Nadine Swain Dec 2014

why do people
only seek this
in times of need

in times of desperation
and in times of dire

when they will
only leave when
the sun comes up

Alexis Apr 2014

Dull eyes
Dark under-eye rings
Dazed look.

She was tired,
But sleep,
Not even a weekend's worth of it,
Could cure her tiredness.

For she felt hopeless,
Driven to desperation.

Paul Marfil Apr 2015

Dear woman,
I want you to skin me alive
And then bathe me in alcohol

nichole r Jun 2014

hearing useless chatter
feeling gusts of breath
seeing bleeding ink
tasting bitter loneliness
smelling puffs of stale air
being a                   g  h  o  s  t  .

ic Apr 2014

you hear that?
-that's the siren
of desperation you're hearing.

Rosalie Walker Nov 2014

It's making me insane
Making me not the same

lost girl Jul 2014

I am desperate to find that sense of normality
I grasp for it
as if it is water
and I haven't had a drink for months.

I am desperate to find comfort in my life now
Rather than later
I am tired of waiting and feeling
as if I am an alien
in my own skin.

I am desperate to start living
I am stressed out
and tired of watching life
pass me by
as if I am invisible.


help me to see
the light, for
the darkness is

Copyright 3-2-2015 Elizabeth Lawrence ©
Louisa Coller Jan 2015

His eyes are like sapphire jewels waiting to be picked up,
they longed for love so pure and they picked up by the poorest female around.
Hair will cover the eyes of the warmest heart,
the one which will not love the way he has done years before.
I don’t want to intrude upon your life, sweet sir,
please let me, remind you why you tried.
I want to see you fly higher than the clouds above,
forming fictional minds to dream above.
I don’t, want to feel the cold weather anymore,
please let the rain pour one last time as I cling to you tight.
Don’t forget me, please don’t leave me,
don’t leave me behind in this sweet ride of pain.

Nienke Mar 2014

i don’t want to give up
i hate giving up

those people

sweet love
don’t you believe anymore?

don’t you want to fight
just like before?

and yes i’m tired
tired of fighting


at the moment
when it’s not going so well

sweet love
can’t you just fight for me?

or just tell me

Alexis A Dec 2014

Help me
I'm desperate
I have puke in my hair

Help me
I'm desperate
I threw up twice in an hour

Help me
I'm desperate
No one sees the pain I'm in

Help me
I'm desperate
Or is there even a point?

A bulimic's cry. I don't want to live like this anymore, yet I know no other way. Anyways, recovery never lasts. She always comes back.
Kristian May 2015

Stay in my life
Oh baby, please, I beg you

Briana4545 Jun 2013

We blame society for everything.
We fault magazines for turning innocent teenage girls
Into anorexic beauty queens.
We point fingers at the paper thin actresses on TV screens
For bringing bulimia victims to their knees,
Two fingers down their throat as they cough up that last bit dinner,
Along with the guilt and shame that comes with it.
We blame society, but we are society.
Who wrote those magazines?
Who created the ridiculous standard that you can only fit in
If your bones are showing through your skin?
Hunger is just a feeling; thin is a skill.
Your stomach isn’t growling because you’re starving.
No! It’s applauding you on a job well done,
On another day of nothing but celery sticks and diet coke.
Who cares if all of your hair falls out?
Who cares if you get dizzy every time you stand?
Who cares if the desire to be thin and meet this sick standard of beauty
Is slowly killing you, taking another piece of that innocent teenage girl
And turning her into a skeleton?
We, as a society, don’t care.
The magazines won’t stop printing
Because another high school kid got carried away.
Extreme, even deadly diets are a thing of today,
And yes, yes, they’re here to stay.
Sometimes eating healthy and exercising just aren’t enough.
Desperate times call for desperate measures,
And under this kind of pressure,
It’s hard not to give in.

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