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He is quiet and confident
Always does what is right
Quite a conversationalist
When relevant

Believes in keeping to himself
In a place of unknowns
Knowledge and wisdom his strength
Diligent and optimistic an achiever in life
Simple and good at heart
Understands and complements mine

Loves romantic songs
I am just the opposite
Can’t stand any
Retro is the only station, we listen to together in the car

Has little understanding or
interest of what I write
Yet, always listens to/ reads my scribbles
Our choices and tastes opposite as can be
Not, when it comes to matters of heart
Wrote it for my spouse, Aditya, for his upcoming birthday( 6th September)
Carter Ginter Sep 2018
I love myself
Even if I do not know them yet
I can learn and grow
And discover my truth

Time heals all pain
It will let me live again
I can accept that I cannot change
Into exactly who I want to be yet
Because I know one day it will happen
And I will be free from this trauma

But I must put in the work
I must be diligent with my time
Not must
This is a choice I am making
I choose to give myself time to heal
A space to be myself
And a chance to grow
A chance to be happy
And one day I will be
Shofi Ahmed May 2017
It’s a coloured and shaded broad daylight.
Bring me my hourglass, my paintbrush.
Keeping a timepiece, how soon my brush
strokes become finer it is not the task.
Try once more, strike a fine chord in time,
ever ticking but doesn't make a sound!  

Let’s read the small prints, the shadow lines
on the pitch of the slit sun shines!
A dark spot in the light, some dotted lines
on a blank paper, however witty you might
describe it, count on the tweeting birds
short and cute, singing in the open air.

Light and dark the two tallies, ins and outs.
The times come and go, flowing fine.
For now, let’s take a look inside.
Tint and shade nor tone them now.
Zoom in and out, just watch them as they are.

This cool sleek shade on the sunny slate
is it a shadow, or some quivering curly hairs
or are these reflections of flocking clouds,
diligent sea eyeing deep down on the ground?
Read the small prints, shadows in the daylight,
before the show is wrapped up.
And down the evening pool, the sun
parts away with the black swan.
slay Sep 2018
I slipped in the hall
On the way to the bathroom
Used to work at the mall
And got matching tattoos
With two girls I don’t know anymore
We’re still friends
It’s just a matter of the disconnect

I drove really far
Searched high and low for
The baby food jar
Where my dad hid his kilos
And the keys to the car
He hid when I smoked cigarettes
It’s a shame
I don’t smoke
I just left them lit

Don’t take it from me
I don’t know nothing
Practice what you preach
But I’m more prone to keeping it in
Don’t ask
I won’t tell
Look at you thinkin that you know me so well

I stayed up real late
And fell asleep in the morning
And she’s sit there and wait
Drive me to school in the mornings
All that’s left of my grades
Are lecture notes of diligent kids
Excuse me
Your notebook
Can I borrow it?

The ice machine’s broke
So our drinks are as lukewarm
As this conversation
Seems we have every day now
And the sad part is
I already know what you’re gonna say
If I hurt myself once
I’d do it twice
And for your benefit I’d do it three times
I am panic
Frenzied particles
Moving and shaping
Everything I seem to be
Inside of a
Concrete cage of consciousness
Inside of a
Dazzling dot and dye marked
Enigmatic epidermis
Here I am

I am ice cold
Frost bitten to the core
A bullet train made of sleet
Running on cyanotic cylinders
And the gritty grating salt
Beneath your cold, wet shoes
All at once
I dissolve and destroy myself
Yet I just keep
Coming back
Here I am

I am as satisfying as
The long winded palindrome
On the tip of your tongue
The redundant rhyme  
You chanted as children
And the hymn you harmonized
With haunted heathens
Here I am

I am the all encompassing embrace
Of all that you are
****** up futile flaws and
Autonomous awe inspiring anomalies
I will hold it all together
In the way no other has
My seams of love
Stitched and sewn
With intentions as pure as gold
And nothing else
Nothing more
Here I am

I am the writhing writer
Frantically feverish with
Fingernails like forceps
I pry these words from
My brain like a
Sickening surgical procedure
On a *****, disheveled mattress
As if they were
Ingenuities oozing with infection
Here I am

I am the ritual rebirth
Wrongfully righteous reincarnation
I tip and turn like the tides
Lurching at the shore
Time and time again
In an endless cycle I am
Looking for
Nautical nirvana
Here I am

I am the exceptional exchange
Of a daunting and diligent dialect
Only few can understand
And to those fluent
In my twisted and tiring tongue
I say
Here I am
little Nov 2018
A letter to my daughter:

Be strong in where you stand.

Your Mother and your Father,
Made you with a plan.

We sought a life much different,
From what we learned so far.
A diligent and honest interest,
In hope of lesser scars.

Your Mother and your Father,
We were never meant to be.
Not an end all be all,
Because together we were free.

Tomorrow we brace the future,
All of us stand strong.
Singing a familiar song,
Remembrance is the key.

You don't only bring us love,
You allow us to renew.

And if you ever doubt yourself,
Let me see you through.
She is so much smarter than me. Morning and night. It's us.
As she was cutting across the square
one Sunday afternoon,
she wondered, wavering on despair,
why matters in her life
fell far short of satisfaction.
For she was gentle, she meant no harm,
she often gave gifts to her peers
in the mornings, she was smooth,
sun-smiling flowing water
in others' company, a faithful,
diligent mother and daughter.
Yet many days passed by as a blur,
bounty apparently eluding her.

She sat on a bench, a line of trees
fussing as autumn trees tend to do,
the wind's speech curling about the hue
of her sadness, finding her mind:

So long have you been inured
to the mask of service, a practiced art,
overlooking the needs of the heart.
Fear, apprehension, conformity's kin,
cannot know the spirit of cooperation
any more than the wings of elation.
Your selflessness assumed is nothing more
than a pale or muted selfishness,
a selfishness simply that wouldn't dare.
Resentment has quietly, imperceptibly
been born behind a mask of care.
The ought has usurped the is;
apprehension that wears duty
falls far short of beauty.
Camille lily Sep 2018
Man is  born unto the  rainbow of opportunity.
The dazzling palate before him as he draws his  first infant breath.
Perfect and untainted, this tiny being as he  enters this vast world.
His only purpose being his very existence.
The sheer wonder of this colourful land in which he finds himself.
A world of moments, of sounds.
Of touch and scents.
Of visual exploration through those eyes that have yet seen no horror.
Skin that has yet to feel physical pain.
Soft and unspoilt as he nurses close to his mother.
Skin not yet a fortress behind which he will hide many ills.
A skin that will learn to shrivel in shame.
Harden in the face of fear, like armour.
And wilt  in the absence of love.
Bloom  turning from rosy red to sepia.
For though man is born unto the rainbow.
The horror of humanity is diligent on his heel.
It’s hulking cape of  blackness, angst and despair.
As man destroys all he has been given in nature.
Turning his hand then against his fellow species.
Born into a roiling sea of corruption, control  and greed.
Where the myriad of healing greens,
Of mysterious purples and creative oranges,  lost forever.
Their brilliance fading like an aged tapestry in sunlight.
Turning to browns and greys.
Leaching their beauty through a lifetime.
Until there becomes only  blackness.
Until his is the dark heart of despair.
Bleached and brittle like driftwood on a desolate beach.
Washed up and empty.
The human condition and its agonies too much to bear.
Special anti stupid squad,
Special anti useless squad,
Special anti buffoonery squad,
Special anti senseless squad;

Getting out of hand,
Daily harassments,
Of people of state,
Existing, but just barely,

Brazen extortion,
Shameless shakedowns,
Illegal raids,
Accidental discharge!

The super highway is lit,
Keyboard warriors are miffed,
Cyber mercenaries want blood,
Digital overlords call for war!

But vagabonds in power care less,
They demonstrate total disconnect,
Throwing around meaningless platitudes,
And high sounding refrains;

But why so many?
Arbitrary creation of demonic units,
Specialising in delivering sorrow,
To ordinary folks in the streets;

Why not ask yourselves,
Reasons the youth are agitated,
Why not make diligent inquiry,
Into rise in criminality;

The answers are not on the moon,
Look around you,
And see the gulf,
Between rich and poor;

A country that boasts,
Of the richest persons on the black continent,
Male or female,
Champions the poverty comity of nations;

Therein lay the solution,
Return to the people,
Their stolen past, present and future,
And see if need be for your SPECIALS.
Only coming to light ever more increasingly, are the heinous acts of poorly trained and mentally deficient police officers of the  Nigerian Police Force special units created to fight armed robbery and cultism. These sadists have now been exposed by citizen reporters to be bloodthirsty, greedy extortionists that arbitrarily raid young men that have tattoos or wear dreadlocks. The discomforting silence of powers that be lends credence to speculations that the rogue officers have backers in high places. Now it is left for ordinary folks to negotiate their existence by giving fire-for-fire or simply bring lame ducks to be picked off at will. ACTION!
OC Jul 2018
The crowd squeezes me
back into non-existence
And the world, confines
the crowd
And the void pressures
the world into a sphere
And the universe prevents
the void  from spreading
wild and unchecked.
the universe is squeezing me
back into non-existence.

Like a ******* child
who’s diligent compression
might revert the flow of time
and compensate for
some ancient rash decision

And I
with all my puny might
push myself away from
the moment of conception
let out a mute defying roar
through gritted teeth
through arched back
and through a dripping brow
through trembling
and nausea
and bundles of strained muscles
that resonate
with ever shrinking frequency
until they reach
a breaking point
and crumple to a singularity

It is a battle lost each day
since universes, as they come
are infinite
and I infinitesimal
assigned a finite stay
marvin m brato Sep 2018
Medical Technologist you will be by next year,
As you do your best part then success is near.
Realization of your life's dream is not impossible,
Zealous dedication is what you do to make it possible.
Act now be a keen diligent intern to claim your victory!

Dawn has sparked so make the most of the opportunity,
Accept the challenges don't quit fight all the negativity.
Winning is not easy to achieve as it requires determination,
Nobody but yourself alone can justify for your own action.

Plan for your future and do it with the highest attention,
Insure that whatever outcome will help realize your ambition.
Zest you have will inspire you to perform well with integrity,
Allow no negative vibes to degrade your courage and dignity.
React professionally to whatever trials that may come your way,
On whatever duties you do always follow the protocol don't sway.

Be tactful in your actions follow laboratory protocols,
Read and understand fully the procedures before using the tools.
Avoid mistakes in running the tests so you won't give false results,
To the patient's doctor such act is a taboo and you will get insults.
On to your internship my darling do your best and make us all proud.
Be willing to embrace life
Along with accepting responsibilities
Fulfill your obligations
Carry out the performance of your duties
You have it in you
Continue to be persistent
Always empower yourself
Be diligent and excellent
ATILA Feb 15
Take a look at a flower that we adore
And observe this precious creation to the core.

Those tiny petals free themselves from the bud
And bend towards the ray of light
Workshipping sun to stay on sight
Though sunlight is absent at night.

Day by day this flower blooms
Revealing its beauty even in gloom
The production of honey sweet scent
Introduces us of its own patent
Attracting those diligent bees
Flirting with vibrant butterflies
To generously share its honey product
Cause life is all about giving without doubt!

A blooming flower; a genuine wonder
Asking us to thoroughly ponder
How significant its existence in nature
Teaching us not to stop hoping for the future
As this flower will not stop blooming
Until its growth has fully matured.
Has been obligated to write a shape poem that I never tried before. It took me almost two hours to write this simple poem, ISTG it is soooo hard :'( And I can't share the actual result/pic of my shape poem here ><
Baylee Kaye Aug 2018
I have learned:

1. your past does not define you. yesterday’s mistakes are not today’s. we can always be better.

2. be humble. do not boast in how you look or how you dress. do not brag in your talents or your skills. you can be proud, but do not become prideful. always stay kind.

3. do not let someone else define your worth, talent or value because of what they do or do not give you.

4. be patient. all good things come in time and never stop working hard in what you’re striving to achieve.

5. words and music connect us. don’t ever stop telling stories, always keep writing, always keep sharing.

6. love your friends and family hard. appreciate them everyday and never give up on them.

7. you are cherished even if you feel like you’re not seen. when you don’t think your parts matter, widen your perspective and look at the bigger picture. they can’t make it happen without you.

8. you are more than just a body or face. your heart and soul is more beautiful than any outward appearance could ever be. don’t let first impresses be limited to only physical.

9. it’s okay to show affection to those that you love. let them know how you feel, and don’t be afraid to love big.

10. hard work and determination always pay off, even if it takes a while. you will get to where you’re going if you’re diligent and passionate. don’t wait to follow your dreams.

11. laugh loud. don’t worry about what others may think of you, happiness isn’t to be confined, you’re meant to express it.

12. let yourself be loved by others. you can’t give until you’ve been filled, always let others pour into you with adorations and affections so you can do the same.

13. don’t let people look down on you because you are young, don’t let them limit your potential because of your age. your young age does mean you’re any less talented, wise or valued than those older than you.

14. be confident in who you are. there is no one else on Earth like you, be proud of the progress you’ve made.

15. being quiet is okay, being reserved does not mean you’re lacking anything. there is beauty in the silence.

16. always express yourself. express your feelings and your love. don’t repress them.

17. don’t let a set back keep you down forever. rest, recover and jump right back where you left off. work hard, practice hard.

18. love yourself and love your friends more. never stop learning and always keep growing.
Paper endures everything – it is not silk.
A piece of paper in an envelope with a poem on it.
Diligent, handwritten,
Keeping simple thoughts.

Fourteen lines about the city,
Fourteen points back and forth.
Fourteen lines about ships,
Dashes, commas, crosses, zeros.
audacious Mar 29
How do you write something
when everything's been said?

Do you use dictionaries and a thesaurus
to enhance a knackered vocabulary?

Do you use vivid imagery as
your words are oozing from your bitten
cracked lips?

Do you dip your Zoro brush in
a palette tray choosing your brightest color,
painting the keystrokes trying
to portray the smile that wont escape your memory?

Do you take out your trusty hammer and try
to nail the syllables together hoping they form a
craftsmanship valued by others?

Whatever the process, be diligent,
under the nails, the pages, or the pen
a beautiful beginning comes together then.
Agnes de **** Rag was a proud woman. The De **** Rags held their heads high. They were honest, diligent & fair. Mother Agnes raised her children by the golden rule. The De **** Rag children got their share of teasing & ribbing from class mates, as expected. No De **** Rag asked for special treatment. There was a period in the ****** history of revolutionary France when the De **** Rags were tossed aside, of course.

Your deep-fried-food allergy has given you an itchy, bumpy rash &
you can't chew good because you lost 26 teeth in a fiery plane crash
that also burned up your hefty store of U.S. central bank paper cash
“Would you like a burger or a wiener?” A he/she asked me for fun.
“Either is fine with me,” said I, “'cause both I can cram in my bun.”
“Wanna burger or a sausage wiener?” A he/she asked chewin' gum.
“Either's o.k. with me,” cried I, “as I'll insert 'em far into me ***.”
“Want a hamburger or a fat wiener?” Queried an Indian on the run.
“Your shoes're untied,” I said, as I blew out his brains with my gun.
CHECA Sep 19
Words of no profit,
Chitchat and debate
worth no participate!
Rather saving the lost,

Edifying the synagogue.
It’s the beast works
For men to mine;
Strifes among themselves,

Diverting the energies
And thinking of disciples
Thousand miles away,
Away from the way,

from what to be acted.
Never forget HE existed,
Existed before thickheaded tail.
The tail never wins at all!

Life, the race across the lake,
Philosophy of man starts
Invading the beliefs of the temple
With false teachings.

Dogmatic mentalities an’ hard cores
Result no spiritual growth.
Be diligent in study of HIS words;
The Truth!
marvin m brato Aug 2018
My little girl is now a pretty gal
Almost eighteen and stands regal
Right time will come my dear
In the future you have to bear
Zealously your own destiny!

Only you can decide
Life is no easy to ride
I can only guide you and tell
Vain efforts from good deeds
Excel in things your soul needs!

Plan your moves before acting
In the end the results will be interesting
Zero love life at this moment in time
At your age now it is really quite fine
Reach your goals and savor its reward
On that day happiness is your award!

Be diligent and resourceful
Reject bad habits never boastful
Act with caution do what is right
Tell the truth do not engage in fight
Only then you will sleep tight!
Isabella Terry Oct 2018
All falls silent and still as she perches on her throne;
the world falls asleep under the diligent gaze of her pale, white eyes.
Her crimson lips part in the gentlest of sighs.

She entertains a fleeting wish for companionship--
for someone with which to banter away the cold, quiet nights.
Her pale, snow-hued skin is freezing without the contact of another.

So many eternities have passed since she last knew conversation,
she has long since forgotten how to speak.
Collected, quiet breaths are all that fall from her lips now.

Her hands fold in her lap, her slender fingers intertwining in ennui.
Her jeweled feet take to tapping the floor listlessly;
it's hardly regal, but she struggles to care.

The endless river of her midnight hair cascades over her shoulder.
It is reminiscent of the apparent length of the night,
which begins to feel eternal: an isolated afterlife of solitary confinement.
Her name is Elara.
Lash Dec 2018
i believe in a creator,
the most diligent artist itself.
not man\woman,
not human at all;
a force greater than the most complex of understanding.
i don't believe in a saviour
returning to save the world,
i believe in a divine plan
so perfectly timed
that the world will save itself.
an enforcer of love,
not the word
but the feeling.
undeniably a feeling relating to a higher source of energy.
a higher being
possessing a certain healing.
i believe in energy,
vibrations high & low.
vibes everywhere you go.
The bells tolling and gallow stools
Carved by a crisp knife sharpened by a stone flint-shaped among the garden tools
The molded and weak rose like the solid and stolid coveting
The dolorous limelight seekers were sure about the fun settling
The call-in your wake is sure to make you disagree, subversively
Pretentious till it leads me into ruinous states, with each verse
Troubled and telling about the stoic salacious dread, of your *******
The sins and arresting rebels brought you minister and spirit
The apologetic and shrieking in their walls their apologies
Am I the only one, who thinks
They don't change their disposition
Time I'm tearing you up into fragments
My stories are getting caught up in their endings
Caught by the hook of standing on the ceiling, rear-ended
The knee-deep hell, mountain high harp, what the ****!
Reelin' and rockin' in heaven, indeed purgatory calls your bulls and porgies
Greed and corporeal blood and recipe for dreadful disaster, and luck you yammer about out-and-out too
It's in your flesh and bones, ****** vain too
Feels like time is slipping and sliding out of my oval face and hateful hands
The friends you seek to hold you when you're ready?
Blows, busy days, France in its hey-day had some passion rather saints who come marching in
Are you ready to read your death in the newspapers, when your stomach lurches like holes in the air
Or here from storytellers like a burnt legacy, in the papers that herald flying guns and leveraging politics
And hate, rising with the ashes, the education burning blue like a phoenix
Apogee, really, after so many a doubt and clusterfuck of redactions, I'm ready to learn about counted visage among the many faces on a business street
About my attraction to nature and fantastic reality, I'm jumping with joy
But, smaller than the cosmic bubble that keeps us from dying
I can tell no one, this is our one and only time with faded humor
You're breeding and you're dying with famished and frayed daughters of petulant sons believing hilarious rumors
I am dismembered much to my won't, the stentorious frolicking reeks around astute anecdotes of my pain of having a name
Even it's a fake one and adopted by pretty old me
The antidote of all this, love and peace, it must be the end of fashion and integrity
Peace and love cradling the waves wandering in mystery
Walking among the feet of trembling rage hungry for power, our love is just an island, but, not the little flower that just matured
If I engender myself, I will be free from being prematurely always on
Smidges and shakes for the collared contingent of successful women
For the one, surreptitiously resting under the invisible sun, sticking out their necks for none
Smack her flesh across till light turns still
The center light pops in expectation of blue days and flooring her money on her mind
On the reeling hail, tying the wrong laces and pushing wrong buttons
I left the hall crazed and surprisingly fully-dressed
Snake-like heads facing away from each other with their smothering hands around my neck
I unhand my royal touch and my license for the cream-crop
Not sure about my violence and clammy hands, but, my old man didn't like it all that much
Handing the trembling papers of my record for another dispensary
The errands that I have to run, I would recommend this to no one
Watching movie reruns and playing my new dreams in my trailer park, every time she was the one
Tea and teeming, brink and livid feeling, reelin' with the great high upstart
Cosmopolitans and Neapolitans, I'm probably going play to Jupiter jazz for another meridian of Earth
Red rain splaying like the sand Andalusian like, waving my hands care-free, only to slam my self down easily
Into another speakeasy with a wake-up call and nightcap, dusk till dawn
The day seems brighter and the sun scintillating like the queenie-eyes on the resting sunshine on the iridescent soil
Ecstasy open miles ahead, the eyes lay in peace and capacious lamps full of soul food and meals
Like lamps and little lintels, the coruscating fire makes the colors of the day seem much more real
The tears in Heaven are adjusted for a place in my salvation
Vitriolic, but, mellifluous in it's surmise, you're sure about the music you're hearing
Crouching upon old times like washed memories
Or is it the waters of the ocean afar from snake-like repellent waves of the oceanic dreams
The snake passes by, in the time of your lifeless soul
You were just pacing yourself, the motto is "Always look your prime and best"
They are your true reflection, this is the one and only reflective surface I will attest to, lest I sound sanctimonious
Bo vine and in vino veritas, you're ecstatic about auriferous objects
Sheep and tipping civilization with the conquest of the times, and the same sundial from Eratosthenes that made citadels
The conquest of Troy is any different from the present oligarchy
Librarian of Alexandria, and the Trojan horse of cursed hands mixed with the opportunity
A couplet for a couple of composite numbers is enough to tempt the prime number
In showing up in your  classes brimming with achievers, some students among them
Eratosthenes' sieve is diligent work on simplicity, so yes, whoever reads this, the wake-up call is not a snake bite
This is Stoicism, and poetry is stoic writing cannot be duplicated
The moral could be looking at hopeless dreams, helplessly
Just passing by without shedding any of it on your probity
A gnomon is the part of a sundial that casts a shadow. The term is used for a variety of purposes in mathematics and other fields.

— The End —