Porsche Newell Apr 2014

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Cori Feb 2014

If you’ve only ever smelled fir trees covered with freshly fallen snow-
then you haven’t smelled it.
It’s an acquired smell, for sure.
It comes just in between the whiffs of
mashed potatoes
mashed carrots
mashed peas
mashed turkey
hell, mashed ginger-ale for all I know. . .
Somewhere amongst that microwaved menagerie, masked with the smell of eau de toilette,
it lives, and smells sweeter the longer brown sugar bubbles on top of caramelizing yams.  

If you can’t smell it, maybe you can find it.
Not many can, or do.
It hides in plain sight, though.
A lost and found box with accumulated cobwebs - everything still unclaimed.
A flyer for free puppies that no one ever took because they were “too much responsibility.”
Maybe there aren’t enough seekers in this game of empty rooms and blank guest books.
But keep looking, until bingo prize hand-me-downs after school plays look like Oscars.
You won’t see it until it makes you believe that plastic Mardis Gras beads are Tiffany-blue boxes.

It’s not so much in the nose, or the eyes as it is in the endurance.
Endure the voiceless Glenn Miller until his brass bellows become her voice -
whispering “I love you”  to the effortless rhythm of “Moonlight Serenade.”
And imagine her,
swapping her orthopedics for black heels,
elegantly taking Pop’s hand as he helps her up from her wheelchair,
to join him for just one more dance.
Watch as they become the sepia-colored couple in every anniversary photo.
That black dress.  Those fake pearls.  
The crescendo of the band.
It’s hard to miss when it’s screaming at you.

nivek Feb 2016

I am the consumer of uncountable meals
my teeth slowly wearing down
down to ancestors left behind-
who could no longer chew on Mammoth meat
or keep up with the tribe.

Hilda Jun 2013

There was a minister who ordered a pair of dentures. People wondered why his sermons got longer and longer. Finally they discovered he had ordered a pair of women's dentures.

ioan pearce Feb 2010

valley mountains high,
cattle there to serve us,
rugged men are men,
sheep are very nervous,

megan's dentures in a jar,
pug face snoring porker,
drove llambo to his wellies,
the mountain mutton stalker.

valley commandos camouflage dress,
headband, wellies, wooly string vest,
llambo llewellyn up to the test,
heads for the hills searching his quest.

english may laugh,
and label us sinners,
while we shag sheep,
they eat them for dinners.

Icarus M Apr 2013

"I should," just sounds off,
like dentures biting into a bar of toffee.

Daydreams as sipping some froth,
out of your morning coffee.

Flying otters and mechanical beasts,
welcome to the rejection hotline over imaginary vibration.

Ice cream sandwiches and mushroom burger feasts,
a day does try some patience.

Red and blue smurf battles,
on blank and empty computer vision screens.

Nerves like snake rattles,
and nothing but imaginings.

© copy right protected
Obadiah Grey Oct 2013

Bevelled slick edges,
and reeaal eeaasy slopes.
Chilli dip wedges
with fresh artichokes.
Wanton loose wenches
and swivel hipped whores
Daft dawgs and dentures
and granddad - who snores.

Amariah Clift Oct 2015

Aluminum foil teeth
Enamel and taste bud bayonets
Molars initiate waging war
On the soft pink left cheek
Gnawing away radiated flesh
Sawing off earlobes and toes
Eating through layers of rotten blood and regret
Metal dentures cut at the gums
Tonguing out iron spit

ehhhh stream of thought
Amelia Jul 2015

once my teeth have all fallen out,
i will line them up like little bone tombstones,
and love my dentures more than
i will ever mourn my

Marshal Gebbie Sep 2010

Cigarette smoke whispers, writhing
Silently it tendrils up
From the glowing end in spirals
Pirouettes to cancers' cup.
Nicotine stained fingers tremble
Wrinkled, thin, arthritic claw,
Lips of carmine part to reveal
Yellow dentures gilding jaw.
Bacon breath of sour demeanor
Vacant eyes reflecting strain,
Hacking coughing greeting morning
Light another, kill the pain.
Silently the reaper beckons
Cavernous his grinning maw,
Welcoming the souls entrapped
In stultifying black tar gore.

Mangere Bridge
14 September 2010

Ben Jones Nov 2013

A legendary sweet tooth, had Lady Felicity Barratt
So swift towards the sugar bowl, so wary of the carrot
She dined on only trifle from a honey coated spoon
But tooth decay accosted her and left her in a swoon

By the time she turned just twenty, her two front teeth were gone
By thirty she was running short and on her final one
When that fell out, she sought a dentist, promptly one arrived
She opened up her grizzly mouth and in the fella dived

He took a cast and took his leave with dentures to be hewn
With satisfaction guaranteed by Friday afternoon
And never did the lady have a reason to suspect
The secret intervention of an evil dental sect

By bribing several bakeries and sweetie shops and stalls
A dossier had been compiled within their sacred halls
For crimes against good dentistry were nothing short of sin
Their retribution must be swift or people might join in

Upon that self same Friday, at the very cusp of noon
One Doctor Bingo Rogers and his burly hired goon
Came knocking at her premises with dental kit and drills
With a mission to sedate her and to exercise their skills

They knocked her out with ethanol and chloroform and air
And strapped her to a hastily erected dentist's chair
The evil teeth were lodged in place and screwed into her gums
The bill was quite extortionate, for monumental sums

The shamanic orthodontist, with his henchman in his wake
A martyr to the vegetable and nemesis of cake
Was keen to see his handiwork and kept a watchful eye
For curious occurrences as days went quickly by

By Christmas there was nothing, until on New Year's Eve
Her teeth got uncooperative and forced the girl to leave
They dragged her by her dainty face and led her to the shops
She stood and munched on sugar canes and giant lollipops

They stuffed her face with chocolates, still nestled in their packets
And then a rack of nylon shirts and seven leather jackets
On every size of shoe, she munched; from sixes up to twelves
She nibbled through the party food and gnawed upon the shelves

Then off she sped, into the street, to pursue a passing horse
Dragged along by wicked teeth and supernatural force
But dentures lack in vision, and especially at pace
So when she caught it by the foot she caught it in the face

She skidded to a grizzly halt with arms and legs all twisted
And next to her, a note with all her dental errors listed
So beware the wrath of dentists and obey when they command
And sleep with one eye open and a carrot close to hand

For though our poor Felicity was buried good and hard
Despite floral cupcake with the Dental Cult's regard
And though her body, to this day, lies safely in the ground
The horse escaped that evening and the teeth were never found...

William Keckler Oct 2014

A Monarch butterfly
accidentally flew into the dark corner bar
of a dying neighborhood
where the lifeless ones sit
on hard-assed stools
espousing doom,
like the wax fortune teller
from her box in the boardwalk arcade.
The butterfly flew
into the poisoned air
of drunks and louts,
and it was a nightmare to them.
They waved their arms around their heads,
rattled their dentures
at this creature of light,
as if it were a bat from hell
that came for their very blood.
The bartender chased it out
with a broom
like a chivalry for the dead.
After it had flown out
the barroom door,
it recovered the sunlight
and its butterfly g.p.s.
began "recalculating, recalculating"
its way to Mexico.
The drunks settled back into
their dark cavern routine.
Now, they could get back
to peacefully dying,
without the fluttering annoyance
of that creature's wings
like someone talking too fast and loud,
some freakin' alien hopeful thing.
Hopeful things
always gave them a headache.

I listened to the rain
And its pitter patter refrain
On the roof top
From a feathered pillow
Comforted by cashmere,
Chopsticks, Chinese take-out
And the memories of love made
And discarded
Like the red, white and blue wrapping
On my favorite snack,

Memories stuck between
Lust and commitment

Leaving cavities of remorse
In the core of my cupid compulsion;

And I am reminded of the fabled lion
Whose toothless roar
Triggers not fright
But laughter
From his prey...

He savors and dreams of death....

There are no dentures
For toothless kings
And carnivores.

~ P

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