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Daisy Marrow Sep 2013
Oh, you were a book that I never have read
and ask anyone I have read them all.
I studied your cover and fell in love with your spine.
Oh, let me read you
let me explore your mind.

You were an album
and I loved all your songs.
I could sing them none stop all day long
and they would never get old,
not a single one.

You were my favorite flower
and I was a selfish kid
that wanted to pick you,
and keep you all to myself instead.

But you were a song
I had stuck in my head
I sang along until night when I crashed in bed.
We fit together just listen to our harmony.
Come on over
and keep me company.
You can bring your guitar and I'll bring mine
we'll be an unstoppable duet
just you & I
Caladrius Feb 2017
Our faults are comets
   that crashed into each other's stars
  Annoying, scarring the other, but
Ours is the perfect fairy tale.
   After all,
We are lovers,
  not saints.
Copyright © 2017 Caladrius All Rights Reserved
Genisis Corbett Jan 2016
Shy as a willow- o- wips  
Shallow as the forgotten
Monstrous as the devil they call me  
I am the thing that suffers from all pain
     from all knifes
       From all people
Calling me for what I seem to be
Teeth like crashed glass
Eyes like cold storms I am what you call  a nightmare, the thing you can't explain. The thing that is forgotten.
The thing that can't be seen.
Cathyy Mar 2016
There's a letter that I'll never
Deliver to you girl you left a mess in my world,
And now things in my bedroom
Remind me of you..

See there are old cd's I burned
And paper planes crashed by the door
And song lyrics spilled on the floor
I should probably clean it all up but
A part of me just won't forget us
You must have been pretty special
Cause these days, I try not to be so sentimental..
Did you get the memo?
I've been recording demos
And someday in December,
I'll record a single'
Just you wait.
I'm not going anywhere but up,
Though things in my bedroom remind me of you, I actually don't give a ****
I'm just bringing all of this up
Because, I thought it'd be nice
To spare you a thought, and a poem
Every now and then...
Oh **** we used to be the best of friends
And in my journals there's evidence
Man its been a while and you're still relevant..
So for the **** of it
Let's raise a glass....
Oh in my room theres a few birthday cards
But as the years go on, i get less and less of those
And theres a lava lamp, thats pretty small.. But thats okay
Cause its next to my cd player thats still playing my first mixtape..
So oh yeah, let's raise a glass..
To the person I am today,
Darling you said we all have to change
Well if i did, it came from a place of pain..
Thanks for the positive response on the last two poems! But this is typical Cathy now! A new little freestyle :)
Justin Apr 2014
Not a single **** was found,
or given on that day,
but when the earth had circled round,
the ***** came out to play.

It's cool it's cool she used to say,
Don't worry brah it's chill,
but venom dripped with cool disdain
from words she used to ****.

She smashed and crashed and cursed and cried,
All through our house of glass,
And when the dust had settled down,
I tossed her on her ***

And now she wanders, so alone,
and now I'm free to live
You've made your bed, I laugh aloud,
*I've no ***** left to give.
em Dec 2015
it's okay really,
it's okay that you can't commit
it's okay that it's been awhile since somebody wanted me
and it's okay if you decide you don't want to save me from these waves of loneliness that seem to have crashed over my head.
it's okay if you don't like to swim
I'll tell you that I'm easy, that it's okay if you don't want to kiss me goodbye, or hold my hand,
that I don't want you to.
and I'll tell myself it's okay to lie.
it's okay if you don't want to drink a glass of the sad songs  my broken heart will pour out for you.
it's okay.
it's okay.
it's okay really,
I'm not broken, just lonely.
I'm sorry I haven't been active lately loves, a lot has been happening.
RedD Nov 2018
We crashed

I was hit

made me think

He knows me

I must know him
blackoutpoem combo 25.11.18
Logan Robertson Aug 2018
My Estranged Dear
Why couldn't we piecemeal the past
The pieces that crashed
Over dinner and a cup of joe
Over the branches that glow
Why did the leaves fall from their limbs
Before the Autumn hymns
Before their time
Our days lost in chime
Why do two hearts sever alone
Confetti tomorrows falling to stone
Why my estranged dear do you dread
A benevolence served over broken bread
A posse of good nature willed
In fall of olive branches milled
To my estranged dears
Collectively over the years
I sat in front of the mirror
Farther away than nearer
Pondering the same sad old song
Of where golden went wrong
Was it being on the ruler of the river
With no catches to deliver
Being next to our campfire
Small flames freezing your heart's desire
Was the heat of the night
Dancing in plight
Were the words I spoke
Just a convoy of smoke
Was it sleeping in the restless tent
Your pent up passion spent
On black bears in others, you see
And not in me
To my estranged dears
My eyes were blind to your fears
I admit with regret
And knowingly I know my debt
Yet I can only wander on the past
In hopes that an ember is cast
A ruler I was not
Though vetted by such for naught

Logan Robertson

Logan Robertson Oct 2018
So he threw all his chips on red
Thought only of what was in his head
Which turned out to be shots of dread
For his seeds planted in young women's garden bed
Without nary water or breaking bread
Or nary knowing the breaches of his and her homestead
So he rushed down stranger's alley shed
On a runaway, wrongheaded cocky sled
Through her banks, he crashed her spread
Like a raging, raging thoroughbred
Nary was a thought of a rubber glove on his dragonhead
For the buried absence of love was in his heart of lead
There's his wife at home tucking their kids in their bunkbed
While he flirted with the forbidden apple instead
It was this night that lives in infamy for others to read this dread
For the news broke of a married man impregnating a young coed
Accosting such teen to what now proves to be his deathbed
Yet if he unwinds his c(l)ock and placed his chips on black he wouldn't have bled
Petering out the ills in his marriage he would have been freed
Now he shrivels in a shameful battle of what went through his head

Logan Robertson

I came back to read this. What a maze. I see a little lab mice running through the corriders of temptation, going this way or that, looking for that sugar cube. I see it racing, like its addicted. Then I look back at this poem and see a correlation.
Eriyalovesu Mar 2016
one lay hidden behind her choices
she has a mind
she has a soul
she knows of her mind
she knows what she thinks
she knows not of emotions
she fights for what she believes
not for what is safe
she want her desires
safe or not
as time fades her blance fades
her mind take's control
she forgets her place
she lacks apart of herself
she cannot see what she is doing
she sees the future as if it’s the past
her innocents stripped away
Her train of thought has crashed
she lives on for only her footprint to be washed away
emily Oct 2015

i used to think
i couldn't get addicted to anything
but when i see you smile
before you kiss me
i found myself awake at 3 AM the next morning
craving nothing but you
and that moment


like waves in the ocean
you crashed against my shore
only to recede away

now i'm stuck
on this miserable beach
waiting for your wave
to come crashing again
before was written before he left,
after was written 6 months later
Umi Apr 2018
That shooting star,
Loved the earth so much that it crashed right into it, burning away in passion, lethal, poisonous passion, to be with what it really wanted,
It cut through the darkness with our hopes, with our deepest wishes,
Before it vanished, like a long lost dream, or a overshadowed memory
As time ticks on, reality and illusion melt together, sharing a heart,
That too is a sign of death, as each lost its meaning by just doing this,
In order to heal my aching chest, I too must be to death in sweet love,
So I will not lose to anyone, daling, after all, once you give another a home within your heart, a part, yet small dies and fades into shadows
I know I am not alone, because I am reaching out for your love, dear
A last remote of lonesome fear, engaging the thought of losing what you hold so dear, is what makes it morbid, burning even hotter now,
But a fire burns out faster, the higher it reaches, so be very cautious,
Envy is for love the metamorphosis to turn into pure fury or hate,
A ****** devotion to be the only one your darling ever will desire,
As you fall, to death in love

~ Umi
Maha Feb 3
Why was it
I'd just written a perfect screenplay
So I looked up to deliver my final line for the night
That when I saw you
My computer crashed
To Them
Sanny Jul 2018
Our bodies were shivering.

We held each other.

Surrounded by water, out in the lake.

The thunder and rain crashed around us and I felt your lips on mine.

Our feelings for each other were so real and intense in that moment.

The memories and moments we have will be my favourite movie to watch.
It has been seventeen years
Since that dreadful morning
Thousands lost their lives unexpectedly
Hearts are still grieving
The events that took place on that day
Sadly presented turmoil and corruption
The entire universe shook badly
As we all witnessed the confusion and frustration
As planes crashed
And buildings started to fall
Everyone watched in horror
As our backs were against the wall
A sullen mood sadly appeared
Many people cried lots of tears
Such acrimony and melancholy still lingers
After all of these years
Em Oct 2018
You loved cautiously
from afar
gliding your fingers through crashing waves in open sea
while you flew near water just to be safe
incase the heat of us burnt you alive,
so you avoided it entirely.

I loved recklessly
never too far
I could practically reach out to the blazing orb in the sky burning me
taking that burden of the heat all alone
my wings dissolved.

I tried to make us work
but how can I fix us if it's only me trying.

you were so distant you never noticed me fall
but only noticed once I was already far gone
you assumed I "gave up" on us

but you,
you gave up on us
by never trying.

I flew too close to the sun...
I crashed and I burned
I was alone to face the heat
of all our problems
when i burned to ash and dust you blamed it on me

Robin Lemmen Dec 2018
And it was almost as if
I found stars in your eyes again
Lying on your bed, head on your thigh
Stroking my cheek
A lazy smile haunting the corners of your mouth
Beautiful, as the lava lamp gave light
And my eyes closed slowly
Hold me, I am home
For a second I was looking at the boy
The man I once got to call my best friend
And we kissed the stars into meteors
Soaring, spinning, free
We were infinite
But we never got the soft landing we wished for
We crashed into ourselves
Losing sight of the moon and stars
Just like we did back then
Like we always do
Until we are no more than mere stardust
Sarah Berube Oct 2017
When I looked into the sky,
The wave of blue that is the same shade of
Your eyes crashed over me.

My heart ached when saw that color.
It was like having to kiss you
All over again.

There was not a cloud in the sky, 75 degrees.
Our first date was at night.
I have not felt this warm in months.

I reached my arms out in front of me,
Palms toward the sky,
Basking in the heat that refilled me.
I was consuming the sun.
Benji James Jul 2018
Benji...this is your conscience speaking...

"You'll never be good enough for her,
Who are you kidding?
You aren't attractive enough,
To obtain her love.
What are you thinking boy...?
Why are you trying to destroy
everything left inside yourself.
Do you want to be addicted to this drug?
Better stop praying to the sky above...
Get back up Benji, move a little faster
or this storm is going to catch up with ya.
I know you don't give a f**k,
But you better start
Or you'll end up back in that slump
and this time...I'm not sure you'll get back up
And pull yourself back out of that dump."

Resurrect everything inside of my soul
Reignite that light, that once shined
Bring me back
So I can fight, let me find
That parts of me that I lost
in the dark
Give me the spark
to restore life to my heart

Just can't seem to get a grip
People all around me
Are gritting their teeth
Waiting for my next slip
Trying to anticipate my next trip
That just ain't cool...
Why don't you worry about yourself?
I don't need your help.
I've dealt with everything else on my own
People catch me in public
speaking to myself
I'm just talking to the inner me
trying to work out my inner being
Haven't you ever been confused?
Feeling self-accused, hurt and bruised.

Resurrect everything inside of my soul
Reignite that light, that once shined
Bring me back
So I can fight, let me find
That parts of me that I lost
in the dark
Give me the spark
to restore life to my heart

"Benji look at you now...
You crashed yourself into the ground
You tried to rebound
Back from the darkness of life
You just drowned in the blackness inside
You are losing parts of yourself
Every time you're inflicted with pain
Your soul melts
You die a little more inside
You're trying to ride this tide
But you keep running out of time
So you better decide
If you're willing to climb
This jagged cliff edge
One last time."

Resurrect everything inside of my soul
Reignite that light, that once shined
Bring me back
So I can fight, let me find
That parts of me that I lost
in the dark
Give me the spark
to restore life to my heart

©2018 Written By Benji James
Kleigh Feb 18
I meet a star on earth
And we met like constellations
Can't describe his worth
It's hard to explain like mathematical equations
No one can be measure
'Cos he's like a galaxies' most precious

I love you all through eternity
To have infinity
To prove everlasting
In the end, I am just a dust and feel nothing

'Cos I fall too fast
That's why I crashed that harsh
Like a shooting stars
In a galaxy of broken hearts
To the man I gave my whole universe
matt d mattson Apr 2015
I washed my loneliness off in the soft pools of your warm body
In the rise and fall of the tides of your chest
I found redemption in the crash of your sighs
And the sacred secrets of your tremulous breathing

I sought shelter in the shade of your *******
The hot corners of your hungry mouth
In the small creases at the edge of your eyes
There was solace in the shadows of your flesh
That could hide my brokenness

For the storm of those moments
That collected like the splintered beams
Of crashed ships on the shore
I was free

And when your breathing slowed,
And the doors of your eyelids opened
I realized once more the depth of my solitude
Once more I saw the dirt on my soul
The dust collecting on my walled away heart
That grew old and bitter in its isolation.

I knew I did not love you

And I was using you

In the hot sweat of your desire,
I washed away my loneliness

But, I did not love you
And I never tried
Philipp K J Dec 2018
She strolled on the aisle in style
with a smile
Her profile being caught on her friends mobile
phone cam crashed her in to a rib breaking laughter
The sun lit sands of the isle
felt chill waves kissing the spray of sea water
"Walking in the mist of a spray bottle type of
Two AM in the morning on a roadside in
a lot of pain.
Crashed his car into a tree. No one in sight.
Wandering all alone, never feeling such a
lonely fright.
His bones were chilled, having too much to
Legs felt like logs, mind not being able to think.
Never did pray in his life, but all of a sudden
he started to.
Praying to see head lights coming his way to
help him through.
For the first time he felt like the sheep that lost
it's way.
Wondering where is his shepherd to lead him out
of his stray.
Laying down on the side of the road, too weak
to go on.
Later waking up to a nurse, holding his left arm.
Telling him if it wasn't for your Guardian Angel
he would have been gone."
A true story of an old friend back in High School.
No one ever claimed responsibility of taking him to the
Angel's are always among us. Even on a dark, roadside Residence!!!
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