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Zeeb Jul 2018
New Orleans has its Oaks, the most beautiful in the world
The Oaks they had an occupant, little squawky squirrel
Squawky squirrel stepped out one day, cross the street he made his way
And if he hadn’t changed his mind, he’d still be here today

The widow sweet Ms. Peters, did receive a call
From a handsome gentleman, who went by the name of Paul
Ms. Peters had been interested, in Paul’s cautious advance
But decided she would wait a while, not to take a chance
Now Paul has found his one and only
Ms. Peters spends her nights quite lonely

Oh yes the case of the pretty pilot
Just seventeen in a flying machine
The weather turned black so she headed back
But her boyfriend intervened

Now close if I may - here's what I say
Trust yourself - the odds break your way
Where Shelter Aug 2018
my second fight today with god

the first involves gods correctable errors of judgement

the second,
am asked to deliver a eulogy for someone
I never met and no is not in the range of acceptable answers

alone and misperceived as forsaken, despite calls and poems
glorious and galore, I was slow to realize, now fast,
was I meant to be
her here,
where shelter,
the first, will always now be
too late

you break off pieces for the needy, forlorn,
the ones you might of loved, it’s costly for
both the giver and the forgiven, but I am the unforgiven in giver,
a redeemer failure, the question mark and the short dotted flat line,
uniquely marked human,
the Cain marker forehead now forever a
carved minus sign, meaning I am lessened, lesser and
insufficient was

read out loud, an old soft tender, hers, a missive sweetness tinged with affection, writ by a human savior who did not
do a good enough job, nonetheless,
everyone slaps my back later saying beautiful bespoke,
and when you going home, stay a few days, she’d appreciate

a thank you smile but can’t, though the dead will follow you,
that goes unsaid, but you will know
grander grief yet, as guilt continue-us,
and the tune playing non-stop stop isn’t yours,
but you spoke it  to her once as a justification explanation,

it was true but a nile river-red-colored plague
that added to her dissatisfaction, come disastrous for one  
who didn’t ever get to leave egypt

guess i’m admitting its my fault not gods;
so I let the  ******* off the hook on this one,
but I’ll get even I swear, it/he just laughs,
but this will be one of life’s allusions I will recall and wonder when will that tune cease,
but get no answer from nobody

that tune?

Go 'way from my window
Leave at your own chosen speed
I'm not the one you want, babe
I'm not the one you need
You say you're lookin' for someone
Who's never weak but always strong
To protect you an' defend you
Whether you are right or wrong
Someone to open each and every door
But it ain't me, babe
No, no, no, it ain't me babe
It ain't me you're lookin' for, babe

Go lightly from the ledge, babe
Go lightly on the ground
I'm not the one you want, babe
I will only let you down
You say you're lookin' for someone
Who will promise never to part
Someone to close his eyes for you
Someone to close his heart
Someone who will die for you an' more
But it ain't me, babe
No, no, no, it ain't me babe
It ain't me you're lookin' for, babe

Go melt back in the night
Everything inside is made of stone
There's nothing in here moving
An' anyway I'm not alone
You say you're looking for someone
Who'll pick you up each time you fall
To gather flowers constantly
An' to come each time you call
A lover for your life an' nothing more
But it ain't me, babe
No, no, no, it ain't me, babe
It ain't me you're lookin' for, babe

by Bob Dylan
farewell babe

12:48 pm a blustery Saturday
Kara Jean May 2016
Toughness is my warm gooey love
Isolation is the only defense I've developed
I keep reminding myself this is it
My passion never existed
An urge deep frying my mind
My fingers tingling
My heart throbs
My throat suffocating
The words telling me to discontinue have melted into sweet nothings
I'm a *** drive with no destination
A complicated disastrous women
My feet turned to charcoal long ago
I haven't blink in a lifetime
My burnt sunglasses situated against my broken nose
My high waisted skirt accentuates my fate
Perfect, is a pretty ******* explicit world to create
Please no holding the insane
Back away slowly
She's always hoping to bite
Taking chunks of your pride
Bison Feb 2016
I sit and I stare empty at the wall
I think of nothing
Nothing at all
There's no pattern
And yet this all means so much to me
There's a sound like Saturn
Building behind my eyes
And it's whispering of sure surprise
Focused on staying distracted
**** bent on playing disastrous
Born of the space between
Worn out from this bleeding heart scene
Swallow the grief
Dan Filcek Apr 2015
their recent deal met with shouts of betrayal:
the new Neville Chamberlain,
The refrain quickly sounded on Capitol Hill.
sympathy should be qualified.
speaking in accurate French
This is our moment ... our chance to join together
But then when is it not a moment?
repeatedly mispriced and misapplied,
often with disastrous consequences.
A complete list would fill a book,
but here are a few items:
the spectre of war
the American invading forces
the border with China
the British appeasing ******
the whole woeful Suez adventure
the occupation of the Rhineland  
the Cuban missile crisis
the fire jobs, in which hundreds of thousands civilians were incinerated;
the saying “extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.”
the hailing of Ngo Dinh Diem, as the Churchill of Asia
the Kennedy administration giving a nod to the coup
the latest culture of appeasement
the drawing of Jimmy Carter carrying an umbrella.
the mirage of a peaceful alternative to war
which is really a defeat,
peace in our time?
Why do I think that isn’t going to happen?
This year for Poetry Month, I decided to post a "found poem" every day. If writing a poem is like painting, a "found poem" is like sculpting. - source
Nat Lipstadt Oct 2017
all I've learned from love


for the fedora man, 10/29/17 10:34am


another song done me wrong on a Sunday morn,
so much due to do, a list not for compilation/publication,
including poems promised and weighty deadlines overdue,
for its tedium would still be lbs. heavy in weightless space

instead a lyric plucks my attention, of course beeping,
insistent chirping a chorus of, write me right now,
immédiatement dans son français de Montréal,
this is the item that needs to be list topping,
now whispering a messenger-angel name dropping
a request formal from the fedora man dressed in black

all I've learned from love,  
a listing doomed to comprehensible incompletion,
a listing to the right as new reasons in-come
constantly from the left, each heart beat a
remarkable reminder that the list grows longer

every day, the repeating seasons, proffer suggestions,
disguised as a newly revised ten commandments,
obedience to which is a wish list for
attaining grace

all I've learned from love is its duality, essential quality,
a human single cannot attain the commingling required
for the visioning a peak season of life colorful,
its sad corollary, leaves falling exposing the body bare-****** of the soul linear alone

all I've learned from love is its shining skin is an agreed upon
indefinable nature, other than we all recognize how our
definition personal exists in that Ven diagrams space where
our circles intersect, when A breaks the skin of B, creating

all I've learned from love is without it no matter what
somewhere inside is a desperation pocket that is
an inquisitive irritant, a brain burr, a pea under the mattress,
a high and mighty 1% of disarmament incompetence that rules the imbalanced balance of my bottom line on the top of my head

all I've learned from love that it appears on its own timetable,
in surprising trains and planes and baseball games, sitting
alone in a theater or in front of a Rubens, on crazy disastrous
first dates in foreign countries at cafes or non gender
specific bathrooms amidst alternating currents of
this is crazy and this is infinite and ever so sobering
wondrous possible

all I've learned from love is it never shoots straight,
but will always end in a holy bullseye

*Tout ce que j'ai appris de l'amour, c'est qu'elle ne tire jamais directement,
mais se terminera toujours dans une sainte bullseye
Uncrowned King May 2018
You are nothing like the others
You're not the best or the worst

But all i know is,
I'm attracted to you

Every time we're on the same room
My eyes are always darting towards you

Thinking, "I have yet to know you"
But it feels like I already do

When you're near
The air becomes thicker

"It's the little things you do that makes me feel uneasy"

Just like a black hole—
Complicated but devastingly beautiful

I can't escape
I am engulfed

But the feeling can't be described
It's between peaceful and disastrous

But I'd rather have this feeling
Than to feel nothing at all
It has been a while! Hello hellopoetry!
Monique Aug 2017
I hide behind a mind engulfed with poisonous secrets I dare not to leave my mouth.
My feet are buried in shackles latched onto them while my skin drips in doubt.
My hands are stitch behind my back with threads of weakness.
My mouth expands while the truth is caged behind my teeth because it’s no one business.
I open my eyes and it flutters more than a bird in fear from a threat.
I lean my head to the side and analyze this disastrous home tormented by time but hasn’t given up yet.
I watched it light on fire.
I’ve seen it dismantled by hurricanes.
I heard the walls and wood creak from the distress.
How can a foundation be so strong after a wave of events?
We all are broken homes at some point of life even if it doesn’t make sense.
Financial crisis, heartbreak, anxiety, school, family, work, depression, racism, we all experience a wave that changes us for the better or for the worst.
Sometimes it becomes so consistent like an epidemic that one can feel curse.
Then we question, “why did I go through this? What did I do to deserve such a traumatic blow to the head?”
And we search for these answers in the same place that hugged us with so much agony and the countless stress it led.
Early nights turn to restless nights in bed because we force reality to sink in our head but it covers our nose and mouth until we faint in a pool of insecurity and beg for these feelings to dead.
Make it stop,
I’m drowning.
The sky turns to a bruised face and wakes up the roots with its tears.
I feel so connected as the drops fall to the floor because it reminds me we all break no matter how much we can bear.
I observe the rain dance on the sturdy house and admire it as the beauty glisten,
I grew a love for this home because it rebuild as much as despondence knocked on the door, it ignored and refused to listen.
It upholds its commitment to itself to never give up.
That no matter how much times it can get rough,
Know that you can survive and pretending your problems don’t exist will never be enough.

Don't give up, it will get better. A home can be broken down but the foundation still remains so it can be rebuild. We all are a home, build yourself.
Separate but a single page
Full of prophecy but never to face
In the same book but it's a new chapter
Full of pain and of our laughter
Quick turn the page and pray to master
And at the end you take me and I take you
And rest for eternity in a beautiful disastrous

-Luca Ivaldi
It was nice to meet you
wolflet Dec 2018
If I had a friend with an earnest heart,
They would only desire for redemption;
Redemption from sins they hath never committed.
They would dream of touching heaven.
I would never wish on them the tears and pains
from the world of sighs in which we have grown.

Yet year to year they would face most disastrous chances,
The innocent will still be challenged by another insolent foe,
riddled with the dangers of a double edged tongue.
Tis the world we hath created.
Where the pure of heart are still question’d,
After the greedy invades their lives and corrupts.
Leaving their heart as if it were charcoal.

They will say ‘Twas strange’, ‘T’was pitiful’,
Their prayers will be said but not understood,
For they are said to often.
This deadly breach of sincerity,
Will let forth a purifying flood.
and I don’t expect many survivors.
Disastrous is my inability to write
And I have a lot more to write
My computer has just crashed
I cannot get it repaired
It is declared irreparable
And I do not borrow things
I can never afford a new one either
I am old and do not earn
I had given up wielding the pen long ago
And ever since
Lost the ability to write with an ink-pen
If I tried
My handwriting will be indecipherable
What must I do now
But cry
With the increasing use of laptops and desk PCs, we are forgetting the way to write and improve our handwriting.
Hello Daisies Dec 2018
Fairies are beautiful
Green and sparkling
Free and flying

Fires are dangerous
Burning and soaring
Disastrous and deadly

Fairies and fires dont mix
Both can't fit in one soul
Let me sparkle as i burn you whole

**** and sin
Beauty with a grin
Everything i am is the devil

Give me the torch
I'll set you to scorn
In a fire with your horns

Watch me drop the torch
I'll burn with you
I'm disgusting too

Anger thrashes heavily
Selfishness sins in secret
Darkness i must protect

Too afraid to let it out
Dark shadows within skin
Screaming to let swim

Different on the outside
Not fairie nor fire
Just evil with desire
Idk if this one makes sense veen having trouble exoressing my emotions as if late because im pretty deeply deoressed and numb
I don't do well with that but a song made me feel so i wrote
Max Hale Jul 2018
Clever minds that stretch
The many elements which live as our backdrop
Too often everyday is spoiled
By unnecessary people, gathering ammunition
For climbing invisible platforms of command
These are cast aside by simple smiles and welcomes
And it was.
Even if the task was invisible to me at first
My soul felt at home amongst these new work mates
My responsible position was underwritten
Given gravitas and a freedom to which I wasn't quite used

The time was charged with familiar but different
It was fraught but strangely healthier in paradox
The honest fight was taken with gestures of family proportion
Success had waned but the unity of 'knowing' was the strength
That continued to support that Company
In spite of the turmoil my personal facets were given air
To run and to adjust, to temper and to manage
Poor communication was completely disastrous
The confusion of three currencies
And the balance of understanding left us guessing
Never mind agreement or translation

Through all this, looking back my heart is lifted
Not by the freedom or the ability to achieve ...mostly,
It is the strength from our leader,
That calm, silver haired man
When many were distraught you kept us going
And fed us with hope and built our confidence,
Not always with the obvious
But gave us the ability to win through by believing ,
Believing in us and building back our motivation and teasing out
The raw infrastructure of our true capabilities
Never before has anyone, apart from my Mother
Believed in me as you did. To tackle the toughest of tasks
Anything that the industry, the public or our customers
Could throw at us, we dealt with it.
Sadly you could do nothing at the final demise but take the role
Of a father giving news of an aged relative sadly moved by
A force greater than yourself
I know had you the influence, the power and the funding............

You were always more than a boss Chris
Your transparent enthusiasm raised our spirits
And in times of worry I hope we lifted yours too.
I think of you often, thank you for being a friend
After we were no longer professionally connected.
I see your generous smile and your warm handshake
I can hear your laugh now
It's always a treat to catch up over a beer.
I now find you in my phone, in my photographs
But mostly in my heart for being a great bloke
You taught me so much.

Speak soon, with love, Max
For Chris Palles, a giant amongst men in his calm effortless and kind way
Gammar Feb 9
Let me take your hand
Let me
Dance with you slowly
Lay my cheek
on your cheeck
Let my curls tangle with your silky hair playfully
Drop formality give you a heart tweak

Let me touch you the way they didn't touch you
Gently, slowly, with every drop of **** I have for you, and I'll tear up but don't peak
Let me merge my warmth with your sadness
Let me ease your tension let my eyes speak

Let me
Let me tell you silly stories
you don't have to breathe a word
hear my emotions leak
Let me take you away from these noisy crowds
Let me trace the map of your face with my index
Tease your lips, kiss your moles.
This night is a disastrous streak

Let yourself
Dance with me slowly
Lay your cheek on my cheek
untangle my curls, brushing them away from my face so you could see
let yourself fall deep

Let yourself Drown in my touch and soft kisses
as I laugh at your timid reflexes pick up the speed
Let yourself feel my warmth slip into you
Let your soul listen to my eyes when they speak
Let yourself laugh as I rant nervously
Let yourself slow me down,
brushing my shoulders that are oblique

Let yourself
Kiss my fingertips as they land on your lips
Let your hands surrender and, hold me back
closer than you've ever dreamt
Let go of the act that no one needs,
it’s bleak
Ayush Gangwar Dec 2018
Give a smile!

When the weather suits you not, just smile give a smile…
When your coffee isn’t hot, just give a smile…
When your neighbors don’t do right,
Or your relatives all fight,
Sure it is hard, but then you just give a smile…

When the most difficult situation you face ,
And find everything is in disastrous phase,
Figure out things for a while,
All you need to do is just give a smile…

A smile doesn’t change the things, of course …
But it cannot make them worse too,
It seems to help your case,
Brightens up a gloomy place,
When this pretty smile rest on your face…

So just give a smile…
If beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
like a flower in full bloom
then oppression held like a bolt of lightning
is in the hands of the stronger.
But who deemed us weak?
who created this mountain, this peak?
This disastrous divide
like a raging sea
with an unbearable tide,
We've been berated been abused
but our fire will never waver
our spirits never falter
they want us removed,
To them we're a sin
a demon to be slain
but they will never win,
This is the fall of Troy
another false dynasty
a time of great joy,
They will reap whats been sown
their weeds uprooted
despair filling their tone,
As we take back our world
leaving their lives unfurled
lost in a storm
living with constant deform ,
Do you see the light
shining in the distance  
radiant like the sun
the affects of our fight,
We are now free of harm
no longer in their chains
we are broken from their charm,
Those wolves in sheep skin
constantly berating my kin,
We continuously strive
strive to be alive,
And we will succeed
because striving is our creed,
So pick up your head
its time to make their bed,
To lay them to rest
and return them to dust.
aphroditez Jul 2018
This sadness are slowly taking over me
Your absence makes me feel like I'm all alone,
and it hurts for me to know that the connection between us is slowly fading.

A heart that was once a whole;
A smile that I never thought would gradually disappear
A life that was once spirited and turned into an overcast sky.

I know I haven't said this to you but,
everything around me is better whenever I'm with you
I've never felt this warm and beautiful life's embrace.

And now my zestful heart is nowhere to be found;
I feel so lost and found myself crying from time to time
cause' I never wanted to see us drifting apart.

Texted you numerous times already;
kept on waiting and hoping one day you'll reply
but you didn't so, I kept wondering why.

I've asked myself countless questions
that maybe at some point, I've done something wrong
that might lead me to your disastrous decision

of why'd you left and the real reason
of why did things turned out to be this way.
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
Yesterday, I saw someone got caught,
So it gives me of some feeling and thought,
That he were either drug addict or drunk,
But his face was a bit red, so it means he is drunk.

After a while, I came and I were near,
So I asked someone I knew, about what happened,
Then when he answered, there are someone crying full of tears,
Hollering, Depressed, yet the drunkard is regretting in his end.

Although after a few minutes, there is someone he knew came to him,
So I was curious what kind of relationship they were having,
Then someone talked that she is a sister on him,
And instead she would be mad but she was crying with its baby carrying.

Moreover, someone also I knew asked what were the reason he got caught,
So a civilian answered that because he was selling an illegal drugs called 'shabu' ,
Carrying plenty of money with some of a disastrous thoughts,
And when an hour came, a police asked and came through.

People were talking to each other, themselves, having a gossip and making an irrelevant information,
Without even knowing that people who are innocent are being involved,
Without even knowing that the drug pusher wasn't having a full intention,
Of selling an illegal drugs on which he resolved.

The truth nowadays, innocence is implicated,
a crime and simply a sin,
yet it wasn't even validated,
that an innocence would be a crime and thoroughly a sin.

Insatiable human being are foolish,
Taking a validated stuff just to satisfy themselves;
Must they just stay being upright and unselfish,
Instead of being so arrogant and being pessimistic towards themselves.
Because after all, the truth will always prevail.
Say no to drugs, stop being so down.
Gabi Trevino Oct 2018
There once was beauty beyond belief
In far north Queensland’s barrier reef
Beneath the surface of the sea
There lay a world of fantasy

Amid the shallows of the deep
Countless crustaceans crawled and creeped
A place so different from the land
Until it was touched by humans hand

Now polluted by plastic sedimentary and decay
Has our only solution been washed away
Once a wondrous landmark to behold
Gone in a heart beat, the oceans tale, told

Although there a politicians that still deny
A warming ozone will bid the coral colours goodbye
Littered white graveyards accomplished the sin
If only we had thrown our ******* in the bin

A tremendous story of ecological distress
Hopefully we can learn from this disastrous mess

— The End —