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Mark Oct 7
'Oh deary me!' I recently rusted my dang of a thang
So now I can’t even amuse myself, by golly
Even been trying da one, my cousin rented to me
Never got the yearly service, due to the high costs, kerching
Just a toppin’ up with the essential oils, for a nominal fee
Just so busy, with a plantin’ it, smokin’ it, a bit like a rolly
While galavanting about, this country’s dry and sunburnt soil
Okay then, serve myself right, I shouldn’t second guess
Should’ve just lubricated, after such a hard and grinding toil
That dang of a thang, now take a look at the **** mess
After every ounce of sweat and auto correct tweets
After weird Tinder meets and almost all the surprise greets
I can’t wait to play with again, my Chinese made, Yin & Yang
My most pleasurable and double ended, dang of a thang.
LexiSully Jan 2017
She looks up,
Tears swelling in her eyes,
And looks into his,
Searching for a reason to hold out hope

She delays just a moment-
Waiting for a sign,
A wavering tear,
A slight gesture,
One word to make her worries disappear

She's hoping he will fight for her,
Dang it.

But instead, she walks away,
Stronger than ever,
Cradling a broken heart.
speaking of
the greatest good,
I have been devoutly
praying for it

for everyone in
The Whole dang club

wherever it
pulls flows goes
aside under over tow

even though I know
it's kinda like asking U
to tie me to a spit
à la *******-bi

with clock hands
slow-cranking circles
orbiting until dizzy
harshing me

and I say
yes to it

because more
than any one thing
I want to spread
pearlescent wings
glinting orange
off our star

and I believe
down to the marrow
regenerating inside
my chiming bones

my path to awakening
is submitting to love,
worshipping in skin

and all these
tumultuous turns
and infernal spins

this gutting
inner work

will be worth it

as preparation for
open-heart melding
melting into mellow

bliss peach cheeks
blooming on the
wisp-kissed wind

pulling toward
ornate saintly gates
unraveling metallics
with boiling points set

at incandescent
Kiz May 19
Smooth, strong, deep, therapeutic.
Hands playing on my skin like a virtuoso pianist.
Stroking, kneading, pressing.

With every stroke, his hands melt my stress.
Sooth my pains, physical and mental.
My anxiety fades. My mind rests.
Stroking, kneading, pressing.

His hands are sensual.
His eyes are closed, so his hands move on their own.
No distractions. Just natural. Instinctive.
Stroking, kneading, pressing.

I’m open and vulnerable, self conscious.
But his hands even sooth my flaws, and imperfections.
Press against places I keep covered.
Unflattering angles I would rather keep hidden,
But somehow his hands seem to find beauty even in that.
Stroking, kneading, pressing.

Dang....the hour is up.
MarvelMe Oct 2018
So much on my mind; I don't know how it fit in my brain
This much pain will drive me insane

So much on my heart, it might stop
Is love like a crop?
If so, how do I make it grow?

So much weight on me, I feel like my bones will break
Could you carry my burdens
Dang, I need a break

My head hurts,
I feel a hole in my chest,
And my body feels weak
Am I dying this weak?
Someone help me I'm weak!

If no one comes I'll really die this week
Dying in your heart
King Tutankhamun Sep 2018
My dear summers dream was to the taste cream
Pass me the triple beam the microphone fiend
Back on the scene simplicity is your complexity
So amazingly like grace I be rockin' the place
Like we Studio 54 shut down the doors
Once the bubbly pours and the **** adores
Ya mental **** ya sentimentals and these new aged millennials
They too satirical I make miracles flow potholes
Creatin' mass mayhem your an inconvenience
Cuz of ya hesitance my presence is known
Without even being shown paragraphs of stone
Hard to crack waxing tracks like a shark attack
Felonious acts we never back down
Til my soul drown in the core of the earth
Royalties since birth new my worth they tried to mirth
At my pain tryna change the game cuz all these cowards
Saying the same thang got dang got dang
Time to chess box like Wu Tang leavin' a stain
On ya reign no tears though I'll be on solo
Rippin' up instrumentals ya know how we do so...yeahhh

From the Sunny to bees that make the honey
Sticky icky like my spliffs be call me smokey
Puttin' fire to mother natures forests check the creases I
Rap game mafiaso so so better back back
Or else get dropped lika Domino so here we go!
Here we go!
With the ghetto jams love girls with the derriere's of Pam
Got **** once again it's time to slam
Mics harder than Shawn Kemp ya flows shrimp
That's why ya girl calls me Mr **** no limp
Slick as Rick hello young world tilt and a whirl
Catch the swirl of Qatar Pearls on the neck of ya girl
Suckas better know I'm coming with a blow
Harder than Bowe combined with a super glow
black Saiyan raps slayin' turntables layin'
So I can get wicked lyrics Pickett
like Wilson
Flows in unison formation
of words
Herds a violent surge
feel the purge
We high rising no disguisin'
knockin' out Suckas who jivin' ain't none survivin' ?
I know I do all the time
I try not to ****
But over and over I
Fall and forget

You are so patient with me
Like all the dang time
You make me feel like a star
-Most lucky sucker-
Astra Jan 17
Watch me,

Watch me eat a cake,
the whole dang cake,

Watch me own MY body,
and ignore your comments,

Watch me smile,
as each day my thighs get a little bigger,

Watch me learn,
learn to love me,
learn to respect myself,

Watch me,
own who I am and make no apologies

Watch me,
want my life,
my mind,
and every piece of who I am,

Watch me,
watch me as I have bad days,
and watch me as I strive,

Watch me as I come alive!
This is just the beginning of my confidence. All right reserved.  Written fragilehalo
Mark Sep 25
I've got the rhythm, but don't look anythang like a Nashvillian soul    
Been living on the streets, so I ain't been on any **** census role    
I'm not my mother's natural birth child, without any apology    
But I’m god’s chosen and gifted, finger picking, guitar prodigy    
Sun lights up the whole **** town, whilst it's still night-time    
So, save your smoke doping act, 'til the dark of the daytime    
CUCKUK, CUCKUK, cruisin' down some unnamed highways    
That's what y’all be not knowin', 'bout da Tennessee ways    
My Mama once said, just do your music or do something else    
So, I'm legally insane and uncomfortable to be with, I guess    
I don't actually see myself living anywhere forever    
But, how'd ya know, that you've actually arrived, wherever    
Sun lights up the whole **** town, whilst it's still night-time    
So, save your smoke doping act, 'til the dark of the daytime    
CUCKUK, CUCKUK, cruisin' down some unnamed highways    
That's what y’all be not knowin', 'bout da Tennessee ways    
If they don't ever remember the month or day, since leaving    
Families gettin' together, telling lies, now police intervening    
I sometimes have to forget that I wrote it, to be able to like it    
As long as fans think dope of it, why bother to disable the ****    
Hoed fresh corn all day, everyday, been up since the crack of dawn    
Pretty plenty of backyard swamp talkin' catfish, have since been born    
Sun lights up the whole **** town, whilst it's still night-time    
So, save your smoke doping act, 'til the dark of the daytime    
CUCKUK, CUCKUK, cruisin' down some unnamed highways    
That's what y’all be not knowin', 'bout da Tennessee ways    
He'd hit a rabbit a sittin' and killed it with the barrel of his gun    
While the dang hammer was a peckin' a wild hog to death    
Like gettin' outta control and hardly takin' a shot of breath    
Or being a drunken redneck, during a hillbillies whiskey run.
I wrote this for Sunny War. She is a great guitar picker , originally from Nashville, but since the age of 13, she has been living on the streets of LA, USA.
Jim Davis May 1
Look what the cat done drug in
Slow on down... darlin’!
Hol’ yo horses!
Don’t go get’n a conniption fit
Or get’n your knickers in a knot!
Hush up
Or’n I’m a goin **** a knot in yo tail!

I’m busy as a one legged cat in a sandbox,  
but I’m fixin tell what we got here at JuJu’s

Now lookie here...

we got
crawfish mild spicy
crawfish medium spicy
crawfish spicy spicy

we got
crawfish with corn
crawfish with sausage
crawfish with potatoes

we got
crawfish with red sauce
crawfish with pink sauce
crawfish with melted butter

If y’all a bit dry...
we got
crawfish with canned soda
crawfish with bottled water
crawfish with beer
crawfish with BYOB

Or we gots
jus’ crawfish

Go on an pick how yo’ want yo’ crawfish spiced, then go on an decide what yo’ wanna add!  I reckon we gots dang near 362,888 ways to eat these here mudbugs

You might could get
spicy spicy crawfish with
Zummo’s sausage
spicy spicy crawfish with corn
spicy spicy crawfish with potatoes
spicy spicy crawfish with
Zummo’s sausage and corn
spicy spicy crawfish with
Zummo’s sausage and potatoes
spicy spicy crawfish with
Zummo’s sausage, corn and potatoes
spicy spicy crawfish with
Zummo’s sausage and beer
spicy spicy crawfish with corn and beer
spicy spicy crawfish with potatoes and beer
spicy spicy crawfish with
Zummo’s sausage, corn, potatoes
and beer

I could go on...
till I’m plum tuckered out... but...

Got it?  You good??
You want mushrooms
Well, I’ll be
Don’t go axin... what we ain’t got
No siree bob, no mushrooms

We also ain’t got tea, sweet or unsweet
But sweet’s the only way to have tea sweetie

If you want soda, you can get
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr Pepper
Diet Dr Pepper, Hawaiian Punch, Brisk Tea
Or Root Beer

We also got shrimp... just boiled

We also got gloves... half a dollar

Well, I’m worn slap out!

Watcha have a hankerin for?   

Take your own sweet time!  

Sit a spell

You’ll soon be full as a tick on a big dog!

Happy as a dead pig in sunshine!

You’ll wanna slap yer mama!

Can’t decide hon?

I do declare!

Aren’t you precious?

(now... he startin get on my last nerve)

Still...can’t make up your mind?

Well... I can’t do it fer ya!

(bout aggravatin as a rock)

You picky?  

(Lawd have mercy!)

Bless your heart!  

©  2019 Jim Davis
It’s a Southern thing! Had 3 pounds of mudbugs for lunch today at JuJu’s Crawfish Shak in Fannet!  Be sure and stop by if you’ve got time!
I swear this is word for word!
Austin Major Sep 6
Feelin’ empty like my bank account
Questionin’ what life’s about
It’s so dang repetitive
I just need a sedative
Sippin’ on some alcohol
To avoid an **** fall
Right into depression
Anxious, always stressin’
But life is such a blessin’
And pain is just a lesson
Ben Estrada Mar 15
Wow, will you look at this guy's stuff?
Dang, that's really depressing...

Anyhoo, let me introduce myself,
I'm this guy from the future.
Weird right? Well, anything is possible at this point.

So, until recently my life was falling apart,
I was gonna get kicked out of college,
my friends stopped hanging out with me,
the girl I had a crush on started dating my friend,
and I had lost sight of my purpose...

                                          But...(ooh I like wait)

Just a few words were spoken,
a few words that will echo throughout eternity.

I've regained sight of my purpose
without being able to see it.
My path has been set,
and I have no clue where.
It's crazy to those who don't understand
but they don't have to
not understand I mean.
Anyone can find their purpose,
you just need to know where to look.

I lost it, but boy am I thankful I found it again...
This truly is the peace that passes all understanding.
Ken Pepiton Oct 2018
Information Required Order 38582 Moonshine Makin's

I intend to use this order to test
the viability of an herbal extracting service for local gardeners.
If there is interest
and our trials prove commercial, the methods
will be posted publicly, methodic.

The intended customer base is the home canning and preserving enthusiast, ****** societies, 'n'such.

Now, the pod cast, statement of use. Right, of course.
Right use is to be made of all the time we wish, and we wish to share the method we use.
With youse.
Here's my idea, at the moment


then I hear this guy who got famous in the seventies,
in such a way that I would have known.
Had I been on the same planet
during the Seventies
and half the eighties.

Terrence McKenna, right. If I had survived 1970,
and things had been well positioned for that to have happened,
had I not...

What did we do, my strange friends, or was I the only one who does remember my last sane thought? Actually,

I don't. And then, I do. Quasar-ic-ish-ly.

An edit or two could change every thing,
imagine this Terrence
McKenna taught "Authentic Being" a sort, or class, of being,
very high and good.

We teach being authentic.

Being a being's been being a while,

upon multiple instants of
a time, best'n'worse, full'n'empty, war'n'peace


yet never is hope absensed. Any time I tell a story,
hope springs eternal, soon

soon the old fool will see No one is listening, and wink.

No one and the fool have friended
upon such times as these,
No two, as well, (seedawink)
to a far lesser degree, ye may see.
Secret secret secret knowledge, gnosis, donchaknow,

is same as sacred, yes, yes, it is, sacred made, made sacred, samesame that's the game... secret

I am in me,me ni ma I
Magic Ab-io-alchemical Hermitical Heretic, am I. Spirit. Muse?

Are we lost? No. We are wiser than we were.
By any measure.

A statement of use for that we wish to take, once it is granted. What's the use? We stuck not knowin, right?

Wait, I have a chit
"All things pertaining to life and godliness have been given thee." Got that at VBS, by God.

Really, we are treading on Bunyan's tale? We escape the Giant Despond on a promise of a promise?

seems so. So little is different. The road, seen rocky three decades ago, or so, now, it's

bricks, silicon bricks, I recon they been doped, ye ken?
Some ol loswoids crosswise need gold ducts to flow
past the reflective edge, where we saw that Mckenna

outright lie.
He did. Damright. Said Paradise was opened by the door that shut Eden, but he said that

Like it was a bad thing.
Jesus Christ, if he missed the whole reason there is a Bible and a Jesus in it, who is gone gowon his testified
psyc-hellic oppositio cunjunct-ifitis trip?

So, I missed the seventies,
as if I were flying from LA at forty k and I go on by, to land in 1985, after fifteen years enculturated to believe a not-so-complex,
on the surface, lie.

Truth has a strange mercurial 'spect,
all the light that can be reflected is reflected in mercury, see,
the edge twixt yinanyang, dang,

as far as we can see, tho'

we can't really even see HD, but
it seems better.

Reflecting on an idea is blissfull, but that's not the reason.
Reflecting on old age and catching people telling lies regarding what can be learned in a deep examined life. Then, it's harvest time, and afriend called, thinks the podcast is a good tool, how we gone use it?
Classy J Sep 2
Coming out of a comatose,
Running round bout to post,
That bail money, then travel past the coast.
Real survivor like a roach.
And just like a golfer it’s all about my approach.
I like to look at life positively unlike Oscar the grouch.
Got that new whip,
Spreading my message like some cool whip,
And I don’t **** with people who got the case of the loose lips,
For the moment they open up they mouth,
Imma fill it up with a couple of clips.
Pop off a shorty in order to keep others in their lanes.
Got to think smart, like General krang.
If you don’t want to end up like Citizen Kane.
Don’t want to end up like Citizen Kane.
Dreaming of rose buds, man this ain’t no candy land game.
Wannabe be upstarts snorting their own *******.
It’s such a shame, in fact it’s insane.
Breaking one’s back over the littlest of things.
Don’t you realize that a lot of yawl are no more than petty cliches.
Trying to keep things private, when we live in a public domain.
Truth is in this day and age, we don’t actually own anything.
Yet we feel entitled to everything.
Thinking we are owed something.
Yet we are owed nothing.
Putting on elaborate acts, but life isn’t supposed to be treated like charades.
Trying to act like your an entree, but you don’t realize that means nothing at a buffet.
You only live once, you won’t get no replay.
Thinking your free, when your really in chains.
Thinking your unique, but when you die will anyone actually remember your name?
Uh, but **** it!
When I got that new whip,
Spreading my message like some cool whip,
And I don’t **** with people who got the case of the loose lips,
For the moment they open up they mouth,
Imma fill it up with a couple of clips.
Pop off a shorty in order to keep others in their lanes.
Got to think smart, like General krang.
If you don’t want to end up like Citizen Kane.
Mr Zeal Aug 19
Fast life in the fast lane I got the fast car and the novacane cause it makes me sane kinda insane when I think to much when the cash came and the bodies drop and there faces dang I can’t sleep much I put it on my gang I really hated gangs but now I’m stuck in foreign chain with a foreign whip in a zeta trade most is tatted up but they come to **** me up and they love to aim aand they love to aim and I’m ashamed cause they love to aim and they love to aim and there’s so many bodies and now I’m stuck in the fast lane in a Zeta gang and love to **** but there acting tuff and they let me **** and they love to aim And I’m...
Scared ... of my own self and I laugh it off and the drugs are wearing off and there faces dang how many people I killed today
Based on real story”zetas cartel”
Pray for mexico
Genevieve Dec 2018
I spin up
I spin down
I spin spin spin spin
round Round round.

I get dizzy
I fall down
I get back up
blaming the whole
F'ing Town.

I look here
I look there
I take a good look
around everywhere
suddenly I see,
Suddenly it is clearer
I have always and ever
been the only
fool here!

I get shy
a little embarrassed
at my outburst of course!
I was shocked a bit perturbed
it was just me
myself and I ?!

So I took a breath
got a good look in the mirror
I uttered the words
no, it does not belong to
any other just me.....Aww F it why feel ******!!
I'll go ahead blame friggen mother! ;(
why take the blame when I can
direct it at another and another
go on who's next? dear oh father?
sister ~ brother or dig deep in
and see the broader picture
see your participation
let your
be seen
How About
that Dang!
the energies you put out are what you will receive in return in a matter of time so choose to get insight from people who won't sugar coat **** and tell you straight if your crap Stankz! Take responsibility for your actions or lack of.
King Tutankhamun Oct 2018
Thought I was hearin' voices and choices
Of God how Odd is it feelin' an airlift
Gettin' a whiff taste the toxic waste corticles shedded
Everytime ya hear or read an articles just a particle
spectacle to the universal portals let my sun glow
Return of Apollo a leader born never follow
Cuz destiny will swallow prides growing shallow
Allow me to hit ya mental with my lyrical pistol
Wake up to bake up ways to stack my cake up
Soon to shake up the corrupt as I abrupt
The scenery at the purgatory the demons eying me
Spyin' me and typing
to me
in my dreams and it seems
Things is a joke to my siblings to this nature I cling Let the evil sing a
melody to my legacy full of
Know thy enemy raise my Kundalini energy
Invoked by the powers invested in
See the moonlight pouring onto the seas
Enjoy the cool breeze just the atoms in a tease
Soon to sneeze and breath in the auroras debrees
Feelin' the enlightenment without taking on the angled degrees

Cell therapy to the whole community
See me I'm trying to excite ya mentality
My locality is at the gates of philosophy
Easily I show no pain got wisdoms discography
Exposed the hidden energy thai chi  rapidly
I'm growing still showing raw skills as the **** blowing
Light up the sky rise as I make mist in the eyes
Of mother nature's thighs clouds cry
Another creatures dies it ain't no saprise
I was made out of a disguise a bonded Enterprise
Then I realize earth its just a physical compromise
Keep the soul occupied most scared to die
I seen the white lies told I'm here to fold
The nonsense studied my consciousness
Rap gargantuous it's so ridiculous how they love to bust got us putting our trust
In the Bibles that was made from the dust of a monetized lust
Fall for money so many under thee spells of hell
Goetias stories never failed and you can tell
Most haters is Gargamels signing the bills of a weak will
In it for the skillz stop chasin' the illusions wheel
Earthly gasses laid upon the masses
Poisoned everythang hard to clang to knowledge that sangs
Cant see the bright sunlight cuz darkness went deranged
Got dang??
Folks pulling scams it's the silence of the lambs
So many thoughts crammed and I'll be ******
If I'm standing on in the battlefield horizon
Cravin' the master crafts of a DoGon I'm so long gone
Outta space outta place time to embrace
Break from the physical race
words paste
on the back of my mind for the mental taste
Collins learns Nov 2018
This is to her in particular,
The lass that takes after keila,
I loved her like Diamond to Bailla,
I took her my heart's cellar,
Of course never she is a baller,
Only three lies taller.

Sure you are dang beautiful,
Elements exposed in full,
You need no cutex either to school,
All boys to be fools,
And certainly pick a marriage tool.

Haven't laid my grievances yet,
All were in the last paper I set,
The other day I almost bet,
With them that you were my sure bet,
Lent me your ears yet.

You neglected my brilliant efforts,
Rubbished all my plans even pivot,
The pillars of our love ***,
Said my eyes were too hot,
And my visits frequent in some sort,

You have never a dry spell,
How every corner of the zone smell,
When rain for long have not fell,
You even miss being rained on as well,
You too will hate the sun to hell.

You have never known my part ,
How others consumes even the ****,
I know you don't need my heart,
Or you kidding in some kind of art,
Aimed at fooling me to wait like nuts.

It was supposed to be 50 -50 deal,
No lose on either side still,
I sure have offered too much with will,
Now look at me withdraw for real,
The repercussions I won't feel,

I cannot forget the useless brats,
You shielded as pals of earth,
So visionless and despondent rats,
That awaits fate alerts,
They will soon lead you to their mediocre parts.
5660 you know yourself..
#sikupendi by rayvanny supplements this.
Cat Lynn Jan 11
I have tally marks slice all up my wrist
My arm, and my legs, a lined up list

Each ****** carving is a count
For every heart stabbing doubt

Short cuts arent always the answer
But neither are banaged broke bridges

I have counted how many times I've be slaughtered
I've kept track, the scars should prove it

Hiding the ****** count is as difficult as hiding a murdered body

We cover it with long sleeves and jeans...
And even when people see them, 99% of them dont give a dang

....Very few have said anything
...and those who have...
I know truly love .e til the very day I die....

It's time to stop counting...
And time to start looking up a d walking forward

And let the scars show
Yes they are a reminder of the pain
But also a reminder of
.....the words will always hurt more the  the blade...
acacia Jul 8
“you were the boyfriend in my ******* last night”,
soaked up in the bed, and i dried those tears;
saturated moonlight absorbing my old fears.
dust falls from the empty shelves,
books fade with memories.
do you remember your text? do you remember your call?
do you remember to keep me in your sight?
hang me on your wall, don’t forget me tonight.
you say your thirst can keep you up all night,
you say your hunger can take away your fight.
keep me in the front of your mind, don’t push me to the back (of the line).
inspired by self control

an old draft

another synchro my friend
braelynn Feb 12
my stummy hurt
King Tutankhamun Nov 2018
With all this fakery going
You'd think people would
All the social things made from
But it sings a lovely tune ya days is
Most folks shed tears quickly erupt
With their negativity so many adversaries
Just awaiting the cemetery and don't
Media will have ya shot up more
Than Steph Curry
So hurry hurry one come all soon
To downfall
Standing against the thickest
Watching the plot from death
I try to spread love but all I get
Is hate
And even though my best friends in a
Ya got people sittin' on chat rooms in a
Tryna compensate sympathy ain't no
***** it's a chat room full of
And how many claim they living life
Lying in they teeth I'll sit back a puff
A reef
Those these days is fading away like
From piled Ash tray skies is
Pollution on the earth toxcity
Made since my birth
And what's worse
Folks will see you die and have the
Nerves to cry?
Fake tears all them years hunt their
Cuz its too many claiming they
Ya pain when they just in chamber
Er zone lay by my lonesome what a shame
Cuz its too many **** fakes in the game
To name
Stephanie May 9
walk on tiles
not on lines...

this must be just right here
that must be just right there

just few more millimeters
dang! rulers are life savers

walk on tiles
not on lines...


go back to the top!
right foot, left foot, stop

wash your hands, wash it clean
wash til it's bleeding clean


walk on tiles
not on lines...

"hey, it's been a long time, how are you doing ..."

biiiiiiitch, why the hell she's standing on the crack!
blah, blah, blah, whatever boring small talk

hahaha yeah I'm fine :)


finally, I wonder why most of society
do not educate themselves well to act properly

walk on tiles
not on lines...

good job, self.
good job, self.
Imagine hearing that very very high pitch noise crippling the **** out of you whenever you or someone makes a one, single, minimal, mistake. That's cruelty.
King Tutankhamun Oct 2018
With so many tears from living these years
Pains shedded cuz I was breaded
As a young hustler
Made from a struggler in the nutsacks of my father
But why bother
Me swimming in the Galaxy where other suckas like me
Was destined to this world
For the painful swirls that's soon to curl
Me back into a fetal position my ambition
Is to crush the hidden commissions lynching
Til they dead and gone Im feelin' strong
Off of that **** same ol song different day
Feelin' like Malcolm holding the AK
Destined for doomsday
No words to say
My silence invoke violence check the appliance
In the kitchen cookin' up spells for the gospels
Its god-spells lady liberty ringin' the bells of hell
Reachin' for my wooden shells where all the pain dwells
And you can tell by the smells of a demons cartel
How art thou? takin' a bow to my problems that vowed
No mercy to my hidden energy see my enemies
Surroundin' me with much artillery them shells
Knockin' my ghost out of a shell o well
And I'm still chasin' bail made to fail
A curse for my next birth welcome to a new world
Transformed into a pearl my minds trapped in the
How many wanna travel with me to the lost mysteries
Of the Egyptian dynasty see ?****** like me
Evadin' reality to get caught up in the penitentiary
Also the cemetery while the gangs flurry
In a hurry so we quick to get buried
Leave our families in tears for many years
****** dying for whips and
when we used to die from.whips and
Got dang things done change don't act strange
I know ya feel me from death my eternity
To see my enemies burn eternally so much little to see
In the world painted with past blood soils
Of war spoils I'm a stay with heat until my skin boils
Over two hundred degrees making epiphanies
So when ya see know Yosef climbing for freedom See
I'm a lock down from the pain that surrounds
Paying taxes I'm feelin' closest to the abraxas
None could tax us I'm kicking in the factors
Goetias burning in to turn me in
To a nother being far from a human seeing
Beyond a galaxy a far shining my mental like a star
A lost slave tryna to behave but I can't and I won't
Til my spirits come and taunt hunt
Down the wickedness
Sick of this life ain't a bliss I'm giving a kiss
From the slugs invested heavily heated and protected
Check the rounds selected as I kick it
Chaos I'm shattering thangs and strains
Things remains the same cuz I'm feelin' so much **** pangsss..
Cat Lynn Mar 23
Give me spikes instead of jewels
Cuff my ears and wrist with chains,
Make me look like one of the fools

Set my fingers free, make every glove fingerless
Choke and cover this pale white neck
Buckle it tight, collar this cat, I am fearless

I am no Rapunzel, I won't let my hair down to you
Give me a blade and I'll cut it short and wild
I'll color it with nature's ****** hues

***** this long skirt, it holds me back from running
Tear it up and watch it burn!
Give me that sword! I'm fighting too! Do you think this is funny?

Throw away the scepter, what good will it do?
Paint me in the colors of nights shadows
So the enemy doesn't see this princess bruises of black and blue

My skin isn't soft and clean, it's scarred from head to toe
I don't dare hide it
I want them to know that I am a fighter. Treat me low!

These black lips will smile at you
Only cause I know it is I who has won
This corset kitty has plotted her love for a few

I'll leave the crying to the crystal's I've left behind
Give me that Pop, Give that Bam!
I refuse to wait and stand in line

I run in death's boots, forget those petty girly heels
I stitch myself together with safety pins
I don't have time to stay and sew my self back together. I got things to feel

I am Royalty, I have royal bones, you don't see me trip'n
Laced with nightmare roses, to remind you that I am not only the Beauty
But I am also the thorned cursed Beast, you'll see me kick'n

I have holes in my clothes, I've had no time to rest
I am looking to the spells of the moon and the stars for a revival
I look to the misfit night time "monsters" that has been misunderstood and left for dead

Try to zip these lips
Try to figure out any of these punk princess's mysteries
Cause you know sometimes these feelings can't be zipped

Eye's shadows with Ashes, seeking for Beauty
These big cat eyes will stalk you in dark
Sharp and lovely, I am watching, I am not just a gothic cutie

I can hiss, I can claw
You can laugh, cause I know dang right I am pathetic
Not only you, I, too, can calculate your every stupid flaw

Call me whatever you wish to mock
Emo, Goth, Punk, Demon, Slave
These names have been thrown in my dungeon and locked

Listen to me, cause I am only saying this once
This dainty, pretty little doll  is not yours to clothe
Petting me might make me weak, But I am the one who cuts

You ask me who I am, and believe me when I say Oh heck yes
Pierced with metal rods of lies, and tattooed with labels
I am the Punk Princess
Haha.... this is out of character for me to write XD

— The End —