Tessa F May 2013

One smile
Could be the first-aid kit
Someone needs.

Gliding through life,
Like Seagulls in the mist.
Riding that high
As social misfits.

With a considerate twitch
For which we have nothing
Silence remains
As do our pens.

We write of our fights,
Though few believe.
Until all is gone
And we forever leave.

Crying and caring,
Bleeding and breathing,
All blend into
Ever present pain.

They cry for us,
Dry tears.
Standing in sullen crowds
Surrounded by sad clowns.

Wendell A Brown May 2014

I needed a warm and tender love
To share a dream for two
I needed a love to be my friend
And I found that love was you

I needed someone to become a part
Of a love so genuine and real
For what is love if never used
Or a heart that will never feel

I needed someone to make me
Open my heart so free
I needed someone who also
Had a genuine need for me

I needed someone who needs the love
That I alone can truly give
I needed a love who wanted the same
To share the life we both want to live

I needed a warm and tender love
To share this awesome dream for two
It was easy to determine as I kissed your lips
I knew the love I needed would be you.

A beginning when love is first embraced
Rachel Jul 2015

I am not nice because I want everyone to like me.

I am nice because I know there are people out there that are like me.

Chris Neilson May 2016

Kindred spirits are rare and few
Making you smile when feeling blue

When shrouded in gloom and needing a lift
Wrapping empathy in a surprise gift

Picking you when feeling down
Providing comfort when wearing a frown

Not to judge or ill advise
Sympathetic, friendly and wise

A shared pain has a healing feeling
A soothing word can stop you reeling

A respectful, caring, considerate friend
Will always be there to the very end

What could you do or say
today, that  could make a difference to someone's life.

write a thank-you note
to that woman
in her simple blue dress

talk to your daughter
about important things
of life (= herself )

tell your parents
that you actually love them

have a long chatty walk
with your son

speak out loud
how lovely your partner
looks every morning

start jogging 5 km at least
every other day

give flowers to the secretary
for all those little things
she just keeps doing for you

have a long and patient talk
with your grandparents

love yourself
just a little more

and take better care
of yourself
before ...

curlygirl Dec 2016

we're afraid to
hold each other
too tightly
because we know
we're fragile
and neither
wants to be
the first to

Olga Valerevna Mar 2015

I don't want to ask the question anymore
It's not my place, I've let it go
And even though I've said too much already
I've found the strength to tell me no
It's not like I control a person's seasons
The winter comes and then it ends
But as the snow becomes the melted waters
In you forever I've a friend
It took this long for me to get here
A place I should have always been
I guess it's time to let you speak now
I guess it's time I let you in

sometimes you have to stop and listen
Bluebird Dec 2014

she tells me that i lack a little something
to be her perfect man.
it's such a pretty way to tell me that i
will never be him.

oh the irony

His mum was ever so pleased
he took care to be born
at half past seven,
after her last shift
on Friday.
At the sweet factory

His mum was ever so pleased
that he refused her breast
and took to Auntie
and mum went to work
on Monday.
At the sweet factory

His mum was ever so pleased
when he walked to his school
the by-himself boy
and mum went to work
as usual.
At the sweet factory

His mum was ever so pleased
when he left her life
the now-married man
and mum went to work
to live her life.
At the sweet factory

His mum was ever so pleased
when he left this life
to talk to his god
and mum went to work
for now and for ever.
At the sweet factory

My poem of today is utterly depressing. a single factory-working mother with no life outside her job. She has a son but no love and never any joy
Kat May 4

Nobody falls for you,
you only fall for yourself
Your head stuck on a shelf
Nothing but your ego left to sell

But you couldnt let it go
This hell is already here and melded
Manipulation and consideration-
All a grey shield

Its already been welded.
No space for

George Krokos May 2014

A true gentleman is one who is gentle in thoughts, words and deeds;
being considerate and helpful in dealing with people and their needs.

From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
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