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September Roses Nov 2017
My soul has started to rot
Charred black by the flame of heartbreak
Cold as the night you left
I don't think I'm breathing anymore
The feeling of dread carried in with the wind through every open window
Every shadow whispers your name
I feel myself fading as fast as you left
I don't feel the drive and passion anymore
My happy place has crumbled to dust, broken fragments of reality
The air I breath poisons my lungs as I fall faster and faster into the hellish hole that appears on every path
My heart as empty as the canyons that used to make me feel free
My breath as cold as the pouring rain that used to send me to sleep
My soul as rotten as the core of the witches apple
The witch that has cursed me
Cursed me with the boulders I carry on my shoulders
Cursed me to lie when I say I'm fine
Truly and honestly made for poetry not of reality
September Roses Oct 2017
To watch one suffer
To be there as they slowly fall to the rubble
You reach out but as the tides pull in they go further and further from hope
From comfort
A never ending spiral they're falling your fingers slipping through theirs as you let them go
It isn't your fault but blood still runs
And you still remember
Joseph Miller Nov 2017
I am cursed
by those around me
i did not choose
hands that put me down
with their selfish rage
i did not ask to be
a child cursed
again and again
year after year
who could blame me
for the mistakes i've made
before i was born
the pain began
Carter Ginter Jan 2013
I see it in his eyes,
I can hear it in his voice;
He loves me.
And it hurts.. how much I wish I had the choice
To love him that way too.
Benji James May 2017
Have you ever felt so sick
That there's a churning in your stomach
That you just can't shake
Have you ever felt so broken
That you just can't sleep
Lost in confusion to how life brought you here
Have you ever felt so low
That you didn't think there was anywhere else to go
Have you ever been so angry
You can't control your rage
Ripping every photo in you picture frames
(Yeah) have you ever wondered why it is your heart breaks

Are you good at getting stuck in situations
Feel as though you have lost all communication
And you can't seem to navigate your way out of this dark place
You landed yourself in
Shouldn't have given everything so soon
And maybe then you wouldn't have lost you

Signals beyond detection
Lost in my own space
No stars or light to guide your way
You just met the monster under your bed
Gave into the voices inside of your head
This is the moment everybody dreads
So is this my hell
This is where I've been sent
This is the fall
This is the steep descent

Told you I bleed for my heart
Can't you tell from the scars
Engraved into my skin
Maybe I'm addicted to the pain
Maybe it doesn't feel right when life kicks me back in the face
Maybe I just can't go a day without making a mistake
Maybe I'm a lost cause
Maybe I have no faith
Maybe I've fallen from grace
Maybe I'm a disgrace
Maybe there is no hope for the hopeless
But I still give hope to those
That hang off of every word that I write
And it's lines and times like this that keep me alive (Yeah)

Are you good at getting stuck in situations
Feel as though you have lost all communication
And you can't seem to navigate your way out of this dark place
You landed yourself in
Shouldn't have given everything so soon
And maybe then you wouldn't have lost you

Signals beyond detection
Lost in my own space
No stars or light to guide your way
You just met the monster under your bed
Gave into the voices inside of your head
This is the moment everybody dreads
So is this my hell
This is where I've been sent
This is the fall
This is the steep descent

Maybe I'm drowning in sorrows
Maybe you have some love I could borrow
Maybe you could get me back on my feet
Should never have worn this heart on my sleeve
Maybe I shared too much
Maybe my kindness
got the best of me
Maybe I gave to much trust
Maybe I just lost the one
Maybe the battle was lost
Before it was ever won (Yeah)

Are you good at getting stuck in situations
Feel as though you have lost all communication
And you can't seem to navigate your way out of this dark place
You landed yourself in
Shouldn't have given everything so soon
And maybe then you wouldn't have lost you

Signals beyond detection
Lost in my own space
No stars or light to guide your way
You just met the monster under your bed
Gave into the voices inside of your head
This is the moment everybody dreads
So is this my hell
This is where I've been sent
This is the fall
This is the steep descent

©2017 Written By Benji James
Francisco Ortiz Sep 2014
I feel cursed to be who i am,
Because no one seems to enjoy my presence.
I am utterly alone in this life.
I feel like I bother you and everyone I attempt to converse with.
I feel like the insignificant spec of dust, but not even the wind cares to ******* away.
I'm just cursed to rot here alone, where no living soul can hear my lonesome moan.

But as I begin to lose hope in my attempts to communicate, I find you.
A girl
Who has for so long trapped herself im my mind.
But you my dear seem to ignore me
The same way everyone else does.
Few understand my pain.
Few understand the lonsosme nights i spend begging for sleep.
The days become restless and the curse continues,
To tear me apart
And leave me stranded
With a shattered heart.
Lily May 2018
I remember the evening
that we sat clinging
to paper cups
of coffee gone cold

over secrets spilled and memories told
two bodies cursed
with hearts grown old

behind your eyes
I found new worlds
A winding road stretched out for miles
to a small cafe at the end of the isle

Sweet pastries filled the mouths
of those who sat beside us
and stayed for a while.

How the hours went by,
people just passing through
The descending sun ending
a forever with you.
s y k Sep 2018
Half a decade in
that was all I needed,
all the time it took to see
the world was an insult to me.

Was I cursed at birth
to live on the brink of death?
Trapped in this trance until
Poseidon's realm pulls me to its depths?

My pursuits to meet him have gone astray.
Countless trials that end one way:
under bright lights,
in a hospital gown,
tubes, tests, nurses pinning me down,
and a hundred voices asking me why
Why oh why did I want to die?
Well I was muting the agony,
executing my destiny,
see daylight please, it's meant to be.
You can't stop me.

And Plath said it best
I do it well,
my scars could attest.

Perhaps I'm not as strong
as my mother once thought,
by her god's design I was built-in wrong.
My own echo whispers
“You never did belong”
Neither here nor there, or anywhere.

I fear I am nature's mistake.
For the hands of fate, I must partake
in this sacrifice
to begin my demise.
This shouldn't come as a surprise.

I was only five.
I thought I could survive.
It's been a while. Some of my thoughts haven't changed.
Solomon Dec 2017
A sprinkle of beauty,
to deny being pretty?,
Sunned by His grace,
shown in her ways,
A drop of stubbornness,
something I'd care less,
Shy or humble,
Resist what she's able,
To make me rage seeing her diamond tears,
To turn me blue as I see her suffer,
To cure my heartache and my fears,
To stun me as I gaze upon her,
Though I've crestfallened hard enough,
Will she realise what she's made of?
Unsure of what my Lord had created,
A curse...or a blessing which will never sate.
Most beauty are denied or not admitted.Maybe beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.But personally,I feel dissatisfied by this.
Emma Q Mar 20
Cursed from yonder to go on,
Forever wandering on and on.
Lama Apr 9
you gave me something i couldn’t refuse
but i hate it, it’s sickening me
it’s your love that i didn’t ask for
and you keep crawling into me
i’m tied in a place called love
i can’t seem to leave
attached to you, exposed to you
i was hiding now i’m fully seen
i always try to break the cage
you always find the path where i escape
are you blessed for having me?
or am i cursed for having you?
Arisa Mar 12
I don't know much about you,
Handsome stranger,
And I shouldn't want to know you at all.

I love my lover, dear stranger.
You harbor no thought of me. And if such lust blooms,
I'm forced to wilt in guilt.

Part II of 'Sweetie'
Lieke Jan 26
I want to punch you 'till you bleed
twist you bones 'till they snap
vacuum the remainders of your heart
then squeeze your veins 'till you no longer

But when the starting gun is fired
I am stopped by gravity
pulling me back
humanising this creature dressed as you
solidifying the sea of hatred a mile tall

The more I fight
the more I cry
each drop that splashes on the ground
is a piece of my heart
                       for all the creatures in this world.
7 July, 2018
vanessa ann Mar 2018
flatten your tongue
slip it between your teeth


your little lips
forming an elipsis


put them together
and may you declare
a word you’d so carefully deny—

you spell it out
on table tops
shout it
from the rooftops

and when cursed hands
seek to defile your shrine
may you exclaim
"i am mine"
for my precious friends with hearts too soft to say no. may you be a little more selfish.
I am not a human being,
I am the deity of profound perceptibility,
touch me with your terrestrial senses and die,
blessed or cursed for eternal life.

(My autobiographical book will be out soon.)
Jarene Nov 2018
my heart hurts
i’m stuck with
this curse
i need to learn
how to love
it kills me first
Dead Rose One May 2015
let us to the chase cut,
love lesbians
for we
value the same thing...

a woman's beauty,
a woman's way of seeing,
a god-miracle,
walking down the street,
can barely breathe,
his female creatures delightful,
want want want want
the fullness of their presence,
in my life, even just, my eyes,
adoration of the magi

they make me,
they make me,
life worth living,
this is art appreciation,
load and life bearing,
they humble, gentle
this birth-cursed
they make me
who I am...
this is not about ***, if that, is not amply clear...
Dlusionl13 Jun 2018
You are a powerful wizard
While I am a mere mage
Spellbound by your eyes
I am trapped in your cage

I am being held captive
In the beauty of your mystical mind
Lost in the spells of your charm
My spirit I am unable to find

Cursed I am by your magic
Wandering in the depths of the
Maybe yours maybe mine
Whose it is I cannot determine

Entangled is my fate
In the strings of your destiny
You are the healer of my thoughts
Saving me from my agony

Bewitched is my heart
Breaking by the spells you cast
Caged in the colours you hide
I am being punished by my past

Enchanted by you I am
The one reviled by all
But I see through your masks
You are drowning in your pain's rainfall

Enticed are our souls by each other
I hope this is not an another treachery
Because love for me
Was always a wicked sorcery
astraea Aug 2018
somehow, right now,
it’s winter and i’m wrapped in your embrace.
somehow, it’s winter and we’re all wearing brown,
sitting on soft couches and listening,
pretending we’re oh so smart,
when really?
we’re oh,

and all our hearts, they’re strewn across the floor,
all our work is forgotten,
as we kiss and touch and watch the snow fall,
and sit down to dinner,
where we slow dance -in the living room,
then wrap our arms around each other,
repeat the same songs on some ancient tape player.

those slow drumbeats, the soft jazz notes,
the growing thrum of this cursed city
-the one we danced to? sank into the sheets with?
this, this is where we got lost in us.
with the snowfall outside and, who would have noticed
that we smell like something other than fall candles.

i grin, and we grab our things off the floor,
and laugh it off. somehow, we know this place,
it’ll always be our home. after all,
sweaters cover our marks in a way sun-clothes can’t,
don’t they darling?

now, soft skin, pearlescent,
seems like some sort of luxury, a wish made during yule,
something i can only share with you,
because truly, i don’t think i’d want to share this cold place,
unless they were you.

and as we waltz to slow music, as we plan, as we laugh,
as we sit down in the candles,
i think i’m falling all over again,
because your eyes look hodded in the light,
your skin inviting, your mouth soft,
and your smile makes me wish you’d swallow me whole.
based on perfect places (lorde), and **** your darlings.

inspired by:
To see us in time
And space
There is some kindness in the stars
I just count my blessings
Carrying earth's curse from the start, I wither
with weeds and fruits, too ****. I am not
who they want, these lies
I eat
till my skin grows gaunt.

So I'll slither away from wanton eyes 
seal the cracks of my disguise.

I put a penny in an offering plate, a little
too little, a little too late.
with marble eyes they piously peer
consign me to my feral fear.

So I'll slither away from wanton eyes
seal the cracks of my disguise.

But you press up to the glass 
around my heart, knowingly
you see
I'm playing a part 
tap, tap, tap
through each
shame-built wall 
whisper, let truth in your bones now crawl.

And your words like darts pierce
my soul, piecing-me-together 
making me WHOLE
man can't live for the minds of men, no
there is no happiness, even then.
their notions like venom in our veins 
bind us in cold, white-feather chains.

So let these thoughts your mind unbind 
till your own light you can find.
Tammy M Darby Jan 2014
Evening slipped into the long abyss
So fell the red moon
Malicious shadows forecasting doom
For the cursed animal man
Inhabiting the precious earth

Fearsome rolling rivers ran dry
Black smoke filled the spanning azure skies
The churning murky green oceans gave up the bones of their dead
When the moon turned red

The crust of the hard ground shook
Split and burst into deep fiery crevasses
Dark yellow orange smoldering nooks
Swallowing all of life
So obliterated was mans world as we know it
Barron and dead
When the moon turned red

This poem is copyrighted and stored in author base. All material subject to Copyright Infringement laws
Section 512(c)(3) of the U.S. Copyright
Act, 17 U.S.C. S512(c)(3), Tammy M. Darby Jan.10, 2014
And sometimes I think I'm cursed;
for whenever someone tries to come close to me, they leave me broken.
vanessa ann Jan 2018
this is a tale
of two star-crossed lovers
with a love so powerful
they tainted the heavens
with bursts of colours

they were never meant to be;
mischievous little kids
finding love in sinful glee
in laughter, between dreams and reality

and though it was lawless,
they found solace
because in every prison,
they found a rhyme and a reason

but even for a love so great,
they could not escape
the fates’ wrath and envy

destiny pulled on their threads
cut them loose, thrusted them into misery;
for their memories were wiped clean,
but feelings remained as strong as they had ever been

the boy exiled in a far off land
across the pacific sea
the girl trapped in her need to break free
in a realm both boring and bland

ensnared in a labyrinth of woe
the lovers yearned for anything—
for something, for someone,
to obliterate this endless longing

the gods answered them
in the form of two loved ones
polished in every edge,
a perfect someone

but perfect felt too perfect
and not perfect enough
to fill up the hole
left by a perfectly imperfect

until one day the gods whispered
for the winds to push the two
and the birds to tug at their sleeves
over mountain and sea
even through the darkest valley
so their paths would finally meet

and so they did.

in the flurry of a moment
a pair of brown eyes met
and time was frozen
once more

the two stared intently
as if remembering a broken melody
a lost childhood song
branded as a wrong

the birds fluttered and flew
taking the cursed red fibre
snipped them in two
and the lovers felt all the lighter

it was the girl who spoke first:
“**** the stars.
i don’t want perfect,
i want you.”

eyes dazzling, the boy nodded:
“we’ll invert the universe—
the night sky a blank white
the stars pitch black
the earth moving in reverse”

the fates saw and surrendered
as the stars began to wither
for this love is love
in all its splendor

so the lovers walked away with a promise
under their breaths, they both swore:
“i lost you once,
but nevermore.”

they say no one can rewrite the stars,
so i propose we orchestrate supernovas.
I walk to school every day
And every day I go the very same way
Today I thought I’d try something new
The grass was so green and the sky so blue.

So I walked through the trees
so I could smell the sweet breeze
As I got farther in the wood
Things got stranger than they ever could.

A little white rabbit stopped to ask me the date
And cursed as it ran off saying I’m late I’m late
A pink cat that seemed to disappear
Told me that I was ever so near.
On the ground was a deck of cards
The queen surrounded by all her guards.

“Time” A mad hatter asked
But I was too focused on my task
In the distance I heard a beeping sound
But saw nothing when I turned around
I felt someone poking me in the head
And awoke to realize I was still in bed.
A child's poem
© 2016 Christine Mulvihill
Read more at http://******
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