Peace 3d
Touch the stream of her essence & let your hands flow through the river.

As the air guides your desires you feed off the heartbeat, of her emotions.

Frequencies sending waves of her sent,
whiffs of the undying,
undoing of her beauty taking you to heights unknown.

You drifting to the edge of this garden of vibrant possibilities,
continue to control the animalistic side of you to possess,
& claim the body of the innocent,
inviting woman,
of your clan.
She moves with
The Gracious meeting in denial
He's the baron of beef delicious side
Reproduction picture full slide
The most
   Casual face

Met the eternal masterly
    Artist face
Saying Oh! Grace
The other side of midnight
     Mask Face
She could overjoy anyone's
Heart in the right place
    Deceiving Face

The miracle of love principles
Such skepticism could it be overjoyed realism

But a hell of a time with heavenly bliss
What a shock when he gave me my kiss
His Crooked face to longevity nose
Hiding place A-Rose

Beachy trance-set face

Highlands of Scotland,
anybody would want her
     *Joyful face

He's the baronial
Secluded caves but risky dives
The turn only If?? I
could turn back the time
The events strictly

Her apple cheeks bathing suit
He is picking her fruit
So soothing the fiddle
Tinman whistles the ladies harps

Their medieval moment's help!!!
The swords  bust to his manly chest
Sleeping Inn New castle west
Their best bedrest

The cupboards open overjoyed
invitation decorative cans
Of greens, pinks, purple passion

And flourless chocolate cakes
Powdered lips love his reaction

She was seductively awe-inspiring
The top hills of Ireland grass
vividly raised her legs
The bowl next to her
The Rose blush wines
Bare it Fruit and figs

The baronial tug of war wigs

Melodious birds the
Grand One
The thousand piano words
Overjoyed but
under the {Baronial} weather

So lordly new threads tailored
carpenter pants
Men of the herds
She's the
Caron French boutique

There sexual desires
The creature within
Wildly mating like critiques

Her perfumes so extinct
Overjoyed her heart
So cultured violin strings
Dollhouse Castle to restore
With her unique touches,
he wanted more

The steps tiring like a killed deer
every muscle he could hear

Over elaborating how people are dating
With a  stamped from the very
heart  approval
But hard times such laboring
Sitting in her
overjoyed chair
His face all Scrooged
no gifts of flowers
What are the odds of this pair

Over and over again her rainbow
her sensitivity we need longevity
The  endless walls are caving in
We are not so overjoyed by
this monster garden
She had her first breakdown
Going up the
Jack and Jill Ireland hill
In the longtime what long run
Way too short
It didn't come from above

The vintage oldtimer
radios sitting
together with
family listening
so long ago
So commercialized
The crazy shows
Where do you really want to go,
you just want to shut everything off

He called her the powder puff
Waiting for the nocturnal star
Those scrubs and hot rubs shower
Over my knee-high boots so in
love cahoots

Oh! It's her
The smart student
Owl Hoot whats to boot
Eating her shepherd's pie
so lordly full lips word-me
Ireland Holy Land
of love and beauty

Overly scrupulousness
The time of blessings

But the baronial loved to be
overly entertained
And she would sit there  
Blue-blooded royal dishes
Got flushed away no wishes

Like the hardest love
of multiplication
The sexual overstimulation
Over embellished
But you're still positive
But why did she
want to vanish

Destroyed her
Apple jubilee computer

Spiritual Zen
Or new lover Amen
Ever touched by Ireland maidens
Like the crimson and clover
I do believe in the
Four leaf clover Face

Like the only thing she picked
were the weeds
More beauty of life and deeds
Or tons of sorrow wondering
how she
would feel tomorrow?
We will never know
Overjoyed by so many things have the beauty Ireland is amazingly beautified or everything feels unnecessary gloomy or horrified you rather pick of ripe blueberry or cherry or blackberry living like your in the castle being summoned on by the Scrooged type Baron
Ashley 2d
Pressesd tenderly,
your carnal flower opens,
its butterfly released,
hovers like a hummingbird
drinking from the bill.

Oh, I too would steal you away
and cage you happily,
to get under your black-fringed skirt; 
to see that pretty dress,
fly off once more,
and see you bare;
burned now forever in my banks,
a first sight,
of dark curls!

As I think of it,
my desire stirs,
but I have already masturbated twice,
thinking of us;
hips pinned,
sliding over our wet perspiring bellies,
in our jungle heat:
'cause in the firmament of our embrace,
its hot,
where glued we jerk into each other,
stoking flames,
until sleep,
when we disappear from each other:
my mind in reveries,
filled with niggling neurotic inanities;
yours with manic dreams where criminals in cages beg to be freed,
before better spaces overtake.

When I awake,
I am lying next to you,  
Gwen over the horizon of your fertile valley,
a white reposed mountain.
murmuring desire for me.
I can't wait to answer.

It is late,
late morning,
and we are all half asleep;
you have your back to me,
as we lie,
rubbing feet,
stroking hands,
the oiled bulb at the end of a finger,
your fine shoulders,
(that delicate but persistent bone in your wrist that with pointed elegance,
like a dancer's,
as my penis couches,
quietly rocking us inside,
moving you,
moving us,
warmly enveloped,
diffusing into each other
like the early morning brew.

Lust and love,
which for a good while on edge had been:
the weeks,
faint promises from afar;
sometimes a little closer,
our shadows in daylight cross,
as one over the other storms;
and once (or twice),
a sleeve brushes
even better,
hair crackles,
as a speaking lip touches lobe,  
and for a moment,
taking in the other's scent,
a hint sublimely overpowers.

And these,
dearest of fancies,
are just some,
with which to penetrate your mind,
as you have mine:
the energy of my yielding tendernessness,
inviting you to complete me,
as I spread for you with desire.

Much later,
those daring looks you have,
the way you walk our stage:
your beautiful china bone face,
those quick-fire arousing eyes,
your sultry self-assuredness,
your pre-possessing self.

I could talk about your couple,
of generosity,
reaching up,
beyond mere comprehension:
of the fact that I like Gwen
(his love gift for you, me);
but actually,
in truth,
I prefer to take this moment to make love to you;
to say how wrapped I am,
folded up,
in your limbs,
in our mingling sweat;
how with your joy,
you touch my desires,
into yours,
where they run,
flow rather,
down inside your thigh;
honeysuckle from your blessed nymphae.

You love my smell,
you say,
and I dream of enveloping you in pheromones,
of drugging you,
of intoxicating you,
so once again you will find me,
take me,
have me.
Entice you once more like a creature from its shell:
where I can ravish you,
all of you,
lay naked to me,
your very bones;
those fine elbows,
those knees I would like to ejaculate over:
wash their smooth surfaces with my come:
from these cliff heights,
rain semen on the rocks below.

To once more cast aside your socks and get at your toes,
to pour oil on 'em,
to rub and squeeze' em,
while in the moist cavern of your insides,
we fuck,
half washed over by our own tide.
And as we do,
I quail,
speaking sweet nothings of appreciation,
your sounds return,
the hypnotic rhythm of your breath
from full lips:
I engorge and in our labyrinth,
- the maiden and the bull -
we consume ourselves.

Sweet Lentiform,
you did it,
you got me rolling in flesh,
lusting after your intimate parts,
wanting you in bed as I know you must have me,
pulling me on you,
kissing and biting,
making me pop,
squeezing my cock in your palms;
running a curved finger over my nethers.

lying prone,
lying fucked,
never unconsumed,
please us,
with more;
so rarely,
unfucked even for a pause,
doing nothing more than sleeping and carousing;
barely enough our sustenance to keep us at it,
an occasional comic thrown in.
throw the fucking comic at me,
will you?
Fucking beat my flesh with it if you like.
Anything to see you standing in all your white naked glory!

And if you can,
keep texting me,
so I can hang on your every word like a fucking puppy!
Beautiful long-haired,
skin tight,
gorgeously wild,
woman ...
Now pull me by my cock into your cunt -
where I love it best.
Braxan Jul 5
I am often not, losing anything by learning since when days play over I’ll be able to avoid patterns of blunders fit to a custom like an assortment of flannels worn like a polo tee
and if not, for my balance these things; like the globe I’ve come to comprehend wouldn’t be so much of that which holds my spine up in place, when in due pace every single movement is monumental in retrospect of living in an anthill society. It isn’t much of a despair though merely as if my desires closed to a displaced or near fractured trust system yet, I’m digging each day for my ears to hear the work, sense the functions of my bones keep like a structure steadily firm, refusal to give up; like that of a beating heart with a rythm late off into the midnight morning,
with these ‘feels’ of this focused payoff.
When I’d wander,
If not for my mind; the importance of treasuring every chip and bits of the sort blend similarly when my hand gets stuck inbetween the seams of the translucent cookie jar.
If not for my brain I wouldn't seem to be able to persevere though the fatigue that is a burning side of wielding a double edged mentality such to captivate a perfected poem..
If not for the things that I have said, maybe then a few things wouldn’t be so the same. If not, my..
Oh my, if not for drowning and the need to breath I’d swim to Netherlands to thank you Struve for saving me that Chicago day. Fore what doesn’t kill you certainally makes you stronger.. I belief you believe as well.
Life Garden
Freddie Ruiz May 24
I remember every detail of that day
as if it were yesterday;
the two of us, alone together
at midnight on that Saturday 21st.
My heart was beating fastly,
my legs wouldn't stop shaking;  
a part of me wanted to leave
while the other was dying to stay.
And then we stopped behind your car
and after a simple goodbye you grabbed my arm.
My shyness went away and I felt an urge in my heart
to kiss you intensely until we ran out of breath there in the dark.

For once I was going with my feelings
as I pressed you closer to my body,
and I felt the need to let go of everything I had suppressed
when I saw you leaning against my chest.
I was so full of intense desires
while circulating your waist with my fingers
that I succumbed to my own weakness
by allowing my heart to guide me with no resistance.
And then I kissed your lips for one last time,
and I felt emotions overflowing deep inside.
And for a while I got lost looking in your eyes,
as the passers-by saw how we melted under that street light.

On my way back home I kept on thinking about you
and if that would’ve been the right moment to say: "I love you",
just when I had you in my arms, lost in your eyes
and gave you that one last kiss goodbye.

When the desire invades me
unforgettable memories come to mind again
of a moment that belonged to the two of us,
in front of your house, on that 21st of June.
Written on January 17, 2000
Composition number: 81
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