
I let you go and set you free.

Ego grips and
Holds on tight
That ****'s not for me.


I let go and
I reclaim
My sunniest disposition.

All dissolves and
They move on
Chicken, return to mission.
A process, unfolding.

There is a backlog, this may take awhile.
B Elizabeth G Jul 2018
As I lay down in the soaked grass,
The mud squishing into every crevice and nook,
I imagine myself melting.

Like leftover snow in early spring,
When the first showers come and erase the remains of winter.

I am the winter.
The rain dissolves me with every drop,
Until I am nothing but an element
Absorbed by the earth.

And the world forgets I was ever here...
croob Oct 2018
silk & saffron cylinders basking in the still light
thoughtlessly as a blue jay bathes in his bird bath
as a brave baby bites for his mother's bare breast
as i watch you from a house across, you stretch awake
your rib cage glimpses the light for a moment and
dissolves, disappears.

i knew i was unseeable first when i was five
watching my mother undress for him and then him and then him
and then again when i was fourteen when my eyes
were white as snow against the unlit room
but still my sister didn't-couldn't see me staring.

i'm a ghost, woman,
and I need to **** something in you
to make me live again
Mark Dec 2018
The turn of Spring aligns this love of mine
a winter glaze of lonely sleet dissolves
and splay the buds towards the golden shine
as snowy drops, her namesake fair evolves.

Each rose with mirrored red have toned her blush
that greeted from the whispered words of love
on petals kiss and hue then spread this crush
rebirthing eyes from out the cold above.

The Tulips worship skies with loving glow
as tho' in stem and reach implants my heart
and rainbow gloss as such that they do know
with all the hope and promised Summer start.

So call love Spring as I have cause to gleam
restoring life that once had none beseem.
Donall Dempsey Dec 2018

I resolve
to have no
New Year's resolutions

the resolutions
I don't make
I can't break

I can...&...I will
I tell myself
my self doesn't believe a word of it

New Year's Resolutions
a piece of cake!
The cake....wins!

my resolve
before a piece of cake

unable to lose weight
let me
"Eat cake!!!"
"Be at War with Your Vices, at Peace with Your Neighbours, and Let Every New Year Find You a Better Man."

Whether this be the real Ben and nothing but the Ben is getting hard to tell but wise words all the same.  Fake quotes but good words if by Mr. Apocryphal or Mr.Anonymous?

Or more possible Bens...

""A long life may not be good enough, but a good life is long enough.

Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every New Year find you a better man.

Love your enemies, for they tell you your faults."

Or translated from the Spanish?

"Have peace with all men, war with all vices, and concord with thyself. Make thy words agree with thy thoughts, thy actions with thy words, and thy desires with thy actions."

Or alleged sayings attributed to Publilius Syrus...

“Keep thy word, even to an enemy, and have only good thoughts towards him; it is better to receive an injury than to do one.”

“Forgive others often, thyself never; for one must live at peace with men, but at war with one’s own vices.”

“Let us rival each other in gentleness and goodness, for this is the noblest emulation.”

Ok ok so it gets hard to say who said what where and when or how...the important thing is to live the words and be their action in the realness of your world. it.
Marta Nov 2018
My mind is under attack

A tumour in the grey matter
creates connections where there should not be any
destroys the paths that define who I am

The person I was
dissolves in front of my terrified family

It is so hard to hold on to who I was

I feel more peaceful when
I transform into an illogical mess of a being

A part of me still knows that this creature
is me

The same me in a different brain

And that me finds the courage
To forgive the mess
And love myself
As I am
As I end
Tom Spencer Feb 2018
fading light dissolves
into a lowering cloud of snow
  a distant bell sounds the trees
ice bound branches toll

Tom Spencer © 2018
Kristy Metzger Jul 2018
You stuck to me,
like jam does on fingers
like sap on a tree
like caramel on teeth
but like jam,
and caramel,
sweetness can expire
wash away
and dissolve
until all that’s left is the empty taste
of remembrance

~ sugar dissolves eventually
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