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Dan Filcek Apr 2015
collect payment support
regulatory regimes including failed merger which
effect enclosed circle including capital
Other responsibilities include:
enforce administering registrations
Responsibility protection
overarching public service
strong cadre investigating previous criminal work
Alcohol aligned
tackle pounds
Their skills range: intrusive
arrest, entry, search, detention.
detain anyone committed
listed parts which deter intelligence
analysis assessment:
the nascent department staff
occupies office
cultures: mating the terrier with the retriever
interim period empowered
relation matters within remit
Customs: ethnic-minority permanent policy of racial discrimination.
This year for Poetry Month, I decided to post a "found poem" every day. If writing a poem is like painting, a "found poem" is like sculpting. - source -
Robert Ronnow Aug 2015
Should we invite the neighbors over for dinner?
Their politics so different from ours.
All the more reason. Combat anomie!
He's worried the town's losing population
but opposes immigration. I like immigrants
but hate passing people on my morning walk.

The whole mountainous western region of the state
is losing population at a rate of 1% per annum.
The young move out, the old stay put but
young artists priced out of big cities move in
looking for affordable studio space. How low
can the population go as long as rents stay low?

We did agree about the fire department expansion
being premature (him) or unnecessary (me).
He argued we should renovate the high school first
the roof is caving in and walls crumbling.
But you can teach under a spreading chestnut tree
or baobab and science needs the world for a laboratory.

I teach at the old 2nd St. jail in Pittsfield
a town that doesn't know if it's coming up or going down.
A few shootings last month, no deaths.
They're holding their breath but also trying to attract life
science businesses to the industrial park. The local bank's
expanding, buying smaller banks in neighboring civilizations.

Eventually our fire department got the vote they wanted,
just called another meeting and packed the auditorium.
The final winning argument was we can do the school,
the fire house and the police station all at once.
Don't accept defeat, limitations. Defeat anomie!
Anomie means lawlessness and purposeless in Greek

so that's not exactly what we're trying to defeat.
It's the mismatch between our aspirations and resources,
no, the dissonance between our tribe and nation,
no, the individual as ****** animal and intellectual,
no, the farmer and the banker, the loved one and the litter,
no, whatever happens to you after you die and belief in reincarnation.

For me, it always boils down to mortality
every conversation, which is why no one comes to dinner.
Whether the fire department buys an exorbitant parcel
at the expense of a future school renovation
in a town slightly losing population but still viable
with a college, bank, artists and a few working farms

is everything and nothing, as Borges says.
Deutsch says death ought to be curable.
The new high school or fire station, conditions like anomie
v. democracy, new life forms, self-conscious species
from the laboratory or the biome. How de body?
Today ok. Tomorrow I don't know. Potential

energy, lover, killer, anomie. Karl Popper
had such faith in the rational whereas Niebuhr
acknowledged man's ego is uncontrollable except
by force. Conflict is inevitable. But at dinner
we agree it doesn't always have to be violent or terminal.
We can do the fire department, police station, the school and anomie.
"Hello this is the Plum Wood Police Department.  How may I help you?"

"I'm calling because there is a dead woman in the woods by highway 77.  She has no face or eyes."

"Who am I'm speaking with?"

"This is the killer.  I cut off her face and removed her eyes and took them with me.  That way I can always look her in the face.  **** the world everybody killer."

"Sir can you tell me why you did this?  **** he ended his call."

Plum Wood was a small city with a low crime rate.  When officer Daniel received a call from a killer telling him there was a dead woman in the woods by highway 77 it was surprising.  Officer Daniel placed the phone back on receiver and took a deep breath.
He slowly exhaled and then called all aviable officers and Detective Thomas.
"Hello Detective Thomas this is officer Daniel.  I just got a call from a man telling me there was a dead body in the woods by highway 77.  He said he was the killer and that he cut off her face and removed her eyes and took them with him.  That way he can always look her in the face.  I tried to get his name and to tell me why he did this but he ended his call.  I think he was using a cellphone."

Written by Keith Edward Baucum
Horror, scary,
Paul Hansford Aug 2016
today i bring you
no glittery greeting card
no filling-station flowers
only a very special offer
you cant refuse
(i wont let you)
a part used bargain
from the hearts department
bruised and scarred
but still beating
and its yours for nothing

do with it as you will
pause before you throw it away
(please dont throw it away)
if you dont want it now
save it for later
keep it like a lucky penny
press it with rose petals in a book
put it at the back of a drawer
take it out from time to time
and remember
or find it maybe when youre looking
for something else
and think of me and smile
(i hope youll smile)

but please dont throw it away
its bound to come in handy
even if you never use it
Katie Mar 19
I just got my school device back
From the IT department
Because the battery quit working
Last night.

The battery's fine now,
But there's a new problem -
The touchscreen quit.

Is this what it means
When someone says that they
Solved one problem with another?
Holy heck, my third trending poem!!! Thank you all so much for reading and supporting my poetry, it means the world to me!
Yenson Sep 2018
For our Echoing Little Red Riding Hoods
Lagging behind in the Opposition Departments
Lets help you out by  offering some buzzwords
For your important assignments even though they've
been floated around forever,

But we understand you need some help catching up
So memorize these basic premises
And please enrich your lives and utilise your valuable time
by raking your little brains to create  poems with them

Lets begin with ITALIAN , don't forget RAINBOW, LIES
is also in, add RESPECT, throw in RUDENESS, factor in
LITTLE GIRL, remember ANGEL, write about TRUST, that
much overuse term, throw in BLACK - that's quite a
popular one. Also PINK is quite up the scale, as well as HEART-
Broken ( as if ) and pleeeezee make a big fuss on LONELINESS
That's a big seller. APPLE and SERPENT did appear now and
again so trigger them as you like.

famous one, FOUR or is it THREE, what about BONES,
Lets not forget SKELETON or even ANOREXIC, let also
remember SCREAM, that was a scream..hahah see what
I did there! Remember GREY that has a bit of colour and
what about BUCK or even DOOR-MAT that was a wipe-off
or SUBMISSIVE another popular one.

Hmmm...what about HAIR CUT or TOMBOY or DIGITAL
those are quite good or WOODGREEN or HULL or DOG
that reared its head...woof....woof...hahahah or CEREAL,
beats me what that's about or even MONEY..though that
never was an issue, how about GOLD-DIGGER just for
drama or 50/50 which has been mentioned. Hey! don't forget
RED, what to do without that pinking away.

So please  Little Hoods, students of the Opposition Department
keep with the programme and work on these pointers
***** your little brains and write poems like crazy little ants
Your contribution is valuable cause persistent is the Key.
Keep up with your assignment and forget all other things
Oppose, oppose, oppose, work those little brains!
the President posted
on Twitter to-day
a message that read
space force all the way

he wants his military
to be dominant in warfare
by equipping it with
intergalactical hardware

Donny the Washington
standout boy
has a penchant for
a futuristic whizz bang toy

but congress will be
arguing the strongest case
saying we're not
desirous of an astral base

no doubt his scheme
hasn't been well thought-out
who in their right mind
would make this tout

the cost being of a score
beyond trillions
which would bankrupt
the nation's millions

his brainwave notion
is too big of plan
for any rational thinking
woman or man

shelving this project
might just be best
so the defence department
can stay at rest
DuBray Oct 2017
I talk about my struggles with her Sister
While she bounces lemonade in a jug The old fashion-way
And serves me some in a champagne Glass
She hangs her clothes on department Store racks
With Picasso leaning on a wall
She doesn't have a phone
And neither does her boyfriend  
They never met on one
But she uses one to call me on a Friday Night when I'm

We drive downtown to Wazee's with Two punk rockers
They order a pitcher of beer
And tell us they'll be back in a few - A few is a long concept to them

We pay the tab
And walk up 15th street to Colfax to Grant
Where she decides to see her boyfriend
She says she'll buy a ball so we can Shoot some hoop
Jazz on Jeanie, Jazz on!
Pricers Feb 12
The shadows of worlds from her were surrounded the heart from every angle that left only one passageway to the heads component go neutral department the princess walked bye but was more set into motion not to do anything other than decompose the love of your next life
Eleete j Muir May 2018
Health department signs litter the grass areas,
"Do not make contact with the water;
Swimming forbidden".
Less than twenty years ago I learnt to swim here
And fish too, once i even drowned!
Sometimes my friends and I would
Catch Eels then sell them
To the local Chinese restaurant.
I treasure those memories of my childhood.

This fresh water lake surrounded
By trees taller than buildings
My beautiful haven from the city, hidden
Between main roads and highways
that only the locals know.

Sitting on sandstone rocks
I see my reflection amongst the lily pads.
Beyond the depths an entanglement of
Roots, seaweed and *******.
Natural mandalas made by tadpoles
Ripple across the murky brown surface
Whilst a rather large water dragon
Sun bakes on the riverbank
And ducks glide by reminding me
Of the canoes we used to capsize
And I appreciate how simple life
Used to be.

This poem was written back in September 2003
James Floss Sep 2018
I’m thinking
Thinking so much
I’m thunk.

Resident Trump?
Justice Kavanaugh?
Ending common law?

To protect or destruct?
To serve or to swerve?

Department of interior
Declaring mining superior
Thinks he, Zinke

What is the cost
Of Betsy DeVos
School house lost

Eight years denied
Nyet: destroyed
Great again?

I wish I were drinking
Instead of thinking;
Show me America sober again
B Feb 4
all i want is to be able to describe this world as beautiful and feel it sincerely....

with every bone in my body,

every chamber of my heart,

every department of my head

and everything else that's me.
today's modern world dictate that my homosexual marriage license gives me superior powers among normal people at the laundromat and at the United States Department of Agriculture as I strive for normality in all things: foot powder, sun glasses, cruise control, sleeve length, gas caps, rope strength, peroxide content, & travel lane width.
Robert G Page Dec 2015
A Christmas Thought

This time of the year,  when once giving from the heart has since melted like the snow in Spring to the meaningless demand for expensive toys and gadgets;  and Santa has waned to no more than the all-giving sugar daddy to each and every child,  and a tireless crutch to the mindless parent during the year; “Santa’s watching so you’d better be good.”

And alas,  there I stood in this huge department store amid a vast forest of toys, colors, and noises, fallen prey to this modern day hypocrisy known as Christmas.  Being of a lower middle economical standard,  and having with such stealth blindness juggled expenses and bills to afford myself the opportunity to plunge even deeper into dept.  I pondered these playful wonders of modern day technology.  All about countless numbers of people were doing as I in efforts to reward their children for their year of good service.

This was when I saw her. As fast as this seasonal frenzy had overtaken me just days earlier,  it vanished for a time as I watched her. It must have been that she seemed so out of place in this hurry-scurry festive scene of Christmas shopping that she caught my eye.  She was very old and her tattered,  worn out clothing all too obviously reflected the fact that she couldn’t afford much.  While others struggled about her almost comically laden with brightly colored  packages, this old woman had nothing more than an old purse dangling from her arm.  Slowly she moved, seemingly pained with the infirmities which accompany old age.  She appeared overweight for her stature which I’m sure added to her discomfort.  When she stopped in front of the doll section  her old, pudgy face glowed with joy.  Undoubtedly a doll for a little granddaughter,  I was  sure no more as she couldn’t possibly afford more.  I watched as she studied each doll
and its price tag,  going from one to the next.  Finally she stopped to give particular attention to one little doll adorned with colorful ribbons and big bright blue eyes.  Then putting the doll back,  she opened her purse and I watched as she counted the small amount of money that she had.  

By this time I had become so unexplainably absorbed with watching the old woman,  who with a smile closed her purse, retrieved the doll and walked slowly and painfully to the checkout counter to wait in line.  Around her the noise of parents and children alike waiting their turn to check out didn’t seem to bother her as she patiently waited, holding the precious little doll for an equally precious granddaughter.  Finally when her turn came, an all to cruel yet human trait appeared in not only the people waiting behind her but the checkout clerk as well. Their impatience to maintain a steady flow of human traffic through the turnstiles came to the forefront almost obliterating this seasonal spirit.  This didn’t seem to deter the old woman from slowly and surely counting out the correct change,  leaving her very little to return to her purse.

With this done and the doll tucked away in a shopping sack,  she proceeded through the large glass doors and out into the cold December night.  A passing thought, “one special gift for one special person,” went through my mind as I continued my own, now more selective tour of annual duty.  Looking over my shoulder for one last glimpse of the old woman, I suddenly felt as if struck by a jolt of electricity as I saw her on her back in the slushy snow, struggling like an over-turned turtle.

Bolting out the door hoping to be the first to reach her,  I almost found myself lying next to her on the slick sidewalk.  Nothing was said as I struggled to lift her up.  Once this was accomplished I asked her if she was alright.  Instead of answering  she started looking around for her package.  I spotted the torn, soaked paper sack some ten feet away in a slushy puddle and went to retrieve it.  The doll had come half way out of the sack and her little blonde curls were now filled with water and slush; and as I handed it back I searched the old woman’s face for even a trace of sadness, there was none. Instead she looked at me smiled and said, “thank you young man, it’ll dry out, it’ll be alright, Merry Christmas.”  Then holding the doll in both hands, she turned and went on her way, much slower and much more cautiously.  I just stood there and watched her until she finally disappeared in the crowd and darkness and thought to myself, “maybe Santa Claus isn’t a man after all.”
abortion/aborticide/infanticide = right to choose, pro-choice
American Indian = native American
***** = African-American
***** = person of color (not colored person)
Eskimo = Inuit
chairman = chair/chairperson
court house = judicial center
Department of War = Department of Defense
war = peace keeping
enemy soldier = terrorist
bomb = I.E.D.
unemployed = jobless
unemployment = joblessness
employee = associate/team member
foreman = foreperson
Internal Revenue Dept. = I.R.S./Internal Revenue Service
school = learning center
hospital = medical center/health center or just health
medical care = healthcare
house broken or house trained = ***** trained
~ (I've yet to see a dog use a ***** chair.)
personnel department = human resources
nurse = R.N. & L.P.N.
medic/paramedic = E.M.T.
orderly  = C.N.A.
van = S.U.V.
D.W.I. = D.U.I.
fireman = fire fighter/ firefighter
policeman = police officer,  law-enforcement officer
police station = law-enforcement center
ordered = asked  (police NEWSPEAK)
floor = ground (police NEWSPEAK)
interrogation = interview
suspect = person of interest
retardate = exceptional, mentally challenged
crippled = disabled, physically challenged
hard-of-hearing/deaf = hearing impaired
***** = chemically-dependent
tradesman = trades worker/tradesworker
soldier = military member/servicemember (compound word)
******* = transgender
shoes, boots = footwear
eyeglasses/sunglasses = eye wear/eyewear
checks = cash
barber/beautician = stylist
businessman = businessperson
illegal (regarding wetbacks) = undocumented
conqueror = peacekeeper
torture = enhanced interrogation/pain compliance
crime = wrongdoing (compound word)
criminal = wrongdoer
bill collection = recovery management
lie = miscommunication
propaganda/jingoism = P.R./public relations
propaganda minister = public relations officer
meeting = meet-up
ministers = faith leaders
V.D./venereal disease = S.T.D./sexually-transmitted disease
steward/stewardess = flight attendant
welfare/relief = public assistance
food stamps = E.B.T.
waiter/waitress = server
workmen's compensation = workers compensation (without apostrophe)
service revolver = duty weapon
problems = challenges
illegal alien = dreamer, asylum seeker
soldier, serviceman = service member
Being a Medical Technologist,
You have many different roles,
You wear the hat of a Scientist in testing the specimen,
An Investigator in detecting antibodies in the Blood Bank department,
A compassionate human being with a soft heart,
An Engineer in troubleshooting problems with the laboratory instruments,
An Educator in training new Med Techs and passing your skills on to them,
A life-long Student, being tested on previous knowledge and receiving continuing education,
A Firefighter, putting fires out and solving challenging problems at work,
A Weatherman, trying to make it to work on time, while fighting Michigan’s ever-changing weather
An Inventory Associate, tracking supplies coming in and diligently storing them in their rightful places
A Counselor in collaborating with other professional’s, consoling them, and addressing questions and concerns,
And a Spiritual human by starting every day with a prayer for things to run smoothly at work!

Hussein Dekmak

God's hammer of death pounded down ditzy Oprah's 2 devil *****-
horns & her scalded skull bled & her 2 Negroid nose-holes flared &
the ratty brain of her ***-girl queen Gayle King, ain't been repaired.
I got a tenuous grip on a good girly-grip gripping in the ***** Grip
Department. Her feet are truck-driver rough & her **** is *****-cat
tough. She rolls over in bed to situate her unusual ***** thusly, 13
days before she *****-whips Monaco in the English game of rugby,
while she spanks to ruin ports in ******* societies that are ****-free.
Crippled witch Hillary was so far out there on an island somewhere
or someplace, sacrificing the pink, virginally-pure flesh of Negroid,
infantile neonates, that she stumbled through the new *******/mule/
donkey leather ****** loop of 1 ******* immigration support group.
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