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A spitfire of conflict raging inside, playing the fool at all that one
His hair singed, flaked with blood,
and fresh smoke at his heels.
The cavalry fall to their knees at his feet,
As the gates open wide at his smirking
sharp teeth.
His horns held high
He marches in.
First things first,
He kills the king.
The drapes catch fire and up sulfur swirls.
A glowing silhouette to haunt a kingdom for years.
Is harm meant?
You'll never know,
But you can see he rests easy wherever he'll go.
As chaos and havoc lay a path behind
He smiles sweetly,
Destroyer Of Minds
You know in anime when they give a character super sharp kanines that look like fangs. Kinda grinchy description but yea that's them
Umi Jul 2018
A delicate sillhouette, agile and elegant, sweet and unique.
Almost playful, she slides over the water so majestically,
Even if the whole world were to drown in the deep blue sea, all her hope would gather into the motivation to move forward, burst forth.
Oh wind, carry me out of this sea of tears, of bottomless sadness.
Sail towards the coming future, sealed doors can be broken open,
What hope does the future hold for one who survived but couldn't protect her friends, going down alike the sun, slowly slipping away,
Even the azure beauty beyond us is filled with danger and misery,
But I will stay positive, for it is you my little breeze who is gently holding me, letting me sail with you through thick and thin.
Leave the waves behind you, swiftly like a shooting star but proud like an eagle in flight, but warm alike the ray of sunlight.
As the sun rises, the clouds have drawn a picture in the sky over us,
Quietly, serenely, you live with determination in your heart, when all freedom and light, ego and deception have become lost in this world.
Trailing over and over, with irrigular gaps I caught a smile in this clear water for the first time of our long journey.
It is for you, my dear Shimakaze.

~ Umi
A destroyer of hopes and dreams - even her own.
She set out to ruin everyone (and everything) she was jealous of.
Her mission accomplished, she soon found there was no one and nothing left but herself.
kmr Feb 15
The petals drift
And lay down
Beside my feet
And my tears -
That are crashing,
To the ground.

The steps you take
Away from me
Are an echo
Of my heartbeat.
Your footsteps fade
And with you
Goes my heart.

Leaving me broken
And empty.
Leaving me as only a husk
Of the person
I used to be
Before I loved you.
And before my love
For you
Destroyed me.
Quieter than a hurricane,
quieter than economic depressions,
quieter even than quiet pain,
yielding no gun, blasting no bombs,
having no outline, no face, no target,
no sizzling newspaper topic,
it crawls, though no worm appears,
it envelops the years, a series
of habits, tendencies, memories,
it crawls for years, so long
as to seem a long-familiar friend
or cozy room one never quite leaves.
All those who hurt us in the past
have long become shadows, they have died
or changed utterly or simply
have been swept away in distant currents,
simply never seen again. Yet
these shadows still glow, sometimes blaze;
the circumstances which once had
brought us low, degraded or stifled us,
though seldom thought of, leave us
circling, circling in habitual ways,
the seasons themselves growing lusterless,
devoid of the leap of love. It's all called
prudence, caution. This safety encloses
worlds growing narrower, narrower,
as busy millions slowly, quietly die...
ryn Feb 2015
People cheat,
people lie

To get ahead
just to get by.

They do it out of deemed necessity
have made it a successful habit.

Some would feel bad,
some wouldn't lose sleep over it.

Some lie to protect...
Some lie to infect...

With little remorse
full blown guilt.

Either way
all they've built.

A lie is an accessory
that most tend to abuse.
A convenient mask
for the **** truth
that most would misuse.

Lies are...
The bane of relationships
Destroyer of trust...
Conveyed by irresponsible lips.

So have I ever lied?
Have I ever desecrated
honesty's pride?
Have I ever wielded it
to save others from harm?
Have I ever employed it
to boost my charm?

No I haven't,
now that's a lie...
Spouted that so easily,
I didn't even need to try...

I am no exception...

I am no saint,
I'm only human
with an ill sense of direction.

I have lied...
How about you?

Search deep inside...
*You know you have too...
Zeeb Jul 2018
Tool of desperate confrontation
Object of pride for a grateful nation
In Baton Rouge on the mighty river
Kidd rests proudly
376' length overall,  Fletcher Class destroyer
Like every ship, of oil she does smell
When I boarded her, she had something to tell

I was with a scoutmaster, my son and the boys
Concerned with their fun, and the making of noise
But late in the night, as quiet set in
Kidd started whispering, to my within

She spoke of the men who gave up their lives
Their children, their girls, the tears of their wives
Thirty-eight men, in fiery fuel
Hell's agony touched, a death so cruel
Fifty-five more, burned badly that day
Defending our country, our homage we pay
Visiting sailors will stand at attention
… and for a young Kamikaze, scarcely a mention

The big war was over, Kidd passed her test
Now to San Diego, for a permanent rest
But as men will prescribe, it didn’t last long
Kidd went back into action, near Korea’s Kaesong

When in Baton Rouge, you can visit the Kidd
If you’re bold, listen carefully, just as I did
You'll get half of the story, the rest we don't know
The men who have fallen, to Kidd's mighty blow

Let's set now a new tone and have us some fun
The Kidd's crew were pirates but they didn't run ***

Those flat-tops were fancy, their flyers elite
In the galley was ice-cream, their reward and their treat
When a pilot was downed, Kidd quickly steamed
Then radioed the skipper, "your man for  ice-cream"
Tammy M Darby Sep 2016
Staggering explosions of venom-laden light
In a world of darkness constructed by man
Debauched genius and greed tainted sight
In second blinding rays of silver filled the skies

Trillions of once living humans lay dead
Empty warm footprints were life once led
Gray piles of ash on radiation kissed the ground
The species ended
Beating hearts unbound

It was not the first bombed dropped
Nor the cause of their fall
Or the second
That followed
When Azrael began to call
The third
The Destroyer
slowly seeping life
The fourth
Spreading it fiendish tentacles
Created from evil and lies
The fifth
Came in waves of poison rippled sound
The sixth
Was death cold sister come to hover round

But came the seventh
In clap of thunder
None now left to worship
In awe and wonder
The seal had been opened
The convent broken between God and man  
The punishment foretold
Revealed in the blood of the lamb

@Tammy M. Darby September 3, 2016. All poems are stored in author base
PoserPersona Jul 2018
He pulled and parked the supply red wagon,
then climbed the mast to the captain's cabin.
Captain Red is ready for adventure.
A quest to collect the world's best treasure.

His pirate crew is renowned far and wide.
They're rough and tough and they don't ever cry.
But none of them boys has the captain's stuff.
So don't mess with him, man, cause he don't bluff.

This motley crew has achieved many feats,
has never suffered a single defeat,
and has seen the most incredible things:
whales, whirlpools, storms, mermaids, krakens and kings.

"Set sail," squaws the boss as he munches lunch
and the Ocean Destroyer leaves port Wunche.
These rolling green hills are now ocean waves.
That blue sky, however, remains the same.
"Hey Benjamin!" beams the first mate Susanne.
Impeding the journey that just began.
"We already played this game. It's my turn!"
The first mate trumps the captain, Ben will learn.
Her spacesuit crew is renowned far and wide.
They're smart and nice and they don't ever lie.
But none of these girls has commander's stuff.
So don't mess with her, girl, cause she don't bluff.

This brainy crew has achieved many feats,
has never suffered a single defeat,
and has seen the most incredible things:
aliens, black holes, stars, and martian springs.

"Lift off!" beams the boss as she munches lunch
and the Star Chasing Rocket leaves base Wunche.
These rural backyards are now rocky space.
That blue sky, however, remains the same.
"Hey Susanne!" beams the pilot Benjamin.
Impeding the flight before it begins.
"We already played this game. It's my turn!"
The pilot trumps commander, Sue will learn.
Boys and girls grow up and out the front door.
Those children’s games evolve to adult chores;
those kiddy lawns to grandparent’s domain.
That blue sky, however, remains the same.
Jeremy Rascon Aug 2018
I destroyed a world...  
In one night
One that I helped build.
I invaded the surface and dug,
Hoping to find something precious,
To satisfy my greed & lust.
Without thinking..
Now it's cracked and scarred..
I destroyed a world that meant everything to me..
For nothing but an urge I thought I had.
I wronged an oasis that kept me from
Dying of dehydration,
In the droughts of my life...
If I believed in heaven & hell,
I would say my soul is being dragged downwards,
And that's why I feel so low..
But I know better.
Reality is far worse.
I watch from orbit as the world is mended,
Admiring it's strength and beauty...
I know. I can never return there.
So I drift through emptiness
Content,  finds me in the knowledge that the world will thrive...
Without me.
Sydney Rose May 2018
beauty upon a delicate creature
innocent young brown eyed girl
perfection bestowed in every feature
every fishers’ catch, shining pearl

perfect from day one
yet she couldn’t see
skinny must be done
perfect then she’ll be

the world was her oyster
everything granted within smile

yet beauty was a destroyer
sudden death of a child

sold the devil her soul
fantasy turned to reality
one’s life desirable goal
perfect she’ll finally be

deceived by image in mirror
years of starvation to the bones
glass of ugliness suddenly clearer
lost completely from her homes

harmful inability to love
all of the world but herself

time revealed a life
truly better than this

repetitive periods of recovery
one’s wish irreversible
beauty uplifted the misery
weight eventually stable

one thousand four hundred sixty days
hidden silent all these years
one thousand four hundred sixty ways
held back brown eyed tears

her name was sydney rose
the girl who suffers with anorexia
V liv Nov 2018
Waste of time, tears, and companionship
Creator of my joy
Destroyer of the same
Everything isn't enough
Nothing ever is
Speak of others
Using me to their advantage.
You became worse than them.
Speak of others
Being distant.
You became further than them

No more speak of others
It was you
Your intention
A plan of your own invention
To manipulate
To play
To leave
Kara Jean Jan 2018
You caress my limbs
Sweeping by
You can never say hi
I know you are mine
The warmth of your hospitality sets me at ease
We seem to understand the unseen
There is more to the push in the trees
You are a destroyer, devastating
You still have beauty as I watch your beat
My soul hears your control
Yet, you are nothing more than the breeze
Infamous one Jan 3
Self destructive over failed love
Heart fueled by chaos
The broken can't be fixed
Mirror reflects the destroyer
Change has begun within
Let the healing start
zoie marie lynn Aug 2018
hi my name is broken and
i once caught my father using all his teeth hands lip and tongue on a woman that was not his own
outside my bedroom window,
i spent the night trying to convince myself that
love is real love is real love is real
because after that i wasn’t ever really sure.

hi my name is survivor and
i was once a punching bag for my stepfathers anger and houses in the country will forever terrify me
all because of a random man and his prying fingers and his sticky gum,
and then there’s this third set of bones and dark flesh that made me so afraid of my own skin i had to tell myself
i am beautiful i am beautiful i am beautiful
because hate and death wasn’t my only option.

hi my name is butterfly and
i once broke every bone in my body falling so hard for a girl with the loveliest voice i’ve ever heard but she had other bodies underneath her
thick brown belt
she wouldn’t let herself feel all the things i felt,
i spent thanksgiving in a mental hospital chanting over and over
i am lovable i am lovable i am lovable
because without even trying, she had managed to convince me that i wasn’t.

hi my name is destroyer and
i chose water over blood because blood burned and drowned and buried me ten feet down all at the same time and i didn’t want to die because of them
i split in half all the walls and windows and doors to my home,
i needed to do and be what was best for me so i told myself again and again
i’m not alone i’m not alone i’m not alone
because all i felt was the aftermath of being the very thing that broke up my home.

hi my name is lover and
i tend to give too much of me way too quickly because i don't fall in love, i dive with feet facing the sky, head towards the concrete
and i wonder how i end up being so broken and incomplete
so i wound up all the glue and all the tape,
i muttered over and over in between each breath
fate isn't fake fate isn't fake fate isn't fake
because my heart always seemed to pound a few beats behind, a few beats too late.

hi my name is suicide and
i stepped in front of trains and bullets and knives and i hate yous and you’re nothings all looking for a father that
never really wanted me
he broke my throne, i cut more than just my hair, i no longer want to be here,
and i screamed at the top of my lungs because
it’s worth it it’s worth it it’s worth it
it just doesn’t feel like it anymore.
it's been such a long time, i don't feel the same.
Mikaila Apr 2017
We come from power.
Our ancestors dealt in wiles,
Appraising glances at the world around
Lowered gazes and eyelashes that cast shadows
Hiding minds sharp enough to slit throats.
We come from deception and
Glittering eyes and soft thighs
Sculpted cheeks and long necks
Smiles that could cut
As you toil through the world,
Know that your body is the most dangerous weapon
These men have ever seen.
Know that you raise hairs on their arms.
Do not forget where you came from-
Of women who sold their bodies and their lies
To marriage or to strangers
But never sold their souls.
Women who used
What they had,
Ruthless and unapologetic.
This world has fangs
And we come from the women who said
I will strike first
Rather than be devoured.
We come from power, not ruin.
Just because we have been hidden away
Silenced and enslaved,
This does not change.
We hold something in us that temples have been built to
Stones slick and red with the blood of violent sacrifices
To our full lips
Our *******
Our dancing eyes
Wars have been fought
Cities have burned
Have crumbled
For us!
And good.
Good, they will.
Good, bleed for me.
Kneel for me.
Pray to me.
Call me
And lay awake nights dreaming of my flesh.
This world has changed
But not so much as you think.
Do not forget that you come from blood
From steel
From a survivalism that only we carry pounding in our veins.
They locked us away, and we sang through the bars
Sirens who needed no weapons to break our shackles
They told themselves they used us
While we bled them dry for the pleasure of it.
We come from power!
Power that cannot be stolen from us
No matter what happens.
They looked at us and they saw
They saw
They saw
They saw
The Morrigan,
The Furies,
They saw
Destroyer of Worlds.
They fell to their knees
And in their awe
Could only name their ships, their weapons, their
For us.

Your holy lineage

Take what you want
And don't forget that you were born to do it.
Demand worship.
They deserve it
And they know it:

They fear us.
They've always feared us.
And they should.
Sirens are often referred to in Greek Mythology as the muses of the lower world.
TB Dentz Jul 2018
I climbed to the top of a mountain
And rolled back down in a barrel of oil

I threw a plastic bottle in the ocean
Just to see what would happen

I visited the tropics, both of them
And littered in each one

I am the creator of worlds
And I am the destroyer
Xan Abyss Apr 2018
I am the Great Connector
I was born to unite The Horde
I am the Great Collector
Of souls felled by my Axensword
They all call me subhuman
And revile me as a beast
But they do the same to you and
For that they'll pay the price
(No Peace)

We are strong, We are brave
Though they wish to see us caged
We are wild and Untamed
And we will never live as slaves

Conquerors, We Are One!
Same blood in different skins
At last you'll see, when the victor is me
I am the Lord of our Kin
Wastelanders, Join the March
The World will burn as we sing
When the battle is won, I'll announce to everyone
"I am the Ogre King!"

I am the Great Divider
I was born to brew up storms
I am the Annihilator
My path was forged in war
My reign began in chaos
In Bloodshed, so it ends
All this Strife has nearly left me with
No Kingdom to Defend

We are Violent and Enraged
Now that we have been Betrayed
There are Consequences Grave
For Manipulated Faith

Revolution, it has come!
Same blood but different sins
The Empire Falls
And all Hear the Call
For A New Order to Begin
Decapitate the Tyrants
& Slaughter those who Resist
When the battle is won,
At the top of my lungs, I'll cry
"Long Live the Ogre King!"

I am the Great Destroyer
The Throne is mine to take
I will be king at any cost
Dead nations in my wake
I am the Great Conniver
With Sinister Designs
Never cared how much is Lost
So long as what is Left is Mine

We are rabid and insane
From lives of misery and pain
Now that the world's ablaze
We fall into our cages

These Horrors have just begun
Same gore from separate veins
What have we done,
To our daughters and sons?
A History Bloodstained!
We threw our lives into this war,
And lost more than we gave
When the killing is done,
I'll tell everyone,
"The Ogre King is slain!"

Now Our Planet is a Grave!

"The Ogre King is Slain,
Long Live the Ogre King,
I Am
The Ogre King!"
Lately I've been inspired by the goings-on in my tumultuous homeland to start writing Epic Fantasy lyrics that double as political protest songs.
Arianna Aug 1
The trees wear haloes,
a host of dark angels
breathing light from gloom,
the sweetness of their sighs
flooding the hollows between them with peace
and the promise of decay.

Passing through, riding these waves, my heart breaks,
gushing savage Ocean
where wildflowers cower from my betrayal.

How it roars! unbearable, slashing through my green guardians,
inundating their flesh with its fury,
toppling one by one at their roots.

Still, they warned me!
They foretold this in their rustling,
so like to the hum of distant seas
whirring in my ears pressed against
seashell siren lips
that called me long ago,
humming stories from the Ocean depths of hell.

And Summer dies,
retreating back among the flowers.

And sparrows become vultures,
fat with despair and loathing.

And flies steal kisses from my skin
as reminders of what's coming.

And my gods are all dead,
my hands dripping with their blood.

And I am marked
by the gluttonous swarms
euphoric, feasting on their necrosis.

Lusting for my death,
they tear the seashell from my hands,
my hollow companion cast between the jaws
of indigo Cerberus gnashing below.

The beast runs free,
scrambling among the ruins, and
the downfall writhes before me:
shifting and snaking its winding way
home to the howling shore
dragging my mangled heart,
the shell of my shell,
from its teeth,
nevermore its stories to tell.

The beast runs free, baying to the new moon
quaking behind the shadowy sky.
Alas, she will not lift her eyes
to grace the wildflowers massacred in their forest beds.

Even the stars have all gone out,
though from terror or complicity I cannot say.

The promises are filled,
and primal grief floods my eyes
with memories of dying gods and love-murders
rising from the fractals of compound lives
to embrace me by the roots.

Slashing, devouring the last love of Green,
my fearsome Blue Angel rushes raging
back into communion with Itself,
carrying the bones of my heart
and away
beyond the horizon.

In your frenzy, I can see you
at last for what you are, my Cerberus.

And still my reflection wavers in your eyes,
for once we were one, my heart.

But here, but now
the agony of separation
waxes strongest in the moment of reunion
as the tragedy of lost time we relive,
gushing blood and mire
again, again, and again!

I reach towards you, I touch you
with the reverence one regards a wild animal
robed in Nature's silent knowing.
Ay, and alas! my hands are too small
to hold you, my heart of darkness!

You have broken your bonds, devoured your fetters.

Now the Ocean calls us home.

You settle silver and docile,
laying paths among the wreckage
in all directions towards Infinity:

destroyer and guide;
murderer and lover;
father, mother,
myself and my other.

"The Ocean calls us home..."

... and slowly, my feet move to follow.
Zemial - "Sleeping Under Tartarus":

Within Temptation - "Ice Queen"
T­his poem is self translated version of my Hindi language poem titled "शिव स्वरूपं" published in pratilipi on (Dec. 2017) Can be read through the link ==>>

That face of Lord Shiva is most beautiful in which he holds Ganga in his hairs
The Moon feels blessed by beautifying the head of Shiva as a glittering crown

The Serpants also became jewellery by themselves and decorated his blue neck
Shiva holds the trident on one hand and plays the Damroo from the other one

He has seated himself on a mat of Tiger Skin and rubbed pyre ash on his body
He has left elephant and the horses and decided to travel on an old Bull Nandi

By such an amazing face form, he is always ready for the welfare of devotees
The cruel and wicked have always been afraid of his eldritch face and form.


Shiva (See Line 1): A God (The Destroyer) in Hindu Mythology
Ganga (See Line 1): The Holy river whose flow and speed is controlled by the coiled hairs (Jatas) of Lord Shiiva
Damroo(See Line 4): A sort of musical instrument ( Pellet Drum )
Nandi((See Line 6)): A bull in Indian mythology who is the vehicle of Lord Shiva
The Mesmerizing Face of God Shiva
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