Devilgirlzdream May 2014

So damn confused
Not sure what to think
What to do...

Love my bestie
Crushing hardcore
Last night we talked

He held me, told me
He was attracted to me
I blushed, smiled, and giggled

He cuddled real close
Leaned in, softly kissed my lips

Now I'm confused
I don't know what to do
That kiss was unreal


Aikin The Deadman
Love him, not sure what to do...... x.x

Not knowing where to go,
or what time,
How do i know?

Laura Palmer Aug 2014

are you still mine?
are we gonna be okay?

Hannah Faith Nov 2014

I cooked for you
Just things
That you

I'm good

You would rather
Eat my food
Kiss my lips


Love Dec 2014

how does one love a poet?
between the lines of their spoken words
and their haiku's.
a jumbled nonsense to an untrained ear
but a masterpiece
to the ones who take your poems
the ones they've studied
and they dissected
because they find them
as beautiful
as the way your soul shines
when you coin a poem
about the one who
coins their poems
about you.

the delicate intertwining process of loving a poet.

I'm in love with you and all your little things.
Alexa Sz May 2010

Why does everything seem so small
when something becomes larger?

I'm confused

Why do people want what they don't have
even though it is more than what most have?

Does it make sense to you?

Why do people say life is so short
when it is the longest thing you will ever experience?

oh, does anybody understand?

Alicia Jan 2015

Why do I feel so trapped,
when I'm so free?

Free to do what I choose with my life,
But trapped, chained to the expectations of society.


shayfer Jan 2015

what scares me is that i cannot differentiate between true feelings
and the mere belief of some feelings

Forgotten Heart Feb 2015

Tell me
should I

Now I'm with her
And you want me back
But I'm not too sure if I'm ready for that

He hurt me ...
Scarred me...
I thought he loved me...
But he left me...
For another female...
That he claims is just like me....
So he found another me
Instead of being with the real thing...
But he still tells me he loves me...
He won't tell me that he doesn't want to be with me ...
The most he will say is that he's missing out the best thing that ever happened to him...
I think he's confused .....

Crushing Love Apr 2015

True Love?
I used to believe it existed,
But when you've had your heart torn out
And thrown on the floor
you just don't care anymore
Ask me why I keep on Loving?

I'm really confused with myself......
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