farahD Oct 2014

Sexy steps,
Masculine strides,
With fragrance and grace,
They soar above the sparkling sky.
Leaving trails of magic,
To those who believe,
Of dancing the dream.

Francis Duggan Aug 2010

Those happy Morris dancers make for a happy sight
They wear bright scarlet ribbons and their shirts and trousers white,
They clash their sticks whilst dancing and you hear the timbers ring
Though 'twould seem that Morris dancing is not a female thing.

I've never seen a female Morris dancer I stand corrected if I'm wrong
It has it's roots in England and to England it belong
And I hope that Morris dancing will not go the way of rhyme
That in a changing World it won't lose out to time.

They brought their culture with them from England far away
A culture perhaps fading like many of the old cultures are today
With the old dances of Europe I see a link somewhere
And sad to hear that Morris dancers are now becoming rare.

At the Dandenong Ranges festival east of Melbourne they perform every year
And after in the booze tent they laugh as they drink their beer,
They brought a thing of beauty when they brought their dancing here
And to those marvellous Morris dancers let us raise our glass of cheer.

Morris dancing vary from English Village to Village or so I have been told
Though the times they are a changing and fading are the ways of old
But those marvellous Morris dancers may they dance forever more
In the sunshine of Australia far from England's rainy shore.

Emma Jan 2015

They say a dancer's feet are never pretty
but have they seen how they move on them?

Jessica Hughes Mar 2011

The brass trumpet sounds
In the dark, where weeps aloud
And hearts are made of silver
To match her necklace that slithers

As a snake which tangos
When their bracelets dangle
No one seems  much surprised
For  her dance, the cobra rise

To greet the man on the street
As he is poisoned head to feet
Shake the jeepers, I'm telling you
If not, may your spirit be cool

She is definitely a piece of work
And drunken whispers offer jerks
But, they do not have a clue
This woman moves to voodoo

Wiggle... Jiggle.. Lady Dancer
You  eat them like a malice cancer
Wiggle... Jiggle... Lady Dancer
Tomorrow,  you will have to answer.

By Jessica Hughes ©2010-2011
All Rights Reserved by Author

Bunhead17 Sep 2014

Lord bless me with confidence
So like the stars at night I may shine bright
Please grant me patience Lord Because all great things
Come with time
Please gift to me endurance So I my push myself harder
So that I may become stronger
And bless me with the power of  Dedication
and determination forever
So that I may give up never
Grant me the courage To attempt the impossible
And the heart To make it possible
Lord grant me with grace
So like an dove I may soar the clouds above
Lord help me quench My thirst for success
And satisfy My hunger for greatness
So that Lord I may thank you
And praise your name Through Dancing    

Bails B Jun 2014

Colours of blue, green and pink
float by dancers dressed in
grand outfits of silver cloth.

A girl, not much older then 9,
sits in the back row of the empty auditorium
looking on in awe of what she was seeing.

She closes her eyes and imagines
herself upon the stage being the lead role.
It's always been her dream to dance like them.

A tiny tear prickles in the corner of her eye,
she gives a soft sigh, knowing it's useless to
dream of impossible things.

She turns, careful not to bump
the chairs in the row in front of her.
She grips the wheels in her hands,
and rolls out of the hall.

Audrey Apr 2014

Dancers twirl
Through broken glass,
Blood in ribbons
On the grass.
False laughter fills
The air with smiles,
A collection of fake happiness
For a short and precious while.
Appluad the graceless efforts
Of the sinning ballerinas
As the crowd cackles
Like the call of a hyena.

Dancers must have two extreme qualities
Intense desire , gritty fortitude , and raw courage .
. . . one two three , OK  , dancers must have three extreme qualities .

Dancers actually do break a leg upon the stage

At parties they are the flight of the hummingbirds . Amazing what they do .

Their tight limber bodies often make me wonder how I would do in bed with them

My ambition was always tied to a rope that held me back
Because  when I danced (after twenty-four bottles of beer)
It was on my face I always fell flat

Mike Hauser Oct 2013

We are all but dancers
In the rhythm of life
While some seem to dance it perfectly
Some can't get the steps down right

Don't let that stop you from dancing
We each have our own heartbeat
Whether or not you are sure footed
Or if you were born with two left feet

Though we often feel that life can be
A large gymnasium at times
Waiting for someone to dance with us
As we sit on the side

Instead of waiting to be asked to dance
Like so many often do
Where ever it is you are right now
You can dance just for you

Perhaps a ballerina floating gracefully
Across life's massive stage
Giving your own rendition
To the beauty of swan lake

Or dancing to the river
Perhaps something in modern style
Whatever dance it is you deliver
How ever far it is the mile

Dance like there's no tomorrow
To your very own rhythm
For no one else can dance like you
The dance that you've been given

Careless dancers,
In a jar made of glass,
Heating up the temperature,
No escape for gas,

Wilting are these dancers,
Their environment is harsh,
Careless they keep dancing,
Ignorance their mask.

Jillian Jesser Dec 2015

It is late,
and the beer drips down my throat
                                                             goes to my head
meets the silence
            tomorrow is too hard to think about
                                                                      but tonight
my youth dances with the alcohol
                                                           they aren't good dancers
but no one is watching
and tomorrow is late

Ma Cherie Sep 2016

Shadows moving down
these empty, vacant halls
playing with our memories
and dancing on the walls
their voices echo moments
that we painted with our love
as my sadness still recalls
that your in the sky above
as melancholy is drifting
in intoxicating wafts
a time when you were here
when we all felt so safe

this time a slow reminder
to live within today
to be careful who you know
and be gentle what you say
as I reach out for you
the shadows slip away
and knowing in that second
I can't buy back yesterday

I can only remember
how wonderful it all was
and be ever grateful
for the ...time
that we all shared down here.

Cherie Nolan © 2016

Thinking of you Dad. ❤
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