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Scheherazade Dec 2016
Everyone's getting drunk
I'm getting sick of it
Calling each other
@ so n so
Like they really gettin used to it
I could talk about my soul
But I've already been through all this
Who's really gonna listen to a girl
Who's heart been through the worst of ****
& what's worse is, yet
Have I spoken on how bad it's been
And no one bothers to ask
cause I don’t let no one in
And for the ones who stayed down and went through it
I Always gave more than their choosin
They embody loyal, and always kept it silent
If their wheels start fallin
Imma get them back up and ridin
My demeanor tell you it all, ion even have to mention
Not once will I depend on any mf’s affection
Too busy focusing on who at the door
While everyone craving fake attention
The weakest minds always be strongest with the flexin
You ain’t winnin cause your chains, love
Material **** ain’t impressing
Go on and try to learn something
Then come on back and start teaching
I **** with my new man cause he don’t cause no stressing
Godly motivation, but he a freak with the sexing
He always gets me blushing
Gotta keep him on the hush, ya see
None of these women can be trusted
They just haven't learned from their repercussions
Our children's mindsets stuck on nothing
But money ******* and clubing
And if a sacrifice would save us
Then why did **** get this way since Jesus?
I can't even trust in any preachers
God give me a sign cause I need you

I've been spreading my love
In return I'm getting sick
Maybe I should walk towards the light
But it's hard not to trip
Kenji Apr 4
She walks with grace, and kisses like a seductress.
She handles with poise, and fights like a warrior.
She dances with beauty, and sees with wonder.
She has the eyes of a devilish cat, Cleopatra, a destined goddess.
Luscious lips as she bites them with effortless ease, soft and supple, tastes like cherry.
A dark mysterious demeanor that screams, tell me more.
Skin as soft as silk, toned with honey brown.
Seductive, sultry, sensual, and ****.
Bad, bold, brave, and bewildered.
She is the Taurus woman, a woman to be greatly feared of her undying passion and intense magnitude.
Magnetic and love so soft, it can rip your insides apart till it subsides with hers.
Majestic as the great white horse, flips her mane and looks at you seductively.
Fear not my great ones, we are all just gods in disguise.
Kiss me, touch me, hold me, and **** me.
Brooding with a territorial existence, protective, possessive, and romantic to the touch.
Love me...
As I will love you back, 10 times harder.
The Taurus woman

Sun in Taurus (Stubborn, seductive, sultry, sensual)
Mercury in Taurus (Slow thinkers, common sense speakers, logical, practical)

                         B   R   A   I   N

             ­                                shake
                                                      this    ­        
                                                        ­   feeling
                                                       ­    That  
                                                      ­       the      
                                                     Infected sickness
                                                Covered with dull pain
                                         A rabid                          werewolf
                         ­             I’m trying                             to tame
                                     Almost off                              the leash
                                    I tug at                                    the reigns
                                    Hold              on  ­       with       sheer will
                                    Have          nothing   ­    to                 gain
                           ­        My                       efforts;                  A joke
                                   Fighting               a freight                   train
                                    Through              gr­it teeth             I smile
                                      Demeanor             ­                       I feign
                                          Failure          ­    coming            soon
                                      ­       My life,         one more        stain

                                             ­                    Lost
                                                          ­         sight
                                                                ­      of
                                                                ­      it
                                                                ­        all
                                                   ­               To
                                                            ­ it
       ­                                            Spinning in
                                       the drain
           ­                             Forever
                           ­  Of

            No                   longer                    I’m                   sane………

Written: May 1, 2018 (finished June 27, 2018)

All rights reserved.
[Anapestic Pentameter format]
EJR Jul 2018
I hear your name everywhere
Your whispers in the buzzing of the bees
Your exasperated sighs in the beeping of the cars
Your ecstatic storytelling in the humdrum of random noises

I see you in every hue
Your calm demeanor in shades of blue
Your road rage in shades of red
Your cheeky laugh in shades of yellow

I taste you in every way
Your kiss in this smooth black chocolate
The warmth of your hand in this bowl of soup
Your icy stare in gulping this cold water

I smell you in every scent
Your warm hug in this cup of coffee
Your compassion in this bouquet of Stargazers
Your glistening eyes in this cigarette

Doctors, please help me
I have the rarest case of synesthesia

When it comes to you,
My brain malfunctions
My senses, once numb, feel everything
All at once
In the most passionate and
In the most heightened sense

To feel you in everything.
To experience you in every way.

My eyes only see you
My nose only smells you
My tongue only craves you
My ears only hear you

My brain only perceives you

My synesthesia
Is only in the form of you.
I heard Pablo Neruda has synesthesia.

So i wondered,
What is it like to feel everything in all kinds of way?

Original title: Syn[an]astasia
Tryst Sep 2015
What Hope Remained?

What hope remained when hope for hope was spent?
        When putrid plumes dulled morning into night
        Hope lived in heart-struck deeds of bold intent,
        As mortals wept and earthborn angels went
        With downcast eyes to clamber heavens height.

What hope remained when hope for hope was spent?
        When panicked sirens wailed a lost lament
        And backs were bowed beneath ungodly weight,
        Hope lived in heart-struck deeds of bold intent
        As boots bore souls up treadmills burnt and bent
        To scale a void devoid of dawning light.

What hope remained when hope for hope was spent?
        For those in sight of angels heaven sent
        Atop the world to aid their mortal plight,
        Hope lived in heart-struck deeds of bold intent.

        When wingless brethren conquered feared ascent
        To gift last hope to all who saw their might:

                What hope remained when hope for hope was spent?
                Hope lived in heart-struck deeds of bold intent.

In The Fall

I chanced upon a stranger in the fall,
Cosmetic garb of office black and white
Portraying calm demeanor of his plight
As shadows panicked on a stricken wall,

And oft' I find my mind in numb recall
To look upon that helpless human kite
Who tumbled from the terrors of a height,
Yet graceful as an eagle in a stall

Before it plummets earthward --   'Neath the pall
Of twisted steel rended by follied flight,
That stranger lives forever in the light
Suspended in iconic timeless sprawl.

        I wonder, in the briefness of his fall,
        Did he derive the meaning of it all?
What Hope Remained: In memory of the three hundred and forty three firefighters of FDNY that fell on Tuesday 11th September 2001, who fought without hope to bring hope to the lost.

In The Fall: Dedicated to "The Falling Man" of Tuesday September 11th 2001, in memory of him and those like him who chose the manner of their own end, when the only choice on that day of days was how, not if or when.
False Poets Aug 2014
the quality of quantity is unmerciful,
prodigious production of
wine improperly aged,
pours soiled drops
spilled without craft,
care or taste,
poured too quick to be
nothing more than
less than waste

born in reckless unrestrained
than every thought a golden gift,
bestowed upon the masses,
droppeth like the harshest hurricane rains,
gives no moisture sustenance to the world,
only floods and lays waste in dazed hazes

blesses none but the one who
cannot but cant,
measures his own demeanor in the mirror,
unsuspecting the mirror mirrors
the ides of ego,
seeds of self destruction

the throned monarch
who giveth
but does not take,
thinking the king he is,
his own best,
even better than his creator
and tho he carvo's his retno critiques
upon the brows of his subjects,
he cares not,
for it boring brings
more mastubatory page views
his addition of success,
his edition of self congratulatory
of writs and snits,
which adds up to a whole lot of

but you may put you pen down now,
for the world needs only
need one poet,
and it ain't me,
and it certainly ain't

For Crumble
I look at that girl
And hate her on sight
I see everything wrong, like looking through glass.

Her body?
C'mon. Don't eat like a pig,
And blame it on genetics.

Her hair?
Does she care about anything?
Seriously, put some effort in.

Her clothes?
Maybe if you actually got a job
You'd be able to afford something nice.

Your smile?
Totally fake.
Nice mask, but it's not working, sweetie.

Your voice?
Ugh shut up.
Or say something interesting for once.

And that fake nice demeanor?
Don't you see you're transparent?
They all know you're selfish.

Your friends say they love you,
That you're sweet, and you're fun.
And you actually believed that?

So the question is simple...
How can you look at yourself
And believe all of those lies?

Don't you know
That demons and mirrors
Go hand in hand?
Gina Mosxa Jul 2014
You're beautiful, you know
Though lately, you're never told.
One day I hope you see
Just how bright you shine to me

You're so strong,
Yet so weak..
Oh, to live in such irony
Always hiding,
Still I can see you right here in front of me

One day, things will be okay
Though I can't assure, much of anything..
I feel as long as we look
Toward the greater future
Maybe you can see, how wonderful you will be

Though you're already
Perfectly wonderful
To me..

Hopefully someday
You'll look into the mirror
And you'll see your sweet demeanor

I know today is hard
And tomorrow may be just as bad
But someday we'll look back
Together and we'll smile
"We made it, look at that"

This poem is a jumbled mess
I hope you can forgive me
For writing this, caused a bit of stress
As nothing I can put into words
Seems to fit you in a verse..

This world is full of beauty
That's something you helped for me to see
I hope that you never ever give up
Because if you have No one,
You have me..
To my best friend, I love you so much, and no matter what the world says to you, you will always mean the world to me, Ali. <3
There was something
strange about your
like you were
trying to place me
but couldn't quite
figure out where...


I'm not easily
I can't be easily
figured out.
My ******
and body language
are incongruous
My body itself
is a polygon
with undefined
sides and length.
You'll never calculate.
You'll think you have the
answer a dozen times
before you do, and
then you still won't.
We all know you're
predictable as ****, but
I'm not.
I don't compute.
I am not a number.
I am more like a force.
A deep feeling in
your gut you ignore.
That you follow and then question.
The purpose of a pilgrimage
that started with someone different.
Just go with it.

I am good at ******* yes.
Once you've kissed my holy *******
there is nothing more to discover.
You'll know me inside and out.
Touched me in a way no one else has...laughs
Let's just go with that.
patty m Sep 2015
My Mom could really whistle
It had a warning sound
I could hear it blocks away
and knew it meant homeward bound.

She'd bandage all my boo boo's
I was accident prone you see
but she was always patient
and took good care of me.

Mom had a psychic connection
before it was a fad
She knew everything bad I did
and threatened to tell my dad.

Mom was loving and tender as can be
she told me that she loved me when she had
to punish me
She said it hurt her more than it was hurting me.
Well maybe so but at the time,
that wasn't easy to see.

I remember her demeanor when I told a lie
and that it made her mad and sad
and even made her cry.
Ashamed I promised I'd be good
from that day till my end
if only she'd forgive me
and be my mom and friend.

I remember now the fun we shared
how she laughed, and how much she cared.
I wish I could tell her so, because
Mom was better than any action hero
you might have seen,
she could look completely ferocious
and wow, you should have heard her scream.

She was a conglomeration of
feisty, sweet and bad
and gave us a run for our money
sometimes irking dad.  

But I wouldn't have wished for
another mother, she was perfect
and I want you all to know
that's why I renamed her title
and she became MOMBO.
I’m happy and I’m healthy
There are those that are not
I can tell by your demeanor
That you’re building up a plot
To cure all of the sickness
For those who have endured
The pain and the frustration
From the rich to the poor
Facing starvation
In medical lure
All being done by a heart that is pure
A brand new sheriff came to town
I'm sure he's not the last
We've had fourteen in the past year
They leave here mighty fast

Some can't stand the pressure
Others end up in boot hill
It ain't easy being Sheriff
Here in Cactus Mill

He was tall, compared to most folks
That's what the undertaker said
"I'm just scouting for the future"
"In case he ends up dead"

He went into his office
Fired both deputies on sight
He said "you wanna get your job back"
"Then, you'll have to do it right"

"I don't hanker to disruptions"
"In the town ... I rule"
"The laws all must be followed"
"Now,'s time for school"

"We're gonna have a meeting"
"You can follow, or can go"
"I'm gonna clean this town up"
"I just thought you both should know"

He'd printed off some flyers
Had them passed out by the men
It was scheduled for the Baptist Church
It was due to start at ten

He cleaned up and got ready
A good impression he would give
Because this man's demeanor
Chose who'd die and who would live

At nine fifteen he left and went
To the church, to say a prayer
He thought it would be empty
But found half the town was there

We waited till the church bells
Chimed ten times ...and he began
"I'm here to be your Sheriff"
"I'll do the best job that I can"

"I don't like injustice"
"Wrong doers...they must pay"
"I like to keep things, house"
"I make decisions in  a day"

"I'm like a judge and jury"
"I hold my own cowboy kind of court"
"I'm like Roy Bean, I guess you'd say"
"It's my town...It is my fort"

"Gunfights, just won't happen"
"If they do, both men are dead"
"One, because he lost it...."
"The other, cause I said"

"Drinking...keep it local"
"Stay inside at the saloon"
"Don't wander the streets at night"
"Standing, howling at the moon"

"You can wear your guns in town"
"But, I don't want to see them out"
"If I do, then you can bet"
"You'll learn fast, what my court is all about"

"Now, coming in, two miles out"
"I saw a sturdy tree"
"The only one who hangs from it"
"Will be decided me"

"Lynchings...not on my watch"
"Rustling....don't you try"
"The rules all must be followed"
"If'll surely die"

"I have a length of rope with me"
"It's been stretched 'bout twenty times"
"Add one's twenty one"
"So, don't commit no crimes"

"I also have two friends right here"
"Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson"
"Don't make them come on out to play"
"If they do , you'll learn your lesson"

"Back at the jail, there is one more"
"A right old sturdy gun"
"If Smith and Wesson do not work"
"Then you'll meet...Remington"

"I hope that you will follow"
"The rules that I lay down"
"Cactus Mill is pretty"
"I like this little town"

"I might be the new Sheriff"
"And I want to be your friend"
"The choice is which one do you want"
"A long life...or early end?"

He shook the preachers hand then
And he walked on out the door
The towns folk sat in silence
You could hear a feather hit the floor

Now, the question....Did this Sheriff
Clean up little Cactus Mill?
Did Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson
Keep his hide out of Boot Hill?
Some people hate people of color,
But they love the rainbow,
Depending on the color,
It can sometimes change,
Our demeanor or the way we view
The person, place, or thing,
Like being colorful or pale,
Like feeling neutral or something stale,
Colors make people and things more creative,
In fact, they help to control our mental,
In so many ways,
So, could it be the color of our minds?
Or people who don’t want to understand and see,
That everyone should be treated equally,
No matter what their race may be,
But then again, that's just me....
Faust May 2018
When I was 5,
The world seemed like this big place.
I was little, with no clue how to navigate.
But then, by chance I met you.

You, with your dark brown hair,
And eyes that belonged to an old soul.
I found a friend in you.

When your little, you’re still growing into
Your own person.
So there is no differences to separate you.
We were little and innocent.
We became connected.

We  blinked and suddenly we were no longer 5.
We were pre-teens in junior high,
With a little less innocence.

Always changing, always growing,
We still found a way to be inseparable.
We were best friends.

I found it easy to talk to you,
2 a.m. phone calls,
Telling you my secrets.
I never hid behind walls with you.
There was never a reason.
So I fell in love with you.

You, with your arms opened wide,
Making me feel safe.
Feeling like for once, I found my forever.
I found real love with you.

People change, and grow.
People want different things,
They drift apart.
And found I wanted more,
Than the life we planned.

I found it easier to push you away,
Then to tell you the things in my life,
That became dark.
I pushed you away,
I rejected what you gave me,
Because I couldn’t trust anyone.
I didn’t think you’d understand.
So I hurt you.

You, with your calming demeanor,
And your happy life.
The way you walked on sunshine.
I couldn’t and wouldn’t darken that.

Now we’re grown,
With children of our own.
We see their innocence,
We want some of ours back.

Because of the pain I put you through,
You locked me out of your life for 12 years.
So, now I’m letting you back in.
Letting you see the person I’ve become,
With the wall I’ve built to protect myself.
Letting you know the truth and see my scars.
Hoping that after all this time,
You can forgive me.

You, whom I hold on a pedestal.
The one friend I still love and respect,
And miss more than anyone else who has left.
You, who can still look at me,
And see something other than the darkness.
Roman Aug 2018
The rustic sheet of a door screams as we pull it like a scab
We step inside this warehouse can
Two floors - we're holding hands
His eyes lit like a crescent Moon - excited, he yells "daaad!"

Our head, like swaying swing
We see it all, tongue in cheek
Like controls without the freak
It's so much fun it stings

An asymmetric wasteland
Convenient and distorted
The walls - bleak and boarded
A symbolic sleight of hand

This is where we feel
My father's on the catwalk
Like paranoia paraphernalia
My son's grip tightens, it's the only thing that's real

Absolute felicity
To realize what I have in the confines of my hand
Imperfection in the making - he doesn't understand
Skylarking permissably

A reverie to remember
His smile - sifting through his eyes
Warm, he maneuvers like the flies
He was born in December

Moving closer to my father
He's amidst the in-between
Consistently foreseen
His motion is no bother

He steps along the ply
Somehow keen in his demeanor
Four-years-old, but greener
Tossed and turning - it's the gleaner

The sheet has been disturbed
He's falling to his death
I'm blanketed in sweat
This cannot be deserved

My father's eyes - they match my own
I tear through the distance
Foreseeing and consistent
My father is a witness

The fear - he's fighting falling
We've never known it more
His tiny hands just wishing there were nails
Collective - we're losing all things

I grasp a finger as he falls but not enough to bring him back
My son approaches pavement as it fills my throat the same
I look him in the eyes as they melt away in pain
My body wakes without my mind - hysterically screaming  "DAAAD!"
This happened to me. I awoke, but it didn't make the memory any better. Only the ones to come.
Nick Jan 31
There is a kingdom that resides in the sky,
Whose cool demeanor hold all upon high,
There be darkness within these walls,
Shadows to cause all to fall,
King makes his decrees,
Assasins plan sneakily,
Bell of thunder,
Of loud dismay,
Upon this altar,
Demons will rise,
To waylay all plights,
With great surprise,
Then screams,
Innocence screams,
Terribly so,
But here comes the hero,
Bobbing to and fro,
Slash right then left,
Block left then right,
Sword clangs ring out,
Complete silence all about,
The darkness is dead,
Laid upon the battlefield,
All will mourn the lost,
Was it worth the cost,
Peace throughout the land,
The king rewarded the merry man,
With fire,
And a wooden stand,
Burned at the stake,
A heroic man
Let me know what you think.
Andrew Jun 2017
We start the shift at the same pizzeria
Then we must go on deliveries
And individuality is born
Through varying methods and differing destinations
But distinction is mostly born through tips
The start of the drive is almost always somewhat positive
Unless you know you're getting a low tip in advance
The transaction is the singular event
It's outcome determines your demeanor for the drive back
To the store that is our equalizing ending
Deliveries are over at that point
The beginning and end are the same store
The middle is our transaction

Delivery drivers have lived a thousand lives
If they have delivered a thousand pies
Often getting low tips and asking why

I maximize the radio's volume
To avoid hearing
The roar of my engine
Indicating the speed of my delivery
But the lyrics
Sound so similar to my engine's audio
Tears form in my dreaming eyes
I wipe them away
To be presentable to the customer
Who doesn't tip in heartbreaking fashion
As I return to my vehicle
Tears are no longer available
Only silent contemplation
My thoughts void blaring music
As the reality of my delivery has been discovered
And the nature of my drive back dawns on me
I'm compelled to rush to the end of the journey
So I might possibly start a new delivery
Instead of the one I'm on
Wishing I had gotten better tips
Chris Jun 13
Dyin' doesn’t feel good
livin ain’t great either

I think about a sunny place
To keep a calm demeanor

I drink some ***** to take me there
The **** can help out too

But nothing makes my sun shine brighter
Than when I’m loving you
grace snoddy Apr 2018
i never really know what to say
how to say it, and how to get the heavy
vowels and consonants off my tired tongue
in an equal demeanor
and no matter how much i plan it,
no matter how much i skim my
hands through seemingly silky waters,
words become rigid
as they roll helplessly
out of my cardboard mouth

i want to be clean and straightforward
clear and understandable
but i always seem to come out as
a jagged line or illegible handwriting
my mumbled words and thoughts
that lay behind my paper thin skull
stand still like secrets
in whispering houses under the moon
and they beg to be let out

i only wish i could speak as easily as i write
because words have much more meaning
when they are finally let out of cages
made of paper and pen
Wk kortas Mar 2018
Know this—I am well acquainted with the wolf,
Well versed in his ways, his demeanor,
His dispassionate relentlessness,
His pitiless focus on hunt and hunted,
His workaday disdain of pity.
There are those who would laud the mythical Spartan lad
Who hid the wolf beneath his cloak,
Affecting some gallant stoicism
As the beast consumed him without restraint,
But I say to you that is a mere romantic fallacy,
A wanton failure to apprehend the true moral.
I have learned that there is no accommodation,
No covenant to be reached with the wolf,
And any attempt to do so is merely to invite destruction,
And so I choose to engage him openly, without reservation,
Rolling tail-over-teacup in the streets,
Attempting to hold his jaws open with bare hands
While those who find such battle unseemly and uncouth
Jeer and hoot from porch and portico.
No matter, for I will continue to meet the cur on my terms,
For staid suffering in the hopes
Of reaching some accord with the beast
Is the not the act of the noble sage:
It is the mock heroics of the coward,
The sad acquiescence of the simpering fool.
Nick Feb 6
Goodbye World,
I've enjoyed your Sunrises,
Marvelled at your sunsets,
Basked in your waters,
Danced in your streets,
Loved your forests,
Breathed your freedom,
Though I had all these good times,
I was suffocated by humanity,
Its non sense rules,
Its petty demeanor,
Its selfish tendencies,
And mostly worthless values,
But mostly,
Because I as a person,
Have so little value,
Just being me,
So goodbye world,
And thanks for your time
started to feel a little down in the dumps, and felt like writing something, a bit sad.
zebra Dec 2017
damm men
predatory *** hounds
chasing skirts and tights
aching **** idiots
disciples of Eros
Christs of fetish
reconciling nothing
veiling that principled demeanor
of feminist culture
"of don't objectify me".....translation
sensual form is not natures ruse
machine Eve must
override override override

well the id does not negotiate
the superstructure of affected political tele-reality
the liberal chattering class
who interminably speculate male motives to be some vainglorious power trip
while corperatized media personalities
feign out of control lust as a mental disorder
sit up like shuddering pekingese
yessing the lascivious
as a fiction

no ladies
its not just power
theories are not testosterone
it is pure unadulterated
urge to merge
like the beluga **** channel
sea world as you've never seen it before
where male dolphins
batter and *******
the weaker ***
in search of feral harmony

in an overbuilt society
yet to become a civilization
are we
scissored between a wild ****** id
of the damed
and the Victorian sacred
of the damed

oh you silky damsels
makin men moody and humid
pure **** heroine
a poison ivy of ***
like a rash
givin men folk the itch
cant stop the twitch
rubber *******
in a rubbing frenzy
from your soaking heat and odor

we are  a rumbling of muttering torments
for the forbidden taste
of you
we are pan in a mad dance
for glistening shanks
and buttery kisses
we are the early bird looking for the worm
hunters decreed by the liturgy of heaven and hell
a constellation of infatuation and lechery
mad with adoration
love slaves in a raging furnace of desire
*** addicts
that just say yes
turgid dogs
hole sniffers
voluptuous monsters
all johnny apple seed
and sometimes your salvation
as you are ours
knowing that sometimes
real eroticism eclipses morality

and yes my darlings*

Emeka Mokeme Jul 2018
Jealously guard your heart
from the troublesome tempest.
Preserve your heart for the
good of your soul.
Your body is the only temporary
house that you ever have.
For your own good nurture
and protect both the heart and
the body from any form of abuse
from those who don't value you.
Carry yourself with dignity and respect.
Never allow anyone else or anything
inconsequential to get the better of you.
Come from a place of power to
handle your daily affairs and activities.
For in dealing with lots of individuals
you encounter many different types
of people with all kinds of demeanor
and characters.
Some will stretch your nerves,
most will test your patience and others
will want to prove your mental strength,
while majority will bring out your vulnerability.
Stand firm in your beliefs and convictions,
but listen with the ears of your heart and
know when to let understanding and
compassion play it's part in the role
you are called to partake.
Be a fair player at all times and you
will find there's nothing you cannot achieve with love.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
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