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It's mwe Aug 2018
Dunkirk; night
Swallow might
Losing sight
Yearning light
Hugging tight
Is your feeling right?
11 May 2018
ronnie hunt Jan 24
I'm 12 and I've been reading for 352 days straight and I have no interest in the people around me and why should I?
I'm 14 in this one and my sheets have polka dots on them and my pillow is Avril Lavigne's face and I'm thinking about the girl at school with pink hair and slow penmanship.
When I'm 16 you are 15 and holding my hand and I'm asking about french homework and trying not to focus on the movement of your thumb around mine which is not friendship.
This time I'm 21 and your thick bones outline my thin and I like this small feeling.
I spent a lot of time growing up wondering about my ****** orientation and struggling to find a box I could fit and move and wiggle in at the same time as being terrified of other people and completely fascinated at the thought of not being.
Armand-DeamoJC Jun 2018
When one finds a box of six puppies in the road
would one take five puppies and leave one?
Taking all six is proper human code,
"leave one alone to starve", said none.

I've been left alone and all my loved ones taken away
I have learned to walk alone, but I always stray

We may not compare animals to humans,
but the Romans can compare letters and numbers

A dog and a wolf is compared by us,
but a wolf fights for it's own survival
whilst most dogs sleep in comfort
and are fed by us

The million dollar question is...
why am I the puppy left in the box alone
to fend for myself, for there is none
I don't know if this even makes sense, hopefully soon something will
Emeka Mokeme Sep 2018
Just the other day,
someone asked me,
which day is
the other day.
One day of the other days
of the week,
I said.
Monday to Friday is
five days away,
while Friday to Monday
is just three days.
Really funny, isn't it.
Is this a mathematical error
and miscalculation or
just another maths equation.
Why is this so.
Is the algebraic algorithms wrong
or it is just configured to just fix
a mathematical problem.
Xy plus Y and you subtract
the y in Xy then multiply it by 10,
your head spined
and finally they asked you
to solve the problem.
They didn't know that
the problem of the problem
is the problem.
And they wish you a
very merry Xmas
but completely forgot that,
there's absolutely no
X in Christmas.
And someone the other day was,
trying so hard to convince me
that the symbol sign of fish inside
the book I'm reading means
Jesus and a symbol of
a dove especially the white one
represent the Holy Spirit.
Confusion within confusion
is very confusing.
What can we say.
What can we speak.
How can we justify ourselves.
If you ask me,
who will I ask.
So don't ask me because,
I really don't know the answer.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
Apoetisonly Apr 2
Watch me walk away
The anger in my veins make my arms too heavy to even raise
You’re no longer my captain

I throw rope to everyone I meet
And what’s returned
Nothing but frayed strings
Keep playing me
Been used to that rust taste in my mouth
Now it’s turned bitter
I’m still swallowing seeds

With no hands I count the times you’ve had my back
With my eyes I watch as I continue to bleed
With my ears i embrace the silence
My friends seem to leave
danna22081 Apr 12
It might be said:

They asked me to write with a free mind,
But a free mind impairs my ability to write.
It is merely the maze of rushing, running thoughts
Which guide my internal ideas to take flight.

A matrix of images, fluidity
Entranced through the whirl of shades
Much too vibrant to comprehend, to process,
And truly remind me of my own, estranged timidity.

For I am relatively grown, despite my
Simple inability to recognise the world of colours
Foreshadowing the guarded thoughts I secure
With much difficulty.

For my incompetence in containing rushed thoughts
Is consistently expressed
Through my most voluntary incentives,
To simply hold a pen and write down my mess.
She once said: "I need to really grab a hold of my thoughts more often; to hold a pen, and remove the uncoordinated trail of events embedded within my memory."
frankie Aug 2018
is it possible to see a person
every day, every hour
in every aspect of life
and still never get tired of seeing them?
is it possible to get the same
production of emotions each time you even
think of their being? or their laugh? or any aspect of them?
is it possible that every time i lay my eyes on you
i only fall deeper and deeper?
is it possible, to not get your heartbroken by the idea of not being anything, but having someone who is everything?
Kevin J Taylor Nov 2018
Rise! Rise! from this body
of prosody ex auctoritatis
whence, unknowing, each
cell, sine arbitror, marches here,
there, just so— Confusing
comet ice, constellations,
Van Allen skies, abandoned
seas. So again, a song may end.

Rise! Sing instead, embodiment
of purpose, ardent, godslike,
unhidden— Release your sounds.
Not all poems survive. I've lost a few and let others go. My current collection of poems is available on Kindle and in paperback. It is called "3201 e's" (that is approximately how many e's are in the manuscript which is a very unpoetic title but a reflection on the creation of poetry by common means.)
It was clear to me then, but it escapes me now. Infinity was condensed to a single moment, I don't know how I knew that, but I did.
I saw standing before me, a tomato, a swine and a human. They stood side by side. Their physical bodies were dissimilar, but their souls were all the same.

By cutting the tomato you cut yourself, and by killing the swine you **** yourself. They all may not look the same, but what they feel is the same. You are the tomato, you are the swine, and they are you too.

To you this is ******, but to me this is life.
Life has got to eat life, It is how we survive.
Life has got to eat life, It is how we stay alive.

Life to you rings a different tone. You claim that life is more than food, that to feed is to ******, but no one says a snake is a murderer when it kills a mouse.
You say no one needs to die in order for others to live. But death comes one way or another.

You say:
"Stop mashing that potato,
Stop cutting that tomoto,
Stop pealing those carrots,
Stop grating those onions.
Just because you can't hear them, does not mean they don't scream;
And just because they aren't people, doesn't mean they can't feel."

How you see the world is the only way to see it? But I saw infinity in the fraction of a second, yet it was an eternity. I saw that what we see, is what we want to see. And that what really is, is what we make it out to be.

I was laying in the dirt, then the dirt became me. I then fed a flower, then I became the flower. A doe ate the flower, then I became the doe. A wolf consumed the doe, then I became the wolf. A man skinned the wolf, then I became the man. The man lay in the dirt, then I became the dirt again.

Life bleeds into new life, It is how we stay alive.
Life bleeds into new life, It is how we survive.
laura Apr 2018
i remember
gettin' kinkykinky in the backseat
while your friend drives
illumined shoulderblades in the dimmers
your step daddy doesn't have much
say in us running away since you're 18

your mommy never loved me
and how i don't normally fit in things

told me you'd be going to school
in Kirtland, but i'm missing out
on how thick you're getting
for the waving tiers of succulence
belting in your stomach
profusion of feelings confusing your tongue
Isla Winters Jun 15
I slipped

I slipped and fell so fast,
It was embarrassing.
You laughed asking if I was okay,
But no I just fall over things.

My biggest fall was for you.

It didn't hurt at first,
I didn't realise it quick,
Until your smile was my world,
Without it, it was sick.

There was a drop.

So fast and low,
My love for you found no bounds,
I didn't think to let you go.

I fell

I fell so fast and deep,
Your eyes suffocating me,
Now I must give what I keep,
Ending love what needed to be free.
sara Jan 27
I'm writing less
but posting more,
confusing what's
sure and unsure.
I'm missing windows
and shutting doors;
in vain, for all that's been before.
f o r w a r d
Sjr1000 Feb 2018
Aging is confusing
How old would you be
if you didn't know how old you are

Microwave ovens
Kitchen range timers
Updates too
Timers all around ticking down
ticking down our time
You might think of this
as you make your rounds

Good morning

5 minutes to go
Forty seconds
I know

Ding goes the timer
Another day is done

I guess in the end
five four three two one.
How old would you a Satchel Paige quote, he was an ageless pitcher, actually no one knew how old he really was, legend has it he pitched well into his sixties
s Oct 2016
We used to swing under the big willow tree
We lived 3 doors down from each other
We were princesses who fought dragons
We could save the kingdom and find our prince by lunch time
Our moms laughed and talked about how cute we were
Four years old was a cute age

Fast forward a bit
We went into elementary school innocent and young
Boys had cooties
Girls had cooties
Kickball always ended with someone getting hit in the face
We would always sit out feild and pick grass and shape it into a little birds nest
Life was good
Until your parents started fighting and I mean really fighting.
It scared me and I would have to go home
I would make you come with me
three doors down
Our moms didn’t laugh anymore
By Christmas break your parents were broken up and divorced
Eight years old was a confusing age

Junior high was mean.
Girls would rip you to shreds and then hang pieces of you on everyone’s lockers
Boys just wanted to make out
A whirlwind of uncontrolled hormones
We were the quiet ones
Always flew under the radar
Just trying to make it out alive
We found a little spot to each lunch under the stairs where no one would go
We giggled and talked about boys who didn’t even know that we existed
I remember crying in the bathroom with you because people were brutal and we weren’t good enough
Our moms worried about us and how distant we were becoming
Thirteen years old was a sad age

Highschool is another story
You were put in the hospital for a month
I was left at school alone
I had to find more friends
I found most of them were fake
So I ate my lunch in a bathroom stall
Reading all the swear words that were carved in the wall
You were really sick and we grew apart
We were always close
We will always love each other
You tried to save me from myself
But I didn’t let you
Seventeen was an important age

Now we are at different colleges
I tried to **** myself while you were getting an A on your anatomy test
It’s sad
We don’t swing under the big willow tree or fight dragons anymore
Our moms hardly talk
You are a success
and I am a failure
We don’t really mesh
I miss you every day
I’m sorry I can’t be good enough for you
We were princesses who lived three doors down, we saved the kingdom.
I love you
I’m sorry this has faded
Just like everything else
Nineteen years old is a dying age.
Really just a story
Psychosa Jul 30
Who are Yo u?
Are you the serenity encompassing me?
Or this fleeting feeling drowning me
In my own depths?

Are Yo u these thoughts that
Imprison me,
The Intoxicating Sedative
The paralyzing ecstasy?

Who are Yo u?
Are Yo u the figure lying before me
the being who i dream You to be?

Why do Y o u ebb endlessly thought my
Filling my void
And yet still growing it.
Do Y ou have no mercy?

Who are Yo u?
I know more of Yo u than you yourself know,
are unknown to me.
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