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Antigone Awkward Jul 2019
Skin white
Lips curled,
Eyes like
The end of the world.
He says it's him...
Not her!
It would have stood
If she'd had fur.
Open his throat
Unleash the flood,
Dabbing and dancing
In a fountain of blood.
Planejane2 Jul 2019
I’m mad because I was looking for my purpose in worldly things
I was dipping and dabbing in some tarot cards
that was made by human beings

I was looking for my rock but dug for some crystals instead
Gold mines found empty
Just like this vacant bed.

Voices, the voices, the voices in my head
The devil gonna get me good
Riding me while I sleep in this bed.

Hurry up and come get me, rather have
Another man come get me instead.

He run as fast as you can, but he never breaks bread.

But I love him unconditionally, just like you said I should.

He do me so bad, but I know that he can be so good.

Golden he shines. He was digging in the gold mines.

Please show him to your love. In due time.
This poem is inspired by a song called Mad ******* by Mikhala Jene. I have been in love three times before. And all three of these lovers have had mad *******. Their love is so vacant because they put women before them. My love has been vacant because I have put men before God. I’m breaking the cycle.  Not infinity, but TRINITY.
Annette Nov 2019
the difference between  
gently dabbing a tear
with lace handkerchief


briskly blocking a delicate teardrop
with paper tissue
flushed down the toilet
Cunning Linguist Aug 2018
My trap tags don't expire  
I'm an arsonist for hire  
on these bars
Watch me spit fire, yuh

Got a grill in my mouth
& a grill on my porch  
New balance on my feet,  
In my kitchen selling work  
Got grass like I'm dirt
Hit the gas like I'm first
Eating *** with a thirst
Thots be scary go to church
Give that ***** heckin hurt  
I'ma dawg ripe from birth  
Yes I'm bound to rule the Earth
And I'll pillage til it skrrt
-Bet you ain't gon take my turf
'Less you finna prove that worth
Satisfy the ladies aye
my **** got 1 inch girth

& I'm all
Foaming from the mouth like she rabid  
**** yo ***** leave her shaking,
steady rabbit
Only *** wit gold
Cos' I don't believe in average
I'm a savage with these lavish roasts
so toast to this y'all napping, woah

Gimme  t h i c c  bone  
-I'm here to cuck ur *****
I Go Donkey Kong on em
wit bana-na clips  
Mushrooms down the pipe,
Now watch me all-star this ****
Leave em duckin runnin huffin
when tha muh ******
hammer hit boi

Ball so hard I got u trippin'
Spitting triplets in the kitchen
-To watch the world burn  
Is my muh ****** mission
Be shifting these gears
like transmissions in a sentence;
Remix it to ignition, straight
dunkin on y’all *****-***

Light me up that's what's up,
bruh you real *** vintage
Try and step to me,
catch you sleepin with those fishes
Throw bows with the flow
man I do this **** for fun
Dabbing every day
just stir the *** to color up

I'm on another level
Mine down on the nether
architect if ever
clever big-bro pullin levers
Embezzled Denny’s rhymes
Just to peddle to the metal  
& I'm never gonna give
Until I hit that ****** threshold yuh  

Flexin on these spades
When I play that ****** trump;
If you got no brain
Then I'm ganking all your junk
kickin in yo grave
Push up daisies in the trunk
I'm literally insane
u don't know about dat funk yuh

Blizzard **** a hipster *****  
Scissor kick your gizzard slick  
Crave attention slit my wrists
Iced out and I'm ****** lit

Like ah **** got that gas
check my Auschwitz
All about the offense
When I’m toxic wit that nonsense
Coursing through my conscience
Looking for recompense;
Like hollerin at a deaf *****
Or knocking over blind kids

I'm in that hearse
smokin herb
swerving verses
Turnin words
Like its a curse, ya
I'm getting tired of metal and poetry if you can't tell expect more obscene rap I hope offends. I'm gonna record this soon and will post link when I do
Yazad Tafti Jun 2019
here's a picture
look in to the infrastructure of the fine frame
the outer border allures inward
vertices crosshair a centroid
the fine pigmentation due to stencil work and rich bold dabbing of acrylic paints merge to formulate images
blending, mashing, complementation of colours
azure, zyon, topaz, vermillion
i see a puddle and my interpretation is my reflection
i see a disemboweled figure who's ****** features exclaim "out of proportion"
bold petal ears, swelling rose cheeks, wrinkled eyes and a protruding thorn of a nose
i see beauty as the people in the painting smile back and joyfully prance
we laugh together as we see the same thing...people stuck in a frame watching the work of others pass them by as they remain idle for their idols
i'm thinking within the box

— The End —