English Jam May 30
Boredom on a Sunday is inescapable
I try to hide it behind playing my musical instrument
Trumpeting with my trumpet
Blowing my own horn
I'm praying no one interprets that last sentence as an innuendo
Anyway, I'm nodding off, signing out of reality
The world goes hazy in a second
And I'm sucked into the vortex of a dream

Weird how when a dream begins, we immediately understand the situation
For this scene, I'm spewing blood from my spleen like a bottle of sauce squeezed too hard
It stains the leather of my vehicle
My foot is compressing the pedal practically to the floor, and the speedometer is twinged in half from all the pressure
The monolith of a highway I'm speeding on titanically shakes as though giants stomp upon it
And the wail of a siren drives me into a frenzy as I try to escape the inevitable
Their polychromatic lights dance at the edges of my eyes, spurring rhythm into action
Even though they must be aeons behind, my heart melodramatically pumps in my chest as though the police are in the backseat
Blood bursting through my temple, thoughts wheezing by like someone's let go of hundreds of balloons  
Up ahead, the road twists itself into a knot of nothingness
My hands are wrapped around the steering wheel so tightly, I fear I might never be able to release them
It's a slight movement: right hand goes down, left goes up, but it kicks the vehicle sideways
My body slams into the car with a satisfying crunch and my mind spirals to spaghetti strands
Oddly enough, the world becomes rinsed with blue wash and I'm underwater

My train of thought becomes peaceful, melodic
I float about, running on the inverse of the waves
Here, even a scream is joyous as it sounds all bubbly and childish
Suddenly, a red streak runs across the ocean, chilling me to the bone and erasing all my bubbles
The sea becomes glittered with red and blue streaks, a warning
Bullets stab at my spleen, reminding me of the pain that was, and still is
And my body gears into a full 360, concluding my return to the real world
Or is it the dream world?
Oh well
Either way, I'm back in my car
Carelessly freefalling from nowhere
Weapons, glass, blood droplets, pocket change, pedestrians...all breeze around slowly
Pleading with me to wake up

Everything crumbles, and I smack my ugly head against the window, splattering my brains everywhere
My car flew from the sudden turn and I crashed, I think
Now I lay, grasping onto consciousness while pedagogues staple me to the ground
The Lawman towers over me, grinning madly at my defeat
The most barbaric insult, however, comes from the radio, still magically working
"I fought the law and the law won," The Clash idly sing
One of my favourite songs turned into dark irony
The last I remember before blacking out is the scarlet and marine lights clashing forevermore

When I wake up, I'm face-down on the stony and icy floor
The cold burns me enough to wake me from la la land
The iron grip of the handcuffs feels very real
Words are forced into my head, not by my own design, but sort of like they've been placed there
An argument as to whether existence has a meaning is taking place in my head, and I can't stop it
Sort of like how in a dream, you can't control your thoughts or actions
This is still a dream, right?
All was peaceful in the young realm
Just and Un-just had finished erecting their epic statues
The tree of Taste had begun to bear fruit in the royal courtyard
And youthful bliss ruled over the realm,
With jewels of jubilance, adorning its crown
But from the ghetto’s rose passion and puberty
Together conspiring to rouse the masses, their words infecting,
Each sector of emotion and thought
Eventually swarming the grand palace with its paltry guards
The twin rebels lead a crazed crowd that crashed through gates
And toppled the two statues, burned the tree of taste
Finally poor, pitiful, youthful bliss was dragged from their throne
The crown jewels of jubilance replaced by emeralds of angst
And now Puberty and Passion ruled
Under new banners of maturity
The numerals II Sir I to another
alphabet bowl of soup
The S was left out my survival
the love eyes so primal
He points widely- tribal his
marriage finger
Be kinder strawberry sugar high
Do you want me to bite down
on my wafers
-I for the Ivy League his polo loafers

He's my (Lifesavers) candy rainbow
The bow and arrow I met my
dark sparrow
So intrigued my mystery arrival

Why on earth do you want me down?

To focus staying upright but kinda
Tight-Net gown

I am not a falling we have eyes
The face to face prize to be eyed
The Carribean
That Native American
Johnny Depp
Or Johnny Bravo cartoonish
Do you want me down
When I make my big wish
This world is so body fit
But minds get to high
having a fetish

The pirate or the birdseye rash
Al Dente ziti  Eggplant Parmigiana
My special Pasta
The headless horse Dante always neighs
kills me on
Valentine day hearts are way too high

That frozen food all bird's
eye tweets hard as a rock
He knocked me off
Way too young and restless
I need to step up more reckless
I am the writer don't flood
My words with my chamomile
tea having a fantasy please no
Not the dead sea
Bring everything alive I am
counting to 12345

Down to my last words
I'm staying alive it's not
my time Saturday Night Fever
Don't deliver  orange pulp
I need more help like someone
will put me
in my grave Oh! No, not yet
All I will do is betcha life has
More than you will ever get

No way out of expensive
price tags we need to save
The give or take to remake
We need to finish not at
the end of the line

Where we were left off
Whats yours is mine

Sometimes you think
you are down
But life has you
well planted

To say I do
With his mind enchanted
Let me go up---++

The spirit is a complicated thing
I got wits to carry on anything

Will I ever make it
I need more guts
Now Bill said I do
Oh! No love me to please
me as I do

My Bill is always waiting
at the upside down table
So willing his cable
ignores me
For God sake who
will  really get serious
Feeling down to adore me
You're going down
the elevator
I saw your Realtor
going to
The Skyline Hilton
Her puppy eyes of barkery millions

I-O-U trillion hearts that were
down and wasted
Those downpours the

Falling eyelashes no surprise
That stock exchange allergic me
Being fooled mixed greens
The money rash caught
your blues

Money lip up and honey
eyes down
Do you want this in singing
or shall we both go down

I'm going to wash that
man right out_? And sent him on
the way he's gone
The brainwashing Scientology
misery loves religious company
Like Humpty dump me
His "snoop dog so sad eating
like Pig whistle steak
Peeping Tom sales week
Anthony Perkins down to seek

The sprinkler shower
Hitchcock scene French Tickler
At Tiffanies Audrey
breakfast jewels Ruby pancakes
Like the Amazon in Prime
With fruit slashed smile
Love to love you baby at
The shoot of ringlets hair screaming
Niagara fall and
falling for Autumn dreaming

You're a shade too hurtful
The red-brown chair or orange perk me
up the crown the Gala gown me

Life is so unkind why
do people smile
Going in and out the door
The rush the high like you could
mop her curls up but cleaning her down

Feeling inside the apple of the core
what a pity so many nice
Cities baking or mixing

The teapot all fenced in pretending
The downspout- you're up-sprout
He's the roundabout -handle
A stranger is routing someone
is always cursing
You're going down
my friends booing
The game sports ball out
And your always looking
down at me when you
talk me out

Like a ring fight
falling black eye
Where is our coffee down
to nothing, she got a pink eye
goodbye mess

It spilled all over upside down
pineapple printed dress

Having a breakdown
Do you want me down
I am the New York City girl
A clap of party hands Uptown

A figure of speech when you get
lonely go downtown
To my number
address 13
what a lowdown
In the Wizard of Oz,
the lion
crashed so way
down roaring
He broke my relationship so bragging
I had such a bad dream neverending
Love is all depending

My computer froze my red
rose wilted
I couldn't bring my smile
back to suit you
They were jumping for joy
Do you really want to love a tomboy
Almond eyes of candy Grease me down
Like Sandy
My pretty pink pill maybe I should
Google on down with Bill

Joining the falling down crowd
But no one had a clue my face was
falling down all-stars feeling blue
When we're down and about or feeling all over the place the roundabout we cannot get over something that we go more down and down but be pulling our weight going up but who will fill our heart when you just about had enough
CeilingStar Jul 9
He maps out his explosive past

A rich colourful story

He flew among stars

Crashed in the dirt

Covering his eyes and blinding his sight

Sentiment covered by years of sediment

He can no longer see life

His vision and mind alike blurred and murky

He refuses to acknowledge

If he could recall the feeling

He'd know life is worth living

But I fear he's gone

Lost in the nights stars

Holding on tightly to all he's lost

He sits frozen to his chair

Unmoving and staring into another universe

The only thing he feels is

The bleak of nothing

Always present

Emanating cold fractals of sadness and despair

The weak feeling of better years blunted and dissipating as I write this

Poetry will preserve it

But he's lost in his past life





— The End —