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Christian Bixler Nov 2018
Shifting, sand underfoot
and the moon bent
in reflected splendor, up from the sea, and from the
tresses of your hair;

black, in that time
of dreaming.

The stars,
innumerable in their glory,
wink down at
us gently as we walk,

their mysteries

for in your eyes
lie the sum of
their light.
This is a draft I put together in 2016 and promptly forgot about. I've edited it some, but I'm pretty sure I've just polished it up a little, meaning intact. Figured its about time it got some air.
Marci Mareburger Feb 2015
I must be floating somewhere in the fourth dimension.
I feel like I’m a formula in quantum mechanics:
Complex and misunderstood…
But if you know my concept well enough
I can be broken down into numbers and logarithms
That even a layman could understand
With a basic knowledge of math and science
Before he drops out of the university,
Because who has the patience
To simplify me?
You're the scientist and mathematician
Who disregarded imaginary numbers
Due to theoretical imperfections
Even if it was your thesis.
You said string theory and all I heard was hypothetical noose.
karin naude Oct 2013
street cred makes a boy a man
able to take care of business declares manhood
then why are they actin fools around women
playen, traden and, braken hearts
forgetting that is someones daughter, sister, mother, etc
women give birth to men and are trampled on by men
humiliated, disrespected, disregarded, mistreated, abused and, neglected
all with a smile and honey coated words
sweat melting int he mouth bitter swallowing
disturbing to the stomach, difficult to ***** out
trapping women desperate for safety
proudly declaring: "i am man"
sealed with appalling behaviour
this is how i see the generation, from which i have to choose my mate from
party,high maintenance girls chosen
dependable good women ignored
this begs the question what is a real man
lots declare publicly, i am a good man
bias and subjected words to safe faded honor
a word created to make ego taste better
goodtea Sep 2018
disregards me
says it's funny when i'm mad

he says he
likes the idea of me
"i wanna *******" and
"i don't think you know
how much you turn me on"
he likes the physical

his drunk texts are angry
the next day is always peaches

i can always trust him to lie

he says he thinks about me all the time
but he wont let me spend time with his friends

i told him stop and no and
i thought i was healing but i-
i thought i was overreacting but i

screamed, "DON’T TOUCH ME" the
next time someone hugged me and
told myself it wasn't a big deal

started lying for him and
told myself he cared and
maybe he didn't realize


disregarded myself

so now that i've left
he can be mad
and maybe i’ll laugh
whomp whomp

sorry i disappeared
Dan Filcek Apr 2017
In the search for greater freedom of movement.
new ideas began to emerge,
rebellion against classical forms and practices
in what is now called aesthetic
disregarded the limited set of movements that were considered proper
Artistic content morphed and shifted
for young people longed to dance.
Music and rhythmic ****** movement are twin sisters of art,
portrayed in movements what the master expresses in his compositions
bare feet, loose hair, free-flowing
a form of natural movement and improvisation
Presenting dramatic contemporary imagery,  
often revealing the full spectrum of human experience
reflecting the tension and alienation of the time
the truth of human movement.
introduce chance procedures and pure movement to the cannon of dance
focused on the physical tasks of overcoming obstacles
investigate the properties of physical space and movement.
having a heightened sense of awareness of being grounded to the floor
at the same time, feeling the energy throughout the entire body,
flexibility, strength, coordination, body awareness ,
and poly-rhythmic movement; strong dramatic works
free from the limiting strictures of the big monopolistic managements
National Poetry Month 2017 - source -
Carter Ginter Jun 2018
I'm sick of bleeding out for you
When all you do is lead the blade
If they could really see
The scars from the pain you cause
Red rivers would run deep
Encircling my stomach and back
Tearing through these tattoos
Leaving only ripped skin in its path
These tattered pieces of me
It's all I feel like some days
And I couldn't even begin to tell you
Exactly how much hurt you caused
Because you were already crying
Telling me how much you love me
But how it isn't working out
And **** babe
Don't you think I know that?
Don't you know I came here to end it
But what you don't know is
While you left because
You can't handle your feelings for me
I had to leave for myself
Because I can't handle the subtle hits
Of emotional abuse
I've never loved anyone more than you
But I've also never felt so much pain
As when you made decisions for just yourself
As you completely disregarded me
And even though leaving you
Has filled me with undeniable relief
My heart is still broken and bleeding
And right about now
The blood is choking my lungs
She leaves a trail of broken heart
in her wake.
Like the River Styx, but
very much alive.

On the outside,
one would look at her and say
she's a faerie nymph
flighty, giddy and naive.

She treats boys like playthings-
they would say,
draw them to her and spit them out
her pixie pranks bereft of benevolence.

They are Theseus and Leucippus
heroes victimized by false love
they say,
the underdogs.
She is to blame.

On the inside, however,
it's a different story.
They fixate on her,
fall in love without consulting her first.

To them,
consent is an idea
and an abstract any-thing.
Something to be taken lightly or disregarded

You see,
consent is more than a verbal yes
and consent is more than ****** thing.

Consent is communicating your intent
before acting on it
and getting permission.

So it should be the same with falling in love.
No one owes anyone anything.
Best friend, dark loner type, new boy/girl in your life,
consider this before you vilify someone
for what they don't feel.
Luz Hanaii Dec 2018
the heart is the compass
which we must learn to attend, for then
-no amount of mental rationalizing will hold you in place
words may say one thing but the heart knows best
fake smiles and lies will only go so far
-till the heart sounds the alarm and commands you to run

for the heart will sense truth from the start
as you look back you realize, your first instinct was right
the brain disregarded, minimized, rationalized
but the heart sensed a wrong, a darkness, a lack

with each painful experience, we perceive and we grow to
master hearkening to the voice of our heart
Each mistake brings a lesson, don't be anxious nor fret, it is only a test.
Brenna Gracely Dec 2017
Last night I had a dream
In my arms was my beautiful newborn
but it kept throwing up
It couldn't stop.
I turned around for one moment
frantically looking for something, anything
to help my dying child
and just like that
it choked
and was gone.

The night before that
I was ***** by an acquaintance
No matter how hard I fought
He overpowered me
I begged him
pleaded with him
to at least use protection
He disregarded and continued.
All I wanted to do after
was warn the other woman who was there
But he wouldn't grant us any privacy.
Finally, a chance arose
and I told her:
"If you ever have a dream about someone you know,
if you have a dream they **** you,
heed your intuition.
Do not question.
Better safe than destroyed."
I woke up with a slight start
but blanketed in a strange sense of peace
bleeding, as only a woman can
grounded with Gaia.
x Dec 2018
i no longer have the time,
to coddle the feelings of others
who have disregarded the emotions
i have confided

i no longer have the will,
to beg for the love of people
who don't deserve mine...

i no longer have the heart,
to hold on to, and give my all to
someone, who will
not give even a fraction to me

i no longer have the patience
to apologize for things
that are not my fault

i am growing out of the mindset,
to be upset.
to rant and to rave.
to hurt, and to hold grudges.
to be petty,
and to strain my heart.
... my patience has run thin for those types of things

..... and for things of that such
mc ish Jun 2018
there is a war inside me,
begging for your condemnation,
begging for your ruthless sensation.
a war inside me,
that feeds on anticipation,
an invitation for your belittling generalizations,
or an explanation for my creation,
but no please, stay inside your own nation.
this is my civil war,
though civil is not the word i would use to describe
the words echoed in my mind
about my soul, my love, my kind.
i do not hear pride anymore.
my sense of worth escaped when you disregarded to close the door.
running free like the child i once felt inside my numb bones.
i own
but the cruel, few centimeters inside my skull.
and even those have been invaded by this cold.
i long for daybreak like hades longing for the return of his soul
but i feel no remorse
for the steady course
by which i have found my way
you say,
sit down be calm and wait for your prince,
but i see no prince
i wait only for the queen inside of me to awaken and find
the dragon that for three years has held captive my mind
is recoiling into the skin that it crawled out of.
this queen has not been praying for a handsome mate on a handsome steed
only the virtues and weapons that she may need
she is off
to find a happily ever anything
and perchance on the way she shall meet her "king."
or a crown.
or both.
Holland Michels Dec 2018
Draw them with lines
Color them in
Listen to a story
Or write your own

Like individual squares
Of fabrics
Experiences come together
to create a masterpiece

one whole.

My quilt is incomplete
Memories file in
and Far between.

Patches missing
from lines of patterns
Waiting for me
To sew them on

These patches come slow
But like thieves in the night
Candor uncensored
Pain disregarded

Broken frame
And baby bottle
a frantic cry
before a tottle

Flashes of memories
Pass like headlights
across blinds seeping in
But only in pieces

Yet strangely hanging in the air
My own life
Like a mystery novel

I wish someone could solve me
For myself
It's my job alone though
I just don't have the right tools yet.
Working through it
Gods1son Apr 30
He has a unique and brilliant style
Different from what you see around
So he's often referred to as weird
Sadly, he allowed them get into his head
Slowly he was losing his uniqueness
In an attempt to fit into the crowd
He was letting go of self
To recieve public acceptance
But deep inside, he felt an emptiness
What was meant to help him fly
was what they used to tie him down
One day, he picked himself off the ground
Untied his inactive wings
And learnt to fly again
This time, he disregarded what they say
Because he finally realized that
it's his life to live.
Collins learns May 2018
It is only in this world,
This very ideal place,
That people goes insane.
Travelling there,
Sure you get convinced,
Its a small heaven.

A man so poor ,
Is blinded that riches ,
That he is so rich,
To Bill gates standing,
He builds a granary,
Yet nothing blossoms in the farm.

A plan is made,
Carefully laid out,
Procedurally worked on,
But alas!
Its just a mere thought,
Its survival depending on fate.

A youth sees a cute lass,
Praises her,
Compares her to an angel,
And like a combatant plunges to war,
To win the dream lady.

A shock that hits my ally,
Equals a thunder strike,
When the guy's effort,
Regardless of sacrifice,
And suffering endured,
Is stubbornly  disregarded.

These world in question,
Should be addressed first,
Until reality is seen,
For they say,
Only reality part of a dream,
That matters a lot.
It's all about things we always own before it realy happens ,
دema Jan 29
once upon a winter,
a storm made a victim out of you,
and so you sleighed to warm embracing arms,,
but they called your feelings out as faulty,

you tried to supress the past,
indulged the present,
and disregarded any grudges into spring,
but you didn't linger for warmth anymore,
your heart ached in ways it hadn't before,
you doubted the only soul residing in your body,

sleep was your only escape from reality,
but your dreams were forearmed,
trapping you back to a survival
which you felt unfortunate to have,
next thing you know,
you become a living metaphor for, "can this get any worse?",
Dana Mar 27
Purgatory feels like...
A dance with the devil who wears my lovers face. It feels like a disregarded boiling tea kettle of our responsibilities that is ready to burst. You hand it back to me as if it were an unwanted gift, making promises with fingers crossed in attempt to silence me. You force it into my arms and my arms alone as you are shaking your head in disapproval.  Selfish snakes have stolen your once sweet tongue, now sour, as you ignore the fact that I already bare the weight of the world which clings onto my shoulders. Animosity swells inside me as two lives crash and burn. You walk away disconnected from it all, continuing on in your child-like life in a cusioned bubble of ignorant bliss. I am swollowed by quicksand inside this burning fictional house we built - standing here, paralyzed, mouth sunk open in disbelief. As you walk away...
James M Vines Aug 2018
I hobble around when once I could run. I am disregarded but I still salute the flag. I gave some and some gave all, yet I went forward and would do so again if called. I am weary of battle, but few will take up the cause. Sacrifice and love of country to me, even over the screams of burn it all down. I kneel before God not in protest. I stand as best I can when my anthem is played. I pledge my allegiance to the flag and observe a quiet moment for those who cannot. I watch as people spit on my way of life and a tear fills my eye. I want to march on, but it is hard as I sometimes hurt. I am a broken soldier, fix me and I will sacrifice in your place while you sleep comfortably as I face the cold and dangerous night.
Decent for dessent
That’s how it’s rhythm went
As the conflict came to rise like the spark inside a fire
Intrepid since creation
We’ve been walking many wires
Feigning fear to To try and feel
A discernment of what is real but what’s disregarded is the fact you even have to question
Ignorance is bliss? Or strength in your intention?
Thought cannot be the only thing to exist
However a zombie is a waste if it doesn’t eat
Have a little taste of a musing ride
That brings the flavor, you’ll need a guide
Clear it
Hear it and run
Takin’ a century can it be done?
The meeting as one
Secret salvation the secret is done
Are they telling in whispers and walking like drifters
They’re  tripping on papers it’s time to re gift it
explain in due time ya never could fake this
Always trying to break us
But the music is strong and it’s beat  will make us
The beings that we are
the worlds we are
The birth of the universe from another’s dying star
We are the afterlife of another existence
Brand new creation looking for witness
Billions of years  to finally have it here and now it could easily disappear
Reality is what?
Desire and emptiness?
Why’s the door shut every time I vent through this
Aging agitation
Buried vegetation
It’s time to find the faults within and bless it all with love so that the veil may fall and the world may hear it’s original name, but for now it shall be a very long game
Ryan Almighty Dec 2018
one whose
has completed
a chapter of life;
Restoring faith in
everything disregarded once.
Separation with her is a curse;
Silence of hers is deafening;
Because only sound you want to hear is hers.
Wanted to try an etheree. Couldn't bring myself to make it better.
Xallan Mar 31
My head is encased in a vise unseen
My scalp prickles where my hairline laughs
My ears ring with the sound, all of her

She whispers kind needles into a doll.
I shake like a sphere behind my facade
Every weak muscle shaking off fiber

Like a cat in a bath--- I screech, but silent.
My throat is stuck to my jaw, and so
My voice is garbled through a crystal tube

It is a high frequency, all disregarded.
I do not know where the pain is coming from
I do NOT know where the pain is coming from

I DO NOT KNOW where the pain is coming from


I am my own doll, I've washed away fortune.
I've taken my toe to my mouth in lieu
Of a tongue slippery and swollen

Brittle, brittle thoughts and empty dreams.
I do not know where my voice went
I lost it in a rainstorm, while I was singing

I dreamt I was a puddle evaporating.
And maybe it's just pain, maybe it's just life
But my thoughts are coded in a bad way

I don't understand, and my pride is broken.
Is that what makes a man? To stay whole?
Lovers break girls.

It Is one train to be unique, another to be alone.
It is not good to be alone in the universe
In my bubble it is good, it is peace

But I am greater than a bubble.
But still I am empty and frail, and alone
I am without blood or kin or kind

I am with pain
Hello Daisies Mar 28
Dear father
I love you
I say it everyday
It must be true

I've been hurting for years
Finding love in people
Who only wanted to use me

I've been blaming myself
I've been blaming everyone else
Never admitting the truth

I don't hate anyone
I promised myself i wouldn't become
Someone who could

My memories haunt me
Every day you taunted me
And disregarded my feelings

I sat in a corner
I was only a child
Your eyes were wild

Wild with anger
I always felt in danger
Never for a moment at ease

Yet i wonder where i get anxiety
You only did as you pleased
You claim you love me

I tremble around men
I tremble around loud noises
I never knew what joy was

I heard you yelling
And all the evil things you were telling
To my mother everynight

You ****** wished i didn't exist
I took too much food from the shopping list
I was only but a burden in your way

Yet you cry for us to stay
I was your precious little girl
Once told me i was your whole world

Then you snapped
You never came back
You broke me apart

Tore apart my whole heart
I still can't admit it
The person i hate the most is

Because i don't hate
I won't be like you
Clouding yourself in anger

Every broken memory i have
Is me crying while you laugh
You never did encourage me

If you did i can't remember
God i feel like a traitor
For saying how i truly feel

I need to let it out
Yes i dare to pout
You won't shame me anymore

Dear father,
I hate you
I didnt like writing or feeling this but ive been feeling this my entire life. I love my father but i hate him as well for all tbe stuff he put my family through. Still.
Caeden Regester Oct 2018
A time ago,
I was abandoned
Left for dead
and disregarded

I clung to that which seemed so pure
I clung to that which helped me heal
But it never matched
What I gained from you

For a time, it will hurt
For a time, I will burn
But I know one day,
I'll be with you,
so here I wait,
here I stay
I know that Patience is a Virtue.
poetryaccident Sep 2018
Beauty hides from itself
seeking shelter from the doubts
even as the world attests
splendor stated in the flesh
goddess walking in plain sight
this glory is granted to the few
is bequeathed without regard
to acknowledgment repaid in turn

a waking dream of loveliness
enough to launch a thousand ships
disregarded by the one
directing fantasies of the heart
sham daydreams evoked by curves
lines conflating with desires
suppleness leads the urge
to recognize comeliness

ruby lips deny the claim
to the body that puts to shame
the vast majority of their kind
only fair in contrast
this belle exclaimed by the crowd
I’ll lend my voice to the cry
the reluctant may forget
perhaps they’ll recall through this poem.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180916.
The poem “Beauty Hides” was inspired by my friends who are truly beautiful even if they don’t acknowledge their inherent attractiveness.
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