Thomas EG Jun 2015

You are dangerous
A weapon of destruction
A gun

And yet I still wish
To be your bullet
Your only one

Sex poem (I wanna be inside you)
Emmalee May Aug 2014

i look at you and hot blood rushes through my veins,
making me weak,
thrumming with energy, excitement,
thrilling me to my core,
warning dangerous dangerous dangerous
the sensation envelopes my body as thoughts of you envelope my mind
you're dangerous and not good for me, but
my heart melts and I can't help but want you

Lunar Love Jun 2014

1. any undesirable or troublesome plant, especially one that grows profusely where it is not wanted
2. a cigarette
3. ungainly person or animal

the weeds in the garden,
though sometimes unwanted,
sprout from the dirt yet full of life,
little in worth, yet lovely.

the weeds that we smoke,
dangerous to our health,
tasting bittersweet like memories
yet brings us short-lived ecstasy.

the weed of my life,
he was nothing but trouble
that brought about mirth
in my too-perfect garden;
he frustrated the people
who tended to me,
growing back into my life
every time they plucked him out.

unwanted but lovely.
dangerous but lively.
he was my whole definition of weed.

Adriean New Aug 2014

She's dangerous.
The way her eyes pierce your soul.
The way her kisses are deadly to your body.
Her touch will melt your skin.
Her love is powerful enough
to sweep you off your feet.
That girl,
she's dangerous.
But you,
you like the danger.
You're addicted to hers.

You know what I mean.
Secret Poet Feb 2016

My broken pieces are scattered everywhere.
I'm bleeding, pleading for help as everyone just walks past me and over the mess.
I'm screaming.
The crowd is passing, not even glancing.
Fragile girl in this unscrupulous world.

Days like this..
Umm Kirin Apr 2015

A dragon relaxes
with cinnamon tea;

beard long,
eyes deep,
teeth straight
claws stained red,

curled up at home
in the chaos he’s made.

He is also very beautiful, if I might add.
Ashley Somebody Apr 2014

I'm a flame
Can't you see me burn?
I'm a fire
When will you ever learn?

I'm a match
Ignite me and feel me chafe;
I'm a blaze
Can't touch me and stay safe.

Roxy weller May 2014

Tempt me more
Draw me in
How is it that I can't adore
I'll be your worst sin
You would be wise to walk
Don't listen to the way I talk
I'll entice you with empty lines
You'll understand it all in my rhymes
Because I can reach you like no one else can
I'll make you my number one fan
Destruction in my heart
Numbness in my mind
A dangerous girl you'll think
But you'll fall, without a blink

Dhaye Oct 2014

We are all children playing
On a very  dangerous ground
Hiding and then seeking
Running and going the round

We are all players praying
That in the end we'll win
The game of every dangerous being
Makes a perfect dangerous spin

Life isn't really  fair, is it?
Come and show me why
The place where you choose to sit
Always shows you a  dark sky

It's true that the world could be
A very dangerous ground to stay
But when a hero hears your plea
You can find the safest way...

The world has been a dangerous playground but one could be lucky having a hero.
Eleanor Rigby Mar 2015

I sailed you
Like an ocean.
And you were
As blue,
As deep,
As dangerous.


Catherine Graham May 2015

Dangerous Water

You told me
There were things on the beach
That caught fire
when lifted from the water

You told me
There were submarines
Disguised as monsters
In the the exact same waters

I told you
Not to look for these things
To stay away
From the water

Now I can't find you
And there are strangers
down by the waterfront
All looking at me.

Brianna Jun 2014

I loved him carefully; from afar I liked to watch him grow into the man I knew today.
I loved him carefully; I watched his moods making sure the outrage stayed as far away from me as I could.
I loved him easily... It wasn't hard when his green eyes watched your every move and his lips held pretty words that danced through my ears.

But he loved me recklessly; he came at me with full speed ahead on marriage and lack of trust.
He loved me dangerously; so much that became afraid to love me at all for fear I would be his all.

I loved him carefully and it was too easy to fall apart when he walked away.
He loved me recklessly and it had become to dangerous for him to keep me around.

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