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Cathyy Mar 2016
Would you let me walk you back to school?
And maybe later, teach me how to play pool?..
Oh maybe Friday if you're free,
Play dinosaur mini golf with me?
I know I'm uncool..
But I like who I am when i'm with you

Wont you tell your bro to add me back
Tell him I play guitar too but mostly when I'm sad..
Rock and roll is pretty cool,
And Hip Hop was better when it was old school..
But I write acoustic tunes...
Oh you know I do.

Did you ever get the message that I never sent?
You always said you could read me,
Well did you figure I was upset
When you didn't answer the phone
All these days I've felt alone
Just a little hollow and not okay..
But i'd still be here tomorrow,
Despite yesterday.

Oh I'd still love you tomorrow,
Even if my heart breaks apart today.
Ian Watson Jun 2017
He is off to devour the babysitter
No need for shoes in the summer heat
No need for pants inside the house
Three steps at a time, claws awhir
Teeth aching to crunch the bones of his Brazilian prey

Sometimes I remember to move carefully around his loud, joyful willingness
Or I don't remember
And tear out a fat chunk of adventure with a stinging rebuke

But he is a T-Rex with two tons to spare
written 2007
Ylang Ylang Jun 2018
The dog has been let
      off the leash


The comet out of the
Meaty cave of Life
getting burnt in the atmosphere
and extinguished.
Faint cinder ends up
   in damp cold grave.


Clouds have covered the moon again
It's going to be a long ride, again
     Another game is coming
  For us to play

  Who knows if
this time we're
going to pay
saige May 2018
velcro wallet
was navy, i think
gray plastic zipper
grandma gave you
i had a locket
it had your picture inside
but you threw it away
because you looked like a rabbit
hair fluffed, eyes puffy
two teeth and two hours
of squirming on a photo booth

plastic coin pouch
small crayola blue
walmart sticker on a side
but it never made me smile
not like that piggy bank did
yard sale treasure
no smashing to withdrawl
our tooth fairy dollars and dust
still, you crammed stink bugs
down the long neck's back

now, a denim bag on my bed
rhinestoned one in the closet
and your wallet is
real leather, i think
has superheroes on it
rough and grungy
as the comic books in the attic
or, did you toss those too?

who needs a screwdriver
without a *****?
that's all money was
just hardware we didn't have
much use for
but there is more than one way
to use a tool
so here, i'll paint it straighter
who needs a coffin without a corpse?
especially when we were
so full of life back then
A Shuli Aug 2017
I'm a lamb-- with the eyes of a lion,
A bull-- with the heart of a dove;
A Tyger; with the hooves of a poet.
I am a stag-- with the antlers of a Texas Longhorn.

I am blessed with the sight of a dinosaur; But the vision of a dragon.
I am the wind, I fell trees;
I caress cheeks.

I come like a lover’s memory.
I go like sorrow--may it never run its fingers down your spine,
As it has mine.

Smile, I want You to know:
We can fly with my wings of a falcon,
Can pierce the silence of the night with my Eagle's cry.

So Know me
Know me like an echo knows the distant mountains.
And Remember me.
Remember me like the golden grass remembers the wind.
©2017 all rights reserved
Butch Decatoria Jul 2018
A Noun: The oblong: a thing:

The name of that lounge : a place

By the face of the strange shaped lake...

Dinosaur Egg / oval / green grapes.

An Adj.: Oblong Longboard

That’s such the coolest name

A person: Not a thing

oval shaped .

Mr. Ellipsis made no complaints

About tiny alien ant farms

“From Outer Space!”

The natives made to slave.

Oblong grew his beard out

After the sideburns days

Mr. Ellipsis far far away

Fires of the Sun

Will not discern—when

The Light returns

The wyrm will burn .

In oblong throes of defeat.

At peace : A Verb.
Cathyy Apr 2016
One cup of tea is not enough...
Two cups of coffee is what usually wakes me up and
two sugars in the morning is,
perfectly sweet.

One day you'll be mine,
if not Today then, some other time
Well that's what I'm hoping,
Please tell me you'll have hope too
and two songs are not enough,
to say "I Love You"

Well just one of me,
can't do much for you but
two hearts beating like ours sounds pretty beautiful
and sometimes one word,
can make a difference
well for me that one word is you...

So come into my life now
and don't you dare leave without me...
'Cause one plus one can make an infinity

One photograph is not enough,
I'd want a couple more of you of me and both of us
two pair of eyes...
occupied with thoughts that can't be sung

Well if you want to play dinosaur mini golf,
in the summer...
You can just call me up any time that you wanna
and we can grab a takeaway coffee
and take the long way back home.. (woah oh)
One cup of infinity please, to go...

One plus one can make an infinity if you want it to,
and that one plus one could be me and you.
James Floss Sep 2018
I am in fact a dinosaur
****** into the late 50s

Child of the 60s
Emancipated: late 70s

Came of age through the 80s
Became a man in the 90s

Time travelled in 2000 but
The naughts were frought

Better when in the 2010s
Seeing liberation by the 20s

Extant not yet extinct
This dinosaur still roars.
Ylang Ylang Aug 2018
Thrown myself
onto the waves of
sea of sparks
(control no more)
floating and carresed
by the sea of
reptiles & amphibians' faces
I drown in

Cigarette's ember
  in night's sky
Like a primeval meteorite.
   So that's what
 the creatures of
the elder world
Lawrence Hall Jan 11
For Mike Marconett

                                  of happy memory

Bright star, beyond a Sterno stove’s brief glow,
We’ll live forever as we live this night:
Coffee and cigarettes and comradeship,
Our backs against the sun-warmed Sierras
As the cold falls from infinite darkness
To keep the snow in place another night,
To smile in ancient silence back at you,
To make a glowing, slumberous twilight until dawn.
Those C-rations were good after a day
Of scrambling among pre-historic rocks
Made musical by the dinosaur creek,
Water as cold as the dark end of time.
San Diego glows in the south-southwest,
Silently, inefficiently, light lost.
But you, dear, happy star, will still shine down
On dreaming youths, tonight and other nights,
Counting for us, for them, each millennium.
Michael Dean Marconett of Minnesota was a Navy buddy in 1967-1968 through recruit training, Hospital Corpsman ‘A’ School, and Field Medical Service School.  One weekend Mike, Bill, another friend (who was killed in Viet-Nam), and I rented an old car, loaded up our Marine Corps sleeping bags, and went camping in the snow.
Monika Layke Dec 2018
I know a man from river land
Who’s soul is bound to stay and stand
Overlooking the swift current

Spiritually tied the longest time
He didn’t know why he denied
Said he just felt wrong about it

I showed him all my dollies
And my big purple dinosaur
In simple wide-eyed innocence

I don’t know why he won’t stop by
But he can’t no matter how kind
I am, so I keep floating by
did you buy all of this on credit
and can you do without
going to ceremonies for awhile
look what higher learning
and empty rituals have given you
a distrust for humanity
and all that's truly valuable
are you a nihilist or a solipsist
what a life to be so twisted
like an elliptical esophagus
so strange the way we spell things
what would we do without
spellcheck or a dictionary these days
is a thesaurus a dinosaur or a literary device
the swelling went down
right in time for your dialectical revival
while didactic strange attractors are strangely repellent
selective attackers leave your marriages despondent
disparaged orthodontists leave fluids on your face
still you wipe your chin with sandpaper
and leave greasy finger stains in their place
fluoride is a bargain complete with its own argument
and quite often batteries are not included
but that doesn’t mean you’ll never use them
for what's a *** toy to do
if its lacking its adjacent latex compartments
or if you're really just not in the mood
i guess this human body will have to do
grooving to the music is all about our choosing to
becoming outdated or faded like a tax evader
these equations are meaningless
when you are fermented with libations
if you drink more amber liquid would you be negated
relevant for a moment and then
just as quickly discarded as a piece of paper
the receipts we diligently saved
are just as well used to light your fireplaces
Carmen Jane Apr 26

You liked a book, where a kid draws
With magic chalk, a dinosaur.
Then he quickly  regrets it,
It was a TRex, and it came to life,
And he and his friends run
As fast as the strongest wind,
They even forgot to breathe.
In the end, they escaped
When that very same boy,
Drew a cloud that rains,
Using the same magical chalk.
And you guessed it,
It rained and rained ,
Until the TRex just washed away!
Yes, you liked that book,
You believed in that chalk,
You said if you had it
You would draw a Triceratops
And you would not need to run,
Since they won't eat people,
They only eat plants.
So I quickly draw for you,
Your own version of the book!
Your eyes gleamed
When I draw you,
Being, oh so brave!
On the 5th page,
Indeed, Triceratops came alive!
But you told me to draw you
Right next to your sister,
Holding her tight,
So she can be brave, like you,
Because she is so little.
Well, that was my favorite part.
I love you, from all of my heart.
Ben Tol Dec 2018
The dark poison running through Earth's veins,

Made out of dinosaur graves,

Greed controls the liquid's flow,

The tracks it leaves look like great clouds of snow,

A wonderful thing, but its damage is decietful,

Thick, crude and its presence generates evil.
the october rose is wistful and reticent
our defenses dense like sediment and sentences
love descends like a fog
and we begin as quickly to depart
our dialogue takes many turns
from staunch to raunchy in a few minutes
there is no need to be concerned
its only in our heads
our needs no longer mean anything
love is lost in forms
amidst the storms of anger and rage
imprisoning our souls
dinosaur bones roam the earth
i went out in search of chrysanthemums
and instead i found you lying on the ground
making a pillow out of superconductive fungi
to test your theories of interconnectivity
what transpired cannot be spoken about
all my doubts vanished and the words that were spoken
resounded for days in my being
as if they echoed from within some part of me
that had always longed to hear them
syncopation Jun 2018
My little guy is the best little guy
And I’ll tell you why

He gets things beyond his years
You wonder if he has an extra set of ears

Because he hears things I don’t even catch
And he can relay them to you
Yet he’s far from even being two

How does he do this you may ask
Without really language, it’s quite a task

But does it he does in subtle ways
A light hand gesture, a simple gaze
He uses words, one or two
If you’re still lost he’ll try to
Help you along the best ways he knows how
He can utter thoughts without having to say them all aloud

A few times we have tried to attest whether we
Are reading too far in, and whether it’s just me
Trying to decipher what cannot be
Whether everything is happening coincidentally

What we have found is that it is not
His conveyance is one with purpose with thought

I’ll give you an example when he was one and a half
He watched a movie about a dinosaur and a boy you’ll have quite a laugh

As did he,
Until it got to the point where the dinosaur brought the boy back to his family
The dinosaur couldn’t go with
Yet he urged the boy to
Nudged him close and drew a circle around who was who
The boy understood it was time to say goodbye
As did my boy as there were tears in his eyes
Which streamed down his face as he watched and he felt
And his daddy and I were so floored we knelt
Beside him not wanting to deter
The young paltable feelings that stirred
Deep within his young body and mind
A soul that seemed too ripe with time
Time that had not even elapsed
Somehow from somefar away transcended past

Love him love him love him I do
How does he know all this while not even two

"I like being dead me!"
he says.

"Much better than that living lark!"
he says.

"What I like is the complete absence of time."
he says.

"Or the way time collapses in on itself."
he says.

"Or all time happens at the same time?"
he says.

"Look out the window. See..?"
he says.

"A Roman Legion being chased by a dinosaur!"
he says.

" a hover car!"
he says.

"Wonders will never cease!"
he says.

"And that dinosaur...can't even drive!"
he says.

"It all gets a bit Thornton Wilder-ish!"
he says.

"But I shouldn't be saying this to you!"
he says.

"Not while you're not dead yet!"
he says.

"Or say you escape by the skin of your teeth!"
he says.

"And don't die at all!"
he says.

"I'm dying..?"
I say.

"You could call it that."
he says.

"And what are you...a ghost?"
I say.

"Naw mate...didn't get my ghosting licence!"
he says.

"Failed it every time!"
he says.

"I'm here to help you cross!"
he says.

"Aww mate...don't you go and live on me!"
he says.

"I'll catch hell for this!"
he says.

I say.

"Sorry! Sorry you says!"
he says.

And fades.

And life fades
back in again.

"Well..." I say to myself
"'s back to the old living lark!"
An inept ghost who failed his ghosting and is now about to fail his psychopomp exam and has read Thornton Wilder's great play THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH. I used to look after a gent who was very partial to the drink and he used to ramble on like this interspersed with flashes of his reading. Having once or twice almost snuffed it I thought I had the right to give it a go of what happens when one dies.
Lvice Nov 2017
The house that I grew up in is growing old.
I can barely distinguish between the house and my grandfather, and both have given up. Tired..of people walking inside of them.
I used to fall in the house running around the hallway and through the kitchen and now I'm falling through the floor.
There is no one to say "Get out of my kitchen!"
I've never been in the attic and I've only seen my grandfather open the latch once; I'll never get to see what was stored.  I thought Katherine's ornaments could be up there, but neither knew what had been done with them.
It broke my heart to see what I had seen. I wanted to have those memories again but not all the money in the world could buy them back.
The magic I had grown up with is dying. There is no more children to fall on the cinder under the fur shed and burn her forehead, or see snow for the first time. And after making snow *****, running hands through water and letting Katherine rub them through her bony hands. It doesn't snow in Louisiana but for this house it did.
I loved being old at such a young age. Picking blackberries with him and learning to preserve them. Staining my mouth, cheeks, hair, hands, my shirt with Mulberry. Then rolling dough on the counter and staining it with little girl hands and thin fingers and bear paws.
And still the only jelly I'll eat is blackberry jelly.
Cards at the table with Katherine was the best. She had this laugh. More of a cough and she wouldnt stop coughing until she caught her breath and then I would laugh so hard and try to walk it off and trip over her oxygen tubes.  That machine  used to haunt me. It looks with green eyes at night and stood in the open doorway of the door that I never understood why it was there, it never closed anyway. The doorway I used to hide in that one nightmare  about the dinosaur that would chase me around the same hallways that my grandfather would. I've always loved dinosaurs after that.
And eating at the kitchen table where there was always honey because grandfather was also a beekeeper and loved honeycombs and fresh honey.  The one flaw in that table was the window where I always thought raptors or a bobcat would jump out of while I was eating and eat ME. Tough little five year old me would put up a fight and scream until Paw would save me.
  The dining room table where Granny Velgin always had pancakes. The BEST pancakes. Where I learned to make them years later along with paine perdu, or French toast.  Little Cajun french me with my French name and father who was Czech but I have a  Cajun French grandfather.

The magic that was the now 60 year old house is going. It was always "50 years old" every time I asked my grandfather how old it was. It was his childhood house too. He says he still remembers Granny chasing Ayo with a pan for staying out too late..and I still chase the Christmas lights we used to walk to see. I still chase my cousins around the backyard geese and chicken and duck pen. I'm still chasing the magic that sat in the attic of the house I never looked in.
Ant Nov 2
I am in a Illusion
Floating in and out
I drift into my heart and see who I really love
Brothers, mom, Sister can’t lie that special ex that brought me out of darkness came to mind.
Man I love that girl to death.
But then swiftly the pain of the world creeped upon me.
Showing me all that I have lost.
Do I wanna live when the pain out weights the love that I have in my heart.
I let go hoping this is the end of the road.
I always believed in my heart I wanted to die like a soldier.  
Pain in my body turn to pleasure.
My soul drifts away... I think I see the flames of hell.
Oh **** I guess it may exist...  hmph!!
I did what I did, so Imma face it like a man.
I’m incorporeal
I keep moving seeing the flow that’s traveling me back in time.
My childhood quick glimpse... I took a dip.
I can see thee
Traveling this flow on the rhythm of time.
I travel to a time where nothing existed.
Only the earth
Am I in a grave
My heart cold I am alone
Are we microbes
Traveling this flow on the rhythm of time.
I’m in space its a natural mystic vibe
The stars Flow by me next the sun
I’m a drift “ oh **** its a black pit ”
I enter the pit
I’m being crushed
Gravity is crushing me
It’s all around me.
I can’t escape... I let go
As it crush me from my feet to my dome.
This is the end I’m 23
It was fun while it lasted
I’m dead I’m gone
The young man who lost his love.
Gave up in the mind, and his heart cried.
I started to long this ending.
I’m numb to pain i wanna love
I can see the light again.
I am an illusion floating in and out
Traveling this flow on the rhythm of time
I wake up nevermind I’m alive
The lone wolf has risen
A glance was all it took
Fresh bait dangling from a hook
I had to take a second look
My heart beat pounding; obviously shook

And you read me like a book
Caught red handed like a crook
Hands in air; begging, pleading, overtook

How could something so innocent be pure?
The answer oozing out of every pore
I’ll have to even up the score
I need to know what’s behind that door

I don’t even know what for
But the red lights flashing were too hard to ignore
I had to make my move before;
Before the moment
passed for sure

You, a gazelle hearing my lions roar
Act! Now is no time to be unsure
Frozen like a dinosaur
While your radiance rocked my inner core

Charging at me like a boar
But what importance is worth more?
I thought I joined up to the Peace Corps
But instead you started a third World War

The war inside my head
Missiles flying overhead
Left in shock, nearly dead
But just then you smiled at me instead

And I was overwhelmed
with joy
Hard for me to act coy
Or was it a trick like the horse that entered the city of Troy
Fake; a ploy

I finally conjured up the nerve
To talk to you and your gorgeous curves
But just then you swerved
I guess I got what I deserved
Written on a whim. Impromptu
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