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Dorothy A Oct 2013
Everything faded to black. He had a hard time remembering just what the hell happened. He wasn't sure of downing some random pills from of the medicine cabinet-- his first attempt to end it all. Making sure he would not recover-- if the pills didn't do the job-- he had already devised the set up of the noose in his bedroom. Definitely, he didn't recall anyone cutting the rope, forcing him down to the floor.

Lacie joked with him. "Dude, you've got nine lives! You must really be a ****, fricking cat in disguise! That's why you'll eat those nasty tuna fish sandwiches they serve in the nuthouse! "

Chris grinned at her.  He had to agree. To refer to it as the psych ward at the hospital made it seem like more of a jail term, but calling it "the nuthouse" lightened up the severity of the situation. As grave and nearly tragic as everything  had become, it was kind of laughable to him.  He supposed he had more chances than a cat's fabled life. It all seemed so crazy that it must be funny.

Well, what could he say? He had flirted with death, but unwillingly managed to escape its grip. "Pathetic..."--he commented. "I don't not even know how to die well..."

Chris  eventually realized that he had been rushed to the hospital, but wished it wasn't true. Since then, everything was either a total blur or a bizarre state of mind . Even waking up in his room was like a remotely vague memory, almost like a long ago dream that might not really have happened.

Maybe, he was somewhat aware that his sister was screaming in shock and horror at the sight of him, shouting out downstairs to her boyfriend to help her. But the walls were turning red, a glowing scarlet- red, with an added fiery orange and yellowish-gold-- all joined together in pulsating embers. He was quickly losing consciousness. It was like some, bad acid trip. Not that Chris knew this firsthand, but it sure was like something he saw on TV or at the movies.

And now he was the star of the horror show.

Did he die?  Death was what he planned on, so waking up was not a relief, or a reality back into motion--just the opposite. It was as if being awake was the real nightmare, a delusional time when everything was not true, and was only an scary, offbeat version of the life of Chris Cartier.

The bad acid trip continued. He recalled hospital staff rushing about him, seeming like real people-- sort of. Then they morphed into fish in scrubs. From overhead, an IV was dripping into his arm. Tubes were shoved down his throat. His vital signs were displayed on a screen that made beeps and sounds, increasing the chaos and adding to the mayhem to his mind. Soon, the vital signs machine started talking to him that he was a "very bad boy" and other such scoldings.

He was thoroughly freaked out. If he was still alive, he'd rather be dead.

He wanted to run. One of the fish pushed him back down and muttered out undecipherable utterances-- like underwater gibberish . Then that fish used its slimy fins to inject him with a needle in his arm. The other fish circled around him like fish out of water--with opening and closing mouths-- as if gasping for air.

As they surrounded him as rubber monkeys shot out from the walls and bounced all over the room. On top of all this madness, the florescent lights above were flickering on and off, in sync to the wild music, like the drum beats of a distant jungle. It was one bizarre tangle of events, a freaky, crazy, out-of-control ride in which reality could not be distinguished from the animation and mass confusion. It was one overpowering ride that he would much rather forget.

When Chris got out of critical condition, he found out that he could still not go home. That would take a few weeks more. Dr. What-The-Hell's-His-Name assured him that he needed to start on the path to his psychological healing--just as grave as the physical--right here in a safe place.

It didn't seem so safe to him.

The enemy wasn't what was out there in the world, but the big, bad wolf was actually him. He had to be protected from the true culprit--himself-- and that was a mind-blowing concept. Just what did he get himself into?   

He never had been a patient in a hospital before. In all his twenty-six years, he didn't so much as even have his tonsils out. Feeling now like a prisoner,, he was still scared out of his mind-- as if it was day one all over again. When was he going to get out of here? Chris began to fear that they would never let him out. No professional had a definitive answer, as only time would tell of his improvement.

Man, why couldn't he just be dead?

His parents visited almost everyday, but it was of no reassurance to him. His mother always left in tears, and his father was lost for words. This was nothing new. When it concerned their troubled son, they felt inadequate to help him. The best his dad could say was, "Hey, Chris, we're pullin' for ya". That was of no comfort, whatsoever, like he was some fighter in a boxing ring that his old man had a bet placed on . His mom always clung to him as she said goodbye, like she needed the hug more than he did, saying to Chris through her sobs , "Miss you". Her emotional state just unsettled him to the core, and he was worried for her more than for himself.    

At best, his outlook was grim. But then he met Lacie Weiss, and things started looking up.

Lacie was one of the quietest psych patients in the ward, always sticking to herself. But then he found himself sitting right next to her in group therapy, and they hit it off. He had no idea that she had a fun side. She usually looked apathetic and quietly defiant to society, a nonconformist in the form of a Goth, with edgy, dyed black hair, dark eye make-up and some ****** piercings of the eyebrow, tongue and nose. Her look was quite in contrast to his light blue eyes and sandy-brown hair. Chris never was into Gothic, viewing those who were as spooky creeps.  

It was obvious that Chris was scared and confused. Now although trying to seem tough and stoic, Lacie seemed so little, almost fragile, yet obviously trying to hide her broken self together. Petite and somewhat girlish in appearance, she was barely 5 feet tall. Chris was 5 feet 11 and a half inches, close enough to the six foot stature that he wanted to be. Only a half inch less really didn't cut it for him, though, even though his slim build gave the impression of a lankier guy. He would have loved to be as tall as the basketball players he so emulated. But such was life. He was never used to having the advantages.  

At first, Lacie never opened up, not to a single soul. Like Chris, she certainly acted like she didn't need this place, and nobody was going to help her--or be allowed to help her. As stony and impenetrable as she tried to be, group therapy it was hard to disappear in. Everyone was held accountable for opening up, and the leader was going to see to it.  No way, though, did Lacie want to crack or look weak in her turtle shell composure, in her self-preservation mode. So it was agony for her.

She first spoke to him, whispering loudly to him, onc,e in the group circle "This is all *******!"

Hanging with Chris was the one salvation that she had in this miserable experience. They both could relate more than he ever realized. They both really liked motorcycles and basketball. He had his own Harley, and it was something he loved to work on and go on long rides with it, his own brand of therapy.  In spite of how she looked, Lacie was also actually close to his age. He was twenty-six. and she was twenty-two.

They first broke the ice with casual introductions. "No, the name is not pronounced like Carter", he corrected her about his last name. "It is like Cart-EE-AY...... It's French".

"Yep", she replied. "Like mine is the same way, but as German as brats and sauerkraut,  Ja dummkopf?"

Chris gave her a weird look. She continued, "My mom's dad was from Germany, and I got my mom's name. Ya don't say it how it looks. You would say Weiss like Vice, but I couldn't give a **** how anybody says it. Nobody gets it right and original, anyhow." Her dark brown eyes flashed at him as she said, " But I think I like Chris Cutie, myself, better than Cartier.....cutie it is for me. Huh, cutie pie? "

Chris laughed hard. She was pretty coy for a die-hard Goth. She batted her eyes playfully at him and winked."You're worth being in here for, ya know", he told her, blushing, still laughing at her silly remarks.

She studied his face in response, all laughing aside. Suddenly, her mood turned solemn.  "I'll bet".

They began hanging out in the commons, walking down the halls for exercise, and swapping stories of their plights. Chris quickly found that she Lacie wasn't so steely and unapproachable as the day he first saw her.  And she discovered that he was more than a pretty boy.

"My parents weren't home when I tried", he told her one time after lunch was done. They were sitting in a corner, trying to be as private as possible. "Twenty-six years old...and I still live with them. Yeah, that's my life. I got a twin brother, and he's moved out and doing alright for himself. My sister's younger, is going to college. Wants to be a doctor".

Lacy didn't have any siblings to compare herself to. "Must be cool to have a twin", Lacie said. "I always wondered how that would be to have two of me running around! Scary, huh, dude?"

Chris shook his head. "No, it's nothing like that. Jake and I aren't identical. We are just a two-for-one deal...I mean  is that my parents got two babies in one, huge-*** pregnancy. Jake and me don't even act like twins. Half the time, I don't want to be around him."

No, it wasn't like his cousins, Adam and Alan, who were identical friends, mirror images, and best of friends. Chris never identified with that kind of brotherly relationship. He and Jake never dressed alike, or knew what the other one was thinking. And Chris felt that his brother always felt superior to him. He was the popular one. He was the ambitious one who landed a great job in computers, as a system analyst.  To add to Chris's feelings of inferiority, his little sister, Kate, had surpassed him, too. She was acing most of her classes, and boarding away at college. She was well on her way to becoming a doctor.    

"So if your mom and dad weren't around...who saved you?" Lacie asked. She stared into his eyes with such a probing stare that Chris almost clammed up. Just thinking about that day was overpowering.

" sister and her boyfriend were hanging out in the basement. She was home from college, and I didn't know it. My parents were out-of-town. Our dog, Buster, was acting funny. He knew something was up..."

Chris stopped abruptly, but went on. "Kate, my sister, explained to me that she saw me in my room, getting up on a step ladder. She says she yelled at me to stop. I don't remember...but I guess..I guess I was going to do it anyway, and she wouldn't be able to stop me....stop me I hurried up and jumped off before she could stop me."  

Lacie could almost picture it, as if she was there with him. She said, "But she did stop it. She saved you."

"Yeah", he agreed. "Buster started it all...barking, alerting my sister to come upstairs from the basement, and upstairs by my room...." All of a sudden, he felt so weird, like he was having an out-of-body experience.

"Hey, it's OK", Lacie reassured him. "It's over now. You aren't there anymore".

Chris started to cry, but tried not to. "If it weren't for Brian, Kate's boyfriend....she would not of had the strength to hold me up by herself, and cut the rope, too. I must have been like dead weight, and Brian grabbed a kitchen knife and told her to stay cool about it. Yeah, sure, like that could have been possible ! She was trying to keep the rope slack, while trying to save my sorry ****...and she was scared, shitless! "

Lacie opened up, too, relating her tragic past. She had an unbelievable tale, one hell of a ride herself.  It was amazing how detached she was when relating it, though. "Well" actually I got to fess up" "I'm not really an only child....I mean I am...but not really. I know that sounds weird---hey--but I am weird. Oddly unusual is the story of my life-- even before day one. "

Chris had no idea what she was talking about. "What are ya' trying to say?"

She added another surprising bombshell. "Also,  I have a two-year-old boy. His name is Danny. He don't see his dad--ever. The guy's a waste of space. Anyway, my mom has him. She can afford him more, and can do a better job raising him than me. Well, she does OK money-wise. Anyhow, my mom deserves him because she lost everything. And I mean EVERYTHING! Her whole fricking family practically wiped out!"

The shock that Chris had on his face-- his widened, blue eyes and open mouth were expected.   Most people had a hard time believing her.

She explained, calmly, "I mean she nearly died--way before I was born--in a car accident. And her two, little boys were with her in the backseat...and they died that day. "

Chris looked pale. "That is so awful!" he said, hoarsely, barely able to say it.

"Yeah", she continued. "Not a **** thing she could do about it, too. She was like in a million pieces. I know a part of her died right there and then, too. I just know it.  You know, dude, my mom was once really, really coasting along, just doing fine. A typical wife and mother-- a bit older than me now-- life was good. Her little boys were just cute, little toddlers--like Danny. I found out from my grandma that she was  pregnant, too, just a month or two. Nobody could have imagined it coming. She was just driving--doing nothing wrong-- when some idiot broadsided her.  I don't know if it was a guy or a lady, if they were jacked up on ***** or drugs, but they were speeding like a demon out of Hell. Her husband was at work and wasn't around."  

The boys were Benjamin and Gerard, but Lacie couldn't remember their names, for her mom could barely mention them without breaking down. It was an unbearable loss.

Chris was so horrified, amazed that Lacie related this like it was someone else's story. She was almost too cavalier about it.

"And they died ?!" he asked.

"Yeah....*****, don't it? Pure, pure agony. Downright Hell on earth. My mom had to learn to walk again. It took about year, I think."

"Oh, no! What about the baby she was supposed to have?"

"Miscarriage. Worse yet, the **** doctor told her she'd never be able to have kids again. She lost everything, man! Her husband couldn't handle it and left her. **** on top of ****, on top of more ****, on top of more. If it wasn't for her parents, and her sister's help, she would never have made it.

"But she had given birth to you, right? Or were you adopted?"

"Yeah, she gave birth to me. I was her miracle baby, and she didn't give a rat's rear end if my dad wanted me or not. He'd send her money, once in a while, but he wasn't really into either of us. Who cares though? She didn't give a **** what he thought. I was her baby. Truth is, before I came, she ended up slitting her wrists--just like me. What was the use? At first, there was nothing to live for. But now she has Danny.

"And you!" Chris quickly pointed out.

"Dude, are you kidding me? I have been NOTHING but grief for her, a real pain in her ***!"

Unlike her deceased, half-brothers, Lacie grew up before her mother's eyes, from a shy girl to a ******* rebel. Since the age of twelve, she would sneak drinks from her mom's liqueur cabinet. Eventually, she smoked *** and tried ******* and ******. Dropping out of the eleventh grade, she soon away from home, living with friends or boyfriends ever since.  Thankfully, she wasn't doing drugs when she conceived Danny. And her drinking wasn't as prevalent as it was in her teen years of partying and binge drinking. That didn't mean that her drinking problems magically disappeared, or that she was cured. Immediately, though, when she knew she was pregnant, she refused to touch a bottle, but it was just a white knuckle process that was effective momentarily--a band aid on a more serious wound. And going months without a drop of alcohol didn't deaden her urges--quite the opposite--as it only made her crave what she could not have. Often, her fears caught up with her--of especially becoming
almat011 Mar 2019
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Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
Madison Jul 2013
There comes a day in your life where you meet someone special…
You try so hard not to admit it but you just can’t hold back the way you feel…
I like you.
You get all those feelings…
Those butterflies you can’t stomach,
That heart rate you can’t put at ease,
So baby …
Sweetheart with the beautiful smile. Sure, I loved sleep
But dreams couldn't compare
Not to talking to you until my mind screamed for rest
And the butterflies in my stomach settled
Darling with the endless amount of love…
your love could fill the oceans and climb the tallest trees,
but could your love belong to me someday?
Be given to me?
Can you feel the way I do for you?
& Boy, sometimes I tangle my own fingers
Closing my eyes, losing myself in a daydream
Where your voice is more than an echo in my mind
And I even believe for a few seconds you're still here
Lover, who writes me poems,
You should know I write you too.
I write about you until my fingers ache
And still after that I keep writing
Because there's just some people you could write about forever
And baby, you're one of them.
And boy who played me a song,
Sweet sounds bow down to my ears,
And the way you play your guitar…
& the way I daydream about kissing your lips...
I can’t wait until the sparks of your tongue burn my mouth
send electric shocks through my body
Cutie… with the funny jokes,
You make me laugh.
Today you made me laugh,
like you always do,
you’re the only one who can now a days.
Baby, with those sparkling eyes,
Your eyes haunt me whether I'm dreaming or not
And what haunts me more is the fact that
I can’t have you now
because you ruined it
It hurts to think about it,
So I have to block you out.
Play your songs to someone else,
Read your silly lines of heartache to someone else,
And go find… someone else.
emisahida Oct 2014
My handsome cutie pie,
Never imagine what does it looks like,
Never know how does it tastes,
Never come across to feel it right away,
Never dream to say love you anyway,
But I always there to keep you in my heart all the way
As we tease each other endlessly
Cos we know each other quite commonly
Better to know I will feel seriously nervous to see
you personally
in time we feel, in time we care and in time counted for the days
to be always next to you day after day…
She introduced herself, as
Batted her lashes not to be flirtatious ,
But to hide that her eyes were wet.
All around me were blurred, but beautiful faces.
Yet, my eyes only focused on hers
The first that I noticed.

When I bought my first camera,
From that sales-man down in Alabama.
And he taught me how to use it,
He said, "see here son, if I was to take your picture I'd set this camera here on portrait.
But if I took a picture of that pretty little girl 'cross the road"
he said with a smirk
"I'd have to set this here camera on Firework"

It's funny how memories work.
I think of that man now, of his coffee colored skin and straw hat.
I never thought I'd need to know any of that.
but right here and now I set that camera to sunset.
raise it to my eye
And take a picture of
As if she were a colorful sky.
and that's it.
some people deserve more than a portrait.

And I know, I'm going to take her to a dark room.
And see what develops, of her negatives.
But first, I want to hear all about her crazy relatives.
Who gives her, her beauty?
where's she take her dog to groom?
The poodle on her leash is a cutie.
and what does she doodle on her notebooks?
stars or hearts or sugar skulls....
Does she know she's caught me on her fishin' hook?
What's she think of me, I'm sure I look dull.
Why are her teary eyes so full, About to overflow.
There were so many things I wanted to know....
before I took her to a dark room.
But it happened
And all I found in the picture that developed was gloom.
I realized I was her first.
And the best night of my life became my worst.
because I took something from her she didn't want to give.
But I just didn't know that she wouldn't want to live.
Keep reading, this ends beautifully.
beautifully like a sunset ends a day.
But, you have to believe me when I say that's not nearly as beautifully
As Sunset ends my hopes and dreams.
How she ended her own life
With pretty little pink pills.
gripped in her hand they found a picture of me.
And now I know, Sunsets are all about Beautiful Endings.
It's funny how memories work

© copyrighted Nicole Ann Osborn
K Balachandran Dec 2011
Cutie pie,
if I
eat you up,
what next?
ishanti d foster Mar 2014
oo so cute.... sweet and aa.... a cutie
so tasty ..I just eat you up.... your my sweet buttercup
so good as a dessert ... your name ... mini pie.. so wonder
your sales so high
almat011 Apr 2019
Hot cutie
You are the love of all my lives, an invaluable masterpiece of the universe. Sensual as flamenco, Passionate as tango, Spicy as cha-cha-cha, tempting and teasing like a striptease and tastes like juicy strawberries. Hot cutie, ardently passionate, can ignite passion literally wherever you are. All over the body, goose bumps run from love and high adrenaline from admiration in the heart.
You are hotter and sexier than a sextillion of girls and women, in ***-billion, mad-billion times more attractive and beautiful then other girls. You are unattainable by nature. You are sweeter than any sweets, dearer than more than one billion kittens and puppies and plush toys. One for a trillion and look for a trillion.
Terabytes of my thoughts and memories are crammed with you. You are a symbol of true beauty. Your beauty has power over my will. You are vital in my life. My juicy cutie, I'm leaving out of love, when I see you, a mouth opens drooling. I crown you as the queen of my heart, giving you all the highest rewards for your beauty and the highest degree as the most beautiful model of reality and subconsciousness in the universe. I feel a strong love for you.
I relish every second with you, every moment spent with you is sweeter than the other. Only your moans and sighs during *** lead to ultra arousal, you want to listen to them forever, the music of your pleasure, they sound so sweet and ******.
You cause excessive ****** tension, your whole body trembles with love. Even among hundreds, thousands of billions of women, only you, our bodies, souls, minds are made for each other, beautiful for me. The last thing I want to see in my life is your beautiful face. I want to be with you even after death.
Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
Morrigan Apr 2014
You’d be a *****
If getting ****** was the same as breaking hearts
You’d be a martyr
If killing others was the sacrifice
You’d be beautiful
If showing no emotion was pretty
You’d be adorable
If watching me slowly die made you a cutie pie
Hometown cutie
You've got the best of my attention
Send all those haters to detention
You've got my retention
So i'm going to pay attention
To your needs, wants and desires
If only you listen.
almat011 Aug 2019
Sugar cutie
The divine color of the skin, the color of white sugar, is the color of uncontrollable pleasure, you are definitely sweeter than any sugar and pleasure, sugar cutie. You are a reflection of a deep shock from admiration, excitement, makes ***** and fall in love, Every second is overflowing with love and intensifies every day. You are more beautiful than love itself, ***, life, reality, and even paradise. You are my hot temptation, **** so hot.
You are talking about HQ the highest quality to the smallest particle and pixel, atom, molecule, geometric perfection of the image of the body and face - it looks so chic in slow motion, stretches the pleasure of excitement, when I touch your skin I have amazing feelings of love and excitement and these feelings are amplified a hundred times when you touch me, your kisses are diving immersion in the depths of love, the infinite beauty of your body. I sincerely love and want only you alone, your body shape like a mega boom boom **** boombox explosive brain detox, powerful rap beat bass, you sound cool and ****, your beauty and personality are multifaceted and unique as a gemstone of love and ***. You are my highest eternal ideal.
Your body is the best **** in the world, a seductive pin-up, a very picturesque eroticism of feelings and passions, how your sweet moans of pleasure excite me beyond, you are so beautiful that even an impotent woman, men's ***** will stand up, the lady of male hearts and makes ***** members. Your appearance moves me to the dimension of eternal love, you are above love and ***, for me you are above everything else. You are more beautiful than the most beautiful galaxies of the universes, no form of life can be more beautiful than you, you are my queen of the universe. You are the same ideal, that very highest value, a dream in my life that I can’t give up in any way.
Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
kenzi joy Apr 2012
I am
The most delectable dish
On the dessert menu
And oh, how you
Like to
Treat me that way

Take me
When you want me

Leave me
When your full

Having no need for
Subsequent satisfaction
After the balanced meal
You've just consumed
Has been spoon-fed to you
By whomever you choose
Knowing that
Even after it all
I will still be waiting
Simply to add a sweet sense
Of completion to your day
That never seems
To fully satisfy
Because you keep coming back
For more

And I know
I will never be
The main course
Except occasionally when
Someone else has fallen through
For you and you need an
In which I'll come
To the rescue

And I'm not claiming to be
The most important portion
But I do wish
You could see
That I might be
Something more than simply
A cutie pie
On an optional menu
Waiting for you
To choose me
                                               The end.
Marinela Marie Nov 2012
I walked along this path through the trees
Lo and behold, I fell on my knees
For what do I see, but this vision of beauty
****, no, tis a hunk, boy was he a cutie
His muscles well oiled, as he flexed before me
My heart all a flutter, knew not how to be
So what do I do, shall I play the shy dame?
Or should I strip naked regardless of shame.
A moment had passed, I planned what to do
Despite the feeling that I knew I would rue
I walked to this god, who stood still as I watch
Looked into his eyes, as my hand grabbed his crotch
“how dare you ****** me! I’m a woman of grace!”
“you shall not demean me, no shame I will face!”
And so I turned to walk away
I would not let this man ever sway
To let me lose the virtue I gained
Despite my desire, oh how I have pained
I turned my head to take one more look
So many I’ve shunned, I could write a book
The doubt in my head took hold of me
And doubled my pace, so that I may be free

…..then I went to the 7 eleven to buy batteries
Melodramatika Aug 2014
my girl has a toy puppy
it's a REAL pup to her
this week she is called Cutie
except for on Tuesday when she was known as Philemina

Cutie is small and plump and silky plush
soft brown and black
and comforting
her plush has stayed remarkably plush despite all the loving

'She is so soft and silken!' i exclaim
'Yes,' says my girl, 'Except for this spot.'
and she shows me the place on Cutie by her front leg
where the fur is strange and you can feel
the plastic that binds her plush

'That's ok,' i say, 'We all have our strange spots.'
'I have one here,' says my girl
and she shows me the spot by her hairline
where the hair is a bit strange and you can feel
the skin that binds her muscle and blood inside

'We are the same,' smiles my girl
'Me and Cutie have our strange spots.'

i love my girl
Yes, princess?
"Where do babies come from?"

Well Princess,
One day you'll see a cutie
And little glitters will tickle
From your chest to your toes
Days will go by holding hands
Giving Eskimo kisses
Passing ******* underneath
Family Thanksgiving tables

Until waking up with the cutie
Is the most stable part of your day.
Safe, like together in this bed
You two are a fortress,
Free, like you could run into the street
And he would stop traffic by breathing
To protect you

You'll sit across from him one night
Blushing over your dinner
Stir fry of everything you pointed at In the grocery store.
And through all that blush you'll ask
If he will be your daddy.

He will stand.
Cross the room
Kneel by you
Take your hand
When he smiles into you
Little glitters will tickle
From your chest to your toes

When he says: "Yes, Princess"
That's how babies are born.
Arcassin B Sep 2016
By Arcassin Burnham

It was necessary watching you go and leaving my life,
I ain't never gonna fall again,
I could have been like a human answering machine
For all of your problems,
But I'm not your guinea pig,

Cutie pie, cutie pie,
Why do you keep stressing me?

Cutie pie ,cutie pie,
Why do you not answer me?

I was so determine,
To keep us alive,
Don't ever come back to me,
Back to me,
Don't come back to me.
K Balachandran Mar 2016
You are
I eagerly covet,
seems to be
in boiling point,
an unfailing
for me
a constant
element of
day and night,
But yes
I must not
forget this;
you aren't
an organic
sans side effects.
More of a
a kick ***
designer drug,
that adds an
extra sense
yet, without
a legitimate
name to call it.
Aren't you
a hallucinant, though
yet to be invented,
I am hopelessly
addicted to.
I'm distracted by, your cute, cute face,
and the way your words, make my heart race,
when talking to you, I can't help but smile,
you make me happier, than I've been for a while
Your hair is perfect, beyond compare,
and you're so perfect, that it's just not fair,
you're my best friend, you're sweet and smart,
you're funny and kind, and a work of art.
Emmanuel Coker Nov 2014
If falling in love with you is gonna make me the stupidest of all beings to ever grace the surface of this earth.......i don't think I'd ever wanna be smart.

Dear God i'm so in love with you...i loose all rights to own a brain whenever I get just a glimpse of your beautiful face, the thought of you makes my body ache to be embraced by you...if even for just a quarter of a second.

I'd bumped into you in class....yeah that was when we first met, clumsy me, and when I stood there, ready to apologize for being so clumsy, You smiled....., and as you smiled, I saw in those hazel eyes of yours what heaven would feel like, my heaven. I was lost. Your dreamy eyes kept me in a trance, an hypnotic trance I dared not wish to get out of....Yes!!..when I looked into your eyes, I knew it was you, and I knew I had to have you. This is more love than lust. I don't think I'd ever be happy with any other person. I want you and you alone. I want your whole being.
-To my cutie...(The best thing since sliced bread).
Jodie LindaMae Aug 2014
You killed yourself weeks ago
But the wound still burns at the edges
As it always has.
I am the lost, the wandering,
The unprefered.
Waste away in the calm with the remnants of my sanity
And you too may understand.
I am the discovered faith;
The found Jesus of my time
Though my kidneys are failing
And I realize that my existence is drastically limited.
I am afraid of time,
Of the fact that he will probably go before me
But alas I am reborn.
I am awakened to the succulent love
I have by my side tonight
As my pen
Scratches away at the integrity of my page.
I am the sailor at the helm of my ship.
I will forever rest
In the solace I have found in your arms tonight
And the intelligence within the life we share.
I always get introspective at night time.
Peanut Aug 2015
Love of mine
Someday you will die
But I'll be close behind
I'll follow you into the dark

No blinding light
Or tunnels, to gates of white
Just our hands clasped so tight
Waiting for the hint of a spark

If Heaven and Hell decide that they both are satisfied
Illuminate the no's on their vacancy signs
If there's no one beside you when your soul embarks
Then I'll follow you into the dark

Catholic school, as vicious as Roman rule
I got my knuckles bruised by a lady in black
I held my tongue as she told me, son
Fear is the heart of love, so I never went back

If Heaven and Hell decide that they both are satisfied
Illuminate the no's on their vacancy signs
If there's no one beside you when your soul embarks
Then I'll follow you into the dark

You and me have seen everything to see
From Bangkok to Calgary
The soles of your shoes are all worn down
The time for sleep is now
It's nothing to cry about
Cause we'll hold each other soon
The blackest of rooms

If Heaven and Hell decide that they both are satisfied
Illuminate the no's on their vacancy signs
If there's no one beside you when your soul embarks
Then I'll follow you into the dark

I'll follow you into the dark
I feel like sharing this song :)
almat011 Mar 2019
I give you a well-deserved medals: for the record for the beauty of the world, a record for the entire beauty of the universe, the medal: in the beauty of a well-deserved
the history of humanity, a medal for the record for medals: the record for medals for the beauty and charm, popular beauty of the country, the Nobel Prize for the mind and beauty, a badge of honor the beauty of the world, the order of sexuality, honorary star for a charming, world cup: it is the most beautiful written girl in the world, here you can see your name is written here, and at the very most honorable medal: for the most rare beauty in the universe. Honorary statuette: she a beautiful girl in the whole universe, and that the certificate confirming that you are and will be the only beauty in the universe, the gold medal for the luxury of, so the prize for Miss beauty, certificate of honor for the most honorable cutie, that's crown: the beauty of the world, and that's the title of most beautiful girl in the whole universe. And the key to my mind, Mego heart and my soul. Hmm) I think it was your kisses gone men in the highest spheres of Nirvana. Oh what are you beauty, beauty-lyapotaaaaa. Hell yeah) I think ****, ****, **** ... cool) clap) clap) common, dance, cos it a hardest ram-bam-bam, geah) honey hottest stunning, gorgeous stunner. You're crushing mega, amazing, amazing. You are very delicate, beautiful music. ****** features are so gentle, refined, elegant, noble, gentle wasp, turning waist. Stunner, stunning beauty, amazing instance, attractive beautiful, stunning gorgeous, exquisite fine, amazingly cute, charming, adorable, charming, delightful wonderful. Tasty and delicacy. Hot top model. Ooooh)) no, do not take offense to this truth, but I want to say, I want to admit. What comes from you powerful ******, ****** energy that attracts so much to you. And only from you buzzing with excitement as the man's blood boiling. Are you always stay on any non-off and no one goes away. Looking at you, you know that you are all that a man needs. It sounds gently sweet and so nice. Miss sweet candy, coquette. Ideal forms a figure at you, say envious and ha ha) from the gun in their faces, in their own words chpa), Yeah) You look around, everyone is looking only at you, everyone wants only you. You probably can not see for sure, but every one of them wants to stay with you forever. You are everywhere and always ranked first in the top of human values in men's hearts. When you show up rivals suffer fear and crash) their last hopes turn to dust) hiding in their burrows, feeling your swing. You are all passionately loved, elegant nice yo, the main prima, beautiful nymph, to be with you is an honor and it is visible. Stylish, advanced, progressive, active, aggressive, and all the other girls from this becomes in the soul merzsko and nasty, insulting, lit from you as lava male libidooooooo) Yes, you are a real hit yo) Men's brains and heart are clogged your videos and photos. You Ultra-TURBO-Gipper-mega-soup-dupa- ****. This **** as you want throughout kiss and kiss, caress, and always vechnoooooo) inflamed, exciting, seductive, sensual beautiful, **** and appetizing. Nothing attracts like your **** image, impelling hot excitement, desire, you are my only passion, healing. No, no, I do not run for beauty, and reach for only you, go with you. Sweet, hot beast. Sweeter than the flesh of thy tender nothing happens. Sweet Life is just next to you. You are so beautiful that even giddy with love for you. You're powerful desire, passion, eternal obsession. I have hallucinations, it seems to me that I can only see you everywhere. You're the sweetest fruit in the entire universe. I like you on a lifetime dream. Without you my whole life continuous mourning. You're the coolest. You're **** Babe. You're the first and last beauty in this world, you're what I strive and reach for in this life. You are my ****** tension. You are infinitely beautiful. I just love Subconsciously you in the depths of the soul is filled with all of you and I sometimes katzhetsya always loved only you, only you always looked for. Often I see you in my dreams and there in your open arms I'm happy because you're near me. I just want to be yours always and forever.
hot cutie, you have a cool body, honey, your image is impressive, amazing feeling, vufffffffff) all the time just for you and I think, to me you all the time is not enough. You look amazing. You are the most beautiful phenomenon of the universe, I think so. I'm madly in lust only be yours foreeeever)
Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
Robert Hunter Oct 2015
Fluffy *****
No stress, no care
Koala Bear
Marsupial justice
jeffrey robin Jun 2013
****** certain!

(What can change?)

Poets plot the course of love


With surgical precision
Pornographic clarity!

Haven't you heard?

****** certain!

(What can change)
I saw a face in the misted

Missed opportunity
I thought of you


And your promise

That you would


Be here
Madds Jul 2012
Repulsion always looked so good on you
when you'd find out about things I'd done,
Yeah, yeah I'm a teenage *****
But that ***** had *** on your floor!
And at school when you watch me,
It's like you're waiting to be shocked.
Shake your head at me, go on, do it.
You need to know, you're no ******* angel.
It's okay, It's okay. you can go smoke ****
and then judge me,
Cause hypocrites your second language, baby.
I'm too tired to make sense.
Kayli Zolani May 2015
I see beauty, talent, perfection, and a cutie.

I see beauty because your are just beautiful, inside and out.

I see talent because you are worth so much more than you know.

I see perfection because you are perfect in my eyes, always have been, and always will be.

I see a cutie because I love the way you smile, laugh, talk, joke around, and just yourself in general.

~Kayli Rose.
Latiaaa Mar 2014
It was the midsummer of the 50’s and my girls and I went out for a bite. Jimmy’s Burgers was a block away and boy were we hungry! We could eat a cow for all we know. Jimmy’s jukebox can play music day in and day out.

My girls and I parked our blue Thunderbird Convertible, and hopped on in Jimmy’s. That place is always filled with younglings like us. You can smell the fresh potato cut fries fryin’ up in the greasers. The burgers are always my fave! I would beg to just get a bite out of those succulent, juicy ground babies.

Everyone in this joint always seems to be dancing their little feet off, the girls with their casual oxfords and pastel loose skirts; the guys wearing leather, pompadours, and their high-wasted pants. I love to crank that jukebox with only my quarters and dimes I have left in my purse. The girls and I sat on down in one of the red booths. A young waiter came over with bottles of coke with his pen and paper.

“May I take ya’ll lovely ladies’ order?” He was chewing on that mint gum.

Boy was he handsome! That sweet southern twine had me going bonkers. He looked all fancy in his all white uniform; his apron had ice cream stains and fry grease. His sandy brown hair was cascading behind his ears. I loved his paper hat too. His big brown eyes were looking into mine as he was getting our orders. I couldn’t help but stare back. He gave us our cokes and gave me a little wink behind his thick black glasses. I really didn’t care bout’ those pimples, his face made a girl melt like Texas asphalt on a hot beach afternoon!

I made myself look sweeter than a peach. I fluffed my hair and fancied my outfit, hoping for that rascal to come on back. The jukebox was still kicking tunes in the back, that’s when the cute waiter came back.  His tall, slender, perfect body walked on over and sat our tray of burgers down. My face was red hot like the time I first took a bite out of a chili pepper. The waiter got close to my ear and whispered,

“You wouldn’t mind if I take your sweet self on the dance floor for a second would you?”

Wasn’t that boy supposed to be working? I didn’t care. That rascal waiter grabbed my hand and swung my little waist on the dance floor. We twist, kicked, and shimmied. I was having the time of my life! I didn’t know my girls were staring at me, cheering on. Too bad the cutie had to go back to work. I walked over and sat back in the booth.

My girls were giving me the, you’re his sugar girl look. Not my fault he was sweeter than maple syrup!
The girls and I were finished at Jimmy’s Burgers, so we started to head out. Before I even opened the door, that waiter grabbed me by the waist and said,

“Hey sweet thing, leaving too soon? I didn’t catch your name?”

I looked into those eyes again; I felt my heart skip a beat like the jukebox when there’s a bug in it. His southern twine again,

“My name’s Robert James, but you can call me RJ.”

He kissed my hand and gave me that wink again. I gave him a smile and went outside. My face was peachy like a baby’s bottom! I didn’t even tell him my name, dog-gon shame.  From now on, I’m hittin’ Jimmy’s Burgers just so I can see that waiter.
I'm obsessed with the 50's era lol. Had to write this <3
AM Apr 2016
my point is
he's impossibly cute
and looks as if he jumped out
of shoujo manga
Brittany Wynn Sep 2015
He strides up to my desk, beaming
like I'm the winning lotto
ticket he wants to rub off in his truck--
"Well, aren't you as cute as a button."

Puke creeps up my throat while
his creased eyes clearly try to
conjure the image of my naked
**** I thought I cleverly disguised
by a collared grandma blouse.
"Is there anything else I can help you with, sir?"

Heart racing from the effort to keep
my mouth shut and my cheeks
pale, I see other people
whisper, widen their eyes
at his use of "cutie" and "dearest"
while he winks repeatedly--
apparently a Morse code for

I practically feel the slime
slipping down my outsides,
but I give him a smile.
-because I have to-
Baby do you like moons?
Cause you’re out of this world, brightly intelligent!
New twist to an old pick-up line
She said no guys
So who’s going to be the next cutie in line?
Rumor has it that the light between your teeth still asks for me by name
But I am trying to let go of the things that have long since left me.
Braulio Romero Jun 2014
He says we got a connection
Straight away after finding out more of me
I can’t do anything with this stress but get well dressed
Can never find that person to sense my humor
He just repeats that I’m a cutie

He tries to sound more hip than me
Using slang from this century
I never knew words could baffle someone else
Because it is a joke he doesn’t know he is offended

Uh oh I didn’t mean a thing
I just meant to see if you could breathe when I tried to make you laugh
Guys get kind of cold and several come and go
This is the day that I’m sure that I did
Made cute hate
Nothing compares to your beauty my dear
In your cheeks a red blush,does slowly appear
Cute beyond words, with a voice oh so sweet
Oh the most amazing girl, I ever did meet
Laced fingers, we hold hands, and I can't help but smile
As always around you I'm happy the whole while.
Marcus Dave Jul 2017
I love the way you make me feel
When we meet I'd love to Netflix and chill
We'd spend time with each other inside
Then we'd hit the road and go for a ride
You and me cruisin
Taking my ride out for a spin
People looking and saying, "Wow they look fly."
And you can believe that cuz you're: My Cutie Pie
We ran into a rough patch earlier today because she was unable to play GTA V online and also because of something else that really made her sad.  Thankfully I was able to cheer her up once again and that's when our relationship grew stronger and that made me happy so this poem is for how happy she made me feel today despite her feeling hurt and down before.
zero Aug 2018
Sandbox giggles and seesaw chuckles
echo around the park.
Little ones pitter patter on tarmac and grass,
oblivious to their age.
All they know is the sun is shining
and they're going to feel like this forever.

Rubber throwing and hushed whispers
echo around the classroom.
Schoolkids adding and subtracting,
oblivious to their age.
All they know is that they hate math
and they're going to be an astronaut when they grow.

Cheesy pop songs and girly giggles
echo around a bedroom.
She's curling her friend's hair and smiling,
oblivious to her age.
All she knows is that Jake is a cutie
and she's going to marry him when she's 21.

Birthday wishes and lots of love!
echo around the dinner table.
He's having his first beer as an 18-year-old and loving it,
oblivious to his age.
All he knows is that he's going out tonight
and staying up till dawn.

Baby rattles and first words
echo around the house.
The baby is mumbling its first word,
oblivious to the meaning behind it.
All it knows is that its mummy is warm
and it's daddy smells nice.

Memories of sandboxes and summer nights
echo around their heads.
They're laying in a bed in a sanitary place,
oblivious to the current situation.
All they know is that their time is up,
but they had such fun whilst it lasted.
I found out my cousin is 10, not 8 as I remembered.
I held him when he was born...
Time is such a weird thing,
we're oblivious to it's passing,
but in the end, we notice it more than ever.

Geovanni Alfaro Jan 2013
JEFF the Brotherhood, Metric, and Phantogram
FIDLAR, The Broken Social Scene, The Zac Brown Band

King Khan and the Barbeque Show,
Matt and Kim, Vampire Weekend, Creedence Clearwater Revival.
Jimi Hendrix, The Flaming Lips, Artic Monkeys
Florence + the Machine
Death Cab for Cutie, Bon Iver, Band of Horses, Parlovr

Kings of Leon, The Strokes, Yellow Ostrich, Cage the Elephant
*** Pistols, The Ramones, Red Hot Chili Peppers,
Bob Dylan

Young the Giant, The **, Ugly Casanova,
Modest Mouse, The Doors
Coldplay, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones

Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins
Titus Andronicus, Bob Marley
Queens of the Stone Age, Mana, The White Stripes:
all gnarly
georgie Oct 2017
I don't want to tell her not to go
But I don't wanna have to see her go

Your fingers gracely on my skin

sunflowers by my bed
Your scent on my pillows and head

Could I record your voice
To replay it

I'll hold you
Consume your love
And return it

Dance with you

Only if you were to love me too
Cassis Myrtille Sep 2013
A llama mama who is ever so special
A swimmer glides through the water with so much grace
Artistically inclines, genius by birth; slacker by choice
Music.Lit.Bio.Lovely girl whom I very much admire
Strong girl who makes use of every opportunity
Another swimmer with heart and face so lovely
An elephant - the light o' every lil' chat
Candy- words so wise; heart so warm
Another brave girl; lots in common; in every way beautiful
Eloquent speaker  And A Violinist
Another swimmer with such a laugh!
Our dear walking dictionary; never fails to put a smile on my face
Runner and fighter ALL THE WAY
Vettypoop aka my spirit animal
Smiling dolphin
Laughing cheerful pop ****
Artyfarty girl with so much poise and grace
Artyfarty and a swimmer? Ooh la la
Cute and sweet and everything else with a tinge of the kpop
Disciplinarian and nice
1Der with a twinned soul
A cutie pie with a such a heart
Strange girl this one is but I love the way she talks and writes.
Strange laughter and even stranger words you say
Motherly touches
My lovely leader, with such a beautiful core
Craycray, stay craycray bubu
Smiler and such a high toned shriek
You my bestie; my listening ear
Ordinary Me
Meangirl99 at first sight, lovelygirl99 at the second
KimChi such a hard-worker
Another hard worker with a positive glow
A dancer on a note of sarcasm
Heart of gold; Mind of snow
Naughty naughty

so this is my class of 36
every girl
a wonderful light
and this 36 beautiful souls
make up the beautiful beautiful class
With varying teachers and varying situations,
we have stood by each other
With much faith I have in all of you
Let's soar to the skies
Pull each other
to soar
and soar
to heights never known
never reached.
I know we are going to make
our year
203's year to
amaze people like never before.
Prove every teacher we are the awesomest class on earth.
Trust me.
We will.
Every strength and weakness binded together;
203 is going to

— The End —