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Dan Filcek Apr 2015
observe the reader,
this semi-mythical figure
watch a blank white wall slowly turn into a mural,
a tapestry of vivid vignettes
captured by a team of illustrators.
stimulating and fiercely polite.
sandal-wearing earnestness,
curious, questioning, quick to laugh.
Bite the hand that feeds, but not too hard.
pull for the powerful and the talented,
the wittiest and best-designed,
the strongest for features,
the one most likely to reflect modern life.
disclosing its own sardonic wit.
This is where its culture has changed.
a farrago of power, corruption and lies,
The story erupted across all the media.
shining a fitful light on the mucky machinations of power.
the trail of dirt led all the way to the desk.
speaking truth to power
a defining moment in history.
a nice obit without going to the trouble of dying.
abiding belief in the free market
the seeds of its demise.
millions graze on it for nothing
This is not boom or bust, but both at once:
these millions of hits won’t pay our salaries.
The web giveth, and the web taketh away.
the knife had come close to the patient’s vital organs.
a chance to sculpt as well as to slash.
twiddling the knobs on digital.
glimmerings of light
you can learn new tricks.
This year for Poetry Month, I decided to post a "found poem" every day. If writing a poem is like painting, a "found poem" is like sculpting. source -
27182818 Aug 3
Stars are blooming forth
Illuminating the vast expanse
Disclosing what was hidden
Behind sun rays

The opulence of choice
Destruction and birth
The mysteries, joys and miseries
That span
Across time and space

Omnidirectional, pulling everything
Into its graceful spinning dance
Each tune harmonizing
With a purpose effaced
Collecting all colors
That culminate time
Epitomizing the light of
Existence’s shine
James Nov 2018
I still think about you sometimes. Why do I carry you around with me all the time. I let you cut my hair. I remember cold showers together. Your cold hands are probably loving some other man now. Forgive me for disclosing things about the past us. But I still think about you sometimes.
I thought I saw her on the train tonight.
The ******* hair, that yellow raincoat that she got on my recommendation. We took trains all the time. We still do. I’d love to say something to her. Something she might say. “You’re ugly inside” yeah. That. I wish I could say that to her.
I didn’t see her on the train. Just someone who looks like her. She’s moved forward away from me. I still think about her sometimes.
Sometimes happiness discloses sadness
Because life is a performance
Courage to revive
Disclosing it to friends


Dr Baljit Singh
Friday, 22nd February 2019

— The End —