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I am black coz I walk under the sun all day!
I am black coz my anger dictates my tone!
I am black coz the police is my friend!
I am black coz ave swam in gutters and bath in rains!
I am black coz I rode tires and felt excited!
I am black coz mummy and daddy was my favorite game!
I am black coz of chike and the river!
I am black coz my best haircut was skin punk(molo)!
I am black coz I never wrote 1jamb!
I am black coz unilorin was always my 1st choice!
I am black coz OMO is what we call all detergent!
I am black coz of my village people!
I am black coz I tried making my own Airtime!
I am black coz every Noodles is indomie!
I am black coz I believe in God but juju is a back up!
I am black coz all shoe makers are aboki!
I am black coz ur fada is a big insult!
I am back coz up NEPA is a joy giver!
I am black coz I dnt shout back at my parents!
I am black coz I always go on strike!
I am black coz every Musa is a gateman!

I am black not because the mirror nor my skin tells me that but because I have experienced all this.

Black is not a colour but an identity!!!

                   *Ojuolape Isaac Mfa
JP Dec 2015
I choose you coz
I look better compared to you, so you won’t leave me

I choose you coz
you are more into earning hard way than easy way

I choose you coz
you respect your mom, that's the evidence you love and respect woman.

I choose you coz
you attached to your father, It means you still want to learn discipline

I choose you coz
you do small act of help to others, it says that you are fit to live in rational world

I choose you coz
you are utmost silence in front of the priest, it say you are more religious and prefer contented life.

I choose you coz
I love to bear a child in your face

I choose you coz
If you hurt me, Its hurt you too..

I choose you coz
your display of love was similar to my father's.

I choose you coz
when we are together, you gentle touch that gives coziness of my mother

I choose you coz
your taste somewhat differ from me

I choose you coz
your innocence will make me to take care at your old age as my child
indelible ink Jan 2013
shudnt talk to you ..
coz u my opposite...
coz u r moody...
Coz u make me sad...
coz u get angry at me all d tym...
coz u total dog sumtyms ..
coz u r d one who has kissed so many girls.....
coz u dun trust neone....
coz u don't tellme how u feel at all..
Or jus mayb I shud talk to u?

Coz Mayb opposites attract...
Mayb coz u apologize with smileys that makes me smile ... .
Mayb coz u cn make me smile even if u r d reason m sad...
Mayb cz I get angry at u n u laugh at me..
Mayb cz I cn b a ***** at tyms too..
Mayb cz I want to kiss u..
Mayb cz I trust u..
Maybin d hope dat u will tellme how u feel .. Sumday !
Akshay Ghadge Feb 2018

I am confident

Coz i keep practicing

At the pool you can’t learn swimming without goin in...

I am confident

Coz i keep practicing..

Your aim is not so far if you start keep walking...


Okay, starting with the expectations

Good things take time you need to have patience...

Ever thought for thing that you can do in future?

I have been overthinking in the bar with one pitcher...

Spent lot of time in thinking to meet her,

Believe in doing rather than only being thinker

Coz music dont come out untill you play guitar

I may wrong by behaviour but intentions are to be with her...


I am confident

Coz i keep practicing

At the pool you can’t learn swimming without goin in...

I am confident

Coz i keep practicing..

Your aim is not so far if you start keep walking...


Everyone out there is like a racing horse,

Crossing hurdels but still in the race-course

But i m being one with no halter,

Without boundries to beunfathomable

Money is a love thief, act of cheap

I have been told to add bars,

Here’s the one Love is like Abandon cars

Used and thrown, showing fault in our sanskars

Do something uniq that this world can’t, from the place where you stand

No one will ever notice coz In the crowd you are common man...

By the time memories will fade,

But i’ll complete the promises i have made


I am confident

Coz i keep practicing

At the pool you can’t learn swimming without goin in...

I am confident

Coz i keep practicing..

Your aim is not so far if you start keep walking...


So just bcoz everyone can change,

But if you are afraid, hold my hand

I’ll not let you down

Will go through them,

No matter how it’ll hard,

The army in between in you and the king’s crown


I did 99 things for you,

But you only remember the one i failed to do...

This will happen sometime to you too

Want a proof? I am going to not recruit...

I am fbi but your are a case with no clue that i cant conclude

Till date i kept masquerade, you taught me to be true...

Don’t cry baby, be happy,

If trying hard unrip roads can be avenue..

Looking back dosent intrest you, mean you doing something good

Things dont happen sometime,

The way you decide, at a moment you cant denied, but you should be fine, at that time, do it with the solution you find... if you try you need not to cry but why we expect so high?being a shy, i am not even coming to say goodbye.


I am confident

Coz i keep practicing

At the pool you can’t learn swimming without goin in...

I am confident

Coz i keep practicing..

Your aim is not so far if you start keep walking...
Romali Arora May 2015
Yes! I'm insecure
Coz I know what it is
to have loved and lost
When you give your everything
and you are left with nothing

Yes! I'm insecure
Coz I know what it is
When you give your best
and it isn't yet enough

Yes! I'm insecure
Coz I know what it is
When your all day conversations
turn to formal hi's and hellos

Yes! I'm insecure
Coz I know what it is
To see it slipping away
When everything perfect
turns astray

Yes! I'm insecure
not coz of lack of trust
But coz I know
it doesn't take time
for love to turn dust

Yes! I'm insecure
But you should be glad
Coz when I stop
It'll make you mad
And when you begin to get insecure
You'll know what it is
To love, to hold
And to know when to let go....
It isn't unusual for people to get insecure in relationships! Here's a reason why we girls can be proud of being insecure, not coz we don't trust guys, but coz we love you way too much to lose you! So everyone out there who's in a relationship, you should be glad that your partner is insecure about losing you!
JP Dec 2015
I want to become rich
I don't know how much coz the quantum changes as year changes

I want to marry a special girl
I don't know to choose coz every girl was unique.

I want a good job
I don't know to apply coz pursue my passion pays less pay.

I want a beautiful house
I don't know how to specify coz the taste changes everyday.

I want a peaceful state
I don't know why? coz such state  rob the interest in life.

I want to meditate
I don't know how deep coz whether I lose interest in interest in material thing.

I want to be a Samaritan
I don't know how good? coz Samaritan are soft target for terrorist

I want to experience pain
I don't know which pain? coz whether pain give meaningful to life.

I want to be happy
I don't know to define? coz whether laughing means happiness.
jerelii Jan 2013
Turn da bottles upside down
The bingo linggo is right up here
No need to estimate
Ain't show 'em what you got
Coz the feminine swag is right in front of you

Hit da spot,break 'em low
Erbody's on the floor,hot & cold
The center of attraction is here we go
Sweat like it's the end of the court
Make some noise,the battle is not yet done

Here is the piece of my paper
Sonnet to Haiku,get 'em yours
While i make my lyrics out of it
I bet you to sing this song
Coz It's you that I crack the most

Fly high coz im so high
This super legacy of mine
Is not yet over,bring me to the court
And I'll make you cry while you can run
Too fast to drift out of your collateral words

***** bootsy,shakin' ya *****
The tingga ling, bling bling mingle naw to da floor
Ain't gonna lose coz this **** got me pumpin'
Now I can drop ya to the floor
Coz it's fresh like a g6

Now I can flip ma hair to ya gorges face
So wassup now! And you can tumblin' down to my feet
Look what i've got, Its a brand new style
Now spin it while you can
And Open ya eyes coz dis ain't a dream

Mine is a simple yet i can make you blown out of it
From A to Z,the lines are getting ahead
Loads of fans while I can make ma audience jump to their seats
Scream to the screen,while I can star struck you to my voice
Back Off now,while It's not too late
This is a response to Chuck's gangsta poet.
This is just a poem/P.S to the rappers out there not intend meanly.
Moses Kashlink Jun 2014
Its madness: 2 h8 all roses coz u got scratchd by a thorn,2 gv up all ya dreams coz 1 neva came true,2 luz faith in prayerz coz 1 of em wasn't answered,2 gv up on ya efforts coz 1 of em failed,2 condemn all ya friends coz 1 betrayed u,2 gv up on love coz some1 waz unfaithful 2 u...nomatter wat,rem that anatha chance will always kam around i.e. A new friend,lover,life,chance,dream. So never give up coz life iz BEAUTIFUL N SWEET!!!! Always cheer up.....
Do I still make your heart beat forth and back
Do I still make your sky blue or black
Do I still have a place in your heart
Or insecurity has shattered the place; since I'm afar
Do I still have a home in your heart
Or the house that we built 's being torn apart
Do I make your sky cloudy; or do I make it rain
My love never change; but do you still love me the same
Am I still the star that beautify your moon
Am I still the petal that make your flower bloom
If I fall; will you catch; or I'd better get a parachute
Am I stranded; or do you consider me your pair-of-shoe
Is the fences still secure; hoping I'll come home soon
Or someone else's has occupied my most beloveth room
Am I still the groom that you wished could make you bride
Am I still your man; am I still your pride
Am I still your armour; am I still your guard
Am I still your downfall and the same time your rise
Am I still number-one; or I'm number-two
Probably I'm number-none; maybe there's number-new
Am I still the fuel that ignite your fire
Am I still the tonic that your blood inquire
Am I the guarding light that guides you in the dark
Do I contain your treasured home or I'm just a shack
I wish I am; coz without you my day is dark
I wish I am; coz you're the lense that keep my vision sharp
I wish I am; coz you're the art that keep my demon sealed
I wish I am; coz you're wishful than a million wish
I wish I am; coz you're the rhyme to my every line
I wish I am; coz you're the calmness to my weary mind
I wish I am; coz I feel appease with the thought of you
I wish I am; coz if I'm not; then I'm just a fool
anshika gehani Jul 2017
Huh I am sorry did I just pinch u
I am so sorry let me do it again I  will just see if it really hurt
Oops I guess it did look I told u it had hurt why did u allow me to do it
U r so dumb but that’s fine coz girls are dumb arent they
Coz they all have a disease known as feelings and emotions
Beware it may spread
And it’s not a stereotype that uhmm girls cant do anything
I swear its real becoz look u failed in that exam and u remember u just fell down
U know all u r meant for is that piece of wrong stuff and u r made for it
Oh I am sorry did I just abuse girls
No no I don’t mean it unless u r one of the kalpana chawla or oprah winfrey
If u r one of those then believe me u r worth everything
But if u rnt
Well then I guess hell is ur place
Train u as a housemaker
And send u to a diff place at the age of 20
But how does it matter
Girls are dumbs they will mess up there too
So they arent even happy there
Oops have I been abusing
No no that’s fine even if I am coz u r dumb and u don’t deserve good
U don’t deserve anything not even respect
So u can thank me later for abusing you
But first you may kiss my feet and pray me
Coz I am a guy and I owe you
I am perfect
Even if I make mistakes
Society forgives me along with my parents
Nobody punishes me
God also loves me coz I am a guy
I can live, dress, eat and do whatever I want in my ways
But u girl better behave
So now u know why girls don’t deserve it coz they are dumb and so r all those feminists
Jishad Mohammed Jul 2012
You say you are Different,
You say you act Different,
You say your thoughts are Different,
You say you Emphasize coz its what you are,
You say you Sympathize coz you Believe.
You say you Love coz you need it.
You say you feel coz You are human,
You say You Admire coz you See,
You say you Choose coz you wanted to
You say you listen coz you Hear,
and when in a crowd,
Dilemma comes in and,
You Are Different.
Ariel Taverner Dec 2013
You know what i hate the most
Well not really
Its impossible to know what you hate the most
But anyway
What i hate the most is that i cant be crazy
I cant use the 'back door' as tge joker describes it
I have on countless occasions imagined myself freaking out
Storming through the house breaking things
Grabbing my mothers wallet
And leaving the house
Surviving off the streets
And my mothers credit card
I have imagined
That i would get involved in drugs and alcohol
Start hanging with the wrong crowd
Doing anything for the next dose
I have imagined immersing myself in a world of lust
Constanyly searching for ***
The newest *****
And then doin anything to enhance the experience
I have imagined myself having a mental breakdown
Becoming crazy
Doing things that can onky be excused by madness
Being given a straight jacket
Being forcefed pills
Living in a padded cell unable to **** myself
Coz even if i starve myself they will make sure i survive
I have imagined cutting myself
Living in a world of private torment
Until the pain becomes too much
Then i spend three weeks writing my suicide note
Because my emotions are so hard to peg
Coz i have spent my entire life hiding and running away from them
And so far i have succeded
And then i get the rope
Get the suit and spend three days 'gracefully defiling' it as my last piece of art
Then i burn it all because im too scared to do it
Then i restart
I have imagined that i sseek solace in violence
In crime

Stealing small things
Getting angrier and angrier
Ubtil i **** someone
Then spend my life in prison
I have imagined that i become a famous writer
Feeling empty and lonely
Fi ding the woman i love and wishing i hadnt
Because i end up killing myself and hurting her
I have imagined tgat i stop ****
Become a nobel peace prize winner
Become famous
Then die without the right woman
I have imagined that i am a gamous singer
But end up killing myself coz the fame is too much
And the attention drives me over the edge
I have imaginex that i go to sleep and not wake up
To go peacefully
Coz thats wgat i ****
I have imagined that my family throws me out and i fend for myself
I work hard
Survive by washing cars
Or working a petrol pump
I have imagined that my whole family dies
Then i choke up coz i love them so much i cqnt continue with this ******* illusion
And i  the end i cant do it all
In the end im just a ******* little boy with depression
In the end i want to cut but am so scared that i cry myself to sleep
In the end im a little boy that refuses to take medication
Because tgat is his way of defying this disease
In the end im a boy that says things like 'this is my way of defying the disease' but actually im just so scared
In the end i lie fo myself to make it better
In the end i know im lying but i still do it
In the end i still believe .it And i wish this was the end but its not
Coz ill probably die
Married to a woman i love
But never being able to do what i love
Because I care about other people so much I would give them anything for them to be happy
Rara Rhaux Dec 2018
-They say; I'm crazy, They say; I'm weird
 Some say's; I'm serious, Some think; I'm strict
 But don't you see, how all it goes
They're all me, my personality shifts

-Some see me like this, some see me like that
Some thought I was this, some thought i was that
 You won't know, whom you will met
 Coz I got it all, my personality shifts

-Happy and sad, i can feel it once
 In the middle of my problems, i can laught and dance
 If you think im crazy, i do not mind
 Coz my personality shifts, works just fine

-They call me this way, They call me that way
 Every one I met, gaves me so many names
 Its alright with me, if that's how they see me
 'Coz I have a plenty of personality to shift

-Silent but loud, I describe my self
 If i confused you, Its not my problem
 I don't have an attitude, please don't hate me
 I just got a personality you hardly can't handle

-My thoughts won't end, but this poem near does
 Let's start a friendship forever will last
 Not an enemy, I will hated that much
 You will be the looser, over the personality I has.

Tina ford Feb 2014
Mud is good,
Its dead good mud,
It's in me blood,
But where not understood,
Us people of mud,
In the shadow of a gas tank and born on a Mersey bank, I lived on cobbled streets dark and dank,
I played on a ship that sank, and for anything else I wouldn’t thank....... you
On king street docks, girls in cheap frocks, curly locks, time tocks, the boat rocks,
The tanyard smell made life hell for all that dwell, under the bridge,
In Garston L19, it’s the scene, its clean, it’s where I’ve been, it’s not obscene or green, if you know what I mean.
Its community security sincerity and every other word that ends with erity,
But it’s fallen apart,
Don’t lose heart.
I go into town when I’m down, it clears me frown,
I don’t go in me jarmies or me dressin gown,
There’s men with round bellies, toddlers in wellies,
Posh ladies gather in their marks and spencer swagger,
There’s scouse brow teens, sunbed queens,
Hunks and punks, lonely drunks,
Suits in boots forgetting their roots and hens in *****,
Big issue sellers, statue fellas holding golf umbrellas,
Coz of all the rain,
But it’s all good, coz we come from mud,
Let’s cheer, why?
Coz I’m here,
I’m me, me names T, and me hubbys P me best friends she..... lagh,
I like coffee and toffee and Roger Mcgoughy,
I like statistics logistics eye shadow and lipsticks,
I like bags and wags and cigarette ****, but not beer,
I’m fine on wine if I take me time,
I don’t do a line, unless I’m hanging me washing on it,
I work in a bar, not far, I don’t drive a car, and I don’t say Lar or kid or lad or lid or mar,
I’m proud and loud, don’t live on a cloud, and I don’t follow the crowd,
I’m a mum to some, I’ve got a big round ***, but I’m me you see,
I’m not square, I dye me hair, I swear but you can take me anywhere,
Coz I care,
I’m good,
I’m mud; it’s in me blood,

By Christina Ford
Isabel Dec 2018
"Everyone wants happiness. No one wants pain. But you can't have a rainbow without a little rain."

Spread your wings and let's fly,
Can't reach those dreams it is so high,
What to do know?,
Let's smile and end this pain together.

We are each one's cause of euphoria,
Smile like there's no tomorrow,
Why are you full of sorrow?,
Why sudden change of emotions?,
Are you not happy?.

Look at the sky,
Don't be shy,
I know you've been waiting for it,
Don't always look on the ground,
You're not too low to look on it,
Feel free to look high,
And exprience the feeling of being on the top.

Imagine the things that you want that others can't imagine to you,
Your life doesn't depend on them,
It depends on you,
You are the only one who can decide,
Your life doesn't belong to them.

If it rains,
Accept it,
Don't blame the weather,
Don't blame yourself,
It's not your fault,
You just don't know on how to love yourself.

All of this are connected,
Don't ask and you'll be headed,
It is not time for your assumptions,
Why predict someone else's life if you can't even predict your own life.

Shut up and enjoy your life,
Have fun tonight,
Coz the next day what if there would be no more light to be seen,
Sun that brighten up your day,
Darkness that guided your life,
Who are you?

Sentences that are out of context,
What will happen next,
Shadows that are getting even more darker.
Coz there's a light,
A beaming spotlight.

Be the person you want to be,
Shout and tell them let me be,
Freed yourself from sadness,
Let go of your blindness,
And then there's happiness.

Don't pretend that you're okay,
Coz you'll end up hating yourself over
and over again,
Life is about up's and down,
Deal with it and tell the future that
you're going to be fine and pass all of this failure you've done this present.

Sunshine comes to
all who feel rain,
Rainbow can't show up
if there's no little rain,
Learn to stand up,
and you'll be okay.

Don't be pushed by your problems;
be led by your dreams.
I made this as a birthday present for my friend since she migrated and already live in LA and I'm left here in my country which is located in Southeast Asia which I'm not going to mention hehehe
themarsbeing Aug 2017
This hatred never made me sick-
it gave strength.
My clock will never stop ticking
'cause I'm on a different wavelength.
I don’t give a **** about how much wealth
you have in your pockets.
Nor I care about your health
or any of yo’ *******’ dockets.
My rocket’s fully loaded with sperms
have already reached her *****.
As there ain’t no current in yo’ socket
agree to my terms before I go busy.
I’m takin’ yo’ wife for a date because I won.
If I have to tell how much I hate you,
I outta write a book, a ******’ good one.
Yes, I could write a *******’ novel
No one’s gonna ******’ sue me.
I need a shovel to dig up yo’ corpses
Or I can shoot a video to make a movie.
Ok, there’s somethin’ I want to say
Somethin’ I’ve never said.
I will hate you every day
even after you are ******’ dead.
I’m recruiting your wife
for whole life she can **** my ****.
For a gallon of milk I sold your Dad
on Dark Web to a guy named Nick.
He'll bang both of ‘em at the same time.
Buy him a ******* ******;
From my wallet you can take a dime.
Walk, run or jump
just be back here before this ritual gets over.
Tell 'em while he does it
there voice has to be lowered.
What the **** did you buy from the store?
Is this a ******?
It looks like a paper bag;
Anyway, give him one of them- choose random.
Ok, I’m telling him to signin’ off now
Hey! Gimme that ***** back.
Movie is gonna just begin
Be ready with your god-*** snacks.

Let me begin from the day you were ******’ born.
Your dad was a ****** ****
Yeah, he was a **** less pawn.
From what I heard
you also share genes of Obama and Osama.
Also I heard your dad braggin about
******* **** of Dalai Lama.
Wait a second!
He also said a tourist from Bahama
too had a role in this bedroom drama.
Before I say alpha, beta and gamma,
Le’mme say somethin’ about me to your mamma.
I can make a ******’ mamba do a ******* samba.
I'll make Kim Jong-Un **** Mannisha Lamba.
Yes, I **** around
anything I want to **** around.
But when I really ****,
I do it with a low sound.
Your pops was amazed
when I went for a third round.
Hey! this bed is broken!
I was the one who ******’ found
So when I got exhausted
I laid in the ******’ ground.

Now I'm about to tell
how your wife became a mom.
Doctors said you won’t become dad
that you lacked Y chromosome.
When you were in the hospital
fillin’ a ******’ form
I was with that **** in your ******' home.
She loved it so much
Man! I’m happily sayin’ that.  
She gave me her ******* V-card
Blood was lying all over the mat.
Your wife is hot
It's me who've got her
For the best ***** competition
I will surely vote her.
The girl whom yo’r raising
is my ******’ daughter.
It happened coz’
your motor has got no ******* rotor.
That’s how I got a free permit to use your sodding car.
She’s ******* smooth
I took her out very ******’ far.
You were trying to fix your own ******’ puncture.
And by that time
We completed one more ******’ venture.
Like you are holding someone else’s trophy,
Look after my child, surely name her Sophie.
Prepare yourself for the final slaughter.
Your wife will **** you
I have already taught her
How to cut your throat
when you are ******’ asleep.
She’s gota bomb
with her to put it inside you- deep.
I’ve loaded her womb with my *****
one more child for you to keep.
Excuse me! I gotta move onto next topic
No one has to ******’ weep.
My aim is to make MAYHEM more.
So I'll keep ******’ this son of a ****** *****.  

When you went to your project ****,
you invited your friends for a drink.
But have you ever thought,
from home, what did you ******’ bring?
You thought they will ***
after kissing your ******* tail.  
Instead they hit you for six
like you are a ball in front of Chris Gayle.
They said no to you coz’
they felt you like a pain in their ***.
If they didn’t buy you free food
you woulda ate either **** or **** grass.
You came to the town
with no cash in your ******’ pockets.
To sell somethin’ and buy food
you don’t even have a golden locket.
You thought you will build a kingdom
with nothin’ in yo’ sodding hands.
******! That kinda **** happens only in movies-
You peed in your pants.
Every single day, every single night
you were living on their mercy.
If you don’t have cash,
why do you keep a purse, hehe..
Then on that Carnival night,
you blow jobbed a ****** and got some cash.
You went to them & said,
’Let’s drink beer and smoke cigars to ash.’
They said ‘No’,
so you could keep that money in your stash.
So you can eat your own food
and no more plates for you to wash.
You ain’t a Batman, ain’t either no Bruce Wayne.
We all feel like, you are an *** pain.
Who gives a **** on Batman; I only worship Bane.  
I should be locked in an asylum,
Yes, I’m completely insane.
By own, you can’t even write the function Void Main.
Then how you gonna pass DS?
Your all efforts will go in vain.
Do you wanna have a bath in this S-rain??
Get out of this road, this is a F-lane.
You once said to me, your dream is to **** a Blonde lady.
Don’t make me call up Peter Scully.
If he hears this, he will be **** ready
To **** your brother in front of you.
You will see Freddy and Kruger standing patiently
to **** him next in that queue.
I had enough ******’ your life calmly.
Tell me *****!
Do you have any one else in your family??
Any one whom you know
came claiming to be your sodding dad?
I will sell ‘em to
Ted Bundy coz’ I’m heavily insanely mad.

Your friends have fooled you chatting in internet as women.
But, you ain’t gonna accept the truth
coz’ you still go wet dreams- *****.
You are lying naked with them in bed,
you are dreaming heaven.
Wake up!
Dream time’s over clown!
Time is past seven.
You think of Face Book as a *** book
and keep falling in traps.
Listen! Those are fake profiles.
Also fake are those snaps.  
*******! You are sitting on top of a fairy chair.
You will fall *** dissed, just find out where.
You won’t be able to walk back,
I’ll give you bus fare.
I will ******’ catch you for sure in a snare.
I'll be ******* your life again after I smoke a tare.
It doesn't matter what the ******* were
I don’t ******’ care.
Once my foe, always a foe.
We will never again be a pair.
Look! Your sitting on the top of a beehive.
Bees will make your *** a mess, I’ll see it live.
Run and jump into the river, or do a dive.
I see alligators in water.
One, two, three, four, five.

You were always ******* around me,
smelling my ******’ ***, eating my ******’ ****.
Like, You're like my shadow.
No! You ******’ add dope
in me; You were a cheater.
Born from a meat *****.
You were the one
who kept doing wrong ***** always.
You think you’re a woman’s guy
that’s what you ******’ says.
You think your great
but your fate says something else.
Come kiss my wise ***
Hell of a **** like you smells.
Son of a ******’ *****
Born from a rotten *****.
When I opened that door
Saw you blow jobbing, Busy?
What the **** yo’ talkin’ man?
You don’t even know a ****.
This ***** gonna get me banned.
For a month or little bit.
27 years ago, I came to yo’ home one night.
Your dad was a drunken pig
snoring & was sleeping tight.
10 ******’ months later
you were born, you *******!
Your dad thinks you're his son
He’s a happy ****-sucka.
You are a ******’ fake
Don’t mess with me for ****’s sake.
I thought yo’ good friend
but you turned out to be bad one.
Your worse than me you ***** ****!  
You are ******’ none’s none.
You came to me and kissed my feet and said.
“I will never win CP without a cheat’.
Teach me CP
I’m ready to drink yo’ ***. Please.
What about the maths?
I’m weak in numbers?
Only thing I count right is my number of fathers.
Once I counted up to five hundred.
That’s does not include the men ******’ in bed.
Is there any equation
by which I can calculate the total?
Well, Most of 'em left me messages in a bottle.”

Haha! Listen! You will never pass the math.  
Coz there ain’t no  
******’ equations in yo’ path.
When those men left yo’ home
what was the aftermath?
This ain’t no end coz’
inside me, I got tons of wrath.
You will ******’ win CP
just drink the *** I ***.
Like last week you drink my beer
with my money in a bar.
You told some ******’ ****
then you thought I kept that in my ******’ mind.
It’s **** wrong you mother banger!
I don’t keep yo’ **** in my mind.
I can see what the ******* are,
I’m not that ****** blind.
To know how much mother-****** you were
I had to do some re-****-wind.
I listened once again to every thing you said.
You acted like you knew nothing.
Then you made me spit all truth from me.
I was as blind as ****;
Told you every single ****.
But now I realize what you are, what you were
And what you *******’ will be.
You were a ****, you are a ****.
You will always ******’ be a ****.
It’s turning out to be ******* long,
I won't lie, even I got ******* bored.
I took a nap but they said I ******* snored
So, good-******’-bye or astala-******’-vista,
whateva ****’s ****.
I rolled another joint, it's time to ******* lit.
JP Nov 2015
Enemy is a beautiful concept. You never say he is an enemy,
but you always refer, he is MY ENEMY coz he is a part
of your EGO, coz when he dies, you never be the same person
as before. We spend most of time thinking about our enemies.
That's why its easy to miss your friend but not your enemy
on the road.

If you observe, you treat even beggar as your enemy,
you never see a beggar an eye to eye coz if you, then
he will become you friend and his problem become your problem. Generally, people with whom you grow... brother/cousins/neighbor,
they are the one, who carry a small jealous about you and
your growth. coz they know your capacity and often compare you
and your growth,  and they are the one always compete with you.

In Mahabharata,  Arjuna refuse to fight against his own cousins
Kauravas, The reason, he knows very well he can
defeat Kauravas and retrieve his kingdom. But what FUN you
have, once, all your are enemies are dead, there is no fun in ruling
the kingdom. We need enemies to move our life, we need people
around us to feel jealous, that's why we buy a big house,
costly interiors, a luxury Cars,.. etc  less for us and more for
our Circle. We want every one to feel small when they
enter our house.

The Box office hit movie are successful not because of the Hero
but coz of villain, the most cruel the villain,  then, he help the
movie more interesting and also to the success of the film.
In Short,  Its your enemy determine your success. The more enemy
you have, the more drive you have towards your success.
poetrylover17 Jul 2014
heavy bags,bouncing busses n sweaty days.
Is what i called ****** school life.
Obnoxious teachers getting their ways.
Rules,regulations and continuous strife.
i had decided to stick to studies coz fun doesn't last anyway
Finish off school being invisible coz friendship is but for a few days
what i didn't know back then
Was in d end ill have these idiots i call my friends
Idiots who made me laugh wen i wanted to cry
idiots who changed my point of view making me realize

That good Friends do not get replaced
They just make their way into hearts n make their own space
m not even kidding when i say
These r professional idiots in every way

Like he_ for example cant get enough of screaming my name simply for fun
But i know that if i had to pick the sweetest concerned friend,she would b the one
she's an all rounder, amazing at everything
with her, fun is always present even while studying
People who annoy u r d ones who care most
is what i try to believe when it comes to this dost
who Even after she dies will probably haunt me as a ghost
_ wont even budge if i say get lost
and great gh_ believes she's the only one who can b rude to her friends
and if anyone else dares the same,off with their heads!
A thriller movie is life according to her Highness
Her laughter echoes with pure childish innocence <3

These idiots may tease me till there's nothing left
But r also bodyguards of my deepest secrets
Their jokes n sarcasm will have u in fits
it is true i love these idiots to bits
idiots who add up to my best friends list
Idiots i consider as priceless gifts

Coz They r special in so many ways
coz They r bandages to my wounds, Brought back my lost smile
they're The 'start button' to my new life
coz They accepted me d way i was
N mostly Coz,
since my heart was no more
These guys aimed for my soul

N they got it.

:) dedicated to my frnz in IIS
Luv ya gys :)
peggy Sep 2011
Particular thoughts tickle my dome
like the day my thumb got stuck in my mouth
and how long it took me to get it out
or when Betty stole my doll but i knew
coz i didn't like it at all
and when all i ate was a peanut butter jelly roll
coz it was the only thing i ever enjoyed

it's amazing how i have grown
how i've gone from dressing dolls to dressing myself
making sure i look good for the boys
instead of Barbie looking good for Ken

I walk through castles and dont build them anymore
dont chase butterflies
coz i already feel them in me
when Nick comes running along
dont believe in fairy tales
coz reality has struck me today alot
growing up takes a lot of time and effort
and looking down memory lane brings me joy
when i wake up in the moring
and find us cuddling in our spot
this is something i just thot of and wrote, please feel free to tell me if it needs more depth or construction
Gerry James Aug 2018
I just sit and gaze,
And watch my walls burn in a blaze,
As I become captive to her eyes,
I see my darkest dreams

But I take a glance
In thought that I have a fleeting chance
Of escaping from her,
Not yet, it seems.

I fall to my knees
And I utter my pleas,
But she just smiles,
In the darkness, her smile gleams.

My demons scream and yell,
But it's no use,
Coz I’m under her spell.
This is crazy man what's going on? I ain't ever felt this way before
I'm a **** in silverfoil
with an outlaw's Excaliber.
Bottle of Moet,
I'll glass 'em like a poet.
You don't seek my mad company,
but should you meet bad company,
don't woz your pretty head over secret ingredi-
ent in my  Punisher's Pigfeed.

Coz you gotcha self a guardian stalker,
gotcha back, aintcha noticed
how all of your opponents slowly
grace missing posters?
Guardian angel taking out his frustrations
on your every enemy: you don't know you need me.
Coz every kiss I miss I gulp to my fist,
every yelp  of my heart
calls for a friggin' riot!

Sometimes you feel me on the night,
your own personal Dark Knight.
I firebombed Brighthouse
- why didja think that tumbledryer was on the house?
I won the war of all your stalkers,
but last code red cost me a cold blood rap.
'Cherchez la femme'
my ooh-la-la Remoaner
Knox Road tat. Reminds me ...

I'm your guardian stalker,
I went bit Christopher Walken
on your daughter's bully's father
in a black balaclava.
Guardian stalker, you know
that ****** dogwalker  
found sleeping with the ducks
- I did it for you, Fido too!
Coz every kiss I miss I gulp to my fist,
every yelp of my heart
calls for a friggin' riot!

Guardian stalker, uh-huh! Guardian stalker o' her!
Guardian stalker, uh-huh! Guardian stalker o' her!
You can't **** a man who's already been killed by love.
You can't **** a man who's already been killed by love.
Emergency convening of COBRA
can't **** a man killed by love.
Even Walker, Texas Ranger
can't **** a man killed by love!
Knox Road = Norwich prison
Àŧùl Feb 2020
I want to sit with you,
While you read my novel,
Or my poems,
Or listen to me singing,
Coz it's only words,
And words are all I have,
To take your heart away...

I want to entice you,
With the words,
Of my romance,
Of my purity,
Coz it's only words,
And words are all I have,
To take your heart away...

I want to ****** you,
While you are near me,
On my bed,
On my mind,
Coz it's only words,
And words are all I have,
To take your heart away...

I want to relax you,
With a massage,
On your chair,
On your command,
Coz it's only words,
And words are all I have,
To take your heart away...

I want to entertain you,
With my songs and massage,
In your beautiful ears,
On your tired shoulders,
Coz it's only words,
And words are all I have,
To take your heart away...

I want to admire you,
With my adoring gaze,
On your shaky self,
On your unsure eyes,
Coz it's only words,
And words are all I have,
To take your heart away...

I want to complete you,
With all my pieces,
In your body,
In your soul,
Coz it's only words,
And words are all I have,
To take your heart away...
Credits to the song, "Words"
My HP Poem #1825
©Atul Kaushal
Rohit Rohan May 2014
We are like two guitar picks
They are all so unique
Different shapes
Different sizes
Different textures
Different smells
Different feels
Different beings
But we
We are identical
Just like each other
And we play music that is so different
No one gets it
No one figures it why
But so it is
And only we can get what flows out of it
Strumming along in dischord
And harmony too
You’re just like me
And I am just like you
But we have our own guitars
And that is where our melody flows
The music all so complete
All so perfect
That it makes you just not believe
Coz things cannot be perfect
For nothing ever is complete
For beauty lies in incompleteness
And imperfection
And we with our guitars
Are just so ****** perfect
That it bleeds me to see us that way
If only guitar picks like us
Were left alone with each other
And never touched or disturbed
We wouldn’t get around to do anything
For the two of us
Are of the same kind
We can’t get music out of us
Or each other
Coz we are no guitars
And we won’t have them
Or anything else
But just each other
Two guitar picks
With the same lives
Shape and design
The only two unique
That no one else can match
That no one else can get
And there we lie together in the corner
No one to ruffle us
Just left to ourselves
And we lie there
By our sides
And we can’t play no music
And we can’t strum a song
Coz we are two guitar picks
Without nothing else
Without no guitars
But only ourselves
Which is just so ****** incomplete
And so imperfect
So mighty beautiful..
preeti Dec 2014
I close my eyes and i  still feel that spark in your eyes when we met for the first time ...those glances playing hide and seek ..those un due favors...those long and long hours conversation..the smell of everything around me then seem so powerful which i still feel deep inside .. Some part of me i left there , craving for everything to fall in right place then still hold me dee p.. Still a part of my heart is stuck there .. I was innocent you took my innocence away .. U took away a part of me, that part is still clinging there holding the rope of hope , still this moon reminds me of that window once we used to peep to look at our future dreaming.. looking at star lit sky and smiling, feeling that soft breeze and feeling that togetherness by gazing at full moon discussing facts and fiction of world..laughing at funny stories once we heard in childhood.. That song still reminds me of that strong feeling of future hope .. This season "winters" still reminds of those cozy moments we spent together ... Move on is one word still echoing ...but those memories are so beautiful to let go ..innocence is one word i dedicate to this beautiful past ... Holding close this and loosing the last piece of rope of hope coz innocence is gone .. Coz maturity overpowered innocence ..coz sweetness turned in to bitterness ..coz reality proved herself stronger than dreams one more time .. Coz you are not same person now ..coz i am not same person  now ..
simple simon Oct 2016
I sit on the edge of the well
Coz my life ain’t going that well
Stones in my backpack
Coz hope is what lack

I sit on the edge of the well
Coz am empty as a shell
I have no reason to live
And my soul is the only thing left to give

I sit on the edge of the well
Coz my life has become a living hell
I know you tried your best
But it seems as if the devil has become my guest

Don’t worry am not taking my life
Coz how can I take my life when I have none left
I sit at the edge of the well
Writing this note in my blood wishing I brought a pen
''The prince is never going to come. Everyone knows that; and maybe sleeping beauty's dead.”
JP Jan 2016
Shopping was the world first invitation to women,
a freedom to move out of her house. Initially,
Woman practiced shopping for vegetables and slowly
extended to garments/jewelry/white goods etc. Today,
the world has experiencing a better market due to
window shopping. The concept innovated by women,
the women who started window shopping has helped
the awareness of the market, The more the window shopping,
more the sales. The concept of window shopping  
helped the textile industries to understand about their products.
The textile industries has developed in terms of marketing
say readymade, exchangeable, trial rooms, gifts coupons
are coz of women. Its encouraged the women to do
shopping effectively.

Facts about shopping. Customer who shop with their friends
tend to buy more costly products than when they shop alone.
Next, In terms of clothing, General advises is to buy
one garment at a time coz If you buy few dresses, You tend the use
the first selected dress more than the others. Buying 'Take Away'
in (costly) restaurant was the blinder coz restaurant charge more
for the ambience less for the food. Using cash on shopping,
you tend to spend less and you bargain more. Don't increase
your buying to eligible for discount coupon.  A survey says
that 90% of the issued discount coupons are never redeemed.
Never shop on Discount Sale coz the best collection will be
taken off the shelf by the shopkeeper. The amazing fact,
If any one buy the best and costly clothes one size less than
the one normally uses, has brought down the weight
of that person.
Lorenzo Neltje Apr 2018
Me, I'd love to go
Take me anywhere
Take me anywhere but here
Coz I flicker between these
Two locations
Can you let me exist somewhere else
Give me the excuse I need
To get away
Turn them into music
Into white noise
Anything's better
Coz solitude's only so great
In the same place every time
So give me places
Places I can know
And love
Give me scenes I can memorise
And let become part of me
Coz I've got these two locations
I flicker between them
These two states of mind
I flicker between them
I'm asleep
Or I'm running
Give me another place
In my mind and
In the world
Sister, take me
Ride our pink and blue bikes
Any manner of places
Coz you know the city back-to-front
And me,
I flicker
But when you take me
I've got something new
And I've got another state of mind
Coz stress can become excitement
Coz running can become dancing
Coz sleeping can become laughing
If you know how
If you know where
And if you stop yourself
From flickering
Between two worlds
That just
The same.
Jayasree Thyadi Mar 2020
I hate you coz my eyes need your sight
   I hate you coz my ears wait for your voice
      I hate you coz my hands urge to text you
         I hate you coz my feet strides towards you
         I hate you coz my mind never gets out of u
      I hate you coz my heart wants your pamper
   I hate you coz my prominent priority is you
I hate you coz I love you so much at peaks
Nelviee Mhunang Oct 2015
How do you do that?
How can you make me smile with a simple act?
From this moment, I begin to think
But the way you make me feel is hard to explain

You’re one of the many aspects that changed my life
Coz’ you always make me happy
And I want you to know, after all
For the rest of it, that I’m very lucky

You make me laugh, you make me smile
You’re smart, you’re different that made my day to shine
For all the nights that I shed tear
I won’t worry anymore, for you- is finally here

That summer cold times, I’m contented just being by your side
All those feelings I just can’t hide
You’re special to me
And I hope you’re beginning to see

I can’t describe how much I care
But when you need me, I will ensure you that I’ll be there
To wipe your tears when you’re sad
To make you happy when you’re mad

I never imagined how sweet this could be
With emotion and desire that’s coming over me
Now I’m trouble…. but in sweet, sweet trouble
Because I could not happily escape this anymore

I love the times when we chat and text
And I don’t want to end those nights and wait for the next
The things you do and no one else will do
Results me on thinking of you

When there is something in my mind
Or weighs heavy in my heart
You always seem to know what
I want to say before I ever start

You have your own special way
Of making me feel valuable than I am
What I want to say is
You’re soft gentle smile, on me, truly understands

I am truthfully fortunate my dear friend
You have that personality to where I can learn
You are in my dreams whether I’m awake or asleep
While these emotions, for you, are going way too deep

A best friend, to me, I gladly submit
Giving my all, to you, I admit
This feeling I feel for you is something totally new
And I’m so glad, so so glad, that I met you.
Viseract May 2016
Hey hey,
I've changed
I'm not the same
No not the same

I still talk too much
About life and such
But it was yesterday, no
Oh no, no no

My sister crying on the doorstep
As I left
Those familiar times
Familiar times

And I watched, expressionless,
As I left
As I left

So why do I feel this way?
Have I no sympathy?
No feelings, no tears,
Over the years
I refused to look back
Feet set upon my tracks
Feeling guilty and saddened
In my frozen wasteland

What does this mean?
Where is my heart?
Perhaps countless tears
Tore it apart
ripped wide open, left unspoken

Over the years
Reassurance allayed my fears
I knew I'd come back again
Knew it wasn't the end
No not the end, no

But still
Those tears,
She shed,
This hollow,
I dread
Like where did
It end
My emotion spent
I'm so cold, so cold!

So why do I feel this way?
Have I no sympathy?
No feelings, no tears,
Over the years
I refused to look back
Feet set upon my tracks
Feeling guilty and saddened
In my frozen wasteland

Frozen over, all snow and ice
Hiding in the shadows, as dark as night
Stars above this frozen wasteland
Where my heart shattered and solitude began

So thaw me out, be my fire
Return my heart, for I require
Those feelings I had, coz' I don't want to die
So please, oh please, please bring me to life

coz I don't wanna die
coz I don't wanna die
coz I don't wanna die
coz I don't wanna die

No not tonight!

So why do I feel this way?
why do I, feel this way
Have I no sympathy?
no sympathy
No feelings, no tears,
Over the years
over the years
I refused to look back
Feet set upon my tracks
Feeling guilty and saddened
In my frozen wasteland

With tears running down her face
And a hollow chest I leave this place
My frozen wasteland
To Khaidee, my youngest sister. I am sorry that I seem so emotionless, but I learnt that thinking about all of you, and about leaving, leads to my sadness. Which is something I can't deal with anymore. I guess.... I switched off. I am sorry
Mr X May 2014
I always wanted to be a superhero when I was a kid!
Always had a childish craving for it.

I am a superhero.
Saving and defending my ownself.
Coz' during the troubled times,
No one rescues...its just one being ...standing alone, against all odds.

I wish they had given me one chance,
Just one...

Not to be the hero...
RenzoAndy May 2017
When the morning come this morning...
While the mind still warmed with dreaming,
You still coloring my mind with beauty dancing
Fetching my heart and soul with your fencing

You mend them all So beautifully done
Coz' it is you who let me be your bone
Making my life coloring again with rainbows
Introducing me to the place with sincerest vows,

I know,  i know, for others it's not a thing
But we know now those are my everything
Coz' i know without you will always be nothing
Coz' i know with you is the thing to be everything

Just be with me always...
Coz i Love you always...
And Will with you always...
Coz we the one that always...

My all ....
Ambika Jois Sep 2017
I trusted you.
I trusted that even if I let go of your hand,
you'd never let go of mine.

I trusted you.
I trusted that you would listen to understand,
not listen only to retaliate.

I trusted you.
I trusted that you were my go to person,
not the one who had to walk away from me.

I trusted you.
I trusted that you would argue until it's fixed,
not punish me with silence and distance.

I trusted you.
I trusted that you would stay with me,
not walk out of the house and not come back.

I trusted you.
I trusted that you would come back wanting me,
not back only coz I asked you to return.

I trusted you.
I trusted that you want me even through this,
not just be with me coz you have to.

I trusted you.
I trusted that you love and care for me,
not just said so and still had the courage to walk out.

I trusted you.
or maybe that wasn't trust.


I assumed you.
I assumed that you'd hold my hand,
even if I'd let go.

I assumed that you listen and understand me,
even if you're only going to retaliate.

I assumed that you were my go to person,
even if you wanted to walk away from me.

I assumed that you would argue until it's fixed,
even if silence and distance were mere threats.

I assumed that you would stay with me,
even if you wanted to walk out and not come back.

I assumed that you would come back wanting me,
even if you would only return coz I'd have asked.

I assumed that you want me even through this,
even if you were only being with me coz you had to.

I assumed that you loved and cared for me,
even if you had the courage to walk out.

I assumed you. And thought I'd trusted you.

Coz isn't that what you do,
when you love and think you really know someone?
Trust them and assume them?

Maybe that's where I went wrong.

I should've trusted you for who you are.
Or assumed differently.

Maybe I should learn the difference between the two.
Maybe I should learn to love better.

Maybe I should...
Julieta Aurelio Jul 2015
There's this mask I wear
The glue is so tight
Hiding me, hiding all
All you don't see, unless you get really near
That I'm not alright
My eyes are dark and deep enough for you to stand in
My wrists are ******, so are my thighs
My heart is shaky
And I've got non stop anxiety
But from far you see this mask
You hear my loud laugh
And see me hold my tummy in pain from giggling at my own joke
You swear I have recovered
When actually my late night tears help me keep the mask on
I may not look injured
Nor hollow
Or in pain
Just with this smile on my face
Of this mask that I wear
I hurt unheard and unseen,
Impatient for good days.

If my heart was transparent
A lot wouldn't be the same
Anyways, I'm already used to building these walls around my heart.
It's protected, I guess. From the outside world yet within me the storm never calms.
Tears wet these pillows
All night through sometimes wishing that morning must never come
Holding the grudge against myself
While smiling to all standing right in front of me.
Asking is this how life suppose to be.
Limping with anger yet holding the last thought of laughter
One hell of life we living.
You see...
This mask doesn't show things in 3D
That's why I love rainy days
Coz my tears are never recognized
Sadness engulf my soul while hoping that one day I will be able to remove the glue on this mask I wear.
Duo with @DrewThePoet (twitter)
Anna Sep 2011
I don't trust you even if I do love you
You always say everything will be okay
Even if you say the most touching words in the world I won't believe you
Coz whatever point of view I may look, only lies will portray

I respect you coz you are the superior
But I’m mad at you coz you’re taking advantage of it
You tell this, you tell that, you all got the power
But in my mind I know all of those words you utter are full of ****

I don’t want to listen to you anymore
Or even hear your voice asking how am I doing
I’m glad that you’re far away from home
I’m mad coz I know you’re happy flirting

I know these words of mine is very impolite
But I can’t hide it anymore
I would like to thank you for still being there
And say ******* for still hurting my mom more and more
Sheik Hazi Oct 2015

Nothing can separate me from you,
Even if I ran away from you,
My love never fails coz I believe you,
I always win in my love,
Coz I am blessed with your love,
My love will never changes,
I will stay with you for ages,
Nothing can separate me from you,
Even if I ran away from you.

I may feel the pain for sometime,
But joy comes with you all the time,
Oceans may come across,
May the wind will be strong,
May the water is deep,
I am sure I will reach the other side,
Coz your love on myside,
I am not afraid,
Coz your mery is by myside,
My love will never fail,
Even the boat will not sail,
Nothing can separate me from you,
Even if I ran away from you.
Honey I love you.

— The End —