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Anya Apr 23
I’ve been drinking…

Way too much of pain lately
Letting myself get drunk
on misery
Sleepwalking through life
Balancing on the edge
Self destructing

I’ve been eating…

Too much fear for a while
Letting negativity slip
under my skin
Poisoning me
Blurring my vision
Filling me up

I’ve been sick…

So sick and tired
Of self medicating
Using drugs prescribed by evil
Being addicted to self harming

I’ve been living…

In my own private little hell
Build with my own hands
Suffocating me with
the power of hate
Force feeding with meals
of neglect

It’s time…

The time has come
to start a new diet

It’s time to love myself.
moke Jul 29
a diet copy
the vague idea is there
but an ingredient is missing
stories of mistreatment
tokenized charm
a bad face

I am no man
but he emulates
James Floss Mar 30
Everything living
Requires things dying
Nature is beautiful cruelty

It’s thermodynamics
An energy gradient
A food cascade

Staggering connectedness
Exquisite fragile quilt
Sadly, loose strings pulled
Lizzy Sep 2014
Shrink yourself
Oh she's fading away
Hold her bones together
As the movies play

When a diet becomes an addiction
I felt myself give in
My mind was hooked on these
Skinny thoughts

Bones dance in my dreams
And I couldn't be shaken awake
Yes I'll be skinny like the others
Beautiful like I want

But there's nothing beautiful
About your hair falling out
And passing out and hitting your head
And freezing in the summer
And constantly falling asleep

There's nothing cute about
***** in your hair
And on your clothes
****** noses
And aching bones

Nothing glamorous behind that bathroom door
Just a stupid girl
With her head stuck half way down the pipes
celestial Feb 2018
to love thine own self is a masquerade,
concealing the shrine of hallowed skeletons,
whom we worship, and to whom we sacrifice
our ghastly flesh, as we set fire to our lungs
with cigarettes, to numb our bodies' aching;
pumped full of diet coke and *******,
filling the gaps: it makes you thinner,
and there is no beauty without pain.
i think i'm relapsing.
James LR Jul 2018
Success was a yellow brick road
Hope was a star in the sky
Grief was a runaway dog
Maturity was knowing it died
Joy was a chocolate bar
And Escape just meant to run far
Then somewhere along the way
Everything began to change

The yellow brick road was too long
The star in the sky was too far
And when the dog died it was sad
(but mostly cuz you drove the car)
The candy was not on our diet
And you can't escape who you are
Why did we decide to grow?
That much I'll never know
Marilyn Heavens Oct 2018
Mirrors always show the truth, sometimes they are so mean
it tell me things I hate to know and sometimes things I need to know
but sometimes when I’m feeling great and ready for a date
that mirror tells me don’t be late, your date he may not wait.

But sometimes when my diet fails and all my efforts lost
that mirror tells me 'don’t be sad, just think of all that food you had'
then I think of all that cake, the pies, the fries and juicy steak
that mirror stands in front of me, I sigh at what I see
I see a figure round and free, I see the truth, I see me
so mirror mirror don’t be mean, let me be...let me be me
Wyatt Jun 14
She’s feeling inadequate,
insecure about her body.
She spends her allowance on
makeup and name-brand clothes.
She practices poses, specific ways
to flaunt her body for the boys
who are watching her every move.
She begins rigorous diets
to drop a bunch of weight
she doesn't have to lose.
She spends countless time
perfecting a look, a personality,
mastering a life they will accept.
This girl's even talking differently,
telling them what they want to hear.
She looked like she was
right out of a magazine,
and all this work for what exactly?
For the boy that steps in
to toy with her faint heart,
shattering it in the process?
She sacrifices her own wants daily
for people who shouldn't have a say
and I hate to see that happen
because this girl was much more beautiful
in the beginning before she tried to change.
This one is inspired by someone I once knew. I saw her change herself slowly over time, desperately trying to match the expectations that can be wrongfully placed on a lot of young women today. At first it was empowering to see the reactions others had, but eventually she came to the realization that she was never truly making these changes for herself. She was changing for all of the people around her, afraid of rejection or being isolated from the crowd. I feel this is an important message for every single one of us, but I know it hits home for plenty of women out there. Don't alter yourself or change yourself to match the expectations people have forced onto you. Don't feel obligated to put your own feelings aside to cater to anyone else's opinion of you. Do what makes YOU happy inside and most importantly, learn to love yourself for who you really are inside. You are the most beautiful when you are you and I hope you know that. Much love to all of you and thank you for reading.
Mark Sep 19
Satiety admonishes me that I have reached the ultimate stage of deglutition, consistent with dietetic integrity and any more would be an overwhelming superfluity.
Donna 6h
I’m on a diet
But it poured of rain today
So I ate a cake
A iced donut was yummy x
Fiona May 7
I'm a black belt binge eater
Undefeated diet cheater

In the fridge night and day
Doing what my tastebuds say

Racking the calories up like a boss
Teeth so busy got no time to floss

Fridge light on, fridge light off
Attracted like a dancing moth
Sensitive to theses foods.
Black pepper
Bloating wind gas
I will keep a food daily report
And show to my doctor in 6 ,weeks
Oh the joys of passing smelly wind .. embarrassing
Brooke Davis Sep 2016
S • Skin tight, skeletal cage
both ribs and mind.

K • Keep a strict diet, never break it, always hide it from those who would disapprove, so I learned to suffered in silence.

I • Internally a growl would emit, I reveled in the power I would get from it. To know I was structured, I wasnt a jumbled mess. Like the mass jiggling, clingling to this withering carcass.

N • Never could the fat girl come back out. carve her, choke her, starve her till she lost the will to shout. Shout for help, shout for freedom, shout for love in this life. Useless, everybody knows only fit people have that right.

N • Nobody would believe if I told a soul my struggle. "You are huge, big blue
whale how can someone like you have a disorder?

Y• Yell, scream "I WANT TO BE ME"
But I can't because of our society
deeming people like me are wrong,
why should my weight define wether or not I belong?

But because it does I hate myself.
I live this life with a wish to die,
all because my body is not
it seems that Trump  Johnson  and Putin
are not really free of that gluten
which  though it be healthy
tastes only for the wealthy
like something not to dispute on
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