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Dopamine addict
scored, but itched
for a quick serotonin fix.
This sonder mirror, these
incessant cravings for opia.

Staring down mydriasis, that
bracketed emptiness, haunting
egolessness, one lasting hit, after
shooting up with the metaphysics,
Consigned to it, being strung out
on ∃xistence, whatever depth
you'd ascribe to it: a category.

Know passion is incandescent,
Embrace peace as effervescent;

Lost in the gaze of fall liberty,
Rainy daze in winter ecstasy,
Found in a maze of spring
empathy, azure haze of
summer vibrancy,

Mescalito tornado on desert sands,
Shroom typhoon on distant shores,
∀cid cyclone on the horizon,
Pharmahuasca maelstrom
drank the earth;
  *ion chaser
ate a hurricane, The Empyrean was born.
An unnecessary redux of my favorite lines.
zebra Aug 2018
i was told not to read that book
it said right there on the cover
that if i did
i would become a scourge
like a hidden genies dagger
the sight of which would terrorize some
and draw others to me
those strange few
who cry to feel it wound their flesh
and crave its rupturing cold edge
an obsession in motion
demanding they lose themselves in the rapture
of dangerous weapons of pleasure and pain
their kiss an obscenity

sure i thought

and as i read it anyway
it's words  
where like a cocked gun blasting
a slow-motion bullet
like a bomb in the skull  
shattering brains
with a storm of licking tongues
and kicking feet

my death scattered me
into a great light that casts a long shadow
of headless prancing nymphs
their menstruum,
kaleidoscopic winding red ribbons
fruits of both heaven and nightmares
like a river of elastic mouths
shifting form like chewed gum

thunder filled the house
a dark paradise found
lost in the realm of the senses
quaking and torn
this gleaming blade

its caress a sanctuary
pulled tight
over searching fingers
that roam for damp places
in a flickering daze
hiding a frozen scowl
impossible times
Their voices ask:
What do you want?
(Or, what should you.)
Servitude, ***, social recognition?
No, something else eats at me.
The conditioning words of those voices
made me think it wrong, that I long to say to her:
Lets be alone together,
Understand each other.

What do I crave? Just her,
To be with her for a moment.
For me, that moment is eternity.
Is this truth really so alien?
A single sentence takes precedent:
Rainy daze in winter ecstasy.
Some days inspiration takes me.

Forlorn with her in grace.
JayceeJellies Nov 2014
I put my head down on my pillow at night,
I smile as I close my eyes.
Because I know that I don't have to feel frightened.
Because Slendy's peeping, keeping close eyes on me all the time.

Slendy knows, I'm only five.
Just like he knows my brother Johnny is nine.
But Johnny doesn't like Slendy too much.
He says he's scarey and frightens him to the touch.

But I like Slendy.
I've told him every time.
Slendy means no harm!
That's why I don't hide.

"Come now child"
I hear Slendy call,
He's waving his arms,
So flimsy and long..

They don't scare me though.
Because I know that Slendy's my friend.
Not a ******.


Slendy starts to move away,
I move towards him in such a sudden daze,
But I hear my mommy keep calling my name.


I look away from Slendy to see her running to me.
"What are you doing?" I asked her as she picked me up,
As she held me Slendy vanished.
He was gone.

That was the last time I saw him.
But I know he's watching me,
Slendy always talks to me.
So, I felt like writing a story and a poem at the same time. This sort of just came out. Feel free to tell me your opinions.
These nowhere towns,
Mountain tops snow-capped long through march,
Everywhere else,
A brown.

Though people live here,
And they aren't broken down.

The paint peels from the motel,
The mother tends to her daze,
The attendant ponders the insects of the sill,
Tumbleweed decry these acts of being still.

Life is good here,
In these hazy,
Nowhere towns.
Really hope I captured that picture I saw... I don't think I fully did but... It was almost there...
Bison Mar 2016
She's aimless but she's right on target
Hits you right where the heart is
Cuz she's been around the world and back
She's blameless but she gives me heart attacks
Yeah yeah she's so Kerouac

Told me to take it all and go
Blaze a trail few would ever know
Well I lost my head instead on the edge of existence
I said, "Cut me some slack", and turned right back, she just stood there singin' "You're no Kerouac"

Walking on water wasn't built in a day
The life we're living is nothing but a daze
One mad dream is all it takes
To see that we are one with everything

Yeah, yeah, she's so Kerouac,
Ramblin through the world,
She's seen it all, the town and city
She's just a vagabond girl, spiritual monstrosity, like Neal Cassady, she gave her life to Jack

I was born to be a hero or nothin,
Knew my time was coming
To an end, I went away
In search of better days,
I stared at mountains for months and months, though they never changed, I couldn't stay the same. I am just matter bound by time and space, I saw the end of god, she took his place

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you're so Kerouac.
Pale cardiac rhythm, stood still
Frail insomniac prison, quietly shrill
Yeah, yeah, babe, you're so Kerouac
WendyStarry Eyes Jun 2016
Once when I was a teen
~~~~~ I too ~~~~~
had a mood ring

Yes, it was the latest craze!
~~~ I remember that ~~~
~~ Yet, not much else ~~
~~ In that time of daze ~~

~ The color of my mood ring ~
Always seemed to stay the same
~~~~ It was a tinge ~~~
~~~ Of AquaMarine ~~~

~~ When I got It I read ~~
~~What that should mean~~
I never wore it for that factor though
~~ I wore it to feel like a Queen ~~

~My Theory is that mine~
Never changed it's shade
~ Forcasting my future ~
~Like a breaking wave~

Kinda like this poem motivated # 3 See what you started Mike Hauser! We all had those Mood rings :)
Dan Beyer Jan 2018
His hand on my face
My jawline being traced
Caught in warm embrace  
No, we won't go slow paced
These feelings won't erase
Love's not been misplaced
No, it's not a phase
Both caught in a daze.
Your mind is a maze
I'd get lost in for days.
Get lost in his gaze
And the way he says
I'll love you always.
Playing around with the A sound here...
marla Nov 2018
Merriment upon merriment!
What parceled eyes are these?
Latent dilations that sting:
Bungled African bees.
You say as I-
Bid the fair day;
What tame a lion are you
To proclaim the error in my ways.
Leave you in a daze I shall,
As your ego suddenly croaks.
For hell hath no fury like yours truly
Who raps upon the door softly,
that you choke.
Gabriel burnS Oct 2017
Too good and yet true
Too beautiful
To taste
Without falling in daze
Without following
An aroma trail of craving
On the back of my tongue
I’m getting equal measures
Of heaven and hell
Perfectly balanced

My eyes are my traitors
Plotting to open the gates
Sending stowaway warriors
Whom I never gave orders
To slip behind walls
Of thickest black pupils
In the Trojan horse
That my eager look is

And gazes are bridges
Supporting the siege
Of epiphanies
You and me
Caught in our ambush
Completely surrounded by Us
Chantell Wild May 17
Ooh baby I love your ways
(everyday, now)
(I wanna be with you
All the time)

I love those lines.
Like I love you.

Just by the by,
You brighten up my daze
In a million
Different ways.
marla Apr 23
You and me, driven by tradition,
Skating away into a blessèd daze
As two bags of tea diminish
In a dazzling orange flambé.

We fly away singing together
Through smoke-filled clouds,
Laughing at the changing weather as we
Attend to tokes, decidedly profound.
vik Sep 2018
I feel cold, lost , and in a daze
whenever you speak
I wish it was just a faze
But the **** I just smoked
fades away into oblivion
Once at a good cloud 99
then you let out this storm
and my wings start to break
crashing down to cloud -9
but thats just the start of it
you continue these winds to knock me down
I've shot through, landed
on the hard white cement,
struck, motionless, razed.
This is what happens whenever you speak.
Dear Dirk,
Still got hope for ya though.
It’s the melody of a voice
the sunset when looking in her eyes
like when Daylight & Mother Nature kiss each other good night
then the beauty appears when they’re creating love just right

I’m thinking of her when I daze at the stars
& thank God above even when I haven’t met her yet
but I know that she’s the one for me
cause not only do I see the future but a beautiful legacy

She reminds of what it feels like when 2 hearts collide
fall in love & make more than dreams come true
create a legacy that’s beyond just beautiful
So yea when I see the the moon dance with the stars
it’s you that inspires the song
cause you look right at me & in my heart
is where your soul belongs

- Poetic Venom
Chelsea Primera Aug 2018
Papers, Papers, Papers

Whiter than aching teeth,

Whiter than whites of tilted eyes,

Whiter than funeral wreaths.

My hands shake as I write this,
Filed away myths; Stolen lined sheets
 My index finger chained by red tapes,

words mix and ground breaks,
I'm the one the world forsakes

Yellow maize, littered leaves,
all twisted into
black ink and clean sharp white paper blades.

-------"I am in a bit of daze," I tell myself, "look at those flaccid bits;

there lay the logs who use to be the jungle of my childhood dreams."

------"Don't be amazed," I replied, "these leafless branches and twigs are for 
your Papier-Mâché degrees."

So I listen to my second self once,

the more logical cynical satirical one,

Treading on the plot of their paper works,

playing crosswords as anxiety uncork

my thoughts turn to the bankable orcs,

just as my career forks

Maybe I should be like my mother,

Marking numbers on a deck of cards-- waltzing with Chance.

Maybe I should be like my father,

Toiling for some rich men's grandson-- seething in Trance.

Maybe I should be like the Other,

Going along with the system-- thanking myself

beneath a cap, a diploma, a piece of paper.

I wore these books like bank notes tuxedoes,

I was promised the world by the credits I borrowed.

Must I go along with the mechanism of their game,

or should I rise up against all odds

Opposing, debating, rebelling against

this bundle, this trouble, funneling me into no-tomorrows

Or must I write it all down,

in my prayers against their lawyers, who need no reminds

Or must I shred, smear, and tear the papers with my own bare hands

But what will I ever be to them, friends?

A papercut, perhaps.
congrats on your first day
Kenji Aug 2015
In a locked up abandoned room, stands dead people,
all worn and torn, all helpless and scarcely unknown.
They weep trickles of tears from their eyes, soaking down to their cheeks,
innocent faces and scarred bodies,
invisible to the world and their minds dreadfully drilled, with thoughts of insanity, as they rot inhumanely.

Open wounds and jars of acid, the key lays in one of them, torturous and hardly discredited
It's deadly, and extremely rapid.

Trapped and held back, suppressed and feelings of soul lack,
where the crows die at 3:00am, it's satanic, dark, dull and dim.

Hands burn and screams cry, the jar is black, so they hadn't know in which the key lie.

The secrets within, dark, deadly and too hard to ****** swim.

Weak and demolished, some people collapse in pain and satanic craze, the haze, the daze, thoust peculiar trickles of red rain drops from the ceiling above, rose wine red, depth is dark and foul like jin

It's ****** up...

Our ghosts keep all kinds of secrets, with their hands behind their back and face hidden and covered in black, suppression creates a place of torturous days and weeping eyes of display...
Isolation makes it worse, it creates a lonesome curse...

Treat your ghost well, then the dark won't take over, and make it dreaded and unwell...
*All your secrets within
Logan Robertson Dec 2018
My lost love
Hated me.
She blinded my daze.
Knights in me would storm
Sunny shores of hers.
Hymns of my love were light
Dark were her fires.
Water colors of our love never bled
Clotted on a unfinished canvas.
Immaterial of me, she blossomed.
Weeds of our life brushed sad.
Happiness gone from our marriage
Divorce, soon, and found.
Lost, like two gold fish at war
Piecing the bubbles to the surface.
Bottom of the tank, I fell ahead
Tails of hers wagged happily.
Sadly I swam away
Towards more ... emptiness.

Logan Robertson

We were so even in the beggining. The moon sang our song. There were lyrics in our steps. Our world was perfect. Then it crashed, oddly. Like watching a bad movie. We had front row seats and could not, for the life of me, change the script.
Note-Did you notice how every
sentence ends and begins with
antonyms/and or wordplay? In the poem
How I Wish 2019 Brings Blossoms I try this technique again.
Melinda Barrett Mar 2017
You put a smile across my face
You lift me up on gloomy days
You help me keep the dark at bay
I'm unfamiliar with your ways
Somehow I manage to navigate
The twists and corners of your maze
our views, our soul, are all the same
One question snaps me out of daze
"Is love only a twist of fate?"
And if pray so do feelings fade?
Not much longer will we have to wait
To figure out if destiny is just cliché
I know I've found my true twin flame
If u dare to follow ill lead the way...
marla Apr 5
My mind is a sinking ship
The world's set ablaze.
Holes punched throughout the hull;
Passengers drowned in a daze.

And her contents-
Well, they got claimed as
"Lost at Sea",
I guess no salvage crew
Ever saw what I could be.

Now I'm sitting far below
This thick sheet of blue.
The sun's light only shines once
Everyday, quarter to noon.

The quiet helps me think
As darkness swells within.
The ghosts roaming
These flushed halls
Are learning how to swim.

Now they've started a mutiny
To the captain's delight.
These spirits will all be free
Long before midnight.

The sun break's through the day after,
No wreckage to be found.
Everyone has floated up
To give life another round.
JaxSpade Jan 1
The end of the daze
The heart of face
Buried alive in his grave
The other side of the fence
Begs for green
As death begets
The man
Through the armor
Of a Father husband
Gone and lost
In the cost of it
The cause
She was
The wrongest lips
The kiss of death
Will end the days
Of the minds myth
The heart of face
Beaten to a pulp
Under a chamber
Where bullets take
It all away
The end of daze
The calendar of fate
Everything love made
Dies on the day
Earth claims
Dust to the dust
He came
And purpose
Will lay instead
Of the forever
they vowed to make
The good times
Share the memories
In the sublime
Aftermath of tendencies
A sacrifice paves the way
To recoveries
A smoking gun
Leaves the hand of the lamb
And now theres peace
The end of days
Has come to save
Everything from
All the pain
It reaps
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