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Yanamari Dec 2018
And so you deny our pain.
Our struggle
In vain?
Yes, thank you for your input;
Just another voice
In the body of the miser,
In the sea of misery...

And in your voice as you speak,
Is the lack of resonance and luster;
Of a voice that utters merely
What it seeks.
Lay down those baseless words
And let them rebound off of the
Words that resound
And leave you ashamed and meek.

Unfeeling you are in your entity
Unseeing you are in your memory
And if I was to be asked of you,
I'd return the favour;
Sans memory of your entity.

You never see us drowning,
So why should you see us succeeding.
Could've been more poetic but eh
Nolan Willett Apr 15
My disposition dour
My mood sour
My hopes far
My writing sub-par
My love unfulfilled
My benignity killed
My despair unrivaled
My hate unbridled
My dreams lost
My fingers crossed
Your ignorance solidified
Your blushing brides
Your taut careers
Your abundance of fears
Your loving families
Your dogmatic homilies
Your sole provision,
Your myopic vision,
Your happy world
Your credulity impearled
Lost to the material world.
See past the illusions “if the fool would persist in his folly he would become wise”
Landon Velasquez May 2014
Punctured are the lungs I've used for breathing
This seething ever-romantic feeling
The peeling of skin that reveals the concealed
And opens up the undying existence of the unseen
As my own existence is also undying and unseen
My mind and ego trying to convince me otherwise
This is my illusion
Intruding my mind and infecting it with disparity
And with no clarity of what is to come
I drown in fear that I will succumb
If only we could begin again and slow down the pernicious pace
We ruin our oceans, the land, our air even outer space.
If only we avoided such precarious paths that may lead to disparity
If only we knew what action is needed now, to deal with the reality.
Ecologists warned, yet still observe with ever-growing anxiety
the growth of harmful long-term effects on Earth's biodiversity.
If only the air wasn't gravely polluted, so the atmosphere begins to fail,
so wreathed by carbon dioxide layers, extremes to climate may prevail.
If only Earth's lungs cease being shrunk by profits heedless exploitation,
existing relationships are considered scarcely in these aberrations.
If only a solution for discarded synthetics which float in ugly hordes
on oceans global drifts, disaster occurs wherever it reaches landfall.
If only we can do something, a belated but resounding universal call,
If only we can safeguard the future before there are no options at all.
If only we could begin again and slow the ruinous pace... if only

If Only

M C Crowder
19th November 2018
I first wrote song lyrics in 1978, song lyrics not so long, but it's message hasn't changed
a conscious
stake was
city of
justice where
grand duchy
staved it
from the
dark and
rubbed unions
particularly swank
then treaty
millennia till
Brexit left
their reckoning
with covert
aspects of
haute recovery
a dire time
Bad Luck Sep 2018
With an audible sigh...
                 I curse the world to gain some clarity.
Things weren't so black or white before...
           But cycles of laughter and tears do well 
                                   To burn in their disparity.

Like washed-out sadness,
                     I'll make it hard to judge my smile.
"The sun may fade these colors," I say,
                  "But they'll be gone for just a while."

I exhale...
                                              ... And I miss you.
                Even though I’m left with just the pain
                             Most nights I alone past dark,
                 And curse the utterance of your name.

I longed for your shine
And the warmth within your Sol.
But your clouds gave way to Luna...

                                                       ...And I left.  
                             Still halfway short of whole.

For now, I'll do what I can to force these
                              clouds back over the moon.
Because even in depravity,
                                       Or lonesome solitude,
I find the comfort that is darkness...
                         And in the darkness I find you.

Still, I hope you feel the thunder.
Or that the light leads your way through.
I can't make this darkness bright, but still,
I think... If I can't discern what's true...
I hope you laugh, at least, in irony.
I hope you smile, at the storm...
                    That casts its shadow just for you.

I've found the lightning doesn't last,
And the thunder comes too soon.
So alone, in solidarity, I will fight my fate
To be construed...
                                          Against myself,
As the answers to my questions' echo --
               reverberating in an empty room.
"Bad Luck: In a Wakeful Contradiction" is now available on Amazon in paperback!

Holland Michels Apr 2018
I listen closely
as the sovereign wind pulls me
towards a need for significance

as my eyes follow the pattern
of the trees
watching the leaves slowly fall

I long for the restoration
of the morning sun
to strip away the darkness
of a cloudy night

A cloudy night that seems
to remain present
no matter what time of day

As I pick one foot up
placing it in front of the other
I walk the tedious line
of unconscious awareness

knowing that something is there
but not knowing what

like a flower petal whose weight
is too delicate to safely hold
my thoughts linger

just loud enough to let me know
they're there
and just quiet enough
to hide their meaning

as if filled with brittle bones
my body aches in restless disparity
for answers I may never receive

But... just as the wind blows gently
I will wait...
#waiting     # mayneverknow
Fullfreddo Mar 2018
“the ones that feel everything already know...”  Harlon Rivers

curse this blessing. leeches leach this blessing.  
this summation this summary judgment
this sum of my addiction addition
where from this mark of cain upon my eyes, intended to drown
a brimful poet in a wellspring of their product?

blood sweat and tears the tea my quill is
in the rivulets that drown the scarred pathways perforce dipped

walk the streets and all secrets to me betrayed
yours not mine for in my possess but one
feel everything

every scowling every halved smile the ecstasy of belly laugh
I know I know
the libretto of a thousand operas
that do not all reach a final act

a-few cogent my x-ray ability aNd and the most
desperate  with out the disparity of no partition

curse this blessing bestowed, I rather

Ben Tol Dec 2018
Straight borders,
Carved by former rulers,
Hidden treasures,
Disparity and deserts,
Majority poor,
Civil war,
Super wealthy,
Mindsets unhealthy,
Transatlantic bombs,
Landing on the wronged,
Once an oasis,
Now no go places,
Oil worth billions,
Starving children,
International villains,
Attacking civilians,
In constant crisis,
Lack of human kindness.
JDL Nov 2018
Wounds heal and memories fade
But the price has already been paid

Self image and esteem crippled
Coalescing with your life it ripples

Loneliness and disparity take hold
Driving you further inward you fold

The weight you carry feels like a boulder
A gentle hand upon your shoulder

Eyes at the ground you didn’t see the light above
Your Father is there to show you His love

Relinquishing prior understanding you fold
To Your Lord, to whom you hold

Coalescing with your life Jesus’ Love ripples
Never again will you be crippled

For your pain and price Jesus has paid
Wounds heal and memories fade
Roshan Adhikari Dec 2018
I saw a stranger, today,
With the eyes same as mine.
Beaming rays of both Hope and Disparity.
One half of him believed,
The sun will rise and shine
brighter than yesterday.
Other half was skeptical.
It was dark.
As dark as the future it sees.

There was a war; a ferocious one between his two halves.
Which will continue for hundred years, I know.
He was same as me, troubled and fed-up.
Hope or Disparity,
He no longer cared about the victor that will emerge.

And, suddenly,
He was not the stranger I saw a minute ago.
He was me.
Eric Jul 11
Smokey tender , woodsy splendor with a deep aroma of earthly greens , sense of taste melts,
Fades away ice caps and stone cold as snow
Thrown through the valleys of homes given the silence of the unknown, stresses away to different water ways , to come to a city at Bay . full of motion with winds blowing in the coasts , it's not for the faint of heart. it'll get dark and movement becomes scarce . Evil energy is dispersed in many ways . Faint smell of acholic dwelling upon the sense of disparity , and stress where care was no longer the fair . Over there where a bench meets the public , a few have sat and thought of a different city beyond what was seen to be the worst part of life , it's demeanor being lost and unforgiving as these lines are wrote for a different art . But seeing a different start .
To me, nothing shatters what’s within me more than seeing tears in my mother’s eyes
No matter how hard I am to her
No matter how hard she is to me
And thus I become a weaker version of a tough individual
Seeing the sweat running in the wrinkled forehead of my father
No matter how hard I am to him
No matter how hard he is to me
And thus I become a weaker version of a tough individual
And always
They prey on me with their tears and sweats
Sometimes with warm good night kiss
But often not at all
At least they share one thing in common out of thousands of disparity and resentment
From that I was brought to the world
A portion of negligence and the most vulnerable daughter that I am
Philipp K J Nov 2018
Why do you repel death
As if you stepped on an uncouth reptile
That stupified your mirth with a sting
and stiffled your brearth with dark coils round your girth?

The sibling death was with you ever since your birth
As close and distanced  as the self-effacing unmouthed mammoth  earth.

Throughout your path
And  passage along childhood to Man or
You did not see the truth
That death was with you ever since your
Being to  becoming growth
As a naive and native
Star in the north.

When you giggled and smiled in sleep-shell
the death was smiling with you as well.
When you dreamed and deemed yourself immortal
The death was kind at your daring mettle.
When you forgot to know the worth
Of the Love Smith
Who carved you as the crown of creation
The death was with you, an emphatic narration, a gentle witness of your lavished wishes of yourself.

Death was around you
Embracing your kiths
With valour indepth
And a love of eternal strength!

Still you strolled  uncontrolled to count your mortal home and hearth,
Ephemeral wherewithal

Death was ever loving
And lent you a free living
Even when you were  ailing.

Still you failed in your mirth
To listen and learn
From  what its worth
Still he is mute and modest as earth
And a caring and guiding  north star.

Then why do you loathe
And  show dearth of love to the one who
Loves all in equal strength
And blanks out all balance sheets,  
That credit and debit all accounts on earth
To the remembrance bank of infinity
without showing any disparity?
By: Cedric McClester

The biggest drug pusher
That there ever was
Never did half the things
That Big Pharma does
But they get away with it
Primarily becuz
Of the billions they make
For their chest of drawers

The biggest drug pushers
Don’ t live in the hood
But they]re the ones
That get locked up for good
But they’re not the ones
Who ultimately should
When the disparity
Is fully understood

The biggest drug pushers
Wear white lab coats
And often are seen
Tacking copious notes
To justify the opioids
That their scrips conote
That we see them issuing
Out like by rote

The biggest drug pushers
Seem to get away
None have been sentenced
To a prison stay
They’ve been successful
At keeping at bay
Law enforcement
To this very day

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
Martin Dove Oct 2018
Life is a struggle
Armed with a bare-knuckle

Born out of ancient rubble
Collecting what chance has to offer

If you have what it takes
It rewards you with inequality -
Objective prosperity with emotional disparity

But if by chance you are misplaced
You get to see the devil’s face
Just as real as that loving gaze
You strive to see and tend to praise

Dazed by the gravity of objective reality
No matter the cost, we strive for more clarity
Katy Miles Feb 17
i want to build a blanket fort and wrap her in the rest
talk until the morning rays slip through the cracks of our palace
then with a kiss atop her head, sleep the day away

i want to be in tangles underneath the stars
as she asks all the essentials, like "do you value loyalty?"
that word has never meant so much as when she's lying next to me

i want to be the one she calls in the middle of the night
complaining, "don't you ******* hate education disparity?"
"of course. god, i ******* love it when you talk ***** to me."

god, i ******* love you,
Immigration became faster
Easier, cheaper
And safer

It literally changed
The sense of time
And space

It helped create
Utah’s mining

It increased ethnic and
Religious diversity in

V. The railroad helped
**** many Utah

The train changed the LDS Church
And fueled anti-polygamy

The train helped
Settle the

It changed the

It sped the displacement
Of American Indian

The train created the
Utah tourism

The train created a disparity
Of wealth in some
Utah areas

The train
United the

- From The Salt Lake Tribune

A Poem

The end of the trail,
Its mystery gone,
Is featured so often
In story and song;
But as long as the lure
Of the unknown will be,
It's beginnings of trails
That appeal to me!
Bernice Gibbs Anderson, Mother of the Golden Spike

B.G. Anderson
Happy 150th
Golden Spike
Kirke Wise Jan 6
Your darkest fears
A life of regrets
A story of tears
Time never forgets

Daylight for another
While you're still dark
Emotions smother
You missed the mark

And this world turns
While desire spins
Humanity yearns
But only chance wins

Violently mixed
Beaten by life
Utterly vexed
Cut with a knife

Screaming in quiet
Grasping unknowns
Needfully silent 
Graves full of bones

Wasted by the way
Deserted roads
What can we say?
Life’s overloads

And can we make it?
Those who have lost
Ever admitting
Such a great cost

I don’t know for sure
But please still try
For hope is the cure
Before we die

2-13-18 by Kirke Wise – Darkest Fears

And so often it is with the life that you were given. In recognition of actual reality or perhaps being able to accept things as they are. This is about life's disparity. Things which I imagine that some of you may perceive in your own life. It’s about clarity. We all have one very short time to live here. So embrace it. Correct it or fix it if need be. Don’t spend your time thinking about others which may seem unbroken. Think about yourself. Because it is the short life that was given to you. Make the most of it. Just something to think about. ~ Kirke
This poem was originally posted on our Watershed Journal magazine page.
Don Jun 4
hello, I'm something
floating - out of sorts with
every stammering drum beat.

whitewash on my clarity
silence unsound melody
unspoken disparity I
try to keep it all bound down.

active only when I'm
feeling dead inside my
heart's collapsing faster
than I can speak.

I'm sinking, shouting,
nowhere-when can I breathe?
there's ashes in every
seeming victory and
life never ends in me.

I'm dead inside-there's
whitewash over my defeat.
I'm idle hoping
nowhere going
man, have I skipped a beat.

there's little holding
back the tidal breach
foaming over a sinking
slumbering me. Just
simply let me sleep
دema Jan 6
They say the world is becoming a better place, proven in that happy people are becoming happier. Nobody seems to want to mention that sad people are becoming more sad too, so isn't that original statement a little underrepresenting? How is the world being a better place even a good thing? Doesn't that also mean that the world is a bad place to begin with, and it becoming less negative doesn't take away from the fact that it's still negative, I mean, otherwise why am I still sad? Why isn't the sadness going away? Is it merely because of my existence or is it more about my presence in this sort of world? Even if the world was neutral, it would only be so because the disparity between those who are happy and those who are sad is growing. Then what is the solution, you may be wondering? Can't one's happiness grow without someone else's shrinking? The truth is that everyone pays a price- some pay it through alienation from others, and others by alienating themselves.
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