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Joseph Miller Oct 2017
dreams come true
when you get real
with a heart for any fate
find the answers
there is strength in knowing
everything is connected
see the universe
with eyes that see yourself
changing for good
in every moment
the power of spirit matters
Britney Lyn Oct 2018
It’s been obvious for awhile now that we’ve gone our separate ways.
But I can’t help but bring you to the front of my mind every day I wake.
The urge to check up on you, make sure you’re okay, is unbearable to say the least.
To know if you look the same way you did nearly a year ago, or did you change?
To hear that laugh that used to make me sing.
To feel your touch graze my arm, caress my cheek.
All that keeps me going is the saying that everything happens for a reason.
Maybe fate will bring us together once again, even just as friends.
I look up at the sky and smile knowing you’re seeing the same as I.
The perspective might be different but you see the same moon, see the same clouds, feel the same wind.
Even if we have no future, we are all connected, whether we want to be or not.
And maybe that’s enough for me.
Nazreen Nawi Feb 2016
Here i am standing on an eerie looking stage,
Without a hint of nervousness,
How odd they say, to not feel the pressure being stared at by all these eyes
Being the centre of the attention,
Being the one to be judged,
Ahh yes.. Of course its odd for someone without the gift of sight
To be given the chance to speak for the world
A world where a man has been living in all his life,
Yet not a split second able to see.
How odd....
Obassi Bholai Dec 2018
I tend to do this unforgiving
method of maddness when it comes to writing
I'll start and stop, repeating onto new work
unfinishing the last.

incomplete as each piece may be,
the brain is scattered
lost and afraid, it'll never feel the same way.
connected to what new beginnings
may be.
Melissa S Sep 2018
My son always surprises me...
and is way more brilliant
than I ever was... especially at that age.
Out of nowhere the other night he says
"You know we are all connected" and I say
"How do you mean?"
I can see the wheel just a turning in his pretty
little head and he says "we are related...all brothers
and sisters in this world." I agree with him and say "so
why do you think everyone fights so much?" and
without missing a beat he says "because they haven't
figured it out yet" <3
Happy Friday to you all!! :)
Steve Page Sep 2018
it's not so much a social force
it's not out to coerce
it's an embrace
and in the end
that's what it's all about
it's a focus on people
it's a focal point on community
a common unity of those entwined
common folk connected and over-lapped
those over-wrapped by common loves
securely bound by common ties
occupying common ground
filling common space
with a wrap-around embrace
that lasts a tight hold longer
that ignores odd body odour
an embrace that lasts
a whole lot together
-  It's what we have
in common
Not sure about the structure of this one.  I compose on a phone screen a lot (rather than on paper or desktop), which leans me toward shorter lines and this has shorter lines than most of my wittering. Anyhow, I may try it again once I get to a desktop.  
#2 Now edited with slightly longer lines and a little reworking, but not much.
Zywa Feb 21
I have not learned
to live, I got used to it

all in all an attempt
to be myself

with friends

who don't make demands
and are available

when I come or call
that I am lonely

With you, my attempt
to a relationship is different

Sometimes it goes well
thoughtlessly, by itself

so that I don't know afterwards
if we were connected

Sometimes I think about it
and I get lost in my mind

then, there is certainly
no contact, and I must

embrace you, feel the firmness
of your body to believe in us
Collection “Being”
Julia Hones Jul 2018
Your life is made of distant springs and falls,
a straight route is not
what you own
for hurricanes and storms divert your path
to new horizons.

Will you find horseshoe *****, mussels, clams
on the stopovers?
Food awaits you
if the shores are not ravaged
by human greed, ignorance.

Your resilience is written in B95's ordeals,
a mosaic of adventures ingrained in his own cells.

The threads of your trips assemble
the places of Mother Earth connected in its roles;
nothing is detached in the collective harmony of souls.

Red knot shorebird,
peaceful messenger,
icon of strength without rage,
your story is the universal flight of awareness
waiting to be heard.
Red knot shorebirds are endangered birds due to human greed and ignorance. B95 is a survivor who has traveled the moon and halfway back in terms of distance.
Spicy Digits Dec 2018
Compete never

Never worth that fight

Fight only for innocence

Innocence runs through you

You are alive

Alive, but not awake

Awake the dormant innocence

Innocence that runs through you

You fight only to compete

Compete never
Hillary Magee Jan 31
I love you
I love you
I'd like to say it

I do the math
We try to

I'm completely sleeping
In love
I’m speaking
In tongues
CGW Oct 2018
Through all this unborn silence is a legion of angels humming.
When I my fairy fantasy self arrive back home the strings that are bathed in golden light and that connects us will be revealed.
I'll think back to when I was a child and made of pieces.
How I would look up at sky blue like nothing really mattered.
Those drifting clouds muttering hallow English words at each other.
This galaxy in my grasp, vibrating with such mass that purple dust pours from the cracks of my clenched fists.
These dust particles are the size of planets.
Like sad dandelions spores they drift lethargic and unbalanced into higher dimensions.
Ju Clear Nov 2016
Your smile made me smile
Your story is my story
Your history my history
Your soul my soul
Together a decade
Feels like a life time
Mated like swans we drift around
Splashing  in this big deep pond
Loving our inter connected  worlds
Nurturing our kin
Facing challenges roller coasting  along life's edges
Ready and waiting to catch the rubble
Kisses so sweet that knees turn too jelly
Life's good
Heads together
Forward intoo our dreams
Awake in the sunrise hands connected
For now and eternity
Hang on in their love is out there ,for my true love Abram
CGW Oct 2018
Up above.
Church bells that vibrate with resonance.
Down below.
The solid earth that grapples with the fear of an apocalypse.
Grass that grips and pulls.
Luminous moonlight from my distant dreams pooling from my pores.
This over growth is my home.
Down by the creek,
you'll find me if I am what you seek.
Turning water into wine.
When I close my eyes I know that there is no difference between this land and me.
Break the darkness.
Break the veil.
The green ones with their seeking limbs, filling up the air, filling up the forest deep.
The leaves and twigs that collect in the drifting yellow suns.
As the deer stood high on the cliff a delicate rain of golden tears shed light on solemn hidden faces.
Seeking light on this path of mine.
Dangling dark vines that swing like pendulums collecting lost souls.
Those that do not make it through left to perish,
left to die.
In tomorrow they restart.
High fidelity voices that press insecurity into them like fists in dough.
The voices in their heads.
They're slippin',
Shaking their heads trying settle down the storm of razor blades within.
There is no return from this far off tear filled island.
All that we see.
All that we are
is wandering souls lost in time.
First draft of spoken word poem
Ilion gray Nov 2014
I have sat on my rooftop,
Smoking slowly in lower mid-heaven
Watching the meandering march of workers stalk
Across the land, a cigarette,
Cold fingers,
a spine of smoke rising,
rolling over
My knuckles,
Then dancing in the ever
with the holy unseen
Offspring of anguish
and gut strings,
E minor No.4,
A song of boots
Stamping upon stone,
Shouting voices
with the echos of dawn,
A war of decibels
Amid narrow rows,
walls and windows,
an unknown world beneath,
Shadows thrown between brownstones
in the ghetto.
Too many feet traveling
On this spinning stone,
Sabotage the salvation of silence
And steal the golden solitude of the sun.
The old white man winter,
Has gone, and never again will he come..
It is always summer here,
By the sea,
below clouds that are not free, but bound by
The heavens...
In this city,
All the light is connected,
Controlled, switches and grids fenced in by fields of steel.
there are no light bearers Here
There are no saviors
No talk of better days-
Just myriads of souls in search of signals,
Unaware of themselves and untamed.
King Panda Jun 2016
this is my excavation to
the days coming along
running hands with laughter
throwing it down on the table
okay, cool

sister, these things don’t matter
when we’re twisting into the sun
with pants that are too short
the fountain rich with
iced chai
tangled with the peculiar
the beautiful
through these moments
I commend
our hearts for finding each other

love is always on the move
as sure as shoe shine
as mahogany
like timidity to relinquish
to let the universe take hold
and instill this emotion
into my body
fit it all in my heart
O, singer of love
fit it all in my heart
the knell
the reverberation
the cotton that lands
on your hair
the sunscreen stuck in my ear

we are a sketch of two travelers
sleeping under stars
the fire
finally dies down
the rapture of the universe
is overwhelming
everything flows
everyone is connected
and this music we hear
is constant
like gentle waters falling

this too, sister
makes my cane solemn
and I draw you in the sand
only to watch the tide
wash you next to me
the emotion
wrangled in English
simply means good
simply means
a full listen and
dear sister
because everything begins
and will be remembered always
as love
Zoe Mae Jan 2018
Why am I always afraid
I can't figure why
Is it cuz this bed I've made
Feels like a coffin in the sky

Floating over crowds alone
I never feel connected
This place doesn't seem like home
And I always get rejected

I may look human just like you
With two legs underneath
Two arms that don't know what to do
Wrapped round me like a sheath

A mouth that opens, words come out
Sometimes in a faint whisper
Other times I scream and shout
In the mirror at my sister

Two eyes that blink but do not see
A nose that does not smell
A feeling I'm not meant to be
And that this must be ****

If so then why is no one here
And I'm the only one
I feel my heart swollen with fear
And I just turn and run

Why am I always afraid
I just don't know why
Is it cuz this bed I've made's
My coffin in the sky
Deb Jones Sep 2018
People can fall into the habit of feeling low. We can get used to anything,
Especially bad things.
Doesn’t that scare you?

Get up off the floor.
Get dressed in something,
Light and flirty.
We WILL be getting *****.

Did you think the way up is easy?
I am teasing you,
It actually is.
First you raise your eyes

You make eye contact
With the first person you see,
Walking towards you.
They will look back at you.

They will first look confused.
Then look conflicted.
Do they know you
from somewhere?

The social awkwardness
Will try to stifle you.
Don’t drop eye contact,
Don’t blink.

Just slowly smile.
Let the smile calm this stranger
Don’t look away.
This is the best part

As you close the distant
And are ready to pass,
Say casually
“It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?”

The person will relax
And their sweet smile will greet
The next stranger.  
And they will make eye contact.

Something so simple,
Can not only make you feel
Connected and good  
But you have paid it forward

To a stranger.

Let’s all start drawing straight lines
across this crooked world.
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