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Adele May 11
the despair of winter drove
them away
on the bush,
the moose dissipated
not even a hookimaw
can trace the tracks

inside the askihkan
under the fleece,
Crees covered their ears

the howling of the windigo

woken the ahcahk
of a awawatuk.
*windigo-evil spirit that exist in the bush
*askihkan-moss hut
Jenny Nov 2018
The rain has dwindled
to nothing, and the clouds
have dissipated.
Hours ago, tears
onto pavement from
the sky. The clouds had
covered the faintest
hint of bright
Somewhere else, however,
the rain continues.
The raging storm swoops
by, releasing
into the now-moist air.
The thunder erupts,
causing fear to strike
and the dreaded
to invade the skin.
The flashes spark on,
appearing heavily nearby.
Timid, silent cries of
are just barely heard.
The world is ending
in their eyes, there’s
nothing that can
the fear from settling
into their heart.
Alone, all alone,
where nothing can
the thoughts and
vivid images. Where
nothing is able to
make everything
just for a little while.
G Mar 27
A hungry gaze, dissipated haze. From across the room his hunger stays.

Tears glisten yet no one listens. Madness and depression her brain descends.

Yet she has no choice...she's one of the boys. Get a doctorate, make something of yourself, stop playing with your broken toys...either way you'll be damed to hell..

She lied, they say. Made it all up, they say. He cries his reputation is ruined, I mean he never laid a hand on you anyway...Haven't you ever done something stupid when you're drunk?

Appointed to the highest hall, I guess some people are untouchable after all...

Ah...what it is to be white and male in America..

Land of the free so long as you've paid the fee,
SIT DOWN....Don't you know girls are to be seen not heard?

So, the first time she speaks her mind, the scales of justice pull her taught from behind, all too similar to the predicament she'd find herself in...all those nights ago....

This is the story of a woman who lost it all, trying to save us from the infamous Kavanaugh.

I wonder how many Bretts do you know? How many more have we yet to meet?
This entire suit was an injustice so assault victims everywhere.

— The End —