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ryn Aug 2014
Tell me why it seems like the walls are closing in
Tell me why my hopes they're stretched far and thin
Tell me why my dreams still struggle in this fight
Tell me why every time I draw air but it feels so tight.

Tell me why in this turmoil my heart does wallow
Tell me why lifes' lessons by the heapfuls I choke to swallow
Tell me why I'm somewhat free but then again I am not
Tell me why I really do have but I haven't really got.

Tell me why I try to sleep many a restless night
Tell me why I am so afraid of many a fearful fright
Tell me why I still feel the way I have felt before
Tell me why I ask many questions which leaves me broken and sore.

Tell me why so much emotions run amok within me
Tell me why I look yet I do not really see
Tell me why despondence is back; it's here to haunt
Tell me why such uncertainties always beckons to taunt.

Tell me why I want more but I am quite contented
Tell me why I have to accept the path I've very much resented
Tell me why I already know but I still keep on asking
Tell me why it seems like the reasons are in every way lacking.

Tell me why I feel so happy but in fact I am so sad
Tell me why it all seems unfair but I have to be glad
Tell me why I found love in the most unfortunate circumstance
Tell me why to a mournful tune I am stuck in dance.

Tell me why my heart feels engorged but I can't release it all
Tell me why I am so scared but I would still want to fall
Tell me why I feel you close when you're farther than far
Tell me why it seems incredulous that we share the same star.

Tell me why I long to give you more when I can't this instant
Tell me why I can feel better but I seem so resistant
Tell me why sometimes I look up and curse at my luck
Tell me why I refuse to focus on courage that I really should pluck.

Tell me why I lay in bed dreaming of a place far away
Tell me why I find myself moping more and more each day
Tell me why I chose to be naive and in fate I do give trust
Tell me why time and time again it just gets ground to dust.

Tell me why I feel so beaten and weak when I should be strong
Tell me why I am so familiar in a place I don't belong
Tell me why I have to live with a mask on my face
Tell me why I feel like a marionette strung up by lace.

Tell me why I dug deep when these words make me cry
Tell me why the tears still trickle when my eyes are dry
Tell me why I share this when I know you would feel bad
Tell me why I would even spout the words that make you sad.

Tell me why these painful wounds I didn't choose to lick
Tell me why I didn't let them heal but instead I would pick
Tell me why I feel as though I am quite addicted
Tell me why it seems like I enjoy the dark I've inflicted.

Tell me why sometimes I question, the things you see in me
Tell me why you've said it many times but I don't really see
Tell me why I haven't drifted far when I should've a while ago
The reason is you; because you have chosen to love me.
Amy Leigh Dec 2015
How can anyone
be sure? It's ages now and
I still feel so lost.

© A. Leigh
Let’s dig deep into that topic no one wants to speak of.
At the end of this discussion let’s see who will show me love.
Here comes the blacks, the hoodlums, and the thugs.
The scums of this earth the rodents, and the bugs.
Always on the street corner selling them drugs.
They look at me like I’m a criminal lower than the minimum.
Keeping me stuck in my ways for days to years.
I go to work and come home look at my wage with tears.
There’s no way i’m getting out of here.
I’m not going to fall, I stand tall and never fear.
Even in my darkest days i’m never scared.
So, let them stare, I’ll shrug my shoulders like I don’t care.
I can face any battles I’m well prepared.
But why must I explain myself!
I am a citizen, with a good behavior, and well disciplined.
I went school and graduated, education is my insulin.
Things happen in life back when I had a mission then.
Now, I’m just one out of many men.
Who gets abused, misused, by my own American rules.
Where is this freedom? Let Me Be!
Like there’s no one else left but me.
We are the same, the skin is where you don’t agree.
My complexion is the only way you notice me.
So I don’t need a name, your target is aimed.
The feeling is mutual but it wasn’t always the same.
A M Ryder Oct 2018
They say three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead

Secrets could be simple, if they weren't the type worth being spread

You can bury secrets, I'm sure you're shocked to hear it's true.

But dont dream you'll finish digging, until they first have buried you.
Robin Carretti Jul 2018
This is not, a time to loosen up
Or nine to five job to give up
Just saddle up the power is in you
Five ladies cafe to dine at five and
drove_* the meter is running
(The Canadian Cup) team versus the
     Taxi Cup
He swooned you in your
Five dreamy but half heart sugars
Come on Baby bloomers
Let's see some boom!!

In your hips men will be men taking
frequent flyer trips temptation 1 2345
We need fewer digs one love teo reasons
World  345  heart flags
We don't have to cross our hearts
Perhaps tattoo heart legs no more strikes
Jumping Jack flash
What a rope in this isn't the Pope

Somehow we all get broke
To court her like your the lasso
stars cosmos hearts like Lassie
Never a change of subject how it
remains in your heart how it hit hard
to react but changed to five cards
Digging too long  lucky 777 like heaven
Heart digs

Oh! There

No, I am here
We are always  
numbers_ I only
have 5 minutes
No I phone have a heart
Oh! where is designed for me
Those five plates

Whats in between them

We are opening Live- Five
Strong heart to give the caring
The useful heart is never so daring
My gate* Girls are nail digging

Or losing add +

Our community
Heftier like Jupiter
Heart to build
the gravity
A big kiss hunch
of five roses

Your getting to bloom
but only have
5 extra movie parts
The front dress mermaid tail
Your heart delicate hands
opened up your emails
I think you hit the

Max to the million shot
No heart of gold
Only more leaders
Scrambling and digging
your fork
Mixing those egg beaters

Five men think they know
there women
like ten
Turn to five wrong
There it goes the lucky
five arguments

A plot beating
like a hot-shot
The French Baguette
Bread 9 to 5 firecracker
Five-carat baguette
wedding band in her safe
Heart digs to five hands
Heart neck guilty as a giraffe

The cafe house had only
5 cups left  they sold you out
Only Five Bed and breakfast
Do detailed with their Ladyfingers
But need more alone time
Be on time get sweet key lime
What is real-time so sublime

That rose- paper cut- origami
Sorcerer of five he was like the
cold cuts of big Sub Salami
Japanese sword samurai
What a Geronimo Oh! no
This wasn't a hot potato

Or Gizmo No-Go
Getting a shot for Polio
The gusto songs to the heart play
Maestro the Cosmo's
The five stars to heart his
Like a titanic ship but heroics

Five lunatics wedding horns ******
Five two timer Mario gamers
so demonic
DOMINO'S bed five students wed
We dug deeper get-up sleepy-head
Exposed cries location set
Network U- dig cups

Something lip curved
He misplaced my lips
What did he do in exchange
More stocks and hard stone rocks
Like frying pan egg
scrambled words

Crossed heart Rapper so believing
The Fox five sticking tacky glue
His CD Rose lying pants no clue
Painful pointed shoes need R&R
     Robin's *Responsibilities
       The Heart On Replay
The deeper you dig to restart

The healthy organically grown brain
Men on Pause I truly believe nature
takes its course
but another beat to go is that so?
And if so heart digs to five
Feel the good vibe in another tribe
Five times I had to wake you up
I am the love cure reminiscing

Giving me five reasons
Our beautiful change of
heart in season

Studying the fine art heart
Never refusing thats life
five-step to strive nothing

Robin shoutbox she getting
her point across
Either you're the worker or loner
The heart pleaser the boss
Your heart looks good
on your dress
Whether we win or deep mess
The good heart can change to
a bad start

Recharge your heart count to five
Venus- beauty moved on like a
pathologist digging over staying alive
The hearts what digs this is not the 9-5 workers we are talkers
and long settling in heart walkers come any join me we may actually be alive did I get a live one
KHY Jan 22
Unraveling the mystery in her spine
Knots all throughout time
I break it in;
I cave my mark,
I show her how I like to start
Cynthia Aug 2018
You dig a hole in the ground
You keep digging deep down
So the echo won’t slip
because your goal is to scream
Scream loud
to ease the pain inside
The dirt on your hands
is the hurt, the pain
You’ve been carrying around
Somehow you kept holding on
now freedom is what you seek

Fading memories is your dream
But what happens after you scream?

You have been carrying this weight
on your feet
feeling the heat
Blood flowing through your veins

Love turned into hate & trust into fear
So after all are you really at PEACE?

The battle with your mind begins
Because digging is no longer your escape
Your own fear has captured you in a cage
So you write it down on paper
Not in pencil but in pen
Because there are no mistakes
That can be erased
What’s done is done
And your shame cannot be wiped away
Once again you fight in the flesh
all you want is peace
And a resting place
Yet you seek no one but yourself.
Have no fear for He is with you
Seek Jesus let him be your escape
The one who fulfills that empty SPACE!
Over Mar 9
I kept reaching further
Further down and deeper
Into my soul
For bits of gold
Scratching from inside
Hacking off small pieces of life
Excavate cravingly
Hungry for a piece of myself that meant something
A piece that was worth something
So I could exchange it for forbidden pleasures
Scratch and scrape everyday
Wounding and eating like a pig, any day
Rainy or foggy
Blue or yellow
I scratched and degraded
Until nothing remained
but a shadow
An empty husk
that was once I
Remnants of myself
Amanda May 5
It was a miracle you chose me and a blessing I took for granted too often.
Maybe I knew I didn't deserve such an angel so I pushed you away in hopes you'd fly to better things.

If you find happiness someplace far from me I beg you to stay there.
Because with my own shattered pieces I hurt those I love and the more that I care the deeper I cut.

Then I awake alone and their blood is on my hands.
Trying to remember how I got covered in so much shame colored brownish-red but I fail to understand.

When I see you lying lifeless there fighting for one more breath I catch my own and shed a tear for the body dying.
You turn your stare away from death to face me instead as your eyes are immediately flooded with fear.

It's not til that moment I realize what I have done to the only person who meant more to me than anything or anyone.
I swear I just wanted to keep you safe and I thought you were safer away from me but somehow you got too close again without me realizing.

Practically under my skin but before I could see I ripped you to shreds unaware of who I was destroying in my haste.
But what scraps were left there I immediately recognized though your features were all out of place.

Now there is not enough of you to put your parts back together and we both know you cant live half a human forever.
I hate myself for digging a grave too busy to notice you return to me in my desperate state.

Gripping a ***** shovel I lost my balance tipping us both over and we turn and twist midair.
I warned you but too late you learn and now not just myself but both of us are far too gone to save.
Even when I am sad my puns make me smile
SamanthaX Jun 21

Who persuades
a sorrow
such as love?

The ghost of
what was
lives in the lost
of what would
never be

It’s the wait at
the end
of the season
to see what
it will reveal

Echoing in
the roots of
your bones
the sadness of
your soul will
fall with the
tragedies  of
autumn leafs

Revealing a
silver sliver
winter moon
Your girl lays
her head to
listening carefully to
the words of

How did you
find me playing
in your darkest

You planted
wild flowers
where I weeped
Tears for you
turned to seed
into a life
so beautiful

After all that was
a child was born
with the mind
of a God
Who understood
every hardship
every heartache
A gift from grace

Now blessed
with sweet
nothing of the

For life is only
but a
SamanthaX Aug 15

Dead is
The Silver Century

So continue
the fight
The endless
Rack up
Stack up
Under the
of invisible
social scores

Into the
depths of
I went

Tried to
buy back
my soul

It had been
from me
By the hand
feeds me
The hand
diseased me
The hand
It forced
onto me

In Grey
Lay bone white
What’s left of
the sacred
words will tell
the visions of
the dead

Living miracle
to miracle
I’m praying
for a miracle
The days
are getting
I can’t help
but wish that
the apocalypse
would hit

There have
been 27 times
I forgot
my name
So I take you
to my bed
so I can hear
it again

As the Babylonian
run into the
of sins
I need
to forget

So be careful
I have been
to say what
to be said

Tell me

What is the taste
Heaven and Hell?

Is there a better

Take my hand
let me guide
Feel the silence on my lips
Savour beauty on my hips
The architecture
of my back
My eyes have become
a fatal trap
My body is your
poetic map
SamanthaX Jun 21

Do you remember?
How my lips use to
sweet songs on
your skin

The greatest
was the midnight
of your voice
holding me
to sleep

Right then
I knew you
loved me
your breath had
become my own
Vicki Kralapp Aug 2012
When I was just a child I went searching for my world,
one of sunlit days, adventure and beauty left unfurled.
Though these days were made to be the a key to set me free
I couldn’t have foreseen the cost that all of this would be.

As I look back on these memories I hoped to have it all,
I believed that love would listen and come answering my call.
I was certain love would find me as I filled my life with song.
Now I’d turn in all these moments for just the promise to belong.

At Oktoberfest with beer halls and the sound of German songs.
The mix of beer and smells of nuts floating through the noisy throngs.
Climbing  on the Untersberg up on Alpines mystic peaks
and attending cocktail parties with Gemany’s elite.

Climbing falls in Ocho Rios with some old and new found friends,
drinking coffee, eating lobster, and enjoying without end.
Driving through the darkened backroads from a day at Negril’s beach,
in a cab with songs of love and Marley counting down the beat.  

In Cancun lagoons were vivid and alive with swarming life,
seas of sergeant majors, parrotfish, and barracuda thrive.
in the Caymans packs of stingrays had become our closest friends,
as we played among them in  a world where the beauty never ends.

The fireworks over Sydney lit the bicentennial sky
while I look upon that moment now with disbelieving eyes.
Waves from the Prince of England as he sat by princess Di
when I left the land down under, well I felt like I would die.

As I watched the sun go down over Uluru’s gold peak,
and the sun rise over Daintree as we picked our morning feast.
digging oysters off the rocks by Nelligan’s foreshores,
I was certain with my best friend that I couldn’t want for more.

Remembering the ocean as I snorkeled though it brief,
in Queensland off the shore on Australia’s barrier reef.
The beauty in Belize nearly took my breath away,
and it seemed to me that God had made this gorgeous land to play.

Camping in the South Pacific beneath the skies and palms.
In the hills of South Dakota we went panning in the calm.
With the Eiffel tower, Louvre and Twilleries rounding out another day
And the visit to the gardens of Monet just made me cry.

It’s surreal to think of all the things I’ve done throughout this life,
and the blessings that I’ve gotten seem enough to make things right.
But the simplest adventure and the one I longed for most
was a man that I could count on and would love and hold me close.
All poems are copy written and sole property of Vicki Kralapp.
SamanthaX Jun 21

There ain’t a
My Baby can
But he’s always
looking handsome
in his black t-shirts
of 90s grunge

This is a
Dead mans
Taking hits
I can see the
lipstick on the
back of your

Snow White
My hearts
frost bitten
Noir Princess
It’s been a few
total solar
eclipse since
I’ve been
a rich mans

Maybe God is
lonely Baby
Maybe God is
tired Baby
God is lining up
the shots
knocking on
my window
He wants me
to be his lucky
little lady

He likes a
bad *****
who can admit
she’s a little bit

My Mother keeps
  have the voices
  come back again”

Well ya Mom but
this time it’s moving
in a different

Were singing in
Dancing in
Holding each others
with cold grip

Pale sunrises
And misfortunate
lost souls are
digging for gold
Beware of the
mauvais martyrs
who sacrifice
wilted marigolds
SamanthaX Aug 15

Make me a hostage
I begged everyday
It gives me a
to take my
breath away

Cutting wrists
just to cultivate
a cleaner

It was a
lemon haze
A Yellow Summer

And for 66
I was a good
I was well

I remember back
in the days
Champagne clouds
Blue Illusion Summers

The comfort
of smoky clubs
beat up floors
Tearing it
Then singing
to the sky
I was taking down
the night

Stolen Polaroids
snapped back
memories of
black and
of blood stained
Hotel Bibles
filled with blank
I wrote my
lonely stories
My pen was
dipped in
God ******

These were
my tears
for the Devil

the silence
Thunder crashing
Hit me up with
You would never
believe how cold
I could be
Laying there
How can I see you yet never go Blind
As Tradition and Heart seek to acclaim?
I carry no Surveys; But keep in mind
A Friend such as you has naught to explain
Sweet and Sour Words not; Joy discovers Joy
And Celebration does reward the Humble
Your Grin is shy by your arms; As a Toy
Compare a Fattened Bee to a Bumble
Trust is falling in love with Pockets. True,
Digging deep you reach Wisdom by the Card
I suggest you shuffle; Then Five Trinkets
Spell out the Sum of who you really are:
Simple. ***. Serene. Trustsworthy. Beauty.
All locked in your Chest to open when ready.
Kaleigh Vaughn May 2013
Your eyes smile so sweetly
Especially when your teeth are gently digging into my flesh -your evening delicacy
There's something about your love that I fancy
Your eager hands, maybe..
And the way you make me feel so **** ****
SamanthaX Aug 15

is what I’m writing

Let me hear your
sweet little lies

I love how you
tell your tale
of dark fairytales
Stories of illustrated

Monsters are
by everyday

Close my eyes
Hold my breath
Lay my head
on your bare

All your secrets
I keep between
my thighs
Waiting for
Black Ravens
to make their
across enemy

There is a
in the heart
of all of us

Now I am blind
So blind
I’m so blind
Trying to find
Real words to

Do you remember
how your heart
would bleed
on top of me?

Beating and

Never satisfied
You will always be

I’m going on
pay per view
and despair
Placing ******
Lap dances
Musical chairs

I’m taking
Deaths dare
Truth is
I was never
******* scared

I hack away
at my own
Achilles heel

Im done wasting
my life
brain washed
to worship
Nat Lipstadt Mar 2015
(I love) Dignity

tearing words apart,
a part
of  a joy I cannot
explain or share exactly

knew a man once,
forty two years gone,
died too soon enough,
soon enough,
he and I will be
the same age

this man
a duck out of water,
a stranger in an adopted land,
trouble-stooped, a hard life, well lived,
never bent,
dignified in every step

I cannot remember him
ever kissing me, tousling my hair,
holding my hand, loving me in
a manner I wanted beyond  desperately

yet here I am, 5:22 am
weeping tears recalling him
in glimpses long ago seen,
adding them all up to get a
single sum


tearing words apart,
a part
of a joy I cannot/explain,
share precisely

chambered memory storage units,
unlocking those rusted locks with freshly oiled
and loving the dignity he exampled

to the son he could not kiss, hand hold,
but taught him the one lesson, digging deep
to respect life and stand apart,
stand with dignity.

all else will follow

the son kissed his children plenty,
in a vain attempt to make up his missed

now the grandfather,
now the grandfather
is still kissing
his last hope, his newest babes,
rolling on the floor,
so silly kissing belly buttons,
smelling their skin repeatedly,

in a manner most

still weeping
the son,
he tries to sort it out

and forgives and does not forget
the man that taught dignity
in everything,
even, especially,
in slow dying,

forty two years is a long time to wait
to weep.

it takes two hands in the dark
to collect all the waiting patiently
wetness and the
accompanied sniffles,
so undignified,
the son smiles at himself
declaring unabashedly,
digging out from himself
a poem, a self-reflection
on time tarnished reflections
clear enough to make him

I love dignity.
for my father...
SamanthaX Jun 11

When I was born
was long before

I’ll live
A lot longer
then these

I am a timeless widow

Who grew old
in circles
of my
forgotten divine

I once was a
like a clock
on a shelf

Empress of wild Blue Bells
Call me a daughter of Titans

Thiea herself
blessed me
with her
When I was
I committed
first ****

My children
Cain and Able
both died by

So don’t be
a fool
give me
your heart

This world
made me

I’m hungry
Take it    

I’ll eat your
for a
bedtime snack


When I was
community ****
The one your
wants to ****

The *****
who’s your
best friend
To ****
that ****

See why my head
is a consistent

The minute I
wake up
I’m already
the casualties

When I am
you haunt my

When you
you belong
to me

I won’t stop
your waking

When we reach
our next
we both become

With two
broken wings
Both too
hurt to


When you
want to
come find

I’ll still be
for keeps

Still enjoying
some forbidden

Got nothing
to sell
Done with
my tricks
at heavens
When you
have had
all that
I had

When you
I had
to lose

I purposely
I could

I knew
it was the
way I could
find you

When you
the difference
of what is
and what it is
to lose

what it is
to lust
and what
it is to

To forgive
you must forgive

Then you
will see

The loneliness
you feel
is a lonely
I feel too


When I’m
in the back room

Walk through
Back door
Go down
Bottom floor

You can
find me
Call it my
Rabbit hole

After I make
the cover of
Rolling Stone
There I’ll be
doing lines
off my cover
of Vanity Fair

So put me
on a poster
Make it
my grave
Pin me
on your
Maybe this
I’ll behave

Late at night
when you
can’t fall

Stuck in
your bed
A prisoner
in your
Look up
and say
your sweet
******* prayers

You’re staring
at a woman
That gives
a nightmare
a scare


When I was
outside that

I was standing
didn’t want
to take
no part
of that crowd

I was smoking

When I met
the strangest
more strange
any man
I had ever

He was
he found
in the

There in his
he pulled
a worn
piece of

That’s when
I got
first glance
at Gods

Now if
the day
to ever come
and you
to meet
a sinner
as good
as me

On the calendar
mark that
day down

Make that
the day
you met a
with no


When I
do die
don’t bury
at all

Nail me down
to the cross
Crucifix burnt
to a crisp
Let my ashes
in the wind

Rest of your
are spent
breathing me

When I
grow up
I want to be
the White
you plant

Cuz babe
me and you
isn’t just
meant to be
suppose to be
spent away
from you
is a missed
at destiny

Do you know
how long
I held up
my gun?

Semi automatic
at demonic

The 12 gage
I used
to persuade
the Angels
to let me
have you

The amount
I paid
the ransom
of fate

Make no
of my faith

Testing my
is how
you **** me
liv Mar 6
as she sits
her thoughts exploding
some + others -
she thinks:
maybe if I dig deeper people won't question, "are you ok?"
i bleed poetry Aug 2018
I am my own garden
Wildflowers grow on me

But he came along,
He didn't dig holes but graves
Then you came along,
You didn't plant a single kind but plenty

I let you water my plants
But as they begin to sprout
You drowned and burried them
Under the graves he made

I am my own garden and
I will start digging holes

I am my own garden and
I will start planting seeds

I am my own garden and
I will not expect anyone
to water my flowers for me
bekka walker May 2014
I was told told this was the place.  
Here you'll find your destiny.
Between these desert brown sheets.
In an effort to find who I am
I leveled myself down,
digging through the sand.
Unaware the sand was sinking,
hushing my thoughts for over thinking.
I performed the sacred desert dance,
in the name of romance.
Still searching for who I am,
digging deeper into the sand.
The faster my body moves,
the more the ground begins to ****.
My conjured romance,
Is just another ****.
duane hall Nov 2018
Your riding on empty, your riding on fumes
Aint it about time you started paying your dues?
Hey snowflake move out of daddy's  basement
Aint it about  time you started paying your rent
It's been years since you've earned a red cent
Hey snowflake move  out and live in a tent
The cronies you adore are taking you for a ride
Aint nobody here that's digging your jive
You have no concept of wrong and right
News flash: You're just a young parasite
You have this idea  you're better than most
The sad Truth is you're nothing but toast
It's about time you owned up to it
You're nothing but a societal misfit
Hey snowflake you're on the wrong path
Hey snowflake start doing the math
Nobody seems to be safe from your wrath
Do us all a favor by taking a bath.
Carter Ginter Jul 2016
I don't need to breathe
I just need to sleep
I need you to stop getting so close to me
I'm a ticking time bomb
Ready to blow
One more second
And my world will explode

I'm Dreaming of death
No regrets
**** all these demons that are filling my head
They tempt me with rest
That final escape
And I'm waiting for the moment that
I finally cave

Lost in a moment
And I'm feeling alright
Maybe even thinking
I don't hate this life
But that light came so fast
And Now it's all passed
My darkness returns
Leaving nothing in its path

I'm Dreaming of death
No regrets
**** all these demons that are filling my head
They tempt me will rest
A final escape
And I'm waiting for the minute that
I finally cave

God save my soul
I need a way out
I've been digging my grave
And This dirts coats my mouth
But I know you cant hear me
No I don't believe
Cause I control my own destiny

But I can't do it on my own

I'm Dreaming of death
No regrets
**** all these demons that are filling my head
They tempt me will rest
A final escape
And I'm waiting for the second that
I finally cave

Please, I know you can do it
Baby don't give in
I swear it'll change
Just try to make it
One more day
Another song
L B Jul 2018
for you
--is a river
a revelation
a sleepless constant gift-- so out-to-see
in a flimsy boat
you built by mathematic rote and laced with ivy
to hold together ******* boards of crazy
with the ease of breathing
Your giant storehouse
Your granary of data
the grist of
You imagine wine
from mind
almost without limits
You command it all!
in the grapes of moonlight
with tides of words
Their endless-- almost blind
come-ons and gone
in waves!

(my sullen heart)....
still stays

I am digging here
in a low spot
seeking water
with robins and a sparrow
in the puddles
Awaiting rain
Flipping-off the muddy shallows with our wings
I suppose their songs
will count for something
Tasting happenstance
of bugs in flight
maybe catch a firefly or two
at the edge of day
Tearing half a worm
from weeds...the brown of drying grass
near the small lagoon
'neath my car
in an afternoon
too warm for flight
resorting to a place of shade
to smell the fresh-mown
sweet grass

Riding with my training-wheels
in the parade
Like a fool between those bikers' “Hogs”
Turning down my street
by mistake
laughing at the dead-end
of it all

Pulling poetry out my ***
This was not meant to make fun of you.
I so admire your writing (you know who).
I appreciate all you do for us, poets here.  
It was only meant to contrast
all our differences, and point out that anything can be
a poem, given a moment of insight and time.
This one took a morning into afternoon.

Items for a high school test:

1. Compare and contrast the two poets in this.

2. Find and explain two allusions/metonymies in this piece.
She stumbled across the streets,
with low light streams.
Casting a glimpse to the rustling leaves,
fearing a soul's hail,
for 'twould free her long-harbored wail.

Her white shroud floating back like a spectre unleashed,
her feeble hands holding tight to the shovel in need;
on she went digging, with all her strength beaming,
waiting not for a second to breathe.

A ditch no less than a bottomless pit,
was what she endeavored to achieve in the late night sleep
to abandon her setback grief.
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