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Tristan Currie Jul 2018
I don't believe in being humble anymore
Righteousness is the key ingredient in ignorance.
And in the hands of the righteous
innocence becomes arrogant misdirection.

To care for people is hard but crucial;
so have compassion,
and have anger.

I feel not, exactly the same
as you feel
nor exactly the opposite,
because a supposed majority don't.

I feel compassion
I feel anger
because, on balance, feelings guide;
They hurt, they're inconvenient
they bleed,
they can even die.

But nurtured and given time to develop,  
given a protective but non-insular infrastructure of thought
a feeling grows to reflect more than what is inside you,  
so you can overcome self-doubt -
and thwart unneccessary suffering the world over
Feel that bass-line push
us off of base-line; beauty
and the dynamical sublime.

Raise us up 'til we're amazed,
Praise be The Apotheon
in all its daze.

"Hallelujah, hallelujah
Not here to praise ya
Just here to raise ya
Fill you full of nails"

See the Monday's crucial difference to
today's flaw of apotheosis; we deify
this 'maze' and give ecstasy praise.

Hallelujah, hallelujah!
Let successive beats flow,
Amplify empathy; take it.

"Oh sweet sensation",
"Closer to all your dreams";

"I wish this was real".
-Lines Seven to Ten from Hallelujah (Club Mix) by The Happy Monday
-Line Seventeen from Sweet Sensation by Shades of Rhythm
-Line Eighteen from Closer To All Your Dreams by Rhythm Quest
-Line Nineteen from Jip in Human Traffic (1999)
athena Nov 2016
the most crucial thing
in every existing connection
in the boundless hoop
would be time

it could start and end
if it wants to  
it wouldn't care and pause
for your overflowing
blob of emotions
drowning your lungs
along with your organs

let me tell you,
i was a victim of time too
but oh, there are things
you don't deserve to know
Kara Jean May 2016
Vulnerable, is my fame
******* on my dreams
Acquaintances speculate, at my disbelief
Crucial moments,
I'll eat popcorn instead
Wasting, a life that was over spread
Blank raw abyss,
Left in loneliness
He picked me up,
****** tension,
Consumes our bodies
His pants fall,
Pleasure pounding
Curled in a ball,
I scream
Tension built,
My *******, I grip
Is it love or quality
Either way, we crave
Mike Hauser Sep 2014
I got here...

At the tail end of the moment
The last wink in the dream
On the second that I want it
The space that's in between

I arrived with...

The bread before it's buttered
The writing on the wall
The deadline at it's most crucial time
The longing in the distant call

Where I saw...

The show before it opened
The wonder in all it means
The only thing I'm hoping
Is that I haven't missed anything
Terry O'Leary Jun 2015
Someday I'd like to wander free
like butterfly, like bumblebee,
perhaps to plant a willow tree
beside the silent solemn sea,

before these things exist no more,
from mountain top to shifting shore,
when, soon, bald eagles cease to soar
and build their aeries nevermore,

and fish forsake polluted streams
(where sulfur swims and typhoid teems
since no one really cares it seems)
to die inside our toxic dreams
while ice caps melt and winter steams,

and all the air surrounding reeks
as children choke, for no one speaks
of fracking wells or oily leaks
(Big Brother's silenced all critiques!),

and rancid rains acidify
so woods no longer multiply
(for God so wills, we can't deny,
which is, of course, our alibi).

And as the deepest ocean fills
with plastic bags, and garbage spills
upon the plains, across the hills
and turns to poison dust that kills
wild dingo dogs and daffodils
which sink in swamps’ forsaken swills,

the mocking bird makes light and trills
(midst waning wails of whippoorwills)
"Behold the surreal scene that chills
and greet the dread that death distills!
You've had your day with all the frills
that brought the flood and final ills
that can't be cured with bitter pills
nor yet undone with further thrills
of profit gained that grinds and fills
dead desert sands with dollar bills."


Though swaddled still in infancy,
we feel we’ve reached our primacy
(aloof, though preaching piously,
disdaining deeds of decency)
and have no need of augury.

But in the pit of prophecy
the crucial questions seem to be:

“Is doom Earth’s fate, our destiny
to twist in tides of agony
destroying nature’s progeny
with no return a certainty
assured by death’s finality?”


        ”Should we plant a willow tree
to someday weep for you and me?”
Johnnie Woods Aug 2018
There are five widely known senses.
Sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.
We've got some minor ones as well, such as balance, temperature and many more.
However, people fail to realise that there's also the sixth major sense. Thoughts themselves.

   If we look closely, all these five senses have the same base. Specified cells in eye react to energy of light, cells of ear recieve energy in form of air's vibrations, skin cells pick up energy of mechanical changes, and so tasting and hearing depend on translation of certain substances' chemical energy.
   These cells in different organs differ in their structure and the way they appear, however, if we stop looking at them in such small scale, we can see that ALL of the cells or organs responsible for any sense translate the energy.
   So, a light enters the eye, certain wavelenght of certain energy stimulates the eye's rod or cone cells with a certain intensity. Then the energy of light is translated to energy of electrical impulse, which goes straight to the brain, creating the sensation of sight.
   If it comes to smell, a certain particle enters the nose, binds to a smell receptor cell, and the chemical energy of this particle is, again, translated to energy of electrical impulse, which goes straight to the brain, creating the sensation of smell.

   Now, let's move to the crucial part. The sense of thoughts.
   During the creation of thought, pathways in our brain that collect memories(and many more known or unknown pathways) connect. First, there's this spark of electricity, that moves all along the neuron and releases a dose of neurotransmitters(amount of different NTs is equiavlent to strength of this spark, basically resulting in "creating" various thoughts).
Then, chemical energy of NEUROTRANSMITTER is translated to energy of electrical impulse, which happens in the brain, creating the sensation of thought.
   Therefore the 'sense of thoughts' reacts to and is stimulated by neurotransmitters themselves, with receptors on neurons' membrane being receptors of the stimulus. So, kind of like smell, the stimulus is chemical, compared to sight, where it's electromagnetic wave; anyways the result in all of these is electric impulse in neurons (hence the idea of "thoughts" as a sense, due to the same basic layout; transfer of energy).
   The 'smell particle' connects to receptor and is translated to a certain amount of neurotransmitters/certain strenght of neuronal impulse. SO, again, we can see that when the first outer layer of this communication is cut off, we're left only with the neurotransmitters and impulses themselves. Anyway, the transduction of energy remains.

   If it comes to "sense of thoughts" the receptor lies within us, whereas in sight or smell or touch it's external. However, does it matter if it's on the surface of skin or under it if it all comes down to neurons of our brain?
   When you lie in a dark, silent room, without any external stimuli, you still retain your thoughts, colorful, vivid or complex. All the magic of the brain - still happens. So, how isn't it a separate, full-fledged sense?
everly Aug 2017
Her teeth as white as my mothers porcelain doll
and itty bitty *******
with a rear that was particularly
it was unsettling
yet her tan lines were
extra crucial.
Her thighs
the type you could use
as earmuffs
year round.
She had ******* of a dancer
Petite yet fitting her stature.
i miss her golden brown eyes that'd
and even when i’d be looking into the sunset
her pupils would still dilate when
looking at me.
just trying to change things up 8)
Raihah Mior Sep 2018
1.  It always happens completely unexpectedly.

It could be a year from now, perhaps another 5 years, maybe tomorrow. It could be the person you've been liking for the longest time, it could be your bestfriend that you didn't think you'd fall for, it could be the guy you met for three days during your sister's graduation day. Nothing's ever really certain. You just don't know when it'll happen. And with whom.

2.  It's good to know what you want. But never set expectations.

I've come to realise that what's most important is that you share the same or similar end-goals with the person. Having different outlooks on life isn't necessarily a bad thing, as long as the things you wish to achieve in life are, or should at least be aligned to one another - whether it's family, career or personal life goals. It's also good to know what you want in a person in terms of his/her core values. BUT, having a list of what your dream person should physically and mentally turn out to be? Nope, throw that out.  

3.  Self-love before anything else.

It's about acknowledging your flaws. Knowing and understanding your little quirks. Enjoying time by yourself and taking pleasure in your own presence. Looking in the mirror and feeling beautiful/badass. Ultimately, it's about accepting yourself exactly the way you are. Loving yourself first and foremost, above all else. And eventually having enough confidence to know that however and whoever you are, the other person will come to love every single little detail about you.

.....but what if they don't?

Simple. Get outta there. You don't deserve it.
You've got too much self-respect for that.

4.  Take all the time you need.

In an era of technological advancements and glorified instant gratification, it's easy to fall into the abyss of wanting more and more and wanting it NOW. Everywhere you look, everyone around you seems to be falling in love and having the time of their lives. Pfft, it isn't that hard is it? People find their soulmates all the time. It's just a mere click of an app. Swipe right, there you have it.

Now... here comes the hard-hitting truth. Falling in love is a literal piece of cake. Staying in love, now that's the hardest part. This is where patience and taking the time to know a person is crucial. It's very important to know the person as a friend first before anything else. Also, the friendship should make you feel comfortable enough to know that no matter how much time you take and need, it only proves that it'll further flourish into something even more meaningful as time progresses.

It's like cheese. It's only better with time.

5.  It should set you free.

I used to think love is somewhat this concoction of paradoxes -  it should be happiness and despair, goodness and pain, all jumbled up into one. You're supposed to love someone so much till it hurts. You're supposed to miss him till your head spins and your heart literally aches. It's supposed to make you feel like the worst.... but completely in love.

But as time passes and age matures me, I start to realise that it should be in fact, the complete opposite. Well, yeah, maybe it should make you feel like all those generic lovey-dovey things like in rom-coms. It should make you happy and grin like an idiot. It's gonna turn you into a big ball of cheesy fluff sometimes.

But what it should really feel is easy and breezy, like a pretty summer's day. No one has to feel like you're giving too much and receiving too little when there's mutual understanding and love for each other. It shouldn't feel burdensome when both of you respect your boundaries and spaces. There should too, be times spent apart. You are, after all, two completely different individuals merged together. Your union should make you strong but light on the feet; attached but not chained to one another. You are each the savoury and the sweetness of a PB&J sandwich; both constituting different parts of a whole.
I know this isn't the slightest bit like poetry, and that it belongs in a journal or something... But I dunno, it's been circulating in my head for quite a while. I've just been reflecting on past friendships and relationships a lot lately, I guess.
The Rogue Poet Apr 2014
Life is a never ending game of crucial decisions.
It is like whatever path you choose
there is a trap ready to squash whatever idea you may have had.

So basically we are born into this world to grow up, learn to survive, and work as modern day slaves save up for retirement and die. Yes we are all promised a graveyard, but yet we can not live the way we would like to due to repercussions of laws we have to follow.

Also during this got dam amazing so called mother ******* "Free Life" It is in my best interests to find a woman to love, for the rest of our lives while producing the next generation of modern day slaves.

I must say Bravo! This nations government keeps so many things under wraps just to keep the people somewhat satisfied while still eating their fill.

Back to me ranting about love in this generation...Ha! it is a mother ******* joke. Attractive women want attractive men which have a job, a nice car, some social status, and is financially stable. Ok all those things I mentioned yes are Great perks, BUT!! 99.9% of those guys lack sense of humor, they could care less about your feelings, are very likely to cheat on you in the future , AND are with you because you are attractive and/or have all these great perks I mentioned that women look for.

It is truly sad because it looks like it is getting worse as the years pass by. I know exactly who I could have a great and fruitful life with and I could be everything she had ever wanted and more! But of course My physical image is not what she wants so she will continue to be oblivious and will continue to get her heart broken time and time again. If you are reading this WAKE UP

*The Rogue Poet
Steve Page Apr 2017
And when you read
Don't rush -
Theres no need to read
with undue speed.

And when you read
Start with a suckle -
Work up to a nibble -
Until you can gnaw without a dribble.
I encourage you
Get down to the marrow
Like there's no tomorrow.
Savour each word
As food for your soul
And live as a model
As to how to live whole.

And when you read
Apply your mind daily,
Apply each word liberally
(especially to those out of the way
hard to reach places).

And when you read
- Study
Sometimes with a buddy
But - study.
This is no hobby,
You can't afford to get sloppy.
It's as crucial for the soul
As five a day for the body
- So study.

And when you read
Treat each word
Like a tutor;
It can teach you
How to live shrewder.

And when you read
Sustain it like a seed,
Ensure you pay heed
Cos it will never mislead.

And when you read
Do it to a plan,
Always with intent
And be sure
To finish as you began.

And when you read
Commit to it daily,
Commit it to memory
To avoid thinking lazily.

And when you read
Do it while a commuter
Do it on a computer
Do it with a kindle
Do it with audio
Do it with a paperback
Do it with a hard back
Do it from front to back.
However you develop the knack
Don't let yourself slack;
This Word is no throw back,
It will keep you on track.
So just read.
Hebrews 5:13-14
1 Peter 2:2-3
2 Timothy 3:16
1Timothy 4:13
Saint Audrey Jan 2018
The softest whispers of
Past ideas, and inclinations
Postulating long ignored dreams
Of long dried progenitors
Upon which we now look down

From the mouths that pour out banal well wishes
To the frozen digits, attached to architects and engineers

Most come to understand the past lies in fragments

Crucial details overlooked, time and time again
Lost amid a sea of bleak optimism
Futurism has its place, along side the winds
The ones that bring the same tired tides

I've drawn myself yet another line in the sand
The definition is as lucid as I could possibly be
Maybe a reflection of identity
It keeps shifting

Stepping forward, though unsure why
Commandeering tidal waves
Building bridges between figments in the skies
Attention drawn
To the edges of half way signs

"Onward and forward", the dead still proclaim
Long after the earth is packed
After death, so many still remain, if for the moment
Apparitions, spiritual possession of discourse
Tearing away from the pale, and digging deep into the fresh crop

You'll be gone soon enough
Into the standstill, though
The dead see it differently

Cosmic mistrust, a classic case
To free yourself from the very shackles
Blood had prepared you for, oxygen raised you for
Natural order now spurned
Floor to ceiling, ceiling to walls
Connected them seamlessly

What are you still fighting for, now?
Sara Kellie May 2018
Leave my Nan out in the rain, it'll be right.
She's having veg later with some meat, on a bone but meat.
No gravy, she's too lazy. She will not thread it.

So what do you think? Shall we fold it the other way?
Do it tonight, it won't be today and not quite black but definitely not grey.

If it smells like cheese, just wear one and keep one eye open!
Then, we may even finish third.
Remember, listen for the sound.
It's crucial, like a twenty pence piece.

Dust! Always dust. Grams and ounces of the dustiest dust.
Never before six and never after six.
Just continuous with no bends, bubbles or any of that material you really like.

Because when he'd finished speaking (The Italian) I didn't understand a ******* word of it!

"Sorry, I don't speak Italian", shrugged my shoulders, did that thing you do with your bottom lip and ****** off.

A poem describing the problems we encounter through language barriers.
The solutions we create to overcome them!
Especially the English
Spiralize Sep 2018
Standing by the shallow waters I stare
Sun is shining but no shadow is visible
The other side has something unknow
But I feel too weak to sail my boat..

What I might find I am not aware
The first push I give is crucial
The Mast is broken,wind sail is torn
As I felt a spear down my throat..

Cross these waters before the thunders
But why am I afraid of them now?
Let the wind sail the ship home
Take me to the place unknown..

Random things at random times
Is a symptom. We have to adapt
Weak heart has an ego to be killed
Mosaic minds have to be willed...
Demon of destruction has set out to destroy me...
From morning to night it feeds out to control me...
But the Light of Christ has enabled to comfort me...
Mandated from Darkness it sets out to capture me...

Fortified by the Armor of the Almighty...
I fight the battle with Divine Splendor...
From the deepest part of your soul your Umi tries to control and overpower Yami.
From the deepest part of your soul your Umi* fights control Yami* (Umi:Darkness Yami:Light)
Objective is try to not let Umi win over Yami.
We shall fall in battle weary, armor broken, divine splendor shattered...
Ready to give in when the Highest...
Saves us from doom from complete darkness...

The Radiant Morning Star shall emulate light into your soul essence...
Furthermore, restore the power of your Divine Armor...
Conquering the pestilence that roams in the dark...
Destruction demon weakening prayer empowerment rising...
Then we drawl in the Heavenly sword...
Which shall slay the demon decapitating his head...
Hallelujah the judgement from heaven has been made...
Stand united Brotherhood of Light...for this is an ongoing battle between your Life and your Soul...
1 being alive to do as much good as possible pleasing The Almighty daily and at all times. 2 Allow God to be in control and your outlook on Life and what it brings the good the bad the ****...Christians must stand war ready for our spiritual temple to wedge war against principalities, dark powers, witches, witchcraft, spells, plagues of doom, prophecy from the other realms, dreams, illusions, perdition and lastly soul contracts.  Jesus Christ the intermediator and The Father and the Holy Spirit...
Lucifer doesn't sleep doesn't eat doesn't give up from the day you take your first breath till the moment you take your last...

Let God help you can truly feel free of worldly chains... disobedience to The Almighty and Denial of the Work of The Spirit Of Fire...
Eight blue flamed tongues...
The immortal and unimaginable power he holds...
The Holy Spirit the doppelganger of The Father...or The Almighty One...

Allow spiritual sleep come be awake and allow the force of God the Omnipotent, Omnipresent the One Ethereal Benign Being...

Love is his ultimate power the Alpha and Omega. Beginning and End. Existence recreating itself within itself...a world of random possibility. But with direct order from its atom microorganism the human being. We choose right from wrong we are given "Free Will" and in the end God shall judge all...

~Stand Prepared for Judgement Day~...for HIM known as God shall judge according to his divine will and perfect impeccable truth within truth a experience so drastically real you will know exactly where your headed....the Heavenly Realm situated in the ultimate realm of the Multiverse. Or Hell the Eternal Sanctum and punishment of Wicked Corrupted Souls, souls that denied The Holy Spirit Of God. Within the Heavenly Realm this majestic immortal being  exists the entity known as God...
From there inside the Holy Throne to the right of The Almighty...sits the Only Begotten Son (Ultimate Atonement for Humanity: The Lamb, Jesus Christ) then his Querubins,Seraphims and Messagers. Followed by Holy Beasts and 24 Holy Kings...

The power of Lucifer Prince of Darkness...God Demon. Ruling over Leviathan, The Black Legendary Dragon, a hierarchy of Demons from Pride, Lust, Gluttony, Wrath etc.

Are you with us...Christians Warriors Of Light...or against us...

Decision is crucial here we are battling for your eternity your salvation...

Come now calls the Lord come home...

To a Wicked Generation Lost in it's inevitable end and final resolve.

Don't be Godless remember Love is what God is made of...come ye weary lost souls come...Amen
©Franko the Christian Poet
Demons vs Angels the battle rages on. Love vs hate battle rages on. The color of your skin... racism must be abolished.
Cliff Perkins Nov 2018
1.  Preparing the bed:
The best way to start a fire
Is never let it die
Bank the embers
They will burst back in flame
When you are ready again
Do not wait too long

If you are too late, still-
Leave some ashes from the old fire
Like memories, they hold warmth
And make a place
To welcome the new one

2. Choosing the Wood:
Some wood burns hot
Some burns cool
You need them both

One provides the heat
That keeps the fire alive
In difficult moments
But alone, burns out far too fast

The other tempers
Slows the burn
Makes the longer stronger fire

3. Spacing the Wood:
Distance is crucial
Place the pieces carefully
Close enough to heat each other
But allowing room to breathe

4. Tinder:
If there are no embers, use tender
It flames at a touch
Heart of pine is best

5. Tending the fire
If all above goes well
A roaring fire
Still needs your attention

Sparks go astray
Hearths grow cold
Care is an active verb
Joanna Aug 19
Vessels of light, not beacons of terror, showing the way out for those in despair.

Rays of hope release comfort in the midst, and a rest that is contagious when nothing else fits.

Mirrors of wisdom meant to soothe and heal, the one caught in a never-ending wheel.

Soon to be revealed with the passing of time, these vessels are crucial to unveiling loves eternal sign.
To read more of my writings go to:
Farrell Nov 2018
Isn't it **** how you had so much hope for the future
so many dreams
even if none at all
still a feeling of being destined for something better
then all of a sudden your world comes crashing down
and you hit rock bottom
the come down of life's trials and tribulations can be harsh but crucial
but in the end you learn to listen
shyDust Feb 5
You engrave my thoughts with bliss,
Or atleast that's how I could remember...
Reaching possibilities missed,
With this downfall, will I ever conquer?
Ragged is it to define this hope,
Torn or overworn prayers tied upon a rope,
To reach this silent prayer spoken timidly,
A return hopelessly longed, do grant this aching mercy.

What must be done?
For consciousness to shake this insanity,
What could be done?
To delude the mind was a temporary remedy.

If to shut my eyes would blind these senses,
For a moment or two, grant me great slumber or rest,
For all this hope would fall in vain,
And not a single token could minimize the pain.

To endlessly want you is a drug that's fatal,
Paralyzing senses, a longing that's crucial,
So here's a piece I hope would steal a bit of your time,
For the FIRST of my five subjects,
These lines of my rhymes.
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