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Guy Howard Nov 2019
So Corbyn has promised the Earth
And Labourites can't see the mirth
Diane Abbott's sums
Will Make us all bums
With no homes and negative worth

JC will fix our NHS
Sort out the Conservative mess
Millions more Docs and nurses
From his magical purses
Where the money's from's anyone's guess

Countless new cops on the beat
Is Corbyn's inspiring new bleat
But his short working week
Turns the scene rather bleak
With less police hours on the street

"For the Many" you hear Corbyn say
But if Jeremy gets his own way
He'll jump through the hoops
For terrorist groups
Like our good friends the old IRA

Corbyn stands by unchecked immigration
To diversify our entire nation
Don't shed a tear
As our new friends land here
Viewing our jobs with anticipation

Renationalise everything now
The TUC love a good row
Production will dive
As untouchables skive
Thanks to Labour's trades union cash cow

Labour's 70s weren't all that bad
Even though they made millions sad
Corbyn will take us back
But you won't get the sack
For the unions, we all should be glad

Tax big companies ever so hard
Is Jeremy's vote-winning card
Then look on in glee
As these companies flee
And your job moves to some foreign yard

Democracy thrives in the Left
The way Corbyn works is so deft
We'll have vote after vote
Till the miserable goat
Gets results that won't leave him bereft

My conclusions may seem rather gory
It's Labour's ridiculous story
The only way free
Anyone sane can see
Is to cross the box next to the Tory
Jessica Connelly May 2017
Vote Corbyn,
Let's make him win,
He's the man for the job,
We don't want the Tory snob
To sell off our NHS, she's not fit to negotiate any deal for Brexit,
We need her to exit
Number ten,
She's lying again,
Corbyn has planned the budget for the labour manifesto,
Yet on this, May is still being slow,
She says she's strong and stable,
Yet we are able
To see she's actually weak and wobbly,
The opposite of what she claims to be,
She wasn't going to call a snap election,
Again she's gone in the opposite direction,
Corbyn wants to make a brighter future for all,
He doesn't want any of us to fall,
He cares for the homeless, he wants to abolish tuition fees,
This is what our country needs,
He's a terrorist sympathiser I hear you say,
Yet for May to sell weapons to Saudi is perfectly okay?
He's explained himself and answered all questions given,
He's a man who is very driven,
She's Tory through and through,
For the elite and few,
She's all for bringing back the barbaric act, she likes to fox hunt,
I, alongside many others, think she's a ****,
Corbyn is down to earth, a friendly man,
Many say they don't think he can
Run this country too well,
I think I'd rather have him do his best than be in a land of Tory hell,
He'll do us well,
He'll do us proud,
I'm a Corbyn supporter
And I'll shout it loud.
Sean Hunt Dec 2015
Jeremy Corbyn has enraged
The invisible monster

The machine is spun;
By pieces of mouth
Manipulated by
Capitalistic global corporations,
Arms and petroleum merchants.

Surprise, surprise!!
It's time to climb
Up on the  cross
The global temple vendors,
Precisely placed politicians,
And media pharisees
Have been plotting
For Jeremy Jesus
I wonder who will wash their hands?

Merry Christmas!

Sean Hunt  
Windermere Xmas 2015
Corbyn is the outspoken labor leader in the UK.
Yenson Dec 2019
lies, hatred, fake news, smears....
if this is labour in opposition
what on earth would they be like
in power.

it was Donald trump who popularized
the term "fake news"
but it is the labour party that has turned
misinformation and lies into an art form

ian austen  

Exremists that shore up Money Extortionists and Gangsters
that victimized an innocent blackman for standing up to Local area Criminals, and turned a hardworking decent law-abiding man
into a jobless, isolated, demonized outcast, for daring to tell crooks to go get a job and better themselves rather than burglarizing those that work.

In his 2018 speech to members at the Labour Party conference, he encouraged them to go online and attack journalists: “The free press has far too often meant the freedom to spread lies and half-truths, and to smear the powerless, not take on the powerful. You challenge their propaganda of privilege by using the mass media of the 21st century: social media”.

That could be why journalists are routinely booed at Labour press conferences and BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenss-berg needed security guards when she covered the party’s annual conference in 2017.

In an interview the same year, Corbyn even admitted to being a reader of The Canary, described by one left-wing writer as “running a sexist hate campaign against Laura Kuenssberg”.

Of the controversial site, Corbyn said: “I think it’s good that people go to all the alternative sites and check out what they want. I’ve read The Canary quite a bit.”

Corbyn was infamously a member of an extremist Facebook group, too, in which he defended a blatantly anti-Semitic mural depicting Jews as greedy bankers, while his staff were found to be members of several others.

The Facebook groups set up in his name reveal the ugly face of the hard Left that now controls Labour.

That’s why his faction of extremists can’t be allowed anywhere near No10.

If this is what they are like in opposition, can you imagine how bad they’d be in power?

Ian Austin is a former Labour MP and chair of Mainstream, the campaign against extremism.
No one uses fake news more effectively than Jeremy Corbyn and his friends on the hard Left of the Labour Party.
It is directed at Labour MPs as well as Conservative ministers. Anyone who does not demonstrate total loyalty to Jeremy Corbyn is attacked or vilified. If a member of a group is brave enough to query some of the more extreme language, they will quickly find themselves ejected.

Anyone who attacks Corbyn’s enemies, often in the most graphic terms, is rewarded by hundreds or thousands of Facebook “likes”.

Ugly and offensive language is celebrated and encouraged but anyone who stands up to it is either attacked or removed.

It is a form of mob rule that is no less frightening because it takes place online.

Defending Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell’s comments attacking Esther McVey after she defended benefit cuts, a member of Jeremy Corbyn Leads Us To VICTORY wrote: “John McDonnell does not need to apologise for anything — THIS F****** COW NEEDS LYNCHING!”

On Jeremy Corbyn Will Be Prime Minister, one follower wrote: “I am not anti-semitic but tell the Jews go and get f*****.”
Yenson Sep 2018

Some Red setters dogs are eating Jewish people
in England
But why, do call them off, they are british people,
The are hard working, Industrious, Entrepreneurs,
Professors, Doctors, Lawyers, Bankers, Entertainers
Scientists, Writers, eminent Surgeons, Artists, these
are nice Britons....stop the dogs, stop the dogs.....

Woof....woof....woof.....woof.....woof...woof woof

Some Red Setters dogs are eating and biting some
Labour MPs all over the country

But why, do call off the dogs, No! we have a list and this list,  highlighted the behaviour of a number of Left MPs, including Jess Phillips for telling Corbyn’s ally Diane Abbott to “*******”, John Woodcock for dismissing the party leader as a “******* disaster” and Tristram Hunt for describing Labour as “in the ****”
and all the other hard working Moderate MPs who dared protest at Anti-Semitic stance or supported the Jews .


Some Red Setters dogs are devouring some minor
Royal from Africa

But why, do call off the dogs. No that ****** has a big ****, he's
Charismatic, intelligent, wholesome, has good work ethics, polite,
wise, charming, generous, witty and a ****** good lover and to top it all he's Royal. Now that's ******* GREEDY, how much can a
******* man have. NO! he's a goner. He is too perfect, he must be hounded and persecuted to death.


Congratula­tions People, we have got rid of them all
we now have real democracy, we have a real society now
Get in the dogs ... And all you useless ******* people shut up!
And report to the Labor Camps 7:30a.m. tomorrow
You're Working Class and now you ****** have to work!
Chuka Umunna says Labour has become an institutionally racist organisation as evident from those MPs and members forced out of Labour under Jeremy Corbyn, and he urged the leader to “call off the dogs”.
Brawlstarsmann Mar 2019
The Labour Party is made of spam
They are communists and are as smart as Pam
They l spend and spend more and more
Until the U.K is poor

Jeremy Corbyn is mad
He is very sad
He is made of trash
Just like an annoying ****
That is why I think the Labour party is *******
MMMM            MMMM
Mateuš Conrad Sep 2018
.why? why?! why would i even be, remotely,
    esp. with a story from yesterday
akin to that of a feminist poster being
taken down, that read:

   adult human female

because some, sorry... i love the word:
****** / doctor "thought" the word:
woman was endangering
transgender people...
looks like the homosexuals are on the attack...
can you be a misogynist and a homosexual,
simultaneously? well... apparently you can!
bravo! encore! encore!
    so should i be bothered when such antics
are taking place in: of all places, Liverpool?
**** it, i'm going to have a beer and watch
the sunset - or at least that's what i thought
a few hours prior.

the **** was i doing, watching channel 4
      i do remember watching it...
why was i watching it?
     for all it's worth...
                they do a pretty solid job,
**** me, they even reported on Iranians
using instagram...
                        gotta love the Shiites...
probably my favorite Muslims...
   given their Persian background -
proud face, like those native Americans
in the film hostiles:
   proud faces...
                        well... if you're going
to root for someone, root for the "underdogs"...
those Persians were never going
to bow down to the camel jockey Arabs,
sure as **** they wouldn't, and didn't...
ah ****...
  that's the problem with drinking,
and writing at the same time...
   in vino veritas...
     shh... it's a secret...
                    one downfall of drinking
and writing...
                         ­     really hard to tell a lie...
by god it's hard to tell a lie
while drinking...
     why? there's no fun in telling a lie,
spinning a fictive narrative,
marketing character understudies or
                a bit like:
                     versus a ******* orchestra...
(yeah, sorry about that...
   oath words, i swear,
   are compiled in the category of and:
i.e., they're conjunctions...
   otherwise i'd stutter, or something much
worse, like a writer's block & ****)...
   what was i going to say?
   channel 4 news... sure... it pure left,
globalism, multi- blah blah blah
and further blah to the nth term...
i couldn't believe it though!
   obviously the two stories were going
to be spoken about side by side...
     first... the second arrest of Tony Robinson...
apparently yet another, or another yet:
contempt of court...
     scenes from the Old Bailey...
and, d'uh, obviously,
   Jeremy Corbyn opening a placard of
a sq. dedicated to the far right
    "terrorist" attack on... ***...
  can't remember her name...
    Joe... hey Joe... where do you think
you're going with that gun?
Janie's got a gun...
                   this **** never gets old:
Chris Rea: Josephine...
       i send you all my love,
  and every single step i take
i take for you...
i would never believe that so much of
Van Morrison has that many
  jazzy accents in the oeuvre...
   and a crisp, cloudless early
afternoon illuminating the birds,
the blues of flowers and the contract
of the about to shoot
  into embers of होली Holī
envious greens...
turmeric, chilli powder,
     cumin, fading cardamon,
garam masala,
           then the masalas:
   tandori, achar, tikka....
    then korma and the sri lankan
blue indians have their celebrations
in spring,
  i'm about to spectate the celebrations
of autumn... win win...
but that's still not the point...
channel 4 news...
  oh ****!
   Gavin Mcinnes!
    **** me!
   love the tartan suit...
******* looks plush!
about as much style as matt preston
  (from Australian Masterchef)...
**** it,
   i forgot which of the chicken
wings recipes i am supposed
to make tomorrow....
the Azerbaijan recipe, or the...
oh ****... o.k. i can tell the difference
between the porcelain of the Japanese,
and say... someone from Thailand...
whatever... i'll cook something anyway.
Yenson Aug 2018
Lost in the majority
hiding within the masses
seeking acceptance
afraid to be yourself

The bullies' 'democracy' claims another victim
the chains are for you
not your so-called prisoner
Not the one who dared call it as it is
Not the one unafraid to stick his head above the fence

What is a person if not their truths
Be it right or wrong, better die than a ******* sheep
The Dodo was wiped out because they were flightless
Couldn't escape the clutches of human
Was it their fault
Or the God who made them without wings
and also created man in charge of earth

Man is the highest being
who professes to know more than God
Do what they want and take what they like
We can, so we do
We'll just make it up as we go along
Its unlawful to **** but our Police can **** the Darkies
You do jail time for stealing a loaf
At the top they are stealing millions slashed in Offshore Accounts

Then some flatulences of deranged ******* ranges along
declaring we are Red Devils against the Privileged
See that man go make his life a misery
Don't befriend him, don't even talk to him
Come join our club cause we are the majority

The flatulence of ******* have just stolen your Free-Will
Pitting you against another who has done you no wrong
But it's alright because everyone is in with it
No it's not OK because they have just made you a slave
Played on your fears and made you feel inferior
Judged on your behalf without your consent
And manipulate you without your approval
Because they have fooled you
Made you think you're only strong in a pack
While tainting your mind with Hate
And stealing your free Will

Welcome to Cowardsville, Have a nice stay
Cause you're staying your lifetime
Real Democracy is seeking Common good for all by all
Not common destruction of another blameless Human
as sport to hang asinine trite banners on, to **** your mind in
That is not Power, its a scam by Cheats, thugs and hooligans
who also want a slice of the Top table pies and cherries,
without learning the rules of the game
What these shites call Power is hate and Bullying
And bullying is Wrong and cowardly
It could be YOU someday

You may not have much but at least own yourself
And own your mind
Make your own decision
Don't do because someone stole your free Will
Least of all a Flatulences of Red *******
Who banish Freedom while yelling Freedom For All
Who lies we are fighting for the common people
While their union Leaders earn same as the ******* PM
and live Rent free in mansions with fortunes in Banks

Is Putin equal to all the others he rules over
Is Trump giving up his Billions to make America great
Has Corbyn given a spare room to a Palestinian refugee
or donated half of his wages to the poor
Do you honestly believe Politicians tell you the TRUTH
Whether Red, Blue, Orange, Gold or ******* Rainbow

Then some Shyster Flatulences of Red Nincompoops steals
your Free will and sends you like dogs to go harass
and torment one single Man and calls it Revolution...hahaha

Go have a coffee and smell the Roses....people!
Jeremy Corbyn publishes tax return, revealing total income of £114,342
Adam Webster Jul 2016
Send the immigrants back; unfortunately the referendum was based on that.
Misplaced Hate,
Created by power,
Forcing a debate of the darkest hour.
Hate towards immigration, but wait!
What if you need an operation?
The health service is crumbling, needs multiculturalism to keep the cogs turning.
So you want a debate on immigration?
Let’s talk about your integration.
What’s your heritage?  
Where is your blood line from?
I doubt it will be a solely British one!
Our kids walk the streets with knives and guns, yet our politicians talk with plums.
Claim to understand society, but driving flash cars is their priority.
Don’t give a **** about local business rather see corporations strip our economy.
Self-Serving politicians feed the fat cats ambition, Cameron or Corbyn? It’s us the people who are suffering!
Paul Butters Jun 2017
Before the UK Election
Those Tory Trolls slagged off
The Labour Leader
Jeremy Corbyn
Unmercifully –
Dredging up his distant past,
Turning his heroic quest for Peace in Northern Ireland
Into an act of alleged “treason”
And much more.
They painted a grim grey scene.

But like King Arthur and his gallant knights,
Corbyn unsheathed his own Excalibur:
That mighty thing called “Hope”.
He offered us all a brighter future,
Except perhaps for the greedy rich,
To sweep through the enemy ranks
Upon his horse, “Momentum”.
Once more to the breach…

And as the opinion polls swing
More and more in his favour,
Victory for Labour
Is only a matter of time.

Paul Butters
The aftermath of the UK Election.
Mateuš Conrad Jan 2017
3 weeks, that's all it takes,
      how many necessary things could have
been said, but weren't...
    i could have written to my local m.p.,
or say - an imaginary letter to
Lorca, like Jack Spicer -
     instead, i wrote a few pieces of
verbal-diarrhea - sheer frustration -
      how debasing i sometimes see myself
becoming, all this talk of self-censorship,
     it's this ominous shadow of some third
party sources... the more you write
it seems, the more you start fearing
in the existence of that famous chestnut
known as writer's block...
                         it's such a fear that it's
impossible to call it irrational,
a tiny fear, a phobia, fear without a narrative...
so you end up becoming debasing for a while:
thankfully: there's nothing in concreto
about it...
                    you begin almost in trance
blurting out words to no civilised purpose -
  just to go beyond the rust and stiffness of
3 weeks sober, as if starved from the world:
because your grandparents don't have an internet
      and you return from a place where
you have to time to read books, and be content
at being fed by a television set...
                rather than having to feed
the computer and that amassing of knowledge
and shared experience...
      a digital detox they call it...
   i call it a double-whammy detox... and strange
how doable it is: it doesn't require
a rehab...    or some guru telling you
       that you have to block out thoughts
immersed to the internet...
                    but then again, is it about that?
all i can claim to say is that:
    the internet can really become a cul de sac...
i'd feign to believe that anyone with
   it can read a novel these days...
                       i know i can't -
     in the most ordinary circumstances -
                     a complete shut-down can provide
enough furniture to be so less itchy
and nagging to touch...
                               and it wasn't even a case
of a self-imposed hiatus...
                    don't know what it actually meant
other than an immersion in: what
life was like in the 20th century...
                              and on that touchy subject of
certain words being treated as if said
by children and deserving the scorn from an elder...
well sure, would that give us many more
graces to: write in the fxxx?   and if i actually did -
if only the english language used some sort of
orthographic, but it can't: since it has no diacritical
    the aesthetic is so different in Poland...
you don't censor certain words so might think you're
talking roses and adorable puppies for some
grand social project...
       there's a graffiti joke in Poland...
              and there about four different variations
of the same word (as it sounds) -
huj                         hój
             chuj                                and chój...
  there are no others... but there's only one accepted
spelling of the word: given the orthographic convention...
and if this word is seen on walls
   without the correct orthography, it's a good joke...
  (it's the first spelling of the word that's correct,
if you want to know)...
     what i can't understand is creating these excessive
emotional associations with words,
not sentences that lead to a fuller meaning:
but isolated words...
                         it's a simple bewilderment that
using such words, for the sake of using them, might
suddenly lead toward some antagonism of
an ethnicity -
                                 it's black on white -
there are no hues of words... but when it's used
from fear of a writer's block, and it has to be used,
once again: not in concreto...
                        then it's again, used like i might
throw everything into grammatical categorisation of
words, and get back a lesson in grammar...
    that's 3 weeks without a keyboard - you're
bound to vent out some frustration...
                    at least there's an antidote to it,
on saturday i experienced zenith of the frustration,
until it dwindled away, overnight...
                             rarely do you see a review of a poetry
book in english newspapers...
   perhaps the guardian, but in the times?
               once in a blue moon...
           the review: if jeremy corbyn wrote poems...
    for almost a whole evening i was experiencing this
sort of: debilitating paralysis, debilitating because it
was wholly mental... i equated reading this review
with an experience of: ethical monopoly of vocab...
    and it really does exist... its not a question of political
correctness, but a case of ethics:
                  could i use the word nxxxer or not?
    can it really be so scary to see that correct spelling?
and what if i wrote about the river Niger, because
i felt like it... or took to the fancy of a trip to Nigeria?
       boy, Niagara falls must be stunning to look at too!
i don't understand that privacy can be so usurped,
so wrangled out one's on comfort...
    so we have our closet racists and closet intellectuals
(who i call the bearded white boys
                 in chequered shirts and torn jeans) -
    but in a fit of personal transitioning, are we really
about to censor each other, and on what ground?
      yes, i have a ku klux **** hood in my closet
and i'm about to shout ye ha! on a lynch frenzy...
      it's a word said out of context with a historical content
still ascribed to it... if this word were taken into
an urban environment: it would be an epitome of
what once was used with the words *******...
         i'm not concerned with the word historically...
       historically speaking: it's urban now...
                               it can literally mean: thick-as-night...
and can you start to begin finalising such
nano experiences in life...
                           some people get to sky-dive,
or hunt lions on safaris...
                                i'm stuck with a wasted evening
duped into thinking this out:
  like so horror minority report, said the word:
predestined to do the most god-awful evil...
                       or like i said the word:
and that's equivalent to not washing my mouth for
2 weeks... 2 weeks spent on a diet of onions,
garlic and raw beef...
                           it's this absurdity that has nothing
fancy about it, this could not be written by
Albert Camus... it's too worm-like absurd...
                 i don't whether to laugh or cry, or tell you
how i had to find a counter-frustration...
but i did, the review of a poetry book in a saturday newspaper...
philip collins' take on unreconciled - poems 1991 - 2013
   by michel houellebecq...
                               i'm guessing the actual book
would make me feel less frictive than the reviewer's take on it...
   such this huge ball of fungus dropped into
my cranium and started to cannibalise itself with
digestive juices of nihilism... thankfully reviews like this
would spur me on and make me want to read such a book...
just to get the antithesis (if that's correct word to use)...
   to me, it sounds like a book
that's supposed to oppose the european use of the haiku...
   for me not all haikus are philosophical...
     although i know they're intended as such...
personally, i think that the art behind the haiku is
more than the actual haiku...
    say, someone who invented this medium,
yes, an easterner would probably write 20 haikus in
a period of 20 years...
     writing too many haikus (usually done by westerners)
is precisely the opposite of the art-form...
      how can a haiku be written without a year-long
restraint, and when finally the pressure is too much:
you get ''so little''?
                      well sure, i can write a haiku any moment
i can... but i'd have to have a gnat's worth of
consciousness to write one without having meditated for
a year...
                we europeans can at least write
absurd excerpts from our rigid lives...
                        and houellebecq does that -
   we live in these snappy narcissistic observations taken
from the world we have so made systematic -
    and i guess reason is a big tender dog -
given that unreason is a ******* chiwawa that
constantly keeps barking... or any other small dog
for that matter...       well: once again -
who told these people who review poetry books that
poetry is an Ikea manual?
                               lack of imagination, i'd say...
   and i'll say that about any other liar out there who
can say that visualising poems is easy -
     modern art can be seen as pretentious ******* -
but then what can you verbalise about it is the whole trick...
   just asking, because i was thinking about when
that famous school of fine art in Florence is going to
reopen, and why no one bothered to remember the techniques
using oil on canvas...
                 evidently something is up in the zeitgeist -
    i'm guessing we'll not see a **** study by edward calvet
any time soon... and it'll remain so, for quiete some time -
something is being revised - i'd call all modern art
by the movement: revisionism -
                      well: the dark ages were revising something -
everything's crude once more...
                  as came with the over-exposure to our
******... and did i say there's something wrong with that?
but evidently seeing too much fucky-fucky
    has created jelly in the eyes of artists who have to
go back to basics... it's like artists are looking for words...
they want to return to a dialogue of the reneissance...
    or at least it sounds like that... oh no, not from them:
from the people that have a critical eye on the matter:
the intellectuals... i see it as a hope for coming back to
dialogue... if you can't return to a dialogue over
a very simple modern canvas... there's no point
talking about the greater intricacies...
                             that leave you speechless -
  i mean: what's the point of talking about a mona lisa
when you can enjoy a joke asking whether
the devil didn't have his hand up her skirt?
       or the ecstasy of st. theresa... what's there to talk about?
i look at that statue and just want to get a hard-on...
but first i guess i have to rediscover a dialogue
with what the current times prescribe me...
and these really are works of prescription... there's no
point look into pharmacology's list of prescriptions...
   as going about saying it's all a load of *******,
leads to the first step toward modern alienation...
       if darwinism can be a humanism, a study of
the human... i can only give it a motto:
there's a reason behind everything... there's a reason
snakes don't have eyelids...
                              or that giraffes look funny...
             or that camels are the most vile mammals
to walk this earth...
                       personally i
Mateuš Conrad Aug 2016
what a ****-pile of ******* (petition rendered
on the hyphenated word compound
i wanted to correct- yeah, all the dudes can hide,
i tried the Oxford crew, but instead
i just got American  colonialism:
the part where you say: i said the funnier joke,
therefore i'm funnier,
TEAM U.S.A.! yeah! **** yeah! let's keep it as
just that... TEAM U.S.A. GO!
we're aiming for sushi right now...
and i love the fact that Green Day's
when September ends is a sidelining the 9/11,
ever you mind dialling 911...
oh, because i was the fascist, tell that to your mother
when baking bagels, ****...
i don't like the way poetry
tries to incubate violence as the non-existence of,
i hate that poetry is written by *******...
i ******* hate these goody-two-shoes more
than i'd care to think abut ******,
who will, given enough time,
become a fetish subject for historians when
we reach a historical threshold,
give it 1000 years he's be a mythological Barbarossa...
that's what i said about him not being
a unicorn.... give it 1000 years and he'll end up
being a hero, just before the
historians make a fetish out of them like they did
with Genghis Khan...
they'll talk about the autobahn before they
speak of the holocaust and constructing Israel,
which we are assured, by fake-socialists
taking on communism by sitting on a train floor...
if that guy Corbyn is a socialist then i'm Comrade
Mao... you never experienced socialism,
i hardly think you're able, like you
said that former feudal made communist
factions were predestined failures of capitalism...
i know you'll fail being communists,
the Chinese are in charge...
you, aren't, going, anywhere!
yeah, believe the socialist sitting on the train floor...
that ******* comes last...
and don't try that fascist tactic for me ti speak clean...
i'm not going to speak with the everyday citizens' speech
talking to the queen... no, i flap the tongue
you provide the wind and the winding,
schooling in over, so is shooing into lining up...
page 64 of Valis:
either knowledge through the sense organs and
is noun-categorised (some say called)
empirical knowledge, or it's arises within your head
and it's called a priori -
i don't see a problem? do you? well...
isn't a posteriori dismissive of empiricism?
to reach a posteriori knowledge you have to dismiss
empirical involvement... also to mind:
there are aren't any sense organs as such.... i'd like
to thin there are... but deaf people wouldn't consider
their ears to be organs, they're still using sign language
and continue living, neither are eyes organs
given Braille... Philip K. **** had more insight on Kant
high on amphetamines than Hegel ever did...
the basic implant? God... a few people
have escaped the a priori and a posteriori argument
for God, most were seduced by atheism
trying to relieve themselves of the argument being
argued let alone argued for a non-existence of such being,
arguing alone proved the argument to be fallacy riddled,
i.e. / as in: it was argued in the first place... for no reason...
i mean we're talking mutation:
how to mutate a priori hexagonal
               through the empirical medium pentagonal
into a posteriori hex once more...
                   the problem is searching for God in
the medium, the Cartesian substance,
the trial and error coin-flip, empiricism isn't about that,
empiricism is about the necessity of error,
i'm bothered about whether God was implanted
in us as necessarily, or whether he emerged to our
a priori mind from the medium of empiricism -
i call that a Darwinian fallacy, i don't think
the human brain can consolidate a harmonious
coexistence with self-belief and being a Buddhist...
the foremost concern is not whether:
god created man, or whether man created god...
we're talking whether the two ever coincided with
needing proof...
                               obviously not.
that part about being a Buddhist? that's shrapnel...
most of us have so much self-belief that we become
eager labourers, and hardly complain,
because the billionaires have ferrets for a haircut.
but as i said, the easiest, aphorism type of reading
Kant doesn't come from Nietzsche, it actually
comes from Philip K. **** in the bookValis...
empiricism was always going to be a watery product,
rigging scientific results, i mean lying about the results
would end up diluting a bottle of whiskey so it looked
like beer and tasted like a 20% voltage on the tongue
pallet: hardly numbing.
so the three tiers: one before, one intermediately,
and one after...
                           how a hexagon passes
through a pentagon and remains a hexagon...
or how a hexagon passes through a pentagon and ends
up a pentagon....
or how a pentagon passes through a pentagon
and ends up a hexagon...
                                             or more simply?
Bleep Beers... or Bibi (when you say b b and then add the
ee, umlaut arithmetic to double up on) -
no, i don't place my belief in the existence of god
from an a priori suggestion, as if i was to invent it...
to later discredit such a belief with a well argued augmentation
from the inheritance to later dispose of such an argument
in the charity shop of the a posteori stance...
that wouldn't excuse or explain the religious inheritance
of the Kippah or the Hijab...
who would be dumb enough to originate having to wear
a Hijab from not having experienced some sort
of necessity of divination? they would have had too experienced
something outer-worldly... god is too ridiculous to
be an a priori or an a posteriori concept...
but he's just ridiculously worthwhile the unifying
concept of phenomenology in that grand empirical theatre...
which means only one thing... our caving in and mining
god in the realm of the a priori is yet another
reality check -
i'm still bothered why not affiliating the hyphen to that
letter will make not meaningful reference, i.e.:
a-        (without)
                                   which means, a priori
(without a prior / without a beginning)
                       which means, a posteriori
           (without an after, without an end) -
it doesn't mean whether you have god as an implant,
whether you get rid of the implant
after experiencing the empirical medium,
you'll nonetheless experience the medium of the pentagon,
establish that sense-organs are not really organs,
because classifying something as an organic makes
life essentially a continuum, but blind men live long
after the eyes are gone...
                    i'm just saying that god as an idea
is hardly a worthy unit, which ideas are, concentrated
thoughts that cannot align themselves to either
telepathy or narration... they're immovable...
unshaken, undisturbed...
i'm just saying we're too intelligent to seek god
in the a priori realm or the a posteriori realm of things...
we were not actually ever going to find him
on the shores of Ireland or Florida...
it's not that ridiculous to find him on the Atlantic...
he's quantum physics after all, pocket presence...
isolated proof... never a collectivisation to enable
politicised coherence... it's a quantum experience,
a quantum experience that without atoms
gets so much stigmatisation as Judaism proves;
the mock-joke of Moses rummaging realities rather than
reality in the desert to the count of 40 years...
yeah... and later the idea of the multiverse...
that's not funny mate... it's horrid...
but there you are safe in democracy... but you're
used to reading the media outlets citing child abuse...
well... what are we missing? APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE!
Ryan O'Leary Jan 2019
If E=MC2 and one of
those squares is not
on the hypotenuse,
then, that means May,
or Corbyn one of them
is the catch, in 22 over
seven, thus a sine, or a
co-sine of an impending
tangent, which in theory
is a hypothesis without a
principle of average law.
In lay man's terms it will
be a compounding error
because England is not a
May/Corbyn mathematical
tandem twosome in duet
at a time when a unified
solution is needed to the
European Equation with
no common denominator.

I survived Cameron and his band of hatchet men

remember when Thatcher took the axe to school milk?

but you ******* voted her in
as smooth as silk
but we see her now as the sows ear she was.

I won't vote for Corbyn
he never went and yet he's already a has been,
never seen that before excepting Jeremy and they named a park after him.


when I drew a breath in Toxteth
and the carnival was the riot
I got a bit
but that's censored.

in Lancaster it's raining although it was cool down in Blackpool with the Duchess and only a slight breeze and a sneeze or two passing by Blackpool zoo.

Goodnight y'all
don't fall asleep
before you've said
your prayers.
Ryan O'Leary Dec 2018
Brexit has broken water
but despite reaching the
gestation period, it appears to
be in breach of contradictions
and most likely the solution
will be a Caesarian Section,
which, at this late stage is a
high risk gamble that could
see the defoetus in a Corbyn.
Micheal Wolf Jul 2016
If you go down to Westminster today you're in for a big surprise
If you can stand the stench, you will not believe your eyes
For all the MPs who have lied and lied have all quit before the people uprise
For this is the week that parliament collapses.

******* it time for the Blairites, who don't know who to back for their best
******* it time for the Tories, as Daves walked away from his mess
The Labour deputy is such a coward and like the chancellor has lost his voice
Because they realise the people no longer want them.

So if you go south to parliament you best beware of knives
Labour have turned into Tories and only Jezza survives.
They think they can push him off a cliff, more chance of Dave being stuck in a pig
The week the war came back to haunt the Blairites!

But if go down to tip you hat and stand against Corbyn
Beware back home they petittion to do you knees like you did his
Your voters whom you have ignored and ignored are looking to throw you out the door
So grab your coat and don't forget your sister!!!!

But one more thing if you think this is cut and drawn
Remember Farage, Boris Gove and the irritable bowel one
None have so far grown a pair, they want to give someone else the blame
Because half the country has changed its mind again!!!
Written in haste
Ryan O'Leary Feb 2019
J.C. was sold out for
40 pieces of silver,
then he was crucified
between two thieves.

But, he rose from the
dead and ascended
into heaven to sit at
the right side of God.

Metaphorically, if we
were to apply this to
Jeremy Corbyn, what
does it actually mean?

Here is what I think.
Mr Corbyn will go to
Brussels, meet Barnier
& return triumphantly.

Meanwhile, Judas ie,
Tony Bliar meets up
with $nathan & opens
a bank account with him.
Mateuš Conrad May 2016
for three hours i sat in a forest
with today's newspaper -
Leicester foxes are champs,
Corbyn on anti-semitism:
don't mentioned ******,
or to be precise eva braun,
who was a jew, ha ha...
and the leftovers of the cantos
(30 pages till the end)...
i put so much life into that ****
book, flowers to be mummified,
a su doku square,
mirror with shelf installation instructions
(richard von coudenhove-kalergi
a drunk girl's scribbles about
a thesis on chocolate...
a real Frankenstein of a book
should you find it in sotheby's
auctioning rare and the macabre
of people involved in writing history...
i sat there thinking about a black
hole in a conversation from friday...
who the hell was the last Travelling Willbury?
ah... Steve Lynne, the guy from
Electric Light Orchestra - also amused by
a red pond mite, scuttling on the moon
or mars surface that my book represented
in a forest environment it's used to...
finally in Wales and China...
peering at the remnants of rex reptilian...
alien, alienation... insects, we're improving
our search;
insects, yeah,
first the reptilians, second the mammals,
the last to evolve are insects, aliens -
and you will not want to meet a massive
fly that spits hydrochloric acid saliva
as an inversion of an internalised digestive system,
i.e. with a digestive system outside -
remaining arguments for an exoskeleton,
meaning you have to digest things outside your
body to keep up the overall mush inside -
forgive the anti-muscular leisure,
internal-muscular meaning mammalian;
what? you sold me Darwinistic historicity
that kinda makes the 19th century irrelevant,
or last Sunday... **** you not i'll sell you this;
backup monkey chew of an eucalyptus branch
and you expose a Chimpanzee
baby-sitting a Koala.
Boris likes to stroke his Mogg
Merkel loves a hot Macron
David Davis hates to Barnier
Keir Starmer gels with Garnier

May adores her slimy Gove
While Corbyn woos the Abbott
Liz Truss? Such angry sourpuss
Herself to champion loudly fuss

And Greening's not for leaning
Against the Brexit so opposed
Sajid wants a blimp of Trump
Which has given Donald the ****

Whilst in the gilt historic chair
We’ve a bent partisanal ******
Cash grabbing John the squeaker
Bercow! How in hell are you still Speaker?

Now when speaking of selfish greed
Travel. Duck houses. Second homes, and such
Let’s remember; as not to would be unfair
That glib arrogant war-monger; Blair

I’ve had enough of all of them
The Blunts. The Hunts. The useless…
Pieces of flotsam and jetsom
Don’t even start me on Leadsom!

©pofacedpoetry (Billy Reynard-Bowness 2018 – All rights reserved)
On the subject of politics and Westminster in 2018 - Brexit etc, and the inadequacy of our politicians on all sides of the divide.
it's the unmistakeable odour
of fried onions and sweat,
do me a favour.

One of these days

enough about that
what about the burning
is the Earth really flat?

going to be
this kind of a day,
Corbyn and May?
'twixt the two
you could say,
not much difference
apart from the obvious

if X marks the spot
and you've only
got one chance
you'd better
cross your fingers
or it's four more
of the devils

and we know
it's a con game
but we accept it,
are we that lame?

A fairer system
is the system they use
and the system they
abuse us by
don't fall for the lie
swallow the line,

are you oblivious to what's
going on?
can't you see it's all wrong?

for one day
out of many
you're made to feel
as if you really count
as if
what you think

and enough about that too
I've heard it al before

career cowboys
will still take their seats
I'll still have to bow
and scrape
is what it used to be
but I see
It never was.

There is always a brighter side
a dial a ride

a broomstick in a room full of brooms is just a broom
and a stick,
enough to make me sick.

Them in the Pret'
don't smell of
no sweat
just desperation.

Politics an
ideal laxative

they're all full of it
getting their
greedy hands on
a bit of it
is the order of the day.

Corbyn or May

who're you voting for?


who're came out in predictive text as *****
I wonder why and what for.
Yenson Mar 2019
This is partly because of a communications network called NEON (New Economy Organisers Network).
Neither affiliated to Labour nor Momentum,
this organisation has been working hard behind the scenes to train left-wing  experts, community organisers and activists
in direct action peoples power
Corbyn’s anti-Semitism crisis  and the proliferation of the extreme left factions proves one thing:
The old Stalinist gang is back in charge of Labour

Those people, whose lives were fundamentally shaped by a Labour government determined to keep them out of the UK because of the colour of their skin, might be surprised to hear the claims in recent weeks, from different quarters, that Labour always has been or was an anti-racist party.

This is a label people in Labour have long claimed. And to prove it, there are particular facts they point to. The introduction of the UK’s various Race Relations Acts all happened under Labour governments. The Stephen Lawrence inquiry was established in the early years of the Blair government – crucially, though, after years of campaigning by Lawrence’s family. And even though it was often met with a frosty reception, there is a rich tradition of anti-racist and anti-colonial organising within Labour;

A little over 10 years ago, New Labour politicians were describing children whose parents were seeking asylum as “swamping” UK schools, running a campaign that declared Labour as on “your side” and the Lib Dems as “on the side of failed asylum seekers”, treating people of colour as not belonging to the nation, defending colonialism and overseeing policies that made asylum seekers destitute. And then there was the post-New Labour “controls on immigration” mug under Ed Miliband.

If we allow people to misrepresent the past by erasing the racist politics that have caused pain, economic degradation and treated people as “other” because of their skin colour, religion, immigration status or “culture”, then we won’t see racism – including anti-immigration racism – as structurally embedded and systemic. These fraught histories are ones the left, within and outside the Labour party, can learn from. Declaring yourself something doesn’t mean you are that; it takes work.
Ryan O'Leary Feb 2019
Angela Smith has been
de voted, no, not to,
but by, her constituents.

So she should, all of
them in fact, this is a
pro semite conspiracy.

Indeed, Just as Corbyn
pulled Labour neck in
neck with the Toe Rags.

"Stand down, stand
down, stand down-
  for your wrongs"
Ryan O'Leary Oct 2019
Jungle bells are ringing out
across the nation, Boris is to
play Santa Claws this year,
so, reinforce your stockings.

Corbyn is going to be Scrooge
in The Christmas Carol, hoping
to cook Johnson's goose which
he will share with the hungry.

Arlene Foster will be filling
the empty pies with minced
words which are to be served in
Bowler Hats avec blue berries.

Sturgeon is going to Hog as
Many votes as possible while
the rest are gorging to the Pogues
Fairytale of New York & London.

The Lib-Dems have an anthem
by Jo Swine Song about spit
roasting a Pig in the stocks
outside Downing St. Syndrome.

The Greens are looking for this
years largest Cucumber which
they have decided to stuff. They
have declined to say where.

Cymru Plaid's have decided to
make woollen scarves for the
homeless Corgi's after the Queen
is evicted from Buckingham Palace.

Nigh Gel Farage is going to
lubricate a Tusk and shove it up
Barnier's (( in the presence of
Jean Claude Coke Nose Junkier.
Mateuš Conrad Jul 2017
i don't get inspired... i get prompts,

one in particular...
her name? sam leith -
the saturday the times weekend
magazine (july 29th 2017) -
the usual load of *******
from the ***
of west london...

sam? why not samuel but
  what sort of man cites his
father as the guiding beacon?
me? you?
s(he) - ah, transgender perfect,
armed with a rifle, and a bra
stuffed with scrambled eggs -
she he he she, she she he she,
it dot, tag, you're it! he she
she she he she, she she he, he she,
she she, he he, shish kebab,
samuel beckett's watt:
bonkers, boing boing boing,
apache heli-copter! trampoline!

slap in the face seriousness...
quotes her father citing
ecclesiastes (oof fra fra in essex,
high-brow y'ah tellin' moi?!
   neece... nice? n'eh ce pa?
tortoise mangetout peckam, n'es pas?)...
dog ****.

         to, every, thing, there, is, a, season,
     and, a, time, to, every, purpose, under,
the, heaven.

and then ******-he goes on to add:

        post-60... never pass an alleyway
for a wee... (not little, down south it's
called the glaswegian pish-soother),
     *******? no, thank you,
   i do mine almost daily while taking a ****...
for some reason an eager **** always
provides the ***** with some mexican
"artist"... milk that cow boy! milk it!
         boy milk it!
                         ah sweet maritza...
hombre in ex hombre... y'allah...
(camel talk, spit and gnarl at toon poond
                      point no. 3: farts are boring,
unless in a tight space,
where all solipsism disappears...
   there is a proof for solispsism,
but it doesn't come from either head or mouth...
psst... comes from the ***...
    the argument for solipsism comes from
the ***... evidently the theory stands on the proof
that: everyone enjoys their own stink...
  and i believe that's a universally accepted
logic... you can smell your own ****,
but dare not to gag at someone else's,
     there, solipsism, proved via farting.

no man cites his father unless he be a semite.

so this bothered me... she-******-it-he-it-she-ooh
the following (age-limit requirement in brackets):
- not knowing how to cook (30)
- long hair for men (20)
- wheelie pavement transport (35)
- having one-night stands (26)
- posting selfies on instagram (35)
- long hair for women (50)
- jeremy "che" corbyn t-shirts (30)
- going clubbing (37)
- saying you're a d.j. (30)
- tattoos (age limit: never!)                  huh?
    - not being able to drive (20)
- baseball caps (36)
- going to festivals (50)
- wearing shorts (40)
- cleavage (40)
- showing other people your
   that's what got me, **** the rest...
what are you?
you the whip the ****** latex c.e.o.?!
the **** is this ******* rambling?!
    oh look... what's next...
an article!
   let's see:
           post-cougar, pre-pensioner -
it's a.... "tricky" stage by a 57 year old...
sure, i'd **** a granny... if i were african
working in a care home...
  as the headlines read only two days ago...
no... it's one thing philosophy attacking poetry,
but it's another when journalists do it...
no you ****-****-faced-*******....
you're not going to get away like the so easily...
******* leeches of conversation...
       barren wastelands of introspection!
i know my patron... at least this ****
german appreciated the craft...
   you? you?! you're a pathetic waste of time
trying to replenish a taste for
ancient greece... and all that pederastic education.

poets? masters of listening to
   within hearing sound

                (vacuus in vox, papilio in turba columba).
Ryan O'Leary Feb 2019
The Crows had a meeting
on the wires this morning.

Their collective cawing was
remnant of Westminster.

Corbyn [Old French] Corbeau,
was getting it in the ear.

Bercrow, as per usual, in
the centre, eying the right.

May, the crow, never picks
their stack, but regardless,

She was about to go and
pluck someone.

Things were beginning to
look blacker and bleaker.

The Rooster Crowed, not
your call, she said,

Shut the **** up MaCrown,
crow'king's what frogs do best.

Crow'n quarto intervened,
just before dawn chorus.

Crow'd fondling #MeToo
Union Jack-Daw is guilty.

Off with his wings, to the

And away they all went,
back to their Crookery.
Ryan O'Leary May 2019
Poubelle Corbyn, recycle
your compost, it is the
dung thing in your position.
The See - Saw has come to
a halt, out weighed by May,
thus leaving you high and sly.
Go back to your allotment, try
and grow yourself a pumpkin
for Halloween and don't forget
a penny for the Guy, that'll be
Farage, with the Ni- Gel, for
shafting you all and rightly so!
Yenson Nov 2019
The Milliband brothers inherited over two million
Mr Blair and his family are worth over twenty million
when the old Mr Denis Healey died his estate was five million

former Labour MP Lord Watts attacked  Mr Corbyn’s inner circle as “the London-centric hard left political class who sit around in their £1m mansions eating their croissants at breakfast and seeking to lay the foundations for a socialist revolution.”

According to research produced by the Tories the new £1,000 membership fee would apply to former leader Ed Miliband with a £2.5m house in Dartford Park, London and his ex-deputy Harriet Harman who owns a £2.3m house in Dulwich.

While shadow international development secretary Diane Abbott owns a £1m pad in Hackney and shadow defence secretary Emily Thornberry has a £3m home in Islington.

Wealthy Labour members of Mr Corbyn’s inner circle include his chief aide Seumas Milne who has a £1.5m house in Richmond, shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn with a £3m house in Chiswick and shadow justice secretary Lord Faulkner with a £17.5m mansion in Westminster.

An African man from a Country where one British pounds equals
N#450.00 is considered an Elitist despite not even having £200

Our great Revolutionary are busy hounding and tormenting Afro-man
Hellbent on ruining his life and driving him to suicide or mad

The Protection Money Racketeers are from the working Classes
they contact their Socialist friends for solidarity when payment
was refused
They all gang up against poor Afro man who has suddenly become
an Elitist, a Leech and a Parasite that deserves to be ruined,

The Leftist and Racketeers launc serious gangstalking Revolution
Character assassination, Public humiliation, harassment, Provocation, hounding, Isolation, Taunts and tormenting is the game

Join in everybody, the Revolution is here, go pick on the Afro man
Go make his life a living Hell, hound him to death

He is an Elitist, a parasite, a Greedy *******, fleecing the poor
His CRIME? Well he is a Native Customary Prince from Africa
Yes, he's unpaid, No state Income, No Castle or Duchy of Cornwall
That doesn't matter, he black but Blue-blood, that will do

This is how Politics work in these days of ours, People
We are the MUGS,
It is the era of DISRUPTION and blindsiding the people
Help them buy more CHAMPAGNE for the TOP TABLE and leave
more millions for their children.  

Neon...NEON.... where are you,'re after the Afro Prince
yeah...good job....REVOLUTION!!!
former Prime Minister Tony Blair with his £8.6m mansion in Westminster, former business secretary Lord Mandelson with an £8m home in Regent’s Park, and the newly-elected MP and former Director of Public Prosecutions Kier Starmer with a £1.4m home in Kentish Town.
Ryan O'Leary Feb 2019
Good Bad Ugly.
A shoot between
3 monkey's, one
of them blinkered!

My bets are on
Corbyn and May
to shoot the DUP's
Arlene Foster.
Tipon Mar 2019
Brexit: unscathed Labour and leader, after
last night's vote in House of Commons. Where
Mrs May, PM UK, will now go, back to the people.
Quo Vadis, another question and plan, escaping.
Labour, the people, the people, the people, the people,

and Brexit again, but forgotten. What Jeremy Corbyn
could have done, if only! Leaving the EU? This unfamiliar
shake- up of government in the UK, was a mistake, or...
Imagine there's no heaven, Labour goes unscathed. Mrs
May is down, parliament is back in control, well so they say.
Brexit this morning in the UK and in the news. (Imagine, John Lennon song)
nick armbrister Jan 2019
I have no liking for politicians
It doesn’t matter what they represent
Or believe in or stand for
I don’t care if they’re the Right or Left
Or in the ****** Middle
Or up high or so **** low
That you can’t trust them

They are all the same
From the smug smiles of Putin and Trump
To the elitism of top Tory’s like Cameron and May
There are the spineless Labour saps
Like Corbyn a Red terror supporting anti nuke coward
None of them are fit to lead any nation
Each supports his own selfish interests
Closely followed by their party
I’d rather take to the hills or woods
And live alone amongst nature
Or with a trusted ‘group’ allied to no one

There are totalitarian autocratic dictators
And democratically elected leaders
All can lie and behave like the best
For they are the best
The best at lying killing
And saying whatever they like

Some people believe them
They silence their enemies and opponents
By a variety of means
This is the politician
All are the same
Low life **** whom I oppose
Ryan O'Leary Feb 2019
Corbyn's going to take
leave on the chin with
no guard.

Sold out, caved in to
the ussels people in
the Belgian capital.

Br with Exit is not a word
with universal translation,
so it has been banned.

Remain as the antonym
is European Union friendly
and thus in common usage.
Megan Sherman Aug 2017
Status - wealth - symbolism
These - tokens make or break
Elect a soul to different shelves
On path of society's mistake -

As in chess - King dominates
Tenements - for pawn
Barracks - for the brigadiers
From whence the battle born

Of royalty - the stripe beget
To any aspiring regent -
They come even in Labour sometimes -
Suzerains of Parliament -

But a rose is anybody whose heart harbours -
A love of life and all it's creatures -
Considering the bards to be teachers -
Corbyn most exquisite of preachers -
Ryan O'Leary Dec 2019
X is an independent
variable in terms of
mathematics, also in
voting it appears, as
I am here in a polling
station with a dilemma.

Will I vote Johnson or
Corbyn, Brexit or remain.

There is an Exit sign over
the door without a BR, is
that an omen?

There is a red curtain on
my booth?

If it were ticks, I could
divide my X and give
them one each!

I think I'll toss a coin.

****, it rolled into the
next cubicle, there is
a lady with a short mini,
it's heads and up-skirting.

That's it, my mind is made
up, I'm not voting for Boris
because his dog is a runt.

— The End —