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LGY May 2018
I grew weary of the world around me,
for it deceives me time and time again.
How do I know i'm not a prisoner,
out of desperation,
hallucinates he's at home,
cosy in bed, with
nice warm soup at the desk,
waiting for his master to devour it dead.
How do I know I'm not sleeping,
and this is a all a dream.
I could be a King,
under a spell casted by the devil,
fogging my vision from god.
I can't look back now,
and have to move forward,
discovering the truth,
a task too urgent to be discarded.
Braving through this nightmare,
kudos to those made it through.
Tricia Ong Mar 30
As I age, as time drifts by,
I couldn't help but wonder,
how I lived like a lie.

Life is a movie, they say
a comedy, a theatrical play.
I watch as the stars glisten in the sky,
nobody knows how hard I try.

I try to live,
to please you
yet all you see
is a rebel who deceives you
and a loathsome flee.

Now, all that's left is a worn out soul,
a tired mind,
a lifeless role.
All I could do is apologise,
for the genius in me no longer lives by.
Willow shade Jun 2018
Only fire can be born from a spark, nothing else.

It is impossible to keep fire not burning.

You cannot warm yourself near volcano and feel serene.

You cannot touch the sun, you can just only watch it.

Even if you love the sun, you must love it humanly, not like a moth. That is the main difference of a deeper, conscious and pure love.

No human loves suffering or wants to live in it. If one does and wants, he is something new, but anyway, not a human.

And if the one is not a human, he cannot be purer than he was before.

Pure thing is humanity. Humanity is always serene and as calm as shallow, mild water to swim in.

Being humane is the highest state of being.

Anything surpasses it with suffers, pain and fire, either can turn you to inhuman being or to ashes.

There is no humanity beyond suffering. Even if it is the suffering of the deepest love. You have to come back.

In any case and circumstances, pure love must not hurt, pure love cannot degrade, pure love has no ability to set a fire.

But the thing inside me began with an instant spark and I have been in a fire burning everything and everyone around.

I wish I could cry and extinguished this fire. Yet I cannot cry. Because its spring is not from a pure love. It does not know tears. It is from a spark, from an insincere, egoist and rampant origin.

My poetry and feelings to you are a flame. It deceives by making you feel hot when you are cold and showing itself as a great present or creating various magnificent ornaments. I remember how heroically you tried to carry it, I also tried, but it is impossible. It wants only one thing - just to burn anything it has, it finds and it encounters. Even myself.

At least, for humanity and for you I must stop it. Not being too late. I wanted to provide a divine shade, but that rampant feeling inside was always deceiving and preparing a more frightful plot everytime. It was too many times stronger than me, it was courageous and tireless, however, it was not humane.

Sorry for burning your hands, my dear
Sorry for all hurts I gave

Be attentive about the genesis of your inner impromptu and inspiration, my dear poet brethren...
Arianna Nov 2018
They say 'twas once the Temple of Fire,
Blazing over all;
That behind its radiance
The grey-violet dusk of the heavens
And the churning of storms in the clouds
As the sun deceives us
To that endless Night
Which permits its light.

Now, ascending the steps, worn with age,
The arches of stone leaning weary overhead,
Shadows embrace me as one of their own.
But strange! Some form yonder sits
Upon the ledge, a silhouette,
The spectre of a man
Musing upon the distance
Between the ledge and the earth below.

Softly I tread,
Careful not to disturb
His reverie,
For this is a sacred place.

Yet, strange again! A bright ornament, there
In some faded crevice:
Of all things,
Blue and white
With ribbon bound!

Mine eyes must err,
Or perhaps they fade,
For this is a sacred place

Of death

The temple fires have slumbered long,
And all has fallen to shadow...

But, hark, stranger still! A movement arrests me
From the corner archway:

A bird

Tawny wings and two-feathered tail,
Strange nightingale-of-prey
In this place once of prayer,


Higher and higher...

I glance back...

But no shadow-man
Perches still upon the ledge.
Inspired by a very strange dream I had last night. I still see that bird spiraling up, and up, and up...
Sudden jolts amidst an occupied mind
I see you
I feel you
I touch you

I go back to the moments unchained
untamed and fierce
Exhilarated with blood gushing
from uncertainty
Titillated for your every inch

These moments of longing for your existence is a jab to a frail heart

Deep down there is truth in a notion where you are only a temptation

Merely a decoy for delight

For my memory deceives me with depth
but the reality is facile

A clouded echo yet too real and alive
hard to resist
hard to excise
SC Nov 2018
It's not your looks, your wit
your walk or
your talk -
You're danger!
For the unaware
with unencumbered hearts.
of your boyish charm!
Disguising what should be
a heart
but instead -
is a skull and cross bones.
No reciprocation-
your shell of a soul
has been left
For She who lies, deceives-
manipulator extraordinaire!
Holds your heart captive
and you-her schlemiel-
poor you -
are but a proxy
of the man
you could be -  
you used to be-
reduced to
a living, breathing
simply waiting to befall
poor fools
like me.
Mark May 27
To whom would rush the wounds of love with love;
Let take a caution deep where your wound bleeds;
Perfuse the stream, the flow is flow's behove
To love is not 'in love' without its deeds.
The void will drain without another grief
Why two to bore when one is plentiful
And portioned love deceives and all to brief
So reason then to heal and heal there full.
But time has half a doctorate of pain
The tested friend is patience met with heart,
And he or she with both is lover's gain;
To love as freshest as the springtime start.

So tender yours beneath that lover's rain
Then out the colored bow! And love's again.
dandelion seeds
sprout bad memories
unwanted by wind
heightened downward spin
time again will show
how earth tends to sow
under leaves of weeds
unholy misdeeds
grow into mistrust
deflowered by lust
he deceives quiet well
broken petal hell
and self-degraded
deep roots anchor tight
they cling onto fright
weeds want affection
willing infection
tainted damaged hearts
ransacked for their parts
left with only roots,
terror of disputes,
and alcohol now
so alas they vow
never, never again
they’ll forget the pen
that cleared the mind of
   their godforsaken love
strong weeds grow in the cities,
to be tainted by those who see
how broken they are.
But desperate for love they fall,
they don’t care about it all
not the pain, not the manipulation,
even if they see it, they just want to be loved

their dandelion fluff
turned to unwanted ****.
She Said;
What if I pulled a you on you?
What if I made you feel just as amazing as you make me do?
What if I made you feel like the King I see?
What if I gave you everything in me just like you do for me?
What if I eliminated all those doubts you had about love
& loved you regardless of the flaws you try to get me to judge
I’ve dealt with the wrong types all my life til' you came along
& made me feel like I’m above the clouds like I can’t do no wrong
When I was crying, you made me feel like your arms is where I belong
& when I thought I was weak, you made me feel like I was strong
So what if I pulled a You on You just to show you what that feeling is like
when you’ve found that One to make your world complete & ignite that light
that’s been faded out for so long to soon become afraid of the light
until something came along to remove that dark moon that provided darkness
which eventually made the sweetest heart go from being lovely to heartless
You need to know what it feels like to be appreciated, because just like me
you’ve given your everything several times but you still feel incomplete
Maybe then you’ll see the man that I see whenever I stare into your eyes
& there’s a beautiful creation within the beautiful disaster that deceives the eyes
- Poetic Venom
When a star deceives & leads you astray, telling you that you're
special when you're not that way, you want to eat monkeys
and swim in pools & mangle beef with power tools.
Rhoni Marjonelle Oct 2018
all truth, no lies
everything ended
and started
with a sigh

thus, he could be mine
but, that's a crime

starting with how
every word,
every note
he says
and sings,
were too soft,
too subtle,
to be heard
but i did.

wounded arms
can't come across,
but it's not a
great loss
if it prevents me
and deceives me,
from doing
and believing,
and some things

i regressed
but i shall transgress
from liking
to loving
from dying
to living
all for them
all of for Him
all of for "he"
and all for
When love deceives,
  the heart to bleed,
  its truth an open wound

Forever long,
  time’s painful gong,
  rerung with every moon

When love deceives,
  on bended knees,
  and lost within the pain

All wishes fly,
  with hope denied
  —as emptiness remains

(Villanova Pennsylvania: April, 2019)

— The End —