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Sobbingsoul Feb 5
You are my coffee
I am your creamer
In the journey
Of our sweet love
I have become
A crazy dreamer
arubybluebird Oct 2018
most of your favorite musicians are underrated
and I like you more for it

you take your coffee with two spoons of creamer
and three spoons full of sugar, and I'd like to drink some coffee with you sometime
My identity has been stolen enough times now

Four or five different people use my name with six different credit cards

I’ll clean them up, then ill be the real Johnny Appleseed again.  In no time,


... enough echoes have made it from the deejay to the tenders tip to the whisper, and enough men have checked up on that, silently,toward myself. When it’s all said and done, it’s still my fault. Then I need to find the next place to go...

And you know?  You’ll find me, eventually, at the starbucks furthest north in the northwest corner, blasting “Bulls on Parade,” enjoying the pints of beer and

Creamer in my coffee
Kay-Rosa Apr 4
Do you know
how your body is fed?
Do you truly see
how we make the bread?
Do you wonder the ingredients
concealed like a bedspread?
Well, I heard a fact
That's got me seeing red
About artificial flavors
that 'bout made me drop dead.

Now, it may not be visible
You might see it in a museum
In a petri dish, in a *****
It's called
It's not very pretty,
You wouldn't want to see 'em
Big business would tell you
If they were to take the veritaserum.

I apologize for the nastiness
but someone must be told
Its not on the nutrition label
Though it should be written in BOLD
I'm not sure how to phrase it
But it comes from the ***** hole
Of a dead ****** then
into your coffee, cold.

Once you realize
What's truly inside,
Coffee creamer goes from
Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde.
Now, I have been scarred
I don't want it cold, I don't want it fried.
I don't want it at all, I'm mortified
That they would put in the food I tried.

So fear the vanilla
And eat the chicken
And never forget that ******
was kickin'
Before it was deprived of its ***** matter
and stay away from things you don't know what they stick in.
Dedicated to Ms. Montoya
Y'all must be thinking that i sound mad as a hatter (and thats an upcoming work) This was a triggering experience in my science class and i had to alert the world.
Google castoreum if you REALLY wanna know.
ronnie hunt Mar 22
I’m just trying to eat my french toast and drink my coffee but you keep cutting me off as I’m about to take a sip take a bite asking why I like it with sugar i add a spoonful of creamer and you’re laughing
but not in a loving way
talking about my schoolwork and my plans for the garden
and you skip over the congratulations and mention your ex girlfriend
going on about your ex girlfriend and my face has hardened
i drink my coffee and try not to listen
i eat my french toast and i don’t pay attention
i’m looking at the man with the book eating alone
i’m looking at the waitress she's wishing she were home
i’m looking outside
i’m looking behind you
i’m looking anywhere but in your direction
so you don’t see me either
excuse me and i’m up
the bathroom is empty and nobody saw me
the mirror is clean and i am *****
the lights are brighter than i want them to be
and the soap dispenser is empty
Dylan Mcconnell Jan 2018
Which has lead me to crush on a LOT of adults. Because they do the following:

Having a good conversation that doesn’t end up in some fight. So it can be having this really hard conversation about death and he won't jump to conclusions. He won't assume I'm suicidal. And he sure as **** won't assume I need to go to the hospital. I love him for that.
Telling me when I’m acting like a *******. Like last night. "Just because something happened between us doesn't mean you get to isolate in your room." Thank you for helping me get my head out of my ***. I love you for that.
Sharing a cigarette. I love you for sharing addiction with me. You know addiction, you get addiction, you are an addiction. Man. I love you for it.
Buying me coffee. Meaning, you bring me in a good bag of coffee that actually doesn't need creamer to taste good. I love you for actually having taste.
Giving me compliments or calling me beautiful, even when I don’t have a bra on and look like I well, just woke up. I love you for speaking Spanish to me, because no one is that ****, but you are.
Telling me the truth. Like, “hey Dylan, you’re being stupid. Don’t kiss him.”
Sharing interests. Whether it be poetry, or movies. Cats, or jeeps. Even kinds of cigarettes, or coffee drinks.
Telling stories about our past. It can be “hey I used to drink a lot...” or it can be “I was abused as a child”
OR it can be “I was put in the foster care system.”
All of it makes me fall irrevocably in love with you.
Because you somehow become relatable with that experience.
And, at the end of this day, friendship confuses me.
I don’t know where the line is between friends and soulmates.
I just don’t know.
I don't love anyone right now but god I hope one day I will.
Azfar Hakimi May 19
Dear dad,
I'm sorry that I admire mom than you
and I'm sorry that I only could reached the roof when you asked for a moon.

As you sip your favourite cup of coffee that taste so bitter, you always ask how am I doing even though the coffee was bitter as your day.

As I was walking with you last night,
the moonlight shines right through your face
and I could see your brave face light up the night
because for the first time his son was walking with him, chatting and doing casual ****.

I'm sorry I couldn't be the best son, I'm sorry I couldn't be your best son but I promise you that I'll be your creamer to your coffee even though you prefer sugar in it.
my Superman <3
Cece Feb 8
The sunset girls with warm smiles and sweet laughter. With ice cream, diamond earrings, diaries, romance movies under fluffy blankets, strawberry shortcake, lemonade made slightly too sour with a pink paper straw and perfect ice cubes.

The midnight girls with a wild side and messy hair. With perfect eyeliner, surprising laughs, black sketchbooks, late night ramen runs, stolen oversized sweatshirts, black cherries, fluffy socks under polished black combat boots tied in a neat little bow.

The sunrise girls with addicting voices and perfect high ponytails. With slogan t shirts, velvet scrunchies, red lip gloss, chocolate covered bananas, paintbrushes and easels, early morning hikes, coffee with creamer, foam, and probably too much sugar.

The sunshine girls with bright grins and  kind eyes. With light blushes, sweatpants, rainbow sprinkles, nails painted, flower tattoos, peaches and cream, messy bangs, sketchbooks probably covered in stickers and crop tops just short enough to tease, paired with cute bralettes.

— The End —