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Mary Gay Kearns Aug 2018
Few people can be believed
The lips are packed with lies
Words fall as if manœuvred
To benefit selfishness’s world.

I carry the dust of deceitful
tongues, swollen, diseased
Where is cleanliness left?
‘The dog’s bowl at the door’.

Love Mary ***
Pieces of me
thrown away
like trash
Never consulted
Never asked
The direct result
of another’s conviction
or more commonly seen
from blind ambition

The fix is in
But no invitation
for me,
former me
or forever me
and all of my imitations
beset by my

Forwardly I lean
step in between
lines upon lines
can’t be seen
Falling ill
Now trapped
by its machine
And from my vein;
My blood I spill

A still surface
with sticky sheen
amber tones
from which
I glean
a reason
What it might mean
A hunger
can not be filled

Nothing but lies
giving me chills
A shell
with values
not instilled
it’s dread
Their words
I’m fed
to fill my head

My outer skin
Its layer
Not to attacks
No single act
or prayer
could patch
and fill it in
A hole
that’s black
is my first sin

A game
in which
no way to win
and no ending
once it
With opened eyes
commence to see
The dorsal fins
surrounding me

Head starts
to spin
What could have been?
It doesn't matter
in the end
there's nothing
here for me
A demon-like reality

Where what you seek
Placed at your feet
The icing; sweet
Choices; not three
Have cake or eat
One choice not two
But want to eat
and have it too

All efforts
to retrieve the treat;
An outcome that
ends in defeat
A princess swept
off of her feat
But this feature
a creature
Spirit of
a soulless seeker

Deceitful speaker
he’ll eat ya
Offers pain
Can’t heal;
life drained
Then reaching out
to use
but with each ring
hope further wanes

An answered call
done just in time
The chills
running all down my spine
Stand tall
just like Douglas-fir pine
With racing thoughts
filling my mind
I will be saved
Free from it all
God must exist
No time to stall
In battle
may fall
but no man's ever left behind

Only to find
With said spent dime
A dynamite kind of answer
A type
that might
cause strife
Can't plan for
Needed answer
like cancer
New chance to live
Worldly romancer
On planet Earth
A tiny dancer

A romantic thought
to think
fight fought
Instead a sinking ship
just dropped
This life?
If could
an ‘OUT’
would opt
No more
can take
Just make
it stop
Written: April 17, 2018

All rights reserved.
Anna Bell Oct 2018
“i love you”
those words
                                      from his lips
i believed his deceitful manner
his charisma, it was alluring
I think most people take this as an s.o. but it could be anyone who stopped loving you a friend, a parent to just deceived you to get what they want from you. I also think of the devil to deceive you and feed you with lies to follow him.
Osiria Melody Mar 22
Of ****** guiles and intellectual foolishness,
You take my coherent words and set them afire
A conflagration of deceitful gossip,
Catapulting my integrity to the depths of oblivion

A succession of revenge, plot one to one-hundred,
Taking away everything meaningful in my life
Of successful failures and kaput achievements,
You take my benevolent actions and make them backfire

You see, my friEND, I fear you not for I'm smart
****** in your eyes, but powerful beyond your pride
E-N-D is all that you'll ever be for betraying me
You will become an obstacle of wrath in this road of life

You rob me of what it means to trust others wholeheartedly,
Frame me up like an obscene portrait in a prudish community,
Blame me like problems were never meant to be solved,
Throw me into a bottomless pit of relentless agony

Someday, you will realize that the friend that I once was
Will be the commencement of your impending suffering
Until nothing is left of your dignity, all witheringly ****

Cut out those so-called "friends" who proclaim to be the "real ones" in your life; you deserve to have friends who aren't toxic at all.
We are proud individuals
who feed into bold lies
spoonfed like we're blind
by deceitful leaders may they rise.

Technology is forever shoved in our face
hurry up n buy it
before it reaches it's expiration date.
Consuming gadgets at such a fast pace
may that be the devil
that determines your fait.

In the hands of the media we lay
side by side on a sinking ship they say
far, far and further away
we depart from our loved ones
and sink into a screen of shame.

Our children may be able fake a smile
but their tears don't lie.
And though we're letting them
remain on those sites
we sit, we sigh
and we spin our glass of wine
all the while wondering why.

Our elderly generation
worked all their life
hoping in their older years
they would be able to relax for a while
instead they have to sit there
with frail hands and ghostly smiles
overlooking us poison the planet
and see it turn cold and vile.

We drink until our heart is liquor
we love until our love turns bitter
our emptiness then begins to spread
until on the inside we are all are dead.
And it spreads quickly and painfully
like the plague
and everyone is too far gone to save.

"Men are to be machines"
We say with a hand on their shoulder
as we push them out the door
off to a war
which will scar them so much so
that they won't want to live anymore.
Take one last look at your family
and don't you miss them
while you're away!
Because you're a man you see,
your feelings are meant to be astray!

Mass confusion,
we look to the sky
for the answers we need finding
within this cold society.
We disagree until we die
about matters
which have no relevance to you or I
but conflict is the new joy
and may we fight until all is destroyed.

So many harsh whispers in the streets
so many expectations
no one dares to meet.
Some go insane
just to be the same
but just who is this madman that
we all aspire to be?
Does he have a name?
Has be ever been seen?

It's your time to die.
Are you happy
with the content of your life?
Or for the entire time,
were you living a lie?

If you're not happy with the way of
human "progression"
then be the light in a sea of grey
and this horrible game of society
you will no longer play,
and instead serve now to define
a new society.

Jazmine MacIntyre
Inspired by 'Iron Sky' by Paolo Nutini.
Yenson Aug 2018
Its a scam, its a scam, see the Crimson Gang deftly scamming them
They by sleight have befuddled gullible masses Moral Compass
Made them see wrong as right twisting their brains from the stem
With deceitful guile they shepherded them all to the fools' campus

Slander and fake News galore fed to vacant hungry masses scrum
Knowledge is power the reprobates declares, do not let it pass
We're the majority the bullies screams, knowing they're just scums
Worthless charlatans who rob successes and **** without cutlass

They take a foregone conclusion and coat it with fool's gold crumb
A victim with no intention of going after an uninterested lass
Dumb masses fed fake news fooled into harassing actions dumb
A non-event becomes a show of the controlling might of our class

Crimson gangs interpret a non-events from his deluded sad drum
Creates a warped sick drama round a hapless victim for laughs
Gives street theater actions to masses, these will oppose and numb
Whilst poor victim subjected to 'voiding' madness wonders past

The Crimson leaders laugh so much like pirates drinking ***
Look how we manipulate the masses, they are so simple and crass
With our devious twisting propaganda they eat out of our ***
We simply use them to nail and crucify our victim to the cross
Gang stalking is simply a form of community mobbing and organised stalking combined. Just like you have workplace mobbing, and online mobbing, which are both fully recognised as legitimate, this is the community form.
Gang stalking is organised harassment at it's best. It the targeting of an individual for revenge, jealousy, sport, or to keep them quiet, etc.

It's organised, widespread, and growing. Some describe this form of harassment as, "A psychological attack that can completely destroy a persons life, while leaving little or no evidence to incriminate the perpetrators."
Noel Billiter Jul 2018
I tricked you into being here
Practiced words that weren’t sincere
Concocted a truly deceitful tale
Crafted And worded not to fail
Wrapped you tightly with sharp barbwire
To keep you still and somewhat quiet
Patiently weaved a rusted web
So when you move it stings your skin
Squirm and fight this all you want
Resisting just makes this more fun
The belief in the goodness of mankind
Consider this a warning sign
Evil consists in a opposite form
The sweetest smile can do you harm
Henry Lampad Aug 2018
A barrage of societal Pressure,

The quicksand beneath Success.

Who paves the way

To the narrow curves with thorns,

Family or Foes?

Thin air provides the deceitful mask of comfort

Nothing is real.

Life is almost as dead as a shadow.

And non-existent. Supported by a strand

We are all dark matter. We are Rusty.

Yet we hold on to hopeless Hopes

And dark dreamy dreams.

Who is the puppeteer?

When will one's role end?

For now, we swing with the strings of manipulation

Until the shadow fades into the Night.
the futility and uncertainty of life.
King Dec 2018
A world without borders
is a fantasy land.
Wake up, set aside feelings
before everything's gone.
Evil is deceitful
it feeds on the clueless.
Disguised with love
that's called "political correctness".
ChildofGodyay Jun 2018
Why must every evil deed,
every evil thing,
be so easy to do.
so easy to be deceived by it.
Blinded by their deceitful smiles
and their attractive lies.
These bad deeds can bring you miles
away into darkness and death.
Short-lived joys and sinful pleasures are all they give, its all that you get.
No, you will never be happy with them in you.
They just trick you into their master plan,
into the darklands.
I would rather suffer to get the true Joy and Peace I would get,
than to live "happily" in the oblivion of the punishments I would get.
so, like  because you don't feel like doing something that is obviously good for you, and that compromise is so easy...
but, if you were able to push through and see the true joy behind the suffering, you will be rewarded..
Osiria Melody Mar 19
He left her at the door
Left a deceitful bouquet of roses, too
A reminder that she's not good enough to love
A reminder that the most beautiful creations
can induce suffering

This memento mori of romance, which takes time
to grow, but little time to let go–kills her happiness
Left the emotional scars for her to burn in agony
A rose that collapsed the bridge of integrity
A rose that wilts, just like her courage to fall in
love again

Underneath beauty's mask of happiness is pain.
ryn Jul 2014
Pretentious smile
There for awhile
Cunning and guile
Mask the bile.

Feel the burn
Tides turn
Emotions churn
Pain we learn.

Turn the key
Unlock me
Set free
But with fee.

Claim your claim
Always the same
Mutilate, maim
Ruthless game.

Games you play
Daggers you say
Honesty you slay
The facade you stay.

Whisper your lie
Get me by
Truth will try
Chains to pry.

Curb your greed
Untruths you feed
Here I bleed
From destruction you lead.

What's your goal
**** my soul?
My naïveté you stole
You're but a mole.

Share my plight
And in plain sight
Steal my light
You're my fight.

I know it was you
Excruciatingly true
Things you undo
For attention you pursue.

Oh how you bend
Honeyed words you lend
Establish your brand
As my deceitful friend

Now I know
Wiser I grow
I will not show
Knowledge I stow

Still you smile
You have for awhile
I've tasted the bile
So bitter, so vile.

I've felt the burn
The tide will turn
Fairness I might earn
Lesson I'll learn.
I see the dwelling pain inside
That you try so hard to hide.

I see through those deceitful lies
The feeling of watching your soul slowly die.

You cant help it but watch yourself fade away,
So letting go is the only way.

The memories will last, that much i know;
But you must live on, put on a show

And someday you will be able to flee
But its a game of waiting, so lets just wait and see...
For all those who think no one cares for you. There's always someone who does

Wish the same could have been said for me :)
Rushali Oct 2017
We were but embers,
Making memories and mischief to remember.
We were but sparks,
Here a shy glance and there a sly remark.

Alas, we were but ashes,
As fires are meant to burn us mortals.
No escapes. No portals.

We were but yellow heat,
A tangle of  passionate arms, legs and feet.
We were but blue flames,
What broke us apart was it the lies or the deceitful games?

Alas, we were but ashes,
As fires are meant to burn us mortals.
No escapes. No portals.
RixusPrime Oct 2018
I've been burnt so many times,
and hurt with so many lies.
The path that I walk tells a tale of so many crimes.
And the scars in my heart hold memories of darker times.

******, I was! I lived like a cat with nine lives.
Ignorant I stayed! A fool who accepted numerous lies.
Bedazzled by their smiles, who knew they were but deceitful wiles.
And for long I remained, a captive of worthless slimes.

For all the tears I shed and all the feelings I spared, I couldn't help but wonder if anyone ever cared.

As a tool for their filthy cause,
I wondered if this was a result of an unknown curse.
For neither was I pure of heart
or saintly in character.
This could be the reason for my life's disaster.
Carabella Dec 2018
Come to me my love... within a gentle touch. There is so much that we can be; just the two of us; alone placed high upon a mountain - drinking from life's youthful fountain.

Come to me my friend... for I alone cannot defend, a heart that without you can mend; a stint of sorrow and struggling cries: a blank page to fill such lullabies...

Come to me my warm embrace.... shelter me with your symmetric grace. Take from me what you will; if you forget to ask-be obliged to steal.

In this world of entropy there are no rules: no boundaries to cross;
no bitter fools, no deceitful words, no coins we should need to toss.
Abound in shadow the light refracts, to give such a blessed glow:
A glimmer of pure perfection that is held and placed high upon your brow.

Your laughter rings with ripened cheer, the softest waves that echo through my ear; there is much joy portrayed in your eyes;
the bluest of blue; the colour of skies....

You see... I sit alone... Stand alone... Lie alone....

Right now, you are nothing more than a brief fantasy; in some distant allured synchronicity.
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