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Yenson Sep 2018

wetin de call dis, wetin you go call dis
oyinbo com tiffy tiffy from ma yard
I no trouble yam, I no go knock on dem fer notin
but oyinbo an dem pally com de burglarise ma hice
you hear me so!
I say oyinbo com de steal from me home
Dem be thieves tiffing all over de compound
an when I go say why you tiff about the place
oyinbo tiffs them tell me I go be the *** whey go suffer
See palava see how dem de treat black people
in dem country.
If I go steal from oyinbos, na ma *** dem go trow in jail
yet for dem town, dem com steal your property
and when you go talk they slap you down
Dem go make me loose ma bread, loose ma woman
Dem spoil ma name, them abuse me
Dem tell al kinna lies against me
Dem make nonsense stories and fabu abot me
Dem harass me, discredit and disprofit me oh!
Dem become tomenters, dem say dem go drive me crazy
dem go ruin ma life, dem go make me sik in da head
And heavens know i never trouble any persons
I never put ma feet in anybody house to steal
I never see this kin ting before
where you go do wrong and destroy him whey he do no wrong
Dis is what dem do here now, make you people know
I no fit work, I no fit go anywhere without oyinbo and him
pally dem follow and harass ma ***, dem say dem want me dead
Dead for stealing from me, dead for me doing notin wrong
an them feel proud for all dem de do, dem feel right for wrong
De kin wickedness whey devil himself no fit do, dem don do
And I swear before man an God, dem go get their retributions
Every single one of dem whey involve
God go punish dem
God go bring the chaos of hell on dem
God go mash dem up like dem mash ma life
Except God no be God an tru an  real
Dem are evil people and evil will claim every single one of dem
who do dis to ma innocence.
Peoples wherefer you be, wherefef you go, make you know
That in london der are evil oyinbo thiffs dere
an them go steal and destroy your life if you talk
I beg jus pray for me, dem want me dead
Dem want blood.
De blood of an inoncent man who never trouble anybody
dem de make mockery of me now
Dem de call me Modern day Jesus....
An by de Grace of de real Jesus Christ
Each an every one of dem who hav made me suffa
Will get dem just reward, I wait on the Lord
He is a tru an just God and Him say
Vengeance is mine...
Gang Stalking is stalking by multiple perpetrators, most of whom are unknown to the victim, for the expressed desire to harass using psychological abuse and intimidation.

Synonyms for Gang Stalking are not limited to, but include the following; Group Stalking, Cause Stalking, Community Stalking, Vigilante Stalking, Organized Stalking, Multi-Stalking, and Gas-Lighting.

The expressed goal of Gang Stalking is to silence a victim, drive a victim insane and possibly to the point of suicide, or destroy the victims reputation and believability as the person will likely be viewed as mentally ill should they complain or report the abuse. Gang Stalking is also used to gather information on individuals as well as force individuals to move or leave an area.

Motivations for Gang Stalking vary. Revenge for a real or imagined offense, true or false accusations of a horrible crime of which the victim has gotten away with, silencing a corporate whistle-blower, defecting from a cult, a perceived enemy of a group or organization, and knowing too much are all examples of possible motivations. Due consideration should be used as the motivations of the stalking groups are in no way limited to the above.

The stalkers, for the most part, are everyday citizens. Other stalkers are street thugs, criminals and hooligans who have been hired to harass and intimidate.
Slashed Tires, Threatening Phone Calls, Verbal Assaults by Strangers, Property Damage, Death Threats, Peeping Toms, Following on Foot or by Vehicle, Bizarre Notes and Drawings Left, Loitering, Anonymous False Accusations to Friends, Family, and Neighbors, Character Assassination, Smear Campaigns, Black-Listing, Psychological Abuse, etc.
Paul Butters Aug 2015
Dem phones, dem phones, dem iPhones,
Dem phones, dem phones, dem iPhones,
Dem phones, dem phones, dem iPhones,
Now praise the Lord for the Web.

The Apple phone’s connected to the Vodaphone,
And the Vodaphone’s connected to the Google Zone,
The Google Zone’s connected to the Web Zone,
Oh hear the Lord of the Word.

Well the phone’s connected to a browser
And it fits very neatly in your trouser.
The browser connects you to the Internet
Faster than the fastest speed-jet,
Just the place for a quick bet.
Oh hear the Lord of the Word.

It might get you onto Facebook
Or teach you how to be good cook
Find you some ladies for a good…

Now Praise the Lord of The Word.

Paul Butters
Just for a laugh...
Scarlet McCall Dec 2019
On the First day of Xmas, my Dem Rep gave to me
A transwoman in her skiv-vies.
On the second day of Xmas, my Dem Rep gave to me
Two fake *******, and a transwoman in her skivvies.
On the third day of Xmas, my Dep Rep gave to me
No women’s sports teams, two fake ******* and a transwoman in her skivvies.
On the fourth day of Xmas, my Dep Rep gave to me,
Four phalloplasties, no women’s sports teams, two fake ******* and a transwoman in her skivvies.
On the fifth day of Xmas, my Dem Rep gave to me
Five preg-nant men! Four phalloplasties, no women’s sports teams, two fake *******, and a transwoman in her skivvies.
On the sixth day of Xmas, my Dem Rep gave to me,
Six double mastectomies, five preg-nant men! Four phalloplasties, no women’s sports team, two fake *******, and a transwoman in her skivvies.
On the seventh day of Xmas, my Dem Rep gave to me,
Seven teens with breast binders, six double mastectomies, five preg-nant men! Four phalloplasties, no women’s sports teams, two fake *******, and a transwoman in her skivvies.
On the eighth day of Xmas, my Dem Rep gave to me,
Eight cheater’s trophies, seven teens with breast binders, six double mastectomies, five preg-nant men!  Four phalloplasties, no women’s sports teams, two fake *******, and a transwoman in her skiv-vies.
On the ninth day of Xmas, my Dem Rep gave to me,
nine pharma lobbyists,  eight cheaters’ trophies, seven teens with breast binders, six double mastectomies, five preg-nant men! Four phalloplasties,  no women’s sports teams, two all gender locker rooms, and a transwoman in her skiv-vies.
On the 10th day of Xmas, my Dem Rep gave to me
10 years of electrolysis, nine pharma lobbyists, eight cheaters’ trophies, seven teens with breast binders, six double mastectomies, five preg-nant men! Four phalloplasties, no women’s sports teams, two all gender locker rooms and a transwoman in her skivvies.
On the 11th day of Xmas, my Dem Rep gave to me
11 lost scholarships, 10 years of electrolysis, nine pharma lobbyists, eight cheaters' trophies, seven teens with breast binders, six double mastectomies, five preg-nant men! Four phalloplasties, no women's sports teams, two all gender locker rooms and a transwoman in her skiv-vies!
On the 12th day of Xmas my Dem Rep gave to me,
12 preferred pronouns, 11 lost scholarships, 10 years of electrolysis, nine pharma lobbyists, eight cheaters' trophies, seven teens with breast binders, six double mastectomies, five preg-nant ment! Four phalloplasties, no women's sports teams, two all gender locker rooms and a transwoman in her skiv-vies!
Natalia mushara Aug 2015
Squash dem
Dats wut I got ta do ta make ma own
Toss dem
Out da windows like dey dids me
Show dem mommas gots a bag
Coppa tone.
Pile dem
Like da two faced deuces dey is.
File dem
Put dem in cabanets
Lock dem up
Wit da otha boyes
Not mens.
Cedric McClester Apr 2015
By: Cedric McClester

The night was hot
So she retreated
To her front stoop
But things got heated
5 shots rang out
Into the night
And who got hit
You guessed it right

Dem thugs ‘n gangstas
Ain’t up to no good
Dey always
Shootin up the neighborhood

Pregnant and shot
Right through the neck
And so the ambulance
Made the trek
To the hospital
Five blocks away
Where she arrived

Dem thugs ‘n gangstas
Ain’t up to no good
Dey always
Shootin up the neighborhood

In the O.R.
It was intense
But due to God
And providence
A healthy baby boy
Was born
Torn from her womb
His mother, gone

An act of violence
Gone aerie
A pregnant woman
Caused to die
Because of someone’s
Senseless act
And nothing said
Can bring her back

Dem thugs ‘n gangstas
Ain’t up to no good
Dey always
Shootin up the neighborhood

In the O.R.
It was intense
But due to God
And providence
A healthy baby boy
Was born
Torn from the womb
His mother gone

An act of violence
Gone aerie
A pregnant woman
Caused to die
Because of someone’s
Senseless act
And nothing said
Can bring her back

Dem thugs ‘n gangstas
Ain’t up to no good
Dey always
Shootin up the neighborhood

(c) Copyright 2015, Cedric McClester.   All rights reserved.
Dem Thugs 'N Gangstas was inspired by true facts that unfortunately replicates in black and brown neighborhoods.  I write many of my poems from the perspective of the journalist that I am.
Big Virge Sep 2014
YES .... !!!!!!
I am ... The Dark Knight  
of a ... "DIFFERENT" ... Type !!!!!
Who .... still fights crime !  
No Nines' ..... just rhymes  
Rhymes designed .....
like .... "Spidey" .... Webs  
to .... Mess with heads ....
who .... bring distress ....  
when they should be at HOME ....
Sleeping ..... in beds ..... !!!!!!
No friend of ... Feds ... !!!!!  
whose work ... defends ...  
THOSE ... Gangster Sects ...  
who ... deal in ... Death  
A HERooooo .... !!!!!!

whose flows ....  

dish out .... dem' blows ....  
that have ... "Bad Man"  
UP - Onnnn .... dem' toes .... !!!!!
I work at ... night ...  
but ... When I ... RISE ... !!! ...
It's time for guys  
to .... Recognise .... !!!  
their crime designs ....
become .... " Benign " ....  
when THIS .... " Dark Knight " ....  
shines like .... STARLIGHT .... !!!!!!  
because my vibe ....
is down with .... Right .... !!!  
and ... down with ... Wrong ... !!!!!  
when wrong belongs ...  
inside the strong ...
who don't prolong ...
the use of wrong ...
Hammerin' ... Jaws ... !!!!!  
but .... I ain't Thor .... !!!  
My style of war ...  
is ... Lyrically ... PURE ... !!!!!  
PURE like .... My Cause ....  
Ta Capture ..... " SAW " ..... !!!!!!!
Did you catch that rhyme ?
cos that was ... RAW ...  
I now ... Implore ....  
crime lords ta ..............................
....... " Pause " ................
before I draw ....
their cards of ... War ...
and ... **** fa Headz ... !!!  
like Beavis's ... friend ... !!!  
See .....
When nights are ... DARK ... !!!  
I hear the .... HARK .... !!!!!  
of those inclined ...  
to fight with ... " Stark " ...  
" Tony " ... of course ... !!!!!!  
So ... i'm down with Thor ...  
when Avenging ... Fa SURE ... !!!!!  
but ... " Justice is " ...  
The League ... i'm IN ... !!!!!
Green Lantern ... Dimmm ... ?  
Not when tings ... Grim-(m)... !!!!!  
No calling for ... "The Thing" ...  
when ... WE BE ... CLOBBERIN' ... !!!!!!!  
cos' we stand together ...  
Bredrin .... Forever .... !!!!!!  
but me ... i'm ... " Clever " ...  
So ... DON'T get ... Tied ... !!!
most ties I ... Sever ... !!!
cos' a lot of crime fighters  
be down fa' ... Whatever ... !!?!!  
So me ... I box ... Clever  
as if my name ... was ...  

" Floyd Mayweather ... !!!!!  
Pugilistic ... Endeavours ...  
that ... Create ... Pressure ... !!!!!  
and ... Inflict ... PAIN ...  
that defeats the ... INSANE ... !!!!!!  
Bane ... ain't got game ... !!!
to mess with the ... "Strain" ...  
that my brain ... " Retains " ...  
Personal .... PAIN .... !!!!!  
loss that ...
.........  " Remains " ........ !!!!!!
Kind of like ... Cain ... !?!?!  
Not Abel ..... to refrain ..... !!!!  
from doing what's ... Wrong ...  
cos it feels ... So ... " Strong " ... !!!!!  
The will to ... Fight ... !!!!!  
The will to ... " Die ' ... !!!  
for what ... " I Believe " ...  
in my heart ...  
to be ..... " Right " .....  !!!
Meantime .....  
On the ... side ...  
I got girls who look ... FLY ...  
trying to get time  
to roll with ... The Dark Knight ... !!!  
but me ... like I say ...  
am a ... " Different " ... Type ...  
who ... FOOPS ... like Sup's
when dem' bodies dem' ........
.......... TIGHT ............ !!!!!!!!!
YES ........ !!!!!!!
Lois Lane knows
cos' once I hit Metropolis
she knew ..............
Sup's had to ... Gooooooo !!!!!!!!
A Kryptonite ... type flow ... !!!
that proves my prose ...
makes the ladies wanna roll ....
But ... Like I said  
Befoooooooour ... !!!!!!!
I'm a ... Different type ...
of ....... Knight ...... !!!!!!
whose essence is to ...  
......... " Fight " ...........  
Fight .... The Crimes ...  
of ...... Criminal Minds ......  
whose lust for ... Strife ...  
leaves them ... Resigned ...
to .... miss .... THE SIGNS ....  
and see .... " The Light " .....  
The Light ... that ... SHINES ...  
on Knights like .......... I ..........  
Who ... STAND for MORE
than being ... "LORDS OF WAR" ... !!!!!!  
We stand for ... A CAUSE ...  
that says to ... Y'all ...  
WE CAN ... do ... MORE  
than be ... Forlorn ...  
because of crimes ...
that take ... "Innocent lives" ... !!!!!!
YES ... I'm THAT Guy ... !!!!!!!!
who has ...... NO TIME .......  
for ... " Nonsense Fights " ... !!!  
or .... Joining .... Tribes ....  
because ..... My Life .....  
has a ..... " Singular Vibe " ....  
because .... I am ....  
"The Dark Knight ....  
.......... of ...........  
.......... A ...........
Different Type !!!!!"
Inspired by, The Dark Knight, trilogy of movies, amongst much that is superhero related ....
PK Wakefield Apr 2013
barking Marge was tight and wet
she took dem bois wit out regret
she let dem in, one-by-one
and let dem pump till they wa dun

but now dat galz a little loose
from all doze years of takin' goose
and all dem bois ha got dem lifes
and all dem bois ha got dem wifes

sa bawkin Marge went down da peer
out ta waare da air isss clear
she took er self a litl dip
neeth da roll o wave and shipp

not a teer na don yu foist
cu bawkin Magj is nice nd moistt
Esther Esuga Apr 2015
My contri people
I tire for this mata
Person run go there na wahala
Person waka come here
I beg wen I see
Serious kasala

My contri people
Story full ground
Na so Aisha for detim side
Dem no fit go school
Dem no even fit sleep well
Unto say these people
Dem call BH
Fit just scatter ground

My contri people
We young soji people
We bin reason am say
If we hustle go school
Lock up for morning and afternoon
Softly arrange Ewa Agoyin for night
We believe say our Suru go lere

My contri people
Person turn ogbologbo for school
Sake of say na wetin
Sake of say na so so strike, haba
My contri people
Dis no be story for us o
Na story for the gods

E no get any work for any where
How person wan do Bad guys
Pepper no rest

Day before yesterday
Yomi just come lament
Unto say him chikala done follow one Chidi
Way come from America
Yomi say Shade say
'' I am not getting younger
   My biological time is ticking
   You are 37 still leaving with your parents
    I hope you understand''

My guy breakdown
Come to think of the mata
Shade get truth for her talk
She done tire, she done try , she done wait
If na your sista nko, omo na to port na
She got to move on mehnn
I no blame her

Now dem say na election
******* mehnn
As you see me so, I no send
Demo wat
I say demo fire

My contri people
Who go win go still win
We cry o, die o, shout o
Dem go just look us like lucozade

My country people
people dey bailout
Go yonder
I send dem now
Because that na the way forward
Ds mata no be today
Story full ground
My countri people

Written By; Esther Esuga
Third Eye Candy May 2013
my blue bones are wit
and it means less to keep things
and nothing is quiet.
we rely on knit springs and
we're prone to the oath
of our fears
suckling the dent in our collective breast.
nursing the suffering
of our sharp pillows
and the terrors of our happiness, windswept.
we cherish the swamp-sweat
of outlines...
chalking the missing

instead of dem crocodiles, we have golden calf-fish
slaughtered on the lawn
of our untarnished rush...
prospecting -
and jumping the claim
to our gummi

we tumble in tandem,
and massively mismanage our enchantments.
my bones are blue
and it means less
to have at

we jab Stats and lack Data, but clap atoms
to a mad hatter.
we raid the pantry of our miffed ladder
against the side of
a barn
leaning in the twilight of
our genuine

surly pixies in the black sugar, kinking the last nerve of our entropy.

dem crocodiles, grinning rigid menace
in the murk... instead of dem -
let us first disperse
where the hurt, hurts; and be first
to do less worse than
a farcry
or an up-close

a tad mean. lets collapse things
that expand, burning all this,
instead of dem
un-ghouling the riddle of our dead wait
in the infinite room next to the room
with the last view
of a naked

where the world is this world. and we're on it.
I da Pimpled Goose ****,
seedybeat Fugazi cane.
Ain't no ganda down da farm
who got mo' game!

I da foie gras solja,
scarecrow shades on da bridge
o' ma bill dat's orange
like doin' Dixie porridge.

I da ***** Flocka,
mi gold chain read 'CAP'
- big shoutout ta da Common
Agricultural Policy!

O dat Monty Don
**** around like Donkey Kong,
when 'e shud be mi main man
down da plantation!

I da Thugly Swan
wit' da young G's zits.
Ma hooty beeyatch got
Wotsit flipperlips!

Wot good fo' da goose
is good fo' da gangsta.
She lay da golden egg,
turnin' tricks in de tracta.

Funkyard fleshialist
yo' honkin' ** needs:
bird sheet, wigga duck,
Chicken Town OG.

But when I's in da hoosegow,
who's in ma goose hoes?
It's dem alfalfa

Farmer **** MacMuck,
Farmer Pygmalion,
Farmer Fab 5 Freddy
- ta me, dey all Farmer John!

Da's cookin' in da barn,
da's cathouse in da coop.
'Ged out!' I told da Ghettoad
O ' Toad Hood!

& all dem oinky donkies,
dem Snoop Hoggy Hoggs
know dat' if dem' diss me,
it be rainin' caps & doggs!

Buy da farm if ya cluck
amok wit' ya beeyatch talk.
Money Monty Don
chuck da muck wit'  da peeyatch fork!

Now mi feather up da heifer
& get mi beak freak on.
& when me pluck mi pustules,
dey iz pumpaction!

Now Monty Don freestyle,
'Sheer deep 'appyness
ya no spit 'less ya spittin'
sheepdip ya p-e-nis!'

Now MC Duckwhistle
wit'  da cornrow neckdo,
gonna get da gaggle waggle
ta 'is raspy kazoo:

'I not da Pimpled Goose ****,
I da Pimpled Goose **** Son,
& I's only pimpin' geese
till da Pimpled Goose **** come!  

I not da Pimpled Goose ****,
I da Pimpled Goose **** Son,
& I's only pimpin' geese
till da Pimpled Goose **** come!'
st64 Aug 2013
yonder wave wants to come on in
can't make it go away
try so hard to chase away
steel reserve

don't come cryin' on yo broken shins
who dat talkin' ova der?
yo muvva just ain't home rite now
take ya scraggy bags
and vamoose outta here

pick up dem rings 'round yo trappin' eyes
      and lasso 'em round dat red fin
tackle yo chapped lips
      afore dem ships fall in yo calyx-cracks
quit dat naggin' *****-mouth
      here, have dis apple, ma piggie
and dems eyes o' yours dat shine so brite
       might as well switch off dat lite
hide dem leather-hands dat look like dry branches
      wat, even da desert don't win dis contest
pack dat stupid head in a box
      der ain't nuttin' inside a see-through noggin
hide dem silly hopes under a hevvy sea
      or bury it under da soles of yo crazi hart
take yo blasted treadin' to some udder place
      some dark mine where dey can use yo help
and all dem purty words on pages yo just lurve a-spewin'
      ain't no party here for fools no more

den, der some funny rhydm 'gainst ma door
pushin' dat big wave
pushin' dat big wave
I'm a-pushing back jest as hard
but dat wrestlin' wave jest a-growin'
keeps a-knockin'
always rockin'
gonna come crashin' rite in

ain't no good wishing, ma beloved darlin'
so many fine dreams
running silent
in dem luvverly veins under yo kick-startin' tongue

yah, yonder waves gonna make a breakthrough
some day...

S T, 21 augury 2013
yo yo!
jest a fine, ****** cold day :)

yonder tides'll turn....tides'll must.

just as some waves must dream on....4now

(shawshank R: 'pressure over time...'     ~  der will come a time :)

“Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it.”
― Winston Churchill

sub-entry: warm smiles

it be a mighty rainy day today
nobody be lookin' up no more

some brave soul out der in dat cold..
wet and tired...down and out

waitin' fer answers dat sure don't come
one day, all will be gettin' dem warm smiles :)
Connor Allan Nov 2012
I liek dem chickens
I bought dem chickens
I lost dem chickens
Angels wept
Astrid Andersen May 2015
Jeg er dårlig til at være vred
Jeg får ondt i maven, når jeg tænker onde tanker
Jeg kan ikke sige, hvad jeg mener, hvis min mening er ondskabsfuld
Jeg går med de vrede ord inden i mig selv
Jeg tænker dem, mener dem, overvejer og omformulerer dem
Jeg slipper dem ikke (måske tør jeg en dag)
Jeg tror det er bedst sådan
Jeg tror ikke nogen får noget ud af mine vrede ord
Jeg kan heldigvis klare at have dem i bur ind til videre
Jeg håber min omtanke holder føringen og lader dummer personer uvidne

Jeg skriver dem måske ned nu. Bare ordene, ikke mere. For ordene er vel ikke onde, før de er i kontekst og til eller om nogen.
Et ord så slemt, at jeg ikke har det i mit ordforråd
Jeg hader dig!
Soeka laborde Oct 2016
Since Facebook turn to shade
Some of y'all need to go home and bath
Talking bout this on fleek, that on fleek
But dem cockroaches flying
And dem baby mouse starta squeek
Tryna break up a good home
Cause your skanky *** can't make your own
Talking bout hot gyal this and hot gyal that
Well hot gyal don't scrape out another gyal ***
Hot gyal can read and write
And know dem worth plenty
Only thing some of you ******* can do nowadays is take ah selfie

Y'all make me sick with this ***** mentality
You see, a sista can't talk to a mister
Without some ******* thinking he's ******* her
And she can't go out looking fine as hell
Without some ******* tryna get with her
And these so called misters
Seems to me like dem waist blister
Cause dem pants always dey by dem *** like some prisoners
Talking bout "man ah gangster yow"
***** please, you ain't no gangster, you ah "Gyow"
Instead you people go look for a job or educate yourself and ****
Y'all out here looking like a bunch ah ***** *** *****!

    *La Vida Love
This piece is written iny local dialect, my apologises if you don't understand
maryJAEne Dec 2013
Tony Story
Tony killed his ol’man Ty for a whole brick
Lined’em all up and gave’em the whole clip
Said he wasn’t eatin he wanted his own ****
And not to mention Ty was ****** his Ol’*****
But Ty wasn’t a shoota, that ***** just sold bricks
And Tony he was reckless he never had no picks
Tony was like the Alpo, Ty was the Lil Rich
2 ****** with a dream that plotted on goin rich
Started as a team but Ty had got on stiff
Jealousy the reason that Ty got left all stiff
Got Tony at the viewin, Ty mom cryin to’em
He hug’er, he tell’er who ever did this he gone do’em
From there it was a silence, she aint condone violence
But they killed’er only son, so when he said it she just nodded
And he told’er that he got’er, grimey at its best, Like tony had a cold
You feel the slimey in his chest. YES! He had the nerve to carry the casket
Strapped up before he went, he had to carry his ratchet, he nervous, walkin
Like he tryna carry’em faster, ***** even grabbed the shovel tried to burry’em faster. Next week he at the mall, Rolly on his arm, 2 bad ******* with’em laughn havin a ball. Seen Ty cousin Paul, Paul couldn’t believe it. Same ***** ask’em for
A front last weekend. Walk around the mall Louie on, Bags Nimen, With the gold diggen ******* Lil Ki and Bad Trina. He dap Tony up, Tryna cap tony up, in his head he thinkin how he gone CLAP Tony up. But Tony he aint worried cause he strapped Tony up, 7 days of runnin he already turned it up. He got Pauly burnin up, he ready to Ride, He know Tony a killer, but he ready to die. AHHHHHHHHH, smell the death all in the air, Pauly thinkin bout puttin a check all on his head, but he cant, cause Tony he done killed his first cousin, if he let somebody else do it, it wont mean nothin. He wanna see’em bleedin, he wanna see’em gaspin, wanna watch’em die slow like he sufferin from cancer. Feel like Tony did it but he ont really know the answer, so he gone let it burn, until it get confirmed. Couple months fly by, Tony on the high rise, started flippin chicken now he got them chickens in like Popeye. Pauly still getting it, he always been a top guy, he aint really club but tonight he gone stop by. Seen Lil Ki & dem, it was 2 or 3 of dem, standin in the line he said ima pay for me and dem. Pulled his money out, started countin it and teasin’em, you know Ki gold diggen *** wanna be with’em. Slid up in the club told the waiter give me 3 of dem, bottles of that ***** now Ki just wanna leave with’em. He said where ya phone at? She said where you gone at? He said ima slide out, She said ima ride out. Told’er friends call yall tomorrow when I get to my moms house. They got right up outta there, took’er to his side house. Soon as they got in the crib she just blew his mind out, waisted off them bottles Pauly boy she on a nod off. But Pauly he aint goin sleep, grabb’er phone up off the sheets, took it to the livin room her messages he going through, scroll up to Tony name he text’er whatchu doin boo, she text’em back im in the crib, he text’er back you comin through, she text where im comin to? He text back 1022, Woodstock in North Philly, take the E-way to the Zoo. She said that im comin now, Look at here what Pauly found, got the drop on Tony where he live now its goin down. Couple weeks later Pauly on Woodstock, sittin in his many van, Tented with his hood cocked. Tony just rolled up Pauly got the good drop, 44 in his hand bout to make the hood ROCK. Tony slippin, Pauly all dippin, walk up on his car like what’s POPPIN lil *****. Tony lookin shocked, his glock was in his box so he couldn’t grab for it, Paul said that’s ya *** boy. He said you still need that work that you asked for, Dropped it all on his lap it was 4 in a half raw. Tony he lookin crazy he know that’s the last draw and Pauly just let it go, put its prains on the dash board. POW!
Willard Wells Jun 2015
See dem pants hangin down
Be look'in the part of the gangsta in town
Don't be doin no crime
Or you'll end up doin time
Cause you can't run in dem pants
Society in review
Natalia mushara Aug 2015
Boye tolde me today dat babye got back
No dis babye gots style
Let dem wish
I'll make dem Itch!
Oob Oct 2018
Er erhob sich.
In der Ferne spielte sie,
die Idee,
welche versprach,
was einst mal war.
Er konnte es nicht vergessen,
dieses Gefühl.
So legten die Dienenden ihm allerlei Rüstung an.
Im Akkord mit der Vision ritt er los – Richtung Rettung.

Sie erhob sich.
In der Ferne spielte sie,
die Idee,
die versprach,
was niemals vorher war.
Sie konnte es nicht unterdrücken,
dieses Gefühl.
Dass, das Hier, noch nicht alles war.
Und sie begann zu singen,
im Turm mit dem einen kleinen Fenster
Schon seit Tagen hörte er sie, diese Melodie.
Ehrliche Sehnsucht. Verletzlichkeit.
Wurzeln der Zartheit.
Doch er war nicht der Einzige der,
auf der Suche danach,
die Felder beritt.
Er kam vorbei, an denen, die vergaßen, dass sie jemals suchten
und auf den Feldern Feuer legten.
An den Weisen, die alle in eine andere Richtung weisten
und denen, die sich sicher waren,
dass sie ihr Verlangen, bei den Türmen,
nie stillen würden.
Doch er wollte nicht aufgeben.
Auch, wenn er zum Schwert werden sollte.
Verschloss die Augen vor dem Elend neben sich.
Ritt und ritt.
Am Horizont ein Meer der Ritter,
am Fuß des Turmes,
wie bei hoher See.

Dann, ein Meer aus Blut
Sie saß auf dem Vorsprung ihres kleinen Fensters.
20 000 Meilen über dem Meer
und sah nur rot.

Sie sprang

Corkey Hawley May 2010
It's a dim & drizzly Memorial Monday
Hell, it could be Sunday or any other day these daze
The BBQ pickin party's cancelled
due 2 more rain and things finacial
We did not escape the flooding after all
the AC was out on the hottest day I recall
the heat & humidity is so oppressive
makes one's instincts blur & become panic obsessive
On a day set aside for all to remember
Those who gave all & did not surrender
Is marked with a lack of labor & shopping mall sales
No football, no banking, no courts & no snail mail
So I'll have another chunk of dat brownie
and wash in down with some good ol' Tenessee JD
Take another puff & drive another nail in my coffin
Until my head stops aching & can stop coughing
What will dis day bring?
Maybe I'll just sit alone with my guitar & sing
Play me some blues cause the mortgage is due
the roof is still leaking, two cats have nine kittens & I'm blue
I'm so broke I can't pay attention
to all of the things that I owe I've lost my retention
YA, I got dem steadily depressin'
Low down mind missin'
Everything is way past due
I got dem Memorial Blues

Append Just had 2 write dis 2 get my daze started, U all have happy :) Memorial Day, Doc
Timothy Oct 2012
From the 16th century Anabaptist Ausbund
Hymn 11 by Jörg Wagner, burnt 1527


Wer Christo jetzt will folgen nach,
Muß achten nichte der Welt Schmach,
Das Creutz er auch muß tragen,
Kein ander Weg in Himmel geht,
Hört ich von Jugend sagen.

Also thät Jörg der Wagner auch,
Gen Himmel fuhr er in dem Rauch,
Durchs Creutz ward er bewähret,
Gleich wie man thut dem klaren Gold,
Von Herzen ers begehret.

Der Falkenthurm ward ihm zu Theil,
Es galt ihm seiner Seelen Heyl,
Er acht kein's Menschen Trauren,
Er acht auch nicht sein kleine Kind,
Noch seiner Ehlichen Frauren.

Wiewohl sie ihm nicht war'n nunmehr,
Und er gern bey ihn's blieben wär,
Hat Liebe und Leids gelitten,
Kein Arbeit an seim Leib gespart,
Nach frommer Ehleut Sitten.

Gleichwohl er sie verlassen muß,
Es war ihm kein geringe Buß,
Daß er von ihn'n mußt scheiden.
Klein Fürst mit seinem Fürstenthum,
Hätts ihm mögen erleiden.

Zween Baarfüß—Möch in grauem Kleid
Jörg Wagner trösten in seim Leid,
Sie wollten ihn bekerhren,
Er wiess  sie in ihr Klösterlein,
Ihr Red wollt er nicht hören.

Der Henker führt ihn an ein'm Strick,
Im Rathaus las man ihm vier Stück,
Darauf stund ihm sein Leben:
Eh er eins widerrufen wollt,
In Tod thät er sich geben.

Der erst Artikel war nicht leicht,
Trauff an die mündlich Ohrenbeicht,
Kein Pfaff mocht ihm verzeihen,
Dieweil er wider Gott gethan,
Der ihm allein konnt freyen.

Der Tauff ist recht wie Christus lehrt,
Wenn die Ordnung nicht wird verkehrt,
Bedeut sein bitter Sterben,
Ist ein Abwäschung unser Sünd,
Dadurch wir Gnad erwerben.

Vons Herren Christi Sacrament,
Jörg Wagner ihn'n auch frey bekennt,
Ich halt es vor ein Zeichen,
Vor Christi hingegebnen Leib,
Redt er ohn alles Schmeichlen.

Zum vierten wollt nicht Glauben thun,
Daß sich Gott sollte zwingen lohn,
Auf Erd herab zu kommen,
Bis er werd halten sein Gericht,
Den Böse mit den Frommen.

Etlich Christliche Brüder war'n,
Redten Jörg Wagner in sein' Ohr'n,
Weil er noch war beym Leben,
Im Feur sterb als ein frommer Christ,
Wollst uns ein Zeichen geben.

Er sprach: Das will ich gerne thun,
Christum den wahren Gottes Sohn
Will ich mit'm Mund bekennen,
So lang als mein Vermögen ist,
Will ich ihn Jesum nennen.

Zween Heker stunden bey der Seit,
Den Ring um ihn sie machten weit,
Jörg Wagner sprach den Glauben.
Zugegen stund ein große Schaar
Von Männern und von Frauen.

Jörg Wagner sh ohn Furcht um sich,
Sein Mund zu keiner Zeit verblich,
Er redt daß manchen wundert.
Geschah im sieben un zwanzigsten Jahr,
Ein tausend und fünf hundert.

Im Hornung in demselben Jahr,
Am achten Tag ganz offenbar,
Hing man ihm an sein Kehle
Ein sack mit Pulver nicht fast klein,
Benahm ihm da sein Seele.

Man flocht ihm auf ein Leiter  hart,
Das Holz und Stroh anzünndet ward,
Jetz ward das Lachen teuer.
Jesus, Jesus, zum vierten mahl,
Rief er laut aus dem Feuer.

Elias thut die Wahrheit sagen,
Daß er in ein'm feurigen Wagen
Fuhr in das Paradeise:
So bitten wir den Heiligen Geist,
Daß er nus unterwiese.


Who Christ will follow now, newborn,
Dare not be moved by this world's scorn,
The cross must bear sincerely;
No other way to heaven leads,
From childhood we're taught clearly.

This did George Wagner, too, aspire,
He went to heav'n 'mid smoke and fire,
The cross his test and proving,
As gold is in a furnace tried,
His heart's desire approving.

The falcon tower became his lease,
It brought about his soul's release,
No human sorrowing swerved him,
Nor was he moved by his small child,
Nor had his wife unnerved him.

They no more his could be to aid,
Though he gladly with them had stayed,
His love and sorrow welling;
No labor spared he on his part,
As righteous partners dwelling.

Although he from them must depart,
No meanly sacrifice of heart,
That he from them be parting,
No prince with all his princely gain
Could him from this be thwarting.

Two barefoot monks in grey array,
George Wagner's sorrow's would allay,
They would be him converting;
He waved them to their cloister home,
Their speech he'd be averting.

The hangman him with rope interned,
In the town hall four counts he learned,
Upon which hinged his living;
Before he one truth would deny,
His life would he be giving.

The article which first would weigh,
With the confession it did lay,
No priest could be forgiving,
For against God would he have sinned,
Who'd only be grace giving.

Baptism is right as Christ has taught,
When this ord'nance is not distraught,
Portends his bitter dying,
In symbol washes us from sins,
And grace us signifying.

Of our Lord Christ's own sacrament,
George Wagner testified intent,
A symbol, it esteem I,
Of Christ's own body offered free;
No flattery spake he hereby.

Fourthly, he would not fain believe
That God should such constraint receive
And come to earth in brightness,
Until His judgment He should hold,
The wicked with the righteous.

Did several Christian brothers near
Speak then into George Wagner's ear
While still he was yet living,
(He died in fire, a Christian true),
Wilt us a sign be giving.

He said: This will I gladly do,
Christ, truly God's own Son, as due,
By mouth I'll be confessing:
As long as privilege shall be,
Jesus him be addressing.

Two hangmen stood now at his side,
The ring about him they made wide,
George Wagner spake his faith strong,
Around him a great company,
Men, women, an attent throng.

George Wagner's gaze did nothing quail,
His lips did never once grow pale,
He spake that many wondered.
T'was in the twenty seventh year,
One thousand and five hundred.

In February the same year,
The eighth day, openly and clear,
Men on a stake then hung him,
A bag of powder, rather small,
There took his soul quite from him.

Men fastened him to ladder firm
The wood and straw was made to burn,
Now was the laughter dire;
Jesus! Jesus! did he four times
Call loudly from the fire.

Elias speaks the truth entire
That he in chariot of fire
In paradise did lighten;
So pray we then, the Holy Ghost,
That He may us enlighten.

Translated by John J Overholt ©1970
Gold May 2014
Ich habe Fernweh nach dem Ort an dem du gerade bist, und Heimweh nach dem Platz in deinem Herzen.
Ich liebe den Himmel, und ich wünschte ich wäre das Firmament über dir, egal ob hinter Wolken versteckt oder mit den Gestirnen geschmückt, denn dann würde ich dich immer sehen und immer bei dir seien.
Jedoch könnte ich dich nie berühren, von da oben.
Vielleicht wäre es besser, der Boden zu seien. Du legst dich in mein warmes Gras und atmest meinen Duft ein, nach einem Regenschauer, und würdest dabei lächeln. Aber als der Boden, würdest du mich je bemerken? Und wenn ja, würdest du nicht nur auf mich herabsehen?
Das würde ich nicht überleben, wir sind alle aus Sternenstaub, und besonders in der Liebe gleich.
Aber wenn du mir diese drei Worte ins Ohr flüsterst oder sie mir ins Gesicht schreist, dann ist es eh egal. Denn dann steht alles auf dem Kopf, am Himmel ist das Wasser der Meere und ich schwimme durch Wolken. Ich gehe über Federn, und das Federkleid der Vögel besteht aus Gras.
So ist es, zumindest in meinem Kopf, jedes Mal nachdem du mein Herz mit den Schmetterlingen, die du in meinem Bauch ausgesetzt hast, erschütterst hast.
I have a desire to travel to the place where you are right now and homesickness to the place in your heart.
I love the sky, and I wish I were the firmament above you, whether hidden behind clouds or adorned with stars, because then I could always see you and be with you.
However, I could never touch you, from there above.
Maybe it would be better to be the ground. You lay down in my warm grass and breathe in my scent after rain and smile. But as the ground, would you ever recognize me? And if yes, wouldn't you just look down on me?
I wouldn't survive that, we're all made from stardust, and especially equal when in love.
But when you whisper those three words in my ear or scream them in my face, than it doesn't matter anyway. Because then, everything is upside down, the sky is made of the water of the seas and I swim through clouds. I walk over feathers and the feathering of the birds is made of grass.
This is how it is, at least in my head, everytime after you roused my heart with the butterflies you set out in my stomach.
jeg købte gule tulipaner, der stod og åndede
frost, og lagde sig som  et tykt lag af dug mod
beskidte ruder
de var på tilbud i det lokale supermarked
vidste ikke længere, hvem jeg skulle forære
dem til, men det var rart at være i besiddelse
af noget, der var mere håbløst
end jeg selv
noget, der var skrøbeligere
end mit sind
så jeg satte dem ikke i vand, da jeg formede dem
ned i en transparent vase i køkkenruden
ventede på, de ville visne
dø af sult
ventede på de ville skille sig ad
dø af ensomhed
lovede mig selv at holde lige så længe
som dem
stoppede et par dage senere med at drømme,
og begyndte at lukke øjnene i,
når jeg krydsede veje
- digte om et papmachesind
andenrangs poet Jul 2015
på et øde sted
som ej er kendt af

der brænder to triste hjerter
en tankestreg forbinder dem
men tager ej hinanden til sig

og mørket ligger som et tæppe
varmer triste hjerter
på en kold og blæsende
juli nat

"de mennesker du har mistet
bær' en del af dem i dig
og sørg over
af dem
for hele dem
betyder noget
for hele dig"

og sorgen var bundet
som en knude
en bristende én
som et for løst bundet snørebånd
og selvom ordene flød fra ligeså triste munde
saltede af fortids minder
var kun stilheden nødvendig
for at forstå
at her kunne triste hjerter
og føle i fællesskab
og alt ville være helt ok

i nattens sidste time
brændte et let kys
på mundvigen

givet i hemmelighed
taget imod med en åbenhed
som hele verden
ville kunne se fra stjernernes
lys i mørket

tankestregen forbandt dem ej
men de åbne sår helede sammen
den nat i en omfavnelse

fra to triste hjerter
Timothy Oct 2012

Nun danket alle Gott
Mit Hertzen, Mund und Händen,
Der große dinge tut
An un uns und allen Ende,
Der uns von Mutterleib
Und Kindesbeinen an
Unzählig viel zu gut
Bis hier her hat getan.

Der ewig reiche Gott
Woll uns bei unsrem Leben
Ein immer fröhlich Herz
Und edlen Frieden geben,
Und uns in seiner Gnad,
Erhalten fort und fort
Und uns aus aller Not
Erlösen hier und dort.

Lob, Ehr und Preis sei Gott,
Dem Vater und dem Sohne
Und dem, der beiden gleich
Im höchsten Himmelsthrone,
Dem einig höchsten Gott,
Als er anfänglich war
Und ist und bleiben wird
Jetzt und immerdar.


Now thank we all our God,
With heart and hands and voices,
Who wondrous things has done,
In Whom this world rejoices;
Who from our mothers’ arms
Has blessed us on our way
With countless gifts of love,
And still is ours today.

O may this bounteous God
Through all our life be near us,
With ever joyful hearts
And blessèd peace to cheer us;
And keep us in His grace,
And guide us when perplexed;
And free us from all ills,
In this world and the next!

All praise and thanks to God
The Father now be given;
The Son and Him Who reigns
With Them in highest Heaven;
The one eternal God,
Whom earth and Heaven adore;
For thus it was, is now,
And shall be evermore.

*By Martin Rinkart 23 April, 1586—8 December, 1649
Translated by Catherine Winkworth 13 September, 1827—1 July, 1878
Frank Ruland Feb 2015
This poor boy got a condition
This man ain't got no woman
I'ma here beggin' da question:
"How do I fix dis hard'in?"

So here I'ma singing, *"Blue Ball Blues,"
I got me a good harmonica,
but if I could choose,
I'da pick a good girl named, "Monica."

No, no, no... I don't need all night
Just gimme dat one good minute,
with a good girl. Dat'd be alright
I'll be singing, "Dat done did it."

Dem Blue Ball Blues ain't no fun
Dat strain in my pants killin' me slow
Please, will you excuse da pun:
I got no place to... Come or go

I'ma hopin' some pretty thing come my way
to help dis man find some relief
I'ma hopin' soon, one fine day,
dat dese Blue Ball Blues give no mo' grief
Haha, I hope y'all find this more funny than perturbing. All in good humor

P.S. Lzzy, if you see this, you're the only girl for me!!!!!! <3
m Oct 2010
Ich ging durch den beschmutzten bevölkerten Korridor mit den Reben, die drinnen und draußen wuchsen, entlang und ich sah in jeder Tür mein Spiegelbild, während ich vorüberging. Ich wohnte genau zum Zimmer – nicht einhundertfünfzig Zentimeter weg; die Entfernung war fast nicht größer, als ich war, und nicht alter. Ich erläuterte meine Angst vor dem Dunkel mit einem Frösteln. Meine Zähne klapperten und klingelnden Münzen, die in meiner Tasche blieben, schrien in meinem Ohr gewohnte Lieder.
Eine Tür öffnete und einen Moment lang hörten wir das Weltall. Wir allesamt waren in dem Korridor. Ein krystallener Stab wie einer, den Leute in der Versuchsansalt oder in der Kneipe benützten, zerbrach. Der Stabinhalt floß in die Hand des Mannes, der sein Zimmer verließ, eine silberne Flüssigkeit. Das Echo des Wortes „Quecksilber“ klang in dem Korridor.
Jedes Zimmer ist gleichbedeutend wie das Letztere, aber es ist auch unterschiedlich. Jedes beinhaltet grenzenlos Fähigkeiten, und unterschiedliche Chemikalien, unterschiedliche Chemie, und unterschiedliche Emotionen.
Ängstlich öffnete ich meine Tür und trat in einen millionsten Anteil von mir selber und ich war ich selber. Symphonien flossen von meinem Kopf weiter, und von den Symphonien kamen fliegende Fische.
Es war nicht wichtig, dass andere Menschen ähnliche Zimmer wie mein Zimmer hatten; es war nur wichtig, dass ihre Zimmer verschieden waren. Ihre Zimmer waren Käfige, genau wie ihre Herzen und auch ihre Hände. Der Mann im Korridor, der hirschartige Augen hatte, blies das flüssige Metall, das seine Hand fasste weg. Die Flüssigkeit wurde Staub und glitt zu mir wie Backpulver oder Schnee im Schneesturm. Ich konnte alles hören und ich musste mich von dem Weiß, das der Staub brachte, trennen. Ich hasste den öden Morgen, den das hervorbrachte.
Ich wollte meine Tür öffnen und wollte den silbernweißen Straub vorzeigen, dass ich auch Sachen in der Luft erschaffen konnte. Ich wollte, aber ich konnte nicht. Ich konnte Sachen in der Luft meines Zimmers erschaffen, aber nicht im Korridor. Man braucht Ressourcen, um etwas zu ändern oder zu formen. Ich besaß Keine.
Die Welt schüchterte die Leute ein, die Verstand hatten.
Paddy Martin Nov 2010
The old man sat, his legs crossed,
opposite the young boy, in the dirt.
"See dat fella?" he said pointing at a tree,
"Dat fella's yer brother, yer big brother."
The boy turned and looked at the tree.
"He's a livin' fella just like you are,
I remember when he was a little fella,
just like you're a little fella now."
The old man smiled, "He's a good fella."
he continued "he'll give ya his bark,
fer yer to make shelter and his branches,
fer yer to make fire when it's cold."

"Dat one dare! Can ya see da bush?"
he asked "Dat bush, dat one your aunty,
when you're hungry she will give ya berries.
See dem little ones?" pointing at the flowers,
"Dem ones they are ya sisters." He announced,
"Dem one's bring you beauty and brightness,
dem ones are de girls dat make us all happy."
The old man laughed showing the gaps in his teeth.
Pointing up he said "Look at dat fella up dare!
Dat fella he carries the sun around ter keep us warm,
an' when dat fella cries he fills our water holes,
dat fella he's our friend he lights candles at night,
so us fellas can find our way back to our womin."

"And what about you grandfather? What are you?"
The boy asked as he looked up at the old man.
"Me!" replied the grandfather "I guess I am da bringer.
I'm dat fella that brings these stories to yer,
so yer can understand that the country is our family,
it is alive like we are and that joins us together."
The old man tapped a twig, he was holding, on his foot.
"When the wind has blown my skin off and I am,
only a white stick laying in the desert sand,
yer will be the one who will look after dis family."
he said. "Then yer will become da bringer."

(c) 31/03/2010
Jonny Angel May 2015
Dem white egrets
sure are skittish,
dey fly wildly
But nawt
dem blue herons,
dey gawt bigger *****,
stay fisin' right dare
along da shoreline.
You should hear
dem gulls
laughin' at
all of dem,
and dat risin' sun.
katewinslet Oct 2015
Gesundes Essen ist eine Sache, aber finden und zu halten frische Bio-Olivenöl sowie Essig ist etwas ganz anderes. Verwaltung unserer Gewicht braucht nicht durch weltlichen Ernährungsgewohnheiten durchgeführt werden. Cabl wissen, frische Blattsalate können helfen. And so Essig und Öl baseball hat sich zu einem Grundnahrungsmittel für zahlreiche von uns. Italienisches Essen, Balsamico-Vinaigrette, sowie sogar fabelhafte Brot Eintauchen Rezepten müssen das beste Öl und Essig für guten Geschmack. Thus, nachdem cabl hochwertige Gewürze, wie wir halten sie frisch noch richtig auf der Tabelle dargestellt? Dishing out Essig sowie Öl auf dem Tisch baseball hat on home Jahren mühsam. Etliche verschiedene Arten von crucis haben nur für diese eine Notwendigkeit gemacht. Die richtige Lagerung von Olivenöl ist notwendig, dass cease to live Qualität und der Geschmack uncontaminated zu bleiben sowie die ernährungsphysiologischen Vorteile intakt bleiben. I am Laufe der Jahrhunderte, Öl und Essig crucis wurden aus zahlreichen Materialien hergestellt worden. Cabl wissen jetzt, kick the bucket besten Behälter für pass on Speicherung von Olivenöl sowie Essig sind Glas, Keramik, oder Porzellan. Realmente es ist wichtig zu wissen, Kunststoffbehälter sind nicht fantastic für beiden Würze. Other frischen Geschmack länger zu halten, sollte Olivenöl sowie Essig Shifts a good einem kühlen Ort ohne direkte Sonneneinstrahlung gelagert werden. Das Most effective wäre with einem Glasbehälter ist. Öl oder Essig sollte nicht in einem Kunststoffbehälter gelagert, weil sie das Wooden aus dem Kunststoff absorbiert werden kann. Glas Essig sowie Öl crucis sind außergewöhnliche Geschenkartikel. Sie fungieren wie the best, um ordnungsgemäß zu lagern Ihre Olivenöl sowie Essig, sowie werden immer beliebter. Heute Gourmet-Küchenutensilien sowie Produkte werden nach dem für die-off Praktikabilität und Neuheit gesucht Günstige Samsung Galaxy S5. Ein Gourmet-Geschenk ist when it comes to der Regel einer der Wert und Qualität, wobei diese für depart this life perfekte Geschenkidee wesentlich. Messkännchen bietet mundgeblasenem Glas crucis von Europa, das Glas with Glasbehältern haben. Ein Innengefäß hält bedroom Essig und der äußere Behälter speichert das Olivenöl Samsung galaxy s6 edge+. Jedes Glas Menage head wear zwei Ausgießer auf dems gleichen Öl und Essig Spender. Cease to live mundgeblasene Glasbehälter sind tasteful eingerichtet und bieten ein anspruchsvoller Weg, other Öl sowie Essig auf dem Tisch bieten, aus dems gleichen Dekanter.

The Grapes Cruet, depart this life eine Give durchgebrannt Glas Traube Behälter kennzeichnet, when it comes to einem Glas zylindrischen Körper, ist sehr populär für Gourmet-Küchen. Cease to live Traube cruet etwa dems Durchmesser einer Flasche Wein sowie ist leicht durch einer Give verwendet. Sie werden sie mehr sowie mehr auf feine Esstischen von einigen der besten Gourmetrestaurants Amerikas zu sehen. Essig und Öl throughout der Traube cruet gespeichert sind, wird eine lange Zeit zu halten. Das Olivenöl wird mehr wie ein Jahr, for that reason lange eng anliegende Korken verwendet werden, zu halten. Trying to keep sowohl Essig und Öl luftdicht ist entscheidend für kick the bucket Halte Geschmack. The actual Grape Cruet verfügt über ein beeindruckendes Develop, das vergrößert wird, wenn das Olivenöl i'm Glas gefüllt. Die-off Glaskunst ist geschmackvoll sowie gibt eine elegante Erklärung auf jedem Esstisch. Das perfekte Geschenk für pass away Feiertage, perish Trauben Cruet Eigenschaften: Hitzebeständige technisch europäischen Glas Schön einzigartige mundgeblasene Glas-Design Samsung galaxy s6 edge+ 32GB. Zwei Funktionsgläser when it comes to Glasgefäßen, um Ihren Essig sowie Öl zu trennen. Hergestellt dauerhafte Abgabe Olivenöl und Balsamico-Essig i am Modify zu sein. Hermetic individuelle bartop Korken für beide Ausläufe. europäische Handwerkskunst sowie Qualität.

All the Grape Essig sowie Öl Menage ist eines der innovativsten und funktionsDekanTern werden Sie zum Essen zu finden. Seine bemerkenswerte Entwurf ist sicher, das Auge der alle Ihre Gäste zu fangen, während Sie eine geschmackvolle sowie elegante Erklärung auf Ihrem Esstisch. ein Gourmet-Geschenk-Set, das eine Trauben Menage mit importierten Olivenöl sowie Balsamessig aus Modena ist ein ideales Geschenk für jeden Anlass einschließlich Housewarmings und Feiertage. And also, realmente es ist ein interessantes Gespräch Stück, das zu immer geredet wird.
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jeffrey robin Sep 2014
///  • ||
/    (       \
(        )


*****          *****
All a dem ***** girls

YEAH *****  YEAH *****
all a dem ***** girls

***** ***** ***** *****
All a dem ***** girls


Seem em in da school yard        
Seen em at da bar        

Heard one talkin !!!

What a ***** girl YEAH !
what a ***** girl

*****           *****
All dem ***** girls


See all a dem ***** girls


Dey say de lookin FER love
But dey never see me

Dey say dey got somethin ta give
               But all they do is               Take

All dey want is for someone
To take away all der pain

Dey *****     *****

Dey jes ***** girls

*****      *****
Crazy little ***** girls
well bust clymet pyrit slamic varmits,
I-tollah Ray Nothing aglubbin 'Quidit
pleez Yoo Wez, yoo wezzunt Q-klux cloots!
Jar reds aint frootzen jethrobelle crackajack
lark broback mounaineer kinda kafirs
- glope! Mericurz mo akbar, Ahll raybrand
Allah 'Apple Paella'! I-tollah
Rayll trah gater tears, brainwahshen brr-ounz
pleadin ya Prez lark Belzeebubby seal's
fa lean nancy - laz platoona Navy Seals

H2Uzi dem climacide Muzzies,
then libblerate dem Peez Frargs arn Moun Blank
wit streem prayerjudas. Gotta *** gastanks
o tha hummerdingies shut o ay-lans'
assoline furs, bur Hundrad Yeahs Croosade
Prez. Rev. Dubyof Lattyday Mallratz planned
backen tholden days o oughtacades
bay pram tenderrump fusta finely whup
wunce weez festfulla foss fuel Marzipoop

- bay lark Texicanz versez dem Mexcanz
agin! So Ah sez ta yall, Congressgation,
stayshun arn U.S.S. Welyum Coldy
hair en thOverglades now thars no D.C.:
tha tarm fa whistlen dixies haf paz daird!
Anna senedders arn tha U.S.S.
Termnader Two Judgmaday, locaded
onna Straits o Honalula, hoo wez
gittin fez aydrez bah netcassd, ma
messedjez marty pottonkickin semlar:
muna Apr 2016
Mami say "doh marry no fisha man.
Mi daughter lis'en carefully,
Yuh go look fi wan nice doctor man
who have degree an' phd;

who graduate high school;
who finish he college;
'ave car, house wid pool;
who people does acknowledge.

An' at fuss ah nearly lis'en she,
buh it had wan man, did sell fish by de street,
eh have no doctor man nicer than he.
Fisha man, yes, buh he smile sweet.

Man skin rich wid melanin;
man voice smooth like varnish wood.
Ah say ah go neva let 'im in.
Fisha man, yes, buh **** he good.

Mami tell me, leave fisha man alone.
She warn me, say dem come like teef;
fuss yuh heart, den is you dey own.
Buh I gawn and mek she dead wid grief.

She husban' was a fisha man,
an' he give de woman sorrow so.
She did wah fuh me a doctor man,
but even dem is no betta yuh know.

Is years now, every night ah does bawl;
if only God cou'da give me de power,
I won't a marry man at all.
Fisha man smile done tun sour.
Poetry flavoured with Caribbean creole.
mami- mummy
doh - don't
mi - my
yuh -you
go look - will look
'ave - have
fi - for
wan - one
an' - and
fuss - first
de - the
ah - I
buh- but
'im - him
wid - with
neva - never
dem - them/they
den - then
gawn - gone/went
mek - make
wah - want
fuh - for
betta - better
cou'da - could have
won't a - would/will not have
done tun - already turned
ah does bawl- I cry/bawl or I do cry/bawl

— The End —