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Haiku Donna Nov 1
On my way to work
Listening to soft music
With the man I love
Thank you for your lovely messages hp poets I’m at the mo been flooded with work so cannot get back to u all life is hectic x wishing u all a happy day with lots of smiles **
Haiku Donna Aug 22
Everytime I see
butterflies , I think of our
wedding and I smile
:) loved my wedding day love butterlles too **
Haiku Donna Aug 4
We walked around the
park and came across a sweet
garden of flowers

All trimmed so lovely
not a bud out of place and the
sun shone happily

Was there we saw a
wishing pond full of silver
gold and bronze money

So we made a wish
Plonk plonk plonk is what we heard
as the coins lie still

Jennifer was near
by , watering the new buds
Butteflies fluttered

there ivory wings
whispering sweet lyrics to
birds flying in sky

We came across a
monkey , he ****** to its cage
Dean said its hungry

It was colour of
midnight , full of gentleness
Contentment for sure

Dean pulled a twig of
leaves off a tall plant for the
monkey , who I thought

had smiled in its own
animal way , but all of
a sudden two girl

monkeys colour of
a rising sun tried to rule
the roast , so dean gave

them some leaves too , but
they seemed adamant to pinch
the males food , we did

have a giggle and
told the girl monkeys to shoo
They just ignored us

We saw elephants
Skin like a hundred years old
Eyes like big diamonds

One seven foot tall
Jennifer flew by smiling
sprinkling sunlight

upon there hay , we
saw a monkey eat a fly
It picked off its wings

threw them to the ground
and ate its body ,it was
a fascinating

moment, Flight never
to be lowered only to be
born again to life

Oh I loved the big
leopard she was amazing
Her fur so unique

Her temperament so
kind so loving so happy
Man as been her friend

It was a lovely
day and Jennifer enjoyed
herself too , she sang

a song making the
sun giggle so much , its teeth
fell upon warm earth

leaving sparkles in
ponds and glistens upon cars
and smiles in clouds

We all drank ice cold
water and ate some chips and
a panini with

cheese and tomato!
We drove home feeling happy
And the sky was too
Yesterday we visited a wildlife park it was truly lovely lots of the animals are becoming extinct and this particular park as given many of the animals a really lovely kind loving enviroment to live in :)))
Haiku Donna Sep 25
Today I had so
much fun working with my Dean
His a funny guy

Now he is semi
retired and can relax
more now we getting

older , yeap we got
wrinkles and grey hair too , but
hey we both happy

Our son as moved to
a different area for
his work , his only

home weekends , I miss
him lots though but am happy
his growing up well

My eldest daughter
is totally smitten with
her new boyfriend ,, his

a lovely chap and
me and Dean both adore him
And he passed our big

family test of
bantering , the boy done well :-)
My youngest daughter

as also moved on and
she's living with her boyfriend
His a real sweetheart

His had a hard time
growing up but his smiling
and living taking

each day as it is!
My house is getting quiet
and it's so clean there's

hardly no mess and
it's so peaceful , me and Dean
get to eat lots of

Jaffa cakes as no
piggy fingers are there to
eat them , some days though

I want my house loud
and messy but me and Dean
are going with the

flow with smiles and joy
It's lovely that our children
are making there own

sweet life's , it makes me
and Dean feel so proud , maybe
one day we will be

proud grandparents too
But for now we're going to
enjoy eating Jaffas :-))
Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx me and Dean have six children and three of them are slowly moving on xxxxx
Lawrence Hall Jul 20
Kingsville, Texas, 1955

A loaf of bread from the Piggly Wiggly
A quart of milk because MawMaw forgot
A Coke and a Mickey Mouse funnybook
A water pistol and Eskimo Pies

A pack of PawPaw’s brand of cigarettes
So he can watch his Yankees this afternoon
On the Sylvania with the rabbit ears
In gloriously static-y black-and-white

Plays called by Dizzy Dean and PeeWee Reese
In our childhood world, forever at peace
Your ‘umble scrivener’s site is:
It’s not at all reactionary, tho’ it might be drivel.
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