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zebra Sep 2016
i constantly feel the need
to express to you
my inner unreasoned
masturbatory stream of consciousness.
and i want you to know
i consider it an immense privilege
for you to be so kind
as to stand
under my ghastly orchard

my darkest poems
blood letting streams
are a kind of ******
fetishy cognitive inventory
malformed denizens
of the subconscious
a well of torments
soup of Salmonella
the souls gut
its cauldron
yet not with out lurid enticements
and voluptuous supplicants
like an eight legged woman
with beautiful feet
drooling **** lips
drunk on sacrificial rituals
of blood black tongued kisses
and hideous contorted pleasures

exquisite archetypes
gods and goddesses
are now
cellar dwellers
moaning in nature bed crypts
of rock, stone
and engraved sigils

because honest pure desires
became fragmentary
and are now gimping amputees
by legions of primal disappointment

while faces blare in the world
like super bright L.E.D.s
shinning paths to others
our deep self
remains patinaed in tears
a black box pox with a lock
the skeleton key lost
in arcane seas

out of utter disgust
for those dark crawlers
that live within us
revealing them selves
as anxieties, depressions
and myriad quiet despairs
we appear undaunted
to others
and they to us

muffled ticks
and splintered sticks

my poems let my demons out

yoo who its me
my name is spray snake z
with my hooks and cries
and dark blood skies

in the misty night
i dragged out their earthen coffins
legends of the despicable
resurrected them
fed and loved those darklings
had every conceivable union with them
their healing, my own

ive sexualized them
and found love
albeit twisted

to be adored
in a hidden embrace
i bestow upon you a poetic fantasy
while obsession takes hold

bind it not
nor let it bind you
My poems remain explorations of the subconscious ******
If i where a film maker or a novelist  you  would see me telling a story not judge me  although i admit to my paraphilias  
These poems  are lunar anamorphic streams of consciousness from the deep chaotic subterranean glitz of transgressive  impulses we all share
Read them if you dare...You might find that part of yourself that you don't want you to know about
adi Apr 5
One brain, one mouth, one being - nothing more!
I’ve killed my selves so many times
My own womb has suffered crimes,
To be a poet have I tried
But my ink has gotten dry.
Rebirthed myself as man - for the poems, for the words, nothing more
Everything missed Dionysus like never before!

A different life among you have I led!
Deprived myself of all life gives
In dark, alone and cold I wept.
Destitute and desperate now,
My heart freezing on a lonely bough.
The bulb above my brow is hanging by a single thread and when
It falls and breaks to pieces they will know that I am dead.

Come sleep - or come death,
I can see no difference.
Blind me at least so I can mock the Sun!

With shut eyes they think I am illiterate,
Primordial is the essence and I am her son.

They want me to dance at the feet of chance!
Embrace chaos in my attic,
Die a young and worthy addict.
Forced to live in Hölderlin’s tower
As nothing more than a wilting flower.
My words trembled but were barren, devoid of romance,
So my poetry never made anyone dance.

I clipped my wings so I can drink with sailors,

Walk amongst them on my frail feet,
To be man is all I ever wanted,
Chugged the nectar of life which made me sick.
Oh, men! How fragile you are!
Slowly poisoned by the time you try to escape
‘Meaningless is existence’ you say as you create!

Come sleep - or come death, 
I can see no difference. 

Poverty through poetry, the most human way to go,
Come sleep - or come death,
Let me go.

He wanted to be human - the humanest of them all - a poet!
He wanted to put pain on paper - even make it rhyme
He wanted to be the one to hear the screams of time.
And as the light faded and the bulb broke,
Darkness came wearing mistress clothes.
‘Oh, men! How strange you really are!’ - he yelled.
‘Dionysus! What a man you have become!’ - she said.
Then he disappeared swearing to never return,
Thinking that poetry is for those who like to burn.
Nerves fulminate, fissuring skin
As bones crackle, to weary tear,
Volcanic face, pooling hot tears,
Gaia weeps, her world despairs,
All of land's flora, and all of seas,
Erupt, displeasure at man's villainy.
Ylzm May 19
So blind, the blind despairs.
So wicked, ***** grieves.

So indistinguishable from evil,
their judgement of evil, truly just.
So indistinguishable from their ruthless enemy,
the utter destruction decreed shall befall both suddenly.

The aggrieved weeps.
The wicked hardens.
Wickedness upon wickedness.
Endurance beyond Lot's,
given, the righteous' lot.
p Oct 2018
ive grown so dexterous
in veiling
my dismays
and despairs
that i can no longer
elucidate the difference
in healing
and in hiding
for it all feels the same.
but what does it matter anymore.


LOVERZ whole world collapsed
Into a small GOLDEN speckle dust of BELOVEDz


Gave you Golden wings in flight to rise

YOU rose from within LOVE's UNION
To create the milky way of our galaxy
The fusion nuclear energy with
The Golden speckle of LOVE dust

The world illuminated and
Every human heart enlightened
By your sun-shine silver rays of
The Golden speckle dust of LOVE

All the milky ways in many galaxies
Are witness to your LOVE energy
Dazed, surrendering to YOU in AWE

Time withers under LOVE
Pendulum stands still....

Colliding of two energies
The crash become a necessity
For creating the new world of LOVE

****** within that black-hole
We Fall in LOVE

LOVE - a process of revelation
Through pain, frustration, suffering
Longing, grief and agony are necessary
For the molten to undergo the fire
To brighten and purify the into
The Golden speckle of LOVE dust

Now the same Gold dust flies & floats
Around all of us
To spread the message of LOVE
To FREE us from life's delusions
To fix the broken hearts
To heal the wounds and despairs
To form new connections
Between stranger seeking LOVE

The Golden speckle of LOVE dust
Lives in a ZERO gravity world
Without prisons of morals/ ethics
Traditions, scriptures, laws & religions

Thus enabling its own vectors of
Drivers of LOVE - push and pulls
To save the dying humanity
By experiencing and realizing
Inert lessons on core SOUL LOVE

There are billion faces
But just two blink and click


They unite amidst the barriers of
Walls, castles, and fake masks
The world builds to imprison them

That UNION of LOVE -
The meeting of
will produce a fresh Fusion
To create another
To fly & float around
In search of
PURE, True, Innocent

That's how
The Golden Speckle of Dust
Keeps on creating LOVE around us
Through its SOUL's illumination

A Short History of LOVE
Poetic T Jan 12
Woeful trepidations cling to me,
                  like morning cobwebs.
                                  The dew of hostility
          filtering into my subconscious.

And the spider feeds on the woven
                       chrysalis of my despairs.
I'm in a closet of silk and the fangs are
                                        gentle but intrusive..

Every dewdrop falling evaporates
                                            on my forehead.
Falling into the morning haze of despondency .
           Fear is a word that I awaken to,
                                 beyond the sunrise.

Forever in a web of dewdrops collecting
                       evermore on my thoughts.
Are the weakness of self a demise or
rather a strength,  to weave my own web on.

— The End —