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False Poets Feb 2015
two little ugly creatures
astride me shhhh-oulders
residers and deniers,
into each ear, they whisper~creep,
do don't do don't you'll be sorry,

never in uni~sons,
now look how sorry~sad you are...
dear old dad

when done with the outside torturing,
slip right in and down the ear canal,
up to the brain, thought~mongers,
(what's a monger anyway?)
the voices of my depression,
you can't, you couldn't, you lose,
yo yo you lost you are o v e r,
my body snatched, my past erasing,
turn me into mongrel,
half~man, half~dead
a monger-el,
a contemptible god,
contempted, contemptible
that's the word refrain
of the men in my head
Yenson Aug 2018
Build me a slow boat to Timbuktu via China
Heave down a fleecy cloud and let me float to Nirvana
Hunt me a unicorn and let me ride to the Enchanted Forest
Find me a giant eagle and let it lift me to Outer Mongolia East

'please don't leave me here amongst demons with human faces'

Show me a Church and I'll show you a hall full of Sinners
Point out a wife and I'll reveal a liar and a fake and none dimer
Call a Doctor and its a Monster who betrayed the Hippocratics
That Government Boss is a cruel heinous snake without ethics

'please don't leave me here amongst demons with human faces'

See that Preacher and see a spineless hypocrite back-stabber
That lover was nothing but a sick deranged false **** twister
My dear acquaintance a heartless corrupted shyster unhinged
A Newsagent full of pitiless, gloomy, vile, psychotic joy-suckers

'please don't leave me here amongst demons with human faces'

That friend of years a bloodsucking Judas who betrayed and stole
Uncles who rained terror with sadistic pleasures in parts unwhole
Show me nieces and find two-faced ******* with poisons in veins
Neighborhoods full of silent killers and Rapists of truthful genes

'please don't me leave here amongst demons with human faces'

A vicars' daughter wielding angst axes better than a viking
The pathetic Moors zombies tearing flesh on masters beholding
The dead-eyed Arabs salivating madly or at daggers drawn
Contemptible Men-kids with pin ****** used as King's pawns

'please don't leave me here amongst demons with human faces'

Build me a cottage in rolling green fields with blue skies
Find me a fair maiden with a true heart and warming smiles
Show me a place that holds fairness and justice real and dear
A world with humanity we're all sisters and brothers for care

'please don't leave me here amongst demons with human faces'

[email protected] August2018
I was sitting on the black stool,
next to her bed
she was elevated into a sitting position:
waiting to be fed,

I seriously thought by now,
She would have been dead:
Her fragile body, the determination,
Of the outcome of her life span:
makes her seems untouchable:
first born,, walk in
with a grin on his face,
his thoughts was similar to mines
She should have been dead by now

Small conversation, mostly about politics
His fruitless marriage and memories;
Of her teaching him how to tie his shoes lace,
a contemptible, socially inept person. In a suit

I should have dress her in her black dress
to match his suit, it would have been effortless
with the struggle of getting her into it…
I remember HIS question
Did you voted for Trump?
Why not  asked how is my mother doing?
Did politics seem to matters most to him,
Or her wellbeing: In such a vegetable state?

I took a few steps down the corridor.
on my way back his visit was over:
tops five minutes

To him she is worth only five minutes of his time:
a contemptible, socially inept person. In a suit
she sang at his wedding, she taught him
how to ties his shoe lace,

she lay upon the bed with a tube up her nose
Waiting: for them to rain on her grave
Yenson Jul 15
Let me tell you about CONTEMPT
something you know nothing about
you say you have birthright in the mother of Democracy
that you believe in freedom and the Rights of all Human beings
you holler civilization and talk of Higher Learning and Education
that you believe in Equality regardless of race, gender and creed
you bang on about meritocracy and the dignity and right to Peace
you break into your Black neighbor house and stole his property
then you victimize your neighbor saying he has no birthright
it is wrong for a black to aspire
in your gangrene eyes, its an abomination
for a black to be decent, law-abiding and do better than you
so, you robbed them and then
you coral your fellow scums and lied through your teeth
you twist truth and turned a hapless victim into a pariah
you concoct accusation of greed and arrogance to justified your crimes
you swept up moronic thugs and crooks to harass and harangue
to hound and smear, to taunt and torment
to humiliate, sabotage and destroy a promising future
you revealed and robed your racism
you dear friends is the epitome of CONTEMPTIBLE
YOU....though beneath CONTEMPT is what CONTEMPT denotes
YOU and all associated with you
are the Glaring examples
So, said Planet Earth

'You battered the head off me'

'cut me open and bled me dry'

'poured poisons into my blood streams'

'scarred the flesh off my body'

'ladled toxins into my mouth'

'drained my guts'

'gashed my throat with an atomic cocktail'

'ravaged my body'

'ripped my heart out'

'tore the hair off my head'

'brought relentless torment to my eyes'

'wiped your feet on my back'

'You parasitic *******!'

'You war mongering pariah!'

'Breathe!' You dare scream in my face


'Provide you with the oxygen of life?'

'You loathsome scumbag!'

'After tearing my lungs out'

'After all the grief you caused me!'
'Wearing me down in the face of the Cosmos'

'you brazen *******!'

'I am dying!'

'You dare to turn up at my death bed?!''

'You have spent your inheritance and beggared yourself!'

'you contemptible excuse for a life form'

Humanity looked on and wanted to say something.

Shame faced, it glared back in anger and struggled to compose a fitting response. A flash of light illuminated the scene.
19 nuclear explosions rocked the planet. 84 minutes went by.

Planet Earth's hand went limp and dropped from her bedside.
She had succumbed to Humanity.
Yenson 1d
Pond lives in the murky gutters
tadpoles, worms, maggots, amoebas in muddy slime
a mess of microscopic inane entities in septic unity aroused
solidarity of low-lives in putrid dis-composition and toxic malaise  
bleachers in bleach twirling and squirming in dark benign iodine trap

Germs warfare by sightless malingerers
society's malignant wasters and losers of racists bents
damaged fodders, hoods and maintained western non-achievers
rail on best of the best, the strongest, the smartest the most capable
in ants minds and ant speak and anodyne group-think flowing froth

Watch them drowning in the cream
of a consistency alien to Arachnids, maggots and the spineless
hear the narcissistic Schreeching and contemptible scratchings of lice
mired frenzied angst an impoverished acumen garnered in stupidities
the asinine revolt of termites orchestrated in the neon stench of anthill

The Red sea once again is dammed
its momentum diverted by the blue legions in broad-church
its about fair opportunities and gainful endeavors not hate and lies
murkiness. deceits, lies, chicanery do not fool all in all ways and times
infamy, pond lives infamy known to all even if not told to your disgraced faces
the Anti-Semites and haters know themselves, they always hate strong, intelligent smart and capable people. These toxic haters hate honest endeavors, success and progress, they want all in the gutters with them.
Yenson Apr 29
Bi, Bi, Bi,
two and either
this or that
Ain't that what the woman said
so if that s the case, why come opposing
come rain on my parade
come sabotage like good gang stalkers do
come do your job and create doubts and confusion
I put you where I want you and make you look foolish as you are
its a job for you, a plaything to while away boredom for me
you are jokes, thirty years and yet you can't frustrate one man
you should hang your head in shame, majority always win
the majority that's been hopping up and down for over thirty years
just one man, no help or support, yet you still can't drive mad
you still can't frustrate enough to even say a breakdown
you are pathetic, CONTEMPTIBLE, a pure and utter pack of
fools trying to anchor think I am as STUPID as YOU
even if black, can't my eyes its not that complexion
I don't think in colors, I don't have a one track mind
and you all are too STUPID to play with my mind
the EVIDENCE is before you dimwits
30 years and you can't frustrate ONE SINGLE MAN
Where is your SHAME....
Aquilla Sep 10
She stood in the rain
Face up to a contemptible sky
Taunting its lament
To fall upon her skin


— The End —