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Gerry James Aug 2018
I just sit and gaze,
And watch my walls burn in a blaze,
As I become captive to her eyes,
I see my darkest dreams

But I take a glance
In thought that I have a fleeting chance
Of escaping from her,
Not yet, it seems.

I fall to my knees
And I utter my pleas,
But she just smiles,
In the darkness, her smile gleams.

My demons scream and yell,
But it's no use,
Coz I’m under her spell.
This is crazy man what's going on? I ain't ever felt this way before
I'm a **** in silverfoil
with an outlaw's Excaliber.
Bottle of Moet,
I'll glass 'em like a poet.
You don't seek my mad company,
but should you meet bad company,
don't woz your pretty head over secret ingredi-
ent in my  Punisher's Pigfeed.

Coz you gotcha self a guardian stalker,
gotcha back, aintcha noticed
how all of your opponents slowly
grace missing posters?
Guardian angel taking out his frustrations
on your every enemy: you don't know you need me.
Coz every kiss I miss I gulp to my fist,
every yelp  of my heart
calls for a friggin' riot!

Sometimes you feel me on the night,
your own personal Dark Knight.
I firebombed Brighthouse
- why didja think that tumbledryer was on the house?
I won the war of all your stalkers,
but last code red cost me a cold blood rap.
'Cherchez la femme'
my ooh-la-la Remoaner
Knox Road tat. Reminds me ...

I'm your guardian stalker,
I went bit Christopher Walken
on your daughter's bully's father
in a black balaclava.
Guardian stalker, you know
that ****** dogwalker  
found sleeping with the ducks
- I did it for you, Fido too!
Coz every kiss I miss I gulp to my fist,
every yelp of my heart
calls for a friggin' riot!

Guardian stalker, uh-huh! Guardian stalker o' her!
Guardian stalker, uh-huh! Guardian stalker o' her!
You can't **** a man who's already been killed by love.
You can't **** a man who's already been killed by love.
Emergency convening of COBRA
can't **** a man killed by love.
Even Walker, Texas Ranger
can't **** a man killed by love!
Knox Road = Norwich prison
am shittin meself abar shittin meself coz shittin meselfs gon be bad
but da besscorsarakshn terattak da bad bastd wud be shittin meself first insted
more pooetry from the 'pool
SøułSurvivør Jan 2016
Thought I'd have a cuppa
to assuage my carnal thirst
I didn't know what I should drink
who I should have first

I thought of my friend Jack
Daniels to his friends
Life of the drunken party...
But it's only 9am

Then I thought of Harvey
who'd come in from the coast
But i really do not like him
'coz he's a milquetoast

Ah! I know who's perfect!
Tho I could be wrong
But he's tall, dark n handsome!
So very hot and strong!

He's uplifting! RICH!
He makes my heartstrings tug
He is bold yet mellow...
... and that good lookin' MUG!

Yes. I think I'll try him
he's got get up and go
He's the deep and "brew"ding type

he's my cuppa joe!

(C) 1/23/2016
For a friend... to liven up her day!
close enough is never close enough
you either is or you aint
an arf an a quarter an an eighth is only sorta
an ya never gonna make da whole weight
coz yer always gonna be short
no matter if ya think ya ought
ya never ever gonna be my fukkn mate
do one *** ed
There's this piece inside of me
which often seeks tranquility
but then it drenched in agony,
all because of a somebody.
A somebody that carries **** with him,
not a ring of flames but of darkness within,
Inflicting so much pain with a devilish grin
Showing no mercy, so brutal and mean.

So here's a poem that rhyme,
a piece of me is lost for quite some time,
couldn't find it's way back
'coz everything is covered in pitch black.
So now, this piece I have inside,
will forever be on the hide,
retreating slowly on the back of my mind,
making sure that it can never be found.
Nylee Mar 22
I bet you are tired now
Coz' you were in my dream
Yesterday night
Running a marathon.
You are the moon who lights up my dark nights,
The water thats satisfy my thirst,
The wine that makes me calm and brave,
Coz' I am an addict,that can never be rehabilitate
Coz' you're the drug, who does not run in my veins nor in my brain
You're infected in time,and you let me take my time
You make me feel like,not smilling is a crime
This is my dream,it did come true
How i really wish we can do it like,
Bonnie and Clyde in reality part two
just another hangover overdose
Sphoorthy Soma Feb 2015
You are not the sun
Coz I can live in darkness
You are not the star
As I can take the dullness
You are my ground without whom I cannot stand
Without whom I cannot enjoy all the light all the life in the world
You keep me on ur ground but yet make me feel like on cloud 9
You make it look so easy
Where all others fall behind
You touch me like an angel and hug me like a baby
I want you to be mine for all eternity!
nja Feb 12
The mirror is a farce, a myth, a crook
Our reflection is always exposed to our imaginative
and corrosions.
There is power in a refraction.
See whatever you want coz wer all blind anyway.
We never see the truth in the mirror
Shashi May 2017
Bright light's knife
swirl inside me
Cutting the edges
of the soul

Heart left withered
Hope betraying
Time fading

Memories, buried deep down
But not dead
Love's a trap
Darkness only friend

Coz it's time
Not of lights

Everything black
Is enlightening,
Everything shining

It's one decision away
Love, hope.. Pain, agony
Imprisonment and freedom

They dance above my head
Enjoying the show
Oh are they devils
Or angels, I do not know

They all appear same
Friends or foe
Misery or joy,
making me wonder
Am I a human
Or just a toy

When nothingness
Is all what left

Nothing to feel
Nothing to say,
No I do not fear of the dark
it's light that make me fade away.
Julieta Aurelio Jul 2015
There's this mask I wear
The glue is so tight
Hiding me, hiding all
All you don't see, unless you get really near
That I'm not alright
My eyes are dark and deep enough for you to stand in
My wrists are ******, so are my thighs
My heart is shaky
And I've got non stop anxiety
But from far you see this mask
You hear my loud laugh
And see me hold my tummy in pain from giggling at my own joke
You swear I have recovered
When actually my late night tears help me keep the mask on
I may not look injured
Nor hollow
Or in pain
Just with this smile on my face
Of this mask that I wear
I hurt unheard and unseen,
Impatient for good days.

If my heart was transparent
A lot wouldn't be the same
Anyways, I'm already used to building these walls around my heart.
It's protected, I guess. From the outside world yet within me the storm never calms.
Tears wet these pillows
All night through sometimes wishing that morning must never come
Holding the grudge against myself
While smiling to all standing right in front of me.
Asking is this how life suppose to be.
Limping with anger yet holding the last thought of laughter
One **** of life we living.
You see...
This mask doesn't show things in 3D
That's why I love rainy days
Coz my tears are never recognized
Sadness engulf my soul while hoping that one day I will be able to remove the glue on this mask I wear.
Duo with @DrewThePoet (twitter)
When my world was collapsing,
You came as a pillar,
When my dreams were fading,
You came as a light,
When my thoughts became blank,
You filled it in with color,
When my smile started dying,
You became the reason for me to rejoice,
When tears in my eyes overflowed,
You bought solace in them,
When I started feeling lonely,
You bought life back in me,
When my mood became emotional,
You made me practical,
When I missed terribly my people
You mimicked each one for me,
When darkness came near me,
You bought brightness with your presence,
When I felt it to be end of road,
You showed me new path, new goal,
When today I think of you,
So many emotions surge in my heart,
Love, Gratitude, Guide, Philosopher,
The best one though is last to come,
Coz’ I make you my dearest friend,
You have given me so much I can never repay,
But promise I make, to be always happy,
Promise I make, that I will always smile
As in my Smile lies my dearest friends Smile.

Neha srivastava
Written long back for a dear friend... A friend I can talk just like that even after not being in touch for 10 years...
Mykarocknrollin May 2017
It was like this
Always been his
But never been kissed
Sometimes I miss
But usually does it fit?
Can you feel a bit?
Under my lip
My veins start to flip
Not in a day that i think
That my heart will starts to kick
I hope this will not make you sick
Coz I just want to make
That our sometimes doesn't break
Brenda Nalugo Feb 14
The wound does hurt much
But the scar brings more pain

Probably coz i was so obsessed with healing
With the Washing away the pain
T  never hurt as much
But the scar
So dried up & permanent
That hurts more
Charity starts at home don't we say?
Be kind to your kith and kin come what may.
A family's not only your safe haven
Tis pals your very own roots
Water these shoots with love devoid of hate
So they bear you sweeter fruits.

Maybe you'd say that's not so easy
but perhaps that's coz you just too busy
Or your clock just don't chime
for quality family time?
For if you can't make time for a letter or a hug
Then let my poem give your conscience a gentle tug.

And if this may sound like a very preachy homily
Deserves much more mention and affection the family
If you can make time for so many other things
some of them not even worthwhile
Try discover the happiness family brings
Just a tad modify that routine lifestyle.

My words in crystal clear clarity
sing compassion is likewise a charity
Charity need not be for strangers only
Find out who needs help in kindred and family
Ties of kinship severe not
Value the relations you've got
Your siblings, cousins from your family tree
and all else that you call family.

What supports and buttresses your family tree are your very own roots
And what keeps the tree living on are your beloved offshoots
Love and regard is quintessential to reaping  sweeter fruits
My cover pic reflects my newest poem, it's selected from the Internet
Isabel Dec 2018
"Everyone wants happiness. No one wants pain. But you can't have a rainbow without a little rain."

Spread your wings and let's fly,
Can't reach those dreams it is so high,
What to do know?,
Let's smile and end this pain together.

We are each one's cause of euphoria,
Smile like there's no tomorrow,
Why are you full of sorrow?,
Why sudden change of emotions?,
Are you not happy?.

Look at the sky,
Don't be shy,
I know you've been waiting for it,
Don't always look on the ground,
You're not too low to look on it,
Feel free to look high,
And exprience the feeling of being on the top.

Imagine the things that you want that others can't imagine to you,
Your life doesn't depend on them,
It depends on you,
You are the only one who can decide,
Your life doesn't belong to them.

If it rains,
Accept it,
Don't blame the weather,
Don't blame yourself,
It's not your fault,
You just don't know on how to love yourself.

All of this are connected,
Don't ask and you'll be headed,
It is not time for your assumptions,
Why predict someone else's life if you can't even predict your own life.

Shut up and enjoy your life,
Have fun tonight,
Coz the next day what if there would be no more light to be seen,
Sun that brighten up your day,
Darkness that guided your life,
Who are you?

Sentences that are out of context,
What will happen next,
Shadows that are getting even more darker.
Coz there's a light,
A beaming spotlight.

Be the person you want to be,
Shout and tell them let me be,
Freed yourself from sadness,
Let go of your blindness,
And then there's happiness.

Don't pretend that you're okay,
Coz you'll end up hating yourself over
and over again,
Life is about up's and down,
Deal with it and tell the future that
you're going to be fine and pass all of this failure you've done this present.

Sunshine comes to
all who feel rain,
Rainbow can't show up
if there's no little rain,
Learn to stand up,
and you'll be okay.

Don't be pushed by your problems;
be led by your dreams.
I made this as a birthday present for my friend since she migrated and already live in LA and I'm left here in my country which is located in Southeast Asia which I'm not going to mention hehehe
Bita Yavari Oct 2017
Look at me, go watch me fly
Can you touch the sky?
I feel like I need to cry
Just overdose me and let me die

Ay, come on, don’t be shy
Ay, come on and try me out, coz I’m Amphetamine
I started taking this **** since I was ******* sixteen

I fell in love with a girl named Evergreen at Halloween
But she told “If you want to be with me stop taking Amphetamine”
But I couldn’t stop
I couldn’t stop taking Amphetamine
It’s my addiction

I look in the mirror, I see my own reflection
It reminds me to take my injection
Reminds me to go get my prescription
Coz it all go around and round like a ring

Well I guess I just can’t stop...
Z Feb 2018
It was the 15th day of October
When i first known you
It started as an ordinary day
But ended as a wonderful one

Who would have thought?
That I'll meet my forever through an online game
A very weird game, i don't even know why i started playing
But I'll thank that game over and over again
For it led a **** like me to a goddess like you

You are not as friendly as the others are
Yet you caught my attention, i don't know why
You don't find me funny when i made my jokes
But deep inside, i know i made you laugh

You eventually warmed up
Thanks to my charm
We started as friends
A complicated one

You were broken but still inlove
With a boy named Drake
I hate him so much
For he made you cry and left you behind

I was taken and still inlove
With a girl named Jaja
She's beautiful and kind
She's all that i talked to you about

Our friendship grows as days passed by
Constant communication through online
So when the time i got so broken
Coz the girl i love left me without warning
You were there for me all the time
Made me feel fine even when you're not

I made mistakes and made you fall
For me to have fun all along
But then my guilt is eating me whole
I admitted to you the greatest lie of all

You hated me for being a ****
Yet you still accepted me after all
I knew i have fallen to you as well
I'm just too coward to accept it all

We started a new friendship
On a very clean slate
With renewed limitations
And a little reservation

Twenty-eight months
That's how long we waited
To take a risk on this friendship
And make it an official relationship

Going back to the day of October 15th
When i known the girl of all my dreams
The girl who gave me love and peace
The girl who make me look forward for more 15th
I love you
She never felt sad and empty,
never knew the word lonely;
As a child, she believed in fantasies
that our world is like those in the stories.

Not until she reached fourteen,
coz the world she once knew
wasn't like it had always been.

The world slowly morphed into
something she once saw in her nightmare,
she was scared, didn't know what to do
wishing there's a safe place for her somewhere.

A lost angel is what she was,
wanting to go back to her paradise,
And when she turned fifteen,
the way to her home she had seen.
Kabelo Maverick Jun 2014
Love...still a token of existence, your Merciful Testament made time so distant. The Heart of Man is now hollow and dark, living is a mere breath of chance and luck. Our Planet has lost its Heroes now, ask our parents, all the Bikos now lay on pillows coz of the Ones and Zeros. I still Love my World and your eminence Lord or maybe you to Priests and Presidents more. These words are not to be written once again, they exist only in the truth and light of this page once and never again. For I'm not proud of the latter...people's vices as hate surfaces, you would expect something better. Kids perish, always in harm's way, deem the manner...nowadays, parents are kids on an Aids' ladder. Envision the World and Pray, when you see through the eyes of a Kid who's a bit fatter.

Food shortage on the News footage while we hold our plates, carnage and wars killing our foliage, we hold a future without days. As vanity reigns, I fear our image will grow mutant. Ancestors will abandon our sanity ways like a school headed by students, weak and lucent. I pray for core amends dearly and hope for better trends Earthly and in the Sea, so this Letter can just be a lonely message in a bottle drifting away steadily in the deep...

Sincerely yours,
Letter from ©asis.
Jason Lingaya Feb 17
For you I’ll learn to fly

High up high

Above the skies

Past the limits

Of the mind

To the serene siege

Of the soul

Where light is dim

And time is still

You are my pride

My Odyssey

My everything

Ghosts and Demons behold

To mine fears I command

Coz today coz of you

My quest is within.
Chris Nov 2018
As I smell your manly scent, I slowly move my lips to yours
I closed my eyes and put my right hand to your chest
Feeling every heartbeat of yours, then you hug me tight
Every pause of moment, I genuinely smile coz I know you are mine

Your pleasure becomes mine, and mine are yours
Your stares my love, delights my heart
You sexified me in every content, nevertheless, caresses me
You rest in my arms, I kissed your forehead. You are mine.
Love session memories.
Äŧül Dec 2018
Things are hard in this fazy
Coz this fantasy is hazy
The love I express is crazy
More because I didn't get any of it razy
And now I get pulled being so lazy
The whole world seems so glazy
Oh, I'm trapped here - this place is mazy!

But I shall now be pacjent
Coz this love is so true
The way she's here, she'll stay
More because she loves me realnie
And now I hope that it blooms
My world and her world too
Oh, I want her here - her love is my Zahir!

My lover is very plochy
Coz she's very simple
The ideal match I've wanted
More because she's so wozniacki
And now I know what love is
My Pooja loves me too
Oh, I have her now - I want her forever!
Polski language words:
fazy: phase
razy: number of times
pacjent: patient
realnie: really, indeed
plochy: shy
wozniacki: intellectual

My HP Poem #1727
©Atul Kaushal
theblndskr Aug 2018
Coz you can lose both of it at the same time.

It is a burning *** of liquid gold,
that is a combination of
m y s t e r y   &    m i s e r y
to touch.
I like you. But I don't want to ruin your innate happiness. If I don't choose you, I hope you choose me, so I have reason to be with you
nja Jan 27
It started off with some blues,
coz every panting night’s gotta start somewhere.
She took him by the hand and dragged his lanky limbs past the pub,
in the back alleys she read him poisonous poetry until they were both drooling.
She wrapped him up tightly in her furs,
he stopped breathing.
He was hers.
Jasmin Joy Sep 2018
Life begins at a point
And it is unknown to me
I was little when it began
I don't know how it began

It flows like a river
It flows to one direction
To the final destination
And it never returns

By the way I saw
Different people with
Different cultures and you
are different from others

Your eyes shine like a
Precious stone; diamond
You have some powers
Coz you attracted me

towards you forever
Those words were like
pearls falling from heaven
Finally you stopped on
three words that shake me....

"I Love You"..
Now my hope is You....
My heart is You....
And I'm waiting for You....
Uzzie Jun 2018
I love painting the city at night
Chill down influenced, intoxicated or deep into a Jay.
You'd find me staring at the sky
Whether it's clouds I see or stars that I wish to become coz I know some glaze at them and see beauty even if they don't understand the galaxy
They'd find me interesting
Yes I know then I am noticed...

I love painting the city at night
How I'd love to paint it ****
So I can show my imperfections
That make me stand in front of the mirror with the urge of wanting to erase them... Stretch Marks that we scale as silver linings...
Stretch Marks that even an eraser cannot erase...

Wearing clothes that I pretend to not know how "perfect" they'd fit
I'll just say " oh threw this one coz I don't really have time to look perfect"
I pulled an act so you could envy my pretentious perfection.
Perfection that's manufactured of cover pages... How bad I want to make it on the front pages.

I like painting the City at night
Analysing personalities , realising how depressed we are
How we all want to be noticed.

I like painting the City at night
With conclusions made up in my head of how perfect my imperfections are
City lights excite me after every glass of wine that leads me to the realisation of how great depression suits me.

I like painting the city at night.
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